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No. 301-2 Court Block, 24 E. 4th st
ADAMS, Maaascr.
N#. 2812 Tenth Avenue South
J. If. SBLLBRg, Manager.
atcred at the Poitoflw In St. Paul,
Mlaa*ta, aa econd-claaa mall
matter. Jaae 6, 1886, under
Act of Congress.
March 3. 18T.
SINGLE COPY, One Year $2.40
SINGLE COPY, Six Months 1.25
SINGLE COPY, Three Months.. .65
Again it is Christmas. Through
the mud streets of Palestine, across
the cobblestones of Europe, down the
smooth avenues of America, and
through the crooked by-ways of Asia
the Christ child wanders again in
In Palestine there is strife. Euro
pean greed grapples with the young,
fiery spirit of nationalism. The fires
of different religions burn deep and
flare high. In Europe there is tur
moil, intolerance and suspicion. In
America, materialism sits on high,
reigning with pagan pomp. Asia's
dumbness is being broken by faint
mutterings for liberty and love and
life. All mankind is restless.
This Christmas the hearts of mil
lions of strife-weary peoples hunger
for peace and a chance to live. In
this, the spiritual re-birth of the
Prince of Love, they see the way to
the things that armies and confer
ences and treaties have not yet
For the contentment of us all, may
the spirit of this birthday of the
Christ live in the hearts and acts of
men throughout the year, and the
years to come.
We never did like to hear undue
levity emanate from a judge or from
a preacher. Their positions always
have been regarded by us as being
specially selected somehow, we have
a generous respect for such who oc
cupy them. A joking judge and a
joking preacher are dangerous char
acters who invite contempt for the
positions they occupy, and their at
titute is harmful to the community.
Two colored men were tried before
Judge Ekwall for using opium and
arrested with them was a white
woman of 22 years. The culprits
asked the judge to suspend their sen
tences, to which he replied: "If this
thing had happened in the South, you
would have been suspended all right
to a tree." No doubt of it. But
we condemn the judge for associat
ing Oregon with a part of the coun
try where law, order and respect for
life are crude ideas. Since the stran
gulation of the Dyer bill, two games
of lynching have already been played
down South, in each the race lost,
as the odds were a thousand to one.
In Texas, the suspected victim was
kindly shot to death while in Florida
he was singed, browned and by neg
lect on the part of those who were
roasting the barbecue, the meat was
allowed to burn. In each case the vic
tims were doubted as being the guilty
party. Lynching is too serious a
matter for jest by a judge. Suppose
some Southern morons had been in
the court sufficient in number to have
been inspired to carry out the sug
gestion coming from Judge Ekwall's
mouth. Oregon would have played
the national game with Portland as
the center of attraction.
Mr. Harding told us that a crisis
has come jn the life of this nation
and whereas, he omitted lynching as
one of the leaks in the hull of the old
Ship of State, we are prophesying
that the old vessel is certainly going
to sink unless some good calkers stop
the seam through which the slimy
ooze of dissension, murder and dis
regard for law and order are seeping.
Makeshift legislation will not offset
the calamity. We niust face the con
ditions squarely and the time are too
serious for anyone in authority to
joke with facts.Portland Times.
s, is this that colo
Onhee thing our young must get out
'^t^akes a manbecause Th white race "is
,/J fcd-
it is white but
& has developed the brain
and body., It is .Drain that makes
them great, not color. Put the white
mentality under the blackest skin and
eventually the ruling class would be
come dark. Having developed brain
to a greater extent than the darker
races has enabled the white race to
take advantage of ignorance.
There is a difference between ab
sorbing another man's thought and
creating the thought yourself. The
difference between a man and a mon
key is this: the man is able to create
through exercise of his brain cells
whereas the monkey can but imitate,
if he could originate monkey and man
would be on par.
The darker races imitate too much
for this reason they get a strong fo
cus, hot delving in the art of-creation
they judge by surface, hence, the pre
vailing thought among colored people
that the man's skin makes his great
ness. Darkening the skin of
white race would not dull their brain
We have another fault. It is this:
we are too easily satisfied. We have
not developed that unsatisfied ambi
tion that ^ancient Ethiopia possessed,
our heads are too often in the clouds.
"We talk too much about where "we
are going" and not enough of .things
as^ they are. We, forget that God
made both heaven and earth. There
is just as much God in a clod of earth
as there is in a section of the skies.
We are of the idea that clothes make
a man. We. think the guilt
frame is the picture because it looks
like gold. .Yet the real gold is the
virtuous woman or the manly man.
As a class of people we must be
gin to think. Don't forget that it
takes a general "to win a battle it
takes a thinking class of people to
win ^Jplaee in this.:world that we
live in." "Make something, do some-
'T1 ~TmTTTTTTininTr|iMpHi fll IMMI iiw nim
thing, be somebody, stop being just
a colored man. Stand on your feet,
stop this inevitable babble about
you've got no chance because you are
colored. You have a thousand chances
where Frederick Douglass had one,
but he was a man! What are you?
Boston Guardian.
U.S.Quizzes Black
Star Line Heads
New York, Dec. 21 (Crusader Serv
ice).Quietly and without bluster the
United States Department of Justice
and the Post Office Department- are
weaving the net in which they hope
'o enmesh the responsible officers of
the defunct Black Star Line for their
alleged criminal mismanagement of
corporation. Last week several
ex-officers of the U. N. I. A. and for
mer, as well as some present, boost
ers of the incomparable genius of the
great advertiser and black Barnum,
Marcus Garvey, were summoned be
fore Assistant Federal District At
torney Mattuck, for the purpose of
getting information regarding cer
tain phases of the activities of the
shipless steamship company. Manv
of the persons summoned were told
to hold themselves in .readiness for
appearance in court when the case
comes to trial. It is reported that
the government is not deterred by
the antics -of certain colored politi
cians who are alleged to be seeking
to subvert the cause of justice. Fully
one hundred witnesses are expected
to testify and the case, which will
be called shortly, is expected to be a
"cause celebre.'-'
Garvey Opens New
"Hole b| W
SlNew ^^((^sader. Ser^
believe in Santa Clam I believed
hair is
snowierrno cheeks redder,
smile merrier and no eyes more tw
kling than his. I believe the he
him is tig enough to encompa^
worldifpeople would let it! I be
ill tte jingleo his sleigh bells, thel^i^^
nesi of his reindeer, the sound of thei
tapping feet on the roof. S I believe iti
chinineys, big, broad, deep-throated
chimneys that will not cramp the Mdrry
with his bulging pick. I
in solemn rows of stockings
hanging by the firefather's short one,
mother'slong orie and the dangling ones
of the children, aU ^aiting arid expect
ant.Is I beHevelh?1
of happiness
^uicoa niai uauta v-idu icavcb at
every house, and I believe that it will
grow through all the year if people try tp
keep the spirit of Christmas every da-sl
ice).Using the remainder of thethere
large sum of nioney collected from
colored people of the wOrld, the
"Negro" Factories Corporation, or
ganized by M&rcus Garvey, under
whose management the Black Star
Line transferred^ $1,000,000 from the
control of the race into the coffers of
ship brokers and other members of
the white race^has opened a small
tailor shop at 2305 Seventh avenue.
The size and equipment of the "fac
tory" which is dedicated to cleaning,
dyeing and repairing clothes and
pressing men's uits at 35 cents each
seems _to be. ajttodern illustration of
the old fable tnlt "the mountain djid
'abor and it brought forth a mouse?'
Supreme Tribunal Upholds Award of
Mississippi Court to White
Washington, ?Dec. 21 (Crusader
Service).:Jim "crow laws passed ^by
Southern states were not abrogated
bjr government control of the rail
roads during the war and the United
States-Railroad Administration was
responsible for 'their .enforcement,
according to, a decision by the su
preme court today.
The Mississippi courts were upheld
in awarding damages against the
railroad administration in favor of A.
E. Stephens, F. Gt .Gaddy and M.
Swinnej^threjt Mississippi whites
who cMfge that they "were ^com
pelled" to ride with "Negroes" de
spite their protest.
^contended that, the
conductor refused to eject .colored
^assenirerfr frcif A section marked
tsvrhHea only^ and. that as a re
sult they suffered "mortification and
hhbarrassiHena^ -I&Kgk*'
T-White-tne j*im$%i jfnflrWlaws
.notj,, specifically passed poh,
aas^^p^-aass^^s^ssi^ rj-s]:^4^j^
can be no doubt in the minds
of intelligent people that the discus
sion of the supreme court goes far
toward upholding those laws.
Weeks Promises 24th
War Secretary Says Charges of N. A.
A. C. P. Will Be Investigated
and Justice Done
John W. Weeks, United States Sec
retary of War, has replied to a let
ter sent htm by the National Asso
ciation for the Advancement of Col
ored People, promising investigation
of the charges that colored soldiers
of the 24th Infantry were being mis
treated and discriminated against,
and saying that conditions com
plained of will be corrected.
The letter of Secretary of
Weeks is as follows:
War Department, Washington.
December 13, 1922.
Mary White Ovington, Chairman
Board^ of Directors National Asso
sociation for the Advancement of
Colored People, New York City.
My Dear Madam:
Acknowledging receipt of your let
ter of December 8, 1922, supplement
ing your recent communication on
the subject of the treatment of the
4th Infantry now stationed at Fort
Benning Ga., I am pleased to inform
von, that your letter has been for
wardetL^tq th* commandant? officer.
Fort Benning, Ga., for investigation
and necessarv action. I can assure
vou that the proper', disciplinary
^easuTPs^ willfcetaken to correct any
irrejmlarity tha may be discovered
the treatment -o the members of
24th Infantry. The personnel of
hi organization wilt receive the
considerationstationee nf
Women of Methodist Church South',
Demand That Mob Violence
Be Blotted Out
Atlanta, Ga., Dec. 7 (Special).A
movement to enlist the 250,000 organ
ized women of the Southern Meth
odist Church in a determined and
systematic campaign for the suppres
sion of lynching was launched here
this week. A large group of repre
sentative women from thirteen states,
all of them officials of the Woman's
Missionary Council or Conference So
cial Seryke superintendents, met at
the call of the Race Relations Com
mission of the Council, spent three
days in conference, and at the con
clusion issued a vigorous address to
':he public relative,to the lynching
evil, calling upbh the authorities of
the several states and counties for its
complete suppression and upon the
citizens, the pulpit and the press for
hei united support to this end.- The
defeat of the Dyer anti-lynching bffl
was used to give point to their ut
as" th members
any other unit at that
oost. -3
Sincerely yours.
(Signed) JOHN W. WEEKS,
iry of War.
further -pledged themselves,
individually and in an official ca
pacity as representing the social
service leadership of the organized
Methodist women, to a persistent
campaign for adequate state laws
and for law enforcement. Details of
the plan are already being worked
The statement follows, together
with the,names of the women sign
"Wherfas, the defeat of the Dyer
wti-lvnching bill, which provided for
hj federal control of lynching, has
thrown the whole responsibility hick
"pon each state for removing this
hideous crime: .therefore,
"Be it resolved, that we, the Com
mission on Hace Relations of the
Woman's,-Missionary Council, Meth-
*%t Episcopal Church, South, the
conference social service superintend-
"Judiciary Influenced, Law Is Under
mined," Oregon Executive
Tells Conference
Marks Interests' Grab at Political
Power, Declares Mayor Hylan
White Sulphur Springs, Dec. 20
(Crusader Service).Gov. Ben W,
Olcott of Oregon, addressing the con
ference of governors here, warned
that the Ku Klux Klan is gaining an
amazing grip in his state and other
states and expressed the conviction
that unless steps are immediately
taken to check the Klan its activities
would inevitably lead to a state of
civil war in this country.
Thinking Oregonians are at last
awake to what has happened in that
state, and like himself are genuinely
alarmed by the spread of what they
first failed to regard as a dangerous
manifestation, he pointed out, not,
however, explaining that the toler
ance with which the Klan was at first
regarded was due to the belief that
it was merely anti-Negro and not
anti-anybody else. Today the sub
ject overshadows all other issues in
Oregon, he said, and the consequence
of the secret organization's work
there should be brought to national
Whole Communities Torn
That whole communities in Oregon
are now torn by such religious dis
sension, if not avowed hatred, that
neighbors formerly the .best of
friends are virtual feudists, families
are disrupted, the spirit of religious
intolerance is seizing upon the
churches and spreading into all
branches of business as a controlling
The same sort of outragescom
mitted by night riders, masked in
white gowns and cowlsthat have
swept the Southland have repeatedly
occurred in Oregon, so that law and
order is.as much usurped by the
American fascisti as in Louisiana,
where Gov. Parker feared for the
sovereignty of the state.
Judiciary Influenced
That the judiciary, school system,
politics and even certain public chan
nels of expression have .become so in
fluenced, and in some instances con
trolled by the Klan that all former
normal relationships and processes
of law and order are completely un
That Portland has became a hotbed
of the Klan propaganda, which has
been spread with characteristic sec
recy and in the guise of a patriotic
and benevolent movement, and the
Klan leaders are extending their field
into the state of Washington, pre
dicting openly that they will soon
have lined up that and other north
western states including Idaho and
the territory of Alaska.
Protestant vs* Catholic
the puppets of privilege may
be enabled to slip into any public
office" is the opinion expressed by
Mayor Hylan of New York on the Ku
Klux Klan.
The mayor's statement was pro
voked by reporters asking him what
he had to say regarding the appear
ance of a Klansman on Sunday night
ini the! Washington Avenue Baptist
Church, Brooklyn. His Honor de
clared that "day by day disclosures
are rapidly proving that the Ku Klux
Klan is nothing but an attempt to
create a gigantic political machine"
and that the "powerful interests that
are trying to control this govern
ment would undoubtedly be found
financing the Klan. Seeming to bear
out Mayor Hylan's views are the fact
that the Klan has acted to drive Ne
groes out of the oil fields in several
bouthern and Southwestern states
and the recent revelation of a banker
backer New York city.
"The object of fomenting racial
and religious disturbances and the
widening of breaches between groups
and+ classes is apparent," the mayor
continued. "If the people are divided
into opposing camps on racial and re
ligious lines, less thought will be
eiven to, vital public,
Through this process
ofi hoodwinkingi.clbupquestions0tn
the pubhejthepuppets of privilege
ents^ and other officers in conference
in Atlanta, Ga., December 4-6, 1922,
do now demand of the authorities of
the ^several states that they make
good their claim proving their com
petency to abolish mob violence
oa responsidan
assu i
as citizens for the protection of
human life and hereby call upon all
pulpit and uponLthe
S.fSS"5!Pfc" x*
ga ^f
Persisten agitationinjoi
barbaroupresstto practice
^at formulate plans for an
organized movement in behalfe offo ade--ec
JacksenviHe, Fla., Dec. 2fcThl
white jnan recently chargem with rap-
kTr W 0
l0 B?S V*1
skirts of Jacksonville, against whom
tag victim and
%21i?*n*P&1* colored), was discharged.by the judge
on his own testimony. The iudeean-
be convicted Ju coarsen the mere
"We have no accurate way of
knowing how large numerically the
Klan has become in Oregon,**- said
Gov. Olcott, "but its manifestations
are significant of its extent and its
power. We have few colored people
and few Jews in the state, compara
tively speaking, so that the issue
comes down to one between Pro
testantism and Catholicism. To be
sure, che colored man who was freed
from, jail after serving his term for
chicken stealing was victimized
taken out at night by masked riders
and hansred. though cut down before
he was dead."
Capitalist Plot, Says Hylan
That the Klan is nothing but a
process of hoodwinking the public so

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