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sm&xdiß nr
WILL Rttsod la buying and rolling Land
Town Low, telling or ranting Hobs*
Collect i»» Debts, land MgotUttag
Mt Comtaissten; drawing up and taking Ac know
edgments of Deeds; drawing ap
Pre-Emption Proofs
contesting Claims at tfce
and all other business which may be entrusted to
his care Abo, for sab to Actual Settler*.
90,000 ACRES
the heat Farming and Timbered Land*, sitaale
abiif She be of the Rail Road, from St. Paul t
Crow Wing, besides a large nmoent of fine
4&¥i a wes, near Sank Rapids—price from *4«P
lUOO acres near the St. Clued*—price S 3 to SAD
132 acres two miles from tattle Fall*—pricess
J £IOO acres around Littfe R«ck Lake—price S 8
600 acrea-oo the Mississippi Riser, jost above tb
mouth of Little R «-k Creek, and one mite alms
Waotb—prim s7^6.
The last two tracts mentioned, could be divided »
as to make six nr eight splendid Farms, each havinj
prairie, wood, water, autl meadow.
6 Improved Farms, near
Sank Rapids, at various prices. 56 Lots ia
Hassell, Wood, & Gilman’s Addition
To rUaplda.
OFFICE i» Sauk Rapid*, f*r sale cheap.
Information given gratis to new comers who wish
to *rtoif f y h , .4
Nearly all the above described Lands were care
fully selected at an early day, near the most important
points on the upper Mississippi, and ant become
very vakmble. Some of it will be sold i« time—title
good- Fur further particulars enquire at the Office
Sank Rapids. July 16,1857. 96tf
VOWS DtT X.AO, wxa.
CAPITAL 55Q0,000.
THIS Company is a Joint Stock Association.
orgasffed under a Special Charier granted
by the Legkialare of Wisconsin, with aa author
iaed Capital of **00,600.
«r which is Cask paid in aad securely invested on
Bead* .. d Mortgage* The Compan, bemgphas
•mrety naan afi'ia Immw, tha Dtreet
•en take pteasare at n aummsiidiag «t to
lifer aa withy sf eosffcaci *N wan
the manses ‘hat
Ml LummAkmU be Promptly and Honora
bly J Jjueted.
As this Is purely a Stack Campaay. we Matsal
Es iatrr mUi be dOM» nudJVo Premium Jfetes
A. EDsAiUtof , President.
, J. M. Eodt, Viee 4a
W. T. Gibsow, Secretary.
Alukm Gtasoa, Goa oral Agnate
CHAS. L CURRIER. Gea’l Traushag Ag*te
C. A. GILMAN, Agent at Saad Rapids.
sept. 24. '57 ntvSyl
CARRIED on ie all it* various brandies, two
doors below Day’s Hotel, by
wm: Rohmer.
Wagon 'hop is nls. connected with this establish
* SS-BOHatT 1
Sadi Rapids, Aagast Oth. 1857. dWOtf
s;ll Vi *f- ■■ -i . •' ,* '•• -* ‘J*T
18 prepared ta eaecate all basnets « ha
line withDamans and despatch, t : .. -
> pleas, tfpectfreatieM and Deuba fanrislmd ta
*4er. „
Ogee at YHyVHoteL rOfner of BresArrny
and Waft .in Street*. Sadi R.pds. " *
Rink Raptd*, Teb.». tSN». * SO*T
* r - . '■* ■ ' ■ ' ’’ : ■
Wkol e fie and R tlail Denim in
an thabadt afthe Msssmsipps. Uppsr aide
'lio*jikso?£ v
«se/>?nßanr»B. ’ ***‘ *■'
Sack Rapujs, Bssfos Co., MmircaoT
One column for one year ...’ fBO 00
} One cukwun f4»r six mop tb5....... 40 00
One Column for three months..... 20 00
H*lf xenfomn f.v one year,...... SO 00
Half n column for six mouths..... 25 00
Half a column for three months... 20 00
Quarter ef a Column for one year 1* 00
> JuuiiH Cards—Not over fivelioef
one year, |
l Over 8 lines and under 12, do V
Over 10 and under 15 tines, da 18 08
One square. 12 lies oriefu, 1 is. 108 •
and fur each additional insertion, ( 50
Advertisers will be entitled to a change of thei
advertisement* twice a year. Payment* to be mad
half yearly- Yearly advertisers out oi the Territor
most make their payments half-yearly i advsner
mid when advertising for shorter periods, the roone
must in nil cases accompany the advertise pent. N
’ abatement from onr published rate*. Special ootics
1 charged twice.
One copy, one year S2,(M
Ton copies “ out of the Territory, 15,60
Twenty copies oat of the Territory.. 20,00
Strictly in advance.
Persons forwarding retain certtN
. ertesfrom PosUnasters.
Sank Rapids, Mitmesnta, April 23,1864
general iiantt Agencies.
Lsteßsoflvsr United Staves Land Office,
AAtorneV at Law & General Land Agent,
WILL attend promptly to the drawing up
of Prt Eruption Proofs for claimants,
and the PnosECtm©!r''or Ci.aims before the
Land Office. Having ford an ext»erience of more
than fiair years as Receiver of ihe U. S. Ivtud
Office at Sauk Rapids, he believes he can give en
tine s itisfoction to there —h > may c nifoie their busi
ness to his charge. Will also attend to the payment
of taxes and the purchase and sale of Real Estate
Sauk Rapids, June 25th, 1557 : , 94tf
(Late Register U. S. Office,)
AND • • ‘ ■ -
HAVING had an experience »f foot years as
Register of the U. 8. Land Office, and
four year* more as Surveyor in Minnesota, tt tints that
be can give perfect saiisfociiun to those entrusting
Imsiness to his charge. Will attend to the safe and
location of Land Warrant*, the loaning of money,
payment oi taxes, mad the purchase and safe of Real
Estate. Persons wishing to make investments or
ban money, wilt he guaranteed 25 per rent per an
num. (O* Pre-emption papers drawn up for claim
ants, and claim.* prosecuted before the Land Office.
Sauk Rapids, Jane 5,1867
General Land Agent,
Baulk rtapldm, TVT. T.,
WILL attend to the payment of Taxes, sale
of Land Btc.
PRE-EMPrORS will find U to their advantage
in calling upon him beftre going elsewhere as he is
prepared to prosecute contested Claim Saits, make
out Pre-emption papers at the shortest possible no
tice, and at rate* which will suit the pre-empfor.
■■ FFICE nextdoor to E O Hamti-.’s Bank tug
House ■ Bugiueas hours from 9 to 12 A M and I to
4 P M
W A Gorman, Ex-Governor of Minnesota
Hou Henry M Rice, Delegate to'Cougress
Gen Juwnhaa E Fletcher, Wiauefaugo Agent,
Blue Fattb, M T
Natbaa Mvrick . Traverse de Bjoux M T
Bernard fftry, Postmaster, Galena, Illinois
Wfe jleahen Esq, Galena, Illinois
Vfm H Parscnw, Atl*y F Counsellor at Law,
Minneapolis, II T
Henry B Wait, St Cloud
Gen TB L iwrv, ** “
Get SB Olmsted . “
Jeremiah Russell, Sauk Rapids
David B Harriaan, Chippewa Agent
Sank Rapids, July 15 1857 96tf
Geo. W. ’ B.G Cskotheks.
Attorney and Land Agents!
TX7ILL devote their attentioa to preparing
™ papers for Pre-emption Claimants for the
entry of TO WAT SITES, and prosecuting
Claims before the iasd OSes. They will also
hoy aodsell Land Warrants, pay Taxes, ffie.
Convoysacing done on abort amioo—-Copies of
the Gevlvamctit Flats roast sntly on (mod CM
aalo. 102-tf
Sauk Rapids, August 20th, IBST.
a Ae BTUBTTVANT, Proprietor
*, f cowukctiko with
/. c. BURRAfrK. { . ♦ CO S, EXPRESS,
fWoK «T. I4oh|. MsT.j/
fUflffi Proariatei; of this .Expryi, take* this
I niethoiofmwtbing the' ftftbrWUnt* of the
OL Miidsrippi, that hi* fine is now folly eftab-
IwSd, bwdthwhis rimte is by w*y bf ’ *■-
St. Cku4 t lQUmr**Rr,M*&dl", Oro
■ mpoinlnmlko sokole route.
i iti Ti ’ i i ennui i 'riiAihiriiiSloaFhi ‘ r *<-
IT ; »
. A Sill Proposing an Amendment to Stfc. 10,
_ Att nof the Constitution, and PronJingfo>
“ the Submission of the same to the People. ,
the State <>f MrjrNhsOTA V
Sect tow. 1. Tha foUovumg amendments to
the (iunutitniioo of this Stale are hereby pruaoeed
for publication, and approval or rejection hy the
people- m aeteHsfciace w«» -Section 1 of Article
14, of the Constitetwn ; that is to thaf Sec
turn I 0 of Article 9 of the Constitutlbii shall be
s as fuilowe * •. *. .** .r, ~ *
See. 10. The credit of this State shall n£*er
be given loaned in aid of any individual, asso
ciation or eocpuratiiHi, except thnt for th* purpose
of expediting the coast ruction of the hoes of Rail
roads, in aid of which, the Congress of the
United {States ba» granted foodn to the Territory’
of Minnesota, the Governor sh ill cause to be is
sued and delivered to each of the companies in
? which S lid grants are vested by tlie Legfelattve
y Asseuthly of Minnesota, the special bonds of the
r State, bearing nn interest or seven per cent, per,
o annum, payable wm'-ihno.tlly in the city of New
York, as a loan of public credit to an amount not
exceeding twelve hundred and fifty thousand dol
- lai*; or an aggregate amount to all of stid com
panies. not exceeding five millions pf dollars,, in
manner following, to wit:
Whenever either of the said companies shall
produce to the Governor, satiulactury evidence,-
verified by the affidavits of the Chief Engineer,,
. Treasurer, and two Director* of said Company,
that any ten milt sof the road of said Company
Has been actually constructed and completed,
1 ready for placing the supers tract ore thereon, the
Governor shall cause to he issued and delivered to
such Company, bonds to tlie amodnt'of one hun
dred thousand dollars : and whenever thereafter,
and as often as either of sutd Companies shall
’ produce to the Governor like evidence of a fur
ther construction of ten mUfes of its road as afore
said, then the Governor'hall cause to he issued
to such Company , further like hoods to the amount
of one hundred thousand dollars fie each and
every ten miles of road thus constructed, and
whenever snch Company shall famish like evi
dence that any ten miles of ii» td.id ia actually
completed and cars running thereon, the. Governor
shall cause to be issued to such Company like
bonds to theamoaarof #IOG,800; and Whenever
thereafter, aqd as often as either of said Compa
nies shall produce to the Governor, like evidence
that any farther ten miles of said road i* in ope
ration as aforesaid, the Governor shall c.use to
be issued to such Company. further like bonds to
the amount of one hundred thousand dollars, urfti l
the full amount of the b<*nds hereby
sh ill be issued T Vrocllkd. ’l*hat two-fififw and
no mure of all bonds issued to The Southern Mm
nesotu, Railroad Company shall ha expendea h>
ihe-con*lrnction and equipment of the line of mad
froai LiaCresceat to the point o junction witn
tha Trgnsit provided by law \ Aad fur
ther frrovidrd, That the Minneapolis and Cedar
Valley KettmaJ Coipewy *h*t| eommcnca rttr
const!udiun of their road at Faribault and Min
neapofis, and shall grade an equal number.of
miles from each of said places;
The said bonds thus issued shall be denominat
ed “ Minnesota sitn.e Railroad Bonds,** and the
forth aid credit of this State are hereby •pledged
for the payment of the interest and the redenip
tion of die principal thereof They shall be
sigoOß by-the Governor, countersigned and regis
tered by die Treasurer, sealed with the seal of
the State, of denominations not exceeding one
thousand dollars, payable to the order of the |
Company to whom waned, transferable by.the (
endorsement of the President of the viid Coai- (
paay, and redeemable lit arty time after ten and
before the expiration of twenty-five years from the (
date thereof. Within thirty days after the i
Gnvero'tr shaft procla rh that the - people have t
voted for a loan of State credit to Railroad*, any <
of said companies proposing to avail thi tnsefoes 1
of the loan herein provided f*r, and tn accept the
conditions of the same, shall notify the Governor ,
thereof, ai d shall, within sixty days. Commence
the construction of their roads, and shall within *
two years thereafter construct, ready for the «n- ‘
perstrnctura,at least fifty (55) miiesof-heir road*.
Each- company shall make provision for tlie (
pnnctxal p iymeqt and redemption of all bond- j
issued and delivered, as aforesaid, to said Com
pany , and for The poaetnal payment oPthe interest ,
which shall accrue thereon, ill sach manner auto '
exonerate the Treasury of this Stite Irom any I
advances of money for that purpose ; and as se I
curity theiefor, the Governor shdl demand and
receive from each of said comp mios, before any (
of said Bonds are issued, an instrument pledging j
the nett profits Of its mad. f.n the payment of j
Said interest, and a conveyance In the State of the i
first two hundred and fo«y section- of hind, free a
from prior incumbrances, which sneh •cofnp’ioy is i
or may hetipthortged to sell, in trust for the belter «
security of the Treasory of the Wat* from loss *1
n* sard bonds, which raid deed nf trust shall a
aoth-.rize the. Governor and Secretary of State to
make conveyances of tit'e to all or apy of soch jj
lands to pnrehaserv agreeing with the respective f
Sfailroad Companies thprcfiif t Prorfcfed. Tint t
before releasing- the interest of the State to sueti
lands. Such wle sdwH be approved by the Cover
nor, but the proceeds of all sdrit sales, shall he
applied to the pryrnent of accruing open i
the bonds in case of u“f*ult of the paytnent of the f
same, and as a sinking.fujdL tQjr ect any /nture ,
defatiU >n the payment of mtergsi nnq the priucipal j
thereof when doe ; and as farther security. an r
amount r»T Not mortgage bonds, “on the mads, t
lands and franchises, of the respective companio*, 0
corresponding to the Htate bonds ieuW, sh.tli tie 1
transferred to the Treasurer of the Stole n the
time of the issue of State bond*, and pi case {
enher of said companies shall make default in p
pnvment Of either the interest or prtMrifMl of the v
hotels fesated to said comp-mieshy tfoe Governor, g
no more State bopfts shall thereafter he ;**oed tn t
«Hd romfriny ; and the GovriWor shaft proved in
sOfehotroamVas may be proserft»pd toyfout'to f*M
the bonds of the defaulting company or companies,
or the lands h M in tr#*t n*i%dro ,or dmy nftftM (
a forecktaaic of the mortgage executed to wcure
the same : Pr<?tided, That if any company so it
defadtt. before the day of sale, shall pay all in
terest and prmcipHt theft due. fftd #ll ex pen my -
incurred byn* mtol to nils uhiiu take place,
Vpnuidod, If u*id'eo«tipadiftiusdt*»H. -
ef the MHnutehi fltate rariroat foie ton tohtehipejf 1
the same and the liabfthie. oT said oemauny or *
enmpßaits, ht reaper* to iuid head* sforU feuaae «
open Seek ptymeol. mfo tb* Stole Tnmeary, * J
pjfilSSßSggS l
mmfumyae anffiplMF RSSRT nsipkStt^Sß
[) hands of the State ip the manner herein specified
sffiklf, Wa eomlMien thereof, each eotfiplere nu
difc* than fifty mib.a of it* road on of before th<
eftpiration of the year 1861, and not leas ibeti ont
| Mrodredmiles before the year 1881, and compleit
four fifths of the > ottre length or its read before tht
r ' year 1866. nod any failure on the part of an>
(! * Ufteh Company to complete the nntwHer of mile*
r of its road or road* m the manner and within th»
several times herein prescribed, shall forfeit to th*
o iQite blithe rights, title and interest of any kiwi
& wfo*tw>eyerui and to any land*, .together with th«
e fmnchi->e< cot nected with the same not pertaining
B of - upplicaMe to the portion of tie toad by them
. ponglluoted, and. a foe simple to . which ha* »M
e aocraud to either oi said Companies by reason ol
skfeh ctmstruction, which was granted to the eom
r ftampaoies, thus Uiling to comply with
. tbft provisions hereof by act of the legislature id
. tW Territory Of Minnesota, vesting sakl land in
. sn Id companies respectively.
, *Dc. 2 *The foregoing amendment shall be
Y submitted to the electors of the St*/e, at an elec*
4 liaft to be held on the lotb day of April, one
i thonsand eight hundred and fifty-eight, in the
j several electron dUtfrcts of the State. The fral
. lot* at snch tdc tion shall be .written or printed a*
. follows: Those, in favor of the amendment,
’ “Loan of State Credit fox Railroads—Yes.’*
i Tlawe against the amendment, ft Loan of Citato
. Crfcdit for Railroads—No ’ The polls at sail
efoetfon shall be opened between the hours n*
i «MN and ten o’clock, A. M., and closed at six
o’clock, P. M., and the said election shall be
coridacted, and the returns thereof made and
. certified, in the manner provided, by law for re
timing votes for Territorial delegate to Con
gress, except that the said returns shall be address
ed to the Governor, by whom the ssme shall be
canvassed within twenty days after said election
and if it shall appear that a majority of voter*
present and voting al said election have ratified
the proposed amendment, the Governor «* all in
ebfpOrate the foregoing amendment in the Con
*'Hatton, and shall make proclamation of th>
result, and deposit the election returns in the:
office of the Secretary of St ite.
Sue. 3. Besides the publication preucrihed hv
existing laws, this Act is hereby ilireqted lo be
published in all th.- newspapers itf this State, for
which publication the Same r ite of compensat-on
is btrehy fixed as for similar insertions ia the
official piper of the Legislature.
dec. 4/ This j,ct is to take effect from and
after its passage.
George Bradley,
- 1 Speaker pro. tern, of the Ff. of R.
Richard G. Mcsphy,
President pro. tem.of the Senate.
Approved March S, 1848,
C-L Chase. Acting Givernor
Fecretabt’s Office, Minnesota, >
Marc 1 9. 1838. f
t hereby certify the forego.ng to be a trne copy
of the original on fi'e in this otfice.
14 Chas. L. Chase, Secretary
1858. PO ISpECTU.-S.OF THE 1858.
. •; -V - , - =i'--
A Paper for the People' Freedom JVationar—
Slavery •'•edional. Twenty Copier to One
Aldress , §2O. ATow is the time to get up
Ctdbs—Payment in Advance.
1,000 Cards for —Other kinds of
Printing at greatly Reduced rates !
WF, have now Five Presses constantly ran
ftfog in our Office, and turning off all
kinds of Printing, fr-un a O ie-Li te Can) to a Mam
moth Poster.- H.ivrng purchased the exc!u*ive right
lot the city of Paul, to twe Gallon’s celebrated
Ftmt-KLT Cxrp Press, which prtat*, count* and
eftt* Ten Thousand fard* per flour, we are able to
tantfeb Qarffs at a Lower Price than any other es
tabtiska>ent in the State, and printed in a su eri -r
inan-ier. Particular atter.tion paid to Bill-Heads,
Circularsj etc., etc.
Nearly fonr years ago the The MivWF.sotx
W t uLT Times catu- befoio the tuddi amt from
that peri-'d to th“ pre-ent ic hor been battling f<cr th 1
cumy »if Freed >»i and the Right* of Man, regsnile**
of Ihe ti-V of Party »r tb- sneers and jilies of parii
r»n ten ters By pursuing a consistent and etraight
f award cur er,i»vu t*r*irte«i devotion to Pri'tciph-*,
it |tos i w*>a its way to pnHic favor, and notwith*tacid '
iny it te the youngest of ihe city'Pres*, it ha* attain- j
ed step large *"d rapidly iocretrittg circulation.—
This has b*en accom-. dished, not liy a system of *elf- '
laudation, but hy tho spotiwatotu* pntroirage of «* ,
friends thnmghcnit Miuoeaota-and the Eastern Stales.
The Tt*,> s has ever adrucated, and will contiiwe
to advocate, the cause of the Peopw, and Tn dicing so j
it has advocac ed the cause of the great Reynblicas
Party whose principles it has wannly espoused and
will defend to the best of it* ability. It never has (
and never wifi pander to the vices of the vicious, and
never flinches from grappling with Error wb<-rever it
exist*. It believe* in ftn honest utterance hI the ,
Troth—in adhering to Right, Justice and Temper
ance—dn an ootsjioken, manly C'cndetnnatioti of Wrong I
—in a jitst appreciation ot the wants of the honest .
setter, ta whom a hntoe should be g*ar*fttUed liy
Congress, and in the D»yelop»neut of all those re- |
source* which are catealated to place na first among
the States of ihi* great Confederacy.
|||m ngw features will he added to the Times in <
the course of the year 1858. We shall spare no
paiuarto procuro the btest ttod most relialde news
both at home and from abroad; —shallp'iblish week- |
fr a <nlt and mtrect report of the Marker,—and
iteilat aft time* devote our etuunties to make our 1
paper equal in every respect to any other in our oew
rafddiv flowing State. Steal* topics, S 2; Five
copies", 88 ' Ten copies, Sl3. Twcuiy t
~ne addles*) f 20. Twenty ci-ht* additional wilTtie ,
ch-irg-d fir wrifi Of •utiscrilsn*’ name* on their papers,
Off- If onr friemls thnmghout the State and else
whVe will put forth a little Vxerti-m, we can greatly
inureoae «mg aujbsrrifttmn list and thereby he alife to '
enlarge and heautity the I’imes to a degree which
will meet with their entire appruborioa. Pteai* '
give usacrtii atdhejunrtioa of Third, Bench, Sti
Aulhonv and Wahashaw streets, St. Paul, Min.
. .. ‘ ... «
‘ Saak Rapids and Sank River >
- bS it ‘l iur- I
IS hereby given that tfgreenbly to a Resolution 1
I jutotod at a pablie tnte4rihF«fthe Corporators
wt 9-o?efogh, F/M.' ’ -2bioa* wiff bo op o-d i
Edward ,4lomit«v w fitolt .
Raydds, on tlie Bth day 'trTfdrch next, fw *«b
urvipHro* <a tHe CafotM Sbicfc of s>id lT*if i«i 1
the Terntorv «f Minnesitfij. to locotporata said
KhwkßbO: HaML.V, J.
'-tAsbnhurte. >-|AuftiJ*wf *
Bank Rapid*, M. T-, F«b. lffitb, liR U**f« ‘
1, For tha Sauk Ra(>i<!s Frontieruw.
ie r
it, Mi Editor,-—Feeling JesiroßS to
,e Qonirtbule a UltJu to your paper, I ask
permission to tnve published a small
article upon local matters. Having
,1 been a resident fo r a year or less, I
* bare some acquaintance with the in
liabUants of Sauk Rapids.
Now to my story :
, Kind and gentle reader, I will sive
h you a short description of my entire
sdlf —age, size complexion.
To begin, 1 aut an o'd maid, just on
.* tbe shady side of thirty, (just the age ta
e make a conquest,) and 1 have dark,
brown hair—not auburn, such as you
* read of in poetry, neither have 1 locks
1 ,l as dark aa the ravep’s - wing—ray eyes
a are not of those piercing jet, or melting
j blue. Find me the Old JWaid in the
x wide world, that will be hung for
J her beauty ; I say not t one can yoo
j find. But I have digressed.
I was to give you a description of self
» so let me proceed with my eyes and pen.
They are those ofhuzle, yoc rarely see.
i and Peter such as mine ; they art* no!
of those piereing kind, yet they are
enough so to sew all that is doing and to
? be done, and where will you find the old
, maid that is not inquisitive. lam one
‘ of those beings, sharp, not m wit, (it
, wouldn’t do to say a word about mt
; tongue,) hut enough to catch all the
gossip that’s on the w ng, and one tha*
hears and reports all. And now, im
reader, knowing me io be such an one,
you will think, ere you finish this, that
I have used no exaggerat-on, and you
also will keep those little tongues <>-
yours to yourselves. 'Expecting this t
suffer severe criticism, I will h*g an
apology for that herein expressed that i~
A little fan now saJ then.
Is appreciated by the mast of men.
af- 3
To write for the pohlie at this great age,
For shoald I chance to fall below.
A Hamlin or a Wood,
Don’t view m« with a critic’s eye.
Bat pass my imperfections by — Lottie.
Let me to tny story. I rmty not call
it a story, for you know all good stories
begin with ** Once upon a time,” and
feeling myself incapable of doing jus
tice to such a story, will not call this
one, —what I write is fact. Truth,
you know, is many times stranger than
Well, not many years ago, there was
in the village of , a certain some
thing, called the Matrimonial -Society.
Myself being an old maid, and feeling
-ure that I was proof against ” Cupid’s 1
darts,” I thought me I’d attend one of ’
these meetings, held in our neighbor- !
hood. The first one I had the honor of 1
attending, was held at Mr. K ’s *
where I met many young lilies and •
gentlemen, all of whim were strangers s
to me, yet they were agreeable in the !
extreme. Ido not mean to infer they *
were so to myself, by no means, At *
tny entrance there was a number col- '•
leeted in one comer, another crowd on *
the conch, and the rest were scattered ’
hither and thither, and I made my way •
as best I coold through the crowd, and *
divested myself of hood and shawl, arm
when I returned into the room agnn I
they were holding a species of Quaker •
meeting \ fend myself being not of thnt t
order, I enseonsed myself in one car- c
ner as a looker on, thinking, I
“ Where igneraseari* bb**, ’tie folly ta wise.” «
They had what’s calfod a Budget Box' '
While'l was sitting comemplating, Some
one said, Miss, wHt yon contribute to v
our box ? But feeling incompetent, 1 *
politely begged to he excused, as I '
thought myself safe where i wa*. I *
knew, had I contributed, I shhotd have *
had to make st»mvl advances *
matrimony, as that was the object, and
knowing my neck to be free from ail 1
nooses, J concluded to not. *
S«khi after some one '(not being r.c-
qonitilt-d, I could riot give the name)
int roduced, a pipy, after all had deposit - ,
ad s.xnvlhing in the buz, called the j
‘‘Stage .Coach,” if my memory dots
n>*t fait mb. ‘ 1 tfti.ik a y rang gerif from li
u»treduced it, atid the com- f
pany, nU including myself, thought to do j
him UuautG it iskqiM j»« put in pracVic*.
While it was being played, I was off i
my corner ; and, my readers, who at
unacqu doted with it, I will giye you
short description pf the Stage Coach.
Fojr instance, a gent stands in th
eentre of the room, and repeats a ling
&■- # \
® of bis made-up experience in stage-ric
ing, and each one names a part of whi
pertains to a stage-coach. For instance
a lady is named driver, and another i
named leading horses,—think, of it,—
and while the said gent is repeating hi
experience, he says, “ the drivers h
the leaders,” and as soon as sai 1, n
hop 9 two Ldies, and she is compelled t
turn once around and then remains i
’ tier seat ; arid it is truly c-rnbarrassin
1 at this ago, where there is so muci
crinoline ; —and so it 'goes around unt.
4 the gent says Stage-Coach tips over—
■ over sure enough you’d think so wer
* you in the hubbub, for tlien is the tim<
to scrabble for fife. Surne were muci
1 pleased, and some " vise ver~a.”
It soon became st ile, and for a
moments there wa« a calm. Sooi
the handkerchief play was introduced
hut that soon run out. The next thin<
was something else, as some body said
I see I arn getting in tiated, and shal
idopt some of their phrases if I do m>l
guard myself. You must know oh
maids are particular in ali things, ai.c
have an abhorrence to all vulgarities
excuse th£ phraze. I’m plain in ai
things, and you’d think so, could you
behold my face.
Suffice it to say, old in ids have gone
through the wars, and they have suth
in aversion to all—mch as promiscuous
kissing, arms round the waist, h Iding
•if hands, and in fact, those fiivolhies
which young things indulge in When
w<* excuse ourselves front such fooleries,
voting people say it’s because we can’t
get a kiss, and no body will escort them
home, and sum it up bv saving, “ who
■voold associate with an old maid ?’*
I say why we do not receive these
{so called) little delicacies, is, we have
experienced them ail, and s r e bow dis
gusting they look—»e are not anxious
to participate. Young folks think old
folks fouls, but old folks know young
folks are.
I must come to a conclusion.
The next thing in order was to don
our things and prepare for returning
home. ’I quietly arose and went into
the dressing room for my things, and
whife going across the room, some one
-mys, there goes the old maid ! bless roe,
who goes with h'er ? I thought to my
self, I’ll see.
There was a Dr. who was exquisit in
the extreme, walked up, asked the per
mission to accompany a young lady
home, and meeting with a refusal, which
'VJB very embarrassing, turned himself
to more lucky quarters ; and wbe should
go up to this sauie lady, but a certain
sir I——, and instead tff meeting with
success, his astonished ears caught
these words : “ Sir, I’d rather be ex
cused,” and so he went his way. But
this lady, (I admire her modesty,) when
she had been on the road a few ininut s
a young gent came running np, offered
his arm, and saw her home as far as th©
I must tell you how they served roe,
l entered the room where the gents
were, and not being one to put myself
in any gent’s way, I started for the
door, n»f expecting to have a gallant.
I had almost lost my senses to feel my
arm grqsped by a strong hand, and up
on looking round to see who had the au
dacity to so do, I heard the young gent
who said, “ there goes the old miid,”
ask, “ please martn, may I go home
with yon ?” Thinking I’d bring him to
himself, I thought I would go home
without his assistance, as I supposed
he thought I would take* his orin. I
lurried me out into the open air, and
thought the sooner he did the same, the
better for him. I soon arrived h im©
safe frprn all intrusion.
And now, k,tud render, if l have not
wearied your patience ere this, I wiy
fhink you are of those with much pa
tience aud forbearance.
*So>n rearing, thinking of my intro*
ductipn in thi« village, I will close, hop
ing to give you further particular*!**
rt*?»t»»»fl (•» the*Matruuoii'af Sk-eie-y,
t UuMk thuii, l reman yoers Ivdly, ,

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