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Mr J«HKSTON'8 Lecture on
evening last.
was a
His subject was American
{{is audience was large and
^appeared pleased. We have seen
pieces of Mr Johnson's poetry,
ftbesa w too impure to be read,
calculated to excite the grosser
and corrupt the heart. The
j,js New Year's Address, which
considerable genius. If Mr J.
{onfin6 himself to pure and ennob-
bottom ^bjects, he may yet do bis coun-
TTiis f8
-^g service but if he continues to
ambitio ^jWte his talents as we consider he
COn,m in 0He
instauce, he will leave
kke the le^d ^on hig character as a poet which
Public sea „rtrer be wiped away. For the sake
and tvor pjrity and his own fame we hope he
a' are the njc ^ver again pollute his pen in the
°®9 have Eluded
mbuions poij.
them—the gre, Hie following excellent remarks of Dr.
may be f0u, ware delivered in the House the
V- Place ), per day, while the Bill to Incorporate a
pfo ^nary of Learning at Columbus city
their rigj, ponder consideration. There was a
humble fi jjrigion in the bill to permit the donor to
en invaded,!, j] forty lots, which he proposed to do-
to the Territory, by lottery. The
ith those wii jetton was on striking out the provis
despair, theJ*. when Mr MASON addressed the
spijpase, as follows.
sooner or iJ
hat we w0]
e we have
npt has
er foot. ft
the yeas and nays
sire been called on this question. I deem
iduty to state my views in relation to
jjitinff out the words in this section of
it bill, as proposed by the gentleman
nn Scott. I do not know what are the
ish ounejf jJjier provisions of the bill, as it is not
n's sake if fsfare me, but suck a legerdemain course
»te our couij
personal pinj
been pursued in relation to this bill,
House they have been supported by
jentlemen who openly avow their hostil
10 the passage of a divorce bill. So
cseply if this hostility felt, that gentlemen
jve declared they will
hereafter give
^seir sanction to any similar measure—
tjjQgg ^at have been acted on
isy in al: ii only justified on the ground of their,
being extreme rases. The result of this
precedent may be easily foreseen. Ap
will he.-saftcr multiply, and in-
Kid of
having only
ly movement
•itory, whicl "I
s time ar.l
evil tender
e considerei
vise. But ii
s we have
Ige's Maidn
hout any
cases from one
ount_v, I should not be surprised to find
Jtreral from each county.
The bill before the House grants a lot
tery privilege. Gentlemen censure, in
unmeasured terms, the lottery systems
onee disgraced and almost desolated
United States. They admit the
tide-spread ruin which this odious sys
tem brought upon society. It is now
happily abandoned it has been driven
the Eastern States, and God grant it
stay never be suffered to fasten its poi
foaous roots in our country again. This
For the Hawk-Eye and Patriot.
thev are
sad now is the time lor us to act—to nip heard General Harrison deliver more than i
the bud an evil which, if once introdu
ced, may contaminate the parity of our
virgin Territory. I know tint this mea
tare is advocated on the plausible plea of
promoting Education. The proceeds of
the lottery are to be applied to the build
ing of an Academy and pulling it into
*ive us your 1ews of democracy, which prietors of Franklin he said that he was a
I thought might amuse if not instruct us friend to the location that he was, ever
here at home. You know there is a had and ever expected to be a centre man!
patent kind in these United States, who When in company with Whigs he de
hold forth the doctrine, that all demo-1 nousiced in strong terras the party resolu
cracy consists in walking in the foot-!tions of the last legislature. And not fif
steps of illustrious predecessors" though teen months since he did not hesitate to
those footsteps should lead to the cer- declare his opposition to Martin Van Bu
taiu destruction af the liberties of the
people. Perhaps you may have heard,
by accident or otherwise, that the people
of the United States, have declared by a
majority of more than a hundred thous
and that Locofocoism is not democracy.
I just communicate this information in
a friendly way, as you will never learn
the fact from your lavorite loco foco jour
nals, as they rarely tell the truth, and
you as rarely read a whig paper.
Now I will turn, for a moment, to
your report as chairman of the committee
of expenditures. It seems, that you
took or mistook somebody in the Hawk
eye office for an authorised agent of the
editor and even a written communica
tion from the editor over his "proper
These reminiscences are just thrown
in to sharpen your recollection O' days
O* auld lang syne." By the way, do
you not think these log cabin boys are
i 1
I tm constrained to oppose it, though
i'J ii,Q
shall confine my remarks to the lottery
it makes no difference to me whether
answer this communication or not,
nave made no charges against you
%-onsion. It is exceedingly dimcult to I ,i i
®-n i that are not true, either in this letter or
wm any conjecture what will be the late, ..
tH, mutioi, from the pre.ious course "y f°™er one- Should you, however,
Clemen. We have had two bill, o'| J*
cement, and they have passed this [V 7,ke th.. nutter clear he
a™. ,h.„ l,„*. hefn sunnorled bv!
J'ffcrent op.mon w,U be easy
Plei myself, that
if one solitary charge made l»y me against
you, shall be clearly proved to be un
true, both yourself and the public shall
have my '•proper name." Until that
is done you must content yourself with
hearing from yours. &c.
represented this county whil. we were at-
tached to Wisconsin Territory, and was
one of those who made Madison the seat
Rccessful operation. This is one of the of Government for the Territory, and i
most popular inducements that could be.brought home a deed for some ten or'
srged in this House. The public mind twelve lots in that great to-be city and ii^if in Kentucky, he has 25,
is strongly inclined to foster institutions have been told they cost him all of fifty! majority. Kentucky to equal ver
for the instruction of youth, and if any, dollars. lie also at that session assisted
K»son could prevail in this House, they! in making lower Wapello the county seat therefore as far as we are able to
*«ild be based upon that ground. But'for Louisa county, and brought home a'Ju^Se» ^*e Green Mountain boys have
/hope gentlemen will not adopt the ini-1 bond for a deed for some four or five lots I
Suitous doctrine that the end justifies in that place the payment for which, when
•ie means." If lotteries are wrong—if the town proved a failure, he contested,
they are essentially subversive of good The winter of 37 and 8 when the county |cover the above difference. Perhaps,
morals—if their tendency is to corrupt, seat of this county was being located, he honor will be contested.
V) mislead and to destroy, let us at once voted for West Point, and his brother-in
*!etcra»ine not to give our sanction to the law and room mates who knew and cared
«ystem, and open the door for an evil
which may flow in and overwhelm our
Territory. Napoleon has somewhere
•aid, it is only the first step that costs us
nothing about the matter voted for Madi
son. Rumor says many otiier things about
this transaction, but as I desigu to say
nothing but what I can prove, if denied, I
a pang. Let this precedent once be: will let this matter pass for the present,
adopted, aud we will have bills of a like
nature presented from every county in
&is Territory. They will multi|jjy upon
beyond any conception we may now
But, Mr Speaker, we ar« told if this
provision be not incorporated in the bill
the benevolent donor will not grant to the
Seminary the lots he proposes to give.
Grant it, sir. I would prefer that our
-children grow up with less opportunities
•of instruction. I would forego the ad
vantages of an Academy altogether, rather
than purchase them at such a price—ra
4er than obtain them by sanctioning a
Sibling operation. I cannot but «us
pect the benevolence of an individual who
clogs a donation with so odious a eondi
tion. This may be the prompting of be
®®*olence, but it is possible that other
®otives may mingle with it, and vitiate
tb character entirely. I hope the motion
toiirike out will prevail.
it hit*
•^tn to think it would rather be com
promitting your dignity to answer Bil
v Tickler but it seems you will an
**er him if he comes out over his proper
and pass on to 1840. Soon after the com
missioners, appointed by the Legislature,'
U'nte, &c. Now friend Lash, this is all lin people, and he was the very man to do
®ery a convenient way of shuffling
unwelcome truth. I have charged
J®" with voting directly against the will
°*a Majority of your constituent* this
S to be true but you reply,
l» *8
writer." I have
arged }'Ru with not being the democrat
yoa cracked yourself up to be—and es
P^'ally that yoy disbelieved in the de
mocratic doctrine that the representative
I ^nnd by the will of bis constituents.
Alii dllU liv w U" *,lv w
ren, the Sub Treasury bill and in favor of
a National Bank to use his own language
on the bank subject. "I believe that I
could frame a bill for a National Bank
that would be free from Constitutional ob
jections!" But I have said enough about
this political chamelion and will leave the
final disposition to be made of him by the
people in August next.
Of one member of the Council that acts
with the majority on party matters, he
knows that but for the Whig votes he got,
he would have been badly beaten, but
from his course last winter they had no
right to expect better things this session,
but a pleasant Secretary's ship and a still
more pleasant $6 per day with a $200
job of preparing Journals is more than the
name," did not correct your mistake, best of us can stand without itching fin-
or cause you to alter your a-for-said"
report. So it seems you do not pay all
that attention you would feign have us
believe to proper names. Your conduct
in this matter has led me to believe that
Billy Tickle" would answer your pur
pose just as well as any other proper
nameYou recollect, perhaps, that
previous to the election, you professed
great liberallity in your political feelings,
and also that the election was scarcely
over, until a change came o'er the
spirit of your dream and whigs, all at
ones, became odious in your sight, so
much so, that I am credibly informed
you swore in your wrath that you would
never vote for one again. Did you ever
vote for one?
gers, and would have been almost as good
as a Delegacy for this short session.
Nov. 17th 1840.
From the N. O. Com. Bulletin.
Since our publication of yesterday, in
which the accounts from our correspon
dent at Matamoras left more than 100
I exians at Saltillo, about to be sacrificed
at the shrine of cowardice, we have con
versed with a passenger from Texas by
the New York, Mr Ed. Dwyer, of San
Antonio, who has communicated to us
some new and heart cheering facts. Mr
D. was only six davs from San Antonio
o o u s o n a n o n e o u n e y u u
hard cases whatever you may think of! at a house where Col. Jordan (the com
hard cider? I assure you now, just by mander of the 114 Texians whom the
way of a slant, that some of them are
hard customers about election time.
Mexicans had planned to murder) had
just stopped before for refreshment. Mr
Dwyer learned and has no doubt of the
correctness of the information, that when
the Texians became convinccd of the in
tentions and treachery of the Mexicans,
they retired by themselves to a walled en
closure in the vicinity, determined to face
the worst. At this time the citizens of
this place considering the contest at an
end, opened their houses and shops, and
gave the soldiers whatever they wished
to eat and drink. The consequence was.
that the bulk of them got beastly drunk
aud in this situation they were ordered
by their commander to attack the outlaws
(as the Texians were termed.) The bat
tle commenced about 2 p.
For the FTawk-Evc and Patriot.
In looking over the proceedings of the i protected from the fire of the assailants
Legislature I discover that the Locofoco ^nd ?'ere moreover well armed, and abun
members of that body from this county i J'
have been very active in drawing party
pie from the county of Lee. Of this the °.n
Whigs have much reason to be dissatisti-
Of Brierly I have not much to say: his j]?RED of the treacherons foes were left
election was brought about by causes thati^^esa ground
I hope will not again occur. That his|this
merits may be fully appreciated I will on- lrac®"
is the first bill of the kind that has been jly say that I heard him, in a public com- *'\e
introduced into the Legislature of Iowa pany, say that he had in proper person
fifty abolition lectures in the citv of Cin-i°lther spoils of victory, and commenced
Of the member of Bowel complaint
memory, I have more to say. He once jon^'^our
located the county seat at Franklin, he I deserting her sceptre to live with her
tried to get the West Point people to start!
a petition for a re-location of the county
se'at by a vote of the people, on the ground i ?ls of government-the King of Franee
that the present location would ruin West hazarding his crown to preserve peace,
Point and much injure Madison, and that »nd abdicating in favor of the
by a vote of the people one or the other of Due Orleans—England making war
these places would be made the county
seat. In August, after all the candidates
had declared themselves, he voluntarily
told a leading West Point man that unless
the east part of the county united on three
men independent of party feeling they
would be entirely defeated there then be
ing seven candidates for the house in that
part of the connty, and but three in the
south west part,and proposed that if it was
thought there were three stronger men
than him he would decline—any thing to
keep the representation in the east part of
the county. On the county seat subject
he was in favor of Madison declining to
run as a point, and uniting on West Point
as the strongest point against Franklin.
Well this was all very pretty talk, and on
account of its beauty I suppose it must be
kept very still and secret. Now the next
side of the leaf is to be read to the Frank-
,s/ MV
yoa jnerflj^ for. ijjfprigatitysj to in the affirmative, and to pne of the pro- ileave them exceedingly "happy."
lines since thev have been "clothed with! cowards who assailed them, mcapa
a little brief authority" bv the good peo-jble
and lasted
near 6 hours. The Texians were well
with ammunition. The
was that the ignorant and intoxica-
ed, for independent of whig votes these P,eces °f artillery, which they turned
would-be dignitaries would not be where
injury, were slaughtered
^'s juncture the be-
^Uied forth and saptured three
enemy, and mox^d them down
More lhan F0UR
smaU branch
that n'ght, by
having cleared the fie»d»
themselves with apparel (of
they were much in want) and
and one who died from
In a vote of 50.453 in Vermont, Gen.
Harrison has 14,436 majority, and in a
monl s
have a majority of 26,090,
the banner. In Kentucky some dis-
were not returned, which gave Har-
majorities more than sufficient to
Pa. Tel.
A N E S ifce.
The current year will be noted for po
litical revolutions and changes. We see
the Pacha of Egypt defeated in a war
with four powers of Europe—the Kin^
of Holland abdicating his throne to marry
a lady of his court—the Queen of Spain
^ly-ihe Emperor of Austria
hl3 son t0 shar
w'th h,,»
upon China and Egypt, and the people
of the United States strongly excited, re
volutionizing the administration of their
Government. To what end is the tide
of human affairs tending.—Madisonian.
Belleville, N. J. was brilliantly illum
inated, on Thursday evening last, in
honor of the Whig victory. The New
ark Advertiser says that various expres
sive emblems and insignia were dis
played One novel device excited the
highest animation. It was a shabby old
hulk (possibly a strong box from Cuba)
on wheels, and besmeared with tar, label
led The Sub-Treasury." This took
fire, and the earnest efforts of a famous
company of sub-treasurers to absquatu
late with it, only served to fan the flames
and increase the illumination, as they
dragged it down the streets to the infinite
amusement of Uie crowds who thronged
it although he calls himself nothing but,tne Place* _____
an honest, industrious, hard-working, pea
ceable, quiet farmer. He goes in to the
centre of the county—-h»w innocent-meets
with a leading centre man, and professed
to be much surprised that he would not
get every Franklin vole on account of his
known friendship to the place! The ques
tion was put to him whether he would
prefer Franklin to West Point as the
county seat he answered unhesitatingly leave them "prosperous" but he will
"if the devil should lose liis tail,
where would he get another?" D'ye
give it up? "In a gin shop, be sure, be
cause there they re-tail bad spirit*."
General Jackson said "I leave this great
people prosperous and happy.*' Mr Van
Buren, on the 4th of March, may not
The Election Fraud Business.—A
correspondent for the Atlas writes from
New York that the Grand -Jury threw
out the bill against Glentworth, because
the main evidence against him was that
of Stevenson, whose character for vera
city was such that his own brother and
brother-in-law testified they would not
believe him under oath. The Recorder
was presented, first for his extraordinary
charge secondly for his h&ving violated
the rights of citizens by his proceedings
in having searched the house of Mr
Pearce and thirdly, for hisi having pub
lished the examinations taken before him,
before submitting them to the Grand
Jury.—Boston Trans.
The work of reform has commenced,
and bv North Carolina, who was among
the first to take bold ground for General
Harrison. On Tuesday last, the Legis
lature elected the Hon. Wilie P. Man
gum, the Senator from Orange, and
Hon. Wm, A. Graham, Speaker of the
House of Commons, Senators to the
Congress of the United States—the for
mer for six years from the 4th of March
next, and to fill the unexpired term of
Mr Brown the latter to fill the unex
pired portion of the term of Mr Strange,
which if two years.
The following is the state of the votes:
Magnum, 99
Graham, 98
Brown, 65
Strange, 65
from the Boston Courier that Judge Wil
liams, in a late case before the Common
Pleas, laid down the law in relation to a
question interesting to editors of news
papers. as follows:
1. Where a subscriber to a newspaper
orders it to be discontinued, and it con
tinues to be left at his residence the pre
sumption is, in the absence of any evi
dence to the contrary, that it is left by
the subscriber's orders, and upon a prom
ise to pay for it.
2. If a newspaper is left from day to
day for a person at his place of business
with his knowledge and consent, though
not his expressed consent and if he
has reason to believe that it is so left
under the expectation that he is to pay
for it in that case he will be bound to
pay for it, unless he gives notice to dis
continue it.
It is stated that upon the arrival of
Gen. Harrison at Lexington, Ky., Mr
Clay took occasion to declare publicly,
that he expected no office under the new
administration, nor would he receive any
if tendered to him. This is the course
we have always supposed he would
pursue.—3Jis. Rep.
From the Deputy Marshall we learn
that the population of this city is 21,214.
—Western IVorld.
There have been forty Queens of Eh
gland, from the conquest to Victoria,
thirty-five being Queen's consort, and
five Queen's regnant.
MARRIED, in St Louis, en the 2d instant,
by tlio Rev Mr Billiard. Doct John B. Gray,
l), to Miss Eliza G. Learned, daughter
of Gen. Learned, of this citj.
DIED, at Pamaho, Jones county, on the 20th
November, Col. David Wood, late of Spring
field, Mass., aged 44.
An adjourned meeting of the members
of this association was held on Thursday
homeward, and pursued their evening last, for the adoption of a Con-
without molestation having lost stimtioc and the election of officers. The
killed in the fight committee, appointed at a former meetiBg,
reported a Constitution, &c. which was
adopted, after which the following gen
tlemen were elected officers for the ensu
ing year:
F. BRIDGMAN, President.
A. W. ARPENTER, V. Prest.
C. NAGLE, Secretary.
W. H. LADD, Treasurer.
F. Bridgman, J. H. McKenny, Ew
ing. Standing Committee.
The society then adjourned-to meet
again on Saturday evening, 26th iiretant,
at 7 o'clock, at Mr Fayerweathers law
office, when it is expected that the Stand
ing Commitee will report, and steps ta
ken to procure instruments.
C. NAGLE, Sec y.
The Anniversary Meeting of the Iowa Ter
ritorial Temperance Socicty will be held on
Christinas day, at the Methodist Church in
this city, at 5 o'clock, M, for the election
of officers for the ensuing year, and the trans
action of any other business that may be pre
sented. A punctual attendance of all the
members is requested.
At 2 o'clock, i. Lecture upon Tempcrance
will be delivered before the Society by the
Rev Mr Stone—and other addresses may be
expected. The community arc universally in
vited to attend.
By order of the Executive Com.
Administrators' Notice.
persons having claims against the es
tate of John Cox, late of Van Bnren coun
ty. deceased, are hereby requested and notified
to exhibit the same to the Probate Court of snid
county, for settlement, within nine months
from the date hereof and all persons indebted
to said estate are requested to make immediate
payment. W. AlcM AHSil.M AN,
T. J. COX,
dec 24 4w 30 Administrators.
Common Council of the City of Bur-
JL linglon will meet at the office formcrlv
occupied by Dr E. B. Price, on Monday evening
tho 28th inst. at 6 o'clock, and will continue
their meetings on each successive evening, un
til the business of the present year shall be
settled. All officers of the city, or other per
sons having claims or other business to transact
with the common council, will please attend.
Piy order of tho Mavor.
dec 24 2w 30 Citv Recorder.
La?ee Whig Ox
ROM Messrs Comfort and Davis will be for
sale in pieccs, to suit customers, at the
market house of II. W. Moore 5c Co. at 6o'clock,
Christmas morning.
A large calf-skin pocket hook, containing
sundry papers and among them some promisso
ry notes payable to, or assigned to me. The
papers can be of no value to any one but me. as
the payers are informed ol the loss. Anyone
who will dcpositcthe pockct book and contents
at the store of Webber andjRemey, shall be
liberallv rewarded.'''
dec 24 30tf JAMES W* 1S*TT
GaiettcGrpj,., u-v:
Attorney at Law, 1
-Keosauqua, Van Buren county* I. T.
Taken Up
Isharo Burton, living about two miles
north of West Point, Lee county, I. T.,
on the 21st day of November, 1840, a stud
colt, supposed to be one year old last spring,
dark bnv, the right hind foot white to the pas
tern joint, small star in his forehead apprais
ed to twenty-five dollars by Eli Stoddard, J.
G. Wear and Jesse Hobson, before Samuel
Brand, a justice of the peace, on the 26th of
November, 1840.
John H. Lines.
dec 24 4w 30 Clerk.
Taken Up
John Tucker, in Henry county, I. T.,
one red Ox, supposed to be II years old,
marked with a smooth crop off the left ear and
a half upper crop off the right and a hole in
the same slit out, two gimblet holes in the left
horn and one in the right appraised at 318,
before Wm Wartinan, Esq. Nov 21,1840.
£. Killpatrick,
dec 24 3w 30 Clerk
TiUten Up
roan Marc, 3 years old past, 15 hands
high, very small star in her forehead,
some little white on tiic right shoulder, white
around the root of her t&il,?mall scar below
her eyes, no other marks or brands discovera
ble ^appraised at $50, before Moses Drav, Esq.
at New London, Henry county, I. T., October
22, 1840. Attest,
E. Killpatrick,
dec 24 :iw 30 Clerk
Administrator's Notice.
k persons havinp claims against the es
tate of Henry Parrish, late of Henry coun
ty, l.T. deceased, are hereby requested and
notified to exhibit the same to the undersign
ed, or to the Court of Probate of said county of
Ilenrv, for settlement, within nine months
from the date hereof and all persons indebted
to said estate arc requested to make immediate
pavment. JESSE PARRISH, Adm'r.
dee 24 4w 30
AVID &. KITCHEN have removed to
their new Tinck store on Water strict,
and have received per late arrivals a large aud
general assortment of groceries consisting in
part of
4 hogsheads of sugar
10 sacks of coifee Iiav&nah
10 do Rio do
10 bojes of Imperial and Y. II. tea
10 do no. 1 sperm candles
12 do Boston soap
4 do 8 by 10 glass
4 do 10 by 12 do
2 do pipes
4 do candles
2 do James river tobasco
12 do Kentucky do
3 do btarch Poland
Pepper and spice
Mould and dipt candles
2 bbls of loaf sugar
2 do of rice
1 no. 1 salcratus
4 bbls water and butter crackers
10,000 Prineipe cigars
70,000 Debberee cigars
5 gross smoking tobacco
4 kegs Dupont powder
8 reams wrapping paper
3 do letter paper
6 do Foolscap no. 1
6 bbln of molasses
4 do peach brandy
3 do Cognac brandy
do Holland gin
10 do American brandy
10 do Ohio rectified whiskey
2 do Sperm oil
wines of all kind*..
3 bbls of Tar
8 doz bed cords 50 do cotton bolting
50 do candle wick 50 do cotton twine
500 do cotton yarns superior quality.
Also—Salt petre, Indigo, Madder, Copperas,
Alluin 50 cans of fresh oysters, all of which
we will sell low for cash or countrv produce.
Attorneys and Counsellors at Lav,
Drugs, Paints, Oils, dtc.
attend to professional calls at the
National Holcl.
Dentists orders, accompanied with the cash
aud post paid, will be supplied with a superior
article of Gold Foil at $40, and Tin Foil nt SI,
per book. Burlington, dcc 17 3t'
w and general assortment of Hardware,
Queensware, Classwarc, and Carpenters tools
of aii kinds, cheap for cash by
nov'26-'26 David & Kitchen.
Dry Hides.
for Dry Hides, by
nov26-26 David & Kitchen.
Cooking Stoves.
& PARTRIDGE hare just
received on consignment, a small lot of
I'atcnt Cooking Stoves, which they will sell
iow for cash. nov12-24
No. 63, Market Street.
PRINTERS—G. CHARLES respectfully
the Printers of St Louis and
elsewhere, that lie has commenced the above
business in the city of St. Louis. He is now
prepared to furnish orders for type on as
reasonable terms as any establishment in the
west The Book and Newspaper sizes arc of
an entire new cut, copied after the Scotch
style, which for its beauty and durability has
gained such a deserved celebrity among Prin
ters, and lias long been a desideratum with
the American Type Founders. This type will
be cast in hand mould*, aud tlie strictest at
tention will be paid in the finishing to have
it correct in every particular.
Tho following arc the prices of type at
sis months credit, for approved city accept
ances, or at a discount of five per ccnt. for
Nonpareil $1 00 I Long Primer $0 48
Minion $U 80 Small Pica $0 44
Brevier $0 64 I Pica $0 42
Bourgeois $0 48 English $0 42
Constantly on hand a large and complete
assortment of all the various kinds of Job
Letter. Also, Presses, Chases, Cases, Brass
Rules, Composing Sticks, Ink, and every arti
cle required in a Printing Office.
Old Type received in exchange at 9 cents
per lb.
Type with plates furnished pedlcns ia the
greatest variety, consisting of Script, Ger
man Text, Secretary, Condensed. &c.
Also, Post Office Stamps.
Seal and copying presses, for sale at the
Foundry, also.
0"Papers pnblishing this advertisement to
the amount of $3, previous to the 1st Feb
ruary next, and sending a paper containing
the same, will be allowed that amount on
their purchasing Type to the amount of 115
at this Foundry.
St Louis dec 17-29
per S. B. Agnea an consign
ment, 100 bushels of dried Applet^, lor
sale cheap for cash by
1 _nov2&-28 David & Jvitt heii.
Sheriff** Sule.
virtue of an execution to me directed
from the office c.f the clerk of the district
court for tiie county of Leo and Territory of
Iowa. I will expose to public sale, in the town
of Fort Madison, on the 26th duv of Decem
ber next, between the hours of iO o'clock A.
M. and o clock P. M., the following property,
to wit: Lots No?. 43, 418 and 55ti. 'i'&ken as
the property of Jesse Dickey, at the suit ol
Benjamin Brattain.
nov 5 8t ShdrifF of Lee county.
Administrator's Xoticc.
is hereby given that letters of
administration hare been granted by
the Probate Court, for Louisa countv, to the
subscribers upon the estate or Llit'ia Searl,
deceased, late of said county. All persons
hawng demands agaiust said estate are re
quested to exhibit the name to the subscrib
ers, or to the Judge of Probate for said coun
ty, within nine months from date for settle
ment. And all persons indebted to the de
ceased, are requested to make payment to the
Sarah Searl, Admx.
J. R. Rockafellar,
.o,19 6,
Harrison, Louisa Co. novl9--25
Old Holland Gin.
Taken Up,
^^N the second day of November, A. D.,
ECEIVEl) per S. B. Mermaid on con
a large lot of ready mad«
clothing, for sale cheap for cash bv
nov26-26 David & Kitchen.
Hides! Hides!!
WISH purchase 3 or 400 good Beef
for which I will pay the highest
market price in goods or cash, delivered to me
in Burlington on or before the first day of
March next. Also, Beeswax, cleau cotton
and linen rags taken at fair prices.
highest market price will be given
Gruwell, a Justice of the Peacc, on the lGth
day of November, 1840.
John H. Lines, Clerk.
Dec 10-28 3t
For Sale
Goods, and a large assortment of Domestics.
1 piece hard times, and 5000 yards good times,
vcrv cheap also, Boots Sc Shoe*. W6ll ass'd
superfine otter and fur Caps 300 fashionable
Buffalo Robcn, A Also,
A fresh lot of Groceries,
Such as N O sugar, coffce, teas, molasfccs 300
pounds rperm candles best tobacco a hplen
of cigars, various brands. Also, choice
Li«paors— Cognac brandy, Holland gin, pure
Port, Madeira, Lisbon and sweet Wines glass
aud nails also, Flour and Meal and dried Ap
ples all cheap for cash.
The pnblic"sjiamble servant,
fvHsi Territory, Dixtriri Court for tltt Cowtfy
of Henry.
James C. ."WcCatcbea,
Matthew Spurlock and
CInyborne H. Hughes.
defendants will take notice that m» tli*
2."th day of May, A. D. 1840. a writ of
attachment was issued out of the office-of tha
clerk «f the District court for said count*, is
this case, against the lands, tenemeuts, goods,
chattels, rights, credits, moneys and cfTV*ct» oi
the said defendants, for the sum of three hun
dred and ten dollars and also, on the samo day
of issuing the writ aforesaid, a garnishee sum
inoijs was issued as aforesaid, in this case, to
John Sample, as garnishee which s.iid wriU
were returned into said court at the September
term thereof, A. D. 1840 the attachment, no
property found, and the garnishee summons,
duly served.
Now, unless the said defendants shall appcur
and plead to the said plaintiffs action buforo
the next term of said court, to be bcun and
held nt the court houfe in Mount Pleasant, in
said county, on the third Monday in March
"est, judgment will he entered ih this case,
i and ihe amount in the hands of said garnishee
will be applied to tho pavment of the same with
Administrator's Notice. .. 7"T"
A persons having claims against the es-
ILOV J»--Ol—40 tb,s case against the goods and chattels, ltnds
(and tenements, rights, credits, moneys and
effects of the said defendant, for the sum of
Subscriber, about closing his busi- °ne hundred dollars, and also on the saaiti
uess, will sell the balance of Old Hoi-j day of issuing the writ aforesaid, a garnishee
land Gin on hand, by the gallon or cask, at! summons was issued as aforesaid in this ciwo
as low a pricc as un article of the same quali-i to Abner Hackelman, which said writs wers
ty can be bought at in St Louis by the pipe.
Thoc who deal in the article, will please
call and examine for themselves.
dec3-27 Charles Nealley.
returned into said Court, at the October term
thereof, A. D., 1840, duly served. Now un
less the said defendant shall appear, and
plead to the plaintiffs action before nest term
of said Court, to be begun, and held at the
Court House, in Hurlington, on the third !\Ion
day of February next, judgment will be cn-
1810, by Charles Dailev, living near {tejed in this ease and the property so attach^
ed will be sold to satisfy the same, with costs.
Bcntnnsport, in* Van Bureu County, l.T.,
certain Filley, described as follows, to wit:
black, with a small tlur in her forhead, the!'" "E^*SEn, plffs atl
right hind foot white, supposed to be three I declT—4t——9—05
vears old last spring, about fourteen and a]
Kflf liandtj high. Appraised ut t\venlv-sevcn ^r*it°ry of Iowa, Dos Moines Countv, 0*.
dollars and a half. District Court, for said County, to tho F#b.
Term, 184.1
Morton M. McCarvar
U illiam C. Vanblariean.
HE undersigned very respectfully inform-'
public generally, that he has open
ed a School in the building lately occupied as i ,j ....
a Council-room fthe basement story of tho ™9ef ®ut °tf
Methodist Church, in which male and female
pplication of the principles of Algi-uru, iu i
Geom. trv, Folding and endorsing letters knd Now unless tho su.d
Critiques. Whatever appertains to the benefit shall personally appear and plead
of pupils, will have the strictest attention
N. B.—School to commence on Friday the
20lb of November, 1840. 25
M. L. HASBROUCK has removed his
Drug Store to the corner of Main and
Columbia streets, near the Lund Oilicc, where
persons wishing good and pure incdicincs will
be sure to find thciu cheap for cask.
nov26 26
10 8 n
paid to it, and all those who mav be pleased Jcriu Court to b. begun, and
to patronize the school, mav rest assured of '.e.ld.
having ample justice done to their children.
Tha terms &c. application to be made to
Samuel M. Clendenin.
Robert Uumes.
Burlington, Dec. 10, 1840. 28tf
Est ray Taken
John Hnlliday, living about 12 miles in
a westwurdly direction from Fort .Madi
son, Lec county, on the 12th day ol No
vember, A D, 1840, a BAY HORSE, Star in
his forehead, snip on his nose, about 1-1£ hands tW'goods and chattels'
high, supposed to be 4 years old. appraised at
said defendants will hereby lake no
tice that on the 4th day of August, 1S4U,
1 a writ of attachment win issued out of tho
office of the clerk of the District Court, iu
I this case, ag&in&t tho goods and chattel*,
lands and tenements, rights, credits and ef
facts of the said defendants, for the sum of
eight hundred and fifty dollars, with interest
from the 10th day of j\ov. 1839, and also on
Attorney and Couusellor at Law and the same day of issuing the writ aforesaid,
Solicitor iu Chuncery, ia garnishee summons was issued as aforesaid
Has removed liU Office into bradsireet's Bnil-] in this case to George Partridge and Arthur
ding on Main Street. liridgiuan which scid writs were returned in
to sa«l court at the October Term, thereof,
A. D., 1»40, duly served. Now unlets tho
said defendants shall appear and plead to the
said plaintiiTs action, before the next term
Stoves for Pork or Flour.
HE Subscriber has on baud a few Cook-,
ng and Franklin Stoves, which he wiiLof said court, to be begun, and held at the
sell for PORK or FLOUR. Those wishing Court House in Burlington, in said county, on
to make the exchange, will please call at an the third Monday of February next, judg'
early day, as the assortment is limited.
de«:10-28 Charles Nealley.
ment will bo entered iu thi* casa, and thu
property so attached will be sold to satisfy
the same with costs.
forty-two dollars and fiftv cents, by 1 lio's J. defendant, for the sum of one hundred dol
Mcliuirc and Allen C. Kilgore, before Asa iar8i which said writ was relurnable, at tho
bushels of Ground Aluin SALT,
^2 v-J vJ for cash, by
David & Kitchen.
XEW CASH STORE...No Mistake!
subscriber has received his Fall and
Winter 6tock of Goods, direct from the
East, comprising
Super cloths, cassimercs and cassinots, well
Super beaver and pilot cloths for overcoats
Fancy merino and siik velvet V6stingi
Fancy French and domestic calicoes and
moussclline dc laines
A splendid assortment of plbiii and figured
silks, very superior
English and French merinos, well assorted
Victoria, nett and plaid merino shawls
&upcr buck and furr'd gloves lined kid do
Fine English braid aud straw bonnets and
Plaid linings and ribbons to correspond
And many other fancy and fashionable Dry
Wesley Jone«.
Burlington, dec 17 29
E. Killpatrick,
dec 17 4t 29-5$ Clerk.
:£jL tate of Benjamin B. Johnson, late of Des
Moines county, deceased, are hereby reques
ted and notified to exhibit the same to the
Probate Court of said county for settlement,
within nine months troni the date hereof
and all persons indebted to said estate, are!
requested to make immediate payment. L,,lf ...
County, ..
District Court for said County, to February
wm 'rcrm' A. D., 1841
llllam Fryc, plff.
In Assumpsit.
Elijah defFt. S
said defendant will uke notice, that
on the Gth day of April, A. D., 1841), a
writ of attachment was issued out «rf
said Defendant will hereby take no
tice, that on the 27th dav of March,
A. D.. 1840, a writ of attachment was isxued
he ol lho Uer k ot
l. fi counl.v.
'oi tue satu plaintiir for the sum of one huu-
^"^d before the
ft£ 8aV1 co»nt'
Burlington, on tho
'third Monday of Jbcbruary next, judgment
will be entered in this case and the property
so attached will be sold to satisfy tho Mine,
with costs.
John U. Dunlap. Clerk, D. C.
Jas. W. Grimes, Plff*. Jitty.
Territory of Iowa, Des Moines County aa.
District Court, for said County, to tho Feb
ruary term, thereof, A. L., 1&40.
H. W. Mooro, Si. Co. Tresspass on
vs. the case on
Buchanan & Brothers. promises.
John S. Dunlap, Clerk.
M. D. Browning, Plff. Jitty.
Territory of Iowa, Des Moines County, ss.
District Court for said County, to the Feb
ruarv term thereof, l£41.
George W. Teas, i
Otig M. Wheeler. S
VTOTICE is hereby given to tins said
J3I fendant, that on the first day of May,
A. D., 1840, a writ of attachment was issued
out of the office of the Clerk of the District
Court, for said county, in favor of the said
plaintiff in the above entitled suit, against
^nd' t'encmcnU1
credits, money and effeels of the swd
October term of said court, A. D., 1840.
levied on Lot number five, in Bioek number
fourteen, in the town of Augusta Now un
less the said Otis M. Wheeler, shail appear
and plead to the said plaintiffs action, be
fore the next term of said court, to bo W
gun, and holdeti ut the Court House in Bur
lington, in said county, on the third Mondav
of February next, judgment will be entered
in this case, and the property so attached
will be sold to satisfy the same, with costs of
John S. Dunlap. Clerk,
D. C.K
M. D. Browning, Plffs. AU.
She rMPs Snle.
virtue of several »-x«"cui to me di
rected from tho office of the Clerk of th»
i District Court, for the county of Lee, anu
Territory of Iowa, I will expose tn pubifa
Sale in the town of Fort Madicon, tns
26th day of December next, between tb*
hours of 10 o'clock A. M. and 6 .iViock i\
the following described propertv, to wit: th*
East half S. E. quarter of Scctio'r 4, Township
68, north of Range 5 west u'.no the Ea»t
half N. E. quarter of Section 15, Township 6-(,
North of Ran^c 5 west also tin- east half of
S. E. quarter of Section 29, Township Cy,
north of Range 5 west also the west half of
S. W. quarter of section 3, Township 68, north
of Range 6 west a!*o, the S. F.. quarter and
north half of the N. EL quarter or seetion 4,
Township 68, North of Range 6 west also,
the S. W. quarter of section 2*, Township 6a.
north of Range 6 west Taken as the proper,
ty of George Newman at the euit of Isaac
Johnson and others.
Shcriir of Lee countr-
Fort Madison, Dec. 1, 184'*. 3t jfrf
Taken Bp
Daniel McHugn, of Io»nviH»tVan Bu
ren county, Iowa Tvrritvrv, ^ovefpbor
*£id, 1M0, a strawberry r**n ?iJARE, wii(,
|black legs, mane .md tail, wni hair* in
her forehead, about 14 bancs high," 'apposed
Of every description, and of the most approved lto be tlucc yean old last spsing. Af»pr«i»^
tlv printed on fiue paper, alwavs'at
—1- .1 |L.
IS nrc
forms, neat
oa hand and for wl at the Hawkrvc Oftes. I Dec IT 3t S9
FfV® B. H:irelti
•«. mn i_

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