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v. V"A,
The Saintly City and Saintly City Folks
Newsy Items of Social, Religious and
General Matter* Among the Pedple, Boil
ed Down
Saloon licenses to tbie number of 118
have been granted.
Ton will maVn no mistake if yon go to
Bute! de Mink to your aaeata.
Four rooms for rent at low rates at
MraM. Palmers 378 Cedar street.
Go and hear the special music at Pil
|rim Baptist church tomorrow night
Mr] Hale, Minneapolis manager
of THE APPEAL was in tbe city Thursday.
The Olympic Theater was granted a
licenses at the meeting of the Assembly
Thursday night.
The bad boys had better look out as
Mr. D. T. Willington been designat
ed as truant office,
Clark Harris dealer in wood and coal
at 444 Cedar street, amall orders piompt
]y attended to at loweet prices
Tb3 State Steam Laundry 222 W. 7th
street is one of the best most reliable
and prompt laundries in the city
Dr. R. S. Brown, of Oacalooea, Iowa,
spent several days of this week in the
city the guest of Rev. J. C. Anderson.
Miss Qneenie Harper of Minneapolis
was the gueetof Mies Nellie C.R. Brown
of 754 Hague Ave during the holidays.
If you have your laundry work done at
State Steam Laundry, gentlemen, they
will mend your clothes without charge.
The first city ticket in the field was
ide by the Socialists Labor party
Thursday with E. E. Fisher as the can
didate lor Mayor.
Ethel Myers and Willie Johnson were
in the police Court Thursday on the
charge of larceny. Their case was con
tinued to next Monday.
Sherman Brown charged with keeping
a disorderly house was before Judge Orr
last Thursday and had his case continued
to next Monday at 9 o'clock.
Col. S E Hardy hasrecured the lunch
counter restaurant in M. A. Donnelly's
saloon on Robert etreet near Fifth acd
serves meals to order from 6 a. m. to 12
p. m.
Should you need any plumbing or gas
fitting done you cannot find a more com
petent or prompt workman as the
same than C. J. Conroy No. 493 Wabasha
street. Try him once.
Jton't forget that thf Hotel de Mink,
jorasi 4th and St. Peter sts. is the best
plsee in town for first elsos board and
lodging. Try the Sunday dinners and be
happy. Only 25 cento.
Cheapest place to buy coal. Bast
hard co&l $6,50 per ton Maple wood
$5.50 per cord. All kinds of fuel in large
and small quantities' W. T. Horsnell
Boom 210 over Yerxa(s.
Col, S. E Hardy, who now has the
lunch counter at Donnelly's saloon, near
corner Fifth and Robert, serves excel
lent meals at 15 cents, and with dinner
gives free a glass of beer. Don't forgst
the Colonel.
Mr. Richard Coueby has purchased the
barber shop formerly conducted by Mr.
Link Overalls on Minnesota struct bet
ween Fifth and Sixth streets and will be
pleased to have both old and new
onstomers call.
Hattie Allen was before the Municipa
Court Thursday charged with the lar
ceny of a $5. bill from visitor who was
attracted by her wiles. She was found
guilty of tbe charge and sent to tbe woik
house for 60 days.
Mrs Meyeis is agent for Barnard
Complexion Cream, which is guaranteed
to remoyu freckles, moth patches or
liver spots and to cure pimples and
blotches. For further information call
at 462 Cedar etreet.
Use "Cream of Oil", for the hair and.
scalp. 1i It promotes the growth and
keeps the scalp in a healthy condition.
Try it, 50 cents per bottle. Call on or
address, Sirs. A. Kirtley 955 Wood
bridge Ave., St Paul. Minn.
J.H Dillingham & CJ., coal dealers
in order to take care of their resident
district trade have established an office
at 317 Rondo corner pf Farrington and
installed J*. L. Salim as manager. Orders
for fuel left with him wilt receive prompt
One of the most pleasant places in the
city for gentlemen to spend their leisure
hours is the Young Mens Social Club No.
371 Jackson street. Mr. F. De Lyons
is general manager and he is ably assist
ed by Messrs W T. Johnson and Archie
Scott. Call when you have time you will
be treated right.
The place to go to get heating stoves,
as well a9 all sorts of stoves add Lard
ware, is Adam Decker & CJ.'S, on Jack
son street, between Fourth and Fifth
streets. This old firm is havlrjg a time
trying to wait upon the crowd which
fills their rooms from morning to night.
They have some bargains in sec.nd
hand stoves. Call to see them.
There are very few places of amuse
ment and recreation for tbe young men
in our city but one of the moat popular is
the Columbia Club No. 3S2 Robert street
Here may be found at all times Messrs
Burnett and Thompson, tbe managars,
who know just how to cater to-tbe wants
of their guests: Here, too, may one meet
tbe young men of th city who know
bow to give visitors a good time. .Gall,
visitors are always welcome.
Heioise Strotter was arrested Thurs
day on the charge of larceny. .The
woman is accused of stealing $10. from
the person of Edward Brennan, a rail
road man. while the lattei was in her
apartments at the corner of Rosabel and
Fourth. Mies Strotter is said to be a
Inr 'Minneapolis woman. The poiice. are
Hiijjsearcbirg for another woman in Mmnea
polis who is also said to be implicated in
the robbery. \i
$20,000 WANTED
By J. Frank Wheaton for a Bank Oataage
put Upon Him.
When the Black Patti Troubadours
were in the city, J. Frank Wheaton Esq,
Clerk ol the Municipal Cvirt o"f Minnea
polis called to see .black Pdttis husband
Mr. Jones. They repaired to the buffet
to gat a little lunch. There they fonnd
D. Longs'Yset, manager of the city
railways in the city of Mexico, and J.
M. Hawthorne. Afer a while Longstreet
went out into the office to pay his hotel
bill and discovered that his pocket book,
which he had carried in his inside coat
pocket, was miesing. In the wallet' were
two drafts for $100. each on Denver
Bilk? also $100 in currency. Longtt'eat
appealed to his friend Hawthorne, and
the latter said it would be a wise pln to
have Wheaton aod Jones searched. The
central police station is but a block away
and two officers took the gentle men
thence. Longstreet declined to push
the matter, and after a conversation
with the officers, allowed the gentlemen
to go. However, no search was made.
Lings reet declares that when he went
into tbe buffet he bad his wallet, end
that vhe he cirae out, it was g)ue.
Wheaton naa eDterad suit against
Longstreet and Hawthorne for $20,000
ges for fa se arrest and imprison
ment. It is hoped he will push tbe mat
ter to a successful outcome and teach
these people that bi cam a mans face
happens to show the presence of African
b'oik in his composition he may not bain
Bulled and outraged with impunity and
without danger. New Photographic Firm.
Mr. Harry Shepherd, our hustling
photographter who is setting the pace
for tbe photographers of the North West
has so increased his business that he has
been compelled to to take in a partner
in' the person of Mr. Ccaries Wilson
formerly headwaiter of the Merchants
Hotel, who for tbe past three years has
been learning tbe busiLess. The style
of the firm will remain "Tbe Shepherd
Photo Co," Mr. Wilson will have charge
of the office while: Mr.* Shepherd will
devote his whole time to the operating
room. The new firm starts out with the
fame and will now work for the fortune
in which tbev have the best wishes
Let a man who wants to find abun
dance of employment procure a woman
nd a ship for no two produce more
trouble if you begin to equip themj
neither of these two are eves aquippef
Banquet Lamps
W have-more than
75 style* from which
you oau make your
selection. One like
dot, globe & 61 fir*
ajl complete $ I ,uD
To wear TAILOR-MADE Clothes the coming year*i
and in order to do so we have selected about one
hundred patterns from our superb stock of woolens,
worth frpm $18 to $22 a Suit or Overcoat, wliich we,
.shall place on sale, until all are sold, at the nominal
price of HFltsfcsN DOLLARS
Corner Seventh and Robert Sts. LOUIS NASH, Manager.
Bed. Room Rocker..
Antique finish, open cane
seat, just like cat.
Price S I 2 5
Same style chair with
large am. MmviM $1.69
We have several holiday
rockers left which we hare
re-marked lower than ever.
50 Solid Oak Sideboards, lost like above
em, lined drawer, wlthcood-slaed mirror
regular price, $20.00.
This weak for ...................._*.. ....^.Sll.00
All Sideboard prices cut square In .the
middle. The $13 kind go t...~~.....~........^.9M.OO
The S16 kind go at S.OO
Tbe $20 kind go at...
The 925 kind go at...MM.MM.MM....MMM.10.00 l.S O
And so onalongthe whole line.
&NZ-K -t
Giv the Workinsme a Chanc
"rvfe J**-' *J*#
Settled for 80,000 marka ($20,000).FUegeade Blasttsr.
We are not satisfied with doing a good act. We shall do abetter one. We have been giving
Half-Price, or better, for Cash daring the past two weeks, bat now daring January we will sell at
the present low prices, or cheaper, and give you time to pay for the goods. We own the Palace
stock at 50 per cent less than the same goods can be bought for to-day, and we propose to give yon
the benefit of the discount Don't fail to come in and see what the prices are.
25 styles of Mantel Beds, all in ansize
tique finish. Full sice, jost like cut sale
The American Hoiisefurnishing Co.
2 2 and 2 4 E ast Seventh Street.
In Antique Oak or Mahogany finish
of top, 24x24 large shelf under
neath shaped legs. Just like I CA
cut. Sale price-
MAIL OBDBR8 shipped
same day aa received.
At the Grand Opera Uouie, St Paul
Novelty is the order of the Day. This
fact is" evidenced by tbe enthusiastic ap
preciation the public always gives to
something genuine of this description,
for the coming weefc at the Grand,
Manager Hays announces a distinctly
genuine novelty in the initial appear
ance of Robert Fit zsimmons, the cham
pion of the world. In all ages have the
people delighted in contests of skill and
strength and there is always a great curi
osity on the part of the public to see a
gladiatir, who has won fame an for
tune through his courage and endurar ce
Robert Fitzsimmons, after a career of
pugilistic triumphs reached the pinacle
of his glory when he defeated James J.
Corbett at Carson City. World-wide
was the interest in that contest and
world-wide has been the fame of the
victor. Mr. Fitzsimmons, departure in
the amusement business has not consist
ed af any attempt at ''play ectirg" but
the champion has confined his stage
work to the vaudeville branch. Mr.
Fi'zsimmons heads a company of high
claes vaudeville stars, contributing him
self.tbs most interesting feature of the
program in his celebrated bag punching
exhibition and in a spirited boxing setto
in the last round of which is portrayed
exactly, by the champion, the manner
in which Corbett met his Waterloo. Er
nest Roeber, the champion wrestler is
also with the company and will unques
tionably meet several local wrestlers
during bis stay here. The vaudeville
support of the fistic champion is strong
and includes Whitman and Davis. Cbas.
B. Lawlor, Beautiful Theo., Mulveyand
Imann, Urane Bros, McCrle and Mc
Daniels and Nelson, Cinseirerti and
A Hint to the Wise Is Sufficient.
The J. H. Dillingham Fuel Company
has made arrangements with the
Youghiogheny and Lehigh Valley Coa
Co. to furnish that company's coal to
their customers. This is the be at grade
of coal in the market and is now felling
^V^^l^^^^-'.wjai"- w$par
chase the dividend tickets now on sale
by W. Crancum the agent of the
firm and thai get a redaction of 50 cents
er ton on their coal or 50 cents per cord
wood. "A penny saved is a penny
made" dontCherknowl Office 36*
Mionaaota street
A Ugh* Meal.
First Moth"Still hungry?"
Second Moth''Yes I,had only a
girl's bathtns' 'CM'* 'or dinner."
Combination Desk aad
With pleasure we put the
knife mto
goods, because oar
stoek Is mueh too large for any season
of the year.
Anour$40.00 Bookcases go at 0.00
All 180.00 ones at.. Z.
Ail $30.00 ones at.... lo.ee
The Lowest
House in America.
6 heavy solid
Silver Tea
Sent by mail.
A. H.
Pure FoodIsEssentialToGood Health!
Absolutely Pure
And Full Measure
Remember This
When Ordering
Fairfax, Vt. St Paul. Minn-
JttorEgg at law
817 Guaranty Loan BI'd. Minneapolis
The experienced traaveler selects
Not because it is the BborteBt line between
The Twin Cities and Chicago,
Bat because it is the Best Line botn as
to track and equipment.
Also because it is always in advance
in furnishing all the comforts of travel
Such as Dining Cars,
Free Chair Cars,
Parlor Cars,,
Compartment Cars,
Buffet Library Cars,
16 Section Sleepers,
Carpeted Coaches and
Complete vestujuled trains,
Gas lighted and steam bested.
Well postedtravelers also know that
The Best Line in the world is offered on the
North-Western Limited from
Minneapolis and St. Paul to Chicago.
For tickets and information call
on Agents at
395 Robert St. Cor. 6th, St* Paul.
413 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis,
or address
Gen'l Passenger Agent, St. Panl.
A LawTerm111
a good ftwon
'Telephone 935-z

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