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Sauk Rapids frontierman. [volume] (Sauk Rapids, M.T. [i.e. Minn.]) 1855-1860, March 04, 1858, Image 1

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mPIDS, M. $,/
- „ • d^i"<{!'»'>*•*. 1 5 vi-.ii'-t!
. . r C°%ciingDafo.. y.' *.
on'CoianissUSH drawing ap aid tatW Aekapwh ‘
edgments of Deed*; «fctwj** «p
Pre-Emption Pfls/s;
contesting Cfaims at tba »'■ ’ j
ud kU tther bamni vhkli may be entrusted to
hit care ALm, fi» «*fe to Aetaal Ssttfer*,
ofdto boot ßsfrafiW and Tiojbertd bmkj »Ml<
alone ihetirie «0f tie Rail Road, from St. ia(Ep|
Cr»«r Wiag, haifa alarge onpwwt of fids
TtMßEftSfr LAiBD, 08 ,
ELK biyer;
4,660 arm, near Sank Rapid* ■ price from
2:005 acres near the St. CU.uds—prit* $S to SIJ.
IST -m two owtrs' fro*. 1-ittta Falla—prioefMM
I Mawid Little R"«k Lw-iprit* BR
«i „■ <*» the Mississippi Ri*«r, Mt above the
- •jib af Little Rock Creek* eod out mile above
Wwab-price ST*6O. a *■■•■.' .
e last two tract* loentiooed. enuld be divided so
as to nuke six er eight snlodidFanaa, each ha? [ag
prairie* wood, Water, and Meadow.;
6 Improved Farms, near
Raak Rapids* at vaiieoe prices. SO Lota fo
\sse!l, k Gilman’s Additioa
£ *X*o o»uk Rapid,*.
>- PW C HOUSES, and one
v **• • • *4
licorly all dfoaliwe described Lauda were MtUs
% eekweed at Ms early Any, war the most inap-wtoM
tistu n* the oin«cr !llrwiiir»P|>i» and m»*t Itecoree
■ cry vnltmUr. Some of it wilt broutd «n time—-lilte
ff* fc^*,^rfWSS"
S.<uk Rapids. Jsly 16,1857. RWV
CAPITAL $500,000.
THIS Company i« t> Joint Stock Awociatiort,
organized no'rfer » Special Charter granted
m bv rtir Legislature of Wisconsin, with an ettthor./
ixed Capital of f'S()t>,ttOo.
of which is Caeh p»«l ia and securely invested on
Bonds nt'd Mtntgages. Tho Compitoy beirif tbna
securely orgeCixed upon a fi'fn basis, the Direct*
or* take pleasure in recommending it to pub ic
f ivor h* wo'thy of coftSdeace and sapport, with
the assunirti e hat
All Lusaea ahall I* Promptly and. Honora
bly A’ljnatrd.
As this is purely a S*eck Company, ao Mutual
Business will bo doo4« and JYo Premium JVbtei
A M. Don aldsow. President.
J. M. Eddy, Vice da
W. T. Gtasow, Secretary.
Aius fJiasow, Ooheral Agent.
CIIAS. I. CURItIER.Gen’I Tnrveling Ag’t.
C. A. GILMAN, Agent at S«id Rapids,
SOT'. *4 *?■*."' v*** ’
CARRIED on in all its v«kmbs branches, two
doors below Day’s Hot*, by
Wagon 15 hop is also connected trith tM# establish
ment. where alt work can lie di»tw dft the shortest
notice. • : WM BOHMEt.
Sauk Rapids, August Bth, 1857. nlOOOif
T 4 prepared to execute all ImsineHa In bis
JL tine with tieutneas and despatch.
JPlios, Specificatama and Details fkrttishnd to
‘Office at Dij’i rtotel. corner of Broadway
n*|lFincn Btryrts, Sauk Rapids.
fob.id, 1857,: , T>|^ : ,■.
... P. CO.;;':.
* Wh ol eam k «*d Ratuil t>euUra m
Grocerios, Proviaoiia, and
r. m Wmmm
Mhyseippi, Upgrr side
«»0. t. »«aOrtrE. r*
A LL pewohe indebted to C. B VAN NWIT,
* * 'KJSG u* X
y 11 ~r ?^r : V- % ? ■*• • <
i 1 >»Sllm''' , w / ‘ jL w 'jii *■'’» •• ■ i ■'- %§ i : :
> t"l 1 ''ty--; t ,*s< - '
i| «4 f*\i, ’l'i
mm* M* wmm#**#
£Z°;* ,p 3ERg«iAU rommtag" •f.""
M?* • ” T - ’
■ ll«rter°of «.'jew IS .* ' ,
3esiux»e t*T»r gvebaes
It : -«f f - «ist e<n| «»!
j ; do Ret-,*
: ,do ;
. I t^a#B«b S lß4irofMlMife|iro.: t , , h 1* &
nad lor each additional insect ion, ■ M. ,
Adyertisers will be entitled .to a change .of «bmt
switaslw their iwnaent* balff earto|tN»dfWP»
and when ■
mum in all cases aecompony the ad|N|W*‘aM|p 4 N|
abatement from oitr published iratosf-MgaoNljMd*#
charged twice* a* * .
; ».,VIE« MLimVi l*
f-> One copy, ona year..
Ten aoptes , ~V «?*. prt^T Sgf? tar
Twenty copies oat of the TMRRry .JM.O® .
Rtrictly in advance. ,v
■■ Person's forwarding Claba,«ho«ld
cstes from Por.maetera.
-:'.f£ai>k Rapida, Minnesota, April
Mtotncy at Law t
P of PreE/nptimk Proof* for *tftwTO|b|
and the Prosicctibf or Cuiat befr*l||
Land Office. Heyiar'had an <MM|jga’.-v . edHUj
than fiwr . years' s«. Receiver iC mffm
Office at Sauk' Ifopfdsu Vj*
tine satisfaction
ness to his charge. 'Will aL*i attend t«» Wj tmyuaegt
of tmtM and tlufe
Sauk Rapids, June 29tb; iSf .
in ■ aLi j ’ *** ■ ‘
: L OEO^^nraHSC/r...
8 (Lx.te Rkgistee U*. ®-
j: ■;» v
rTAVJNG had an expcrtei«ce*feir year* ah
lO*.-laid €MRee>hnd
itfuk- years winrh : aS Sat veyordn Mtnnewaa, tuiets fhat
ho can give perlect sutiffacii.ia to thosC wrtnmtiwg
■boshten to his charite. Will ««eAd ’Vo the «pde aod.
location of l>and Warrants, the l<mm of
pavn.ent of; taxes, mid : the purckusewMjpJe of MI
Estate. Persons w«*hing to ari
loan monov, will I* fiwranteed jHfIw.RF Jfo
mim. * 0O“
ants, and claims pn»ecmcd
’ Saghltopids, f* V'7> .••jaP,-
Bank. BC.
XlTte.L HitemLo the payment of Taxe#f«afol
Ij -PRE-E MP 1x513 will led it to their advantage 1
8 ’«» ««••!« up.in t gpliw .(dscwgere,. agAfggJ
prepared to proSCCtite contested Claim SupifppiMl
l: out Pre-cmptton ptipers ar the shortest possibleyßU
. tice, aAd at rates which will suit the prV-amßlf|Hp
• FPICE next door to'B O
' House—Business hours from Btol2 A M JWw
1 4PM “ ' ' ! - - ! 'V- ; 17 ,:
'■ R RFERE ■ •;
. W’ A Oonttan, ExJftovcrnoC of
rl Hon Henry M Riee, Delegate fo >.
Gen Jonathan E Fletcher, Winoebugo Agenr,
. Bhts Farth, M*T ’■
1 Nathan Myrick, Traverse de Sioux NT’
' Bernai d G'rey, Postmaster, Galena, IHittßlg^., . B
Wm Meahen Es«l, Galena. Illinois
Wm H Pareons, Alt’y f
Minneapolis, M T ‘ . J
Henrv R Wait, 8t Cloud “
Gen B L *wrv, « “
Gea S B Olmsted « >
Jeremiah Russell, Sauk Rapids “
David R Haniman, Chippewa Agent
‘ Sirak Rapids, J*y 151851 Mtf
Gao. W. Sweet, S. G Carothers.
, Attorneys and Land Agents 1
WILL devote their attention to preparing
papers for Pre-emption Cietmsntu foe the
‘ entro of TO WAT SITES, and phwecofing
Claima before the Land Office. They will alio
btnr ibd RRIt Land Warrants', pay Tagee, tfe.
■ Conveyancing dene on lihort notice—Copies of
tie Government Plats constantly on hand for
' ante, , 102-tf
Sauk RapidsrAngnst 20th, 1857.
' . '1TI» .t-NM, ": ||J ,r
" a aitmmnvAirr, Proprietor
■ cOlraECYiirh with * .■-L* tp * • f.<
I , i-i , «f* »**•.T» ' . 7 \
nriHE Prnpriotor of thin Eiprmm, takes this
,R. method of tolhnwing the inbnbitant* af the
, Gpper Miasissifmi. ibat hi* Hoe io iMW folly astab*
. lishad, antt that hi* nMte ■is by way Of ■ ‘
' Bte: Cloud, CUatrmnler, Jt*nliceti", Oro
| no. and Afatf min via St Arttfiomi
v 3«r
■f . 1
; srßMNfinais^sskstn
r with Ont dekty ProdHs’ mtoMion pnidtaun twMcr4
5 ro«., Whin he rnreMfomtomM th. > '
\ %‘-
■ '
{ .. 'KtiaMWi-; 1 W .• Km ,»»?* A >» Jill*.! Ji' <!
—~r i irn ri iiinnfT - nr. g-iyhaf^ninWai t iilfrWF^P L Ml p oil ?ouTic/&~JRrFER66ji'.
" «ATT«- SR MTJ:;mUBSJM'S'Ife(MKINGi'.-MA'KOtt 4, 1858.
iitiißt i- 1 1 11 ‘r- 1 I *|BP"
... wiatS'saaillMMl
t -*•. i In
f That man mist Wt hnphy
f I ->h %bd W direeTOdWi
W he’s freed from riritrimuaW ’{
1 : to
|Mrm ft ijti. ml V'-Ii TtlfiißiffalMßrlW
u Adaw epalAßitßirnelllßtilii’y
’ll Ibo bch*ld 4 lOaanso’sffisnai? ■ 4
•iS''p*4- • .',3.Vp.IIMh "Eftw*'' M •
" ,f-W|Adi|fii wm in n happy mm.
;; tir feoitleroeMWMr JdjHg}
m JtopHFivy* decoh, undpnßg ,i '
, nevnr 4iR apHR.
' '4dUi • • . v . ■• 1 # ; ■' + ll®! T
'. w ".•»• »/trB,.iAE.
:,Th,.Woflh ... —.... w. k ‘*" U ,'s*»;
T *» ".CO"*
. An fiwSiiaWUMflWs ... M&.
'M iD.IUWi-J ..... . ..,J£U
;■ DMahiiiiwil .gKei
1 .1
;h»< IT" i¥t'i l I Frontierim)|>
1 11 1 iii'i i | ili m I' l
□Hff r ~" 4 on ® ti^e
-tiro. An acquaintance' wiA.li
SPS-oWly tired of the
KS folly of the world, he had jdqyefc
hfattaelf entirely ,to books, ; and to Jold
Alika he gave day after day and year
iptP year. Front old books he fflibM
I&H’ peculiar tattlefor old
Wherp hp ever discovered, or
became pqsttessed of all bis musty trfhr
every .yetfr he increased his piles, «iw
»on |,^
bequeathed to me his entire treasures!
To their examination I have often
given ati idle hour. Many of them were
written in cypher—but to nil such -‘he
hap annexed the key. so that their peru
pkk after a little study and practice*
beeame ait easy task. Among Sorab of
Rite most interesting, ) have found the
Allowing, which I transcribe, and which
yn«t pan use in any way you think pro-
BRft Mis written in a quaint old style,
“a* d fa ! the voice of Sin-
spoke the CHROxVI-
MkW MUR TIMBS." • ' '
«RA#rBR (. j
I s ffiliikn df the 111. there
shrwes of the great,,
world, a hew Govern*
l| obedience to no king,
|is pSpBBf aimed for themselves
the right To govern themselves ; and
these new principles gaining greater
power, they at length extended their
rtfle even across the great Fiver which
jftowed Wearly through theiF country ;
and they called, the great river the
.** Father of Waters ’V Along its borders
sprang up divers town* and cities/ each
peopled With hardy and ambitious men'
who vMxing prouti and vain-glorious in
their prosperity, became so enamored
of their own cities, that they fi ll put
with, their neighboring, towo* and viHa
gei, and oftentimes great wrath was
stirred up between them. 1 Now it hap
pened in the time‘of James, who
over, the people by their own choice,,
that •'deadly feud sprang up between
one Of the groat "Cities 6f the NomH
western country on the borders of the
great river., and a feeble litll vtown, dis
tant only an h*ntf’s jouroeyw The Great
City arrogated to itself superior adtah
tnaes, and aloud the laugh of
mppkery i At ■, al|,.(ji r' !
feeble put forth for Ma own
growth end advantage. The little Jown-
Vat dßhiled r 6n* ihe name'great r river.
above tHe Xrreat t ity, and prided
on the groat, rapidity of the wa«cj;|W?
at, and iti people spake together of the)
power thereof; and projected eunaing
ddv«fedrfrh&Sb U Should sht
atwhiphlfie people of the Great City
sneered, and waxing hold end arrant,
derpely»threatened that they woUld oen
struot hUge piles of robks cnd timber hr
hanks and drown the tittle town forager i
aUthoHvves <»f the SnaMMaM/fixed
« |hp Httle town Offices* for the sale efi
thhemihtry arawnd abovt, and therein
»rer»«lep witea pnj»ers and huge pdet of:
g<4d and silver and tk» Khepd#*ikereof^
#hotS the Vales of the lands drew to
l|mhep;> made the people of the town
mil WlfittiyßenNd dl ths gteiat prOe-
ms falhro uphn HTOm; But
W'lßlßßh City looked with «n evil and
BBvdeUifbr eye Upon the prOafierity of their
and raiaed a groat hubbub
Ub VRtHn'hmtstsOfthe greAt rivar,«ry-
Fiiig out* against this prosperity-—aceua
|ng the people efthd little town rathfti liy
fßnd setdivers' enemies at work to turn
I®* hearth of the rulers of the Nation
the great distance of tie
Offices from the country to be Isold; and;
petitiuiied that they should be removed
City, into which ran roads;
four corners t of the earthi «ad -
meh to that >region should
MbmmfbF their loaves and. their fishes.
the; authoritiee would not listen
thereto, and turned a deaf ear to all
entreaties. But the people of the
nGlroat Ifity clnmprous, anil' •/«*-
diu the traitor espousing their cause,
James listened to die voice of their sup
pl.eation ; anlf when the learned and
;i(Vwe mert (if the country caime together,
huthV spake against the little town, ’and
i had no defenders. Had hot the little
town cast its voice once upon a time
against some of them, and slfbuld in not
now be punished ? So it was decided
that the Offices Should be changed, and
! tfie Officers thereof, with their
,fecoFds and treasure, should he removed
to the great city, and that all that the
liltjte jpwn had from the, rulers,:,should
be taken away. Th-n the joy of the
jmpple.of the Great City sounded loudly
!oVeF/’lg wußer*. and tfieir cries of exu l “
the air. people of the
IBttlp town bent their lead* meekly and
bowed ip silence , before the wisdom of
thq rulers. ? , ~
But behold a great storm swept over
tho land. The mime of James became
a bye-word of reproach, and men
made tnouths at him in their anger, and
|o ! James.found that the speaker of the
Great City, to whose words he had hark
ened and whose councils he had laid up
in his heart, became one of his fiercest
enemies, and sat at meat with those who
persecuted him. And'James clad him
self in sack-cloth and cast ashes upon
his head and lifted loud the voice of his
nonrow in the silence of his own garden
where there Was none to point or look hi
him. And he swore a great oath that
he would ca«t down his eftetales, and
that his plAOs should be ‘ carried out ?
and he laid np in his he art bitter enmity
against those Who had deceived him
But the people of the Great City feared
not James—tney set at fraught aH his
words j and numbered themselves among
his enemies; And the wrath of the Rulers
wan kindled and they issued a decree
< that frrtjfr the Great .City should be re
moved the Offices and the Keepers there
of / and they were removed wesi ward.
But the people of the little Town wept
on s with their cunning devices they
flung bridges over the great Riyer, and
i Standing thereon the swift waters sang
~. vam ri.,? ni : - -niv ,n i , r : ;.r
. ' h^ n V™*° * Bd f™?P' r “/
to the future.
■ ; fM* hVahhftd mirtds
admit or improvement, and fhat, perhaps
•to Vh infinite tf(%rfee‘. ?a it is to im
agine ' ft>r a ,; Wonifeitt' 5 tfiMt } s«tmn minds
may not be erilarged arid beautifiCtf.' If
the mind he sane, it is not only po>wible
to nourish and examine, the mind most
also to extern he nrecessxrilv lib*
toldfrß: will receive impres
sions and jthe ear will catch sounds, and
transmit the res tit|o the mind, . This is
% km RLUMfrll’* .psentak constituthm*
a. necessary a*ni>thing can bo The
Rtevitsble condition of tjgMniod is, in
proportion ns tfiß: eeniml are wrought
upon by<«j«erni|iveld^ , »'' *' **•
kd 4 -.inw
l Ssveam7rwiir>L9fPitei ( Pu|o.
frafri vrhW died IA PmnfifotV
opbiMc • ariUwyll.c.'iMi
C..r>ir,-cli ?
Sfe iefy jhatiwnf
4i*ep Ry*Gh» iJ^raeLf^friim
revolutionary struggle.’ ,u
BitoStoT, ■a, .WWWMTMF .-TfFrfWMt ■ I s .yyw vt„ m ,> k { . IW|
;\)di t s SOT BO ETE.Y, , ~t r .
: From Art Mr’s li««wkfsgatixe.
; itaulv. bPr. IfUlT|fo., • \ :}Vi - }
-j*' 'tiiftwiumt*- iraetNie».t'd *«••»»"?•■ •
: \~‘ r * RmdfMdy wii
■ 5" ytMfijl/lif#l**wk*fhit,• i , : •;•
j Aid tre.twre ia iu narrow cell
: r ' : TUVnet's ofost boty OakOmX '• “• *»■
It k* tksjisva aba wore so lomg agn, 3 ' u ‘
Tkit dilfoiHVbor hood of sa.m,
TIN mini MMM efokplt Mht teeft 'jey to kooW; '
*■ l »% 00 . HI- W rtr. <yy : u ;
fihn WES a hsing ruJisat M lbe dswn
' ■■
O, now like Bight it yrsa when she was gone !
■She Was the qaeett of aHitpr festive mirth ;
To w«« li«r s«Hle, wrgiWfS ears, was worth,
For never was i« sweater smile on eiirtb .
How beseteoasß wvefd down fo her fair
The ghirioos wealth of her abundant hair.
Shading a face each ss the angels waar.'
Her name was Emily, a treasured name t ‘'
My palsei thrill 1 whene’re l hesr ■’ ■ ! ' l3
I ,|mt^ on,, m wheiM're *Jt« eta* -
Some years eioselv
Bat seas of Time ea'f drown.
Spanned by the d^j^pM^^Wkide,
The space between M % Aih nor wtdV; _ '
Bmiite Fn>«neria.>».
major naafriMiSr with
Leech Laxe, Deo. 8, 1857.
Dear Editor : - At the e lose of the
payment made at this place, a few* days'
ago, and after Major Herriman had paid
the chiefs, some nix or seven hundred
dollars, surplus money, he took from his
Wallet and gave Flat Mouth, the head
chief of tho PiHagers, five dollars of
his own money, and told hint thaL tbe
money he had paid them, &.c ,
expected, he the last that he
pay them, and with the five dollars Tt*
h id just given him he must buy him/elf
a blanket as soon as he heard- that' he
the maj'»v) had left the country. That
they had always been good friends, and
he hoped that they parted so, that he
did not leave them because he Wanted tr>
get rid of them, but he thought that his
duty towards his own family/
it ; that he should give 'fopm a/mmfi
name to his successor, Red
they would always respect rfnd^istcfrW
major was
occurred fhlrttwas with RHMmy that
I could do justice to the imerpretarion
thereof, on account ef ; being moved al
most to tears myself did Ohief
gat up- the appeal of the major was
more th n he could stand, and said,
" Hold on, my father; yotjjumuat hear
what we have to say tdHpd, and
sometimes childish, but I knotPi am not
so in what l am about to say, for here
are aft these chiefs who all agree with
me,, as it was only yesterday, that we
Were talking about you, and we were all
of one mind. I call yog father, although
lam much older than* yeu are. Some
houses that we go into, the white people
will take us by the hand and tell us to
amrqk en, after leading us to the door.
But ; when you see a* before your door,
wh«fr we go t;i your house, we are al
ways sfrrq to; see you meeting up liter**,
and bid us welcome in. .When yoor,
meals are ready, we find- a plate for
leSfrl* of us, add your own wi e will pour
out cofTee for us, and make us feel at
home ; thfrn why Mtould wp not call
you father ? You have paid Us a great
many goods, and targe sums «»f money,
and we believe that we have always re
ceived every thing that wo Were entitled
to. We haw tnivfled many miles with
yen- and under/your cate. When We
were going down to Washington, we
%fiStS down one wagon; we run the Iron
Hbrse off the traek, and sunk one Strain
Boat or fire Vessel, but not one hair of
•our he df was hurt When the Steam
boat sunk we did not I .ok to see wKFjr*
we were gihig,; or whal the danger was,
■ \ Ji;'- ■™-:V • ■
FfiITAH Bp flW| MWpfttt
‘ttawOT TOWSatt'. for.
but we lyoji* d at jour face, and we saw
tlutt was right ; then we knew we were
all safe Wc bolted upon you »« *.
great pisn, wkii a long pole »n his Hand f
blazing torch at the end of it, to
-light nud iead.ua in the right way. Now (
you uro going to leave us, to we can call
you father no longer. Shall we, ia
deppping that.sweet appellation, give it
.the same meauiag of one departed from
life ■ &.. Because you choose to leave
your position as our father, do not let it
be understood among our chiefs that yon
are dead to us. Let us from this time
cal! each other brothers. The (ive dol
lar* you gave ate to buy a blanket with,
f shall use for that purpose, and I shall
keep the same as I ana old, end must
pay the debt that I owe to the mas
ter of life—l will be laid fib" it ; and if
you should ever pass near my grave, I
want you to stop and drop a brotherly
tear, and say there lies a great and good
chief in heart, and onp that did the most
he could tp ameliorate the condition of
his tribe, and,, gain the good will of the
whites in his buiruble capacity, wrapped
in his brothers wading sheet.”
Just at this time I happened to cast .
my eyeron the old major, and Bi|w the
tears running down his cheeks like rain. •
,1 must acknowledge I felt strange my
jieif; my voice fullered so that 1 had to
wjkp two or three times before 1 could
finish in targeting the last sentence. 1
assure y9u.it was a sight I never will
forget. Old Flat Mouth, is about ninety
years ffo was in the prime of life
when lie saw the first white man, which
was Gen. Pike, iu 1800. The idea of a
savage^talking to an agent iu the way lie
did, was to me very unexpected.
Then Mauj-r-gah-bow got up and
said, My father, I want to say a few
•words to you before we part. I ain no
.phief, but I am at the head of a band by
r af fhtTtrtnflri I went
Washington with you and signed the
freati. . * just want to say that what old
Flat - Mouth has jest said ts just our
minds. For mvself I will say, that
some years ago I buried my father near
th** little Lake at Ottertail Point ; from
that time I was an orphan until you came
among us,—now you are goibg to leave
•is, and I must be an orphan again. Just
at the time that we know each other,
and understated each cither, and enjoy
Ljacti other?* confidence, you arc about
Hp leave as. 1 know that we cannot
raff< r your miod ; but rest assured tlurt
Koii leaf o us in peace, and that ybu lea*
,0 enemies among' 1 these chief# behind
aapd ”
. Tii'iwhifeh the Council ef Chiefs re
sponded a hearty Ho.**
Tbit major then hid them a long fare
well, giving and receiving a hearty shake
of the hand, and started for the lower
agency, ■ SAUL, _
- lift-■§:' *
'■Mi ,J' ' Baafeagser;-.
, Lpyn lif srrccvtowr-y-A judge of one
of the iofe nor sltiwoia, in a
“certain suit before the court pemfeug,”
instructed the jury in the “ease” as fol
lows: , •***
“ If the jury belive, from lh« evi
dence, that the plaintiff and. the defen
dant were partners in the grocery, and
that plaintiff bought out the defendant,
and gave him his note for the internet,
and the defedant - paid the note by deliv
ering to the plaintiff a cow which be war
ranted ‘not breachy,’ and the warranted
was broken of the cow, and the plaintiff
drove the cow back and tendered her to
defendant, but the defendant refused to
reeive her and the plaint iff took her house
again, and put a heavy *®ke upon her
to prevent her from jupipihg the fences,
by reason of . the poke or yoke, broke
her nock and died, and if the jury furth
er ho live that the defendant’s interest in
the grocery was not worth anything, and
the defenant’s note was worthies#, and
the cow good for nothing cither for milk
or beef, or for green hde; then the ju
ry must find out for themselves how
they will decide the case—-for the court,
‘if she underhand hernelf, and she
thinks she do. don’t know how the devil
such a case should be decided.”
Boys are sometimes endowed with re
markable memories We know a fami
ly in this city, consisting of ope girl and
a bov—the later about seven year*
old. They wort* sitting one evening a
ivomd thr table* engaged in telling each
other how far back they could recollect.
The little girl recollected when she had
a “doll thai cried.” The boy here
spoke up, and said that he recollected
worse then that, • “ He’d worse,
chitned in a half k dozen voices in a
hssth.; s* I recollect frur
,iPTorc M*. -and. l
'time for fear 1 shjwK

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