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NINETEENTH YEAR, NO. 33 Midway 8340 ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA, FRIDAY, MARCH 20, 1953 I t Midway MMO $4 00 PWR YlCAft, in fnjWTH pm mPT
Vocational Wooks | . ? , 1 -■" I —HMHt— f—
Annual Urban League
Dinner With Carey As
Speaker On March 26
The Minneapolis Urban League, a Red Feather agency,
will observe Vocational Opportunity week from March 23 - 28
Mayor Eric Q. Hoyer has issued a Proclamation that seta this
week aside as Vocational Opportunity week.
Communications have been sent to local churches, clubs
and sponsors of youth activities by the League in an effort
to get such groups to plan voca-'
tion&l interest meetings for high
school age groups. (See attached
copy of
Highlighting: this week-long ob
servance will be an address by
Rev. Archibald J. Carey, Jr. at
the 27th Annual Dinner Meeting
to be held Thursday, March 26,
6:30 p. m., Coffman Memorial Un
ion. University of Minnesota. This
meeting is open to the public.
Rev. Carey is Pastor of Quinn
Chapel in Chicago, a practicing
attorney, member of the Chicago
City Council, Vice President and
Director of Illinois Federal Sav
ings and Loan Association and As
sistant General Counsel and Di
rector of Unity Mutual Life In
surance Company. Rev. Carey will
be remembered by many as an
outstanding orator of national
Reservations for the meeting
can be made by contacting the
Urban League office, AT. 1412.
Groups interested in promoting
vocational interest programs with
young people can make such ar
rangements by calling AT. 1412
Ebony Publisher Tells
Advertising Club Why
Of Negro Publications
By Staff Writer
The March meeting of the Minneapolis Advertising Club
heard John H. Johnson of Chicago, publisher of EBONY, JET
and TAN magabines tell “How To Sell the Negro Market” at
the Hotel Nicollet Wednesday March 18, at a noon luncheon.
Johnson was introduced to the club by Cecil Newman,
of the Spokesman and Recorder newspapers. Newman said
Johnson had done the most out- ;
standing publishing job in the
U. S. in the past decade.
The EBONY publisher told the
advertising men that Negro media
existed because the general pub
lications—magazines and news
papers did not give the U. S.
Negro-One-Tenth a proper propor
tion of its editorial and news
coverage. This was the reason for
the founding of the Negro Press
in 1827 the speaker said, and
today it is the reason for its
existence and growth.
Alert advertisers of goods, Mr.
Johnson said services and products
will spend 12 million dollars for
advertising in 1953 to reach the
Negro market through the Negro
magazine and newspaper because
this media reaches the Negro con
sumer Intimately and In a manner
that creates loyalty for the ad
vertised product in the Negro.
Johnson told the advertising
man that while Negroes had pret
ty girls, weddings. attended
church, achieved many outstand
ing things, the daily press and the
monthly magazines generally dis
regarded the normal every-day
life the the Negro family.
“Negro parents, like to see their
daughters weddings in the papers
but they find them only in the
Negro papers and therefore their
loyalty and interest in that press
transcends that Interest in any
other media."
• Mr. Johnson said that he ap
preciated the United States more
after a trip to Europe. He said
that the lowliest Negro born in
America has an opportunity to
rise to heights in wealth and ac
complishment He said that in
Europe the race problem la non
existent but that the economic
problem which dooms the average
man born poor to remain poor an
his life is the problem which
Louis Mason Jr. Is
Named Pittsburgh
FEPC Official
Pittsburgh, Pa.—A former Min
neapolis man, Louis Mason Jr.,
has been named assistant admin
istrator of the Pittsburgh FEPC.
The poet pays $5,500 annually.
Mason, who attended the public
schools of Minneapolis and grad
uated from the University of Min
nesota has been on the staff of
the Pittsburgh Urban League for
seven years.
In 1951 he was loaned to the
National Urban League for a
special nation-wide survey on em
ployment practices in various
parts of the nation.
Mr. Mason is married to the
fomer Dorothea Harris of St. Paul.
His father Louis Mason Sr. and a
sister Mrs. Anita Livingston live
in Minneapolis.
Mason was a popular youth in
the Twin Cities during his school
days and many predicted a bril
liant future for him.
Jolly "16"
Second Annual
Stylo Revue
The Jolly "16” of St. Peters
A.M.E. church is presenting its
second Annual Style Revue,
"Fashions In Season Around The
Clock,” on Friday evening, March
20, 1953, at 8 p. m. at the church,
41st and Fourth Ave. S. Admission
Do not forget the place. The
place is St. Peter’s A.M.E. church.
41st and Fourth Ave. S., instead
of Central High School as pre
viously announced. All tickets are
good at the door night of March
Come early and get a good seat.
—M. L. Sinunons, Minister, Thel
ma Wade, Pres.—advt.
frustrates Europes millions.
The tremendous progress which
American Negroes have made in
the past few yean with the co
operation the white majority was
cited as the reason of the Negro’s
basic faith in the American sys
Johnson said Negroes all over
American realize that there is a
long way to go in their battle for
ending the ills of discrimination
and segregation, and the evils at
tendant, but that most Negroes
are busy making progress, stop
ping every now and then to take
a ‘‘swing*’ against the things
which they do not like in Ameri
can life.
In a preliminary remark in
humorous vein occasioned by New
man's introduction, Johnson point
voted for Eisenhower because he
thirds of America’s Negroes vot
ed for Stevenson, he said, because
the Illinois governor promised
them something. Johnson said he
felt that people have a right to
vote for the man “who promises
them something.”
At the close of his address the
magazine publisher received an
ovation. Presiding at the meetinb
was Maurice McCaffrey, presi
dent of the chib and advertising
manager of The Dayton Co. Ro
ger Holt, vice-president of the
club and Munsing-Wear ad mana
ger was program chairman.
Seated at the speaker's table
was Bon G. Gmazing, sales mana
ger of Minneapolia-Moline, Darrell
Brady, nationally known photo
grapher and member of the
Hollywood Advertising club; Gor
don Malan. elub secretary and
Cecil Newman.
> The Minneapolis Advertising
dub has two Negro members,
Attorney In the daytime, cus
todian at night—that’s the work
ing schedule of James jf. Brad
ford, having his pulse and tem
perature taken at Federal Car
tridge Corp., Twin Cl ties Arsenal
preparatory to giving his plat of
blood for our armed forces. Brad
ford served for 4i/j years In the
S2OO In Prims
At Beaux Arts
Ball March 22
The Beaux Arts Ball scheduled
for Sunday night March 22, has
created great interest its sponsors
the 25 After Fun Club reports.
Numerous questions and phone
calls have resulted from the wide
The sum of S2OO in prizes is
attractive and the contest is open
to anyone caring to enter, includ
ing individuals, clubs, churches
anl businesses.
The costumes entered In the
contest may be of any type and
will be judged on portrayal anl
originality. To date the costume
themes submitted have been good,
C. V. Williams, program chairman
said this week.
Judges of the prize contest will
be Margery Sutton of WCCO-TV’s
Celebrity Club; Chuck McCuen,
WCCO newscaster; Mel Jass of
the Kieffer Clothing TV show;
Myhrrene Allen, Spokesman and
Recorder columnist; Milton Wil
liams, and Mrs. Russell Balenger,
president of the St. Paul Urban
Lague guild.
Dancing at the ball will be to
the music of Veet Williams and
his band with Richard Patton as
featured vocalist.
The Twenty-five After Club In
vites the puhlic to attend the af
fair which will be held at the
Minneapolis Labor Temple. Danc
ing starts at 9 p. m.
Curtis Olivers of the Spokesman
and Recorder papers and Milton
G. Williams, of the Sun and Ob
ffa .UNION " l®i
ri». Ufa, Ml «>,»».» • • —J 4m* htwil'l-STAKUAULrfTMK pimt U J
*WA749 * A ’* rtJ 3.
M*WAI2I 55 COLLECT DC 14 335P* (J
TO oowin nu unnin mxwnoM tom m nnea oonctanm ns mnci
Above ia a telegram from Perry W. Howard, Republican National Committeeman of
Washington, D. C., who denies a SIO,OOO a year job had been offered to Milton "Qua” Wil
liams, Minneapolis man.
The telegram is in reply to a query made by Ed Ulackwell, Spokesman and Recorder staff
writer who was assigned to cover the story of appointment of th. Minnesota man to a Federal
Army's Counter Intelligence Corps
In Australia and New Guinea; and
his brother Boy Is now overseas
with the Army’s airborne artillery.
Bradford, who lives with his
wife Venom Mae and three chil
dren, James, 6; Arletha Louise, t;
and Yvonne Marie, t, at 1008 Car
roll Ave., has his law offices In
A.M.E. Churches Sponsor
Queen Contest To Help
Build Youth Camp
The African Methodist Episcopal
churches (ft Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Duluth are sponsoring a queen
contest to raise their share of a
$25,000 fund to aid in the construc
tion of a youth camp at Casao
polis, Michigan.
Thia camp will be the only one
of its kind in the Fourth Episcopal
district of the AME church and
will be called Camp Baber. The
project when completed will ac-
Drive Chairman
comodate more than 600 youth
for camp purposes. Mrs. Mabel
Dixon wife of Reverand James C.
Dixon of St James Church, St.
Paul ia chairman of the drive.
the First National Bank Building,
St PauL
The moot recent blood collec
tion at Twin Cities Arsenal sot n
mw record of Sl6 pints for the
“B” shift (4 p. m. to II midnight).
To date, 2,955 plats have boon
collected, the largest amount of
blood donated by My one plant
la the state.
competing in the con
test Vni bo matched with others
churches of their class and will
be represented by a member of
thte churches's congregation.
Churches, their class and repre
sent stives are as follows: Class A,
Bt. Peter's, Florence Daniels; Bt
James, St. Paul, Constance Cooper.
Class C., will be represented by
Wayman of Minneapolis with
Emergene Patterson as contes
tant, while St. James in Minne
apolis will have as its representa
tive, Wilmar Winston.
In Class D, St. Marks of Duluth
will be represented by Magnolia
Burroughs and Allen Chapel of
Minneapolis will be represented by
Elizabeth Taylor.
The contest will end Tuesday
night, April 28, at which time
the winning queen will be crowned
in St. James AME Church, St.
Bishop George W. Baber will be
present to conduct the corwnlng
Higgins’ Beauty shop, formerly
located at 528 Emerson Ave. N., ia
now located at 1108 Dupont Ave.
N. The telephone numbers are
CHerry 3221 and CHerry 8026.
Fish Fry—Friday nite, March
20 at Jeffs Place, 257 Boodo Ave.
Perry Howard Denies Offering
"Gus" Williams U. S. Job
Galloway Elected
Local 516 President
The finals of the election of
Dining Car Employee# Union No.
516, resulted in the election of
Nathaniel N. Galloway for presi
dent; Hector P. Vaasar. General
Chairman; Wilbur Cartwright,
vice president; Leonard Carter,
secretary and treasurer; Lionel
Allen, recording secretary, and
William Wade, press agent
The following members were
elected the executive Board:
George Todd, Leon Smith, Fred
Law. a eat Oliver and Elmer Har
ris, Sr.
Macao Moody, was named sys
tem chairman for the Great
Northern Ry., Macao Finney, sys
tem chairman for the Northern
Pacific Ry., Willard Jonas, system
chairman for the 800 Line and
George Mayo, system chairman for
the Omaha Ry.
Talent Scouts To
Obsarva St. Thomas
Styla Show Acta
Amateur or professional talent
who audition before Godfrey, Ted
Mack, Ed Sullivan and other lra
pressarioe, all look forward to be
ing choeen for an appearance on
television or radio. Acts sslsctsd
to appear at the annual St Thom
as style show are no exception.
If you have talent or if you are
a talent scout contact Mm. Edna
McCullough, 00. 5822 and register
your name. Tou may be chosen to
appear on the program at the an
nual Easter Style Show.
Representatives of a large Ar
tist Bureau will be present to ob
serve the acta.
Prince Rogers and his great
band have been engaged to furnish
music for the Variety numbers
and dancing-.
The Queen contest In now in
full swing. Help select your choice,
and be present to participate in
her coronation.
Remember, there is only one Bt.
Thomas Style Show.
Date, Easter Monday, April 6,
1958. Place; Labor Temple. Time:
8:15 p. m.
Get your tickets now at ad
vance sale price—$1.00.—advt.
Johnnie Baker Auxiliary, Post
291 of the American Legion gave
a Birthday party honoring the post
on Tuesday night, March 17 at
the Legion clubrooms.
The green and white color
scheme traditional of the day was
carried out. The centerpiece for
the speakers table was a bowl of
yellow jonquils.
Mrs. Ida Burrell, president pre
sented the Poet Commander, Mr.
Robert Gibson, with a beautifully
decorated birthday cake made by
Mrs. Marion Perry. The cake was
decorated with little tin soldiers,
miniature tanks and ships around
the cake and an airplane In the
center to remind us of what the
American Legion stands for.
Rev. Nelson P. Patterson pastor
of Wayman A.M.E. church was the
principal speaker. He cited some
of the accomplishments of the
American Legion in Its 34 yearn
of existence.
A delicious lunch prepared by
the auxiliary members was aeryd
Evening Classes At
North High School
The Advisory Council of the
North Side Community Center,
announces the opening of evening
classes at the North High school.
Registration will be held on Mon
day and Tuesday, April 6 and 7
from 2p.m. to p. m., at the
The many activities offered will
be of special interest to the ladles
and will Include home making,
hobbies, business interests and a
charm clinic. Every woman wants
to look her best and the charm
clinic will teach her how to cul
tivate her latent charms, and
bring out the hidden beauty she
Classes will be held from seven
o’clock until 9:80 p. m. beginning
April t, and will run for an sight
week term. Sessions win bo hold
on Wednesday and Thursday
Thia will be under the direction
of Mrs. Dorothy Chalgren, director
of adult education in the Minne
apolis public schools.
Divorced: Mrs. Shirley Jones,
3700 Fifth Ave. 8.. obtained a di
vorce from Robert L Jones ia
Hennepin County District Court
on March 15.
GOP National Committeeman
Denies Minneapolis Man Was
Offered SIO,OOO Year Post
The report earned in the March 12 edition* of the Twin
City Observer and the St. Paul Son that Milton ‘‘One” Wil
liams had been offered a SIO,OOO a year "secretarial post in the
Virgin Islands" was eategorically denied Saturday in a tele
groin from Perry Howard, Republican National Committeeman
from Mississippi, whom the newspaper story described as ‘ tons
of th* party’s chief dispensers of
The story said: “Milton O. Wil
liams • • e has had under con
sideration for several days an of
fer of a Federal appointment
which is both responsible and lu
The Observer-Sun Indicated that
th* offer had been mad* In a letter
from Howard. However th* OOP
leader said In a wire to the Spokes
man and Recorder papers, reprint
ed In full elsewhere on this page
“I deny that I made such any
such offer to Mr. Williams or any
one else.” Howard admitted that
Williams name had been discussed
in connection with the Job but
said that no offer had been made
to the Minneapolis man.” I wrote
him about this discussion and that
was all," said Howard.
The conflict in facts, was dis
covered when the Spokesman and
Recorder papers mad* a routine
check to ascertain th* type and 1
kind of job the Minneapolis man
had reported he had bean offered.
A wire to Howard by Ed. Black
well, Spokesmen and Reoorder
staff writer brought Mr. Howard's
telegram stating Williams had not
been offered a Job.
It Is expected that some Minne
sota Negro wil receive a Job under
the Elsenhower edmlnlstertion.
The last Important Job held under
a Republican administration on
the national level was that of U.B.
Minister to Liberia which was held
by SL Paul attorney William T.
Francis until his death In Liberia.
Under the Truman administration
a Minnesota woman, Ann Hedge
man, now of New York was As
sistant to the Federal Security
Director the top Job held by a
Negro woman In the Democratic
administration. Mrs. Hedgemsn a
member of the Arnold family
which lived for years in Anoka
was well trained and a top ad
Raymond W. Cannon Mlnne-
Illness Forces Chas. Doty
To Relinquish Duties Of
Masonic Grand Master
Ronol To Discuss
For Nsgroas
The Bt. Paul Council for Social
Action will hod 1U monthly meet
ing Sunday evening, March 22,
at 8:80 p. m. at the Dayton Ava
Presbyterian church, Dayton Ave.
and Mac ku bin.
Thomas A. Talley, Executive
Secretary of the SL Paul Urban
League and Vernon Dale. Housing
Management Supervisor for the
St. Paul Housing and Re-Develop
ment Authority will lead a panel
discussion on “Adequate Housing
for Negro Citizens,” The public
is welcome. A coffee hour will
JosopMoo Chambers
Marries In California
Word has been received that
Mrs. Josephtoa Chambers formerly
of Minneapolis and a prominent
Urban League worker and socialite
was married in Loe Angeles, Calif ,
to Mr. Edward Stillwell Bailey.
Further details were not available
at press time.
Birthday Party: Mrs. John Cy
rus, 4005 Fifth Ave. 8., enter
tained a few friends on Saturday
evening. March 14. in honor of
her slater. Mrs. Patricia Ingram’s
birthday. Th* honor** received
many gifts. Canasta was played
during th* evening, followed by a
delicious lunch.
Promoted: Mias Constance
Gross. 78S SL Anthony Ave., was
recently promoted to billing clerk
at Field Schllck, Inc., In SL PauL
Constance was previously employ
od as a stock cleric end has bean
an employee of the store tor two
spoils attorney la perhaps tbs
most active Minnesota Republican
along with Tahnag* B. Carey who
spoke several times for nssahow
•r In the recent campaign. Can
non has attended th* last toor
national covention# at his own ex
In St Paul and with state lead
ers especially with the old time
Republican leaders 8. Edward Hail
la said to ba the man with the
most influence.
By Capacity Crowd
A capacity audience heard L.
Howard Bennett prominent at
torney, address the St Paul
Branch of the N.A.A.C.P. in their
observance of National N.A.A.C.P.
Sunday March 18.
Th* SL Paul branch voted to
■and a resolution to the school
board In support of the Maxwell
Parent-Teacher Associations de
mand for a aew school aa recom
mended by the Bureau of Field
Studies of the University of Min
nesota. It was brought out that
the present obsolete building with
Its Inadequate facilities, places a
handicap upon etudent* and teach
ers alike and results In th* trans
fer of scores of children outside
the school district
It was voted to send a rasohrtltm
to the proper authorities regarding
the rights of soma two hundred
families that will ba forced to
move because of the proposed re
development In the area bounded
by Rice St. Rondo, Western end
Aurora Aves.
Tap* recordings of the very
forceful speech by Mr. Bennett
and th* important actions taken
by tlw N.A.A.CJP. will be played
free before any group desiring
them, by contacting th* secretary,
John M. Culver, DAle 4297, or
CEdar 2191.
It was announced this week by
Harvey Moss, deputy gTand mas
ter of Minnesota Prince Hall Ma
sons that Charles D. Doty, grand
master for six terms was te
linquishng his duties because of
Illness as of March 81. 19SS.
The Masonic leader has been
ordered by his physciaaa to take
a rest after his weight dropped
from over 200 pounds down to
170 pounds.
After several weeks of confer
ence with members of the Ma- .
sonic fraternity to this Jurisdic
tion Mr. Doty decided last Sun
day to turn the reins of his office
over to Harvey Morn 8904 - 46th
Are. 6.. Minneapolis, that next to
line of eucceaslofi.
In a statement Wedneedey the
new Masonic leaflet eakJ the mem
bers of the lodge regret the tUnees
which has forced grand rnsster
Doty to retire from active direc
tion of the Jurisdiction.
Moss said the great progress
which the Masons have made since
Mr. Doty assumed office was a
living testimony to his energy,
faith, and Intelligence.
He also said that members of
the lodge all over the Jurisdiction
are praying that grand master
Doty will recover hi* health aftar
a reat.
Under the circumstances de
veloped Moss will direct the af
fairs of the grand lodge until the
Grand Dodge meeting 1* Winni
peg, Canada on Bept. SI-
Usher Board: The Usher Board
of Pilgrim Baptist church will
meet Tuesday, March U. with
Mrs. Ann Warrlcks, 741 8t An
thony Am
Easter Parade eehsret party a*
Depot - Ntte Utah, at Lnringten
Ave. at Lake ImjhSss. Beater
Sunday night, AprU 6, Adndaalen
$l.OS —Adv,

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