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S Paul MelangreThe Occurre n
ces of tbe Past Week in the
Capital of Minnesota.
Newsy Newsleta.
Mrs. N. Gilliard and daughter are in
Stillwater visiting Mrs. Drake.
Mrs. W. H. Hampton and son Clarence
left Wednesday for an extended visit to
relatives in Cincinnati.
Mrs. Mamie Tebeau and sister Mrs.
W. Harris and Mrs. Fielding Combs left
Sunday for Keokuk, Iowa.
Mrs. Estella Wilkins, 214 Norris street
first class dressmaker. Stylish suits
made for $4 and upward. Satisfaction
guaranteed. evening at Mrs. Harvey Jackson's 541
Sibley street. An excellent programme
was rendered after which dancing was
indulged in.
Visitors to this city will find it to their
advantage to obtain accommodations at
the "Little Ryan," corner of Sixth and
Robert, Mrs. Emma Glover, proprietor.
Terms very reasonable.
Mr. J. R. Hawkins who has been in
the city several days sohciling for the
Kittrell (N. C.) Institute has met with
great success. Many of the leading Col
ored and white citizens have donated
large amounts. Public credit will be
Lawyer McGhee is now permanent
ly located in his office, at Union BPk.,
corner 4th and Cedar Sts., Room 68.
Since here his success has been very
flattering, having handled more than a
dozen cases, civil and criminal, 'and
has several now on hand from the
opinions expressed by members of the
bar and citizens, THE APPEAL bespeaks for
him a prosperous future.
The new Olympic Theatre will open
Monday Aug. 19, the attraction being
"Mile. St. Ormands Midnight Matinee
Co.," in the latest sensational novelty.
"The downfall of man," a burlesque re
plete with pretty women, music, songs,
marches, costumes. In this company
are some of the best specialty stars in
the profession. The company comprises
00 A 1 artists and will be the most novel
and spicy show St. Paul has seen for
many a day.
Grand Reception.
One of the most charming receptions
of the season occurred Monday, from 5
to 8 p. M. It was given by Mesdames T.
H. Lyles and Jas. Thomas, at the elegant
residence of the former, 604 Ashland
avenne, in honor of the visiting ladies.
The spacious parlors of the Lyle man
sion presented a beautiful appearance,
with their elegant furnishings and deco
rations of cut flowers, thronged with
charming ladies and gallant gentlemen.
The especial guests weie the visiting
Miss Edith V. Moidecai of St. Louis,
black satm, corsage, natural flowers,
Miss Lulu Johnson, St. Louis, white
silk, henrietta, pearls.
Miss Matilda Roberson, St. Louis,
cream albatross, natural flowers, dia
Miss Mickie Cooke, Washington, D.
C, corn colored ottoman silk, natuial
floweis, diamonds.
Mrs. Boswell of New Orleans, black
silk, lace, diamonds.
Mrs. D. T. Washington, Detroit, black
silk, natural flow ers, diamonds.
The charming hostesses wese attired
as follows.
Mrs.T. H. Lyles black lace o\er pink
satin, natural flowers, diamonds.
Mis J. A. Thomas, white embroidered
costume, no ornaments.
The St. Paul ladies present pere:
Mrs. F. Williams, lavender satin
directoire style.
Mrs. Cairie Hubbard Webb, navy blue
Mrs J. K. Hilyard, wine colored bro
caded velvet, diamonds.
Mis. T. H. Griswold, cream pongee
Mrs C. F. Will, ins, black lace.
Mrs. F. L. McGhee, black silk, dia
Mrs. Andrew Bell, black surah silk,
natural flowers.
Mrs. B. H. Wilson, black satin, lace
Mrs. M. D. Pettis, white oriental lace,
corsage bouquet, diamond
Mrs, Phil Hunton, black lace, dia
Mrs. F. Parker, black lace.
Mrs. Jas. Loomis, black silk, crimson
Mrs. Wm. Davis, ashes of roses tailor
made cloth suit.
Mrs. Allen French, black silk.
Mrs. L. A. Roberson, black silk, dia
Mrs. Watkins, black silk, fish-net over
dress, diamonds,
Mrs. R. C. Howard, lavander silk,
omental lace.
Mrs. Charlie Bush, cream pongee,
(natural flowers.
Mrs. J. E. Henderson, black henri
etta cloth.
Mrs. Will Hilyard, black silk.
Mrs C. H. Holden, black silk.
Mrs Harvey Jackson, wine colored
silk, velvet trimmings, diamonds
Mrs J. H. Moore, black silk.
Mis. J. H. Thomas, black satin.
Mrs. R. Gray, Minneapolis, black silk.
Miss Celia Robinson, accordion serge
skirt, natural flowers.
Miss Florence French, white mull,
omental lace, diamonds.
Miss Alice Thompson, crushed straw
berry cashmere, directoire costume.
Miss Willa Henderson, black lace over
green silk.
Miss Mary Hunton, drab henrietta,
natural flowers, diamonds.
The gentlemen present were:
Messrs. M. D. Washington, Detroit,
J. R. Hawkins, Kittrell, N. C, H, G.
Rodgers, St. Louis, V. A. Henley, Min
neapolis, W. R. Morris, Minneapolis.
G. A. Gooden, Chas. James, Wm. Davis,
Jos. Bess, Bruce Bryant, M. E. isingle
ton, W. A. Hilyard, Frank Roberson, R.
C. Howard, C. F. Wilkins, F. L. Mc
Ghee, A. J. Bell, M. D. Pettis, J. K.
Hilyard, C. F. Adams.
During the reception, excellent music
was furnished by the Hilyard Quadrille
Pilgrim Baptist Church.
prottirccive oTnitwit good/and'
the election of trustees on the 6tb inst.,
was satisfactory to all. Those retiring
haye the hearty thanks of the people at
large. They were with the church in its
stormy day, and rendered good service.
The new trustees are Messrs. Chas. Mar
tin, J. B. Johnson, and J. H. Hirkley.
Many of these young men have our sym
pathy and support in their work.
Wednesday evening Bible study, is
proving helpful and one of the needful
Six o'clock Sunday morning prayer
meetings are proving powerful agents
for good. May more try to come. Our
covenant meeting was one that stirred
the coldest heart, and put new life into
the deadest of dead Christians. The at
tendance was very large. In the after
noon the pastor and a good portion took
part in the unique missionary meeting
held at the Goodrich ave church it was
real missionary in its spirit, and real in
The ever increasing congregation that
greeted the pastor was one among many
other signs that the pi ogress was made
by Pilgrim Baptist church, in the last
ten months, has been of that truly
healthful nature. Solomon's temple went
up, without noise or bustle, so true
growth and development are brought
about by silent forces.
The Woman's Foreign Missionary so
ciety meets at Mrs. Foggs, 274 Arundel
street, Monday at 4 o'clock p. m.
Concert and lemon squeeze given by
classes No. one and two of our Sunday
school Thursday evening the I5th inst,
at 8 o'clock. Something new. Be sure
you see it all.
Mrs. M. J. Jackson of Jacksonville,
111., who has been with us for sometime
is to leave for her home this week. She
has accomplished much in this citv by
way of an organization, and has been
the means of resurrecting along dead
and buried society. Her pluck and per
severance we don't often find among our
women. She believes that he can con
quer who thinks he can.
St. James A. M. E Church.
God has planted in the human breast
a love fur the good, the beautiful and
the true, and this instinct will ahvajs
assert itself. True merit will always
win in the end, and a church that will
hold high standards and untalteringly
seek to be just what God designs will
always succeed. But men or chuiches
that compromise with wrong in order
to win temporary advantages find that
God's vengence awaits them further on.
The services last Sabbath morning
proves that blessings of the Loid rest
on the church-
After a glorious spiritual time without
noise or ceremony, $70.60 were contii
buted to the cause of the Gospel, $40 00
of this being presented to the trustees by
the Benevolent Committee, ana $30.50
being the first dollar money contribu
tion to the coming Conference.
There are not ten members who will
not be named in the annual conference
minutes as having done their duty in
this respect.
At night, Prof. J. R. Hawkins, princi
pal of Kittrell Insritute, Kittrell, N. C,
entertained the people with a glowing
and eloquent account of the progress of
education in the South.
The Professor is a young man of good
education, a plain, pointed and eloquent
speaker and carries with him the evi-ters
of his thorough consecration to his
chosen work. The Institute is fortunate
in being so ably represented and can
look for substantial aid from this citv.
Southern Baptist Church
To the public!
Owing to the call being ignored and
certain unholy bygones being infringed
upon in a diocese named by Rev. Wm.
Gray, we deem it uecessary to call the
entiie membership together at some fu
ture time which will be announced.
Deacons of S,
High mass will be celebrated at the
Colored Catholic church at 10:00 o'clock
a. m. to-morrow, Father Sullivan officiat
ing. Sunday school at 12 m. Evening
services at 7 30 conducted by Father
A pleasant picnic was given at Spring
Park Thursday by Messrs. Frank Rober
son and Charles James in honor of
visitors. A pleasant day was passed
dancing, eating and drinking.
One of the nicest places in the city to
get table board is Hotel de Mink, No.
66 IS. Sixth street. If you haven't been
there go and learn for yourself.
FOB SALE.A brand new silver valve
Lyon & Healy cornet,
fice of THK APPEAL.
Apply at the of-
Minneapolis and Minneopolitans
and Their "Where-ahouts
and What abouts.
Personal Pick-ups.
Minneapolis has an increase of about
500 Colored inhabitants.
You can get THE APPEAL at A. H.
Watkins barber shop 254 4th ave. S.
Mrs. A. J. Joyce has been on the sick church, to underta
list, with brain fever, she is much better, of.
Prof. Arthur Langston of St. Louis.was
in our city Monday visiting Mrs. Napier.
The decorations in the St. Peters
church during the Bishops stay were su
413 1st ave. N.
Miss L. Freeman who for several
months has been visiting in the South
returned Tuesday.
Mr. CLas. Gillespie of Milwaukee,
Wis has been visiting his sister, Mrs.
C. W. Mason of this city.
Miiss M. Boone of Northfield, Minn,
was in the city Sunday and Monday vis
iting her daughter Nettie.
Mrs. Geo. Williams will leave next
Wednesday for her home in Sedalia,
Mo., by the way of Chicago.
Miss Magg Freeman has moved to
2022 10th ave. S. taking apartments in
the house of R. H. Williamson.
Bros'. Jacobs, Morgan and Harris of
St. James Church, St. Paul, spent the
Sabbath in our city, also Mrs. Jackson.
Preparations are being made for the
emancipation celebration Sept. 22d,
which will likely take place at the expo
Mrs. B. Day of Faribault, is now a
resident of our city also Mrs. B. Rogers
of the same place is an addition to our
society here.
Miss Annie T. Coleman of St. Louis
who has been the guest of Miss Octavia
V. Woods, 517 10th ave S for several
weeks, left Monday for her home.
Mr. Saunders left Monday eve for
Washington, C. where he will spend
several eeks. From there he will go
Atlantic City, N. J., returning in about
five weeks.
Don't forget the Japanese wedding at
the St. Peters A. M. E. Church next
Tuesday evening. A large selection of
talent ill render this the most pleasant
affair yet given.
A number of ex-soldiers of Fort Shaw
Becauha, and other places, are in the
city, and with the assistance of our act
ive young cilzens will endeavor to orga
nize a military company.
The Crazy Tea Party entertainment at
the Bethesda Baptist church Thursday
evening proved a very pleasant affair
as the hall was crowded. The pro
gramme was a very unique and pleasant
The picnic given at Spring Park Thurs
day proved a very pleasant one. None
but those having been invited joined in
the light fantastic, or participated around
the festive board. The elite of the
Twin cities were present and made the
affair one of the most pleasant vet given.
Bishop J. M. Brown arrived in the
city from Helena, Mont., and was taken
to the residence of Rev. R. H. William
son, 2022 10th ave., S. It was announc
ed in our last issue that he would preach
at the St. Peters on Sunday morning
and at the St. James Sunday evening.
In the morning a large audience sat and
listened to a logical and eloquent ser
mon from the esteemed bishop. After
the sermon a collection of about $9 was
taken up. The general class was largely
attended and for nearly two hours the
Christian hearts were ablaze with love
and thanksgiving to their Father. The
Monday morning Tribune said that Sun
day was a red letter day with the St.
Peters church it proved to be with all
of our churches. Not only the St. Pe
was crowded, but the Bethesda,
Baptist church at 505J Washington ave.
S., also, as we have said, the St. James
on the East side.
A very pleasant time was had at the
surprise party given in honor of the
evening July 29, 1889, at 507 4th St. S
it being their birthdays. Miss Peari
Summers of Chicago being 15 years old
and Miss Mamie Jackson of this city be
ing 16. Dancing was indulged in till
were all seated in a room while the two
young ladies were seated in the center
of the room. A short address was made
byA. G. Plumer, who presented the
birthday cakes, during which time the
band played "Home Sweet Home" very
low and sweet After serving refresh
ments the young folks resumed the dan
cing. Among those present were Misses
Fannie Allen, Fannie Burke, Fannie
Johnson, Florence Johnson, Mamie
Samuels, Mamie Crosel, Minnie Craw
ford. Mittie Boone, Mary McNea1,
-'nii' i
1 4^jh
Misses Summers and Jackson Monday to an interesting talk from Bishop
Brown on his travels west. The dis
course was a pleasant one, filled with
encouragement for the young people to
go West and live. He told of the supe
rior advantages there to what we have
about midnight when the young folks here. Rev. Henderson also made some
very encouraging remarks, After the
speaking the bishop was received in the
parlors down stairs, where the elite of
the city mingled with the many in ma
king it the most happy and pleasant af
fair ever had in Minneapolis. Around
the honored festive board sat Bishop
Brown, Revs'. Henderson, C. H. Thomas
and Williamson. Mr. and Mrs. C. W.
Mason, Mesdames E. Coleman and
Williamson. Lawyer Morris and Mr.
Wm. Wheaton. Thus has the bishop
spent his time in Minneapolis.
Buckner, Alice Gillam, Carrie Young,
Carrie Crawft rd, Mrs. L. Walker, Mrs.
Alice Turner, Messrs. J. Jackson, Zed
Harris, Jesse Jackson, Geo. Brady, Gus
Plummer, John Blackburn, Randolph
Lavson, Chas. Johnson, Z. Hawkins,
Eugene Crawford, Wm.jLisbon, U, Sum
mers, Balph Gray, Jesse Brooks, Jas.
Cannon, Amos Smith, E. Patten, Jno.
Samuels, Wm Taylor, Wm. Jeffrey, Mr.
and Mrs. C. L.
Wm. Smith, Mr.
ans, Mr. and Mrs
of arrangements:
Cunningham, E. E
C. Allen. Music by
Mrs. M. Roone
Boone of Nortbfiel
Austin, visited a
with Miss Mittie
"God moves in
wonders to perform
Thomas was remove'
M. E. Church, he
James A. M. E. on
would take too
fice it to say was
sometime before
with a Colored ch
church was erected
the Colored pop
was e'rected prv.e~r-
nex Harmonia hall on the 22d of
Mrs. R. Hopkins is visiting Mrs. N. Chas. Newton, J. L. Neal, Elder Treyan
Moore at 216 3d St. and Mrs. Morgan of
years ago, the city's pride sank into a
blank reminiscence of the past. All ef
fort was then turned to what has now
consumatedin the beautiful chuich edi-
ficeSt. Peters. The St. James slowly
faded into something of the past. Min
isters came and left without success and
the church became dead to its organiza
tion and to the interest of Minneapolis
church goers. Rev. Thomas as we have
said, took charge of this historic little
ediScei but not a congregation. Think
ing to go over and view the little church
and listen to the sermon of Bishop
Brown, we visited the St. James last
Sabbath evening. On entering we found
the church crowded with people mani
festing the greatest interest in the ser
vices and the welfare of the church.
Bishop Brown preached a plain, practi
cal sermon one not of eloquence, but of
profound logic and sense. After which,
two little children were baptized by
Bishop Brown. Tbe little ones were
Masters Theodore H. Rice and George
Paul Griffin. A liberal collection was
given by the congregation. Rev. C. H.
Thomas should be credited with the
success of St. James.
on, Mr. and Mrs.
Mrs. Cleve Hog-
rcas. Committee
id Hogans, Jas.
ds. C. L. Britton,
ke's band.
id *son, Robt. L.
td C. C. Boone of
days this week
one of this city.
sterious way his
After Rev. C. H.
omSt. Peters A.
charge of the St.
last Side. This
to give a history
time, but suf
i'lnany years ago
Paul was blessed
edifice. This
pi was the pride of
pf the two cities
in Si^PftuL
was confined td
On Monday the topic of conversation
was of Bishop Brown and the churches.
The bishop was entertained at Rev. H.
R. Williamson's Monday, being met
about 2 p. m. by the trustees of St. Pe
ters and a few invited guests of whom
were: Rev. C. H. Thomas,of St. James,
Messrs. Wm. B. Morris, Solomon Saun
ders, A. G. Plummer, Monroe Brown
and Z W. Mitche 3Jhe-officers were:
Mes rs. J. L. Neal, John Gibson, R. C.
Marshall, F. L. Anderson, and E. A.
Mitchell. About 3 o'clock all gathered
around the festive board and were serv
ed to a most excellent repast piepared
by Mrs. Williamson. The bishop sat at
the head of the table with Rev. Thomas
on his right and J. L. Neal on his left.
Rev. J. M. Henderson and Prof. Haw
kins of N. came over from St. Paul
late but found plenty of chicken await
ing them and were happy. After din
ner carriages were prepared, and the
bishop was taken for a ride. Seated
with him were Rev. Henderson, J. L.
Neal, and R. C. Marshall while Prof.
Hawkins, Rev. Williamson Rev. E. A
Mitchell and F. L. Anderson composed
another party. THE APPEAL was associ
ated with Rev. C. H. Thomas behind the
pastor's trotter. The diive was taken
over the most beautiful parts of the city,
to the Lake of the Isles, where J. L.
Neal's residence was reached and the
scenes of a most unique christening took
place as the party stopped to quench
their thirst by water. The little chil
dren were seen playing around the
yard and were gathered in and christen
ed by Bishop Brown. Mr. R. C. Mar
shall and Miss Maggie Freeman acted as
god-father and mother for John L., age
three years. Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Ander
son for Chas. F., age 18 months. Mrs.
Hattie Williamson and Z. W. Mitchell
for Cora Hattie, age five weeks. Mr.
Neal has another boyWillie, who was
not christened. The drive was then re
sumed, and the beautiful boulevards of matter.s of thisChicago kind
Lake Calhoun and Harriett were taken
in. About 8 o'clock p. m. the party
reached home, where they found the
St. Peters church waiting to receive the
bishop with Revs'* J* M. Henderson, C.
H." Thomas and Wlflialijsbh. The Rev.
Bishop entered the pulpit. After pray
er by Rev. Henderson, who also intro
duced tne speaker, the audience listen
Benjamin Jones, Colored, of Colum
bia, Pa., had been a sufferer from rheu
matism for many years. He sent to a
voodoo doetor, who advised him to take
a tincupfal of saltpeter, stating that this
was a sure cure for his disease. He
took the dose, and fears are now enter
tained that the care may be permanent
and confined.
Chicago's Haps and Mishaps and
Items of General Interest Ga
thered by the Staff of
APPEAL Reporters,
Mrs. J. E. Porter is quite ill.
Harp Swingler has gone to Elgin for a
Minneapolitanits and aYte a meetinUgChelw
in hall 110 Washington ave. S., by Rev.
an one or two others the city some
Mrs. Eliza Jones 3614 Butterfield street.
If you wish a just, fearless and pro
gressive paper,subscribe for THE APPEAL.
Mrs. J. E. Wright is still very sick
from a fall received while on her recent
An excursion will arrive here from
Evansville, Ind., Sunday morning Aug.
The North Side Colored State Militia
is not doing much. What is the matter
Furnished rooms for gentlemen only,
at Mrs. S. Gant's, 2136 and 2138 State
Miles Ellis son of J. E. Bish has been
sick for the past twro
C.H. Tipton has opened a saloon at men are late employees of the city but
1725 State street.
Henry Griswold will spend his vaca
tion in Lake Villa.
Mrs. W. M. Boudin, left Tuesday for
an extended trip to Omaha.
Mr. A. B. Prewitt of Georgetown Ky.,
is in the cit a
guestf of^
gelf^o^^ire" meal a
weeks but issligh ly
Nice furnished room for gentleman
and lady or two gentlemen at 1704 Dear
born street.
If you have amthi to say to the
Colored people of Chicago, insert it in
Mis. A. E Anderson is getting up a
knee drill concert to take place at
Bethel soon.
Mr. J. C. Stewart fermerly of 2700
Butterfield street has removed to 5430
Wright street.
Remember the picnic to be given by
St. George Commandery at Island Park
Monday Aug. 12.
Rev. C. L. Fisher preached an i uter
estmg sermon at Shiloh Baptist church
last Sunday evening.
Did you read the account of the
Emancipation picnic in the Times?
And do you still take paper.
Miss Mary E. Brittou of Lexington,
Ky., is in the city the guest of Mrs.
John Williams, 58 Arbor Place.
Alderman Jas.'Dunnington has given
his shop a coat of paint and fixed things
up in good shape for winter trade.
Mrs Mahala E. Johnson of Montgom
ery, Ala., is the guest of her uncle Mr.
D. D. Lacy, 353 W Madison street.
Prepare for a grand entertainment by
the Excelsior Litetary Club ofEngle
wood. It will take place at Bethesda.
It will soon be time to select County
Commissioners. Let us make a unan
imous effort to get a Colored candidate.
Messrs. Pope and Smith, 121 Lake St.
will clean and repair your clothing and
make it as good as new. Give them a
Sunday afternoon from 3 to 5 can be
very profitably spent at 104 22d where
all are welcome to the spiritualistic
Rev. Jordon Cbavis has left the city
city for the southern part oftheeijate.
He has been sick for a few days but is
better now.
Uncle Bill has asked some of the boys
to organize their political clubs for the
fall campaign. They say the early bird
gets the worm.
Mr. J. G. Harper, who was hurt about
four weeks ago bile working for tbe
Northwestern R. R., has recovered and
returned to work.
We have not heard from the societies
about the proposed Colored Orphans
Home Wil still hand back in
John Brown Post No. 50 bids fair to
be one of the largest Colored Posts in
the United States. Every meeting com
rades are mustered in.
The patriotit sons of America are
making great effort to organize camps
among the Colored people but up to
date with little success.
A dozen Colored boys were locked up
Sunday at Warren Avenue station for
"shooting craps" at the West Side Driv
ing park at 25 cents a throw.
Alderman F. C. Vierling is the popu
lar alderman among the Second warders.
Well Frank is a friend to us and knows
you wherever he meets you.
You will soon begin to receive invita
tions from the many social clubs of the
city to skip the light fantastic toe as the terms. Enclose postage stamp for reply
season will open one month more.
Miss Belle Masfey who only a short
time ago was a decent girl, was found
on the streets drvnk this week and sent
to the house of the Good Shepherd.
Mrs. J. S. Tandy has returned to Chi
cago after a four months visit with rela
Tandy now resides with Mrs J. W. Wi.
Hams 2725 Butterfield street.
Red pepper, revolvers and rowdyism
and B's.. out South Thursday), hai1 and
Mrs. E. McLane was assaulted on
Harmon Court Thursday afternoon by
Mrs. Clem Youug. The cause of the
trouble was Mrs. McLane was a witness
for the state in a rape case against Clem
Young, who was sentenced to one year
in the penitentiary. Mrs Young was
placed under a $300 peace bond of one
Ransom and Rhodes have opened a
saloon at 2120 State street where the
Second Warders can get their fine
liquors and cigars. Both of the gentle-
David C. did not want their services
any longer on the Police force or health
office as he needed their places for
Knights of the Razor's Picnic.
The barbers picnic which had been
erest took place as advertised at IslandF
Park, Momence, Monday and while a
nice affair in most particulars had an
unfortunate and tragic occurence indi
rectly connected with it. Ed. Bennett
and Cal Duncan two well known men of
this city had an altercation concerning
an alleged insult offered by the former
to the latters wife which was resented
by Dunban who said: "Any man whohere
insults my wife will have to bring out
gun or razor and go to fighting, fists will
not do" at the same time he drew a re
volver and fired two shots at Bennett
both of which struck him killing him
instantly. Duncan then walked to the
depot to wait for the trdin. Officer Rusk
commonly known by the soubriquet of
"Midnight" who was on duty at the
grounds when he learned what had oc
curred went to the depot and ordered
Duncan to surrender who answered by a
shot from his pistol which passed
through the lap of the officers coat and
buried itself in the leg of a white man
standing by. Rusk made a rush for his
man and a desperate struggle ensued
the crowd of picnickers who up to this
time had been completely demoralized
made a concerted attack on the mur
derer and fired a number ofshots at him
only one of which however struck him
in the arm, but he was cut up very
badly with razors and knives by the
maddened men and women. He
not so badly injured as was at first re
ported and was placed under arrest.
Duncan is a janitor in the Insurance ex
change building on La Salle street and
has a bad reputation, Bennett was not
so good as he might have been but
hardly deserved his fate. In justice to
the barbers, it may be stated the affair
did not occur on the picnic grounds, but
at the town of Momance, some distance
away where the parties concerned had
been drinking. The barbers are not to
blame for the presence of these people
at their picnic and they regret the ter
rible tragedy exceedingly.
Belshazzar's Feast.
The beautiful cantata ''Belshazzar's
Feast," by Geo. F. Root, will be render
ed at Olivet church Tuesday and Wed
nesday evenings Aug 27 and 28. The
cantata is under the direction of Madam
F. A. Powell and consequently must be
a musical success. The cast of the prin
cipals is as follows: Belshazzar, king of
Babylon, Mr. Geo. W. Mead Nitocns.
queen, Mrs. Julia Plummer Burgess
Daniel the prophet, Mr. Elias Perry
Jewish maidens, Misses Daisy Bobinson,
Fannie Buchanan, Delia Blake Hanan
iah, Mrs. Edward, alternate Mr, Geo
White Lord and Lady of the court, W.
H. Payne, Mrs. Hettie Reed High
Priest, Mr. D. P.Peyton. Mrs. J. H.
Raymond, leading soprano. Miss Ger
tie Jackson, organist. Misg Gertie
Washington, pianist. Rev. Jordan Cba
vis, reader. There will be a full and
strong chorus composed of 45 leading
singers from Quinn Chapel, Bethel and
Bethesda churches. This will be a no
table event in muoical circles.
Joined the Silent Majority.
Last Suuday morning Mr. Nathaniel
Harrison, father-in-law of Officer M.
Douglass, of West Chicago Station died
at La Porte, Ind., of hemorrhage of
the brain. Mr. Harrison was a native
of Crab Orchard, Ky., and was about 59
years of age. He was highly respected
in the community in which he lived,
and owned considerable property was
a Knight Templar and a member of the
A. M. E. Church. His funeral occurred
Important! Bead!
Here is a chance for you to make big
money. No humbug, no chestnut, but
BUSINESS! We wish to employ a num
ber of industrious ladies and gentlemen
to introduce our work something that
every one wants, clean and easy work,
good pay. The right person can coin
money. We pay salary or give commis
sion. If you are not satisfied with your
business, writ_
tivey in Council Bluff, Iowa. Mrs. Sargeant is a Davenporter and her many
friends gladly welcome her back to her
old home.
Miss Timme and grandmother Mrs
caused a general fight between the B's. Jenkins, will leave for Galesburg on
Miss Timme is a charming youngnmiss.
earrings flew while the female melee was 8e
and get our
PHOTOARAPH Co., Box 812, Austin, Minn.
Davenport, Iowa.
Miss W. Sargent of Nashville, Tenn.,
accompanied by her cousin, Miss Ad
ams, are visiting in Davenport. Miss
t-. t. i A*e W*/itiaa
i_ progress, but revolvers were th wea
pons used by the men and blood would
have been Bhed had it not been for the
timely arrival of an officer.
a host of friends i the
trii-. cities, vj^.
The Second Baptist church of Rock
Island gave their annual picnic last Sat
urday at Searles Island
j* ~V? r* ,Mf
$2.00 PER YEAR
Louisville LaconicsA Record of
the Happenings Among: the
Colored Residents of
Kentucky's metropolis.
Mrs. Susan Talbottis visiting in Bloom
Mr. Daniel Gaddie has returned from
Mrs. Kate Stone iB visiting relatives
near Bloomfield.
Rev. H. Campbell ot New Castle was
iu the city this week.
Mr. John Bradsford passed through
the city this week enroute to Evaons*
Mrs. W. HTjohnson of Memphis nee
Jennie Wise, will remain in the city un
til October.
Mrs. Josie Chrutcher after a pleasant
stay in Indianapolis, returned to the
city this week.
The young men's eyes are looking big.
Mrs. Josie Crutcher's brother who is
on a visit is cutting a dash.
Mr. Alex Ta3lor has had the smiles
for a week he accompanied a young la
day from Indianapolis to tbe city.
Misses Mary Bell and Belle Jackson
gave an evening party to their friends
last Tuesday evening. The evening was
pleasantly spent, and everyone enjoyed
the occasion.
Everybody go to the musicale and
Dolly Varden festival to*be given at the
Lampton St. Baptist church Monday
evening Aug. 12,1689, by the committee
on new benches. Go and see. The
church is very attractive.
The second district conference of the
A. M. E. Zion church opened in 15th
street church Wednesday morning at 10
o'clock. The sessions were presided
over by Rev. Wm. H. Chambers. The
conference was well attended by minis
ters and delegates from various parts of
the state.
The committee on new benches of tbe
street Baptist church will give
a grand musicale by some of the best
talent of the city after which a Dolly
Varden festival Monday evening Aug.
12, 1839, at the Lampton St. Baptist
church, bet. Pres. and Jackson. Every
body is invited to attend, and help to
get ready for the general association
which convenes the following week.
The price of admission will be small. H.
M, Beauchamp, chairman Lucy John
son, secrelarj Lizzie Bates, treasurer.
Doings in Duluth.
Miss Julia Richey left Duluth for De
troit, Mich., wiieie she will spend a
week or two with her mother and other
The St. Marks church organized a
Sunday school tke 4th lust, there being
about 20 pereoi.s present, and tbe fol
lowing officers wer* elected J. H.
Simms. superintendent C. W. Dorpey,
assistant superintendent Mies M. Gar
land, secretary Miss 57. E. Byan, assist
ant secretary Miss Lillie, treasurer.
Mr. John Lewis of tins city left for
Chicago on the 6th, where he will reside
If at any time ihe representative of
THE APPEAL should, make a mistake in
he Duluth columns, I will gladly make
a proper correction, as it is not my dis
pos tion to favor any individual, but to
give all equal justice. I therefore cor
rect the finance report of the St. Marks
A. M. E. church which appeared in Ihe
previous issue. The companies report
as follwing Company A W. H. Bryant
Capt. solicited subscription to the
amount of $101.50 and collected of that
amount 50 cents. Company Mrs. J.
Coleman as Capt., solicited subscrip
tion to the amount of $139.75 and col
lected out of that amount $129.50 and
$10.25 to collect Miss Mamie Hall Capt.
of company solicited subscription to
the amount of $108 00 and collected out
of that $46 00. Total collection $205.0.
and total uncollected $139 25. $6 40 of
receipt of refreshments added to $205.00
equals $211.40 deposited in the First
National Bank of Dulutb. J. H. Simms
secretary, J. M. Murphy treasurer.
Bare Sport,
Some men will stand all day with a
rod and line in hand and wait unmur
muringly for a fish to come up and get
caught. They don't care about the
weather or fatigue. It puzzles some,
but a patient angler always says that
when the fish does come, tbe excitement
of the catch rewards him amply for ev
erything he has endured. There is
thing like sportive enthusiasm. Satisfy
your desires in that direction by ta
king a trip over the St Paul & Duluth
Railroad, to points where the fish bite.
The Duluth Short Line is tbe best route
to and from St. Paul, Minneapolis, Du
luth, West Superior, White Bear Lake
and other points. Information cheer
fully furnished on application to A.
Plough, General Passenger Agent, St.
Paul, Minn.
Picnic at Tacoma.
Tacoma, Washington. Aug. 4th. A
grand picnic was given August 1st, un
der the management of F. Dishmore,
J. W. Mason, and J. W. Lander way.
There were 100 in all ont for a day of
fun.good music.fcood behavior and a good
time for all. Mr. E. R. Roberts, mana
ger of the Wapato park, says, it was the
best party be has had since the park
has been open.

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