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‘ff E F NTImMi Ni
THURS>it MA|fcbl «.j|W
As wb have before said, if the aid
proposed in this Bill can be given to the
Rail Road Companies witfffeot loss to
the State; what valid reason can 'be
given for withholding it ? lathe con
struction fif these roads of no impor
tance to AJfihbcsota ? Can we expect W
keep pace in improvement with other
States which have Rail Roads already,
if this opportunity is allowed to pass
without availing ourselves of the means
now in our hands to complete as mag
nificent system of Rail Roads as was
ever originated in any State in the
Union ? Pass the Bill. It may hare
objectionable features—but recollect it
is to come before the people; and they are
to pass upon it. Continue the discus
sion, and the people will be prepared to
act when they are
called to vote upon its adoption. If it
is Wrong when brought before the tri
bunal of the people k will be rejected.
Is any one afraid to have it passed
by such a body ? We trust nO one is wafts
ing to injqfe Minnesota to manufacture ]
political capital for himself ■' .ftU
It is charged by the Louisville Jour- 1
nal and other leading papers of the *
•country, that the patronage of the Gov- !
ernmeiit is being withdrawn frOin those 1
papers which follow the lesd of Senator '
Douglass, and gi vea4o-those which sus- 1
tain the President in hie views in regard 1
to the adminission of Kansas under the *
Lecompton Constitution, Thlsliiay be *
•the case in some parts of the country, 1
but it certainly is not, so far as this 1
Territory is concerned. The J
■and Democrat has been one ol the fore* •
most in opposition to Buchanan; 1
ing it almost to bitterness, accusing hiiii '
of resorting to misrepresentation, etc., 1
to sustain his position ; and still that *
paper receives, we believe, all the gov- 1
eminent patronage the President has to I
bestow upon the press of the Territory, >t
These presses tio doubt hope for what 1
they very much desire to have brought 1
about—a complete disruption of the 1
Democratic party. We trust they wilt <
be disappointed, and that wafh&li sooftk
sec this
that it will be placed in the hariasof tkip|
people of Kansas, where k property be- <
longs, and where it can be settled with
out distracting the General Government, J
or without its aid. The excitement has *
been kept up long enough, and would, I
in our humble opinion, long ago haVe 1
been settled to the satisfaction of a large I
majority of the people of the country, had *
not agitation and excitement been deem- 1
ed necessary to advance the fortunes' f
of jplitical aspirants both in Kansas and* .f
the Stales.
Surveyor General Emenion |
could not have given a contract forsur-
veying the country above to a better ,
man than Robert Lancaster, of our .
town, as the energy witty which he prose- ]
cutes the survey this winter abundantly
proves. He is one of our best citizens
—is perfectly reUable, and whatever
business may be oohfided to him will be
faithfully attended to. He may have
rather a hard contract, but we believe
he will fulfill it to the loiter.
JE3T Wo thank those friends' who
have by letter given us their sympathies
in the work of conducting a public jour
sial, and have expressed a hope that ours
•will not be suffered to “go down,” but
whilst we express our gratitude, we
would beg leave to say that however
useful sympathy may be to season the
necessaries of life, it is rather poor as an
exclusive article of diet.
|o* Wm. H. Wood, Esq , will lec
ture next Tuesday evening, at the Con
gregational Chbrch—subject, "The
Press.” Wo may expect a fine intel
lectual treat. The church will be well
warmed and lighted. Let our citizens
all be out.
¥ _ •
To CottßEsrciti) buts. —Names of the
authors of all communications for the
JFronlunnan must accompany such com
ir. unicat ions. The names can be sent to
the editor, and need not be disclosed tfk
is so desired, and if the communications
are not published, they can bo returned
to the authors. A " translation from the
Welsh,”is a pretty thing, but we wish to
know the name of the translator.
tjgr* The Rail Road , Plats of the N.
P. K. R. Co., exhibiting the location of
******** ** the Land
' last, and'are now
v g ■ S|vm
place, a poigraot Jreurrgiug
certain townships ofJftnd Above thp on
the west side of ftie ’MissUslppi, was in
town a few days ago, and reports that
ttia <1» tfce'*«rvejNM»
well as he expected when |ie enterwi
into^the contract. Hi* survey is almost
wholly in timber, which is generally of
good quality together with Tania rack,.
Which is do vdluabtd ttfiffWlWach used'
in this country tor fencing. This is the
timbered region north-west of this to
which we have often alluded, and which
cannot be surpassed by anyinMinneso
ta. Mr. Lancaster's contract does, pot ex
tend into the heart of this forest, hut he
has penetrated it sufficiently far to show
the exceeding great value it will be to
this part of Minnesota. On actual sur
vey, this proves to be much nearer.Sauk
Rapids than was supposed. On a straight
line the distance cannot exceed four
miles. The timber at this edge of the
forest is called good, but does not com
pare with that found farther from the
prairio. It improves in size and quality
as the forest is penetrated, until it is fully
tb’pny timbered region we have
over seen in New York or Pennsylvania,
rhis timber'extends, with little interrup
:ion, to Grow Wing, fifty miles above
his, a^d.bewlrfrom 4 the Mississippi from
wenty to thirty miles. That portion
skirting is rapidly being'lak
tnd Maples of a plenty
)f which aro 'id. .be"We
jt sJheqjd bnvwPtaSpfefclT sO long com-
Whilst prairie was
avidity by those
vho musff have understood well the ad
'ftntagestw. timbered lands; and the
1 1 most certain indication they afford of
i superior, ijfiif The land, however, is
ipw bejgjgf surveyed and cannot much
remain unknown. .It will attract
he attention of eastern people—the
orests wdl be felled—clearings will be
nade, houses will be built—where now
10 song is heard but that of the feather
q] songsters, and no (read but that of
flejijld, beasts of the forest—the note
w ‘l! be heard, and the
enterprizing “migrant, setk
ng a home in its wilds.
Contracts have been made by the
Government for the survey ol but a
mail portion of this country above al
uded to, but k is believed that Mr.
Emerson the Surveyor General seeing
lie importance of having k opened for
ieuftement day, will urge the
ttjggwryey ns fast as possible.
We dpjjpot ever to have been
ntt£grf|tffed to a lecture
ban we to one deliver
vish time space permtt
will that of
sentiment, pSrfty of diction, and ease
and beautvot delivery, it could hardly
be excelled. was listened to with the
deepest interest by a large and intelli
gent audience, showing by their fixed
the Lecturer had been
siiccessfbs'Ht r Wis efforts to entertain a
Stl Cloud audience. We hope Mr. H.
will be induced, at some future time, to
repeat this lecture in Siak Rapids
He will deliver a lecture here a Week
from next Tuesday evening—Subject,
" The Crusades.” -W f
The ladies of Sauk Rapids have
the thanks of the membersofthe Con
gregation of the Congregational Church
for the set of curtains furnished for the
church. With them k■ is much more
comfortable and pleasant than it Was
before they were put up. : ’ ' ! • 5
, ! ■ ftf —-— 1 ■!•«—!■»» H"|'
fgt* Wc invite attention to an extract
on our first page, from some most singu
lar papers—papers as wonderfules we<Wi
the plates found by Jo Stnith, covered
with hieroglyphics. & the translation of
which is foundio the Mormon or gold So
bible. We hope the owner of the trea
sure will favor us with further extrai ts
from thesA interesting impars. Wo are
sorry that..we could pot give a more
conepicuoue place to thie extract then
our first page
one will neglect to read. it.
Minnesota has ere this been ad
mitted into the Union, also Kansas, un
der the Lecompton Constitution. ’
we ai^o^hp^y
proved by all to ic^-hp|Pm.
We see some in town a® improf|fiy*r
Mr. Sweet hee J^ph
lay in a stock, wf’ •
n HoiefkecperiliMp
selves } It will now
no pO Hwllllnu C ■ IJff " iJlint
vate individuals gel only, fbit itheU^lpl
use. ? ; • •• t,l -»5? ,f 5
i Lrrttw one dolay this 'import ant , work
until the ice is nearly spoiled by the Warm
raye of afMerchkww. 1 >s< -s v .r :••• b Ji-«
• n ■■ ■ n ~ aid
This Lecture was delivered,,
ding to previous p .fiee, on Tew*dey
evening leet, t*> a very roepectnfile au
dirnco. Toe subject, “ Our j&ciitJe
men,” was well treated, end the Whole
lecture proved the author a good writer,
and capable of doing justice to any sub
ject he might take in hand-. The sub
ject selected by Mr. Wait, far his lec
ture, though it may, as it did in this in
stance enchain an audience, is not of
that practical kind which enlightens, the
understanding as weil S 3 tickles the fan
cy. The Lecture was well received,
and the audience left, evidently Well
pleased with the evening’s entertain
moot, rejoicing that there were' so few
of that useless class in Minnesota* the
character of which, tho lecturer so viv
idly and humorously portrayed.
seems to have broken out
between the St. Paul Minnesotxan and six
prominent Republicans, with S.
Balcombe at their head, members .of the
legislature. The war first originated
mainly in the support these gentlemen
gave to the 5,00‘J,000 Loan Bill, which
the Minnesotian opposed. They accuse
that sheet of endeavoring to work the
thing into a party measure. It .is a
question which concerns all, and we
sincerely hope it will never be made
ti hobby for any party mm to ride into
power upon, or an instrument to advance
the interests of either political party.
@T* Messrs. Cavalier and McFet
ridge of Pem' irta, left town this morn
ing for their home in the north. They
were just Up fitun Si. Paul, *nd i Rif
that the S,CKMKKH) Loan Bill, whidnhad
before passed the Senate, was sure to
pass the' House the day they left, (yes
terday.) Important amendments had
been made to the Bill, which had shorn
it of all objectionable features, it is said.
We hope soon to receive it entire, whbn
we shall place it before our readers, to
gether with all we can get to prepare
them for Acting intelligently in regard
to its acceptance or rejection.
jgy* Thor# will he found in our. col
umns to-day a com mil meat inn front “ A'
Taxpayer of Stearns County,” to which
we invite the attention 61 ail interested
in the fact* upon which it
ft matter whichever/ Taxpayer ehould
investigate and understand. It seemsto
us that the erection of a court house
might as well be deferred until times
are a little easier, and until the scttlrrs
can see their way a little more clear for
procuring seed with which to seed their
farms the coming spring, at least,lf
the pcople understand that they are to be
saddled with this debt, with the accu
mulating interest of 12 per cent per su
num on the amount, then it is aU right,
but if they do not, they will no doubt
claim the right to be consulted about it.
Stearns is a great and good County,
and we fear 'to see a debt incurred
which must hereafter prove burdeesoine
to k» iohnbkants.
; ' -«%t~ f. 1 * m- | .
( «T Those of our readers who may
have a curiosity to hear ’ about Ipdian
eloquence, will read the speeches made
by the Chippewa Chief, F|at Mouth,
and Mshjegahbo. Flat Mouth is orfb o!
the best Indian orators now living, and
ha* many a time astonished his whit*
brethren .with Jii* eh'quence.
ir We see rttarty comments in thi
papers upon the s.ffair in the house #
ftepreseutalives, in which Mr, Keiu
upon 1 the occasion, arid the fi >or hiu
him. and the two were mimukakatit)
e ntit led to each othpr. There set-ms
however, t«* he-some, tittle dispute as tJ
whether Keitt#ill By stubbing his toe
or was knoeked down by an enemy, o\
pull' d down by ft frisnd. One siate
ment apparently'true; is that Keitt dts
appeared immedWrely after rising frrift
,th» floor. A|r. Grow, pained some Jittk
eclat if* the Kept lost. Gi^y
first individual who has had a dowhftil
by being tUo grasping LouittifU Jour
»•»« i|!»»M that fee will
have noote c drier weather, and in that
case # wHf Iw abln In jjaek away a
suffieiVirt quantity Mf that excellent,’
Solid,, clear ice. that' is peculiar to this
remop of conntrv,. ' '
Persons at a distance who have never
experienced n Minnesota winter, are not
prepared to understand its pleasant pe
culiarities. .To..t|H9qv,;,:t||^|M^fd >; the
rnrcury standing at .ftoru ‘2O to3o de
cree* .aerp.fpr week*, if-almost
horribly but to ua them i* nothing un
pleasant about it. The air is pure and
Bracing, and the sun shines as brightly
its in midsumdte'r l' trhUethesky is clear
and cloudless, and the wind is entirely at
iiiest. The snow is t» dry as powder,
and our people travel around in
moccasins, without the least daixjptefto
to the feel. With every breath Ute'tfftiw!,
we inhale life and health as thnugfetw
were sipping: from the cup of the Elixir
of life. We have on coughs Or ©ala**
here, unless {hey are imported ‘
chapped hands or faces ; but with rtwfoy
cheeks and healthy lungs we bid defi
ance to the cold. SidkhesS or death|is
rare among us, at all
year, but in the glorious brfu., *;
time, the dark s and
mourning do not Come f« "^^||ii£!|s*
If this seems incredible t*
er. come and see U*, and \& j#*r
'self. Come in the
when, our magnificent
bef.>re you covered with I
verdure ; when our crystal *trentnp&Rp&.j
merrily along, over their pebbly
and When our farms begin;to
first Words of harvest. . - Como
summer, when nature is in her etWmn
Conte in the autumn, when the rich
vest is rolling in from those farms
When the varied tints of departed sum
mer clothe those forests in their royal'
robes ; and when at niohf.the glaring
fire roll# Over those wild, prairies, and.
keep along our bluffs and hills, kissing
the very heavens with its liquid tongue#
of flame,' and lee v’es behind it those
prairies and hills errirhed for the use of
man. Or c *me to us in the wioter, When,
our sky is bright, pur air*pure* our fuel
plenty, our spirits high, and opr health
good, and our word for it, you will say
‘With tis, “ (lero is our Home.**— IFtno
ha Time!.
Minnesota is walled about on the east
and South by cordons of enemies. Emi
grants hither, like the Israultles in search
of Canaan, have absolutely to fight their
way through our enemies, combined on
all.sides to misrepresent and abuse us.
The people of lowa and Wisconsin es
pecially, alarmed at the emigration of
their own citizens to Minnesota, itnd in
dignant at being spurned hv the tide
which rolls over them and past them tt|
f>nr own beautiful, t erritory, ha ve
ted no opportunity to give effect trVwffip|P
jealousies. To these sou*res Ave rejl
the drizzling rain of paragraph
ti»n which is forever trickling lijjjMg;
news columns of
of no origin, which
tide-of d»tily facts fay
tnotis' letter-writers from
Milwaukee, and other
way pl'ces. Their never
conr.es to light. The entire press 1 of the
Territory has concurred—not nncea'mvß
—but hundreds of times*—in placing tne
brand of falsehoodWn the stories which
have been circulated abroad to our dis
credit. Yet the denial scarcely reaches
further than the limits of our newspaper
circulation. And it has come to this—
that’ Minnesota is in bad odor at the
East, and it has com** to be believed that
We have nothing left of all the magnifi
cent gifts with which nature has endow
ed us, $o offer as an inducement to emi
gra’tlpU.—that our ’ climate, the thHg
above all otfaers whinh is our boast and
oxultnti>mretiiat our climate, the climate
of the Crimean vine dresser and of the
wheat region of Ru-sia, is inhospitable
and unfavorable to egricnltnre—that our
•oil is poof, dUr soil Which :»cre by a era
equal* that of any ayca of«qual extent
. in fh« World, in fra productiveness, cul*
livability .and in all the conditions of
successful culture—that our harvests
are nnnudly devastated by grassoppers
—that out* finances are bankrupt, and
that wn are. living on the proceeds oi
exploded humbugs.
* i Against all this the facts that trickle
through the Post Office are of little avail.
Indeed the fabta themselves are not vm
ciieeonaly anedurnging, and are quite
K i without the { ,cxa«gereUona
uiea. The facts are nuitorm
state of things which exisl
y Where else in ifae Union
rested—money ao snanre a«
pressed the nioriey fable ol
to oho-tiurd less than the
' six months ago—the credit
chants impaired by foreign
i- estutnoiOs^—ami ! • the Whole' commercial
' fabric aubsWttng inertly upon the hope
I that aff.iirs will tike a new turn in th«
! spring,, and that the tide nf emigration
I wilt .bring, business and prices up tr
• high-water mark .again .— St. Paul M
fPAX ygy, READ. V j
March 4, ’&]
■ htM' to your fjjlereat tax-payer* of Steam*
CoMfe ; I have recently Some to the knowledge,
of tho fact that u fligrnnt imposition baa been,
perpetrated oil tho people of eaid county by their
6oa'niy #ommi«ioneW i««in g , n otffett*
of Coiraty|Scrtp, lo tie inued (or the purpose of
b«M»| a Court House in St. Cloud ; laid rer p
Inhpiiy per annum, which
‘>'"nA yigb»>gJr«l % f»«d forty d,,!-
w«« per y<*«r. This Court flome w nf't fof the
benefit of iho peMpfe of .Steatns but to
bn sn ore*mem |o,the lows t*f St. Cloud, pud b>
enhance »h« y*l«e pi ihe property of n few de
•igning men,, *ho undoubtedly have ’ impoaed
upon the Cooirui-wioner* by their influence to
commit such n guti* error ; fe*- it i* ppt' reasona
ble to wupproc that ihe County Seat can remain
at St. Clofid over n yrir or two at the! firtberst
—for on St. Cloud i» on the eaatern border of the
County, fee people witbmoye the Connty Seat to
rome site n<*n r the centre. , thin Seven
Thousand Dollar*, bearing twelve per cent inter
ert wrung from the poor people by Taxing their
property, blight as well be thrown into the Mis
sidppi, Si far as it* geoerai use would be to the
people of the coi nty. Such an extravagant
cooric of policy will retard -emigration to our
-Wfent# sod be i genera I stagnation to our proa-
what prudent man will'settle in a
Comity, and invest capital, that t burthened with
a dm infancy, where he would be
harfanfed by tqgntfen to pay off this debt, for the
neift twenty y«*ra Mark me down us a vain
pf«ten«|i:ifi wewre mpt groaning under a debt of
fifteen itmnind didlflHfera years from this date,
I am confident if ili<* p. ople of the
chanty tnfeiuglg fejiderstoo<l this outrage, they
»> time in petitioning the County
.to, revoke the irder. This is my*
nk no friend tb the prosperity of
think otherwise .
A 'imPAYER of Stearfa, Co.
Oft* Tho London TXtfte*
leogn fe»m
ioit/r»ii«n to i“iin a match
yd repeat 100,001) a
r Tcu ‘Ck course at
»e accepted. The Times
Zatlapd to become a
a British turf, and send
)jyorse Skirmisher to do
lie American celebrities.
(f Sauk Rapids and Sauk River
IS hereby to a Resoludon
pissed nt a ftgblic meeting of the Corporators
of said Company held at the house of Or in B. Day,
in Sunk Rapid*, on life Jd day of December,
1857, *l7 H. M. Books will be opened
at the office (-rT.iiwipd O. Ilmnlin, in Sauk
Rapid# on the feh day of March next, for sub
scription*. |o th«{ Capital (Stock, of said Company
in accordance with the Act of the Legislature of
fee 'lVftitory of Minnesota, to Incorjairate said
('ompany May 23d, 1857.
£dwaro n, J. Rl T SSF.LL,
! ’kb ,18th, 1 SoB. Ilstf
M Paper tuple■ Freedom Notional—
fflpMtvfiy ecttonaf. Twenty Copict to One
fegiijtfe**, §2O. Abtn it the time to get up
in Advancf,
■f/(K)0 Curds for $2 50—Other kinds Of
«r at greatly Reduced rates f
e now Tive Presses constantly run.
in our Otßce, and turning off all
iting. from a Oae-Line Card to a Mam
(liiving purchased ihe exclusive right
f Sj. Paul, to use Gordon's celehrateil
Piri -Klt Card Press, which pilots, counts and
cuts IWTbminand Cards |>er Honr, we are able to
furnbril Cards at« Lower Price than nnyoilier es
ubKslmWht in the 1 State, and printed in a surerior
manner. Particular attention paid to .Bill-Heads,
Circulars, etc., etc.
Nctdflttllh years ago the Tits Minnesota
W MEatue W-foie ihe pubtiaim from
that |M*n*a,l*> lhw*pre*cnl ii has licen bottliog for the
ehjlfe of Freedom and the Rights of Man, regardless
nfi'Ae ties of Party or th» sneers and jilies of parii
'xpnesidenfc By pursuing a cnomstmit and straight
'forward car* er,bvii persistent devotion to Principles,
it ha* won its way to psiLlic fitvnr, and not withstand
ing it is th - youngest of fee city Press, it has attain
ed e very large and rapidly increasing circulation.—
This has been accomplished, not l*y a system of sejf
laudaVmn , !mt by the Sjioiiiane.nis patronage *.f its
friends Minaeyota find the Eastern SJ tales.
The TiM t s has ever advocated, and'will continue
to advocate, fee cause of the Pe*H>*e, and in doing so
it has advoeatisl the cause of the great Republican
Parly whose principles it has warmly espoustd and
will defend to the Iwst of its abitiiy. tt nftv*r has
and never will pander lo the vines «>i the, vicio.is, and
: never flinches from' grappling with Error wherever it
I exists. It believes in no honest ntu mnee «l the
Tmth—in ndhering to Right, Jt siire and Temper
nore—i n an outspoken, mnitly c**ndenmat»on of W rong
j —in a just appreciation of the wants of tho honest
settler, to wh an a h<>me th-uild be guaranteed by
Gongtess,, and in the Development *>f those re*
smirces which are cnleoluted to place us first among
the States oi this g ent Cmledci-auy.
t Many nuw fi«ftan»s will be added to the Tl* K* in
fen course of the year 1858. M T e shall spat e no
twins to pr°** ,,;, V fee fetwi and T , '^. re ,'S , w ’? B
.itoth at home and Irom nbroad .■‘hullptiblish week
ly a lull and rurrect report of tb«alarl»t«v-U/id
shall at all times devote our energies to make oiir
paper equal in every respects to any oih-y in «a»r new
charged lor writing subscribers’ names on their paper*.
If out friend* throughout the State and chut'
wheie milt |nit lorth a liula., exei tion, we can greatqi
‘ increase our snbsrrtptioa list and thereby Iw abla. t<>
enlarge and Imattlily the Times to a degree which
wilt meet with their entire approbation. Please
give n* a Call at the Jbmtioa of Third, Beach, Bt.
Ao n»r Jffe.* 1
A LL parson* indebted to C, B. VAN NKBT.
by Note or Brndt Account, ate requested to
1 onti on tb« subscriber ni . seula, a* the accusmte am
left la his hands tar <v bctJna. . H. M'AUHON
■ Sauk Rapids, Bcp. 1*», WW. tfi»f -
~ . jCItmiSTIAW etOBG^NS,
V/CRJ amjMtreby Mtifiud thiflff shall,offer proof
§re an advepe claimant, and at which feoeand pbee
von are renuested to preiienrproofdf yom said claiai..
Sank Rapids, March 3, , 186th
- Cl 'memcine,
The Session of 185,8, will cofenfeac#
on SlredayUheymk of Fabrutury, a|al iot#
tiniie six weeks. A lull and thorough course of Lee*
(we* will be given, 6ecAi|tying six
d.ii>v, With good opp<.i attention to |*r*C
tical Aiiutninv, nod u ilh Hinitle Cinic.il facilities fit.
the Couimeirial H<>,piial. Tlje arrangement-of feo
chi iis will l»e as" fidlows
T. E.'lif »-HN, M. D., Professor of r
Anatomy anti Physiology. ’ f
J. F. Judge, M. yL)., Professor of
Chfinistry and Pharmacy.
A. J Howe, M. D , Professor of Sur#
C. H. CiEAV*i.*ptD, M. D., Profess
or of Materia Medica and Therapeutics,
Wm, Sherwood, M. D. f Professor of
Medi-al Practice and Pathology.
J. R. BucHANfiv, M. D , Emeritus
Professor of (Jerebral Physiology and
Institutes of Medicine
John King, M. D., Professor of Ob
stetrics and 1 Diseases of Women and
The Terms fir thif Session will, lie the name as
heretofore,, viz :—Mairiculution, §S,OQ. Tuition,
$20,00. Demonstßitor'e Ticket, $5,00 (Every
Student is required to engage in dissection ore ix-s
--sion lief >re graduation.) Gradnation €25,00. Ticket
to UomnWircfei Hospital, (optional) £5,00.
The Lecture-Rwms an* newly finished, neat, and
cninfortiible, and in a central locality (in College
Hall, Walnut Street,) where xtudents will find it
conreniettt to call on their arrival. Tickets for the
session may be obtained of the Dican qf the Fac-‘
I'LTV. at his office, No. 118 Smith Stieet, or of
Prof. C. H. Cf.EAVEt.AUU, Secretary of the Fac*
ulty, No. 139 Seventc Street,.near Elm.
116 JOHN KING, M. D., Dean.
Of all disease*, the great first cause
Spring* from neglect of Nature’s law*. ' %
5 when a CURE is guaranteed in all stages of
SECRET diseases:
SELb'-Mxii*, Nervovt Debility , Strictures,
Gratel f Diabetes), Diseases if tie Kidneys
arid Bladder, Jl/Jrcuriui Rheumatism, St rofug
la, Pains in the Bones and Jlnkles , Diseases ty
the LungS, Throat, Nose Ht.d Eyes, Ulftt sr
upon the Body or Limbs,- Cancers, Dropsy ,
Epiliptic Fite, s*(. Vita's Dance, and all Dio
ceses arising from, a derangement of the Sexual
Such as Nervous Trembling, Lsies of
Loss of Prwer, General Weakness, Dimness of Vis
ion, with peculiar spots appealing before ihe eves.
Loss of Sight, Wakefulness, Dyspepsia, Liver Dis
ease, Eruptions upon the face, pain in the back and
heaj, Female insularities and all inpiuprr <lis- -
charges from both sexes. It matters not from what :
cause the disease originted, however long strnding or
obstinate the case, recovery is certain, and in a sh< rter.
time than a permanent one can bt effected lij’ any*
other treatment, even after the disease* has l affleo*
the skill of eminent physician and resisted all iheif,
means of cure. The medicines are pleasant withi>ut>
odor, causing no sickness, and free fpbm mercury
balsam. H iring twenty years of practice, I have<
rescued fi'om the jaws o( Death, many thouswnds, whsrj
in the last stages of the alwve mentioned disease
had been given up to die by their phvsicians, vhife
warrants me in promising to the afflicted, who may'
place themselves under my eare, a perfect end most
speedy cure. Secret dieeasea arc the greatest ene— ,
mie* to heahh, as they are the filer cause of consump
tion. Scrofula ana many other diseases, and should
lie a terror to the human family, as a permanent cure
is scarcely e.vcr effected, a majority of the cases fall
ing into the hands of incompetent persi us, »h<> not
only fail to cure'the*disease* but rain the Const
filling the: system with met cun, which with theCffis
ea*c, hastens, fee Mifil*rt*r into rapid consumption.
Bet shotthbifaMHiseasc and the treatment not rause
death speedily Md the .victim mafiif*, the di.-rare
i* entailed tipon th “children, who are born with fee -
Ide e-mstitmion*, and the current of life corrupted by
a virus whirh betrays itself in Srrulida; Teller, Ul
cers, Erupt imis and other affections of the skin. Eyes,
Thioal an.l Lings, emailing upon them a hrief exist
ence of suffer ins, and consigning them to an early
crave. Self A busk is another formidable enemy
to healfe, for making else in the dread catalogue of
hmitaa diseases causes so destructive a drain upon
the system dtawing its thonsands of victims through
a few vests of suffering down to an untimely gra’Vß.
It destroys the. Nervous System, rapidly wastes away
fee.cnergiri of life; rause* mental derangement, pee- .
vents the proper development of the system, disquali
fies for marriage, society, business, and all eaith'y
happiness, ami leaves tne sufferer wrecked in body
and mind, predtsjawed to consumption and a train nf
evils more to be dreaded than death itself. With
the fullest confidence I assure the unfortunate victims
of Self- Abuse that a termanent and speedy cure, esn
he effected, and with the abandonment of ruinous
practices, mv patients ran he resorted to lobnst,
vigorous health. The afflicted are cautioned against
the use ol Patent Medicines, for t lie re are so many
ingenious snares in the column* of the public prints lo
catch and rob the unwary sufferers, that millions have
their constitutions rained by the vile Compounds of
quack doctors, or the equally poisonous nostrums
vended as ‘ Patent Medicines.” , 1 have carefully
imalyzed many of the so-called Patent Medicines,
and find that nearly all of ‘hem contain Corrosive
Sublimate, which is one ol the strongest preparation*
of mercury, and a deadly pni sou, which,' instead ot
curing the disease, disables the system for hfe
Three f.mrths of the patent nostrums now in use
are put tip by unprincipled and ignorant persons who
do not understand Sfeeri the al|dtaliel of the materia
medica, and are equally as destitute of any knnwfedge
of the human system, having one object wily in view,
sud that t<» make money regardless of consequence*.
Irregubrities and all disease* of males end lemales
treated on principles estahliehed by twenty years of
practice, and sanctioned by thousand* ol the most
reniHikable cute*. Mt*diciiws with full ditectione
sent i<> any part of the United State* or Canadas,
patient* c’oinmnoicafing their symptom* hy leiter.-
Business correspondence strictly confideniial. Ail
letters asking advice most contain a postage stamp.
Address J. SUMMERVILLE, M. 11.,
Box No. 53. Office No. 1131 Flßiert St., old No.
109, Below Twelfth, Philadelphia.
TRICT COURT,Benton County, 2d Jfe
dicinl District. ; • «. . !
Charles Gilman ngait tt Charles D. Mead.
T«» the alstve named defendant, Charles D. Mead.
Y«u are hereby summoned and requited to answer
the comp'aint in this action, whirh has I*7ll fil d ir.
the office of the Clerk of this Court at Watnb, in tfcr
Connty of Benton, in’ said Territory of Minnesota,
and tu send a copy of your answer to the raSt com-
Itlaint on the subscriber at his offine in the town of
Sauk Rapids,, Territory aforesaid, within twenty
day* after the service of this Summons on jm, ex
elusive of the day of such service, and if you fail to
answer tie the Rife afcaeratd,
the pbintiff igthisactiqnwill take bdgment againa
yuMb mi* tit (rvi betides the
cost* and disbursements in thi* action.
tvm W. H. WOOD, fPBVAttV
Doted Sank Rlfeid*, 11. T., iawu*ry- 3feh, 18W.
JL SCIENCE, a Monthly Msgyxine ef 48
page*, conducted by the FaCoHy of the Eclectic Col
lege iff Medicine, is fekmlM at One Dollar a Year,
payable in', advance. The vpfcme of fee Jounrd
commence* wife the fW< . Capmunicatiune for std’-
Seventh Street, Cjncinnatt, O. lift

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