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VOL. III.-NO. 2.
Published Weekly
Northwestern Publishing Company,
No. 41 3rd St,RoomNoT
J. Q. ADAMS, Editor.
Single Copy, per year en
Mx Months
ItoreeMontlis ..5 l.
Subscriptionsnto be paidWn*
wltlK, W Prepayment, the
I advance." When "sub-
0 ad
scriptionse are not paid i advance or by any means
Majrlages and deaths to be announced at all must
come la season to be news.
We do not hold ourselves responsible tot the
views of our correspondents.
Reading notices 15 cents per line.
Specfal rates for advertisements for longer time
than a month.
A blue cross mark opposite your name denotes
that your subscription has expired. You will confer
a favor by renewing the same.
Communications to receive attention must be
newsy, upon Important subjects, plainly written only
upon one side of the paper, must reach us not later
than Thursdays, and bear the signature of the
author No manuscript returned.
Special terms to agents who desire to place the
paper on sale
This paper is for sale by:
C. WVLDON, 108, Fifth street, St. Paul.
CHAS.LANDRE, 111, Harrison St., Chicago.
R. S. BRYANT, 446, S. State St., Chicago.
It is not an uncommon thing to notice
learned disquisitions upon our ethnology
by our able contempories. Taking the
bible for it, we, unquestionably, are de
cendants of Adam, the first man and
Eve, the first woman. It does not
matter if we are pre-Adamite or the
direct decendants of Shem, Ham or
Japheth, we are not called upon to have
any dealings with the people of those
days. We have no need to establish
remote parent stock 7,000,000 of the
colored people now living in the United
Kates were born heie and are therefore
Americansthat settles it.
In this day and time we get little
credit for what* our parents were be it
good or bad, all men and women must
now use or fall upon their own merits
or demerits We are Americans, citi
zens of the United States according to
the Declaration of Independence, the
the Constitution and its amendments,
and by birth We are here to stav and
aid whether our motheis and fathers
weie bleached by the climate of Cir
cassia or dyed by that of Africa it
matters not, we aie human beings with
feeling desires and ambitions such as
other human beings have. We know
we aie outraged by our brothers and
sisteis, but we intend to grin and bear
it and continue to fight for our human
rights until we obtain them. Education
and wealth are the lever and fulcrum
that will remove all obstacles, no matter
if either mother ?r father originally was
a monkev.
So we need not expend any more brain
tissue in tiying to determine whence we
came, let us use our best endeavors to
obtain jufet recognition for what we are.
A special telegram to one of our morn
ing papers contains the following
An order has been issued from the
war depaitment directing the dismissal
horn the signal service of W. H. Green,
"without character." He is the only
colored man that was ever admitted in
the signal service. At the time of his
enlistment, two years ago, the case oc
casioned .nuch comment. Gen. Hazen
stienuously opposed his admission to
the service. Green was first sent to
Pensacola, but not giving satisfaction
theie was stationed at Rochester, N. Y.
It is said that were he a white man he
would have been dismissed long ago.
The government wanted to give him
every possible chance.
We hope all contained in the above is
true, but we are inclined to think that
the principal reason he was discharged
is because he is colored. The govern
ment has turned loose hundreds of
competent colored men since Green
was appointed, why did it not wish to
give them "every possible chance."
Mr. T. Thomas Fortune, of the New
YorkFreeman in the lastlissne very ably
defines the necessity and nature of the
proposed Afro-American League. The
idea is a grand and good one and will
receive a general endorsement from the
colored press. Something must be done
to improve our condition and it will be
only*the better if it assumes a national
character. The numerous organizations
which we now have look more toward
the disposition of our bodies after death
than toward our welfare while living.
There is nothing Utopian about the
ideas advanced and we hope the right
men will take hold of the matter, bury
all petty, personal jealousies and go to
work in earnest to better the condition
of the 7,500,000 colored citizens of our
country. v
Jn military circles it is thought that
the recent national drift will have good
effects, and Gen. Sheridan has said that
he will in hii report toCongress recom?
mend that an annual national drill
should take place in Washington here
after. The late drill took considerable
conceit out of the Southern militia, and
we hope in the future they will make
up their minds to accept the situation
gracefully. There will be abetter show
ing of colored soldiers the next time
there is a national encampment.
The recent serious street encounter of
Editors Rothacker and Rosewater, In
Omaha, and the more recent Loup City
tragedy enacted by Editors Richardson
and Willard should serve as a warning
to certain personal spite and filth sling
ing quill-pushers of the Colored press.
All editors have not the courage to treat
with silent contempt such attacks, but
resort to the very effective shot gun
There is no telling to what extent the
rivalry between the "Twin Cities" will
be carried to. Last Wednesday A. H.
Raven, of St. Paul, tired of living and
shot himself, and lo and behold 1 Dr. C.
R. Bacon, of Minneapolis would not let
his city be out done,so he left the world
by the same route.
There is every reason to believe that
we will soon have a second lieutenant in
the TJ. S. Army, in the person of John
H. Alexander who will graduate from
West Point, if prejudice against his
color Joes not defeat him.
The colored people of Baltimore are
making a strong fight to have colored
teachers in the colored public schools.
In which they are just right. If we are
to have colored schools we must have
colored teachers.
So Mr, Blaine has really gone to
Europe and does not desire the Re
publican nomination for '88. Time will
show what his wishes are in regaid to
the nomination.
The Washington Bee began its sixth
volume last week. The Bee is very ap
propriately named, it stings. May it
continue to live andto sting.
One by one the old tried and true
friends of the colored man are passing
away. The latest is ex-Vice President
Wheeler. May he rest in peace.
Lieadville, Col.
Mr. J. Hawley was in from the tunnel
Rev. W. H. Wilbert preached an able
sermon at the A. M. E. chuich last
Rev. J. B. Wallace and wife are work
up a concert for June 28th when we
hope to have a grand time.
Mr. Sandy Jones, a member of the Z.
L. Older was the only colored man in
the parade on Decoration Day.
Mr. G. W. White who very recently re
turned home from a five months visit to
his friends and relations in Illinois and
and Minnesota, was gladly welcomed by
many old friends, but I am sorry to say
that he has not seen a well day since
his return.
The A, M. E. church under the charge
of Rev. J. B. Wallace is rapidly gaining
ground. He is the right man in the
right place, and we are thankful that
Bishop Brown stationed him here.
He fears God and loves his fellow men.
His good wife is a great help to him in
his work, she has been successful in
forming a good choir, and both have
made mamy friends in our midst.
Aprons and Neckties.
The young ladies of St, Paul are to
give a grand Apron and Necktie social
at St. James A. M. E. church, Tuesday
evening, June 14th, for the purpose of
assisting in paying the salary of Rev. C.
S. Jacobs. The affair will be conducted
as follows: Each lady will provide her
self with an apron and a necktie made
of the same material the ladies will
wear their aprons and deliver the neck
ties to the committee of arrangements
on entering the church. Each gentle
man who wishes payo ten cents for the
piivilege of drawing one of the packages
containing a necktie from a bag in which
all will be placed. When a gentleman
has drawn a necktie, he will be entitled
to the company of the lady who wears
the apron of the corresponding material,
and also to the privilege of eating a dish
of cream and strawberries with her, free
of charge Gentlemen can purchase as
many ties as they please on the same
Therewillalsbbe other refreshments
in abundance.
Rebecca at the well will be personated
by Miss Blanch Parker,
It is the intention of the young ladies
to make this the nicest affair ever given
in the church.
The committee is as follows: Misses
Minnie Scott, Grade Johnson, Blanch
Parker, Ella Smith, Cora French,
Florence French, Aliue Lawrence, Lulu
Giiswold, Bertha Heathcock, Glenora
Roe. Doors will open at 7:30 o'clock.
Admission 25 cents. Children under 12
years of age 10 cents,
firl Wi1-
,$ -%3*
Happenings Done Up I Small
For Hasty Readers.
Mr. W. Evans, of Louisville, Ky., is
in the city.
Mr. W. 0. Sterrett ifT|baek to^the
Metropolis once more.
Mr. Geo. Morton, of Hamilton, Ont.,
is on a visit to our city. ?0
Mr. Chas. Green invites all his friends
to call and see him at 2810 State.
Mr. Ervin Sly is again happy Lis old
chum, W. A. Evans is in the city.
Mr. James Hall contemplates on tak
ing abetter half some time tbis month.
Mr. Carl Nelson and Alonzo Malone
were out fishing Thursday evening. No
Mr. Robert Merritt left Wednesday
for Frankfort, Ky., to spend the sum
Miss Flora Bell from Pittsburg/is
visiting Miss Fannie Allen, 756 West
If you want your washing done good
and cheap, call at 210,4th avenue. Mrs.
Dora Johnson.
Mrs. Maria Holmes left for Louisville,
Ky..Thursday after a brief visit to her Bon
and daughter.
For the best meals in the city and the
WESTERN APPEAL call at Estella Cafe,
446, State street.
Mr. W. H. Alexander will leave for
Waukesha, Saturday, to open the Foun
tain Spring House.
Buy books, stationery, cigars and the
WESTERN APPEAL at Chas. Landers, 111,
E. Harrison street.
Mr. Tom Cavanaugh of the Bee Res
taurant left for a brief visit to his old
home Philadelphia.
Harsh & Taylor are in the lead when
it comes to furnishing first-class "wet
goods." No. 434 State.
When you wish to have a suit nicely
cleaned and repaired call on Pope &
Smith, No. 121, E. Lake.
Mr. G. L. Barnett passed through this
city this week, going to Nebraska where
he will reside in the future.
The WESTERN APPEAL will always be
found on sale at Estella Cafe and Chas.
Lrndre's, 111, E. Harrison street.
W. Johrjson, Geo, Shaw leave Monday
morning for Fox Lake to spend four
days fishing. The fishermans old story.
Mr. Robt. Miller is now trying to find
out which is the best watering place to
go this summer. Bob, Lake Michigan.
The many friends of Mrs. S. R.
Snowden will be pleased to learn that
after two weeks illness she is now con
The saloon of the late Geo. Cross is
again in operation under the manage
ment of Mr. Robt. Crawfoid. The best
goods in the city.
Mr. T. D. E. Soutze, who has been in
U. S. Q. M. Department for thirty-three
years is laid up with irrflamatory rheu
matism but is slowly recovering.
East Lynn is again being rehearsed
by the Spencer's dramatic company, we
hopo that it may be produced soon and
satisfy the cmlosity of some of our stage
struck young ladies and gentlemen.
Ezekiel Lodge 1905, G. U. O. of O. F.
will meet the second and fourth Tues
days each month. Third Tuesday for
degrees meet at John Jones' lodge room
3028 South Clark. Geo. Green, N.G.,
G. R, Seott, P. S,
Extensive preparations are already
being made for the Masonic convention
that is to take place here in August.
The Grand Lodges throughout the U. S.
have expressed their willingness to as
sist in making this the grandest con
vention ever held in this country by
the A. F. & A, Masons.
A great many tickets have already
been sold and are still selling very
rapidly for the Bergen Star Concert
which will be held in Farwell Hall, this
city, on June 22nd. Miss Flora Batson
who is the principal feature of the on
to tainnient is too well known to re
quire any comment whatever, for, as a
vocalist Miss Batson has won for herself
a reputation second to none in the
United States. The local talent that
has been secured is the very best, so
that nothing short of a rich treat may
be expected by their audience.
What picnics are you going to this
season? is the query that is going the
rounds just now but wait a little says
the APPEAL man, if you want to go to a
picnic and have a glorious time if you
want to have a time long to be remem
bered. A good pleasant day in the
woods, free from the turmoil of the
busy, noisy city, and also free from the
mingling and co-mingling of persons of
questionable character and those with
out character, wait for the Union Social
Club's picnic, or St. Georges Com
mandry K. T's picnic who reserve the
right to exclude all persons ofill repute.
The Youngest Knights and Daughters
of the Tabernacle of the Independent
Order of Seven of the Sir Knights of
Tabor will give a grand entertainment
at Central Hall, corner Wabash avenue
and 22nd street, Thursday evening, June
23rd, 1887 at which time the annual in
stallation ceremonies of ofBcers^-elect of
King Solomon Temple No. 20, and In
dependent Golden Gate Tabernacle No.
33, will take place. After the cere
monies a grand supper will be served
including all the delicaciesof the season.
The committee ^will spare no pains to
wake the evening a pleasant one to all
who particapate%||pood Music will be
rendered by Prof^Iore's band. Ex
ercises will begin atEbine oVlock. Com
mittee of arrangame&te, Sir A. King and
Dr. N. Williamson^ Admission 5j()q,
Children 25e. W&tt
The Sunday School convention
brought their exercises to a close here
on last Saturday. JThis convention is
one wh|ch knows Ho color yet we find
amongst that vaskjhrong of delegates
representing the g*|at work of the Sun
day Schools and bff their united efforts
devising ways whefeby they m^y im
prove and promotefihe schools only two
of our 'colored brothers. Your corre
spondant well remjinbera yet, although
twfep6v years ^agfWuen the convention
convened in the city of Hamilton, Ont.,
that he was the only colored delegate
among the vast throng having been
elected to represent the Sunday Schools
of Toronto, Ont., and now after twelve
years of prosperity, twelve years of ad
vancement, twelve years of education,
we find the number increased by only
one.v -Have we no interest in the
schools, more than ta go there Sunday
after Sunday, read a certain passage of
scripture, pass a few comments
A Card.
To the many readers of the WESTERN
APPEAL and friends of Mr. John E.
Shaffer, deceased, I take great pleasure
in saying to YOU that all the money need
ed to pay the funeral expenses has been
settled and paid. I attended the ser
vices to the very best of my humble
ability, and, I trust, to the entire satis
faction of his many friends. I heieby
submit to the public the names of the
kind ones who paid the sums set oppo
site their names for the above men
tioned object:
Messrs. James H. Smith, $1.50 John
T. Shaffer, $2.00 Clarence Johnson,$l
Charles Miner, 50c W. H. Fernan
ders, $1 J. C. McCarthy, $1, William
Buckner,50c. L. Wilson, $1 T.Barton &
Co., 25p. D. W. Phillips, $1 L. T. Cum
bq, 50c D. H. Parker, $1 A. Cooly,
50c C. Brodie, 50c. T. H. Lyles, $5 I.
Hill,$l.N. Gillard, $1 Gassaway, $1
Elliott, $1 Clark, $1 Yance, 50c Bush,
$1 Turner, $1 George Hall, $1 C.
Boice, 75c Milton Fogg, 25c C. Will
kins, 25c J. Henderson, 25c Master
Charley Fogg 25c Messrs.R.C.Howard,
$1 C. A.Mason, $1 L. Yasha, 50c E.
T. Scott, 50c A. M. Baxter, 50c
Jas. Coombs, 25c H. Covington, $1
JohnCunninham,?2 Thomas Jeffer
son, $1.50 Mrs. M. McClain, 25c Mr.
C. Jones, 25c Mr. Bruce Bryant, $2.60.
Chicago, 111., Mav 29th, '87.
Rev. C. S. Jacobs,
My Deai Brothei1I
havejust received
a postal from Mrs. Porter stating that
she had just received a dispatch from
you, stating that my brother Early was
lying at the point of death. I am very
sorry indeed, and would be glad to
come to him if I could, although I have
not seen him for ver twenty years. He
would not know me, nor I him, for he
was very small when I last saw him.
Elder Jacobs, I can tell you I am not
able to come to him, I have had so
much trouble and have not been able to
settle up rhe estate that Mr. Moon left
yet. Since Mr. Moon's death our father,
mother, two brothers and one sister
have passed over. Tell him that his
sister Gem is in very poor health, lost
her oldest child the 30th of March last.
So you see the home is all broke up and
everything is gone. I do not know how
he is situated, but if he is like the most
of young men he is not prepared for
sickness, I trust he has given his heart
to the Saviour.-#I know you will do
Bro. Jacobs what you think is for the
best. If you think it the best for me to
come to St. Paul, I will have to come.
If he is able to send for me I will come.
I hope and shall pray to hear he is
better. Dear Elder I know you will do
all you can for him, for you truely are
the good Shepard to lead the lost sheep
up higher. Please Elder write to me as
soon as you get this and tell me all about
him. My very best love to Early Shaver
my poor brother.-^plany kind wishes
for Sister Jacobs, and a large share for
yourself. I remain very truly your
Sister in Christ, CATHERINE MOON. Jgp
291Sf. LasaUe street, Chicago, III
ton it,
sing a few songs, and dismiss. It would
really seem as though that was the ex
tent of our ambition in regards to the
Sabbath School.
Some time ago attention was called
through the columns of this paper, by
your humble servant, to the state of af
fairs In Lousiana, regarding the colored
race. Since that time your correspon
dant has received a number of letters,
principally from the East, inquiring in
to the truth of the case, and pledging
themselves to assist in extending, light,
liberty and justice, to those poor crea
tures that are now in a state of ignor
ance and bondage. Will not a few more
lend a helping hand for this much need
ed purpose, and by your united efforts
placed in the hands of a few of your
young and intelligent colored men, you
can in the course of twelve months ac
complish what vou have so long been
pitifully crying to your much beloved
and respected Republican adminis
tration to do. Stop whining and be
men, it is your cause! do it yourselves.
I might further say that the account as
narrated in the columns of the APPEAL
can*be fully relied upon, and any further
information that may be sought for on
the subject will be gladly furnished to
any one, by addressing A. A. Russell,
221, 3rd avenue, Chicago.
Gathered from Many Sources
Containing: the Latest Hap-
&* pollings and Doings^^, i
Among- Colored People
The Centeidal of theXM. Erchurch
in America will be celebrated in Novem
There are eight newspapers issued
and controlled by colored men in Mary-
The office of the Negro American,
Birmingham, Ala was destroyed by fire
a few days ago.
Mr. Henry F. Downing, of New York,
has been appointed United States Con
sul at Port de Loando, Africa.
Messrs. Frank McClure, M. Gregory,
W. Vivion, and Frank Greek are the
four colored policeman of Springfield,
S. J. Hdllinsworth, Esq., of Pine
Bluff, Ark., was admitted to practice in
the Supreme and United States courts,
The Middlesex Real Estate Association
composed of colored men has recently
been incorporated by the Massachusetts
The foreman of paint department of
Riggs & Co., Chicago, dealers in wall
paper, oils, etc., is Mr. John Collins, a
colored man.
Forty-two students graduated from
Hampton Normal and Agricultural In
stitute at Fortress Monroe at the recent
commence ment.
Dr. Daniel Williams is one of the re
ception committee of the American
Medical Association which met in
Chicago this week.
Mr. Louis F. Baldwin, one of the
most capable young colored men of
Boston, Mass., has been appointed
salesman in the Continental Clothing
House of that city.
Mr. Robert Harris, colored, has been
employed as clerk by the firm of Parks
Bros., the owners of the largest steel
woiks in the country situated at Pitts
burg, The firm also employs about 500
colored men in the works.
Hon. J. J. Spellman, ofJackson, Miss.,
was a delegate to the R. W. G. L. W.
Good Templars held in Saratoga, and
made a speech that was highly com
mended. Rev. J. C. Price, of Salisbury,
N. C, was also a delegate.
The only colored employee among 350
men in the shops of the Northern Paci
fic Road, situated at Como, Minn., is
Mr. K. L. Williams, of St. Paul, who is
in the paint shop. He has been with
the company a number of years.
The Seventh Annual Session of the A,
G. L., of A. F. and A. Masons foi the
Sta+e ot Iowa and its junsdictions will
be held in Des Moines, Iowa, on July
12,13, and 14, in the hall of North Star
Lodge, No. 2. On the 14th a grand
banquet will be giyen where addresses
will be delivered bv Rev. L. H. Rey
nolds, of Minneapolis Rev. C. W. New
ton, of Burlington and Rev. R. Hawley,
of Keokuk.
The Detroit Plaindealer in its last
issue has a picture and sketch of J. H.
Gray, a native of Minneapolis, but at
present of East Saginaw, Mich., who
has the distinction of being the Only
colored man who was ever treasurer
and assistant manager of a theatre. He
also has the reputation of being the
fastest ticket seller in tin countiy hav
ing on one occasion sold 2,347 tickets in
one hour. He challenges the world for
his equal for any amount of money.
Buffalo Chapter No. 6, A. A. R.
Masons held their annual feast at St.
John's hotel, Buffalo. N. Y., last week,
and had a most enjoyable time. Among
tha Sir Knights present were Most
Wise Jos. II. S. Jackson, Illustrious
past deputy John S. Chase, John H.
Dover, Albert L. Simpson, Joseph P.
Bulah, Lyman G. Taskes, Samuel
Muiray, Sr., Henry T. Hilyard, Geo. C.
Jackson, John G. Hill, Chas. Tappm, of
Mt. Calvery Commandery of New York,
and Chas. Foreman and Samuel Murry,
A. M. JS. Church Notes.
Remember that tomorrow is Child
ren's Day and the Gem service will be
full of interest for old and young. Let
the people turn out.
The pastor, Rev. C. S. Jacobs, will
preach both morning and evening and
will take an especial part in the after
noon service with the little folks at the
Sunday school.
Mr. Wm. H. Page and Miss Victoria
Jackson, Mr. Frank Dishmore and Miss
Eliza Jones were united in holy wed
lock this week, Rev. C. S. Jacobs offi
ciating. The ceremonies were per
formed at the parsonage, 243 Martin
Rev. C. S. Jacobs will preach a ser
mon to men only at four o'clock Sunday,
June 19th, to which all the gentlemen
are cordially invited. The Elder will
exchange pulpits wi Elder Reynolds,
of Minneapolis, in the evening service
of that day. *ry
There were seven accessions to the
church last Sunday and the collection
for the day was about $33.00. The con
gregations are increasing both in num
bers and interest.
Mr. March Saulters and his little baby
are to be baptised to-morrow forgnop.n
by the pastor Rev. C. S. Jacobs
Lace, Patent Leather,
Congress, Patent Leather,
Low Button, Patent Leather,
Also a full line of SHADES, OIL CLOTHS, MATTINGS, etc, at Price*
that Defy Competion. CALL AND SEE US.
Real Estate and Loan
For Bargains in Real Estate which cannot be Duplicate
take a Glance at this List.
2 0 Lots in COMO PARK, only three blocks from the station on the N
P. Ry., |400 each, $100 down balance in 1,2 and 3 years.
2 LotsinWALCOTTand COTTAGE HOME ADDITION, lying between
the Northern Pacific and the Manitoba Roads, for only $450 each, one third cash
and the balance in 1, 2, and 3 yeais,
Some very beautiful lots in WEST ST. PAUL, all lying well. In fact, have
property listed in all parts of the city. No matter what locality vou wish to
buy, call and see me before purchasing, as I can offer the best inducements.
I have a nice desirable piece of business property on the Corner of WES-
TERN AVENUE and CHARLES STREET. Lot 60x80 feet-the size of all lots on
that streetwith a Good House on it, for only $2,200 cash. The Cheapest and best
piece of business property in the city.
3 NEW 7-R00M HOUSES just building with all the modern improve-
ments, bay windows, marble mantles, drop grates, bath-rooms, etc., etc. Street
all graded, sidewalks laid, all handsome new buildings in the neighborhood 0.i
the South side Charles near Western Avenue, two streets north of University
avenue. Lots 38x132. Price 3,500, $500 cash, balance monthly payments.
3 NEW HOUSES 5 rooms each, just building in modern style throughout.
Lots 38x132 feet at $2,500 each, $300 down, balance in monthly payment.
ONE SEVEN-ROOM HOUSE, on lot 22x130 feet on Fuller, between Jay
and Farringtonnear A. M. E. Churchwith good well and cellar. $1,800 term's
to suit purchaser. A Snap.
ONE NEW SEVEN-ROOM HOUSE and lot 41x100 feet on Martin, between
Jay and Lewis, with 5-ioom hoube in iear, all for $3,200. $1,200 cash, balance in
1, 2 and 3 years
Bargains In Real Estate in all Parts of the City.
The Largest Household Goods Establishment West of Chicago. We can fit
your house up from cellar to garret. We make a speciality of medium and Low
Priced Goods. People going to house-keeping will do well to give us a call. Wa
carry a full line of Second-hand Household Goods, as well as new, and we will
give you Prices that no other house can compete with. Give us a call, as it is n
trouble to show goods.
nd Carpets
oots and Shoes.
We have just received a full line of Ladies and Gentlemen's
Patent Leather Button Boots,
Patent Leather Oxford Ties,
Patent Leather Opera Slippers.
Refrigerators^J ilt Stoves, Ranges, Tinware, Furnaces
Fine Household Articles, Roofing, Spouting, and Metal Work.

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