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For lono evenings and leisure days,
good books and penodieals.
In the arrangement of living rooms,
remember that sunlight and fresh air
laves doctors' bills.
Fiied Sweet Potatoes: Parboil th
potatoes, cut them in rather thick
slices, dip in milk and fry a light brown
diippings.Cincinnati Tunes.
Giaham Gems: O ie quart of but
termilk, one teaspoonf ul of soda, one
teaspoonful of salt, giaham flour
enough to make a stiff battel. Bake
in gem pans hot and well greased,
in a hot oven.Boston Budget
Fritters: On cup of buttermilk,
two eggs one teaspoonful of soda dis
solved in a little water, add flour till
stiff enough to diop into hot lard with
a spoon, and fry as doughnuts. These
are excellent with warm maple sugar.
Something can bo done towa rd
making pigs profitable by bleeding and
selling them young without fattening.
The greatest expense of keeping hogs
is avoided if they are sold joungand
before it becomes necessary to fatten
Excellent Bun: Take one quart of
flour, mix with it one-half teaspoonful
of salt, thiee teaspoonful^ of baki ng
powder, mix thoroughly. Then rub in
one-half cup of butter, four eggs, one
pint of milk. Pour the batter into s^
pans and bake in a quick oven.Boston
An English expert warns farmers
against the practice of iemovin2: stiaw
from the rt nd as it tends to impoverish
the soil. Not only are potash, lime,
phosphoric acid, etc.. taken awa y, but
also a considerable amount of organic
matter, whereby the moistuie is too
much reduced. The advice applies as
well to American farmers who sell
straw and buy eommeicial fertilizers
Humus must be applied to the soil.
Farm, Field and Stockman
Pietty wall ornaments can be
made b} using large palm-leif fans as
a found xtion foi mounting the crj stal
ized Southern moss, winch should bo
fiimly sewn to the fan and allowed to
fall in a careless tangle over the fan
border. Add, if possible, cotton boll3
and rice tied with narrow crcole co1
of red and yellow. In placing the fan
tip the handle slightly to the right,
putting the fan up with handle toward
tho coiling. These gioupinjrs will
prettily nil long blank Avail spaces.
Indianapolis Journal.
Miss Louisa Alcott give* the fol
lowing advice to girls: "Gills don't be
in haste to wed Build up healthy
bodies by good tood, plenty of exeicise,
and sleep Leain all the uselul house
hold artb befoie attempt to make a
home. Cultivate your minds with the
best books, riiat 3 011 be able to
teach your children much that school
training alone will never give jou.
Choose your amusements wisely, for
youth must have pleasure, but need not
waste itself in harmful frivolity.
Above all, select )our fi rends with
care. Avoid girls who live only for
fashion, flirtation and enjoyment, and
use tho piiwlege all women may claim
to decline the acquaintance of" young
men whose life will not boar inspec-
Hie Proper Way of reeding: and Prepar
ing Tui keys for Mantel.
The most profitable kinds of poultry
to raise for the holiday market are tur
keys and geese. Tin keys are much
more in demand than geese as the
American people invaiiably use turkeys
for their holiday dinners. The Ger
mans use only geese. Th best age to
kill forth holiday trade is fiom eight
to ten months old, whi ch is about the
time the birds get their full growth.
A this ago hen turkeys will weigh
fiom ten to fourteen pounds gobleis
from eighteen to twenty-fiv3 pounds
each. Occasionally gobleis of the large
Bronze vaiiety will weigh from twenty
eight to thirty-five ptfumU, and two
year-olds ha\e weighed over forty
pounds. Fo the holidiy trade we
commence fattcuing about one month
befoie the time to kill, feeding them
heavily with coin-meal mixed with
water, or milk- which is betterten
days befoie killing Pievious to that
they should whole coi 11. W feed
from open boxes or tiougi s, allowing
the biida full liberty to lange, whi ch
gives them a better appetite than if
confined. They seldom go far fiom
their feeuing place at that time of the
yaar if they have plenty 01 feed. Th
time to kill bpfore the hoi.days de
pends upon how far they aie from
market and how long it ikes them to
reach ther consumei. They should be
kept from feed ten or twrelve
hours be-
fore killing, and ought not to be killed
longer than five or six dajs before
they are used, unless the weather is
very cold. If kept fiozen, they will
keep well two weeks after being killed.
The proper way to kill tin keys is to
hang them up with their heads down,
then with a sharp knife stick them
through the neck close to the head.
A soon as the blood begins to run
commence picking. The large feathers
should all be picked by the time the
turkey is dead, as they come out much
move easily while bleeding. When
poultry aie to be shipped long dis
tances the proper way is to pack them
strong, open crates. Use clean rye
straw. First put a la\er of straw
three or four inches thick, then place
the birds on their baeks as close as
possible, bend down the legs close to
the body on these put another layer
of straw, and so OH until the box is
full. The boxes should be open so as
to admit the air, and should not be
too large. They should hold not over
250 pounds.Cor. Rural New Yorker.
Che Most Abject of Slaveries-Is There
Any Emancipatoi
The New York papers lately published a
rerypathetio story about a very popular
emotional actress. I twas to the effect that
she had become a confiraied victim of the
BDimn habit, involving an almost total loss
BI physical and mental powers, and actual
The story was at once denied by her
friends, who say she has suffered simply
from nervoUa piostration, is no need of
pecuniary aid, and is on the way to speedJy
Opiuia victims are usually hopeless, help
less slaves, mind weakened, lacking energy
for any effort toward recovery, rapidly
drifting into imbecility abd untimely
A peculiar feature is that victims craftily
conceal it from their nearest friends. A
young lady at school near Philadelphia was
recently lound to be secretly addicted to it,
keeping her "medjeme" in a school-room
inkstand, and injecting the fluid into
Her arm with a stylographio pen
In the Chicago a, *ielda Stockman,
September 24. 1887, is this letter signed
1 O from Barstow, "I missed the
paper that had my letter in~so I did not
snow that you made the request to know
what it was I used to break up the mor
phine habit, untd I got a letter fiom a gen
tleman asking information. I should have
answered sooner. It was Warner's safe
2ure. I should have given it when I wrote
the letteo, but it looked too much like an ad
This voluntary statement goes to confirm
the claim made by the proprietors of War
ner's safe cure, that it is the only remedy in
the woild which has any decided power over
diseases of the kidneys and liver, and that
Dhis terrible habit can not be cured until
these organs have first been restored to full
aealth, because they are the ones chiefly af
fected Dy this drug.
Editor Wm. A. Bode, of Alcon, HI was
3ompletely cui ed of the opaim habit, ac-
31111ed by long use in a painful malady,
with Warner's safe cure. It can not be
sured at all x tho kidneys and liver are dis
It is not claimed that there is any thing
in. Warner's safe cjire alone which will do
away with the habit, except that it puts the
kidneys and hver in a healthy condition,
giving the whole system that strength and
tone without which, any attempt to throw
Dff the habit would be vain
It is because physicians have discovered
that no other remedy is so beneficial in re
storing health to the liver, kidneys andgen
sral system as the one stated that it has
come into general use in. connection with
the special remedies for the euro of the
dreadful opium habit.
One of the worst features of the opium
habit is the deadening of mental and moral
sensibilities in pioportion as it weakens the
physical system and the will power.
Women in Public Life.
Women in politics have always been
more or less conspicuous in this coun
try. Pel haps of late years they have
become moie noticeable in this respect.
The history of Andrew Jackson's Ad
ministration is a proof of how much
tiouble between political friends can be
caused sometimes innocently by a
woman 's personality. Kate Chase
^prague was at one time a power rn
Washington, before whom great states
men bowed, and she was the support
upon which her father leaned during
all the ye.ns when he toiled upwaids
with longing ejes towards the Presi
dency whi ch he never leached. John
A.. Logan's wife, with her bright face
and white hair, outlined against the
dark, burly peisotfality of her husband
will alwa ys be a remembered figure in
National politics. Had he lived she
would have continued her ceaseless
struggle to make him President and
she would have kept up her unchang
ing custem of finding new fiiends daily
for her husband among the politicians
visiting Washington. Mrs. Hayes made
heiself quite a conspicuous character
during her husband's term of office,
and though she was a modest, shrink
ing little woman, who had no love for
public affairs, she was credited wrth
managing a good part of the Govern
ment business tor her easy-going hus
band. These aie only a few instances
out of the hundieds where women have
Within the last few years impiessed
their personally on political allairs in
this country. If the full truth were
written about the history of legislation
in Washington it might be amazing to
note how much of women's influence
and women's woik run through the
whole network of our National affairs
and Government. New York Graphic.
Raw Pork Habit.
St. James Gazette: A man dying of
trichinosia inspires, like every unfor
tunate wretch,a certain degree of pity.
But, judged on moral grounds, he can
scarcely be placed on a higher level
than the man dying of delnium tie
mens and, as a matter of fact, better
men have died of the insidious alcohol
ic "germ" than of the germs that in
fest the flesh of pigs, What theie can
be so seductive in porkand raw pork,
above allthat sensrble people, as Ger
mans in general must surely be con
sidered, should devour it uncooked and
nncured, it is haid indeed to imagine.
The Geimans, however, are so much
addicted to this kind of food that who le
families, whole populations, will some
times fall ill from morbid indigencies
in it and it is reported from Hamburg,
where raw pork is consumed (b the
inhabitants) in dangeious ly laige
quantities, that on Sund ay night, in
Due family alone, nine persons were
suffering liom trichinosis.
he origin of trichinosis has been
v* 4 5. ^MH?
fantastically traced to a certain herd of
swine, not all of which "ra down a
steep place into the sea." The hends
which fill the swine whose flesh pro
duces in those who eat of it the disease
now affecting the inhabitants of Ham
burg, where a "severe outbreak" of it
13 said to h&Te
EXTRACT hat tern
xmitaied. The genuine luu
th taordt
taken place, are named
"trichinae." They can bo driven out
by fire, which proves that there is
nothing esssentially diabolical in their
nature. Bu the Germans, who refuse
to cook their ham,, do not think it
worth while to expel them. fc
The Wife of a Russian Friest.
There is only one hap py woman
Russiathe priest's wifeand it is a
common mode of expression to say "a
happy as a priest's wife." The reason
why she is so happy is because her
husband's position depends upon her.
If she dies he is deposed and he
becomes a mere layman, and his
propei ty is taken away from him and
distributed, half to his children and
half to his Government. The dreadful
contingency makes the Russian priest
caieful to get a healthy wife, if he can,
and makes him take extraordinary
good care of her after he has secured
her. waits upon her in the most
abject way. Sh must never get her
feet wet, and she is petted and put
in hot blankets if she has so much as-,
a cold in her head. I is the greatest
possible good fortune for a girl to
marry a pi lestinfinitely better than to
be the wife of a noble.
She Would Equal to the Occasion.
"Clara," he said tendeily, "If busi
ness leverses should come to me after
we are married, and we should get to
be very, very poor, would your love
for grow less?"
"Never, George," replied the noble
"And could you go into the kitchen,
dear, and make a loaf of biead with
those dainty little hands?"
"You aie \ery nice to say such a
pretty thing about my hands, but,
George, love, don't be foolish about tho
bread. Why, I would send one of the
servants around to the baker's for it."
The matter for wonder and astonishment
is this When Remus jumped overhib broth
er's little c'ty wall how were bis sprains and
bruises cured without Salvation Oil?
When two men start out with the under
standing that they are to get full they
decoiate the town with fill-agree work.
"Ah me!' sig ed Potts, "I'm t:red of living,
Ti.e world is hollow, ambition's vain
"Come now'" said his chum, "I Lnow the
It's all your liverthat's very plain
You need not suffer, for help is easy,
Pierce's Pellets go 1 ight to the place.
'A friend to the bilious,' I well might call
There's nothing better, they'll suit your
Potts ceased his sighing and bought the
No more he mournetu Irs hapless lot I
His face is cheerful, his heart is lightsome,
His melancholy is quite forgot!
They caU the new gold gird'es happiness
belts, because they make bright the waist
Catarrh Cured
A clergyman, alter years of suffering from
that loathsome disease, Catarrh, and vainly
trying every known remedy, at last found
a prescription which completely cured and
saved him from death An sufferer fiom
this dieadful disease sending a self address
ed stamped envelope to Prof A. Law
rence, 213 East 9th Bfc New York, will re
ceive the recipe free of charge.
A man who is hung is usually cool It is
the fellow who is gurilotmed that loses his
Popular Education.
W sympathize with the feeling which
often leads citiz ns to boasts that no child
born this country need grow up
ignoiance, and yet it is a fact that many
who have learned to read and write
ave never taught themselves to think. A
man who suff 1 ed from catarrh, consump
tion, bronc ltis, scrofula, or "liver com
plaint," might read, till his eyes dropped
out, how these and many other diseases
have been cured by Dr Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery, but if he did not take
the If sson to himself and test the vu tues of
this great medicine, his time would be
thrown away.
Money just now is like many men who
have itclose.
Let the Trial Proceed.
Arabi Pasha when he heard he had been
denied the benefit of English counsel,
promptlv fortified himself with a bottle of
Allen's Iron Tonic Bitters and quietly re
marked Let the ti lal proceed. All genuine
bear thesignatuie of J. P. Allen, St. Paul,
The man who assayed to "collect his
thoughts" did not make a very large deposit
at the bank
FREE, trial package for instant reUef and
speedy cure of Asthma Send address to Hot
tiuger's Drug Store, Lmcoln Park, Chicago.
However disturbed ui spirit a hungry
man may be, after eating pie he has an in
ward piece.
Dr Sage's Catarrh Remedy cures when
every other so called remedy fads.
It is foolish for a man to squander his
last cent. Very non-cents-ical.
Etc., Etc
blown in the glatt, and ir
picture trade mark on sur
rounding buff wrapper.
Takt no other prepare
F. eneh Courtships.
Flirtation is not a French pastime,
says Max O'Rell, A few married
women may indulge in it, but girls,
whatever may be said to the contrary,
never do. A woman who flirted would
pass in France for giddy, not to say
fast she knows her countrymen too
well for that. Sh is aware when she
co^ts wifth them wh at she is exposi ng
herself to. If French girls felt inclined
for a little flirtation how could they in
dulge in it? Good heavens! What
would her mother and father say if they
saw her taking a walk by herself
during the dayif it came to their
knowledge that a young man had actu
ally dared to whisper words of love
into her ear before he had laid bare his
heart and made a clear statement of his
finances to them in the first Dlace?
Eveu when he has obtained the consent
of the parents and his visits to the
house where his fiancee resides are per
mitted, the joung couple are not
allowed to see ich other even for a
moment without tho presence of a third
party, and the little intimacies and en
dearments whi ch in America are
deemed harmless are in Franca rigor-*
ously banished and forbidden, The
pleasant operation familiar to English
lovers by the term of "spooning" is ab
solutely unknown to couitship as prac
ticed in France.
"Let dogs delight to bark" &c, but when
a cultured and "early enghshed" and well
dressed dude takes to it, it then he needs
a fnend lend him a quarter to buy a boc
tle of Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup.
It takes a heap of lodge-re for a man to
convince his wife that he hd any business
down town at that time of night
What is the difference between a man at
the mast-head ot a ship and the h1p itself3
The ship sails over the seas, and the man
sees over the sails.
In tho ears, sometimes a roaring, huzzing
sound, or snapping like the -epoi of a pis
tol, aie caused by catanh, that exceedingly
disagreeable and ei common di&ease.
Loss of smelt or hearing also result from ca
tanh Hood's Saisapaulla, the great blood
punier, is a peculiarly successful remedy
for this disease, which it cuies by purifying
the blood. If you suffei from catarrh, try
Hood's Sarsaparllla, the peculiar medicine.
"I used Hood's Sarsapaiilla for catarrh,
and received great relief and benefit from it.
The catanh was very disagreeable, espe
cially in the winter, causing constant dis
charge from my nose, ringing noises in my
ears, and pains in the back of my head. The
effort to clear my head In the morning by
hawking and spitting was painful Hood's
Saioapuilla gave me relief immediately,
while in time I was'entnely cuied. I am
never without the medicine in my house as
I think it is worth its weight in gold
Mas. GIB B, 1029 Eighth Stieet, N. W.,
Washington, C.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Sold by all diuggists SI, six for 5 Pre
pared only by I. HOOD & CO., Apotheca
ries, Lowell, Mass.
(00 Doses On Dollar
ness^Jn^w^ Z^J^^L
rm.~ -cia
for wffi hi t!L8?i!ihkf}if0?
naSent^?IlnPr'rS a Sf'^vV^
dMrVim I^orit%
Forthe cure of Coughs, Colds, Hoarse
nes s, Croup, Asthma, Bronchitis,
Whooping Cough, Incipient Con
sumption, and for the relief of con
sumptive persons in advanced stages
of the Disease. For Sale by all Drug
gists. Price, 2 5 cents.
WALES Goodyear Shoe Co,
When you want Kubbers of any style, call
for the
Mmenheck, Va writes:
My wife had been suffering for two or three
years with female weakness, and liad paid
out one hundred dollars to physicians with
out relief. She took Dr. Pieice's Favorite
Prescription and it did more good than medicm given ther
And others suffering with
Rheumatism Neuralpia Kid
iney and all Chronic Diseases
are positively cured by Dr
'Home's famous ELECTRO-
,r t. sands In e\ err State in the
Union MTSfctee been cured ELECTRItlTT instantly
felt Paten jVf^ted and sold 101 cars= Whole family can
j\ ear same belt ELECTRIC SUSPEJ.S0R1ES fre with mal
worthless mutations ELECTRIe TltCSSESe
FOEUCPTCRE. 700 cured in 'S6 Send stamp for pamphlet
DR. W. J. HORNE. Inventor,|89 Wabash Av,Chicago
her by the physi
cians during the three years they had been practicing^upon*her?"
Mrs. GEORGE HERGER, of Westftdd, N". F.,
writes: I was a great sufferer from leucor
rnea, bearing-down pains, and pain contin
ually across my back. Three bottles of your
Favorite Prescription' restored me to per
fecet health. I treatedtwith fo
months without receivinDr. any benefitr Prescription' is the greates earthly boon to us
or s...
poor suffering women."
Mrs. E. F. MORGAN, of No. 71 Lexington St.,
East Boston, Mass., says: "Five years ago I
was a dreadful sufferer from uterine troubles.
Having exhausted the skill of three phy
sicians, I was completely discouraged, and so
weak I could wit
months I wasr per/ectty^cured, and have had nowtrouble since. I
T00^ health had been restored, and offering to send the full particulars
to any one writing me for them, and enclosing
vetope for reply. I have receive,dl over four hundred letters.
In reply, I have described my case and the treatment used,
and have earnestly advised^the\m to 'do likewise.' From airreat
many I have receivedu second letters of thanks, stating that they
Poons assuminrgihe
de v?
Physician,^ ignorant of the cause of suffering, encourages his practice until large bills are made. The BtnTerbS
cross the
'J began taking Dr Pierce'sh Favorit and
tr local treatment recommended in his 'Commo Sens
I commenced to
at once.
th ?i-
*150 requiredfor the 'Medical Adviser,' and had applied the
local treatment so fully and plainly laid down therein, and were
much better already."
The treatment of many thousands of cases
of those chronic weaknesses and distressing
ailments peculiar to females, at the Invalids'
Hotel and Surgical Institute, Buffalo, N. Y.,
has afforded a vast experience in nicely
adapting and thoroughly testing remedies
for the cure of woman's peculiar maladies.
r. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
is the outgrowth, or result, of this great
and valuable experience. Thousands of
testimonials, received from patients and
from physicians who have tested it in tho
more aggravated and obstinate cases which
had baffled their skill, prove it to be the
most wonderful remedy ever devised for
the relief and cure of suffering women. It
is not recommended as a cure-ill," but
as a most perfect Specific for woman's
peculiar ailments.
A a powerful, invigorating tonic,
it imparts strength to the whole system!
and to thp uterus, or womb and its ap
pendages, in particular. For overworked,
"worn-out," "run-down," debilitated teach
ers, milliners, dressmakers, seamstresses,
"shop-girls,' housekeepers, nursing moth
ers, and feeble women generally, Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription is the great
est earthly boon, being unequalled as an
appetizing cordial and restorative tonic. It
promotes digestion and assimilation of food,
I suffered from ea
tarrh 12 years. Th
droppings into th
throat were nawat
ing. My nose bledal
most dally. Since tht
first day's use of htyi
Cream Balm hate ha
no bleeding, the sort
ness is entirely gone
G. Davidson with
the Boston Budget.
\,\t i
In ordertoget yourmoney'sworth. They make the
most elegant styles of Specialties, and all their
Boots, Sandals, Croquets, Arctics, Lumber
men's Overs, and all other styles have the most
elegant finish and are madefrom the best material,
on the theory that merit will wm in the end. And
the fact that thegrowmg demand for the WALES
GOOBTEAB RUBBERS has forced them
to erect an immense new factory to enable them to
fill their orders, shows th it their theory is correct.
Other companies have endeavored to steal their
thunder" by applying the word "Goodyear" to
cheap goods, so if you want good Rubbers buy
&L iVVU couespoml with ihobe wanting
7 peimaneut, steady business, we
ant men to sell oui cclcbi ated Brazilian Spectacles
all parts of the Uniit States exclusive territory given
a nne, steady lezi Uinate business for all seasons, many
ot our salesmen na% a business worth 82 000 a year
$15 with a fair amount of pluck, will gi\ youabusi'
ness worth at least $2 000 a ytar STlAm KAPOT.IH
OPTICAL MFG. Col Minneapolisn, JJuSiSJtof.
FORA1L SfSO a week and expenses
paid Valuable outfit and particulars
free. P. O. VICKEBY.Augusta, Me.
FAVORITE PRESCRIPTION as a remedy forethosre delicate and weak.
Prescription, directed to the cause would have entirely removed the disease, thereby dispelling all thoS
distressing symptoms, and instituting comfort instead of prolonged misery. i u wmm
Inwthree family paper, briefly ho my
sent the
cures nausea, weakness of stomach, indi
gestion, bloatice and eructations of gas.
A a soothing and. strengthening
nervine, Fa"onte Prescription" is un
equalled and is invaluable in allaying and
subduing nervous excitability, irritability,
exhaustion, prostration, hysteria, spasms
and other distressing, nervous symptoms
commonly attendant upon functional and
organic disease of the womb. It induces
refreshing sleep and relieves mental anx
iety and despondency.
r, Pierce's Favorite Prescription
is a legitimate medicine, carefully
compounded by an experienced and skillful
physician, and adapted to woman's delicate
organization. It is purely vegetable in its
composition and perfectly harmless in its
effects in any condition of the system.
Favorite Prescription" is a posi
ti ve cure for the most complicated and
obstinate cases of leucorrhea, or "whites,"
excessiveflowing at monthly periods, pain
ful menstruation, unnatural suppressions,
prolapsus or falling of the womb, weak
oack, female weakness," anteversion, re
troversion, bearing-down sensations, chron
ic congestion, inflammation and ulceration
of the womb, inflammation, pain and ten
derness in ovaries, accompanied with "in-
ternal heat."
L'Art De La Mode.
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er or send S cents Xor lsiMt
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ents, two classes ot 200 each at Yale 400 at UnivMte
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working for ns. Apents preferred whoscandfamlah
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collected Deserter* relieved, & years'
practice success or no fee LAWS SE NT I BEE
4. W. McCOBIMCK & 80J, Cincinnati, O., WMhtegton, IKC.
maladies. The ar fai samples odiseasesspontaneo the i
writes: I took eleven bottles of your 'Fa-
Prescription'' 4
aside, and feel as weuas I ever did.1
Mrs. MAT GLEASON, of 2fani__,
Mich., writes: "Your 'Favorite
has worked wonders in my case.
Again she writes: **Having taken several bot
tles of the 'Favorite Prescription- I have re
gained my health wonderfully, to the astoatth*
myself and friends. I can now be on my-fest all day.
attem ,ag to the duties of my household.
treatm^t consequent complications. A proper medicine
and thei easy-soing and indifferent, oreality, over-busy doctor,only^piom^Dause separate and disttact ttMMeL* thenlfa tyo such, when, in they are aH bysSSe
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by mail Circulars free. BUYOUT'SCOIABBB, fla,|.f.
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Dr. J,
largest samples and prize ever (riven for ft
cents DUDE NOVELTY Co., Battoala, Ohio,
Habit Cured MttatetorrbeforaoarfW
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A. N K.- G. (47)~Uta
please state that you saw the Advertise*
ment in this paper.
of yonx
Pellets. I am doing my work and have bee a
for some time. I have had to employ help fox
about sixteen years before I commenced tak
ing your medicine. I have had to wear a
supporter most of the time this I have tajm
A Marrelona Cnre. Mrs. G. F. Snumm,
of Crystal, Mich* writes: I was **oubled with
female weakness, leucorrhea and tiding of the
womb for seven years, so I had to keep my bed
for a good part of the time. I doctored with an
army of different physicians, and spent large ramp
of money, but received no lasting benefit. A last ny husband
persuaded me to try your medicines, which I was oath to do.
because I was prejudiced against them, and the uocton aitf
they would do me no good. I finally told my husband that it
he would get me some of your medicines, I would try them
anrflinet-. tho ariTrino svf mtr r,),mn .n Tl*x ~~i 1 k~ui ~m **._
Favorite Prescription,' and I have been a sound woman for four
years. I then gave the balance of the medicine to my sister, who
was troubled in the same way, and she jured herself in a abort
time. I have not had to take any medicine now for almost
four years."
I pregnancy^ Favorite Prescription
is a "mother's cordial," rehevinjr nausea,
weakness of stomach and other dtftreasnur
symptoms common to that conditfim. I
its use is kept up in the latter months of
gestation, it so prepares the system for de
livery as to greatly lessen, and many times
almost entirely do away with the sufferings
of that trying ordeal.
**F avorite Prescription," when taken
in connection with the use of Dr. Pkxee'a
Golden Medical Discovery, and small laxa
tive doses of Dr. Pierce's Purgative PeUett
{Little Liver Pills), cures Liver, Kidney and
Bladder diseases. Their combined use also
removes blood taints, and alolisbe can
cerous and scrofulous humors from the
"Favorite Prescription" Is the only
medicine for women sold, bj druggists,
under a positive caaranteayfrom tho
manufacturers, that I will give natinfsfr
tion in every case, or money will be re
funded. This guarantee has Men printel
ot the bottle-wrapper, and faithfully car
ried out for many years. Itsurge bottles
(loo doses) $1.00, or six bottles!*?
^~Send ten cents in stamps for Dr.
Pierce's large, illustrated Treatise (Ml
pages) on Diseases of Women.
Ottawa Co.

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