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Chicago's Haps and Mishaps and
Items of General Interest Ga
thered by tbe Staff of
APPEAL. Reporters,
Godfrey's picnic
At Island Park, Tuesday July 16.
Bishop Brown spent Sunday in
Miss E. B. Wilson of Louisville is in
the city.
Mr. and Mrs. Brown of Louisville are
in the city.
Mr. Fred M. Barrows left last week
for Eastvilla* Va. J^
^f#*-1WK^s M-iwie^Awlerson has gone to
Louisville on a visit.
Mrs. Samuel Lloyd, of Hinsdale, 111.,
was in the city Monoay.
Miss Kate Diggs has just recovered
from a severe spell of sickness.
Mrs. Kitty Moon returned from Hins
dale Saturday. She left Monday for
Austin, 111.
C. L. Fisher, professor of Greek at
Selma University will spend the sum
mer in Chicago.
Miss Carrie Beckw'th of Nashville,
Tenn., is in the city stopping at 3435
Dearborn street.
Mr. C. M. Miller of Louisville who
has been visiting his sister will return
home nest week.
A nice front room to rent t"* nice gen
tleman. Inqune of Mrs. Pumpfrey 5i0
State street 3d flat.
Mrs. J. W. Steele of Louisvillle is in
the city the guest of Mrs. Wrn. Brookens
2807 Butterfield street.
Mrs. Eliza Smith of 77 Harrison street
has been -quite ill for two weeks with
neuralgia of the neives.
Mis. H. Ree&e is going to Kansas
City foi three montLs. Miss Bettie
Cross will accompany her.
Should you wish first class meals
served in first class style try Mrs. J. H.
Hunters No. 201 Third Ave.
Mrs. Julia A. Stodds, who has been
"visiting the city some months returned
to Frankfort, Ky., Tuesday.
You can get the best meal in the city
at Mis. J. H. Hunter's. Try one and
you'll eat theie all the time.
The Kindergarten Association will
hereafter meet at Bethesda church, on
the second Tuesday of each month.
The place to get anything in tbe jew
elry line or to have lepairuig done is at
Henry Hitter's No. 3152 State street.
A nice young man can find a nice
room with a nice family if he will apply
to Mrs. P. Fold 519 State street 3d flat.
Mr. S. C. White is the authorized col
lector foi THE APPEAL. He will give
proper receipts for all moneys paid to
Mrs. Alice Watkins of St. Paul who
has been the guest of her aunt Mrs. John
Jones for several weeks left Monday for
Mr. and Mrs. F. Green left last week
for Orleans, Ind., to visit the father of
Mrs. Green. They will be gone about a
Have you tried the meals at Mr. R. K.
Jones' No. 211 Third ave. top flat? No.
Well, try them and you will not eat any
where else.
If you wish to get household goods at
the lowest rates on time go to the
Peopled Outfitting Co, 171 and 173 W.
Madison street
Mis. Robert Morris of 1704 Dearborn
sti eet has gone home to visit her mother
in Cincinnati and will not leturn for
two or three weeks.
Mrs. Molhe Coniley and Mrs. Kate
Hannon of Cincinnati are the guests of
their aunt, Mrs. N. J. O'Neal, 2417,
Wentworth avenue.
If you are looking for first class rooms
and meals try Mrs. Lucy Brown No.
155i Third ave. near Polk street. Tran
sients accommodated.
All Knights Templars and visiting
frateis are cordially in\ited to the pic
aiic by Godfrey Commandery at Island
Park next Tuesday July 16.
For RentNicely furnished room for
rent to married couple at 3154 Butter
field street, with privilege of light house
keeping. Rent reasonable.
Hello! the Quinn Chapel and Rethel
Sunday Schools hold their picnic this
year at Trotter's Park, Monday July 22d
*'Are you going?" "Most assuredly?"
Col. Robert Harlan of Cincinnati is in
the city attending tne laces and looking
at the pretty girls. The Colonel is so
gallant, you know.
Hello, are you going to the picnic?
What picnic? Why tbe St. Thomas pic
arie. When? July 24th. Where*? Eliot's
Park, Matteson, 111. How much? 50
oents. Why certainly can't miss that
Mr. F. A. Chinn 338 30th street is
doing a good business in the candy and
fruit line. His store is a gem of neat
ness. He also sells cigars and tobacco
and newspapers, including THE APPEAL.
Give him a call.
Messrs. Jerry Thomas, W. W. Branch
and George Terris are respectively head
cook second cook and waiter on the
Pullman Car Excelsior and are well
known and liked by the traveling pub
lic because of the excellent manner in
-which they prepare and serve the
Patrick Conley, who was stabbed in
the back Saturday night by a Colored
man named Louis Coleman, who inter
fered with him for insulting two girls,
was still alive at 6 o'clock yesterday
afternoon. The physicians in attend
ance upon him at the hospital said that
he might recover, Coleman is held at
the Desplaines Street Station.
The famous and deservedly popular
Autumn Club will give its annual picnic
about August 19th, at Willow Springs.
The simple announcement that the Club
is to give a picnic is enough to insure a
large crowd and a good time for all who
attend. The coming picnic will be in
keeping with all former entertainments.
The Club reserves the right to refuse the
admission to the grounds of all objec
tionable persons.
Chicago Churches and Matters
Pertaining to the Spiritual
Progress of Their
Pastors and People.
Rev. Reynolds preached at Aurora
Sunday morning last.
The Iowa Annual Conference meets
Aug. 31st at Milwaukee.
Rev. D. A. Granam of the Michigan
Conference is in the city.
A fine quarterly meeting was held at
St. Stephel^ church last Sunday.
The Herman Baptist church
regular service every Sunday at 3
8 p. m.
Next Sunday evening there will be a
sacred song concert of one hour instead
of regular sermon.
Services at St. Luke's church Engle
wood, morning at 10.45 evening at 7.30
Sabbath school at 2:30.
Pullman Mission A. M. E. Church
service every Sunday at 3 o'clock. Rev.
J. H. W. Collins, pastor.
Rev. Henderson has an invitation to
assist Rev. A. J. Burton to dedicate his
new church at Jacksonville on the 21st.
Services every Sunday morning at 11
and evening at 7:30 at St. Thomas Epis
copal Church, Rev. J. E. Thompson,
Come to Bethesda church to sei vices
at 11 a. m. or 7.JO p. m. Sundays, Sun
day school at 12 30. Rev. Jordan Cha
vis, pastor.
Services at Emanuel Congregational
Church Sunday at 11 a. m. and 7.30 p.
m. Sunday school at 12:30. Rev. Simon
Peter Smith, pastor,
Shiloh Baptist Church 230 Sixty-third
street, Englewood. Sunday school at
3 o'clock. Services at 7:30 P. M. Prayer
meeting Wednesday.
Among the recent additions to Bethej
is Mr. Astope who graduated from
Wilbeforceat the last commencement
and Mr. Snell of Kansas City.
The Chui ch of Christ meets in Apollo
Hall 2730 State street. Services Sunday
11: o'clock a. m. Sunday school at 2.30
o'clock, evening service 7:30 p. m. Wed
nesday evening prayer meeting. All aie
welcome. W. G. F. Reed, pastor.
Preaching at Grace Presbyterian
Church, 3233 State street, every Sunday
at II a. m. and 8 p. m. sharp. Sunday
school at 12:15 p. m. All are cordially
invited to all the services. Pastor, Rev.
Moses Jackson, 3433 Butterfield street.
Numerous pastors visiting the city called
at the parsonago this last week. Among
the numbers who called were: Revs.
W. R. Alexander of Aurora, J. M. Hen
derson of St. Paul, E. M. Harper of Mil
waukee and D. A. Graham of Flint,
Quarteily meeting at Bethel begins on
the 19th with a love feast and general
class. Preaching at 3 p. m. Saturday
the 20th preaching at 11 a. in., 3 p. ra.,
and 8 p. m., by the presiding Eldei and
other pastors of the city. As this is the
last quarterly meeting for the Confer
ence year it is hoped that it will be
large attended.
Grand Picnic.
Tbe Independent Club will give a pic
nic at Willow Spring Grove on the Chi
cago & Alton R. R., Monday August 5.
This well known grove has been so|im
proved duiing the past spring that it is
without doubt, the finest picnic resort
aiound Chicago. Any person who has
ever attedded a picnic with which the
Independents have been interested,
know, without any additional assurance,
the character of its patrons.
Due notice will be given in THE AP
PEAL of time of departure of train etc.
A. L. McDowell, President.
Geo. M. Turner, Secretary.
The Autuun Club.
At the last meeting of the Autumn
Club the following officers were elected
for the ensuing term:
Piesident, W. B. Cross.
Vice-president, R. C. Davis.
Secretary, Jacob Randolph.
Tieasurer, C. H. Harrison.
Manager, D. R.Lawrence.
Cor. Secretary, E. G. Bartlett.
Master of Ceremonies, H. C. Drake.
DirectorsF. L. McGhee, R. A. Giles,
Jas. T. McDowell, H. C. Drake
Upon motion of Mr. Harrison the
Club appropriated $25 for the purchas
ing of a desk and the statutes of Minne
to be presented to Mr. F. L. McGee
as a token of* their esteem and well
wishes. And with fitting remarks bade
him God speed in his new home.
Remarkable Increa se of the.In
fantile Colored Popula
tion of Chicago
3 0 Colored Babies Born.
Chicago is a great town. It was a
great town of 900,000 people prior to
June 30, when some of our suburbs voted
to come in with their 300,000 people and
enjey the city conveniences. Chicago
now has 1,200,000 inhabitants and is
working hard for the second place with
Philadelphia as a vigorous competitor!
In the great struggle the Colored man
and brother is doing his share to in
crease the population, and he is succeed
ing nobly. No less than 30 babies have
been born in Chicago since annexation,
they came yelling and screaming into
the world like amateur 4th of July cele
brations, as if cognizant of tbe fact that
they first sawlight in Chicago the second
city of America, the wonder of the nine
teeth century. While the cannon were
booming, the fire-crackers popping in
honor of the Nation's Birthday Mr. and
Mrs. A. J. Bell of 2766 Dearborn btreet
were made happy by the appearance of
of a 13 pound boy.
Friday July 5th, two Afro-Americans
were ushered into this breathing world.
One, an 11 pound girl was born to Mr.
and Mrs. G. D. Willims 514 Larrabee
street the other a 9 pound boy made
happy the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. L.
Lewis 229 Duncan street.
Saturday July 6, Mr. and Mrs. Felix
Myers of Hanover street were delighted
when a 15 pound boy came crowing into
the woild.
Sunday July 7th, was a memorable
day for six babes of color were ushered
into existence as follows. Mr. and Mrs.
Sam Wright, 22 Campbell avenue, 12
pound boy.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Helms, 39 Belle
view place, 8 pound girl.
Mr. and Mrs. Crutchfield 2972 Butter
field street, 13 pound girl.
Mi, and Mrs E. H. Browning392
State stieet, 10 pound boy.
Mr. and Mrs. Kelley, 449 N. Clark
street, 8 pound girl.
Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Page. 2137} Clark
street 11 pound girl.
On Monday July 8, when Mrs. Sam
Lee of 2729 Dearborn street presented
her husband with a ten pound girl, he
was the happiest man in the block.
On the same and at about the same
time that Sullivan knocked out Kilrain,
Mrs. R. D, Younger of 322 Clark street
became the mother of a sixteen pound
boy. His father is a great admirer of
the manly art of self-defense so the boy
will hear the name of John L. Sullivan
Mrs. Sam Lung, living at 519 Madison
street is a Colored lady married to a
Chinaman so we presume her baby boy
born on Monday will be classed as a
Tuesday Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Stewart
of Englewood rejoiced with exceeding
great joy when they gassed upon their
first born.
Wednesday July 10, five babies boun
ced into life. Mr. aud Mrs. H. L. Pit
man 1602 Dearborn St.,7 pound girl Mr.
anp Mrs. R. J. Peterson 179 Randolph
street, 9 pound boy.
Mr. and Mrs. John Davis 278 Clark 7
pound boy.
Mr. and G. H. Green 410 W. Monroe,
11 pound boy.
Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Davis, 514 State
street, 12 pound girl.
The Colored people are jubilant over
the great increase in population and
more babies are to follow.
A Church Directory.
This is something new and useful to
the people. Our ministers say it is just
the thing. A few Christians have not
reported but they will before it's too
George Washington.
Reception to P*ter Jackson.
The Chicago Hunting and Fishing
Club gave a reception Thursday evening
at their elegant parlors 466 State St., in
honor of the great Colored pugilist, Pe
ter Jackson. A number of invited
guests were present who thoioughlv dis
cussed the.excellent menu which had
been prepared by the chef for the oc
Don't Tou Forget It.
The Barbers assembly No. 1. will give
a grand picnic at Island Park on the C.
& E. I. R. R., fifty miles from Chicago,
on Thursday August 1st. Further par
ticulars in the next issue of THE APPEAL.
Committee: J. L. H. Sweres, E. Russell,
VV. A. Jdnes, Geo. Shaw, T. R. Van Pelt,
J. Crisup.
Lake Minnetonka Trains.
With the change in time Sunday, July
7th, the Minneapolis & St. Louis Rail
way will inaugurate a faster time sche
dule between all Lake Minnetonka
points than is in effect via any other
lines. See small folders.
Dressmaking School.
Mrs. N. Pickenpack's dress cutting
and sewing school is at 510 State street,
second flat. Girls have yourselves
taught to sew if not ask your parents to
send you to Mrs. Pickenpack's school.
It is one of the finest establishments in
the country for young ladies from 10 to
50 years of age to learn dressmaking.
We teach you Mrs. Moody's ladies tailor
I system of actual square inch measure-
mentfor cutting ladiejrand childrens'gar
ments and little bow clothes and fifty
other garments. Ladies should call and
investigate this method of teaching as it
will not cost you anything to come and
ask those who are learning. Some are
sewing cotton, cashirfere and silk, others
cutting. Thev are flighted with the
system and rules. 2w is your time as
it is the only school ox its kind in Chi
cago. Mothers and*fathers you need
not be afraid to plac| your daughters in
my school as they wsitnot hear anything
objectionable we tove good rules.
Students may enter It any time. Mrs.
L. N. Pickenpack, 5& State St., second
P. S. Husbands, ha|re your wives learn
to be their own dressmakers and cave
your dollars. J^-n
*Hi __._,
The Colored Citizens of Minne
sota Celebrate at the State
Pair Grounds
Tuesday Aug. 1st.
Tbe interest taken in the citizens cele
bration at the Fair Grounds on Tuesday
Aug. 1st, is hourly 'increasing. It is the
principal topic of Conversation in the
-Twin Cities" wherever one goes. The
men, the ladies, the children, all seem
to be going wild over it and the indica
tions point to the greatest time the peo
ple of Minnesota ever saw. It is a sort
of new thing, and everybody likes new
things. Minnesota has more lakes with
in its borders than any other state in
the Union and lakes are no rarety, we
have all been to picnics at the lakes, but
a celebrationremember this is not a
piccieoffering such a variety of sports
as will take place at the Fair Grounds
Aug. 1st, has never been seen here be
fore. The lovers of driving and fine
horses are tickled to death over the
prospects for the great trotting matches,
in which, already five entries have
been made. The ladies as well
as the gentlemen are interested
in the contest for the finest turn
out as the gentleman must be accompa
nied by a lady for his rig to take the
blue ribbon and the cup.
There is great excitement among the
athletes regarding the foot laces or
sprinting marches and the number of fast
runners that have sprung up the last
few days is surprising seven entries
have been made for the great sweep
stakes foot race of 100 yards at $5 entry,
and several more are expected to enter
next week. There will also be an exhi
tion race of 220 yards by Mr. D. Clark
a young sprinter with an enviable rec
ord. Mr. Clarke is something of a shot
also, and offers the following challenge to
any Colored man in the state:
I hereby challenge anybody to shoot
a match at either clay, pigeons, blue
rocks, or Peoria black-birds foT$25a
side. Said match to take place on the
State Fair Grounds Thursday, Aug. 1st.
Three or five traps to be used and to
shoot at fifty targets each.
Any one wishing to accept the chal
lenge will address the undersigned,
Arrangements are making for some
matches between base ball nines of Min
neapolis and St. Paul and some rare
sport in that line is expected. The
grounds are admirably adapted for cro
que, lawn tennis, bean bags, quoits, and
such games. A prize of a fine croquet
set is offered to the girl or boy who wins
the three best out of five games. Per
sons who desire to enter into any of
these contests are requested to send or
bring their names to tbe office of THE
APPEAL No. 76 E. 5th Btreet.
Judges for all the different contests will
be chosen from the audience in the
grand stand so there will be no chance
for partiality to be shown. The com
mittee of management is at work arrang
ing an official programme which will
contain tbe full list of the contests and
the various pai ticipants 10,000 of these
will be distributed throughout the state,
and on the grounds Aug. 1st. The
speakers of this celebration have not
merely been invited to make addresses,
but have been engaged and will be on
hand. Several of the speakers have
handed in their subjects as follows: W.
R. Morris, Esq., "In the Ranks of a
Progressive Age F. L. McGhee, Esq.,
"Our National Institutions Rev. L. C.
Sbeafe, "Emancipation and its Fruits
Rev. J. M. Henderson, "Wilberforce,
the Philanthropist." Rev. William Gray,
"Unity of the Colored Race." The ad
dress ofwelcome will be delivered by Mr.
W. M.Bushnell president of the State Ag
ricultural Society. Miss Eva McDonald
of Minneapolis, secretary of the state
eight hour league will also furnish an
address on that occasion. Subject, "The
Labor Problem." None of the speech
es are to be long, fifteen minutes beiug
the limit, and they are to be sandwiched
between the performances by the bands
and the contests in the amphitheater
The interest will not be allowed to flag
from the beginning to the close of the
programme. Prof. C. Field Adams of
Chicago, will be present and sing a solo
in German. Miss Edith V. Mordecai,
of St. Louis will be present and give a
reading. One of tbe most Interesting
features will be the voting contest as fol
lows: Mr. Harry Shepherd, tbe propri
etor of the popular "People's" photo
graphic gallery No. 93 E. 7th street, has
presented the committee of management
an order for one dozen "Eoudoir" pic-
Defecfiv **Pagtf
*fp|^ ^W^
Minneapolis and Mlnneopolitans
and Their Where-abouts
and What-abouts.
Personal Pick-ups.
Mrs. M. Hunton boarding and rooms
at 206 Third ave. S.
Go to Mrs. Joyce's for your meals
250, 3d Ave. South.
Prof. Chas. Morgan left Wednesday
evening for Butte, Montana.
Go to Altman & Co. when you wish to
buy clothes. See ad on 4th page.
THE APPEAL office is now in room 4
No. 24 S. Fifth street.
You can get THE APPEAL at A. JL
Watkins barber shop 254 4th ave. S.
Mr. R. Taylor the local preacher of St.
James A, M. E. church of St. Paul spent
Sunday in our city.
To-morrow evening Rev. Dunjee will
preach on the Colored Press and its In
fluence. Don't fail to hear him.
Look out for announcements of the
different attractions at the Fair Grounds
celebration every issue of THE APPEAL.
We had the pleasure of meeting Mr.
Crutcher who has been awaytoWilbe
force University for sometime, in the
city yesterday
Our Colored Sunday schools of the
city will unite in one grand picnic for
the children on Wednesday July 26th at
Lake Harriett.
A prize will be given to the finest turn
out, lady and gentlemen, at the Fair
Ground celebration Aug. 1st. Get your
buggies ready boys.
Miss L. Valentine ofVicksburg, Miss.,
arrived in our city last Friday and will
spend the summer the gnest of Mrs. J.
Brown of the East Side.
The Baptists are doing well at their
church 505** Washington avenue S. Rev.
Dunjee is well liked and prospects of a
brilliant future looms up for them.
The Colored citizens of the great State
of Minnesota will celebrate Aug. 1st at
the State Fair Grounds in a stvle never
before attempted in the Northwest.
Mr. George Williams tendered to a
numbei of his boarders a social hop last
Wednesday evening at his boarding
house 219 2d. St. S. A very pleasant
time was the result.
The committee consisting of Mesdames
B. Burke, Geo. Williams, Geo. Turner,
will give a dinner social at 219 Third
street S., Tuesday evening. All are in
vited. Proceeds for St. Peters A. M. E.
Miss Etta Joyce and one Owens were
given 30 days this week for being fovnd
occupying the same apartments at 250
3d. Ave. S. Mrs. J.oyce was not aware
that they were in the house and felt
justly indignant over their disgraceful
Sunday July 26th St. Peters church
will make a grand rally among the peo
ple to raise funds to meet their indebted
ness. Peace and harmony prevails and
the work is going on nicely. Rev. Wil
liamson will preach to-morrow evening
on Christ receiving sinners and eating
with them.
Boarding house for sale reasonale.
The Glyndon house 119 3d St, S. Min
neapolis, a fine large house with 16
sleeping rooms, office, sitting-room,
dining room and kitchen fitted up in
first class style, doing good business.
The reason for selling is the ill health
of the landlady Mrs. Geo. Williams.
For further particulars address 219 3d
St. S. Minneapolis.
Helen E. the 15 months old child of
Mr. and Mrs. Tobe Rice was christened at
their home 1411 Fifth street S., last Sun
day afternoon. Miss Jennie Hiyer was
chosen as God-mother and Mr. J.
Stamps as God-father, Rev. C. H.
Thomas officiating, Among those pres
ent were. Rev. and Mrs. Thomas, Mr.
and Mrs. J. C. Stamps Misses Jennie
Hilyer, Julia Branch.
Mr. Fred Loraack has moved his bar
bar shop from 128 Washington avenue,
to 206, a few doors below his old stand.
He will continue to accommodate his
Colored friends by giving the accomma
dations they can get nowhere this side
of Chicago. Hejias fine bath rooms and
an excellent corps of barbers with Mr.
Henry Vinegar as manager.
Our Minneapolitans will rejoice to
hear that the beautiful play of Queen
Esther will be produced in our city next
week at Freya al 505 Washington
ave. S., Thursday evening July 18th.
Don't fail to hear the many well trained
voices who have just made the hit of
the age in St. Paul the past week. The
same artists will render the play here
forthe benefit of the Unique Baptist
church. Come one and all and see the
beautiful Queen.
The services at the St. Peters A. M. E.
church were well attended during the
day last Sunday. In the morning was
general class, afternoon an interesting
Sabbath School, George Reed was elected
secretary and Solomon Saunders treas
urer. The evening service was of a
literary nature and was well attended,
after opening in the usual form Mr. A.
very appropriate for the occasion and
was splendidly delivered.
Mr. John Cummings a Colored man
of this city secured a refreshment stand
at the Fair Grounds during the races.
He paid $20 down and owed the Associa
tion $10. Jones the secretary of the as
sociation ordered edibles amounting to
about $4 for the reporters that were on
the grounds. When Jones came around
to settle with Cummings he was asked
to deduct the latter amount from the
former, this made Jones mad he
struck Cummings with his fist, and
reached for his whip, not satisfied with
that he ordered the police to put him
off the grounds which they did. Mr.
Cummings has now brought suit against
Jones for assault and batsery and against
the association for damages.
St Paul MelangeThe Occurren
ces of tbe Past Week in the
Capital of Minnesota.
Newsy Newslets.
Make Preparations
To attend the
Great Celebration
At the State Fair Grounds
Tuesday August the first.
Mrs. T. S. Wakins has returned from
Mrs. Cornelia Scott left Tuesday for
Great Falls, Mont.
Miss Ida Mink leaves next week for a
visit to Kansas City.
Mrs. Harriett Moore is in the city the
guest of her daughter Mrs. M. D. Pettis.
Misses Lulu and Nellie Griswold will
leave next week for a visit to Nashville
There will be several foot races at the
Fair Grounds celebration Aug. 1st. All
for purses.
Lawyer and Mrs. F. L. McGhee haye
gone to housekeeping at No. 160 Ed
monds street.
FOR SALE.A brand new silver valve
Lyon & Healy cornet. Apply at the of
fice of THE APPEAL.
Read about the grand celebration at
the State Fair Grounds Thursday Au&.
1st, in another column.
There will be fun for all both great
and small at the Fan Grounds celebra
tion Aug. 1st. Wait for it.
Messrs. T. G. Harcourt.of Duluth, and
Thos. J. Shanter of Cleveland, O., were
guests at Hotel de Mink this week.
Mrs. T. S. Boswellof New Orleans, La.,
is in the city to spend the summer as
the guest of her sister Mrs. F. D, Parker.
Don't fail to see the great fat mens
race at the Fair Grounds Aug. 1st. The
boys race too will be worth going miles
to see.
Every body will have a show at the
Fair Grounds on Aug. 1st, no favoritism.
You pays your money and you takes
your choice.
The celebrated drama entitled "The
Bankers daughter" will be presented at
the Peoples Theatre next week with an
admirable cast.
There will be a great driving race be
tween two or more of our well known
fancieres of blooded stock, at the Fair
Grounds Aug. 1st.
The baby of Mr. and Mrs. George
Hunton died Monday and was buried
Tuesday, Rev. M. Henderson officiat
ing at the funeral.
Lawyer McGhee has taken desk room
at THE APPEAL office for the present
where he may be found by any persons
desiring his services.
High mass will be celebrated at the
Colored Catholic church at 10:00 o'clock
a. m. to-morrow, Father Sullivan officiat
ing. Sunday school at 12 m. Evening
services at 7 30 conducted by Father
The Brotherhood of Railway Porters
and Waiters have made all arrange
ments for a great time at their "Prize
Picnic" which is to be given at Excelsi
or Park, Lake Minnetonka, June 15.
You are invited.
The entertainment at Stevens Lodge
Hall last Monday night was a pleasant
social affair which was highly enjoyed
by all who were present, and was of
some pecuniary benefit to the object for
which it was given.
The office of THE APPEAL has been
moved from Union Block to No 76 East
Fifth street between Cedar and Minn
esota where we have more commodious
and desirable quarters. All of our
friends are invited to call at any time.
Where are you going Monday July
15th? Why, to the "Prize Picnic" giv
en by the Brotherhood of Railway Por
ters and Waiters, of course. It is to be
at Excelsior Park.Lake Minnetonka.and
what nicer place could we wish for a
The special train for the "Prize Picnic"
which is to be given by the Brotherhood
of Railway Porters and Waiters at Ex
celsior Park, Lake M:nnetonka, leaves
the Minneapolis & St. Louis depot at
the foot of Fourth street Monday July
15 at 9:30 o'clock. Be on hand in time.
G. Plummer was introduced and read a 1G. U. O. of 0. F. don't miss it plenty of
well composed essay on character. Mr.
Plummer is a good writer and is always
ready to assist. Mr. Win. R. Morris
made his first address to the Minneapo-
on "Am I My Brother* Keeper."
is an eloquent speaker and as we
know an ideal scholar. His address was
HURRAH! For tbe 1st of Aug. cele
bration and picnic given by Mars Lodge
sport. Remember tickets are only 65
cents for adults and 40 cents for children.
Be sure and secure tickets from the
committee and save 10 cents as no ex
curaion tickets are sold at the ticket
office special trains leave tbe depot at
9:30 a. m. parade at 9 a. m.
$2.00 PER YEAR.
Louisville LaconicsA Record of*
the Happenings Among the
Colored Residents of
Kentucky's Metropolis.
Mrs. Emeline Craig has been quite*
Mrs. F. Peters left Wednesday for thefr
Miss Josie Vandyke is visiting in CM-*
Mrs. Henry White of Chicago is inth.
city visiting friends.
Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Brown are at Fin*
castle for the summer.
Miss Salome Worthington will spend.
the summer in Cincinnati,
Mr. George Townsend is in Milwau
kee to be gone the sunnier.
Young Kelly who was shot by Patrol
man Wash. Evans, is improving.
Mrs. C. B. Preston has been quite ill
for several days but is on the mend.
Mrs. Nellie Stewart of Nashville is in
the city visiting Mrs. W. H. Warley 802
Master Charlie the twelve year old son
of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Evans died last
Wm. Watson, the Undertaker, 813
Ninth street is prompt and reliable in all
his dealings.
Another young lady has gone to Cali
fornia for her health after eating a ten
cent watermelon.
Bring your job printing to the Louis
ville office of THE APPEAL, 312 W. Jeffer
son St. Good work at reasonable rates.
It is said that over a hundred Colored
men have applied for positions under
Collector Scott, and some will be ap
pointed sure.
Visitors in Louisville cannot find a
better place to get good board and room
than at Mrs. Matilda Brown's No. 509
West Green street.
Miss Laura Thomas who has been.
quite ill for some time is improving.
She v\ ill leave for Chicago in a few days
accompanied by her grandma.
W. H. Warley had a bad case of belly
ache last week. It took the combined
efforts of two doctors and a deal of nurs
ing to bring him around but He is alL
Mr. Chas Morris is spending air vaca
tion with his mother. Mr. Morris did
himself great credit in an ectempore
speech at Liederkranz Hall last Friday
Five of the High School graduates
passed the teacher's examinations,
Misses Ellen Bullock, Lilla Jackson,
Amanda Thomas, Martha Pickens,
Georgie Nugent.
It is generally understood that the
teachers in the public schools have been
appointed. This is not true, however.
The slates have been made out, but no
action has been taken by the Board.
A public meeting of the Colored Or
phans' Home will be held tomorrow at
3 o'clock in Quinn Chapel. The meet
ing will be for the purpose of electing
seven directors and other important
Mr. Geo Bailey spent last week in the
city. Mr. Bailey says that he just
missed the Johnstown flood two minutes,
and that the water was as high as the
Eiffel Tower. He came out with fish in
his pockets.
The three Bills or SweetWilliams who
are running the Orphans' Home would
do well to get brooms and spend some
time sweeping the dirt from before their
own doors ere thev attempt to clean
their neighbors' front yards. Deal fair
Madam Selika, America's great Color
ed singer and her husband, Mr. S. W.
Williams, are in the city stopping at 723
Second street. They sang in a concert
last night at Phoenix Hill. They were
supported by Eichorn's orchestra of 40
pieces. This is the first time that Color
ed artistsjhave appeared at this cooling
Colored Crook Caught.
Henry Moore, a Colored man, entered
the house of R. T. Clark, at No. 25
Twenty-third street, about 9:30 o'clock
Saturday night. He was discovered in
the kitchen by a servant a few moments
later and an alarm was raised. Mr.
Clark pursued the burglar along Twenty
third street for two blocks, and run him
into the arms of Officer Feeney, of the
Cottage Grove Avenue station. When
searched two gold watches and chains
were found in his possession. One was
marked "Annie F. Stock," and on the
chain was a gold tipped hair anchor.
Served Him Bight.
Frank Whitney, a resident of Cham
paign, 111., came to Chicago Saturday,
and was enticed into No. 417 South
Clark street by a Colored woman-named
Mollie Sbaw. While there he was rob
bed of $510. The woman was arrested
by Detectives Stewart and Coughlhv
yesterday and identified by Whatarey,
but tbe money was not recovered^ She
is at the Harrison Street Station.,
Change in Minnetonka. Trains.
Commencing Sunday, J^ty 7tn the
Minneapolis & St. Louis, Ry., will run
lake trains as follows: Leave Minne
apolis at 7:05,8:45, 9:35. a. m., 1:30, 5:00
and 6:00 p. m., returning leave Lake
Park at 7:10, 8:05 as
and 10:00 p. m.
i2:35, 3:35, 4:22
4 i*

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