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9hm Saintly City and Saintly City Folk*
~~^iy Itemo of Social, Religions and
General Matten Amons *h* People, Boil
ed Down.
Two rooms for rent for gentlemen
only at 569 Iglehart street.
Half soles, sewed, 75c rubber heels,
40c, Phone 1556-J2. Jarvis. 83 E. 4th.
Roomers wanted Nice comfortable
rooms. Apply at 159 La Fond street.
Men's hand-sewed, custom-made
shoes to order for $5 00 at Geo A.
Smith's 443 Rondo street.
FOR RENTNicely furnished front
room can be had at 197 West Sixth
Have you called at the new, up-to
date tonsonal parlor, No 74 E Fifth
street? Well, you'd ought to do so.
Mrs W Johnson, of Chicago, is
in the city visiting her brother and
sister and mother and mother-in-law.
If you wish the Indianapolis Free
man you may get it every week at the
Peoples' Barber Shop, 366 Minnesota
You can get those old shoes men&M
at G. A Smith's, 443 Rondo street,
near Arundel Repairing neatly done.
Ladies' shoes a specialty.
The North Star Lodge, B. con
template giving a swell entertainment
in the near future. Look out for fur
ther announcements.
The Ivy Leaf Dancing club will meet
next Thursday evening, October 22d
Positively only those on the list of
regular patrons will be admitted.
You are cordially invited to attend
the Men's Sunday club, which meets
at Pilgrim Baptist church tomorrow
afternoon at 4 o'clock. Good program.
Mrs Turner and Miss Mary
Harwell were entertained at dinner
last Sunday by Mr and Mrs. T. W.
Stipp at their residence in Minneap
Charles Burnett, white, aged 42, was
on Wednesday sentenced to serve
eight years in the Stillwater peniten
tiary at hard labor. He pleaded guilty
to sodomy
The most popular place for people
who take their meals 'down town Is
John Godfrey's, No. 552 Wabasha
treet Everything neat, clean and
well cooked.
Anyone who would like to go into
an established business which pays
well, who can furnish $500 cash, may
learn particulars by calling at THE
APPEAL office
Is your hair straight? If not, send
50 cents to Ozonized Ox Marrow Co.,
76 Wabash avenue, Chicago, 111., for a
bot*i of Ozonized Ox Marrow and you
car *asily straighten it.
Mrs E Allen has opened a hair
store at 363 W Seventh street near
Forbes, where she is prepared to fill
orders in all branches of hair work.
Scalp treatment a specialty.
Gentlemen wishing nice furnished
Fonnu, with all conveniences, by the
v**-Ts. or month, at reasonable rates,
at th Benton House, 228
Thir up stairs.
Wm. E Nagel Manager, 20$ West
Third street, Telephone, Main 1504.
Latest equipments in every line.
Lady assistant when desired.
Lately opened, a restaurant and
coffee house at 309 Washington St,
near Third Meals at all hourse at
reasonable rates Public cordially in
vited to call Mrs Mattie Brown, pro
When yoa wish your shoes repaired
in the best style tor the least money
rail on A Smith, No, 443 Rondo,
corner of Arundel street Ladies and
children's shoes a specialty Quick
Mis Emma Richardson of Portland.
Oie is the city to join hei hus
band They are now stopping with
Mrs W Liggms, 434 St Anthon a\e-
nue and intend to ma\e this city their
futuic home
Do vou wish to borrow so-Tne moneV
Well, vou may get it by calling on the
"Small Loan Co," Rooms 421-2, Brad
ley Building, Fifth street, between
Wabasha and Cedar Private rooms
for consultation.
For good home cooking go to the
Metropolitan restaurant, No. 378 Min
nesota street First-class meals at all
hours Regular meals, 20 cents. Meals
to order at moderate prices. Mrs. Lou
McLaughlan, proprietor.
ELK EXPRESS CO., G. D. Charles
ton, Proprietor J. Charleston, Man
ager. Packing, shipping and storing.
Piano moving a snecialty. No. 39 E.
Seventh street, cor. Cedar (basement).
Telephone Main 2514 2.
If you wish a good shave, hair cut or
shampoo call at Richard Cousby's neat
shop, No.374y2 Minnesota street. First
class workmen only. Satisfaction
guaranteed Music for all occasions
furnished on short notice.
There was a very pleasant little
party given by Miss Erne Manning at
the residence of her mother on Sher
burne street, last Wednesday night.
A lot of the "young folks" was pres
ent and enjojed the function im
mother used to cook" 25 cents. Te
bone steak served in short orders.
Furmsned rooms for gentlemen con
nection No 378 Cedar street. Tel
ephone Mam 1786 1. H. Barber,
The Metropolitan Restaurant, No.
378 Minnesota street, has put in a
pleasing, up-to-date feature. A de
lightful concert is furnished during
meal hours by a large Edison phono
graph, which plays all the popular airs
and songs. You ought to call and
hear it.
The ball to be given by the Afro
American Barkeepers' union at Ram
sey hall, 65 E. Fifth street, Monday
night, will be a corker, and don't you
forget it. Henry Shaw, president
OUie Phelps, secretary Sam Patch,
treasurer. Admission 50 cents Black's
BENTON'S CAFE, No. 204 West
Third street, near "Seven Corners,"
the swellest place in town for up-to
date meals and lunches. Meals from
25 cents up. Private rooms for ladies.
Regular dinner to cents. Lunch coun
ter. Everything in first-class style.
Open night and day. Private rooms
Jf for dinner parties.
$*?} ^i^|*
Exclusive Agents
Knox Hats
Hanan Shoes
HeJf-price clothes on
special tables
W. B. Watson's American Bur
lesquers, presenting two humorous
and original conceptions entitled, "Our
Distinguished Guests" and "She Has
Gentlemen Friends," will be the next
attraction at the popular Star theater
Six up-to-date vaudeville specialties
will add to the excellent entertain
ment at each performance.
Anything the matter with your stove,
range or furnace? It there is, just call
at the St. Paul Stove Repair Works,
12b West Seventh street, between Fifth
and Exchange, and get it repaired. Any
part of stove or range furnished. A
number of good second-hand stoves for
sale cheap. Both telephones 242-J2.
Benton's cafe has moved from Fort
to 204 West Seventh street. The new
place has four private dining rooms,
all nicely fitted up in the latest style
The cuisine is excellent every par
ticular, and persons who wish first
class food, served in first-class style,
at moderate prices should call A .spe
cial invitation is extended to all to
visit and inspect the new cafe
Visitors to the city, anc residents
also who wish to get first clas? mearg
should call at John Godfrey's. No. 552
Wabasha street, between Tenth street
tn College avenue Board and rooms
bv the day, week or month at reason
able rates Best meals in the city.
Regular meals 25 cents Sunday dm
ners from 1 00 to 5 00 in a sped
Mills* Sandwich room, No 444 Robert
street, to get genuine Mexican chili
stew or chili mock, the new and pop
ular "St Paul sandwich," oysters in
any style, good coffee, all kinds of
sandwiches to order. Open day and
night, from 6-30 a m. to 2 30 am.
No 444 Robert street, between Sev
enth and Eighth. S Mills, pro
The soiree which was given by St
Peter Claver sodality Thursday even
ing at Central hall was one of themost
delightful affairs of the season
of strangers. W*
with Mrs. Nellie Hale presiding at the f^
piano A nice lunch was furnisnea
free, and all present enjoyed the occa-
Q. H. Walker. Manager.
Their price ivas
We offer at
Their price was
We offer at
Men's Overcoats and Ulsters-
Their price was
We offer at
sion hugely
A woman who gave her name as
Bell Olson was arrested on Sunday
night and charged with soliciting.
Forty-eight hours after she was ar
rested it was discovered that she had
a loaded revolver on her person which
had not been found when she was
searched at the station. She was
brought before the court Tuesday and
paid a fine ot $5 for carrying con
cealed weapons, and the charge of
soliciting was stricken off on her
agreement to leave the city within
twenty-four hours.
At the Grand Opera House.
Theater goers this year are asked
to accept Ward & Vokes as two Pink
erton detectives in their new vehicle
"A Pair of Pinks," which comes to the
Grand next week The requirement
sounds funny, and as that is the sole
purpose of the labor of Ward & Vokes
the making of funit is a good be
ginring These popular comedians
have firmly established themselves
with a vpry large class of theater go
ers, and new show by the large com
pany thev alwavs carry, means an
e-\ ent for the public who enjoy a laugh
(er treat That it will be found a
musical entertainmert goes without
sajing find it is promised that the
music is all new catchy, and the kind
to set the lips a pucker at once One
"ct is demoted to a prison scene, the
mivat'- nail of "Percy and Harold," and
hore will be found rules and regula
tors for the cor duct of the
to hvp
Correct Clothes for Men and Boys.
Big Purchase of Minneapolis Dealer's Clothing Stock.
(O. C. INGRAM, 218 Hennepin Ave.)
$12,000 worth of Men's Clothing purchased at 50c on the Dollar.
Entir Stock on Sal at Half-Price
This stock of Men's Clothing (Suits, Overcoats and Trousers)
is the product of reliable manufacturers. We have examined the
stock and found it desirable and in every essential worthy of the price he
placed upon it
That we offer this stock at exactly half-price is a fact that no economical man
should overlook, as it enablds good clothes to be procured at a reasonably low price.
All garments are plainly marked. It affords us great satisfaction to
offer it to our customers at just one-half their marked prices.
Men's SuitsIn a large variety of worsteds^ cheviots, serges, black
clays, etc., which
Men's PantsIn worsteds, cheviots and cassimeres, which
vou' pro-v a source oprisoners deheh
mo^t hardened criminal We
waTa fine crowd present, and a host und faTano
furnished by Prof Gray sorcn.esa,*,
1 tb^ delights of these
two worthies running a banking in
stitution, a hotel, department store,
a state capitoland now we shall see
how they think a real up-to-date prison
should be conducted. E. D. Stair has
been really extravagant in the manner
of producing "A Pair of Pinks," and in
its scenic environment, the costume
accessories its numerical strength
and ir dividual capabilities, the new There
orgail i
01 we
$8 $10 $12 $15 $16 $18
$4 $5 $6 $7.50 $8 $9
Tremendous Sacrifice Men' Clothing.
The Plymcruth Clothing Hovise,
Seventh a.i\d Robert Streets.
Vle \Zf offering eve^r made by thi^sh wel
The engagement
usua is for one week,
Wednesday and Saturday matinees.
$1.50 $2 $3 $4
75c $1 $1.50 $2
In kerseys, frieze and cheviots, which
$10 $12 $15 $18
$5 $6 $7.50 $9
Weds a White Girl in Buffalo and Will
Gc to France on Wedding Tour.
"King Solomon" drifted into Buffalo,
N. Y., a short time ago from Dawson
City, it is said, and, although his real
name and history has not been made
known, he has cut quite a dash. At
any rate, his clothes have been the
envy of the town, his many changes of
expensive garments have fairly glis
tened with prosperity, while the white
bootblack who polished his shoes was
never asked for change It is stated
"King Solomon.
that he has an income of ?100 per dav
but from what source it is not stated.
A few da ago he was married to
Miss Minnie Stevens, a pretty white
girl, daughter of Mr and Mrs Alex
Stevens of St. Marys, Ont
The bride is a fair girl, slender and
delicate, 21 years old, while the "King"
owns to 41 years of eventful life.
"Color is but a trifling matter," said
Mrs. Solomon, as she gazed with love
lit eyes into her husband's polished
The pair went to New York, France
will be included in their honeymoon
Defective Page
tatablUhed IBS.
Messrs. S. D. Kemp and E. J.
liams Start a New Enter-
Messrs. S. D. Kemp and E.
liams have started a new barber shop
at 74 E. Fifth st. They have three
up-to-date hydraulic chairs and the
latest style of furnishings also two
neat bath rooms and a boot black
'chair. They are prepared to do any
thing in the tonsorial line with neat
ness and dispatch. They will make
a specialty of cuttitfg children's hair.
The shop will be under the manage
ment of Mr. William Liggins, who
will have as his assistants Messrs.
Jackson and Walker. The public cor
dially invited. g.
*Owen Howell, No. 156 E. Sixth St.,
fashionable tailor. Gentlemen wishing
suits or overcoats of the latest cuts
and patterns shculd call on them. La
dies' work also done. Clothing
cleaned, repaired, sponged and pressed
on short notice. Moderate prices.
Goods called for and delivered. M&--
Selling Agents
Gordon Hate
The above clothing will be-
shown on. separate tables.
tion last Thursday in honor of Mrs.
Carter, of Hot Springs. The house
was beautifully decorated. There
were a goodly number there, and all
went away saying it was gootC to be
At an early date the S. M. T. Queen
Esther temple wHl give a silver shower
at the residence of Mrs. Mattie Beeves.
Three well-known ladies will contest
for the prize, which will be silver, and
given to the lady bringing in? the
largest amount of silver.
The Preachers' Aid society met at
the residence of Mrs. J. Monroe.
The society had election of officers.
Mrs. J. L.. Neal, who has served" two
years as president, waist re-elected.
Much credit is due Mrs L. Neal for
the interest and good she has done for
the society- Mrs. John Joyce, vice
president Mrs B. Pierre, re-elected
for secretary Mrs T. W Stepps, as
sistant secretary Mrs John Kogev,
re-elected treasurer
The reception tendered Rer Reeves
on Monday evening was a splendid
affair The church parlors were
crowded to standing room Addresses
of welcome were delivered by
Neal, Harvey Burk and others A
splendid lunch was served, and at the
close of the program the Preachers'
Aid society presented Rev Reeves a
$50 gold watch. Miss Irene Roger
made the presentation speech
Before leaving the cit\ IV- CI1
Calloway, who represents the Montana
copper industry, left a few shares of
^took in the company he is agent for,
that can be disposed ot. Apv one in
terested In this kind of investment can
obtain information on the subject from
the assayer of the company repre
sented by Mr Calloway, who is in Min
neapolis for a few days and1
will be
pleased to meet those interested any
afternoon after October 4, 1903, be
tween the hours" of 3 and 5 at 1020
Guaranty Loan building.
"I haven't paid M5M for a hat since
I began wearing the Gordon and I buy
the best."
Clifford A. Smith,
A Progressive Young Man Goes
Business for Himself.
Mr. Clifford A. Smith was born, rear
ed and educated in Chicago. He learn
ed the tailor trade and came to St.
Paul some years ago, and for the last
four years held the position of cutter
for the fashionable and popular tail
ors. Reid Brothers. Believing that he
can use his knowledge to a better ad
vantage by doing business for himself
he nas opened a neat tailor shop in
room 412 Bradley Building, on Fifth
street between Wabasha and Cedar,
where he i& prepared to do anything
in the line of his business. Gentlemen
wishing stylish garments made to or
der will do well to give him- an order
for their, fall and winter suits and
overcoats. Suit or overcoat finished in
five days after order is placed. Qual
ity, fit and finish guaranteed.
CTQtues repaired and renovated.*
Matters Social, Religious and MM!
Whl"h Have Happened and are to Happca
Aanoag eh* People of the City on the
Mrs. Geo. Clay is on ttee sick list.
Miss Mamie Samuels is on the sick
Mrs. J. M. Oliver is still confined to
her bed.
Mrs. Sarah Cannon, an old. settler
of Minneapolis, is on the sick list.
Mrs. R. S. Brown entertained Miss
Lena McCage at lunch last Saturday.
Mrs. Birdie Reynolds* of St. Paul,
was in the city Tuesday visiting
Mrs. John Cheathan, who has been
sick a-bed for three weeks is sitting
up again.
The entertainment given by Mr
Chas. Sager at St. Peter's church last
Friday night was a snecess.
Miss B. Mitchell, of Wisconsin, who
is visiting the city is stopping at the
residence of Mrs. L. Abbey.
Miss Lydia Walker of Kansas City
will instruct in music and sewing in
the Colored Industrial Home.
Miss Clara B. Hall, of Janesville,
Wis., is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. W.
C. Jeffrey, 253T First avenue south.
Mrs. M. O. Cannon entertained
Tuesday evening for the M. T. C.'s
Quite a number of members were pres
The Sunday- School children of
Bethesda win give a concert and so
cial at the cmiTch Friday evening, Oc
tober 233.
First class rooms and board, regu
lar meals 25 cents. Sunday dinner,
35 cents. Hotel De Temple, 411 Sec
ond Ave. S".
The Preachers' Aid society will meet
at the residence of Mrs. John Koger,
3025 Oakland avenue, Wednesday
evening, October 21st.
A splendid program will be ren
dered at Bethesda every Sunday from
6:30 to 8 p. m., under the auspices of
the Christian! Congress.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Scruggs, of Colo
rado, have bought a beautiful home at
3127 Pillsbury avenue Wen heartily
welcome them to our city.
Miss M. Jackson, milliner and mo
diste, ladies' tailoring. French clean
ing and curling feathers a specialty.
No. 1409 South Fifth street.
The Dxmbar society met at the resi
dence of Mrs. L. Abbey last Wednes
day evening. Ther members all left
saying it was good to be there.
Mr. and Mrs. M". O. Cannon returned
Sunday night from Northfieid, Minn.,
after spending a few days visiting
parents- and friends in that city.
The dancing party given by Mrs
Nellie Hale la-st Monday was well at
tended Many from St Paul were
present, and everybody had a good
Madam Pierre is agent for the Mag
netic hair straightener. She would be
pleased to call on any who may choose
to drop her a postal Address 1127 3d
Ave. S.
Rev M. W Withers will preach at
the Bethesda Baptist Church, 1120 8th
St South. Sunday morning' subject,
'"Prayer", evening, "ILoyalty to
Invitations, are- out for an entertain
ment, given b2F the Pantf lLawren:e
Dunbar club, in honor of Mr. Chas
Sager, at Twining hall, Tuesday, Octo
ber 20th.
The Appeal is mailea to most ol
the homes of the people of the Twin
Cities, and if you wish matters to reach
these homes you must publish them in
the Appeal.
Rev. M. W. Withers, Wm.
Mrs James Shepherd1*
MrsFranklin, W
Walker and Mrs. Martha Medley at
tended the state convention at Anoka,
Minn., This week.
The Dunbar Literary club will ten
der Mr. Chas Seeger a reception at
Twining hall Tuesday evening, on
which occasion Mrs. J. N. Sellers will
recite her original poem.
Persons who have been favored' with
invitation cards to the soiree of the
Autumn Leaf Dancing school are re
quested to consult Madam Hale before
extending invitations to others to at
Prof. Howard's K. P. band and the
Uniform Rank, K. of P., will givt a
dancing party the 2d and 4th Thursday
evenings in each month during the
winter, at Twining hall, 710 Hennepin
Mrs. B. F. Pierre has been appoint
ed by the associated charities to look
after the poor and needy Afro-Ameri
cans of this efty. Mrs. Pierre is well
known, and no doubt will be a valu
able addition to that society.
Mrs. Cetsstine Brown has openefl
fhe "Creole Kitchen," boarding-house
siTlc, at" 4*5-407 Fifth ave. S. Regular
meals, 25 cents. Short orders served.
First-class furnished rooms in connee
Mon. N. W. TeL 3484-L2. Minneapolis
"Eye Witness" says: "It is indeed
a roble work that Mrs. Lena A. Ragan,
deaconess of St. Peter A. M. E. church,
of this city, is doing. Her appearance
is welcomed in the court rooms She
is matronly and is indeed a benedic-
Mrs. Russell and Prof. Strandberg
will give a splendid evening's enter
tainment at the First Baptist Church
in the near future to benefit the Good
rich-Russell Industrial Home. Free
ad mittance, offering taken. All are to'
T,lte d^ j, &"*,
^Mr. ant Mrl.*B. Baker gafeV&eep^
First-Class Laundry Work.
Best In Every Respect.
509-511 Second Ave., So., Minneapolis.
lesaminc Club
Not much. Her grandmother watch
ed a shadow on the kitchen floor, and
guessed when it was time to get din
ner. Her mother FELT of the oven
and guessed when it was time to put
the biscuits in. This modern, up-to
date woman does neither, for SHE
KNOWS. She has a modern Moore's
Steel Range, with every facility for
making her work easy antLsure^in*
eludinga practicalandrilfable OVEN
THERMOMETER. Be sure and
give us opportunity toshow you these
before you buy.
For Sate Exclusively by
Complete House Furnishers,
419-421 Jackson St., St. Paul.
We ve the goods vou're looking
foi at prices you II Ii:ce lo pay
We please your eye and your
pocket book at the same time
We make to ordej In our "jig
factory the finest in the WCSL
anything and everything pei
taihmg to gas and eleotrio fix
tures We also carry the best
imported fixtures and are pre
pared to please the most critical
taste Tel 32
Estimates quickly furnished
60 E. kth St.Sfe Paul.
9LE. Seventh. St
Specialty Pain*
lesa extracting,,
erownand bridge
^V*X MM*, alwftyt nUaiila. IAOIC ifc
bSKmitranS la Bed *U Cold meullte
xLfeil4 wUk M ribbon. T*k

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