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* ST. PAUL *
Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Morris, 411 Maekubin, have just return
ed from a ten day vacation trip in Kansas City Kansas, where
they were the house guests of Mrs. Morris parents, Rev. and
Mrs. A. W. Spiller. While in Kansas, they visited the flood
areas in Colfax, Argentine and Lawrence, Kansas. Mr. and
Mrs. Morris reported that houses were filled inside to the top
with mud. automobiles with just
the tops barely showing. Mrs.
Morris said. "It’s one thing to
read about the many people suf
fering. but another thing to see
it with your own eyes.
Mrs. M. E. Bell was hostess at
a birthday dinner Sunday, Sep
tember 9 in honor of her husband.
Mr. Bell at their home. 822 Car
roll. Among those present were
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Vaughn,
Mmes. Willa Hopkins. Evelyn
Combs and daughters, Misses
Jecqueline and Verlee.
Mr. and Mrs. Don Vernon of
Washington, D. C. who have been
visiting relatives in St. Paul and
Minneapolis for three weeks left
this week on their return trip to
the nation's capital. While in the
Twin Cities, they were the guests
of Mrs. Vernon's parents. Mr. and
Mrs. George W. Brooks Sr., in St.
Paul, and Mr. Vernon’s parents.
Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Johnigan in
Minneapolis. They were royally
entertained by other relatives and
Miss Beverly Carroll, 612 W.
Central, left the city Saturday.
September 8 for St. Peter. Minn.,
w’here she will attend Gustavus
Adolphus College. Miss Carroll is
studying to become a nurse.
The Boots and Saddle club met
Sunday, September 9 at Eaton's
Ranch. Two new members. Misses
Gwen and Marilyn Morrow, were
recently added to the club. The
next meeting will be held Sunday.
September 16 at the same place
The club is planning a roller skat
ing party in the near future.
The Credjafawn club met Wed
nesday evening. September 12 at
the home of Mrs. Estella Luckie.
1191 Sherburne Ave.
Mr. Mack Moore, 331 Rondo,
left for Cumberland. Wis., to visit
with his mother, Mrs. Jim Chris
tensen. Mr. Moore's stay is indef
inite. Mrs. Christensen is a former
St. Paulite.
Mrs. Cleo Moses, Detroit. Mich
spent a week visiting her uncle,
John Gibson, 631 Conway. Mrs
Moses left the city Monday. Sep
tember 9.
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Cook Jr..
who formerly resided at 633 Igle
hart Ave., are now domiciled at
812 St. Anthony Ave.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Allen. 649
Aurora, and Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur
Cartwright. 706 Iglehart. left the
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city Thursday evening, Septem
ber 13 for Crosby. Minn., where
they will spend the week-end at
Lake Adney.
Mrs. Eva Stewart, 982 Iglehart
Ave., has as her guests for a week
her sisters. Mrs. John King and
son. and Mrs. Loring Asbury and
son. and her brother. Mr. Benja
min Carroll, all of Junction City.
Kansas. They arrived in the city
Sunday. September 9.
Mrs. Chester Oden, Sr., 830
Fuller, and mother. Mrs. Simon
Harris. 912 Iglehart. entertained
Mrs. Louis Mason and guest, Mrs
Ruth Gwen of Pittsburgh, Mon
day evening, September 10. at the
home of Mrs. Oden. Part of the
evening was spent playing canas
ta. Prizes were won by Mmes.
Louis Mason. first; Richard
Stokes. Sr., second; Paul Woods,
third and Mrs. James Hughes,
Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Oliver
Return From Trip
Mr and Mrs. Oscar W. Oliver,
666 W. Central returned home
Saturday. August 25, after a de
lightful trip to Cheyenne, Wyo.,
where they were the guests of
Mr and Mrs. Robert Rhone; Den
ver, Colo., guests of Mr and Mrs.
Lawrence Newton; Colorado
Springs. Colo., where they visited
the Garden of the Gods. Pikes
Peak, and were the house guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Douglas.
In Roswell, New Mexico, they
visited with Dr. C. L. Jones. Col.
D. C. Pearson and Mrs. Moxella
Oliver and family, mother of Mr.
Oliver. Dr. Jones was their host
in Juarez Mexico. In Muskogee.
Okla., they were the guests of
Prof, and Mrs. E. Gidding. Mr.
and Mrs. Roland Fay. and Miss
Syria Tucker. Some of the high
lights of the trip were crossing
the Big Hom mountains, the
Shoeshine Cannon. Buffalo Bill
Dam. Sylvan Pass and the Royal
Gorge Bridge which is 1,053 feet
long and the highest bridge in the
world. They also visited in Pierre.
Mount Rushmore Memorial. Black
Hills of South Dakota. Yellow
stone National Park, and Chey
enne. Wyo.
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Community Friends
I Storm Damage Repairs (
NEW YORK CITY—It was only a few columns back, while writ
ing on the "Amos 'n' Andy" controversy that I mentioned the some
times unfortunate results of show people dabbling around in race re
lations, politics and political idealogies. I named
Lena Horne as a performer who hadn't had too
happy an experience with this sort of thing.
Last week the lovely Ix*na found herself
in the midst of a controversial situation as the
result of haling been listed in “Red Channels"
with more than a page of alleged affiliation
with groups tagged as subversive on the V. 8.
Attorney General's roster.
Red Channels", if you don’t already know, is
a report of “Communist influence" in radio and
Nall BuaoeU television. It names performers and entertainers
who have a background of membership or sup
posed affiliation with pro-Commie and Commie groups.
Lena, who appeared on the Ed Sullivan “Toast of the Town"
television show last Sunday night, was the object of quite a behind
the-scenes hulabaloo that reportedly had Columbia Broadcasting and
advertising agency executives in a dither right up until show time.
This once again brings up the question of how it's possible
to distinguish Commie sympathiiern from naive souls who let
themselves be roped in because they were sold a bill of goods
about civil rights, the dignity of man, etc.
There's not the slightest doubt that prominent people in all fields
and professions have allowed their names to be used without checking
very carefully on what they were lending their suport to. Some
times names have been used without the individuals permission or
Many a performer who let his name be included on a sponsor list
for some so-called “liberal" cause in the 1940's now finds himself in
the position of being suspect. However, it seems that one would have
to be very, very un-hep in the way of the world, or very lazy to allow
his name to be used over and over again without taking a few steps
to find out what it was all about.
Show people had best stick to their knitting just as experts
in social relations had best stick to theirs. The attempts of In
dividuals in both groups to play patty-cake on the other's side
of the fence have been anything but a howling success.
For that reason, I am definitely against any kind of national
citizen's advisory committee on radio and television. The layman has
no business meddling in the entertainment industry unless some
specific rule of moral, civil or ethical behavior has been flagrantly
violated. And show people ought to confine their frisking around to
the footlights and leave the heavy intellectual and political gum-beat
ing to the professional do-gooders.
The high rate of “mortality” that has come as the result of
show people setting themselves up as heavy thinkers, and social
relations kids trying to police show business should be proof
enough In itself that the two don't make comfortable bed-fellows.
I wonder if any of the NAACP top grass here saw that Labor
Day "parade” put on by a certain section of the Harlem West Indian
population ?
I have never in my life sren anything like it, —and hope not
to again. If something like that had appeared on television. It
would have been shouted down as a “disgrace,” an “insult” or
what have you. There were such eye-fetching little tidbits as six
almost naked teen-age boys blackened up to look like cannibals.
They hung onto a beat-up panel truck which made no pretense
of being a float. There was an elderly woman dressed in native
costume who stopped along the line of march to lustily swig out
of a whiskey bottle handed her from the crowd. There were scant
ily-clad babes using the calypso beat to shake their posteriors In
a manner that one usually can expect only in a third-rate floor
show. I'gh! No orderliness in the marching, nothing.
There is no excuse for this type of thing in Harlem. The respon
sible members of the West Indian citizenry should put a stop to it
once and for all.
Looks as if the guess ventured here recently that bandleader
Erskine Hawkins is really bent in the bankroll and just can't keep
up that alimony sugar Flossie's asking for, was just about right if an
item in Dottie Kilgallen's September 10th column was correct. Kil
gallen said Hawk's selling his Caddy and his jewelry to raise the ante
to pay Flossie.
Next Week: A review of the foothall picture, “Saturday's
Hero”, starring John Derek, a film blast at college methods of
prostituting good athletes In order to bring cash customers to
the stadiums.
A person who signs himself G. Wymer or Wyner, writes to sug
gest I spend less time criticizing members or my own race and more
time "exposing reactionaries like Senator McCarthy." Oh, fiddle fud
dle. It's probably news to Mr Wymer or Wyner or whatever his name
is. but my criticism of the sun-tanned brethem is nothing more than
the truths less inhibited members of the race admit among themselves
when they think the Great White Father isn't peeking through the
As far as the Senator from Wisconsin in concerned, I prefer
to hold my opinion about him In reserve for the present. One
reason is that some of the Individuals here who are attacking
him with fanatical zeal are themselves open to question when It
comes to Americanism. Methinks they doth protest too much.
Mrs. liemadine Brown Wilson
of 2439 Clairmount St. Detroit,
Michigan is in the city visiting
her mother, Mrs. Amanda Brown.
While here s he will be the house
guest of her sister, Mrs. Dorothy
Cozine of 293 St. Anthony and
her daughter. Miss Lillian Irene
Williams of the same address.
Mrs. Wilson will be here indef
itely. Mrs. Cozine and Miss Wil
liams recently returned from a
30 day trip to Detroit where they
were the guests of Mrs. Wilson.
Master James "Little Boy"
Bruce of 566 Rondo, celebrated
his seventh birthday Wednesday,
Sept. 12. His aunt, dorothy Cozine
and his father, gave him a birth
day party. Little Jimmy received
many gifts.
Mr. and Mrs. Maynard A lex an
der, Chicago., houseguests of Mrs.
Eva Neal, 531 St. Anthony Ave.
after spending eight days vaca
tioning in the Twin Cities, left
Saturday, September 8 on a re
turn trip home. They were ex
tended many social courtesies
during their stay here, among
them being an open house for
their many friends given by Mr
and Mrs. Robert Murray; they
were the guests of Mr. and Mrs
John Patton at their party at
Theodore Wirth Chalet; dinner
guests of Mr. and Mrs Sidney
Salter; dinner guests of Mrs Min
nie Raymond and Mr Raymond
Brown. They also enjoyed a trip j
to Mille Lacs Lake Mr and Mrs
Alexander were guests of Mr
Nelson Brown at the Urban
League Dance.
Keep Informed
Read The
Ora Jackson And
Jimmy Gamer
Repeat Vows
On Friday, September 7 at 7:30
p. m., Mrs Ora Jackson and Mr
Jimmy Gamer repeated wedding
vows read by Rev. B. N Moore, at
536 St. Anthony, in a double ring
ceremony. Father Denzil Carty,
was unable to officiate at the
ceremony because of a previous
marriage, prayed and blessed the
The bride wore a blue satin,
: long sleeve gown which was ankle
length, with a blue veil and ear
ned a bouquet of assorted flowers
Mrs Josephine Yates was matron
of honor; Ora Mae Vann of Kan
sas City. Mo., was flower girl;
: Mamie Jones, St. Paul, Ola
I Thomas Kansas City, and Tim-
■ othy Vann, also of Kansas City.
I were bridesmaids, dressed in pas
tel colored gowns and carrying a
I bouquet of assorted flowers.
j Robert Yates was best man
| Nine year old William Roscoe
Vann of Kansas City, Mo., was
ring bearer. Marie Cole sang "O
Promise Me,” accompanied by
Doris Thomas
Following the ceremony, a re
; ception was held at the Gopher
Lodge. The table was decorated
with a lovely wedding cake plac-
■ed in the middle of the table
I and surrounded by beautiful as-
I sorted flowers. Geraldine Richard
| son and Josephine Goldsmith were
j hostesses at the reception
' The couple, now honeymooning
in Washington. D C.. received
i many lovely gifts They will be at
j home at 536 St Anthony Ave on
i their return to the city.
| -
M. J. Caulfield
Orthopedic Shoemaker
Mow Mad* to Order for
Deformed Feet
err ••iwy ••*. rv.rrw.rfxi
rieie evr«
Additional Social and
Personal News
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Jones
entertained at a delightful infor
mal party at their home, 3624
Clinton Ave. So., in honor of Mr.
and Mrs. Charles T. Steele and
Miss Dorothy Rhodes and several
other out-of-town guests attend
ing the Annual National Urban
League Conference. Those enjoy
ing the hospitality of the Jones'
were, Mrs. Hortense B. Perry,
Louisville. Ky.; Mrs. Minnie M
Street Kidd. Kansas City. Mo.;
Mr. and Mrs. James Pauley, Mrs.
T. B. Watkins and Mrs. Sarah
Miller, St. Louis. Mo.; Mr. Alvin
Prejean. Philadelphia, Pa.; Mr.
and Mrs. Louis Carter, New York
City; Mr. Ed S. Lewis and Mr. L.
K. Shivery of Washington, D. C.
Others present were Messrs
and Mmes. Don J. Allen, Robert
Lyle, William Reddick, William
Helm. Ralph Wilson. Dan Mc-
Adams, Sgt. and Mrs. Lowell Bur
rell. L. R. Perkins and Hobart T.
Mitchell; Mmes. Margaret Rhodes
Charles Curry. Maxine Jones,
Carl Wade, Warnell Rhodes;
Misses Elnora Byars, Eunice
Leverett and Mr. J. Gray.
Miss Esther J. Byars, 2409 E.
Lake of the Isles Blvd., will re
turn to the city a week from Sun
day. September 16. Miss Byars is
visiting relatives and friends in
New York. Philadelphia and New
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Steele
Miss Dorothy Rhodes and Dr.
Turner R. Spillman of Louisville,
Ky. were the house quests of Mr.
and Mrs. Thomas M. Jones, 3624
Clinton Ave. So. Mr. Steele is the
Executive Secretary of the Urban
League in Louisville.
Mrs. lutMar Roberts, 3749 Fifth
Ave. So., was hostess to the First
Nighters Bridge luncheon, the
first meeting of the season. Club
prizes were won by Mmes. Cliston
Brown. Henry Thomas and Rich
ard Stokes, first, second and third
respectively. Guest prizes went to
Mmes. Harold Combs, first; Al
onzo Ellis, second; and Eugene
Moore, third. Other guests present
were Mmes. Coleridge Hendon and
Mrs. Edward Crump of Nashville,
Tenn. Three new members were
recently added to the club. They
are Mines Ransom Goins. Cecil
E. Newman and James Brown.
Mr*. Edwin Carr, 1001 Olson
Highway was hostess to the
Merry Hearts Club Sunday, Sep
tember 9. The club members and
their guests will enjoy a steak fry
Saturday, September 22
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Mrs. Gertrude Bonks
Visits Cleveland
Chicago & Detroit
Mrs. Gertrude Banks, 3724
Fourth Ave. So., made a six day
trip to Cleveland, Detroit and
Chicago, in which she visited
many friends In Cleveland she
visited Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Cooley. She was also entertained
there by Mr. Roy Martin and his
daughter. Mary Rose.
In Detroit, Mrs. Banks visited
her sister. Mrs. Ruby Hayes, for
mer Minneapolis resident. She also
spent some time with Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Simmons, the brother
and sister-in-law of Rev. Martin
Luther Simmons. Sunday morn
ing she attended Ebenezer AME
church which is pastured by Rev.
Carlyle F. Stewart. After church
she visited the parsonage and had
dinner with Rev. and Mrs. Stew
art. In Detroit she also greeted
Rev. and Mrs. John Alexander.
In Chicago she had breakfast
with Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Payne.
In each of the cities she visited
several other persons who exten
ded social courtesies.
Recent St. Paul
Wedding Anniversaries
Sept. 2 Mr. and Mrs. Charles
limb, 586 W. Central. 1942. Mr.
and Mrs. L. E. Hickman. 296 N.
St. Albans, 1943.
Sept. 3—Mr. and Mrs. John
Dodd, 385 Rondo Ave., 1945.
Sept. 3 Mr. and Mrs. Bertram
Shannon, 977 Fuller Ave., 1940.
Sept. 6 Mr. and Mrs. George
Hoage, 590 Charles St., 1899.
Sept. 8 Mr. and Mrs. Sidney F.
Miller. 693 Iglehart Ave, 1930.
Sept. 9--Mr. and Mrs. John
Brown. 540 Iglehart, 1945.
Sept. 10 Mr. and Mrs. Ray
mond Brown, 931 St. Anthony
Ave., 1932.
Sept 12 Mr. and Mrs. Albert
Harper. 966 St. Anthony Ave.,
Sept. 13 Mr. and Mrs. Mym
Carter, Sr., 305 Rondo Ave., 1906
Sept 15—Mr. and Mrs. W. W
Wimberly. 485 Rondo Ave., 1908.
Mr. and Mrs. Mym Carter Jr.,
295 Rondo Ave., will celebrate
their ninth wedding anniversary.
Sunday, Sept. 16.
Mr and Mrs. Shelton Huron,
453 Kent St., will observe their
sixteenth wedding anniversary on
Tuesday, September 18
Mr and Mrs. Charles Cozine.
293 St. Anthony, and Mr. and
Mrs. Isaac Blakey, 682 Carrol),
will celebrate their wedding an
niversaries on Thursday, Septem
ber 20. It will be the fourth for
the Cozines and the twenty-third
for the Blakey’s.
Mr. and Mrs. David Payne, 1575
Western Ave., will celebrate their
34th wedding anniversary Satur
day, September 22.
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bee. An tort Aeae
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ariin erectly
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GaaraaUeß ter N Dare
LOU KAYE ifwiiiu
ItreM Thetfer Bl4< —CA,
■PHI Mall Order. Filled BMi
74 s
Friday, September 14, 1951, St. Paul RECORDER. Page 5
Mr and Mrs James Booghery Sr., 595 Olson Highway, en
tertained nt a dinner Sunday, September 9, in honor of Mr.
and Mrs. Bruce Vanoy of Omaha, Neb. Among those present
were Messrs, and Mmes. Shelton Booghery, James Booghery
Jr., Mmes. Ethelyne Walker, Katherine Bight, Alonzo Poyner,
Octavia Shelby and Mr. William Green. Mr. and Mrs. Vanoy
left for their home Monday morn
ing. September 10.
Mr. 1-onnle Holliday also enter
tainde the Vanoys at a cocktail
party at the Elks Rest Tuesday
afternoon, September 4.
Mr. and Mrs. Harley Poore,
3901 Fifth Ave. So, returned to
the city Monday evening. Septem
ber 9, after attending the funeral
of Mrs. Poore's mother. Mrs. Rose
Broderick, who died Friday,
September 7 at the Rolla hospital.
Rolla. N. D. Funeral services
were held Monday. September 9.
at Rock Lake, N. D.
Mrs. Virginia la*wls Robinson
and daughter. Andriette, arrived
in the city Monday. September 10,
from Cleveland. Ohio., to be at the
bedside of her uncle, Mr. James
Lewis. 3229 Fourth Ave. So., who
is critically ill.
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard R. Thom
as, Ix>s Angeles. Calif, motored to
the city Wednesday. September 5,
to spend two weeks visiting Mrs
Thomas' parents, Mr. and Mrs
Everett W. Walls, 3537 Fourth
Ave. So. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
will return to their home in Cali
fornia Wednesday, September 19
The Senior Choir of Border
Methodist church will meet Fri-
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day, September 14 at 8 p. m. at
the church. All members are ask
ed to please be present.
A group of friends spent a
lovely weekend at Joe Wares re
sort picnicking. Among those
sharing in the enjoyment were
Messrs, and Mmes. Eugene Moore,
Theodore Woodard, Edward
Hayes, Mmes Lola Mae Gattling,
Minnie Butler and Melinda Blue.
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