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St Paul Melange-The Occurren
ces of the Past "Week in the
Capital of Minnesota.
Newsy Nevcslets.
Mrs. Geo. Duckett is very sick at her
Mr. and Mrs. M. Powell left Tuesday
for Helena, Mont.
Mrs. William Alston and son, left for
Cleveland, O., Monday.
Miss Ida McRoy of Kansas City is
visiting Mrs. Albert Robinson.
FOB SALE.A brand new silver valve
Lyon & Healy cornet. Apply at the of
fice^ OLT^^A^PEAL^-^^ *$$f4*er*$
Mrs. EBtella Wilkins, 214 Norris street
first class dressmaker. Stylish suits
made for $4 and upward. Satisfaction
Mrs. J. W. Hackeney and daughter
Gracie have returned from a visit to
Grand Rapids and Chicago.
One of the nicest places in the city to
get table board is Hotel de Mink, No.
56 E. Sixth street. If you haven't been
there go and learn for yourself.
Mrs. Harriet Jackson and Misses
Mamie and Hattie "Weir of Minneapolis,
were the guests of Mrs. Mary Walker of
Fuller street, for the past week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Hilyard enter
tained at dinner Thursday, Mrs. T. R.
C. Taylor of Warrendale, Mrs Lizzie
Morris of Louisville, Mr. C. F. Adams of
Mr. J. J. Allen is the happiest man in
town and it was all caused by a little 10
pound girl who appeare at his house
last Saturday. He is already building a
13,000 house for her.
Visitors to this city will find it to their
advantage to obtain accommodations at
the "Little Ryen," corner of Sixth and
Robert, Mrs. Emma Glover, proprietor.
Terms very reasonable.
High mass will be celebrated at the
Colored Catholic church at 10*00 o'clock
a. m. to-morrow, Father Sullivan officiat
ing. Sunday school at 12 m. Evening
services at 7 30 conducted by Father
At the picnic next Wednesday by the
young men of the Hotel Ryan there will
be a match game of base ball for a spec
ial purse, betwaen the Eagles of Minne
apolis, W. Taylor Captain, and the Ryan
Club of St. Paul, Jos. Graves, Captain.
A houee of ill fame at No. 469 St. Peter
street, kept by Mrs. Calias Brown, Col
ored, was pulled by the police Monday
night. Mrs. Brown, two Colored women
inmates, and three male visitors were
caught. They were fined $10 each by
Judge Burr the next morning.
The new Olympic Theatre will open
next Monday Aug. 19, the attraction
being "Mile. St. Ormmds Midnight
Matinee Co.," in the latest sensational
novelty, "The down fall of man," a bur
lesque replete with pretty women, music,
songs, marches, costumes. In this com
pany are some of the best specialty stars
in the profession. The company com
prises 30 A 1 artists and will be the most
novel and spicy show St. Paul has seen
for many a day.
Mr. George Brown the original pro
prietor of The Rialto, No. 378 Minnesota
street, has again taken possession of the
of the restaurant. He has renovated the
whole place and has re-papered and
painted it on a nice attractive style mak
ing it one of the neatest eating houses in
the city. He has placed the price of
regular meals at 15 cents and serves the
best meals to be found in the city at
that piice. A visit to his place wil. con
vince the most skeptical. Give him a
call. Meals to order at all hours.
The members of the St. James A. M.
E. church will tender to their pastor
Rev. John M. Henderson a testimonial
on Monday eve. Aug 26tb, in the Ma
sonic Hall on Jackson street. All of his
friends and wellwishers and the public
are respectfully invited to be present.
A fine programme of literary exercises
will be given by some of the most tal
ented people of both cities. Among the
strangers that will be present are: Mrs.
Bishop Brown and son, the Rev. D. P.
Brown of Washington, D. also the
Rev. Scott, B. Jones of Helena, M. T.
The programme will be under the man
agement of Mrs. T. H. Lyles and Mrs.
F. M. Williams. Refreshments will be
served. Price of admission 10 cents.
Mars Lodge Complimented.
St. Paul, Minn., Aug. 10th, 1889.
Mr. J. W. Smith, Secretary Mars
Lodge G. U. O. O F. St. Paul.
Dear Sir: I wish to thank your lodge
for their patronage to Spring Park Au
gust 1st, and to say that with one excep
tion your picnic was the largest this
season. I would especially mention
your Committee Messrs, Jackson and
McCoy and would say that the success
of the picnic was due in a great measure
to their efforts. The Manner in which
Mr. McCoy made the settlement dem
onstrates a thorough knowledge of rail
way business. Trusting I may be able
to meet your committee of 1890 and
make arrangements with them I remain
Yours Truly,
W. J. Dutch, City Past,. Agt.
Don't a Clam!
This expression has perhaps a chest
nutty flavor, and yet it gives such a pun
gent suggestion in the way of good ad
rice that we venture to use it as a text.
A clam is sluggish,*keeps himself shut
up to all impressions from the world lJ" -i*-"^4
around, buries himself most of the time
in mud or sand, and in general is a stay
at-home from away back. If you want
to get some good out of life, don't act
like a clam, but venture away once in a
while from the place where you were
hern, and see the world. Don't be a
clam by being indifferent what line of
railroad you travel on, but select the one
that is the best in accomodations, fastest
in time, surest in connections"The
Burlington." It goes everywhere
reaches by its own line all important
western cities, aud has excellent? con
nections for all points. For tickets,
rates and any information, call on your
local ticket agent, or addiess W. J. C.
Kenyon, Gen. Pass. Agent, C. B. & N.
R. R., St. Paul, Minn.
St. Paul Churches and Matters
Pertaining: to the Spiritual
Progress of Their
Pastors and People.
The congregation at St. James which is
nevei small continues to grow. A large
number of strangers were present Sab
bath morning and the service closed by
all the people gathering around the
alter to pray with a lady who knelt there
seeking the face of Jesus.
The conference year draws near its
close, Rev. Henderson has been here
now two years and finds himself sur
rounded by friends
hearty band-shakes that greet him
wherever he goes, the warm welcome
that he receives, crowds that never fail
to attend the services all testify of the
'act that the people of St. Paul know
how to treat one who labors unselfishly
for the good of all.
That truth will always triumph was
illustrated Sabbath, a family came to St.
Paul more than a month ago, and were
told by a minister that they ould not
be welcome at St. James church for the
people were stuck-up, last Sabbath hov.
bee misrepresented
act unmanly and wretchedly to succeed
fail in the end.
Sabbath evening there will be no ser
mon as the whole time will be devoted
to general class, all christians and
friende are invited Sabbath evening a
rare tieat is promised to all.
Sabbath Aug. 25th will be a high day
in Zion Revs. Scott B. Jones of Helena,
Mont., and Rev. D. P. Brown, of Wash
ington, D. will be present and preach
at morning and evening services, and at
p. M. sacrament will be administered.
Over 50 persons have already paid
their conference dollar money let all
others come prepared to do so Sabbath.
It is said that a few have been attending
services elsewhere in order to avoid this
duty. Don't do that friends, pay it if
you can, but if you can't, don't sneak
away. There will be an old-fashioned
love feast Friday night Aug. 23d all are
Pilgrim Baptist Church.
God Hbks no man whether he will ac
cept life. That is not the choice. You
must take it. The only choice is, how
our hearts should answer, that I might
live it unto God, we strive daily to learn
the "how." The Wednesday evei ing
Bible class is on the increase, all are
cordia'lv invited to attend, only bring
your "sword of the Spirit." The Lord
graciously visits us in oHr prayer meet
ings. Be sure you meet at 6 o'olack Sun
day morning In the church, or at sister
Anderson Peters. Efforts are being
made to have the Choral club a perma
nent oganization, we want all that love
music to be in it. The Woman's Mis
sionary Society had a very delightful
time, their hearts were warmed up to
the work and they mean to do some
thing for home and foreign work, the
hostess, Mrs. Fogg, at whose houee the
society met, spread a very inviting tea,
of which all partook.
The interest manifested Sunday was
rather more than common, the attend
ance was large and above all on time.
Services begin at the time stated, the
people are coming to understand
that part. Prof. Z. A. Coleman
strengthened the impressions that
were made by his God given
power of voice, the grand old hymn,
"Why Not To-Night?" when sung
by him seemed to have a new charm
many hearts were touched. Bro. Ford,
of Chicago took an active part in our
Sunday school. Our flower mission is
on the increase let more do what they
can in this line, it is the little things
that prove our likeness to Christ.
Those on the sick list need our
thoughts and. prayers, they are sisters
C. Moffat, S. Barker and A. M. Smith,
Bro. Joseph Saltersson passed from this
into abetter world Sunday morning, the
funeral was Monday. At 9 o'clock Sun
day morning pastor Sheafe united in
holy wedlock Mr. H. Harper and Miss
T. Blackman. The literary society will,
open with a full programme in Sept
Let every body get ready.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hackeney enter
tained at lunch Wednesday afternoon,
Mr. and Mrs Albert Robinson, Mrs.
James Banister, Mrs. R. Roberts, Mrs.
J. B. Turner Misses Ida McRoy, E.
Belle Smith, Cora Robinson, Gracie
Should you need anything in the jew
elry line, call on John D. Bodford 380
East Seventh street) and save ten per
cent. Read his advertisement on fourth
Minneapolis and Minneopolitans
and Their Where-abouts
and What-abouts.
Personal Pick-ups.
Mr. C. A. Hogan left for Montreal
Mrs. WHO. Smith spent Sunday in
THE APPEAL office is now in room 4
No. 24 S. Fifth street.
Go to Altman & Co. when you wish to
buy clothes. See ad on 4th page.
Mr. Henry Ward of Detroit arrived in
r^^ 4he~ city Friday, will lifcely^locate here,
afrit* *ur* ^ul^---tr fEt^iK^iiK
everywhere, the principals have dissolved partnership.
When your friends come on a visit to
Minneapolis drop us a card to 24 5th
street S, the dale of their arrival, how
long they will remain and your name
and number.
Miss Florence Johnson entertained at
Hotel Lafayette last Thursday eve. at
Minnetonka: Mrs. A. G. Plummer, Mrs.
Win. Wheaton, Miss Julia Branch and
Miss Jennie Hilyer of Minneapolis.
A musical treat will be tendered our
Minneapolitans Monday eve. at the St.
Peters A. M. E. church. The Pro
ever, they came aud were greeted so -plenty
heartily that they told how things had gramm will be prepared and rendered ^.j Thus, those who
ttr. Thom8^my^iHs%r1^!lori'
ave. St. Louis was in the city Saturday.
Mrs. L. Hooks of Anoka spent Sat
urday last, the guest of Mrs. Geo. Wli
Misses Minnie and Bessie Farr of St.
Paul spent Monday visiting in Minne
Mrs B. H. Wilson of St. Paul was in
the city Monday Visiting her sister Mrs.
Mr. Jeffery and Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liams of St. Paul was over Sunday even
ing to the St. Peters.
Tne Excelsior Scavenger Co., com
posed of J. A. Joyce and J. Middleton
will not be known bv that name as the
by Prof. Coleman, free to all desirous of
Prof. Z. A. Coleman will sing at the A*
M. E. Church Sunday morning at 10.30
A. M. and at the Baptist church in the
evening. The professor is thinking of
organizing a singing class and will teac1*
for $3.00 per month.
The Japanese wedding at the St.
Peters A. M. E. church last Tuesday
eve. proved very successful. The most
pleasant feature of the evening was the
solo singing by Prof. Z. A. Coleman.
Other pleasant features were the French,
German and African medley, sang by
Lawyer Morris, fhe solo singing by
Misses Fannie Allen and F. Johnson
was excellent. The Japanese wedding
scene was quite a novelty all doing well.
About two hundred persons were pres
ent. The committee realizing about
At the residence of Mrs. Lucy Kelly
110 Washington ave. North, last Thurs
day evening was given a most pleasant
party. Among those
Mesdames J. Adams,
Brown, Des Moines B. Martin, Atchin
son, Kas. J. Hatcher, Topeka, Kas.
Miss J. Smith, L. Shafers Messrs. J.
Summeis, C. F. Hogan, C. H. Burch,
Dennis Peckins, W.Johnson, T.Bowels,
Wm. Turner, J. Taylor and Edward
Two thousand dollars to be given
away at the popular Blue Front. Grand
distribution of prizes for 4 weeks. Free
presents for every body buying 50 cents
worth of goods or over at the Blue
Front, 427 Washington ave, S. The
larger the purchase the more valuable
the gift. In order to close out the bal
ance of our summer stock ot dry goods,
ladies and gents furnishing goods, no
tions, etc. The proprietor of the Blue
Front will present every customer buy
ing 50 cents worth or more with a useful
and ornamental article, free of charge.
Remember the Blue Front 427 Washing
ton ave. South.
Humane Mr. Keenan.
John A Dent and Wm. Brown were
arrested and fined $20 each by Judge
Prindiville, for cruelty to animals on
complaint of John Keenan of the Hu
mane Society. Mr. Keenan should turn
his humane optic over on Michigan
avenue where the wealthy cut off the
manes and tails of their horses leaving
them at the mercy of flies and other in
sects, but no it is the poor man that he
is after the others are wheie his salary
eonies from and he might be deprived of
it if he said to much.
Birthday Party.
Miss Sadie Kennedy gave a delightful
birthday party at the residence of Mrs.
Addie Carter 2827 Butterfield street
Aug. 1st. The parlors were beautifully
decorated with flowers, and the guests
began to arrive about 9 p. M. Music was
furnished by Prof. Bert Smith. Danc
ing and games were indulged in until a
late hour. An elegant table of refresh
ments was prepared for the guests.
St. Georgre4*icnic.
Whatever may have been the mis
givings of some people on account of the
tragedy of the 5th inst., at Momence it
did not deter nineteen car loads of plea
sure seekers from attending the St.
George picnic at Island Park last Mon
day. The day was delightful, the crowd
was in good spirits the gallant Sir
Knights did every thing possible to
please their guests and a more' marked
success could not" be wished for. Is
land Park is a natural picnic ground im
proved upon by man and a more delight
ful place cannoV be found within 50
miles of Chicago|. ^Nota wry woid was
spoken on the^ruunds, every one
seemed given up"*ty enjoyment. There
were some bad boys on the train who
got off when stops were made and, with
thoughtless vandalism destroyed the
products ot the gardeners in the vicinity.
Of course they forgot that their acts
hurt not themselves aione but all the
Colored people of Chicago. The com
mittee of arrangement* deserve great
praise for their succ^fulWair and they
can rest assured.:
present were:
St. Paul A.
t|sa every/body will
look forward totfpLr^xt picnic with
St Louis' Social Matters Glean
ings of News Etc. Condensed
Into a Small Space for
APPEAL Readers.
Miss Virginia A Morderai one of our
popular and accomplished young ladies
leturned last Saturday after an extended
visit to Chicago.
THE APPEAL is on sale every week at
John Page's 705N. Uth HuletKirkpat
rick's 1410 Morgan street, and at the St.
Louis office 1002 Franklin ave.
Miss Mary McLeod went to Spring
field, 111., last week. Her object was a
visit to her esteemed friend and former
teacher, Miss Gertrude Wright.
MissLibbieW. Coleman, the genial
and able teacher that was, answers un
der anew name now. We offer congrat
lations to both husband and wife.
The River excursion to be given by
the ladies of the Orphan's Board will
certainly be a splendid affair. It occurs
the 26th inst., and every body is going.
The cause is worthy and there will be
of fun.
Blanche, the sweet little daughter of
Mr. and Mrs., -f. P. Clamorgan,cele
brated her 6th anniversary, the 8th
inst., with a party. Many of her little
gave her presents and wished
her lots of returns of the auspicious day.
Dorcas Ward of AH Saints church gave
the last of a series of lawn parties at the
residence of Mrs. Carter 1822 Morgan
street, Thursday the 15th. These
parties^ have beei\ very successful and
the ladies in charge of them deserve the
thanks of the community.
If you wish to have first class job
printing done bring it to the St. Louis
office of THE APPEAL, 1002 Franklin ave.
We have a complete power printing es
tablishment and can neatly and
promptly execute any work, from a
visiting card to a big poster.
Principal Arthur D. Langston returned
to St. Louis a few days ago from a trip
to the leading cities of Minnesota. He
is delighted with the treatment accorded
him by his friends of the Northwest,
and speaks in highest praise of the en
ergy and intelligence he saw everywhere
Carrol Napier, the youngest son of A.
D. Langston and wife, known every
where as "Todie" had a grand time with
his many acquaintances, last Monday
afternoon at a little folks party. The
event was in honor of his 8th birthday.
The following persons weie fortnnate
enough to be invited: Misses Blanche
and Lettie Reynolds, Blanche Dora,
Mamie Randolph, Blanche and Maud
Clamorgan, Nellie Grant, Camille Roots,
Annie Kelley, and Masters Felix and
Edgar Dore, Clarence Goins, Frankie
Jones, and Rudolph, Addie, Frankie
Barney Zuroweste, and John Kelley.
Master Todie was assited in entertain
ing his guests by his olier brother,
Mercer. The programme for the after
noon and evening conristed of games,
marches, dancing, singing, speeches, etc.
Light refreshments were served. The
company dispersed at 8, perfectly
charmed with the affair. Todie was
wished many recurrences of the happy
District Lodge G. U. O. O.
At the ninth annual session of District
Lodge No. 9, G. TJ. O. O. F. at Galesburg,
111-, last week the following officers were
elected for the ensuing year: Grand
Master, E. Roy Braidwood D. G. M.,
Chas. E. Messer, Harrisburg Treasurer,
Tim Coooper, Chicago Director, A. L.
Harris, Peoria |Secretary, C. R. Johnson,
of Chicago. District visitors C. L. Hill]
Bloomington W. H. Moody, Paris M.
Stanton Cairo.* The District Secretary
Mr. C. R. Johnson of Chicago reported
No. of lodges 36, No. of members 2,000,
amount paid out during the year $3,253.-
45. Value of property $12,567.50. Cash
on hand $8,575.24. No of candidates
who rode goat during the year 200. On
Tuesday evening the delegates were en
tertained at Rev. R. De Baptist's church.
On Thursday four excursions arrived
and the city was filled with strangers.
There was a grand street parade in the
afternoon and entertainment at the rink
at night. Rev. J. W. Laws, Rev. R. De
Baptist, Rev. J. Chavis Messrs. H. A.
Bartlett and E. H. Morris, made short
addresses, D. S., C. R. Johnson read his
annual report.
Mrs. Millie Thomas aged 110 years
died near Hopkinsville, Ky., last Satur
day. She was the mother of 15 children
most of whom are living, the oldest
being 90 years of *ge. She has 75graad-
children and many great-grandchildren.
tSl 1.
Chicago's Haps and Mishaps and
Items of General Interest Ga
thered by the Staff of
APPEAL Reporters,
To the
Autumn Club Picnic
At Willow Springs Aug. 19.
The Colored man's worst enemies are
his fool friends.
Mr. J. C. Allen has secured a position
at Peoria as U. S. Guager.
The Chicago delegation at Galesburg
last week cut quite a swell.
there is no getting around it
Miss Julia Foote the evangelist left
the city last week for New York.
When you wish to irrigate call on W.
Monroe No. 436 Dearborn street.
Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Haskins haye
left the citj to visit relations in the East.
If you wish a just, feailess and pro
gressive paper.subscribe for THE APPEAL.
Mrs. Sarah Jackson's baby boy is now
one month old mother and child both
doing well.
Mrs. William Bush of Louisville, is
visiting Mrs. J. G. Harper 3.30 Dear
born street.
Nice furnished roOm for gentleman
and lady or two gentlemen at 1704 Dear
born street.
Mrs. John Core, of Louisville, Ky., is
visiting Mrs. Roger Williams, No. 1906
Prairie ave.
If you have anything to say to the
Colored people of Chicago, insert it in
Mrs. M. J. Randall has removed from
2949 Dearborn to her own home No.
5337 Dearborn.
Mrs. Delaney and her grandson of
Detroit are visiting Mrs. Turner 2922
Dearborn street.
Mr. St. Clair Jones, of St. Paul, en
route to his home from a trip to Ohio
was in the city Tuesday.
Mrs. Cordelia Coffman of Princeton,
Ind., is in the city visiting Mrs. T. J.
McDongall of Park Manor.
Miss Lucy Walker of Louisville, Ky.,
was in the city last week the guest of
her brother Mr. Levi Walker.
Misses Ida and Blanche Liverpool, of
Cincinnati who were visiting our city
last week returned home Friday.
Trains for the Autumn Club picnic
Monday Aug. 19, will stop at 23d and
Archer ave., 35th and 49th streets.
Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Chapel, Mesdamei
Ada Allison and Jennie A.Owens re
turned from Detroit, last Saturday.
Mr. T. J. Monroe of Cincinnati, en
route to Paris, 111., was in the city this
week the guest of Hon. Geo. Ecton.
Maj. Walter Scott sustained a disloca
tion of his right knee while playing toot
ball at the St. George picnic Monday.
Misses Maggie Jackson of Lexington
and Clemmie Hill, of St. Louis are the
guests of Mrs. P. Ford 519 State street.
Misses Belle and Lou Armstrong of
St. Louis, who were the guests of Mrs.
R. C. Young returned home last Friday.
Two desirable furnishe*1
rooms to rent
at Mrs. N. E Lane's 262 22d street.
She will be pleased to have you give her
a call.
Mrs. Ida Calvert of Evansville, came
over on the excursion Sunday and will
make Chicago her home. Mr. Calvert
will arrive later.
It is rumored that a Colored minstrel
troupe will be organized here to go on
the road in November. That is a bad
month for walking.
For RentTwo new, six-room flats
with water, gas, bath and all modern
improvements No. 3636 Dearborn street.
Low terms. Apply on the premises.
Miss Ella Robinson is the guest of
Mrs. J. H. Kennett No. 915 Forty
seventh street near State. She will
spend a month in the city with friends.
Will Maxwell stole a revolver to shoot
a man last Monday he snapped the gun
at his man but it failed to respond, he
then ran but was subsequently arrested.
Mr. Jones our North side policeman
has proved himself a terror to the
toughs over there. He is a gentleman
of fine physique and a credit to his race.
Hon. Geo. E. Ecton has moved out of
the Third Senatorial District, and you
may look out for aspirants for legisla
tive honors when the time for election
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Foster of 17th
street entertained at dinner Sunday,
Messrs. H. D. Beaus, of St. Louis, Mo.,
Harry Ripke, of Covington, Ky., J. Q.
Adams, of St. Paul.
Mrs. Walter Scott who is visiting an
invalid mother in New York is expected
home shortly. Her daughters Jessie
and Pearlie who are visiting in Louis
ville, Ky., will also soon return.
Mr. J. Earnest Oldbam and Miss Hat
tie J. Seales were quietly married a few
days ago at the residence of Mrs. R. D.
Marshall. They will be pleased to see
their friends at No. 166 N. Wells street.
Mrs. Louis Hunster, of 11 Third Ave.,
on last Thursday, gave a little card party
in honor of her guests Mesdames A. B.
Robinson and Mattie Conway of Spring
field and Mrs. William Newman who
left Friday for Portland, Ore. There
were present the ladies above mentioned
also Mr. and Mrs. L. Jeflerson, Mr. and
Mrs. J'. Fairfax Mesdames H. Harvey
and L. Clhrk Messrs. C. Hack ley, F. C.
Wilson, E. Gordon, J. Maddox, L.
Hunster, THB APPEAL.
There were two notable but unosten
tatious marriages in our city last week
one being that of Mr. Willis R. Stothard
and Miss Gracie Knighton performed
Wednesday at the residence of the bride
and the other Mr. Henry C. Beauford
and Miss Mattie F. Conrad, on Thurs
day, also at the brides residence. Rev.
T. W. Henderson performed the cere
mony for the first mentioned couple and
Rev. J. F. Thomas for the latter. Both
couples stand high in society circles but
both weddings were quiet home affairs
with only a few of the relatives and
friends of the parties present.
Louisville LaconicsA Record of
the Happenings Among- the
Colored Residents of
Kentucky's Metropolis.
Rev. R. T. W. James, of Bardstown,
has lemrned.
Mr Valley Robinson, of Chaplin, was
in the city this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Calvert of Bloomfield,
were in the city this week.
Mrs. Nannie Caldwell has returned
from a vist to fiiends in Springfield.
Miss Brown Combs and Mrs. Mollie
Giundy of Bloomfield are in the city.
Mr. H. C. Weeden the manager has
eturned from the interior of the State.
Miss Lucy Holmes leaves the city to
day for a visit with friends in the State.
Mr. Will Harris is acting chief janitor
of the City Hall, W, H. Wa*d being out
of the city.
Wm. Watson, the Undertaker, 813
Ninth street is prompt and reliable in all
his dealings.
Rev. W. A. Forman and Messrs. L. H.
Williams W. H. Lawson have retuaned
from Indianapolis,
Mrs. Jefferson Brown has returned
from a pleasant visit to friends in Mil
waukee and Chicago.
Bishop W. H. Miles has not yet recov
ered from a severe attack of rheumatism
but is gradually getting better.
Bring your job printing to the Louis
ville office of THE APPEAL, 312 W. Jeffer
son St. Good work at reasonable rates.
Visitors in Louisville cannot find a
better place to get good board and room
than at Mrs. Matilda Brown's No.
West Green street.
It is said very few young chickens are
left in the city. The Methodists held a
a conference in the city last wookand
the Baptists this week. Thoso escaping
death, ron for life but the will returu
home next week.
THE APPEAL is on gale every week at
these places: Bud. Malone's, 509 W.
Green street C. Smith's 411 First street
Henry Norton's, 927 W, Walnut street
J. H. Taylor's, 515 W.Broadway J. H.
Joran's Jackson and Caldwell streets.
Lampton Street Baptist church has
been refitted with patent pews, re
papered an painted, was opened Sun
day. Rev. Dr. W. J. Simmons preached
at 11 A. M. Rev. D. Anderson 3 p. M. and
Dr. Simmons at 8 p. M. arge audiences
attended these services and very hand
some collections were lifted.
I. D. S Club Picnic.
The first annual picnic of the famous
and popular Ideal Social Dancing Club
will be given at Island Park, Momence,
111., Wednesday, August 28th. We de
s're to say since the oeganization of this
club it has always been our aim to choose
first class places for our entertainments
then for our picnic we have chosen Is
land Park. The natural attractions of
this beautiful island have been greatly
enhanced by improvements so artis
tically arranged that the accommoda
tions are unlimited ank such as will add
greatly to the pleasure of our guests.
Boating, fishing, Bathing houses, eating
house, dancing pavilion, carousel, de
lightful water, etc., etc., to this delight
ful resort you are cordially invited to
spend the day. Music by Prof. Ruther
ford's orchestra. Trains will leave Polk
street depot at 10 A. M. sharp over the
C. & E. I. Road, stopping at Archer
ave. and 22d street, 31st street and Engle
wood. Tickets $1 00 children 50 cents.
The club will positively refuse admis
sion to improper characters.
Yours Respectfully,
Louis COLEMAN, President,
W. D. GAINS, Gen. Man.
Doing-g in Duhith.
News reached this city last week of the
death of Mr. E. A. Stubbs which oc
curred on the 1st inst. at the home of his
mother in Atlanta, Ga. The deceased
came to this city about three years ago
and by his gentlemanly disposition
gained many friends to whom the news
of his death brings sorrow. He left
here on the advice of bid physician
about six months ago, hoping to obtain
relief from the consumption but hoped
in vain. He leaves a wife, a son and a
host of relations and friends to mourn
his loss. His widow will return to Du
hith to reside with her brother Mr
Mr. Win. Franklin, of Detroit, Mich.,
an employe on a lake steamer who had
his leg broken last week and was sent to
St. Lukes hospital is progressing nicely.
Look out for the base ball games Aug.
!*2J %h. Mi
$2.00 PER YEAR
Thwarted in her Criminal Rela
tion, With a WliieMau
She Exposes
The Thefts of Tier Informer.
Memphis, August 12 Louis Radcliffe
is the Treasurer of Beal-street Baptist
Church, the finest religious house owned
by the Colored race in the South. He is
also prominent among the Colored Ma
sons, and some years ago was a member
of the City Council. At this writing he
is in jail, charged wi grand larceny,
Radclifie has been for eleven years por
ter in a Main-street clothing house at a
salary of $$a week, and enjoyed the im
plicit confidence of the firm. They did
l^^^^th^lit^rBuylS^lots and
building houses on.them/or "their 'sui^"
picions would have been .aroused. Yet
such was the fact, and it is now known
that he posesses a half dozen pieces of
valuable property, including a double
brick tenement.
Tee truth came out through Radcliffe's
connection with the "Black-Caps," a
Colored oigamzation formed for the os
tensible purpose of breaking up the im
moral relations of white men with Col
ored women. He reported to his Order
a handsome and fairly educated quad
roon giil, -who was living with a white
man, and the man was compelled to
break off the connection.
The girl swore vengence against Rad
cliffe and set to work to ruin him. She
discovered that he had been stealing
clothing for years from his employers
and selling it to other Colored men, and
also found out how he had invested his
ill-gotten gains. By anonymous letters
she mad her discoveries known to the
firm and police. Radcliffe was arrested
and a large quantity of valuable clothing
found concealed at his home. He made
a full confession. His tkefis amount to
thousands of dollars.
Base Ball.
The Colored citizens of Chicago will
have an opportunity of witnessing a
series of first class base ball games at the
elegant Chicago Ball Park cor. of Loomis
and Jackson streets, Wednesday Aug.
28th. Unions vs. Resolutes of Chicage,
Thursday and Friday Aug. 29 and 30,
Pinchbacks of NewOileans vs. Resolutes
of Chicago. This will be the first time
that Coloied players have had the use
of the grounds, and a large crowd is ex
pected to be present. Ladies are es
pecially invited. Admission to grand
stand 50 cents field seats 25cents. The
officers and players of the Unions (Hard
are as follows: A. Hackley,
Pres. Al. Jones, Man. A. Jones, Capt.
and catcher J. Campbell, pitcher W.
Peteis, 1st base G. Campbell, 2d base
W. Freeman, 3d base, A. Lee, short
stop A. Hackley, left field J. Arthur,
center field C. Smith, right field. Suits
gray shirts and pants, black belt and
stockings, dark-blue caps.
Resolutes, Ed. Brown, Pres.jO. Fox,
Man. L. Starks, Capt. and catcher D.
Coleman, pitcher F. Leland, 1st base
W. White, 2d base C. Carey, 3d base C.
Jackson, short stop E. Brown, left field
G. Gleaves, center field A Duncan,
r'.ght field. Suitswhite caps and
shirts, blue knee pants, red stockings
and belts.
The general maijager of the occasion
is the genial Ed. Bowen who is making
every effort to make it a notable one.
The crack players are included in these
nines and some rare sport may be ex
"Who Wrote Shakespeare?
The Bacon-Shakespeare controversy,
although theie has not been much stir
made about it this year, has not been
settled yet. There are still thousands
of people who cling to the Baconian
theory and contend that suLh works of
genius as those attributed to Shake
speare could not have been the product
of a drunken varlet's befuddled brain.
Whatever may be the case, the public
may always rest assured that the Saint
Paul & Duluth Railroad offers the best
facilities for travel between the Twin
Cities and the lakes, taking the Duluth
Short Line to Duluth, West Superior
and other points. For information ad
dress A. B. Plough, General Passsenger
Agent, St. Paul, Minn.
Important! Read!
Here is a chance for you to make big
money. No humbug, no chestnut, but
BUSINESS! We wish to employ a num
ber of industrious ladies and gentlemen
to introduce our work something that
every one wants, clean and easy work,
good pay. The right person can coin
money. We pay salary or give commis
sion. If you are not satisfied with your
present business, write and get our
terms. Enclose postage stamp for reply.
PHOTOABAPH Co., Box 812, Austin, Minn.
Two Colored men, named Young and
Garrett, have induced 911 Colored men
to locate upon government land in Okla
homa, taking 160 acres each, or 145,760
acres in all. They have laid out town
site near the center of the colony. The
name of the town is Lincoln, located on
the north bank of the Cimarron river,
and is destined to be the county seat, as
they have five townships and are in the
majority ten to one. 3
The Herald of Sunday made another
alarming comparison of whites and
blacks. With the the increased Colored
population comes intellectual advance
ment. The Herald need have no fear
as to the future of the South.

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