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Social and Personal’
☆ ST. PAUL ☆
Mississippi Student Bpends
student at Jackson College, Ji
vacation with his cousin, Mr.
Ave., and Willie Hardy. He arri
To Visit Son: Rev. M. R. D
rive Monday, July 7 to visit his i
his uncle and family at present,
Rev. and Mrs. James C. Dixon,
566 W. Central Ave. He will be
here for a week or ten days.
Home: Rev. James C. Dixon and
son, Richard, returned Thursday,
June 26, from the AME district
convention that was held in
Davenport, lowa.
Left For Vacation: Mrs. Ven
tress Roberson, 739 Rondo Ave.,
left Friday, June 27 for a two
weeks vacation trip to Chicago.
House Guest From St. Louis:
Mrs. Charlie Rucks of St. Louis,
Mo., was the house guest of her
cousins. Mr. and Mrs. William
Foulkes, 371 Western Ave. No.
and she also visited other rela
Happy Family Reunion: M. and
Mrs. Lyman Myers, 868 Iglehart
Ave. are entertaining Mr. Myers
four brothers and the family of
•ne of them. The Messrs Joseph,
Alphonso, Cornelius and Elmon,
also Mrs. Elmon Myers and chil
dren, Donald, Louis and Elnora.
They will be the house guests of
the Lyman Myers for a week.
Their home is in Indianapolis and
they will be accompanied home by
the Lyman Myers family who will
spend a week visiting in Indian
Correction: Mrs. Granville
Adamson is the sole survivor of
Mr. Granville Adamson. Her sister,
Mrs. Ethel Beukers of Grand Ra
pids, Mich and her niece, Mrs. W.
J. Phillips of St. Louis, Mo. at
tended funeral service for Mr.
Daughter Here From Brooklyn:
Miss Ora Mae Johnson of Brook
lyn, N. Y. is visiting her parents,
Mr and Mrs. John Johnson, 658
St. Anthony Ave.
Prlmtlmg bmrvh»
W.ririia, fJT C mnb
fsrftiHMi Ijr I tWMi
1H —nr \Jf J uMi 1
IK Inht Maria
4 16 Sib lay St. OA SMI
Meats Poultry Dairy Products
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Rondo At Farrington ELK. 6100
/ * Ji
. «&£**•.. : 4>^g-
When you serve new CITY ■
HR CLl’B Beer, you serve the I
HR QMf > one Northwest brew that's I
fig MR p "" really refreshing. For new I
■ \ City Club combines those
/Have a Bottle of Ci
I Its Really Refreshin
i Vacation Here: Wade Sutton,
tackson, Miss., is spending bis
Mathaniel Hardy, 732 Carroll
ived June 13 for his vacation.
)ixon of St. Louis, Mo., will ar
son, Michael, who is living with
Heads Drive To
Aid Bath House
F 1
Hot Springs, Ark - Mrs. Prim
rose Funches is the new co-direc
tor of a $265,000 drive *o clear
the debt on the National Baptist
Sanitarium and Bath House in
Hot Springs, Ark. Dr. Funches is
the national western director of
the Young People and Field dir
ector of the Foreign Missions
Board of the National Baptist
Convention, U.S.A., Inc.
Dr. A. M. Townsend, executive
secretary of the finance commis
sion, is director general of the
fund drive. Special awards will be
presented those who pledge to the
current drive.— (ANP)
Breakfast For Out Of Town
Guest: Mrs. Felix Claridy gave a
breakfast for Mrs. Dona Barger
of St. Charles, 111., house guest of
Mrs. Mary Alice Smith, 2929
Fifth Ave So.
Tri-City Luggage &
Leather Goods
Wholesale to the
1 368 Minnesota St. GA. 6606
q Because
beer you ever enjoy
J»t MmM ■rtwUf Ce. It. NA Ma*
Pioneer Adelphia
Club Elects Mrs.
Lindsay President
The Adelphai Club held its last
meeting of the season at the home
of Mrs. Walter Robinson, 636 W.
Central Ave.
The associate members were
The following officers were el
ected: President, Mrs. Carrie E.
Lindsay: vice president, Mrs.
Birdie High, secretary, Mrs. M.
R. Burgess, assistant secretary,
Mrs. Geo. W. Brooks, Sr.; treas
urer, Mrs. T. B. Cook; librarian,
Mrs. O. W. Lindsey, and the ex
ecutive board members are, Mrs.
J. F. Stevens, chairman; Mrs. W.
D. Smith, music, Mrs. Louis P.
Moore, philanthropy; Mrs. T. F.
Allen, education; Mrs. Lola Ed
wards, secretary of student loan;
Mrs. O. W. Lindsey, treasurer of
student loan, Mrs. Eva Neal, his
The award for perfect attend
ance given each year by the
president, went to Mrs. Geo. W.
Brooks, Sr.
Mrs. Dorothy Porter installed
the officers.
Well Known St.
Paulites' Married
Vashti Milligan and Samuel L.
Ransom, well know St. Paulites,
were married at the home of the
bride last Monday evening, June
30 at 790 St. Anthony.
Following the ceremony, a re
ception was held in the basement
auditorium of Pilgrim Baptist
church. About 500 person attended
the reception.
The bride wore a sheer, beige,
chiffon lace gown and a pale
orchid colored hat veil. Pinned on
her shoulder was an orchid cor
The matron of honor, Mrs. B. F.
Taylor wore a pastel green gown
the bodice was satin and the skirt
was lace. She carried a corsage of
sweetheart roses and gardenias.
The lady ushers of Pilgrim,
church acted as hostesses and
poured at the refreshment table
at the reception.
Music for the reception was
furnished by Hattie Belle Smith.
The couple received many gifts.
Walter Goins was best man and
Rev. Floyd Massey Jr. officiated
at the ceremony.
The groom was a major in the
Home Defenes Force during World
War II and is past grand master
of the Minnesota Masons and was
a football star at Beloit college.
He is a member of the Governor's
Interracial Commission.
Dolores Maxine Rivers
Weds Charles E. Porter
Miss Dolores Maxine Rivers,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin
Rivers, 718 Iglehart Ave., became
the bride of Staff Sgt. Charles E.
Porter, son of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd
Porter of Wichita, Kans., at eight
p. m. Saturday, June 28, at Pil
grim Baptist church.
Rev. Floyed Massey Jr., per
formed the beautiful double ring
ceremony. The bride was given
in marriage by her father, Mr.
Alvin Rivers. The wedding was
performed with a background of
Miss Marcheta Allen, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Allen,
973 Iglehart Ave., played the
traditional wedding march on the
organ. Miss Gloria Roberts, sang,
very impressively, "Because."
It was an all white wedding
an the bridal party carried col
onial bouquets. The bride was
lovely in white satin covered by
lace and nylon net, semi formal
Miss Jelahan Rivers was her
sister’s maid of honor. The brides
maids were the Misses Tillie
Haskins, Sandra Young and
Beverly Young. The flower girl
was Cynthia Porter.
Mr. Robert Lambert of Omaha,
Neb., was best man. The ushers
were James Schuck, Woodford
Mills. Jr., and Frederick O'Neal.
Immediately following the wed
ding, there was a reception held
in the Followship Hall of the
Many lovely and useful gifts
were received by the happy
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Porter
left Tuesday, July 1 for Wichita,
Kans . where they will visit with
the grooms parents until about
July 17. On July 19. they will ar
rive in Montgomery. Alabama,
where the groom is stationed at
Gunter Air Force Base.
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Porter of
Wichita, parents of the groom,
attended the wedding.
Actor, Guest Of Val LaMarr:
Mr Arthur Sjobery of Hollywood,
Calif was a guest of Val LaMarr.
515 16 Ave. So. He was in the cast
of “An American in Paris" He is
also choir director of the Holly
wood Presbyterian church. He
came here to take his mother.
Mrs. Ida Young to Hollywood to
make her home with him.
Confirmed: Mrs Robert W.
Alexander, 3828 Clinton St was
confirmed in St. Leonard’s church.
Central Variety Store
Tey», HeeMheM Ware, Netiee*
Needle Art, Nylea Hetiery, deist*
A Verel*fc. Mmey Order*.
DA. 9748 C. SHerrord, Prop.
try IMMes BUI, Nor.
NEW YORK CITY.—In the months ot bitter political controversy
to come, this columnist does not Intend to engage in any partisan
political writing. You will have to make up your minds on the basis
of what you believe just as I will have to do. We here in New York
have the doubtful advantage of being able to
secure a partial picture of the political scene from
eight daily newspapers expressing opinion rang
ing all the way from the pro-Communist, fellow
traveling extreme left to the anti-Communist, re
actionary extreme right. However, not many in
dividuals out of the eight million have the urge
much less the time to wade through the editorial
blabber of eight newspapers a day. I manage as
many as I can and try to "stagger” them on some
kind of regular schedule. I oftentimes find that
NELL. RUSSELL rather than becoming more well-informed on cur
rent political pussy-footing and double-talk, I am
utterly confused as to which of the journals is whangling the biggest
mouthful of hogwash in its editorial pages and columns.
The allegedly ••liberal” New York Post gets as weird In Its
deviations as the "reactionary” Hearst Journal-American. The
New York Times which advertises Itself as printing “all the
news that's fit to print” becomes so tangled up In Its own cotton
stuffing on occasion that a reader seeking unvarnished opinion
has the feeling he’s being suffocated under a printed haystack of
goofer feathers. As the result of this plethora of printer's Ink
wafted from eight publications, the average New Yorker who
reads only two newspapers a day anyhow. Isn't exactly unin
formed but manages to be just about as misinformed as a feller
living In any other American city.
The newsstand gentleman who sells me my evening papers every
5 p. m. doesn't know what to make of Yours Truly. Sometimes I ask
for a New York Post and a New York Journal-American. This is
practically unhoard of. People who read the Post Just don’t read the
Journal and vice versa. Another evening I'll ask for a World-Tele
gram and a Post while on a third evening I’ll ask for a Journal and a
World-Telegrom. The poor man sees men coming and gets an un
happy look on his face.
In addition to eight daily newspapers. New Yorkers have
access to an over supply of midnight to three a. m. so-called
"disc-jockey shows which are really sessions to air any and all
controversial questions of the day.
Anybody stupid enough to stay up that late listening to ’em
deserves Just what he gets.
Didn't I tell you the junior Senator from Minnesota always
manages to keep in print out this way? The Daily News of last
Sunday gave HHH three quarters of a column with a picture of the
Humphrey visage no leas. The Senator was blowing a fuse about the
newly-enacted McCarran-Walter Immigration Law.
Hubert, in denouncing the Democratic Party’s stand on the bill,
reportedly said, as you’ve read by now: "A party like that can't win
and shouldn't win.” Oops!
Well, anyhow the Dally News printed It and millions of
readers out hyar saw It. It was right next to a Bloomingdale's
ad for nylon Khlrback curtains and bamboo blinds. You couldn’t
have missed it kiddo.
That Humphrey. Anybody heard anything from Thye lately?
Harriet Parsons, daughter of Louelia (Hel-t.O to ALL of you
from HOL-leewood) Parsons, has produced a film thing called “Clash
by Night.” This dramatic serving of motion picture hoke stars Bar
bara Stanwyck, Paul Douglas and Robert Ryan in a vehicle (what
else ?) that is already drawing cash customers past the boxoffice in
droves on Broadway. Maw Louelia is motion picture editor of Inter
national News Service and has given her printed Oscar to her off
spring’s effort. I suppose any motion picture critic for the Hearst
chain who let Harriet’s production off with less than fine enthusiasm
would get a secret bang on the noggin from his editor.
“Clash by Night," based on the play by Clifford Odets (not
too good a play) Is the story of a gal who wanders back to her
hometown fishing village after an unsuccessful Journey Into the
outer world. The gal, played by Barbara Stanwyck, finally mar
ries a dumb-hunny fisherman, Paul Douglas. The bee in the
marital bonnet Is played by Robert Ryan, whose main contribu
tion to the film Is a leer and a nasty tendency to pull Miss Stan
wyck around.
Mr. Douglas is completely ill at ease in his role. He can’t make
up his mind whether to underact or overact. One close-up catches
him half-way between both endeavors with the result that he comes
up with an expression closely resembling that of a feller who has just
realized he’s been walking around all day with a tear in the seat of
his britches. Minn Stanwyck tries to show frustration by chain
smoking. but that gimmick is strictly a Bette Davis original and no
body but Davis can carry it off before the cameras. Mr. Ryan
waltzes tKrough the picture with a half dozen variations of the sajne
The day I saw the picture, the audience kept giggling In the
wrong places. Maybe they were Just hysterical from the heat, or
rather from the sensation of walking into the deep freeze cooler
the Paramount calls air-conditioning, after staggering around
outside with their tongues hanging out.
“Clash by Night" is the kind of dramatic corn that house
wives sick of washing diapers and wiping noses will love because
it will send them home to the old man with the feeling that If
Stanwyck can put up with such a dope, so can they.
After coming out of the Paramount, I was walking on West iith
Street towards the subway. A very suntanned, goodlooking gent
hopped out of a taxie at the stagedoor entrance to the St. James
theatre. He paid the driver and tore towards the stagedoor. crashing
into me enroute.
It was Yul Brynm r, the stai of "The King and I”, the long-run
musical hit at the St. James Hi apologized profusely while I stood
there gaping with my big mouth open. He had long since disappeared
when I got around to sayink w< akly:
’’That’s all right.”
The reports of Mr. Brynner in a Bikini bathing suit on the beach
at Fire Island are most intriguing. Even with clothes on he looks
good yet.
* * *
THE WAYWARD BUS. The biggest yok down at the office still
has to do with the chartered bus that got lost on the way home from
the company outing. It left Timber Point at 6:30 p. m. for the two
hour ride back to New York It arrived in New York at 12:30, six
weary hours later. The driver, a resident of Jersey, couldn’t read a
New York state road-map or something. One young lady employee
had to get a letter from the personnel department that she’d actually
been on the bus all that time. Her maw didn't believe her.
Diplomat Calls On Gold Coast Minister
% iTI
i l W
f ! !
When Dr. Kwame Nkrumah recently was elected the first prime
minister of the Gold Coast, one of the first persons to congratulate
him was an American Diplomat. William E. Cole, Jr., American con
sul in Accra, capital of the Gold Coast.
Shown (left to rightl are: Dr. Nkrumah. A Casley Hayford.
minister of agriculture and natural resources in the Gold Coast; T
Hutton-Mills. minister of health and labor; Cole, and Kojo Botaio
minister of education and social welfare.—(ANP)
Los Angeles—Wills Booker, pop
ular local newspaperwoman and
advertising consultant, had Joined
the staff of the Tribune this week.
Miss Booker, a
E___ graduate of the
mjVictory Business
in Chica-
began her
H ln Minneapolis,
on the
W |M 1 n n e a p o 11s
ndSpokeaman and
lfF*lSt. Paul Recor
: Elder, where she
was city editor
Wllla Booker for three years.
She left there to make her home in
Kansas City, Mo., and Joined the
Kansas City Call and for three
years was Classified Advertising
Manager. She was also originator
of the column "Here and There in
Kansas City" still maintained by
the Call.
Locally, Miss Booker has been
associated with several papers in
the advertising departments, for
merly managing editor of the
Watts Spotlight, she went to the
office of the St. Augustine-West
View Hospital as director of pub
licity. Last May 18 in cooperation
with the Southern California Gas
Co., Central Avenue Merchants,
and the Pacific Coast Courier, she
sucessfuily promoted a Food and
Home Show at the South Park
Community Center.
Married In Friend's Home
Miss Geraldine Hoagan and
William Jackson, both of Des
Moines. lowa, were united ln
marriage Saturday evening. June
21 at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Wright, 608 Olson High
way in a quiet home ceremony.
Rev. Elder A. Kirk, performed
the ceremony. Cake and punch
were served and the bridal party
then went to Sally and Jays for
dinner. Both the bride and groom
have many friends ln the Twin
Cities. They left for their home
in Des Moines, Sunday, June 22.
Mrs. Martin Returns: Mrs. T. L.
Crosthwaite of Detroit accom
panied her mother Mrs. Rudolph
Martin .home and she left Sunday,
June 29 for her home in Detroit.
Mrs. Martin has spent some time
in Detroit, the house guest of her
son-in-law and daughter, Dr. and
Mrs. T. L. Crosthwaite. She is at
present in her own home at 775
Carroll Ave.
Guests of Isanti Friends: Mr.
and Mrs. Joe Napue, 8139 Hum
boldt Ave. No. and Mr. and Mrs.
WlUiam Gray. *2O E. 37 St. were
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Edward
Carr. Isanti. Minnesota, June 28.
and on Sunday. June 29. Mr. and
Mrs. Edward Carr, of Cambridge,
Minn, spent the day with the
Por That Extra Special/
Personal Touch - Remember
To Give Flowers. We
Arrange and Deliver. Call
Mai Hardin at . . .
Central Flower Shop
443 St. Petar St. GA. 408 S
.—. Ap
2 1 •
- t
I . 4
■ |
on all savings up to *I,OOO
We pay V/2% on all savings above SI,OOO
We pay 2 y 2 % under a
(Special Savings Plan |
Interest begins immediately j
We fay Guaranteed Interest on
ALL Savings Deposits
Grand Av#, bthmn Uiinfton Md Word. EL 1071 \
E. S«*M«ti ud Mimys. TO. 274* I ■ V 1
UnivEriity 4 Raymond. NC. 1044 \
Fsyss Md Cam. TO. 2714 SAINT PAUL
Friday, July 4. 1902, St. Paul RECORDER, Page 5
Social and Personal
Overnight Visitor fo Winnepeg: Mr. Hardy White, 915
Fremont Ave. No., spent the week end in Winnipeg. The Grand
Master, Mr. C. I). Doty made his official visit to Winnepeg.
To Visit Relatives in Minnesota: Darryl Underwood Mit
chell, son of Mr. and Mrs. James H. Mitchell, Pasadena, Calif.,
rarived Wednesday, July 2 to spend the summer visiting rela-
tives. He is the house guest of his
paternal aunt and uncle, Mr. and
Mrs. B. W. Morrow, 1031 Bryant
Ave. No. He is the grand son of
Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Underwood,
3833 Third Ave. So.
Double Stork Shower: St.
Agnes Guild met Tuesday, July I
at the church (St. Thomas Epis
copal) and plans were completed
for a double stork shower to be
given soon for Mrs. Joseph Dan
forth, 3936 Clinton Ave., and
Mrs. Grover Ingram, 2201 Fifth
Ave. So.
Helpers Club Met: The Helpere
Club of Bt. Peter’s AME church
met at the home of Mrs. Vernon
Young, 2426 Fifth Ave. So.. Sun
day, June 29.
Off For A Gala Fourth Of July
Trip: The Misses Gloria and Shir
lee Brown. 3749 Fourth Ave. So.,
accompanied their aunt. Mrs.
Allle Wilson as far as Chicago
and Mrs. Wilson will go on to De
troit to attend the Laymens Con
ference. The Misses Brown. Myra
Williams, 3616 Fourth Ave. So.,
Katherine Bailey, 3749 Fourth
Ave. So., and Eunice Tate, 3756
Fourth Ave. So., left Thursday
for Chicago to spend the Fourth
of July weekend.
Mother and Daughter Vaca
tioning: Mrs. Hazel B. Curry and
daughter. Carlotta Curry, 3886
Fifth Ave. So., left Thursday,
July 3 for Chicago and Detroit
where they will visit friends. In
Chicago they will stop at the
Evans Hotel. They will be out of
the city about ten days.
Socialites Entertained: Mrs. H.
Eugene Underwood, 3343 Fourth
Ave. So., was hostess to the So
cialites on Friday, June 27.
Visiting Lnte Wife’s Sister: Mr.
W. H. Walker, 3616 Fourth Ave.
So., left Thursday, June 26 to
spend some time visiting his sis
tre and brother-in-law, Rev. and
Mrs. James Davis of Emporia,
Kans. Before he returns home he
will visit his sister, Mrs. Fran
ces Hall in Des Moines. Also In
Des Moines he will visit his step
mother. Mrs. Cynthia Walker.
Belated Birthday Greetings: We
Day and Night gshssl all year
M K. Mh Mml
LOANS $5.00 & UP
Money In 8 Minutes. Tour
Credit Is Good With Us.
1569 University Ave.
Midway 7448
Across from Street Car Bam
extend birthday greetings (a little
late) to Mrs. Elva Jones, 3632
Fourth Ave. So., whose birthdate
was June 26.
A Son Is Born: Timothy Chand
ler was the name chosen for the
infant son of Mr. and Mrs.
Chandler McWatt, 211 W. 22nd
Able To Be Brought Hornet
Mrs. Bertha Smith. 826 Plymouth
Ave. No., arrived home July 1
from Milwaukee, Wig,, where she
was taken ill. Her husband, John,
is bringing her home.
To Tulsa. Okla.: Mmes. Myrtle
Banks, Cora Taylor. Gayle Hos
kins and Theresa Warfen, also
Mr. Carlos Mendoaa left Friday,
July 4 for Tulsa, Okla., to attend
the Elks convention. They expect
to be gone about ten days.
Unite Shaken Up: Mrs. Elisa
beth Briggs Davis, 826 Plymouth
Ave. No., fell and was shaken up
quite a bit when the lights went
out during a storm as she was
trying to reach over the steps and
close a window.
Do —v
WgM Baked by Zinsmeuhr
'Wedding Candida Baby Candida
Mia nfn nr la t m (Ausllaa
e S Q'sps pgfl i€ Wl wQIOS
* ISO Ns. Victoria (4. H. 7117
B. E. scon
Prompt, Cssrtssss SsrvNs
ISOS Slesser ialMlsg
Mmss« - OA. 1117 • UU
General Insurance
202 Glob* Bldg. Cl. 4590

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