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Doings of tlie Iast Week i all
Parts of the Great Metro
polis of the West.
The APPEAL* 3 News Budget,
Cyrus F. Adanu, Manager of the Chi
cago WESTERN APPEAL, does solemnly
swear that the actual number of copies
of the Chicago edition of the paper
named, separate and exclusive of all
other editions printed duringthe month
of November, 1888, was six thousand
two hundred and forty-eipht copies
(6,248), an average of 1.562 copies each
(Signed) C. F. ADVMS [seal]
Sworn and subscribed before me this
24th Jay of November A. D, 1888.
FL. S.] Notary Public.
Mary Maendler mailing clerk of the
WESTERN APPEAL does solemnly swear
that the circulation of the Chicago
edition of the WKSTERJ. APPEAL, during
month of Novembei, 188S, exceeded
(1500) fifteen hundred copies ach issue.
(Signed) \RY MA NDLER. [seal]
Sworn and subscribed to before me
this 26th day of November A 1888.
[L- S.] Notary Public.
Douglass Ross, foreman of the WFST-
KRN APPEAL press room does solemnly
swear that *he total number of copies
of the Chicago edition of the WESTERN
APPKAL printed during the month of
November, 1888, was (6 248) six thous
and two handr and forty eight, an
average of 1,562 copies each issue.
(Signed) DOUGLASS Ross [seal]
Sworn and subscribed before me this
26tb day of November A. D. 1888.
[L- S.] Notary Public
The circulation of Colored contem
poraries in Chicago is about as follows.
Chicago Conservator 750
Detroit Plaindealer 140
Indianapolis Woild 110
Cleveland Gazette 5
Other Colored papeis 100
It will be seeen from the above that
the circulation of the APPE AL IS 400
greater each week than the combined
circulation of all Colored papers. In
giving the circulations ol our contempor
aries we have endeavored to be fair
The circulation of the Conservator is
taken from the American Newspaper
Directory for 18S8 and also vouched for
by a gentlemanformeily connected with
the naper. In every case the circulation
gi\en has been proved by some person
connected with the paper named. We
believe the figures are true, hut if not
we will cheerfully correct them pro
vided the publisher will make affidavit
to the fact.
Great times at Central Hall Christmas
Spend Christmas eve night at Central
Get your groceries at Biety's461 State
Miss Mary Slaughter of Louisville is
Visiting in the city.
Save money on shirts. Try White's
standard, 6 for $5 50.
Subscribers will please make us a
Christmas gift by paying up.
You mast read the APPEAL to he well
informed about Chicago affairs.
Mrs. Partee No. 2005 S ate street will
a ice a dress that will suit you
Mr. W. M. Sparks and Mrs. B. L.
Botts will be married January 27.
Miss Mattie Phelps has returned from
Battle Creek Mich., Thursday night.
The Ideal Social Club's Christmas
Party will be the event of the hoi days
Furnished rooms for gentlemen only,
at Mrs S Gant' s, 213G and 2138 State
A delightful time is promised to all
who attend the Ideal Social's Christmas
Good furnished rooms for gentlemen
only at Mr. D. D. Lacy's 353 Madison
Mrs. Lizzie Ford 205 Third avenue
says that Bubbins Great French Oil
cured her of cramps.
Good furnished rooms for ladies and
gentlemen at Mrs. Walker's 550 Wabash
avenue. Ring lower bell.
There will be a crand hop given by
the ladies of St. Augustine Society at
Avenue Hall Nev ears eve.
Messrs. Pope and Smith, 121 Lake St.
will clean and repair your clothing and
make it as good as new. Give them a
If you fail to receive your paper regu
larly, report at office or send pobtal to
C. F. AdamB, 325 Dearborn St., rooms
Get your flour, feed, coal and w^od
from W. Harnssn & Son, 2103 State
street. They are Colored gentlemen
and deserve your patronage.
Mrs. Emelihe Brown, of Grand
Rapids, Mich., is the city under
medical treatment. She is staying with
her sister Mrs/George Smith.' 7^|l
Don't forget that the Christmas Parti
of the Ideal Social CIUD win take place
Christmas eve at the Central Hall. It
will be the event of the holidays.
You may travel in all climates with
out fear, if you have a supply of Laxador
to guard against malaria and fever.
Price only 25 cents.
Drop a postal with your address to
White Shirt Co. 3611 Butterfield St. and
an agent willjeall to get your measure
for a half-dozen of their excellent shirts.
Invitations are out announicng the
marriage of Miss Sadie Johnson to Mr.*
John Franklin Thursday evening,
December 20th at the residence of Mrs.
Samuel Bond, 3112 La Salle street.
Some time Saturday night Patrick Mc
Nuity and two companions broke into
the home of old Mrs Waldron, an aged
Colored woman, 600 Fifty-first street.
They subjected the old lady to every
indignity. After their departure the
police were informed and some time
later McNully -was locked up
And Their Grand Ball at Tam
many Hall Monday
Hard Tack Lou"s Crowd.
Monday night Tammany Hall on
West Indiana street was the scene of a
lively dance given under the a i pices of
Hard Tack Lou. The lady referred to
is the proprietor and business manager
about six maisons de joie on Meridian
street. Monday night her crowd of
girls and alleged men had a great time
at their ball. It was their.ball too and
no one dared to interfere. The APPEAL
man arrived about 11 o'clock just as the
affair commenced. Mr. C. Roony (Irish
only in name) mounted a rickety chair
and aunounced himself as the manager
of the aflair. He said ha was floor man
ager aud would run things to sust him
selt and if any body didn't like his way
of conducting business, said body would
be pitched out on his head. As Mr.
Roouey had a vicious looking red eye
and a razor in his pocket if any one dis
puted his authority. With a wave of his
beautiful hand Mr. Rooney motioned to
the band play and they began. It
was Riley's band and consisted of a fid
dle, bass, guitar, and a kid with a cornet.
Among the new dances was the "Boo
Atley Boo" which was danced by Misses
Julia Washington and Rosie Johnson
and Mesdames* Allie Owens and Lucy
Jacobs aud their partners rJVIessr8.
Thomas Lewis,/ Moses Jordan. Ld
Smith and tarn Washington. At 12
o'ciock possum and sweet taters was
served in way back style by the world
renowned caterer Monsieur Green
Biown Smith. At 12.30 Adolph, the
hheeny, arrived with his baud of barrel
house bums. The women went wild
over Adolph, who dressed like Michael
Strogoff, presented a pictures-que ap
pearance. At one o'clock Mr. James
Bryant ot the south side, came in and
feeling hungry, picked up a sand
wich for which he was requested to pay
J5 cents. Mr. Bryant entered a vigor
ous protest in the shape of a beer glass
v\ uich he thiew at the attendant's head.
He was then told that 10 cents would
pay his bill. Miss Adele Higginbotham,
a beautiful lady of color, wearing a
blonde wig cama and sat in the APPBAL'S
lap and said "Be sure to get ray name
right in that old paper. It began to
be whispered about that a reporter was
in the hall and the APIEAL man was
caught up by four of the big bouncers
and gently deposited on the side walk.
Miss Aggie Hams of 129 Desplaiuea
street lost her bustle in a little scrap
which occurred Mi~s Lizzie Jones of
52 Meridian street, offers a reward to
any one who will return her blonde
wig which was stolen at 4 o'clock when
the lights went out
A fine dress shirt, White's select
!,tock, 6 for $8.50.
Mibs Minnie Slaughter of Louisville,
is lsiting in this city.
Mrs. W. Henderson of 3159 Butter
field street, is quite ill.
Mr. George Crittenden of Cincinnati
was in the city this week.
Mr. James A. Moody is in the city and
will spend the holidays with his family.
TO RENTNicely furnished room
Gentleman preferred. Mrs. Joseph
Joyce, 1818 State street.
The first annual ball of the South End
Club will given at Lincoln Hall on
Christmas eve. Monday December 24th.
Admibsion 35 cents. Sam Wright and
Tom Lebauyh managers. A good time.
is expected and every body is invited.
Persons having local news, items etc.
for the APPEAL should get to the office
as eaily in the week as possible. If
they come late they may not get in
as oaid matter is given the preference.
Bring or send your items to he office
325 Dearborn fctreet, suite 13-14-15.
The famous Moxie nerve food bever
age slakes the tmrst, prevents the after
effects of liquor and tobacco, removing
the odor from the breath at once,
gives the weak and r/ervous double
power of endurance and takes away the
tired leeling like magic without reaction
or harm. For sale everywheie.
We desire to call especial attention to
the advertisement of the Ernpiie Parlor
Bedstead Co., 381 and 383 W. Madison
street. The gentlemen show that they
wish the patronage of the Colored peo
ple by putting a large "ad" in the AP
PEAL the Colored people's paper. They
A. Colore,*!, Woman "Wlio
Turned Whit*.
Physicians Puzzled.
Jersey City. N. J., Dec. 14.Physi-
cians are interested in the case of Julia
Cisco, a middle-aged Colored woman
whose skin has turned white. She is a
widow and resides on Rock street, near
Summit avenue. Jersey Citv Heights.
Three years ago Warden Osborne, of
the City Hospital, called at her home to
remove a sick man, and had a conversa
tion with Mrs. Cisco, who, he Bays, was
then as black as the average Colored
woman. She visited the City Hospital
yesterday whh her grand&on, who was
sick, and Warden Osborne failed, recog
ujze her, and when she recalled their
conversation three years ago it was diffi
cult to convince him that the Colored
woman he then met and the white
woman who stood before him were
identical. Mr. Osborne asked the wo
man to tell him about the change of her
skin. With a marked Negro accent she
"I am fifty-three years old, and I lived
for many years at No. 49 Mulberry
street, New York- Tb re are lots ol
people near there who will be able to
verify what I say". I was always consid
ered to be Colored until 1 turned white
as you now see me. I was born at Hoo
tao, Mass. My mother was a black Mo
hawk Indian and my father a light
Hoosac Indian. Neither of them, as far
as I know, had Negro blood in them.
"About 18 0 I noticed white spots on
my skin, and thought they were due to
leprosy but they disappeared, and I
thought no more of them. My husband,
who died in 1861, was very black.
Three years ago
Appeared on my arm, and was followed
by otheis on my breasts and lips and
other parts of my body. A cancer ap
peared in my breast, and I had an
operation performed. I have been grow
ing whiter ever since. When I expose
myself to the wind or work hard my
entire person turns a pinkish color. I
ea'n get any quantity of evidence in sup
port of my statements. They are all
true. Dr. E. W. Pyle, of 499 Bergen
avenue. Jerbey City, lias known me a
long time."
Dr. 1 vie says he has known Mrs.
Cisco about fifteen years, and that her
storv is true. He said Mrs. Cisco had
frequently been visited by physicians,
aud that her case has caused much as
I has been pnblished that I am to be
married to Miss Hattie Smith, I wisn to
deny the statement. I have never
been engaged to Miss Smith or any other
lady. Alpert G. Porter.
Rebellion of the daises.
The beautiful fairy operetta "The Re
belion of the Daises" will be produced
at Quinn Chapel, Tuesday evening Jan
uary 1st, 1889. The affair will be under
the management of Mrs. Agnes Moody.
The entertainment promises to be a
most enjoyable one. at the close of the
concert Mr. J. I. Richardson the fam
ious caterer will serve in the lecture
room an old Kentucky Oposum supper.*
Thus minding many of the hard days
of slavery now happily past to come no
more forever. Admission to concert 15
cents, children 10 cents.
The Ideal's Christm as Party.
The great success of the dancing
soirees given by the ever popular Ideal
Social Dancing Club has induced them
to give a Christmas party which is an
nounced for Christmas eve, at Central
Hall. Elegant invitations with cards
enclosed are being issued. All persons
who wish to attend can be provided
with these cards by calling upon or ad
dressing Mr. W. D. Gaines, 1615 Wabash
cr Mr. W. H. Wright, Southern Hotel.
A beautifullv ornamented cake made
by Mr Wright will be presented to the
lady holding the fortunate ticket on that
The Magnolia Club.
Begs to announce a grand masquerade
ball, Christmas evening, Dec. 25th, at
Greenebaum,sHall, No. 76 Fifth aven
ue. "The King of Abyssinia" will ap
phar in Grand Kevielle at 12 o'clock
sharp accompanied by the "Queen ol
Honolulu". Music by Freibeig. Sup
per at 1:30. Order carriages at 5:30 a.
Committee of arrangements. lo
Olden, President Dave NcGowan, Vice
Pre-adent, Henry Jones 2d Vice Presi
dent, Da* Scott, Treasurer. Reception
comm ttee, Jno. Whiting, Ed Waldron
Chas. Ayers, Fred Scott, Horace Clinton
Secretary. Floor managers J. I. C. and
James Russell of Cincinnati. Tickets
admitting laJy and gent $1.50, single
admission 75 cents. A great time is an
ticipated. $*
Annie and Her Knife.
Mrs. M. Brown, who lives at 39 La
Salle street, employed a Colored woman,
Annie Lee^to cook and do general work
about her house. Monday she told
Annie that her room was preferable to
her company.
Look Out For It. V*'
Godfrey* Commandery No. 5 Eights
I Templant.begs to announce that their
eight annual entertainment will take
sell first class goods and at lowest prices, place at Central HalI, Tuesday evening
so why not give them your trade? January 14,1889. Wait for it,
Annie grew very angry, it is said, and
said: "Yob. needin' bring, out eny of
yoh hiflutin' words to tell me 1'se fired
I ken undustan' English, dat'S good nun*
fer me. Yoh jus* hand' over to me a
whole weeJOa wages?* Ji
"Annie, I will pay you just whatis
due you and nothing more," was* the
"VVboo, whoopee/' shouted Annie,
"dat doesn't go wid dis chicken." And
she seized a carving knife and prepared
for-action. Mrs. Brown^ran* to her room
and brought out the big eighteen-inch
revolver, "just to scare Annie.*' Annie
wrenched the gunJ
The False Sir Santa Claus.
special reqmest the interesting and
amusing drama entitled "The False Sir
Santa Claus," will be given by the pu
pils of Bethesda Sabbath school Mon
day evening, Dec. 24, at 8 o'clock sharp.
Admission, adults 25 cents, children
not members of the school, 15 cents.
Mrs. H. H. White manager. Commit
tee of arrangements, fo. White, Mrs
L. Wills, Mrs. M. Washington, Mrs. T.
May, Mrs. A. Hawley.
W Should be riiankful.
A few more of the things for which
the people ol Chicago have cause to be
That they have the Empire Parlor
Bedhead, Company in their
That they can obtain there so rare
an assortment of Folding Beds
in all designs.
That they cair make such selections
from an unlimited btock of Par
lor Stoves, Ranges and btoves.
That they can buy there Furniture
and Carpets cheaper than any
where else in the world.
And that if they haven't the cash
to spare for immediate payment,
they can have them on time
payments without any advance
in price.
381-383 West Madison St., Chicago.
St. Augustine Hop.
The Ladies of St. Augustine's Society
will give a Grand Social Hop on New
Years eve. Dec. 31dt 1888 at the Avenue
Hall, 22nd and Wabash ave. Admission
50 cents. Good music. Committee ol
arrangements, Mr. James Armstrong,
T. I. Hart, A. Carrol, P. J. Stevens.
Mrs. Eliza Armstrong, Mrs. R. Wilson,
Mrs. S. T. Wilson. Chairman, Miss M.
Masonic 1 ton
John Jones Lodge No. 7, A. F. and A.
M. elected and installed the "following
officers Tuesdav December 11.
W Keid,
,J,T. Dean,S. W.
Geo. Rucker, J. W.
D. W. Dempcy, Treasurer.
Cha s. Land re. Secretary
Sp cial Sermon.
There will bee special sermon preach
ed to the officers and members of Mount
Hope Temple No. 1,fa.M. T. at Quinn
Chapel Sunday evening December 23,
by kev. T. W. Henderson. A full atten
dance of sisters desired.
Mrs. F.A. Powell, M. W. P.
Mrs. J. U. Williams, Sec.
St. George's Officers.
St. George Commandery No. 4, K. T.
elected tlie 4efr*wing officers at the last
stated eomtnumcation/Ehursday evening
December 13^. &
R. E. Moor?, E. C. f^M,
Jaa. Dixon, G. A
Tlie Bucket
from hW mistress's
hand, and, striking a prominent attitude
slowly snapped the hammer^ "Now
(snap) I hab (snap) yoh in irfe (snap)
power an' (snap) I'se agoing to (snap)
'nihilate (snap) youh mean (snap) soul."
Th reylyet-w**g-nofclGadedj but Mrs.
Brown cried for the police just the
same. Annie affected a nonchalant air,
and told the ourt to punish her just as
they saw fit.
"All right, $5 this time and a chance
to work without any pay," was the de-
.Literary Society Organized.
At the residence of Mr. Abram F.
Hall, No. 2807 Dearborn street, on
Wednesday evening, Dec. 12th there
was formed a Literary Society among
the young people of Chicago. Mr. R.
J. Shaw was elected temporary chair
man, who, upon taking his seat, made
an address wherein tbe object of the
meeting was elaborately set forth. He
said that the young people have long
felt the necessity of a society, having for
its object their mental and intellectual
improvement a society wherein the sub
jects would be compatable with their
mental capacities.
Miss Blanche Newsome was afterward
elected temporary secretary.
On motion of Mr. A. Gamblee the
Chair appointed the following commit
tee to draft the Constitution, Rules, etc.
Mr. Gamblee, Mr. W. G. Anderson,
Mr. Harry Duncan, Mr Edward Con
rad and himself to be submitted to the
society on Wednesday evening, Jan. 9.h,
1889, when the second meeting "will be
Young ladies will be adm.tted upon
the same terms as young gentlemen.
All persons desirous of joining are re
quested to be present on that evening.
S. P. Parker, P., ^Jfejg^
Robt. Elam, 8, W. '^\$*
D. D.Lacy, J. W. fe^t
R. J. B. Ellington, Treas.l^i
W,Taylor, Rec.
The installation will take place Thurs
I day evening Dec. 27.
S Concerning
tbe Colored People of
the Falls City.
Gossip's Melange.
Rev. D. Irvin of Tennessee is in the
Rev. Smith Claiborne of St. Louis is in
the city.
Mrs. Bettie Johnson of Harrodsburg is
in the city.
Rev. C. H. Jones of Centralia, 111., is
in the city:
Rev S. Albert left last^ Saturday for
Columbus, Ohio.
Rev.J.B. Bynam of Pittsburgh left
for St. Louis Wednesday.
The Teacher's Institute will meet this
morning at the Central school at 10
o'clock a.
Miss Mollie Lafollet and Mrs. Mary
Washington of New Albany were in the
city this week.
Mr. S. W. Jordan, Louisville's best
Bass singer, will sing the jubilee the
20th of next month.
Prof. J. T. Gilliard, teacher of dancing
and instrumental muBic, may be found
at 13th and Walnut streets.
Bring your job printing a? the Louis
ville office of the APPKAL, 312 W. Jeffer
son St. Good work at reasonable rates.
Miss Lucreda Gibson who has been
sick for several weeks is abl' to be at
her post of duty in the Eastern school.
Those letter carriers who were mem
bers of Bandana clubs can they now ex
plain! What does Bandana? Pray tell
Rev. Irvin of Alabama has been in
stalled as pastor of Fifteenth street
Church to succeed Rev. S. J. Dixon
Visitors in Louisville cannot find a
better place to get good board than at
Mrs. Matilda Brown's No. 509 West
Green street.
Dick Evens, Colored was arrested
Sunday. He is accused of assaulting a
woman named Annie McCabe with a
cane, severely injuring her
Bishop W. M. Miles left for Alabama
Monday to hold a conference. Bishop
L. H. Holsey being unable to discharge
the dutyon account of serious illness.
The Odd Fellows Bazaar opens Tues
day evening the 25th and continues the
rest of the week. Quite an attractive
programme will be presented each
Tbe Organ Club of Quinn Chapel gave
an entertainment at Mrs. Colstons 1017
Seventh Street Monday evening, an ex
cellent program was rendered and a
good time was had.
Wm. Mitchell, a sixteen-year-old Col
ored boy was locked up feuuday morn
ing, on a petit larceny warrent, issued
at the instance of Nick Huges, who
charges him with stealing coal.
Some 'favor a tariff for revenue only,
some a tariff with incidental protection,
and some a protection, per se but a
large majority favor the free use of Sal
vation Oil for cuts and bruises.
Dave Helm and Stephen Tayjlor, two
young Colored boys were arrested early
Monday morning, charged with passing
a counterfeit dollar at Jamison's saloon,
corner Floyd and Jefferson streets.
L. M. Williams Supreme Deputy
Knights of Pithias was in Danville this
week setting up a new lodge. This
order is growing very nicely and the
silver helmets and red feathers will
make a "mighty nice sight" when they
parade the streets the coming summ r.
A very pleiisant social event took
place at the residence of Mr. Peter
Williams, 420 Rosline street last Mon
day evening. Among those present
were Misses Laura Taylor, Julia Bran
um, Mary feojthner, Belle Jaekson,
Fannie Weeden, Mary Williams, Nellie
Annie Shakespear, Mammie Adams,
Mary Hicks, Josephine Beckley, and
Miss Booker. and Mrs. W Adams,
Mrs. D. spratt, Mrs. E. Weeden, Mrs.
S. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. R. McKay,
Messrs- Richard J. Dovle, Wm. Lewis,
J. Taylor, F. Dickerson, J. Cunningham
J. Alexander and the APPE .L represent
"Wliat Tills
A great many people oflate have been
trying to determine which would be the
most advantage ma thing to do, to en
joy health and pleasure
After caretul investigation it has been
ascertained that the most practical, is to
purchase a ticket to one of the numer
ous Winter Resorts of the South or
West via the Minneapolis &. St. l.oms
Ky, "Albeit Lea Route," "St, Paul,
Minneapolis & St. Louis Short Line,"
which are now on sale at all principal
Points at greatly reduced rates.
Your especial attention is called to
the fact that the "Albert Lea Route" is
the only line making Daily connecti-ns
with theVestibuled Trains of tbe "Great
Rock Island Route." which run through
rates, routes, etc., call upon your near
est Ticket agent,or write to E. A.
Whitaker, Gen. TkU fc JPaas. Ag't,
Minneapolis. i
A Profitable Business.
Those who take an agency for a re
liable enterprising house, learn their
business and stick to it, "get on" in the
world. People wh i have any idea,x
engaging in any canvassing business
will do well to write to George Stinson
& Co., Portland, Maineth great art
and general publishers. TheybtFe the
most exceptional advantages to those
who are sufficiently enterprising to be
willing to make a push in order to bet
ter their condition. It costs nothing to
try. Women make succ saful canvassers
as well as men. Full particulars will be
sent to those who address the firm
full address is given, above.
The Wilson-Heathcock Wedding
Shrimp SaladThe Fair
Social Gossip.
Merry Christmas.
Mr. W Wiley of Omaha was in
the city last week.
Xmas Gifts at Pannell and Bailies,
412 Jackson street.
The Bostonians will fill Christmas
week at the Grand.
Children's rockers, laige variety, at
Benedicts, 7 corners.
Fancy rockers, large assortment, at
Benedicts, 7 corneis.
For all styles in hair goods go to Mrs.
T. H. Lyles No. 47 East 3rd.
Platform, carpet rockers, only |3.50
t-ach, at Benedicts, 7 corners.
Read the editorial headed, "The
Bloody South" on the second page.
Go to the masons entertainment at
Pilgrim Baptist church next Thursday
Miss Mamie Seelig left this -week for
Newark, Ohio, to remain during the
Christmas goods in large variety at
Hills furniture house on Jackson street
between 6 and 7.
Oh! Mama! Platform rockers, crashed
plush seat and back, only $4.50 rasfe, at
.Benedicts, 7 corner s.
Miss Ella Smith took a business trip
to Chicago this week, leaving on Tues
day and returning Friday.
Miss Lil'ie Richey, of Duluth, is in the
city the guest of Mrs. j.J. Allen. She
will remain during the holidays.
Foster Byra left Satrvrday for
Union S. to visit his mother. He
will spend some time in Chicago.
Go to the mass meeting at St. James
church Sunday night if you feel any
interest in the welfare of the race.
Xmas Ginssilk mufflers, dress shirts
kid mitts, at Pannell and Bailies, No.
412 ackson Btreet. What better Christ
mas gift.
Hilk umbrellas, fine neckwear, hand
ker hiefs,, silk suspenders, kid mitts,
dress oves, etc etc., at Pannell and
/tallies 412 Jackson.
The blocade has been raised at Hill's
furniture house No. 403 Jackson street
and he is selling best goods at lowest
prices during the hohnays.
Buy useful substantial Christmas gifts
for your sweethearts and your wives.
You may get them at Hill's furniture
store No. 403 Jackson street.
Oh, yeBl There is a great holiday ball
at Market Hall Thursday evening Dec.
27. Admission 50 cents. Don't forget
it. J. Waddle and I. Hicks managers.
During Christmas week the great play
"The Corsican Brothers" wdl be pro
duced at the Peoples' Teatre. T. ere
will be a Christmas matinee and the
usual matinee Saturday.
St. James Fair at Odd Fellows Hall
has been progressing nicely this week,
large crowds being in attendance night
ly. Remember there are two nights
next week. In the notice last week the
name of Mis. A. G. Russell should have
appeared as be'ng in charge of Fancy
booth No. 1., and as a member of the
The credit of the dramatic portion of
the entertainment at Pilgrim Baptist
church last week is due to Misses Vodie
Roberson, Mamie Dover, Mamie Wil
kins, Cora Jackson, Nellie Grisweld,
Alice Hubbard, Gertie James, Lirdie
Miller, Masters Geo. James, Farr,
W. Francis, Chas. Miller, and not the
Bloom-Farr Dramatic Club.
There was a very unpleasant sequel to
the Wilson-Heatheock wedding Monday.
light. All the guess who partook of
some shrimp salad at the supper were
made very Bick. The bride too was
among the sufferers. The cause was
the lead poison that gets into canned
goods some times. No one was serious
ly injured though all suffered severely
until relieved.
Christmas week at the Olympic is to
without change to Colorado fcpnugs, be a "corker." There will be "Lilly
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CTine and Criminalities of Col
ored Citizens of the Country
Culled From
Webster, Mo.* Dee- 17.Frank
Rhodes, who is wanted here for theft
wag arrested inSt. Louis yesterday and
brought here
Terrell, Tex., Fecember 17.Yester-
day, near Elmo, eight miles from Ten
rell, James MeRuffian, Colored, shot
and instantly killed Louis Jackson, also
Colored. McEuffi is a-wealthy KMB
and owns a large farm of his own, and
he rules his Colored tenants with a des
potic will.
New York, Dec. 15Thejury in the
case af James Stone, the Colored jockey,
tried for the marder of bartender
Henry Miller, in the Kings County
Court of Sessions, was out all night.
This morning they were unable to agree
and were discharged. I hey stood six to
six. Jockey Stone was remanded to
Cincinnati, O., Dec. 17.Thomas Sal
lee, a Colored roustabout living at No.
86 Front street, was yesterday arrested
at the instance of Captain R. W. McCoy,
of the steamer Ohio, on a charge of petit
larceny, and was locked up at the Cen
tral Police Station. Sallee stripped the
steamer of its carpets and gave them to
"is mistress. She invi ed the neighbors
and, as a result, excited tde jealousy of
her sisters. They began talking about
it. and,aas a result, the police heard of
the magnificence of the Sallee home,
the arrest followed.
Jackson, Tenn., Dec. 15-During the
trial before Esquire Exum, in the Tenth
District of this county yesterday, over
a settlement between Tom Brown and a
Colored family named Hicks, Will Hicka
cross-questioned Miss Nannie Brown in.
a rather abrupt manner, and he was
told by her brother Tom to be more
careful. Hicks replied with an oath
and knocke^Brown down. Otlior Col
ored men and Peter Brown, brother of
Tom, joined in a general fight. Tom,
Brown cut one or two Colored men with
his knife and stabbed the mother of
Will Hicks in the throatr
Hint- to Travelers.
Ticket offices are open thirty (30) min
utes before departure of trains and it is
best to buy tickets before taking your
seat in the cars.
Always purchase your tickets at regu
lar railroad ticket offices. Inesponsible
outside parties oiten have expired,
counterfeit or stolen tickets, which they
trv to palm off upon the unwary.
Coupon tickets to all important points
in the United tates and Canada are for
sale at the coupon ticket offices of "The
Burlington" by various routes, at the
choice of the passenger.
Personal baggage not exceeding ISO
pounds is carried free on "The Burling-
ton." All in excess of that amount will
be charged for in accordance with tariff
supplied to agents.
Mileage tickets entitling the holder
to travel either 1,000 or 2,00G miles over
the lines of'The Burlington System"
are for sale by ticket agents at all prin
cipal stations.
All information respecting eonnectioa
of trains at junction point o* terminal
stations, through rates of fare, etc., will
be cheerfully given bv our tidcet agents
or on application to VV KLenyon, (ien.
Pass Agent B. & N. R. R., bt. Paul,
Sneer's Uo-fermented Grape
Is thejuice of the Oporto Grape pre
served in its natural fresh, sweet state
as it runs from the press by fumigation,
and electricity, thereby destroying tbe
exciter of fermentationy.. It is perfectly
pure, free from all spirits, and will keep
in any climate. It is used in Churches
where fermented win&is discaided and
for medical use in eases where Physi
cians wish to get the medical properties
without stimulation. Druggists sell it
Foughi to a finish.
Cincinnati, O., Dec. 18 Marcus Lee*
a Colored janitor^ and John Thompson,.
a son of the ex-Ma.shal of Covington,
fought ten rounds in a stable on Fnout
street last night.. The fight was the oat
growth of a quarrel, and was for a small
purse contributed by the one hundred
spectators wkto witnessed tbe mill.
Both men had seconds, and the fight
was to be aecording to Loudon, prize
rules, but in fact little aitetttioc was
paid by the fighters to any aules fox
prize-ring government. They went at
eaah other for keeps audi it was more of
a rough-and-tumble fight than anything
else. It was biff, bang,, froai the start,
with zests only once maw lule to give
tim ouibtants a chance to catch their
wind so that they could do better work
with their mauleys.
Tbe mill -was started as a finish flght.
I got all I want of it." The crowd thea.

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