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T. H. BEAUL1EU, Editor.
Epitome of the Week,
WHAT is known as the drive-well patent
was on the 14th declared invalid by the
Supreme Court o the United States.
JAMES E. QUINN, of District Assembly 49,
Knights of Labor, of New York, was one of
the many who petitioned Governor Oglesby
in behalf of the Chicago Anarchists. He
said on the 14th that the Governor told him
that for every petition for mercy for the
oondemned men he could produce hun
dreds from law-abiding citizens all over the
country requesting him not to interfere
with the sentence.
AITBE on the 14th in Brooklyn, N. Y.,
destroyed the Prospect Park & Coney Island
railway station, the stables of the Vander
bilt avenue horse-car line, 157 horses, a
quantity of feed, rolling stock, etc., valued
at $200,000.
IK the Joliet penitentiary Schwab and
Fielden, the Anarchists, were on the 14th
assigned to work, the latter in the marble
shop and Schwab in the bakery, where he
will assise kneeding dough.
AT a meeting in Chicago on the 14th of
ministers of all denominations Francis Mur
phy was requested to commence a winter
campaign against intemperance in Chicago.
ADVICES or the 14th say that as a result of
the drought in the Miami valley, in Ohio,
epidemics of diphtheria and fevers prevail,
resulting in many deaths. The schools were
closed at Lewisburg, and children were for
bidden to appear upon the streets.
T. A. DILLABD, one of the oldest citizens
of Grinneil County, Ga., growing jealous of
the wife who had borne him eleven chil
dren, killed her on the 14th with an axe.
JOHN H. WEBBEB, an employe of the
Northern Pacific Express Company at St.
Paul, disappeared on the 14th, taking with
him a large amount of money that had
been expressed to Western points.
THB exeoution of the Chicago Anarchists
has so thoroughly disgusted Mr. George
Francis Train that he declared on the 14th
that he would leave the country, never to
..A. S. HATCH, a prominent "bear" operator
on the New York Stock Exchange, suspend
ed on the 14th. It was thought his liabili
ties would amount to about $1,000,000.
SOPHIA YAGEB, a young woman, pleaded
guilty of horse-stealing at Madison, Wis., on
the 14th, and was sentenced to two years'
A FIRE on the 14th destroyed a cotton
compress at Little Kock, Ark., causing a
loss of $300,000.
THE Bank of Dakin, Kan., closed its doors
on the 14th and made an assignment.
ETHAN LEAK, a farmer who resided near
Jamestown, Ind., accidentally discharged a
revolver on the 14th and seriously wovir/hed
his wife. Thinking he had killed her he
blew his own brains out.
A COTTON compress at Greenville, Tex.,
was destroyed by fire on the 14th, causing
a loss of $250,000.
UP to the 14t,h there had been 370 cases
of yellow fev.er at Tampa, Fla, and 65
AN attempt on the 14th to wreck a pas
senger train near Wichita, Kan., by piling
ties on the track, was discovered by the en
gineer in time to avert the disaster"
.^THE Kome, Watertown & Ogdensburg rail
road on the 14th commenced heating its
cars with steam from the engine, abolishing
stoves altogether.
THE Evangelical Alliance of Cincinnati,
composed of ministers of nearly all the
churcheB of that city, at a meeting on the
14th deplored the "impending perils of
anarchism, socialism, ultramontanism, infi
delity, Sabbath-breaking and intemper-
ance," and promised their assistance in
combining the patriotism and Christianity
of the country against the dangers from
such sources which threatened the United
THE sixth annual meeting of. the Baptist
National congress began its sessions at In
dianapolis, Ind, on the 15th.
ON the loth two Mormon elders who
were striving to make converts to. their
-faith were driven out of Jefferson County,
,A1&, by fifty armed men.
LEE HOSIER was hanged on the 15th at
Wichita, Kan., for the murder of Hugh B.
Lawlery in the Indian Territory, in October,
1886. It was the first judicial hanging in
the State in eighteen years.
his annual report on the 15th, says that,
according to the last consolidated returns
the army consists of 2,200 officers and 24,-
236 men.
COMMODORE T. D. NELSON said on the 15th
that the outibok for America's navy was
very bright, and asked for authority to re
pair the historic sloop-of-war Hartford at
a cost of $175,000.
THE shoe manufacturers of the country
met in New York on the 15th and formed a
permanent association for the purpose of
making an effectual resistance in case un
just demands are made upon them by their
CHARLES CAVANAN died in New York on the
15th of hydrophobia. He was bitten by a
small dog last October.
AT a meeting of representative railroad
men in New Yore on the 15th a committee
was appoinied to pres. nt at a future gath
ering a general scheme for the heating of
cars by steam.
Two VAGRANTS who recently attempted
to assault two women in the southern por
tion of Pike County, Mo., were captured on
the 15th and hanged to trees.
EXTENSIVE forest fires were raging on the-
15th throughout the western counties- of
Tennessee and the eastern counties of Ar
kansas. Great damage had been done.
EIGHT Crow Indians who took part in the
late uprising were on the 15th incarcerated
at Fort Snelling.
A SENSATION was caused on the 15th at the
poor farm near Hudson, Wia, by the dis
covery there of a genuine leper in the per
son of Martin Donaldson, who came from
Ceylon a few years ago.
RANDOLPH GBATDEN, aged nine years, of
Taylor Center, Mich, shot and killed his lit
tle sister on the 15th while playing with a
THE grand jury in New York City on the
15th indicted for conspiracy the members
of the Shoemakers' Assembly, Knights of
Labor, for demanding and securing the dis
charge of a foreman in one of the shopa
ADVICES of the 15th from St Augustine,
Tex., report the killing of Willis Connors, a
noted outlaw, in a fight Connors was the
father of nine sons, eight of whom have
been killed during the past five' years in
fights with officers.
OFFICIALS in New York City on the 15ththe
decided that hereafter theiAnarchists would
not be allowed to meet and that the carry
ing of banners or badges or the playing of
any music, should they undertake to parade,
would not be permitted.
MOOBB, BENJAMIN & Co., df Milwaukee,
mining stock brokers, failed on the 15th.
The firm controlled eight iron-ore mines.
AT a meeting of the congregation of
Plymouth Church in Brooklyn on the 15th
it was voted to extend a call to Rev. Charles
Berry, of Wolverhampton, Eng., to fill the
vacancy caused by the death of Henry
Ward Beecher, at a salary of $10,000 per
THE twenty-first annual session of the
National Grange began at Lansing, Mich.,
on the 16th, nearly every State in the
Union being represented.
A LARGE vein of l.ne quality of coal was
discovered at Cayuga, Ind, on the 16th, It
was said on good authority that the new
coal fields embraced a territory of ten thou
sand acres.
FOBEST fires were again raging on the
16th in the neighborhood of Hilisboro, 111.,
and Gresham and Walshville townships
were suffering greatly.
A OAS-PIPE bomb, with fuse attached, was
found on the 16th at the door of an orphan
asylum in a suburb of Cincinnati.
THE National Woman's Christian Temper
ance Union met at Nashville, Tenn., on ihe
16th, An address was delivered by Miss
Willard, who urged that the Prohibition
party should declare as its ultimate aim two
amendments to the National constitution,
one establishing universal prohibition and
the other enfranchising women.
Six men were blown to pieces on the 16 bh
by an explosion in the Hancock Chemical
Company's packing-house for dynamite at
Ishpeming, Miek No trace of the men or
building was found, such was the force of
the shock.
THE buildings of the Ziegele Brewing Com
pany at Buffalo, N. Y., were burned on the
16uh. Loss, $150.4)00 insurance, $100,000.
ISAAC SICKLE, wholesaler of laces and vel
vets at New York, failed on the 16th for
FIRES were raging all over Faulkner Coun
ty, Ark., on the 16 th, burning houses, crops,
eta, and the inhabitants were forced to
abandon their homes and seek places of
A MOVEMENT was inaugurated in New York
City on the 16th to form a society to op
pose the Anarchists and Socialists in then'
endeavor to overthrow the existing order
of government.
THE testimony of James Whyte on the
16th to the effect that he had been hired by
the president of the Lambert & Bishop
Fence Company to set fire to the company's
mill caused a big sensation at Joliet, III.
IN a political quarrel on the 16th at Lex
ington, Ky., Thomas Green, correspondent
of a Cincinnati paper, shot and killed Lew
Baldwin, of Nicholasville, Ky.
THE inquest on the body of Louis Lingg,
the Chicago Anarchist, resulted on the 16 th
in a verdict of death caused by the explo
sion of a dynamite bomb lired with suicidal
intent. How he got possession of the bomb
was still a raystery.
THE Erie (Pa.) Rubber Company's factory
was destroyed by fire on the 16th. Loss,
ON the 16th Carroll County, Ind., was
suffering from a water famine. The wells,
cisterns and streams were all drying up and
fires were sweeping the country.
THE National Fisheiy Association, in ses
sion on the 10th at New York, adopted
resolutions calling for protection against
the importation of foreign fish, and for such
measures as will secure to American fisher
men the same rights in foreign ports that
foreign vessels enjoy in our harbors.
A FIRE on the 10th destroyed the buildings
of the Cheyenne River Indian agency at
Fort Benneti Loss, $100,000.
AN Italian workman fell nine hundred
feet down the Hecla mine shaft at Ishpem
ing, Mich., on the 17th, and was killed, and
three men fell down the shaft in the Anvil
mine at Bessemer, Mich., and lost their
JOHANN MOST, the Anarchist, was arrested
in New York on the 17th on an indictment
for having made an incendiary speech cal
culated to incite a riot. The prisoner "was
locked up.
THE annual report on the 17th of James
W. Hyatt, Treasurer of the United States,
shows that the revenues of the Government
for the fiscal year ended June 30, 1887,
were.$371,403,277 ordinary expenditures,
$267,932,179 surplus receipts available
for the reduction of the public debt, $103,-
471,097. As compared with the previous
year the receipts increased $34,963,559,
the expenditures $25,449,041 and the sur
plus revenues $9,514,309. During the year
33,216,831 standard silver dollars were
ON the 17th two dynamite bombs were
found at St Joseph, Mo., one having been
placed at the entrance to the city hall.
The implements were exploded and showed
terrific force. The chief of police notified
his men to shoot all Anarchists who reweighing
sisted arrest
W. F. KEEPER'S woolen mills and Patter
son & Session's flour mill at Camilus, N. Y.,
were destroyed by fire on the 17th. Loss,
ROBERT BONNER on the 17th announced
his retirement from the New York Ledger.
In the future'the paper will be conducted
by his three eona
REV. J. 0. KIMBALL, of Hartford, Conn.,
pastor of a Unitarian church, who com
pared the Chicago Anarchists with the
Saviour, was on the 17th caued upon to re
sign his pulpit.
A FTBE on the 17th at Memphis, Tenn.,
destroyed the buildings of the Merchant's
Cotton Compress and Storage Company
with 13,200 bales of cotton and several
compresses. Losi, $800,000.
TUE gold ledge recently scovered near
Prescott, A. T., was on the 17th suidto be
the richest ever found in the country. The
ledge could be traced for nearly two miles
and the quartz rock taken oufi averaged
$100,000 a ton.
Two MEN were killed and others were
fatally injured by the fall of a scaffold at
Pittsburgh, Pa., on the 17th, and at Syra
cuse, N. Y., the falling of the Walls of a
budding that was recently burned caused
the death of two men.
FORTY buildings in Newvadaville, CoL,
were burned on the 17th.
AMONG the suicides on the 17th were the
following*. John' Reynolds, at Pleasanton,
la., for fear of arrest Mrs. Hartley, at
Nebraska City, Neb., owing to a quarrel
with her husband Mrs. George McPherson,
at Des Moines, la., cause unknown and
Captain A. H. Mills, at Detroit, Mich., after
killing Mra Austin Rising, with whom he
was infatuated
TOMPKINSVILLE, the county seat of Monroe
County, Ky., was nearly destroyed on the
17th by a fire set by burglars, who blew
open a safe and stole $12,000. The court
house was burned with all of the county
THE Pennsylvania Railroad Company de
cided on the 17th to establish for its em
ployes a trust savings fund, in which
amounts from five dollars upward may be
deposited, and draw four per cent per an
num interest
SEX Mormon elders proselyting at Calera,
Ala., were tarred and feathered on the 17th
and chased into the woods by indignant cit
izens, who threatened them with death if
they returned.
AN incendiary fire on the 17th destroyed
barns of the Burnet House at Lima, O.,
and property to the value of $10,000 was
destroyed, including six horsea
EXTENSIVE forest fires were raging on
the 17th near Alton, HL, and prai ie fires
were causing great damage to farms in the
vicinity of Vandalia,
THE steamer Arizona was burned to the .been destroyed, and numbers of hogs, and
wa er's edge at Marquette, Mich., on the I cattle had been burned to death. At Little
17th. Loss, $100,000. Her crew was saved. jKock the smoke was almost suffocating, and
FOUBTEEN men were badly burned at
^j* *'^-'-"NJ'-^JiaSS!,
*.V"*" V'
Philadelphia on the 17th by an explosion ot
BBYAN CALLAGAN, mayor of San Antonio,
Tex., was indicted on bhe 17th for throw
ing stale eggs at the speakers in a prohibi
tion meeting.
AN entire business block was burned out
at Decatur, Ala., on the 17th. Loss, $100,-
ON the 17th Dillard and Anna Bruins, two
paupers living in Indianapolis, Ind., re
ceived notice of a legacy of $1,000,000.
The property was bequeathed them by
Thomas Andrews, of Pennsylvania, the
adopted father of Mrs. Bruina
A LARGE number of the striking shoe
makers at Philadelphia returned to work
on the 17th in defiance of an order issued
by the district assembly of the Knights of
Labor to which they belong.
THE extreme drought prevailing for some
time throughout Piatt County, I1L, had on
the 17th become ser.ous. Farmers had for
months been compelled to haul water 01
their stook.
EDWARD HOLEOYD, an eccentric recluse
who lived near O'Brienvlllo, 0., was found
dead in his home on the 14th, His estate
was said to be worth $150,000.
cut, was married at Philadelphia on the
15th to ss Edith Horner, one of the head
nurses at the Blockley hospital in that city.
A large number of distinguished guests were
present at the ceremony.
DB. H. T. HELMBOLD, the once-famous
"patent-medicine king," was arrested in
New York on the 15th helplessly intoxi
cated, and, at the request of his son, was
sent to the Bellevue hospital
handed in his resignation to the President
in consequence of the very severe letter he
received from Secretary Lai?iar a few days
ago. He says that the Secretary has sought
to create the impression thit the issue be
tween them was ono of authority alone,
while as a matter of fact it was strictly one
of law.
ME& SARAH GOWDY, wlo was General
Grant's nurse in infancy died at Ports
mouth, 0., on the 15th, ia the eightieth
year of her age.
TnE President on the 16th accepted the
resignation of Lvnd Commissioner Sparks.
THB next House of Representatives will
consist of 168 Democrats, 153 Republicans
and 4 Independenta
THE United Labor party organized on the
16th at Kansas City for the State of M'r-
souri. All the delegates supported Henry
George for President and James G. McGuire,
of California, for Vice-President in 188S.
A MONUMENT to the memory of John C.
Breckinridge was unvafled on the 16ch at
Lexington, Ky.
REV. DB. JAMES W. SAtnvvice-president of
the Universal Peace Union, died on the
16th at Philadelphia, aged eighty yeara
SENOB TANCO AMERO, an agent of the
Colombian Government, said on the 14th
that it would require $508,299,000 to com
plete the Panama canal, and that the finan
cial condition of the company Avas alarming.
SEVENTY-FIVE men were fined on the 14th
or sent to prison for participating in Lon
don's recent riot
THE house of Inspector Anderson, at
Orangeville, Ont, was wrecked by dynamite
on the 15th. Anderson's enforcement of
the prohibition law was supposed to have
prompted the outrage.
TELEGBAMS received in London on the
loth stated that on October 7 Henry M,
Stanley was only four hundred miles from
Emin Pasha.
THE Governments of England, France,
Belgium, Holland, Germany and Denmark
arrived at an agreement on the 16th to
stop the traffic in" liquor-among the fisher
men of the North sea.
ADVICES of the 16th say that a Chinese
steamer, the Wah-Yeung, had been destroyed
by fire in the Canton river, and four hun
dred of her passengers lost their livca
FOURTEEN persons were killed on the 1 6th
by an explosion in a coal mine at Speise
man, Germany.
.THE Central Bank of Canada, at Toronto,
closed its doors on the 16th.
IN his speech at the opening of the Italian
Parliament on the 16th King Humbert said
that all his efforts would aim at the preser
vation of peace and that the other great
powers had the same object in view.
JUST before noon on the 18th an a3rolite
three tons fell in the street in
front of the Merchants' National Bank at
Ams erdum, N. Y., ere-ting the greatest ex
citement A deep indentation was made
by the visitor from on high, in whose mass
experts had found traces of iron, niqkel,
aluminum and other metala
DUNN & Co.'s agency in New York on the
IS.h reported business generally active
throughout the country.
DURING the current year seventeen whal
ingvessels owned in the Gloucester (Mass
strict have been lost, with 158 men, 127
of whom leave widows and fatherless chi
KILMAN C. JUSTICE was hanged at Hy was
see, Ga., on the 18th for the murder of
James B. GoddarcL
IT was reported at Fort Worth, Tex., on
the 18th that Indians were burning the
Oklahoma country. It was believed to be
an-uprising against the "boomers."
NEARLY complete returns of the vote on
tlie proposed dependent pension bill, re
ceived at G. A. R. headquarters at Minne
apolis on the 18bh, indicated that the vet
erans were practically unanimous in favor
of the rne.-sure.
THERE were 205 business failures in the
United St tss during the seven days ended
on thj 18th, against 105 the previous seven
AT the Nationnl convention of the W. C.
T. U. at Nashville, Tenn., on the 18th Miss
Frances E. Willard was re-elected presi
dent, the old board being honored in like
THE Cincinnati Southern railway shops at
Ludlow, Ky., were destroyed bv fire on the
18 h. Loss, $175,000.
A GENUINE dynamite bomb was found on
the 18th at the door of the local depart
ment of the Columbus (O.) State Journal. A
match was so arranged that if any one
stepped on it the fuse would cake fire and
explode the dread implement.
MBS. JOHN REEDY, wife of a farmer living
near Clyde, Kan., set fire to herself early
on the morning of the 18th, and was burned
to death. No cause was known for the deed
AVrLLiAM SHOWEBS, a man seventy years of
age, who is confined in the jail at Lebanon,
Pa., on a charge of having murdered his
two grandchildren, confessed the crime on
the 18th. He killed the children to rid him
self of the care of supporting them.
Miss SUSAN B. ANTHONY and other ladies
interested in the work, are organizing
woman suffrage clubs in Indiana. An en
thusiastic meeting was held at Wabash on
the 18th.
BOSTON advices of the 18th say that in a
battle with a whale off the coast of Maine
three of the fishing crew were killed
IN the vicinity of Hope, Ark., and in the
hills and bottoms of the Red- and Sulphur
rivers forest fires were raging on the 18tb.
Many farm-houses and out-buildings had
Kfr '~fX.-.cfj? ,^^^"tt'**i^y
rain speedily fell the losses through
out the State would be very heavy.
:h&frU'lk$ M.
Interesting Items Gathered from
Various Localities.
B. W. Ashbrook and wife, of Mattoon,
celebrated their golden wedding a few days
Near Sidell, Coles County, horses were
recently dying by the score from a disease
s.milar to cancer. Nothing had been found
that would relieve tue beast dying or cure
the disease.
James Ray, a druggist, jumped from a
fifth-story window of the Grace Hotel in
Chicago a few mornings ago and was al
most instantly killed.
IJ. F. Henry is the oldest teacher in De
Witt County. For twenty-three years I
has taught school, during which time he
has had under h's oharge 1,980 children,
and thinks this winter's school wiil com
plete the 2,000.
The Chicago Times says that s*nce the
hanging of the Anarchist* $600,000 has
been refused for apiece of inside real estate
which could have been bought before the
execution for $500,000.
Inspector Bonfield recently distributed
$500 among the families of the officers
killed at the Haymarket riot in Chicago.
The donor would not divulge his identity.
Mr. and Mrs. James Crowell celebrated
the sixtieth anniversary of their wedding at
Salem, a few days ago.
There are now 543 inmates at the Illinois
Soldiers' and Sailors' Home at Quincy, and
the biuldings are so uncomfortably crowded
that the trustees have announced that no
more veterans can be received until the
new cottages are completed
Thomas Stewart, a respectable colored
farmer of Normal, was murdered the other
night on a lonely road.
W, T. Cunningham, of Fairmount, has
been appointed master in chancery for "Ver
million County. He has received more of
ficial appointments than any other man in
his county, having held some office or
other ever since 1855.
Harvey Johnson, a rich farmer of Pal
myra, aged sixty-five years, was found
dead in a field ne ir his house a few days
ago. It was supposed he fell from his
A fire in the Saratoga Hotel in Chicago
a few nights ago caused a loss of $20,000.
A pan:c
ensued among the guss s, but no
lives were lost and no one was injured
The Illinois grand encampment of Odd
Fellows, in session at Cairo recently, elected
D. L, Murdock, of F.tirbury, Grand Patri
arch Lieutenant-Governor J. C. Smith,
Grand Scribe, and John T. Foss, of Chicago,
Grand Treasurer. A gain of 500 members
is reported during the past year 'total mem
bership, 32,000.
The fourteenth annual meetfng of the
Iowa State Improved Stock Breeding As
sociation will commence in the opera-house
in Newton December 7, closing on the 9th.
The State Short Horn Cattle, Draft Horse
and Holstein Cattle associations will hold
their annual meetings at the same place on
the 6th and 7th of December.
On account of the incendiary, fires at
Dubuque the Standard Lumber Company
at that place has shut down for the season.
Nearly every city in the Stace reports a
large list of marriage licenses.
At Des Moines the other day the Des
Moines & Osceola railroad was sold by order
of court, M. B. V. Edgerly, of Springfield,
purchasing it for $305,000.
The trustees of the new insane asylum at
Clarinda inform the Governor that the
building is nearly completed.
The State authorities are being urged to
make a new geological survey. The last
one took place twenty years ago.
Diphtheria was recently reported in
many towns east of Sioux City, and a num
ber of deaths had occurred
The second report of the State Oil Inspect
or has been given to the public. The show
ing made by the office is good Since the
law went into effect there has not been a
single loss of life from explosion of oiL
Dr. W. S. Barnard, professor of natural
science in Drake University, died at Des
Moines a few days ago.
Forty of the brakemen on the Chicago,
Milwaukee & St Paul railroad struck a few
days ago at Mason City upon being ordered
to go out on double-headers.
John Williams and Preston Rush fought
over a game of cards at Keokuk early the
other morning, and the latter was stabbed
to the heart
A gas-pipe bomb was exploded the other
night in the main shop of the Iowa iron
works at Dubuque. No' person was in
jured and the building was but slightiy dam
The United States Supreme Court's recent
decision in the "drive-well case," appealed
from IoAva, declaring that the claims of the
alleged patentee are not well-founded, is a
victory for thousands of Iowa farmers and
other people who have for years been an
noyed and blackmailed. The Supreme
Court's decision is final.
The Board of Trustees of the State Agri
cultural College at Ames have elected as
professor of agriculture Prof. Loren P.
Smith, of New York.
Seven thousand feet of lumber, thirty
cords of wood, three cars and other proper
ty were destroyed by fire recently at
Stephens' lime-kilns near Madison.
The body of Eric Tosterton, a farmer
who disappeared from his home near Eau
Claire, was found by a hunting party hang
ing from the limb of a tree a few days ago.
Jacob Steinman, an ola soldier, aged six
ty-eight years, suicided recently by drown
ing in the Rock river near Watertown.
The State Board of Pharmacy at its re
cent meeting in Appleton organized a
mutual fire insurance company for the pur
pose of insuring drug stores only.
The twenty Madison University students
arrested for hazing a son of Prof. Rosen
stengel were each fined six dollars the
other day.
At Viroqua a few days ago a juvenile
temple of the O. G. T. was organized with
ninety-seven charter members, and a lodge
of Good Templars with thirty-three mem
bers was instituted.
Mra Mahan, living near Prairie du Chien,
was twenty years ago thrown from a wagon
by a runaway and injured about the arm
and shoulder. The other day she fell and
injured the arm again* A doctor made an
examination and found that the member
was dislocated twenty years ago, and that
a false socket had formed below the nat
ural one. No attempt was made to reset
the arm, as the woman is now over sixty
years of age.
A large deposit of lead has been discov
ered near the northern boundry of Sawyer
A large colony of Janesville people left a
few days ago to settle in California,
Madison recently payed a bill of $125 for
household goods burned in 1882, after
small-pox infection, by order of the author
An Antigo prisoner has whittled out seven
thousand toothpicks with a jack-knife since'
his arrest
It is said the railroad companies whose
lines center at Ashland have decided to
build a union depot at that point to cost
I $100,000.
A resolution of sympathy for the exe
cuted Anarchists was introduced the con
vention of the Union-Labor
partat of Wis
consin at Fond du Ltfo the other day, but it
was promptly tabled
McHose & Talbot's flouring mills at Vassar
were destroyed by fire the other night
The flames spread to a cooper shop and
dwelling, and both were consumed Loss
$62,000 insurance, $22,500.
C. H. Fargo & Co., of Chicago, have ac
cepted a proposition and will move their
shoe-factory plant to Jackson.
Estella, Gratiot Countv, has had its name
changed by the supervisors to Sumner.
The Michigan Engineering Society meets
at Kalamazoo January 17, 1888, to hold its
ninth annual convention Papers on im
portant topics will be read, and a fine pro
gramme is being made up.
A pair of Mormon missionaries have
evacuated the vicinity of Woodland in pur
suance to a strongly worded request signed
by the citizens.
Recent gales washed ashore over sixty
thousand test of pine lumber at Foster's
point, near Harr.'sville.
Houghton farmers are having consider
able trouble with wolves. The beasts make
nightly raids on sheep flocks and chicken
Berman & Co.'s carriage factory at Muske
gon was burne'cl the other night Loss,
$3,000 partly insured
While" hunting north of Bay City a few
days ago Chester Clark, a wealthy stock
raiser of Mad.son, Wis., was accidentally
shot and instantly killed by his brother
Walter, of Bay O.ty.
The Attorney-General has decided that the
marriage law in the State requires that resi
dents should secure a license before they
can be married, bjnt that the license is not
necessary for non-residents who come into
the State to be married.
The general store of Colwell, McGregor
& Co., at Harrisvdle, was destroyed by fire
the other morning. Loss, $25,000 insur
ance $15,000.
Charles J. Pfaff, a well-known business
man of Grand Haven, while talking witi
friends recently drew a revolver and fired
three shots into his body. He was dead be
fore he felL
Grant Challender, the mnrderer of John
Clay, Jr., near Grand Ledge, has been sen
tenced to twelve years at hard labor in
State prison.
A dozen tenants of a building in Minne
apolis sustained losses by fire aggregating
$30,000 a few evenings ago.
The fifth district convention of post
masters decided to request Congressman
Nelson to aid in securing an increase in
saleries and allowances of third and fourth
class postmasters.
The order confirming the sale of all ef
fects of the Northwestern Manufacturing &
Car Company at Stillwater has been signed
by Judge McCiuer. The property is valued
at $6,000,000.
By an order issue! by the Board of Rail
road and Warehouse Commissioners the
passenger-rate on all roads in the State is
placed at three cents a mile. This order,
however, affoefcs but two roads, the Mani
toba and Northern Pacific,, the other roads
having been charging that rate since June,
M. J. Parks, whose daughter eloped with
her uncle, George Resntck, returned to his
home in Perharn the other morning, hav
ing captured both runaways at Litchfield.
They were not married, but were living to
It is reported that two children while re
turning from school near High Prairie, Rice
County, the other day were attacked by
wolves, and before assistance could reach
them they were devoured A few days be
fore a man was pursued send attacked by
wolves in the same vicinity, and it was only
after along fight that he escaped with his
John Hopkins, an eighteen-year-old son
of Charles Hopkins, of St. Peter, was found
in Belgrade the other night shot through
the heart. He had been hunting, and the
shooting was accidental.
Ole J. Verness is the first prisoner ever re
ceived at the penitentiary from Norman
County. He is sentenced to two and a half
years for bigamy.
A fire which started in the barn of the
Northwestern Hotel at St. Peter the other
night destroyed thirty buildings, including
two hotels, the First National Bank, several
stores, restaurants, millinery stores, saloons,
the American Express office and several
barns. Loss, $100,000.
The grand jury at Fergus Falls recently
returned four indictments against Pattee &
Rea, of Pelican R.spids, and four against W.
C. Crandall, of the same place, for selling
liquor without a licensa Both are drug
gists, and the town voted no license last
Sitting Bull and a number of his people,
who had been on a visit to Cheyenne
agency, were in Pierre a few days ago.
Sitting Bull said he was sorry that the Crow
outbreak had occurred, and that he was
tired of war and would advise his younger
people to remain upon the agency.
Banker E. E. Eddy, of Fargo, has been
appointed Deputy Territorial Treasurer
with reference to the seizure of the
Northern Pacific engines for unpaid taxea
The site has been purchased for a new
Catholic church at Rapid City.
The announcement of the marriage of
Chief Justice Bartlett Tripp, of Yankton,
and Mra Jennie Washburn, at St Paul the
other day, created quite a sensation, as
their most intimate friends knew nothing
of their engagement
Chicago parties are to erect an opera
house at Fargo.
Mayor M. H. Rowley is reported to have
been appointed register of the land office
at Mitchell. He is president of the Secur
ity Bank and one of the oldest residents of
the city.
In Emmons County Thomas Parks raised
this yearWo hundred bushels of potatoes
on half an acre of ground.
Within the past month or two a number
of samples of ore have been brought in from
the southern mining districts of the hills
which are claimed to be tellurium. Prof.
Hill, the noted proprietor of the Argo (CoL)
reduction works, has examined samples of
ore from a mine a short distance from
Custer, and unhesitatingly declares them a
combination of tellurium, gold and silver,
The extension of the railroad from. Rapid
City to Sturgis City is now in operation.
The mule team and stage coach are now no
longer a feature of Rapid City life.
TheTvote of Fargo at the last election, the
largest town in North Dakota, was 1,283.
Thevote-of Sioux Falls, the largest town
in Southern Dakota, was 1,198.
judge Edgerton, of Mitchell, has been in
vited to represent Dakota on the commit
tee which goes to Washington in December
to secure the Republican National conven
tion for Minneapolia
The new memorial hall of Phil Kearney
Post, G. A. R, at Yankton, was dedicated
the other evening.
There is great intensity of the physical
condition sometimes, and there are facta
which we cannot go behind. In illustra
tion further of facts which settle the points
of a prompt and permanent cure, the fol
lowing cases are cited: In 1881 Mrs. Mary
K. Sheed suffered terribly with chronic
neuralgia. She writes from 1110 Maryland
Avenue, Washington, D. C. In the first in
stance she states: "I suffered terribly with
neuralgia in the face very severe -attack
extending to back and shoulders suffered
intensely. Tried St. Jacobs Oil had parts
well rubbed at night in the 'morning all
pain 'gone, magically." June 10, 1887, she
writes from 224 Eleventh
Streett, S.uW.,
follows: "Four jrears
trill enre these troubles. Try them
you have nothing to lose, hut will grain
vigorous body. Price, 25c. per box
Sold Everywhere.
1 "Ef
ago I sen yo a vol
untary certificate setting forth the fact that
I had been a great sufferer with neuralgia in
my face, neck and shoulders. I obtained a
bottle of St. Jacobs Oil, and after three ap
plications I was entirely relieved from all
pain, and from that time to the present I
have never had a return. The effect was
miraculous." Again, Feb. 0, 1887, Mr. K.
G. Troll, St. Louis, Mo., writes: "In March,
1881, I suffered terribly with neuralgia had
suffered nearly three years. Applied St.
Jacobs Oil at 8.15 A. M. at 8.40 took the
rag off at 9 A. M. went to work. In less
than five minutes after that the pain was
gone. The one application cured me. Have
not had return of it since." Mr. E. W.
Spangler, Yqrk, Pa., June 17,1887, writes:
"Years ago had neuralgia am not subject to
it now. The cure by the use of St. Jacobs
Oil was permanent. There has been no re
currence of the painful affliction." Chas.
W._ Law, Jr., Potlstown, Pa., April 19, 1887,
writes: "Was troubled for years with neu
ralgia in neck and head. Tried St. Jacobs
Oil had tried different kinds of remedies
without effect. One bottle of the former did the
business. No return of pain and aches." In
almost every instance the reports are the same.
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lor Cars.
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8t. Joseph, Atchison, Leavenworth and
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Molding Public Opinion.
Able editorI fear our side haye
lost. Write an editorial charging the
opposition with the most flagrant and
shameless frauds on the ballot-box.
AssistantI guess you hare not
seen the latest dispatches.
"What do they say?
"They indicate that our side have
"Helta! "Well, write" an editoria
congratulating the people that undei
the present law election frauds- art
An early settlera telling blow at the to
ginning of a fight.

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