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Miu Joanne Randall arrived in the city Wednesday March
23 to visit indefinitely with her sister and brother-in-law, Mr.
and Mrs. Curtis Ewing, 911 E. 22nd Street. Miss Randall is
from Des Moines.
The Usher Board of St.
March 30 at the home of Mrs.
Ave. So. Urs. Henrietta Williams
was hostess
Mrs. Resale Nealy, S7B Eighth
Ave. No., who was critically ill in
General Hospital is now very
much improved. She is looking
forward to coming home very
A baby girl was born to Mr. and
Mrs. William McCoy, 517 Carroll
Ave., St Paul in General hospital.
The baby was bom Sunday morn
ing March 27. Mr. McCoy Is the
son of Mrs. Onie McCoy, 1207
Olson Highway.
Tech. Sgt Frank Jackson ar
rived in Minneapolis Saturday to
spnd a two week furlough. He is
staying at the home of his aunt
Mrs. Celeste Titus, 1800 17th Ave.
So. Sgt. Jackson was stationed at
Fort Knox, Ky., but will now be
stationed in California for a
training period and will then go to
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Jackson,
"■»— tour ms
H year *Mm h
Or. H. Shat. Qatar, OJ.
Ml Isbsrt M.
Zenith Stove A Nut. $24.60
Petroleum Carbon ... 25.05
Indiana Egg 14.05
Indiana Stoker Coal
(1 Vi) 13.55
Cash la 3 Ton Lots
Cool & Oil Co.
NE. 7146
Cleaning * Repairing Radiator*
Satisfied Work Since 1»1«
H. C. Kelley, Prep.
Your Hfiadquartart for
Outboard Motors
SOI Wabatka CA. 8833
441 Rondo Avanuo (Corner Arundel)
Groceries, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Cold Meats - Dairy Products - Cosmetics & Notions
Cigars - Cigarettes • Tobacco
450 Robert St. (Next to Emporium) Ci Ml
Froth Fruits - Vegetable* - Grocorios • Ovality Moots and Poultry
l You will love them, they're oh to
comfortable end budget priced
" Widths
4 te *
-piadehome Shoe*
lot t. 7th St. (Bremer Arcade)
Peters Church met Wednesday
William Reddick, 3817 Clinton
3838 Clinton Ave. So., are the
proud parents of a baby boy bom
Saturday March 28 at Falrvlew
hospital. The baby weighed six
and one half pounds at birth.
Both mother and baby are doing
BlrtMay Ureetlnani April 2 Ella
May McCoy. SO 11th Are. N.; Mra.
Deasle Mae Qresham, 2SS6 Fourth
Ave. So.. Norland McCoy, 102 T Olson
lilvd.; Jacqueline Combs, 1081 Bry
ant Ave. N.; Ida B. Crawford, 5067
James Ave. No.; Albert Prater. 6SS
Humboldt Ave. No.; April % Rich
ard T. Morrow, 705 Girard Ave. N.;
April 4—Mra. T. B. Stovall, 5741
Fourth Ave. 8.; Russell Smith, *440
Fourth Ave. So.; H. K. Anderson.
268 Marquette Ave.; Louise hL Moa
by, 1523 Seventh street; April 5
James Simms, 1201 Fifth Ava. So.;
April 4—Mrs. Gordon Granger, SSS 4
Fourth Ave. 8.; Charles May weath
er, 1114 E. Franklin Av.; Mra. Flor
ence Johnson, 3512 Clinton Ava. 8.;
Margaret Ford, 62S Dupont Aye. N.;
Mra. Hoy L. Jackson, 118 7th Ava.
No.; Charlas Crockett, 608 Fremont
Ave. No.; April 7—James W. Ward,
3717 Fourth Ava. So.; Rev. Henry
Bolts, 101 Q Lyndale Ava. N.; Tal
ma Me B. Carey. 3704 Fifth Ava. 8;.
William McCoy, 1207 Olson -High
Out-of-town greetings: April 4
Marvel J. Cooke, New Turk. N. Y.:
George Adams, Duluth, Minn.; April
6th Marian Hoard, Kansas City,
Kaii., Marie Allen, New York. N. Y.;
M. Stalling, Duluth, Minn.: April 7
—Lt. James Greer, Camp Davis, N.
■I. Paral birthdaysi April 6—Dor
othy Whitmore, 800 Rondo Ava;
A. J. Todd, 882 Rondo Ava; John
Cotton, 443 lglehart Ava.; April 8—
Dolores Walker, 441 St. Anthony
Ave.; Carolyn Pemberton. 870 N. Bt.
Albans; Mrs. Robert Shoffner, 834
St. Anthony; Lyman H. Myers, 788
Rondo Ave.; April 7 —Mr. Shelton
Huron, 463 Kent St.; Mra. Henry
Johnson, 776 St. Anthony Ava.;
April B—William Herron. 624 Car
roll Ave.; Anna T. Blair, 711 An
thony; Mrs. A. C. Few, 843 lglehart;
Viola D. Wataon, 280 Rondo Ava.;
Constance Brown, 831 St. Anthony
Ave.; Mrs Frank Gambol, 884 Si.
Anthony Ave.; Ronald ltobinaon,
708 Rondo Ave.; Dianne M. Moors,
871 St. Anthony Ava; April 8
Wanda Piper Owens, 427 Selby
Ave.; Mrs. Otto Hall. 881 St. An
thony Ave.; Elmer R. Graham, 88
W. Lawrence; April 10 —Mra. Wil
liam White, 778 Rondo Ava; April
11 —Norman E. Davis, 838 St. An
thony Ave.; Norma Jones, 787 W.
Central Ave.; Mrs. Roselilyan Har
iri*. 688 Carroll Ava; April 12—Dr.
Out-of-town greetings: April 12—
Gabrielis Kirk, Washington, D. C.
Brfwtr Aicidt jn4 21 W 7»h
Dnickers Grocery
318 Rondo Da. 9987
We appreciate your patronage
Lot's time out imi week to give s thought to the guy who
eases our aches and pains—the family doctor.
The family doc has throe kinds of major headaches to agitate his
ulcer*. The first is the better-late-than-never -character who doesn't
appear in the waiting room until he feels the Grim
Reaper breathing doyn his neck. Hu arches have
■ fallen, hU kidney ha* floated into the vicinity of hi*
upper thingamabob, hU heart does a double flip in
to hU tummy every second beat. He'a got one foot
in the grave and the other slipping off the edge.
After twenty years of neglecting hU anatomy, he
expect* the doc to patch up the old crate with one
prescription. Of course, he helps things slung by
systematically forgetting to take his medicine or
throwing the bottle away Just as soon sa the pain
in hU piazza leveU off a bit. One day, he falls to
pieces in the Final Junkheap and the wagon comes
NELL RUSSELL *° P 4 ** U P part*. HU widow Inherits hU debt*
and a vocal dislike of the doc.
“That Doctor WhataD U no good,’’ she tell* the girls at the
bridge dub after she's paid her mspecU to the dear departed by
remaining on homebaae for the proper Interval. "That Doctor
Whateia lo no good. He didn’t do a thing for poor Herman."
The truth to Poor Herman wa* to far gone when be decided
to limp to Doe Whatais’ office that only a major miracle and Judg
ment Trumpet could have saved him. But the doc takes the rap.
Pity the doc.
The second headache the family practitioner acquire* along with
hU diploma from medical school U the over-snxious patient
Thu U the old girl (lt’a usually always the female gender) who
haunts the doc’s office on every and any provocation. She brings along
with her a list of symptoms as long as a tax collector's memory. If
she's made up her mind ahe's got an incurable case of sacrotitiiotU,
she’s got -it and no arguments, thank you. If the doc telU her she’s
really only suffering from plain, old-fashioned indigestion, she get*
Insulted and stalks out of the office determined to prowl the medical
front until she finds a physician who will assure her she’s suffering
from sac roll tiloitU. Then she makes the rounds of the community lam
basting the first doc. She says it loud and long.
"That Doctor WhooaU U no good. Here I wa* almost dead on my
feet and he had the nerve to tell me I had indigestion. You go to Doc
tor Flapdoodle. He fixed me out Just fine!”
Then there’s headache Number Three. Tills Is the smart char
acter who knows more than the doc. When the doc tells him to
lay off the hiccough syrup, he goes Into dry dock for three days,
then pulls a bender guaranteed to start Spring floods a good
mouth in advance of the calendar date.
"Whiskey don’t hurt nobody," he says. My grandfather drank
whiskey every day of his life. The old boy lived to be 85.”
It may be well to add parenthetically that although grandpappy
drank the stuff, he didn’t bathe in it.
Yea air, pity the doc. He's the feller who gets the credit for
killing characters who are already half-dead. He takes the beating
(or not being able to cure a malady that wasn't there In the first
place. He gets called on first and paid last. He's the one guy we
can’t do without. •
He and the man with the long, black wagon.
MOVIE REVUES: The new idol of the bobby-soxers is going to be
John Derek, the young acting discovery of “Knock On Any Door.” The
film version of the Willard Motley novel of Juvenile delinquency is a
suspense-packed movie that packs an audience wallop. We won't men
tion what it does to Mr. Motley's original plot.
It may have been the state high school basketball tournament that
was responsible for the overflow of teen-agers in the house the day 1
saw the picture. Some of them were a bit on the giggly side when the
picture first started. They weren’t so giggly by the time It was over.
Derek, as the handsome, doomed Nick Romano should be the new
white-haired boy out Hollywood way. The young ladles in the audience
were practically swooning in the aisles, so smitten were they with
young Mr. Derek.
Robert Davie doee a good Job with hie bit part In the role of
'‘Sunshine.” The scene on the witness stand In which the prosecut
ing attorney questions the boy, brings out for the first time on a
Hollywood screen the problem of discrimination against Negroes
In bars.
"LETTER TO THREE WIVES," on the other hand, is strictly for
entertainment. If you've missed it at a loop theatre, by all means catch'
It at a second run house. The scene in which dishes, people and beer
bottle bounce in rhythm whenever a train passes Linda Darnell’s shack
down by the railroad yards, is worth the price of admission alone.
This film takes a poke at radio soap operas in a slyly pointed
fashion. Ann So them, as the wife of a suburban school teacher,
stretches her husband's Income by pounding out soap operas for the
radio. The sequences in which she entertains her program sponsors at
dinner, is good movie fare.
Somehow I can't help but feel that Larry Doby and the other
Negro players with the Cleveland Indians made an error In strat
egy when they derided to stay at a Negro-operated hotel In Los
Angeles recently Instead of moving Into the Blltmore with the rest
of the team.
Last year Doby was barred from the Blltmore because of Jimcro.
“They didn't want me last year,” Doby was reported as say
ing by the Pittsburgh Courier, “and I don't want them this year.
The other fellows can go there If they wish.”
The other Negro players on the Cleveland team are Satchel Paige,
Art Wilson, Roy Welmaker and Oresto Mlnoso.
This year, according to news reports, the Cleveland team was
going to act against the Jimcro on their brownskin teammates. Gene
Bearden, the southpaw pitcher, a native of Oklahoma, reportedly was
going to head the team revolt.
“If our five Negro players can’t stay at the Blltmore with the
rent of the team, then we'll all walk out. We don’t like this kind
of thing.”
The meeting of the Cleveland squad was called off when the five
Negro players registered at the Negro hotel of their own accord. This
was allegedly Doby’s idea.
Well, If the Cleveland squad had the sportsmanship to act as a
group against the jimcro, the Negro boys should have backed them up.
The sight of the five colored lads staying at the swank Blltmore right
along with the rest of the team would have been a double kayo for
bigotry. It may have opened doors that never would have opened oth
This was missing the boat. It also may make our white
frlfda wonder what -la the-namr of common -sense we Negroes
DO want ? It also gives comfort to those who Insist that Negroes
are much more comfortable “among their own.”
If the Blltmore had instated on the Jimcro of the five Cleveland
players and the entire Cleveland team had walked out of the hotel, it
would have perhaps Inspired other white sports aggregations to stand
up more forthrightly for fair play.
Last week I told you about a "sleeper’’ movie. It’s "The Quiet
One.” Watch for It.
COURAGE OR BOXOFFICE? It looks as If Hollywood is going
to tackle The Problem. You know what Problem. The following films
are listed as on tap:
"Lost Boundaries," the story of the Negro family who "passed"
for years. Quite s bit of dissatisfaction over this one on the part of
beige professionals. The characters of the Negro family who passed
for white are going to be played by white actors. There are certainly
enough Caucaslan-looking Negro actors to carry the roles as far as
physical appearance Is concerned. Hence the loud laments.
‘The Way Out" and "Pinky" are both by Fox pictures.
Also scheduled is "Home of the Brave." The original script was about
a Jewish veteran. The present version will deal with a Negro veteran,
ao they say.
Fran New York columnist Lillian Scott in the Chicago Defender
of Saturday, March 28:
"Mrs. Amy Mallard, who’s currently an tour describing the Geor
gia lynching of her husband. Robert Mallard, is still playing footaey
» —i.
Lottie Diane Wright, 12 month old daughter of Mr. and Mm.
Albert Wright is exhibiting her new teeth for the photographer.—
Buzz Brown foto.
little Gail Lorraine Miller cele
brated her second birthday with a
party given by her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Karl Miller, 522 Fremont
Ave. No., Sunday March 27. Her
guests included Prince and Diane
Tyler, Alona Carrlger, Harry
Davis Jr, Adrienne Mason, Ste
phen Pettlford. Sheryl Oray, John
Crenshaw, Jr, Mary Louise Jen
kens, Butch Norris. Eddie Spriggs
and Dianne and Joy Lacy.
The parents who attended were
Mmea. Thomas:na Oray. Lorraine
Carriger, Jeanette Jenkens, Lona
Tyler. Edward Spriggs. C. B.
Givens. Charlotte Davis, Ruth
Misses Yvonne Weber and Wil
ma Johnlgan were also guests Ed
die Withers Jr, sent a present but
was unable to attend. Gall also re
ceived presents from her maternal
and paternal grandparents.
Messrs, and Mmea. Wenzel Miller
and E. C. Johnigan, an aunt and
uncle. Mr. and Mrs. Don Miller of
New York, and Warlyn and Car
roll Miller of California
Mrs. Ralph Ward, Sr, 970 W.
Central Ave, has just returned
from a short vacation In Chicago.
Mrs. J. B. Nelson, 3064 N. Dale
St, is home In bed with a bad
with left wingers who would like to woo her away from NAACP aus
pices. This was evident when we talked to her briefly in New York
last week.
"Incidentally, speaking of left wingers and organisations, espe
cially the NAACP, they have a new tactic. They no longer try to In
filtrate In numbers and take over, but Instead, work one or two per
sons into key spots where they can agitate and confuse, on the basis
of the line as It exists that day. A constant effort Is made to discredit
leading liberal spokesmen for Negroes throughout the nation. Have
you noticed???"
Dictators always ley down ihe law to the people. Their baochmse interpret It- n rim
Thus, they hold tbemarlree ohote the lew. In America, we believe that ail ■ "W'jV
government must be kept seder law. |
“Why Freedom Depends on Government Gmiar Law.” I Ytov
Send your sletemeot to: Minnesota State Bar loaleal, IJUQ Second its 5 i
So.. Miimeapolie. A Jury of distinguished men will pick the beat state- _ MSM TT/ILMHj# Jg^fjYl|lUW|W
men! written by Sboy and the beet one written by a girl. If your state- I ttif) rtSTWk SM ™
men! in selected, you will be taken on a five-day trip to the nation’s I W (cR-rfl
capital, with all espenaee paid. You will meet important national jmH) Ailml /llS® 4 -a.
leaders and see historic scenes you will never forget. The trip will be Ijqlm/ Ul? f /kjj.M toamaSiSL
made early in June. The girt’a mother or teacher will be incited to go |
(eaten lelai ere Smfiei To be eligible for the free tnp, you must live io Mia I
newts, la- a student not above the I2tb grade in la-booi and you must not he a ■ "ftfK
member id the immediate famdy of a judge or lawyer You may enter ar many Ml]
statements as yuu like and you may talk over yimr statements with your ■ Qlllfiv I
« loners wifi be chosen chiefiy on the basis of thought but neatness, spefi. I H
mg. grammar and promptness io entering the contest will also bs considered. g WEfli]
All entries, to be Judged, aaael be In by ar postmarked net later I
then April
mail imtiiis \
■a j|^
cold. She is under the Doctor's
The Young People's Group of BL
PhlUipa Episcopal church mot
Sunday morning, March 27, with
the Young People's Group of BL
Paul's on the Hill church at Sum
mit and Snelling.
Mra H. W. Schuek, 594 Rondo
Ave, and Mm. Earl Cannon, Ml
Carroll Ava, left Sunday morning
March 27, for Lot Angeles to visit
with Mra Schuck's two daughters,
the Mmea Theodore McDonald
and Elizabeth Hatter.
Mra Pearl MUSgan, 1008 Rondo
Ave, has recently returned from
Alabama where she was recuper
ating from pneumonia She Is re
ported to be much better,
The Maids and Matrons bridge
club met Saturday, March 28, at
the home of Mra A. V. Hall, 988
W. Central Ave. Those winning
prizes were Mm. Harold Combs,
Mrs. Donald Brady and Mm
Hattie Walker, first, second and
third prizes respectively. The next
meeting of the club will be April
9 at the home of Mm. Cleat
Oliver, 943 lglehart Ava
Mra Roy Moon of Detroit Is In
the city visiting Mra J. P. Wil
liams, who la recovering from a
major operation, reports her visi
tor will be In the city for an in
definite stay.
Friday. April I, 1949, SL Paul RECORDER, Pngs 8
Mr. Arthur H. P. Rhodes at 889 Bt. Anthony Ava. couldn’t
figure out why many ef his frianda were dropping in, a few at
a time, on Sunday evening, March 27. Ue waa finally told it
waa a surprise birthday party for him, given by his wife aad
niece, the Mmea Rhodee and Marion Wallace.
Oueets present at the affair were the Mmea. Alice Crane, C.
DaTiß| nuui VIIIVO, umqfw iwnm,
Robert Anderson. Sr.; the Mmea.
and Messrs. Rufus Dodd. Stanley
Harris, Herbert Foster, Jr, Ro
bert Anderson, Jr.; the Misses
Betty Lou Dodd, Eula Graham,
Virginia Jackson, the Measm. T.
H. Munson, John Whitaker, Ken
neth Jackson and H. W. Schuck,
Jr. A buffet dinner waa served
after all the guests had gathered.
The E. Q. V. dob will meet at
7:30 Saturday April 2at HalUe Q.
Broom house.
The Attacks Brooks Auxiliary
of the American Legion will meet
at 8 o'clock, Monday, April 4 at
the home of Mm Betty Lewis of
390 N. BL Albans.
Robert Smith, ton of Mr. and
Mm. W. D. Smith, 1022 Rondo
A TO, has been working In Berkley,
Calif for about a month now. Ho
Is residing with his slater. Mm
Harriett MoOes aad Mr. Smith
plana to *atar school In California
84 ta Wstasfcs Cl UK
PfU L Ms lev. lim. tot. —4 »r*A4
Igfggfdi 184,888,088
Herbert S. Bernstein
471 N. Lexington at University
W« Deliver
Front and Roar Entrance DA. 4040
Thr Women mot Friday night
March 25, at tho homo of Mm Al
fred Stewart, 982 Igtshart Ava.
The next mooting pf the chib will
be at the home of Mm Alfred
White, at M 4 Carroll Ave.
Mr. Leon Brown Is now making
hla homo at 875 lglehart Ava
Sunday, March >7, was the
fourth quarterly conferenoa of
Camphor MethoJlat church. Dr. H.
M. Carroll, district supertatendmt
spoke at both the morning and
evening servioaa. Rev. L D Dorsey
Is pastor of the church.
Dr. LUHaa Lewis, 875 lglehart
Ave, who baa recently returned
from an extensive trip south,
plans to spend her Easter holiday*
In Chicago visiting frianda and
189 mtm 6th 81
IH BteHl ■ •( lUhfrt ft.)
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Oihtry • Usr4M Tills

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