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The Columbia House continues to fur
.nTsb thosa.nYliisbtful meals. It you
have not fried
St Paul MelangeThe Occurren
ces of the Past Week in the
Capital of Minnesota.
Newsy Kewslets,
Stoves sold on installments at Bene
dict's 7 Corners.
Seven dollars per ton for coal at the
corner of Sixth and Sibley.
Mrs. F. L. McGhee and'Mis. J. H.
Looinis are reported very sick.
Do you borrow THE APPEAL, or, do
you subscribe for and pay for it?
MJss Belle Robinson is quite ill with
pneumonia afMrs. Emma Glovers, j*^
Tl\e b'est square ffeatefln jthe marl#r
fo^he mony at Benedict's? (Mb eis.
Mrs R. C. Howard returned Saknday*
,,from her triptoCbi^go^nd Milwaukee-.
If you wish *iust, fearless and piv-5
gressive naper,sukttb&/or THE APPEAL.*
H^ 9 M|s. J, Loga^ and hfir two weeks old
I %&
a Mrs. W. R.
if yo i are in want of i good beiting
stoye at a nioderaje pnte go to Bened'tl
7 Corners. First claps romps an&'meals may be
obtaxnid at Mrs. Lotjfie Roache's No. 4]
FOR SALE.A brand n^w silver valve
Lyon ,& Healy cornet. Apply at the of-
ficfe of THE APPEAL.
Mrs. Maggie- Shepherd is very low
with typhoid* fever, her mother is ex
peeted Wednesday.
Items 6f news for THE APPEAL may be
^leftatCblumbus Waldon's barbershop
No 106 East Fifth Btreet.
*Rev. S. B. Jones, of Duluth, after a
pleasant stay of several da^s in our city
Returned to his charge last Friday.
theiii do.so at once.
choice furnished
'llieie ^re some
looms ior rent at Mrs. Emma Glovers,
cofi of Sixth and Robert streets.
I OR '--ALEA fir*- da^s three cban
barber t-hop- centiallv hxated, low ieut.
Adtixe^s, E cme of THE APPEAL.
A pood way to get a start in the worM
is toropen a"n account with the St. Paul
Sa^ltifes Bank cor. Fifth and Jacksun.
rAieyiSiamoD thoe who have not
paid their subbcriptions to THE APPKAI
The office is at 76 K&kt Fifth stieet. Call
Mrs. Ophelia Smith and sister Mrs.
Addie Williams, ol Omaha, after a weeks
visit to our city left this week for their
lit on wi^h to enjoy a good meal
servtd in th ].tt stjle visit the Del
inonico RtstauiantNo 108 E 5th stieet,
fff Mrs. F. D. Parker on last Tuesday
si preeented her husband a brand-new 10-
l|I pound baby. Mother and child are do
iUig nicely.
iT\Yhen 3011 wi&h one of the old fsb
loned, tooths-ome meaisdiop in at Mrs.
Mary Canada's No. 377 Robeitstreetand
you may get it.
Mrs. Jane Brown, mother of Mrs.
Robr. E. Anderson who has been with
her for the past year, left last week for
Jacksonville, 111.
"Dashaway" all opium preparations
and give only Dr. Bull's Baby Syrup to
the babies. It is the only remedy which
contains no opiates.
La Grippe, the new disease that's
going around has taken a grip on a great
number of our citizens, but thus fai
with no fatal results.
In order to make THE APPEAL interest
ing to you, send all matter ot interest to
public and joursehes to us the first ol
the week, it will cost you notning.
Mr. W. J. Gardner has been quite ill
with "la grippe," but has become well
enough to nurse that big boy who made
his appearance about four weeks ago.
Mrs. C. H. Ansphar, of Boston who
has been in our city for several weeks
left Friday for Tacoma to join her hus
band who has gone into business there.
Visitors to this city will find it to then
advantage to obtain accommodations at
fche "Little Ryan," corner of Sixth and
Robert, Mrs. Emma Glover, proprietor.
Terms very leasonable.
Invitations are out for a promenade en
tertainment by the St. Phillips' society,
at G. A. R. hall, comer of 3d and Ex
change streets, next Tuesday Jan. 14th.
A large time is expected.
St. Peter Claver's Catholic church,
Market street opposite Rice Park. Mass
at 10.30 A. Sundays. Sunday school
at 12.00 M. Instructions at 7:30 M.
Rev. Father Harripon, Pastor,
"A penny .saved is a penny made."
One way to save money is to buy your
coal from the St. Paul & Pacific Coal Co.
corner of Sixth and Sibley streets. You
can get good coal there for $7.00 per ton.
Mrs. Kitty Robinson of Stillwater, who
was called to the bedside of her daught
er Miss Belle, Wednesday returned
Thursday taking her daughter with her.
They were accompanied by Miss Susie
Miss Ida and Hattie Gibbs after a
pleasant stay of several months in our
city left this week for their home in
oberlin, Ohio. They have added much
to our social pleasures daring their stay
in our midst and their departure will be
regretted by the many friends they
have made here.
The coming attraction for next week
_, J-l
at the Newmarket theatie will be
Bolossy Kiralfy's latest impoitation,
"Antiope" with acaetcomposed entirely
of Londoners. This is a performance in
which tire pleasing effects of glittering
charm, pretty music, shapely women
and delightfulsong^ ane nicely blended.
Will run all the week with no change in
the prices. Matinee Saturday.
The life of Harriett Beecher Stowe,
the author of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" com
piled from her letters and journals by
her son, Rev. Charles E. Stowe has been
published. Every one knows Mrs.
Stowe by reputation at least, of course,
every one will wish a copy of the book.
It is sold only by subscription the sole
agent for the book in St. Paul is Mis. E.
A. Gilman, room 57 Globe building.
Call or send your address it you wish to
St.' Paul Churches and Matters
Pertaining to the Spiritual
Progress of Their
Pastors and People.
Cold weather and La Grippe scattered
the flock on Quaiterly meeting day.
On Monday there were nineteen sick
persons reported as connected with St.
James church Mrs. T. H. Lyles re
turned home last week and has been
confined to her room eyer since. So en
ergetic and efficient a member is surely
greatly missed. May her hours of sick
ness be cheered by the presence of
Jesus and tne consoling recollections of
faithful labors for his cause. Presiding
Elder Knight left Thursday for Minne
apolis and speaks of his visit as a very
pleasant one. His sermon Sabbath after
noon was exceptionally earnest and
forcible. The receipts from the Quar
terly meeting were $26 83 notwithstand
ing the weather. The gross receipts for
the quarter were $832 82 for all depart
ment of the church. What St. James
church lacks in numbers is made up in
systematic and thoroughly business like
methods of conducting affairs. Suffi
cient foresight is used to guard against
getting in tight pl-iees.
It is a giand thing to have favored a
great purpose. Men are shown not al
tagether by what they accomplish, but
by what they m\\ to do. One cau't do
everything, let us find out what we can
do then concentrate our attention and
power upon that. There are a great
many Colored people sick in the city,
we can all do something for some ot
them, leport all cases that you cannot
aid to Elder Sheafe. Sister Gladden has
had to pass through the fire, yet God has
been with her, and nt she has to paie
a cold world lth three little ones de
ndent upon her. Let us help her by
spmpathy and prayers. Mrs. Mary
[lamilton was buried from the church
Wednesday, theie was a largo turnout.
The meetings for prayers the last week
have been well attended, the interest is
very good, we look for a harvest of souls.
Revival meetings every night next week.
Christian come to get strength, come
trembling sinner in whose breast a thou
sand thoughts arise, come with your
guilt and fear oppressed, and make this
last resolve, the workis starting off well,
several have asked prayer. Sunday
e\emng subject, "Saul of Tarbus."
Report of the Polyorama.
For two years previous to this St.
James church has given annual fairs the
success of which weie most exceptional.
As the time drew near this season, the
field was carefully reviewed, other en
tertainments under contemplation, the
condition of business, the weather and
all other points bearing upon the success
of each undertaking were considered
and it was concluded to divide the fair
into sections, one to be held in October
and the other in December, as this
would give ample time to work up each,
and, still not interfere with any other
entertainment given in November.
The firet section was given October 28,
29 and 30, and cleared $309.17. The
second section, the Polyorama was given
daring Christmas week. The entertain
ments which had preceded it were each
BO successful and together had collected
about $800 from the public pocket, that
many feared the Polyorama would have
poor picking, some little oppositions
were encountered, some discourage
ments met with, but inspired by the re
membrances of the glorious triumphs of
the past, and lull of faith in God, the
ladies went to work. Here is the result
in dollars and dimes:
Fancy, Addie Henry,
China. Mrs. Cooper,
Lemonade, Maggie Fogg,
Flowers, Mrs. A. J. Bell,
Candy, Viola Berry,
Supper, Mrs. Kellum,
Ice cream, Mrs. E. Grooms,
Miss Ella Smith,
Dora Adams,
Tickets, Mrs. B. M. Lazzenberry,
Tickets, Mrs. Lizzie Banister,
Clarence Hampton, on suit,
Sidney Harris, on suit,
New Years offering,
Gypsies, Domestic,
30.55 11.15
71.25 62.25 27.91
Total amount
If space would permit, we would like
to give the names of each individual
worker, but lumping it all up together,
suffice it to say, "well done" noble band.
Minneapolis and Minneopolitans
and Their Where-abouts
and What-abouts.
Personal Pick-ups.
Mr. B. F. Berry is better.
Go to Mrs. Joyce's for youi meals and
Go to Altman & Co. when you wish to
buy clothes,
Services at the Bethesda church to
moirow as usual.
THE APPEAL office is now in room A
No. 24 S. Fifth sheet.
'JtoEAprBAL is tne-bo.Wegt most pro
gressive and most enterprising news
paper of its class.
Wm. R. Morris attorney and coun
(elor at law 21 Fifth bt/eet 8., call on
him for legal advice.
Don't sigh with 1 ains, or burns or ac
But use Salvation Oil the greatest lin
Sunday evening last, Rev. Knight, of
of Chicago, was in our city and held
quarterly meeting at the St. James A.
M. E church on the East side.
When your friends come on a visit to
Minneapolis drop us a card to 24 5tu
stieet S., the date of their arrival, how
long they will remain and your name
and number.
Mrs. Leslie Walker and her father
wish to tender their sincere thanks to
the many friends of Mr. Leslie Walker
who BO kindly assisted them in their
hours of deepest trouble.
On tomorrow afternoon at 3 p. m.,
Rev. R. Knight will hold his quarterly
at the St. Peter's A. M. E. church. Rev.
J. M. Henderson of St. Paul, will be
present, and a great time is expected.
Rev. J. W. Dunjee worked very hard
to open bis fair in first class order and
was successfull in collecting one hundred
dollars worth of articles. The fair has
been open all the week and will close on
Monday evening.
The Bethesda Baptist fair opened on
Monday evening at the Labor Temple
Hall, corner of4th stieet S., and 8thave
nue in great style and bright propsects.
Rev. Dunjee had worked very hard to
make the opening one oi great interest
to the people, and succeeded most ex
cellently in his efforts.
On Monday evening Jan. 7th, Mrs. M.
Hunton and Mrg. A. Da man, tendered
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hamei and Messrs.
Z. Ringgold Wm. Curry, Wm. Tull and
C. R. Daniels of Stetson's "Uncle Tom's
Cabin" Company, a reception at the
Glyndon House 219 3d street South. A
laige number of young people were pres
ent and made the evening very pleasant
by playing games, dancing, etc., until a
late hour.
The program of the Morris Literary
Society next Tuesday evening, is as fol
lows: Instrumental, E. Lee address
"The Young Men of Our City," Solomon
Saunders solo, William Smith essay, Z.
V. Mitchell oration, "The Negro in
Politics," J. G. Sterritt open debate,
"Resolved that the women of Minneap
olis are Responsible for the Present
State of Society," J. L. Neal, affirmative,
C. Marshall, negative.
On Tuesday of last week, Mr. Leslie
Walker died of consumption at his resi
dence No. 511 4th street S., after an ill
ness of several months though he was
only confined to his bed about three
weeks. He was a native of Madison,
Ind., and was 26 years of age. He was
much liked in this community where
he has resided, and where about a year
ago he married Mrs, Julia Cromle, a
widowed daughter of Mr. Jeffrey of Wi
nona. His funeral was conducted by
Rev. Williamson at St. Peter church,
last Sunday afternoon. The sermon
was most solemn, and impressive, and
many tears were shed by the sorrowing
friends and relatives that filled the
church. He leaves his wife, a step
daughter and a number of other rela
tives in St. Paul and Winona to mourn
his loss. His remains were placed in
the vault at Lakewood Cemetery.
The social event of last week was the
reception tendered by 1 he Home Cir
cle" to Mrs. Jones of Racine, Wis., mo
ther of Mrs. Wm. Grey and Mrs. C. H.
Harper.at the residence of Mr. Wm.
Gray. A musical and literary program
af rare excellence was carried out as
follows: Chorns, "Auld Lang Syne,"
Home Circle instrumental march (orig
inal) Mrs. R. J. Coleman, duet, piano
and violin, Mrs. W. Gray, Mr. C. H.
Harper solo, (baritone) Mr. R. J. Cole
man solo, (contralto) Miss Mamie
Coleman recitation, "Sioux Chiefs
Daughter," Mrs. J. R. Coleman instru
mental, Miss May Yancy solo and cho
rus, Mrs. M. Sterritt, Mrs. Chas. Davis,
Miss Mamie Coleman and Harper read.
17.40 i ng 2^33 Mattie Lucas solo, (bass) Mr.
C. Young instrumental, Mr. Ed Lee
essay, "Nature," Mrs. A. G. Plummer
recitation, "Rienza's Address," Miss O.
V. Wood duet, Mrs. Sterritt and Miss
Lucas instrumental, Mrs. C. H.Harper
duet, Miss Maud Ralston and Mrs. Geo.
Brady charade, Mrs. Plummer, Mrs.
Cotter, Mrs. Sterritt, Misses Lucas.Cole
man and Young. The entire program
was rendered in a highly artistic man
ner,evoking rapturous applause and win
ning numerous encores for the partici
After the exercises refreshments were
served by a first-class caterer, and all
had a delightful evening. Mr. Wm.
Grey deserves credit for the successful
management of the grand affair.
Among those presant were: Mr. and
Mrs. A. G. Plummer, Mr.'and Mis. R.
5. Marshall, Mr. and Mrs. Cbas. Davis,
Mi. and Mrs. Wm. Cotter, Mr. and Mrs.
C. W. Lee, Mr. and'Mrsi C. H. Harper,
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Barnett, Mr. and
Mrs. Williim Grey, Mr. and Mrs. R. J.
Coleman, Mrs. Wier,Mrs. Jones.Racine,
Wis. Mrs. Sterritt Misses Mattife Lucas,
and Mamie Yancey, Edna Mills Misses
Julia Branch, Jennie Hillyer, Mamie
Coleman, Hattie Weir, Mamie Weir,
Maud Ralston, Messrs, Geo. Brady, Ed
Lee, Geo. Nelson, J. G- Sterritt, Chaa.
Yancv, and Geo. Lucas, Ednia Mills.
The occasion will be long reniemberod
by all who had the privilege of being
St Louis' Social Matters Glean
ings of News Etc., Condensed
Into a Small Space for
APPEAL Headers.
Mrs. A. D. Langston has been on the
sick list for several days. Influenza.
Miss Jennie G. Napier, of Minneapolis,
is visiting her cousin Mrs. A. D. Langs
W. H. Farmer, Counselor and Attor
ney at Law, and Solicitor in Chancery,
will practice in all courts. Office, 1111
Clark ave.
First class job printing of all kinds
done at THE APPEAL office No. 1002
Franklin avenue. Rates reasonable and
satisfaction guaranteed.
THE APPEAL is on sale every week at
John Page's 705 N. 11th street, Hulet
Kirkpatrick's 1410 Morgan street, and at
he St. Louis office 1002 Franklin ave.
We shall never cease to indorse Dr.
Bull's Cough Syrup for without it our
paper would have be$n short of reading
matter this week 4e had a shocking
cough and a fearf&l cold. (Weekly
Union.) i
A luncheon was gifen Tuesday after
noon by Mr. and Mrs. Prince Albert
1420 Chestnut street to Mr. and Mrs. H.
F. Daniels of Milwaukee. Among those
present were: MeBdames R. McCutchen
Jo. Davis and C. Turner Messrs. Chas.
Dody, Harry Hill, H. Bailey.
Miss Cora Napier, an able and accom
plished teacTi6ri^M3edaliar,^sperit"the
holidays here and returned to school
work Monday. Miss Napier is deserv
edly popular in Missouri and is satisfac
torily meeting the great expectations of
hei numerous friends and influential
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Armstrong
gave an elegant party, New Years eve
night, in honor of Mrs. Rfc$. Young and
Mr. E. L. Benson, (both of Chicago) at
their residence 2627 Mill street. Danc
ing was continued till 4 o'clock. The
elite of St. Louis society were present.
Those present were: Mesdames R. C.
Young, Chicago J. M. Plumb, Cincin
nati, R. H. Cole Mr. and Mrs. F. F.
Scott, Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Parker, Mr.
and Mrs. A. T. Berthe. Mr. and Mrs. E.
S. Williams, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Kelley,
Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Blah, Mr. and Mrs.
C. H. Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Hick
man Misses Cora and Jennie Napier,
Pelagie Thomas, Emma Cole, Josie Lee,
BeHa-and Maria Thomas, Edith Morde
cai, Estella Hickman, Emma Vashon,
Ella Whetts, Minnie Little, Carrie Hick
man, Jessie Watson, Leah Story, Mary
McLeod. Nellie Wilkinson, Georgie Car
ter, Lulu Johnson, Tillie Roberson,
Louise,Bell, and Emma Armstrong
Messrs. E. L. Benson, W. R. Cowan, W.
Anderson, Chicago A. D. Langston, J.
F. F. Freeman, D. E. Gordon, J. F.
Thomas, A. S. Gossin. W. M. Farmer, P.
Hickman, Inge, D. Dougherty, J. W.
Grant, C. Jackson, D. D. Goins, A.
Rivers, G. Porter, Dr. Mansifee.
Among the special marks paid Mr. W.
R. Cowan, was an elegant stag dinner
party given in his honor by Miss Edith
V. Mordecai, at the residence of her
father, Thursday, Dec. 26. Invitations
were sent to: Messrs. Albert White, H.
G. Parker, HutchinB Inge, A. D. Langs
ton, P. A. Hickman, F. F. Scott, W. H.
Mosby, Robt. Hickman, E. S. Williams,
H. D. King, D. E. Gordon, J. F. Thom
as, L. P. Claymorgan, A. C. Rivers F. S.
Mosby, E. L, Benson. The last three
gentlemen were unavoidably absent
and sent letters of regret. Beautiful
souvenir menu cards were placed on
each of the fourteen covers. After din
ner came the "How of reason and the
feast of soul" in the splendid eloquence
of the gentlemen speaking to tne several
toasts: Albert White, "Progress of the
Negro in St. Louis H. G. Parker,
"Teaching A. D. Langston, 'The
Woild's Fair D. E. Gordon, "Music
Hutchins Inge, "The Old Dominion
H. D. King. "Chicago W. R. Cowan,
"St. Louis Ladies Abroad W. H. Mor
by, "Bachelor Life P. A. Hickman
"The New Postmaster L. P. Clay-,
morgan, "The Home Kindergarten
Robert Hickman, "The Negro in Poli
tics F. F. Scott, "Woman J. F.
Thomas, "The American Bird." Mr.
Williams as toastmaster, proved himself
equal to the emergency, and kept the
ball rolling smoothly and satisfactorily.
Missis Carrie Wilkinson, Jessie Watson,
Tazzie Thomas, and Estella Hickman,
assisted Miss Edith in the pleasant duly
of caring for her guests, who bade her
good-night shortly before midnight af
,er a most delightful occasion.
ife: *~%t $$
Chicago's Stops and'Misnaps and
Items of General Interest Ga
thered by the Staff of
APPEAL Reporters,
The Afro-
League Convention
Meets next Wednesday
The city will be full of strangers
Mr. Henry Simpson has been sick for
a week.
Mies Susie E. Jones of Louisville is in
the city visting friends.
Mr. T. W, Zilhntfr haschangedhis r,mi
from the Weslfc 6 Chicago?*^^?*t^
Mr. Geo. M. Crissup has just re'urued
from a visit to Grand Rapids, Mich,
Nicely furnished rooms, foi gentle
men only, at Mrs. Smith's 2027 Butter
Mr. Sam Miller of Nashville, Tenn is
visiting his sister Mrs. T. W. Zilliner,217
Third ave,
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. English will cele
brate their first anniversary on Thurs
day Jan. 16.
Mrs. R. K. Jones who has been on the
sick list for a couple of weeks, is now
Frankie Gray, son of Mrs. Georgie
Gray, 3117 State was buried fiom her
residence last Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Tandy of 2448
Dearborn street, have returned from a
visit to Hopkinsville, Ky,
J. E. Bish has iust bought the premi
ses adjoining his brotheis property in
Mt. Vernon, 111. The young men are
coming to the front.
An open meeting of William Lloyd
Garrison Assembly No. 8286 will be held
at Bethel church. Thursday Jan. 23,
Everybody invited.
The entertainment bv John Brown
Post G. A, R. last week was a great
financial success. Thanks to Post Com
mander G. W. Holland.
Mr. Geo W. Rucker swallowed a pin
last Saturday and sufiered considerable
pain before the doctor succeeded in
getting it out of his throat.
If you have been over-eating yourself,
take a dose of Laxador before you have
something worse. It is the best remedy
in such cases. Price 25 cents.
^~Mrsr Nr-^IaTrhson xrt~ ia-Pcrrtej^nd.,
who has been visiting her daughter,
Mrs. Mallory C. Dudlev, 116 N. Paulina
street, has returned to her home.
If you wish to rent a nice flat with all
modern improvements and at a low
price. See Mr, Walsh at Pardridge's
dry goods store, 114 State. Apply in
the afternoon.
Officer Mallory C. Dudley of the West
Side has made a fine record. He is well
liked by all who know him. We wish
there were a few moie Colored men
like him on the force.
Mrs. Ida M. Ball and mother enter
tained at tea Thursday evening Mrs.
Lillard of Bowling Green, Ky., Mr. and
Mrs. Hackney, Mrs. Marshall, Miss
Wooten and Mr. Ely of Chicago.
Company No. 21 of the fire depait
ment has a new captain. Alderman
Vierling says if there is a Republican
mayor elected next spring a Colored
man will be captain of the company.
The mass meeting at Bethel and the
John A. Logan Club meetings last Satur
day evening were great contrasts. One
was for the advancement of and the
other to retard the progress of the Col
ored people.
Will the money raised bv concerts,
banquets, etc., over the necessary ex
penses of the convention be used in
the interest of the Afro-American Lea
gue or for individuals? Gentelmen
please answer.
Mr. Edward Ferguson of 2972 Butter
field street, met with a painful accident
Christmas,while at French Lick Springs,
Ind. He fell from his car and sprained
his ankle so badly that he will be obliged
to remain home for several weeks.
R. B. Cabbell is sole agent for the
Giles Bros. Jewelry supply Co., 103
State street. Watches, diamonds and
jewelry of all kinds on the installment
plan. If you need anything in his line
leave your card at 446 State street and
he will call on you.
The frequency of seme men being on
the wrong side ef every question, sug
gests that they were born wrong. Men
who call meetinga to denounce other
people should reflect. The Williams in
dignation meeting and the recent con
ference should be sufficient.
Mrs. Harris of Texarkana who is vis
iting her mother Mrs. Dixon, presented
her husband with a New Year's present
in the shape of a fine boy of 12 pounds.
Mr. Harris has been so well pleased
since he heard the news that he has
grown more than three inches.
Mrs. Lena Edwards was arrested at
Englewood, Friday night, on a charge of
obtaining money under false pretenses.
"Bob" Church, of Memphis, Tenn., is
the complainant. He says the woman
pawned some diamonds with him and
gave him the worst of it. She says it is
blackmail. She was released in $3,000
bonds until Jan. 17, to await testimony
from Memphis.
William Lloyd Garrison Assembly No.
8286 K. of L., installed the following of
ficers last Friday night: J. P. Wagoner,
M. W. J. B. Hart, W.F. W. E Turner,
F. S. J. B. Bnbbins, A. L. R. S. Bryan,
W. F. J. W. poble, R. 8. C. P. Johnson,
S. F. Wm. Buckner, I. S. R\ B. Cab
bell, Judge of the Court Robt. Beverly,
J. A. B. A. Lewis, Clerk Miss Alice
Buckner, U. K. Matilda Brenfc J. E.
Elizabeth Anderson, W. J. Jas. H.
Nolan, O. E.
"Mr. C, Battles Should get another
joke. 'Th* 400' is stale and in fact, no
longe/ exists since. Ward McAlister's
great ball of Thursday. Take 'McGinty'
brother Battles." Right you are Mr,
APPEAL! But Chicago can't be left by
New York yu know, so we will have
lja$ survivors of "the old 400," "Mc-
rinty." and Mr. McAlister's latest
inovation "Chicago's 1200," at Madison
street theatre on Thursday evening Jan.
16tb. Will you have a box*?
Mr. W. C. Williams of 17G3 State who
has been sick for a week or so is out
Mr. W. H. Steward recently purchased
a splendid rtsidence on 8th street for
The excellent building of Mr. George
Murfree on Broadway near 19th is near
ing completion.
Misses Fannie G. and Minnie Weeden
and Luella Washington, spent the holi
days in La Grange.
Miss Kittie Arggle Mann returned to
Fairfield Wednesday io open the second
term of her school.
Mr. Alex Taylor of Chicago, after
spending a few days in the city during
the holidays returned.
The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. James
Kalfus was buried Monday from their
residence, 539 Roselane street.
Brin^zourjob, printing to the Louis
ville office of THE ArpEALTWW. Jeffer
son St. Good work at reasonable rates.
Visitors in Louisville cannot find a
better place to get good board and room
than at Mrs. Matilda Brown's No. 509
West Green street.
The young children had a very pleas
ant entertainment at the residence of
Mr. Horace Morris Friday night. The
evening was spent tripping the light
fantastic toe.
A delightful reception was tendered
Mr. Sim Britton of Jellico.Tenn., by
Miss Pauline McAfee at the residence
of Mr. Henry Moss, 424 Roselane street,
Wednesday evening. A laige number
were present.
Mrs. A. D. Jackson entertained at din
ner Sunday, Miss Jones, of Lancaster
Mis. Leha Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Hardy
Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hale, Mrs.
Rhoda Briscoe, of Indianapolis and Mrs.
W. H. Chambers.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Morris enter
tained their fiiends Thuisday night.
Thote present were: Mesdames John
Preston, Chas. Sneed, Virginia Pickett,
Churchill Martin, Horace Morris, Maria
Cox, Francis McCauley, Alecia Dunlap,
J. J. C. McKinley Misses Maggie and
Ida Tayloe, Florence Gibson, Ellen Bul
lock, Rachel Davis, Rubena Rogers,
Lillian Morris, Lucretia Minor, Gertrude
Caldwell. Mattie Fowles, Florence Mil
ler, Amanda thomas, Hattie Reneix,
Jessie Carter, Alone Smith, Norma Bar
bour, Maria Roxborough, Anna Gray,
Eliza Davenport Messrs. Thomas, Robb,
Julius, Cox, Chancellor Morris, Leslie
Davis, Profs. Sneed and Lawson, J. J.
C. McKinley, Arthur Hodges, Ernest
Mvrtin, Jerome Bullock.
The following officers of the Masonic
order in Louisville were installed for
the ensuing year.
Wm. A. White, W. John Thomp
son, S. W. Karrier J. Cox, J. W. Chas.
L. Boldin8, T. Ed Caldwell, S. Jas. E.
Wilson, S. D. Enoch Manney, J. D. B.
P. Bibb, S. S. J. H. Buckner, J. S.
Isaac Jones, Tyler.
Geo. Sutton, W. M. Jes. Lynch, S.
W. Slaughter, J. W. Octavius Young.
T. Robert Jackson, S. C. B. Clay, S. D.
C. W. Blakey, J. D. Robert Parker,
Geo. Taylor, W. M. Silas K. Weir, S.
W. Geo. W. Evans, J. W. John C. N.
Fowles, T. Horace Morris, S. Abraham
Grooms, S. D. Charles Magruder, J. D.
Jas. Tale, Tyler.
Napoleon Bonaparte, W. M. Sml. W.
Jordon, S. W. Wm. Watson, J. W.
John Bullock, T. Ff. J. Scott, S. W. P.
Annis, S. D. H. Morton, J. D. W. E.
Malone, Tyler.
Geo. Sutton, H. P. Geo. W. Brady,
K. J. H. Hutchinson, Scribe J. C. N.
Fowles, T.: Geo. W. Evans, S. 'Edward
Caldwell, C. of H. Geo. Schaefer, B.
A. Horace Morris, P. S. E. W.
Ricbey, 3d F. J. Sweeneyr 2d Jos.
Lynch, 1st Robt. Parker, Guard.
J&Mi B!#
*^*1t4|*******V********** fri A "FrPrELA
it******************************* |,.f NEWS MATTER. 31
Louisville LaconicsA Record of
the Happenings Among the
Colored Residents of
Kentucky's Metropolis. &**"
Mr. Horace Morris
Bradstown, Thursday/.
$2.00 PEE YEAR.
News Pertaining to the Colore*!
People of the Land of the Free
and Home of the Brave.
adhered From Everywhere.
More than 4,000 Colored people have
settled Oklahoma. #f*
Six Colored men have been appointed
in the fire department of Springfield, O.
After several days of intense suffering
Joseph Smith of Helena, Ark., died re
cently of hydrophobia.
Gran4 Army posts at New Orlei
exerciged'ov^.the organization okrCbl
ored-pdst ofthat order.
At Wilmington, $., Elijr*dy whiW
unload^* bg^the saw mill was ser??
ousl^Jpirefc by Its falling on him^
a trip to
Miss M. F. Cox has returned after a
pleasant visit to the city.
Miss Ellon Bullock entertained a
number of her friends Monday evening.
Miss Turner after spending a pleasant
time in the city has returned to Glas
Will Hargrave, a Colored barber of
Evansville, Ind.,- who cut his wife's
throat with a razor last week, has been
arrested at Henderson, Ky.
A white widow of San Francisco who
is worth property valued at $100,000 ia
infatuated with Peter Jackson the puguV"
1st and wishes to marry him.
Col. James Lewis has been appointed
Commander of the new G. A. R. post re
cently organized among the ex Federal
Colored soldiers of New Orleans.
Wm. Loston the Colored engineejk- of
the building corner of 8th & CeAtral
streets, Kansas City, shot and kjlled
Robert Roberts, the janitor, last week.
Colored people are leaving North and
South Carolina for Mississippi and other
Southern points. Poor crops and scar
city of money are given as reasons fo*
the exodus.
Governor Boss of Texas, has offered a.
reward of $250 each for the arrest and*
conviction of the parties engaged in'the
killing of the two Colored men in Ange
lina County Dec. 26.
Citizens of Barnwell, N. informed
two Northern detectives who went down
there to earn the Governor's leward of
fered for the arrest of the men who
lynched eib Colored men last week,
that they had better move on.
A Colored.'pensioner in Missouri draw
ing $14 a month, boasted to stranger
that he could set more fence than any
man in the country. When his pension
was stopped.he found out that the stran
ger was a government detective sent to
investigate his case.
Wm. Henderson of Lexington, Ky.,is
in jail chargod with bigamy. Six years
ago Henderson had a wife "left him and
and went to live with another man by
horn she had had a child. Hender
son thought that this divorced him, so
married another woman.
Allentown has a girl to be prou 1 of.
A few nights ago she ate fourteen fried
oysters.two pieces of biead.three pickles
two pieces of red beets, two oranges,
two apples, three bananas, two pieces
of chocolate eke, apiece of fruit cake,
a lot of grapes, a piece of cocoanut cake,
and some candy.
At a Colored ball in North Carolina
Christmas night, Walhs Glass, a dancer,
found fault with the music, saying with
an inelegance which his fervor excuses,
that he "couldn't keep time with it no-
how." The aggrieved musician there
upon shot Walhs dead, thus proving
that a man who can't play the banjo
may have a good touch when it comes
to the trigger.
Seventy masked men rode into West
point, Ga., Sunday morging and deliv
ered Will Wallace a noted desperado
from jail. About four months ago a
Colored man named Rouse Gordon was
assassinated while working in his field.
Shortly afterward Wallace met a Colored
minister who preached Gordon's funeral
and made Him repeat the sermon in the
public road. He then made the preach
er dance, after which he shot his mus
tache off and let him go. Other outrages
were perpetrated upon the Colored peo
ple. It is believed that Wallace was the
leader in all the trouble.
That is a rather pretty story that is
now making the rounds about Congress
Cheatham, the Colored representative
from North Carolina. It tells that he
asks for the retention in office of a
young democrat in his district on the
ground that in the old days of slavery
he (the congressman) was given as a
bridal present to the young man's mo
ther. If true, the story has many mor
als. Not only does it show the con
gressman's magnanimity in a strong
light, but it directs attention to the
marvelous change of fortunes which a
quarter of a century has wrought in the
Specimen Copies.
Any subscriber of THB APPEAL who
would like to have a specimen copy of
the paper sent tea friend can be accom
modated by sending us on a postal card
the name and address to which be
would like to have the paper sent.
Wears old
by the*ntetmail traiVb'u the $C, |I%V Jz
,$HJ Thompson anci^r^nt'BwT^oT '*jA
Gainesville, Ga., fought' a diftrwith-r-"' -1
single ax and the lajter kiUe'd the f0
At Logansporjr/Indrf Gus Jones isin
jaii on a charge of *dulrr?*Mge to
have been committed with
Eyans, aged 14 years".
a* Miss
On Tuesday at Duluth ^M*mn., Jametf
Howard, white, and Lizzie Kerrell, Col
ored, were married. Judge -Morris per-"
forming the ceremony.

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