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Passed by the Legislature of Mississippi,
, at the session begun and held on the
7th day of January, nnd finished on the
10th of February, 1839.
An act more effectually to secure the
prompt payment of the revenue of this
State. .
A resolution granting leave of absence
to the Hon. P. R, II. Pray for fix months.
An act to legalize the elections for nil
county and State officers in cenain counties
An act to declare the river Cold Water
, navigable.
An act to transcribe into suitable hooks
the minutes of the proceedings, together
with the records of the Police and Probate
Courts of the county of Tunica.
An act to legalize the election of cer
tain officers therein named.
An act to incorporate the Trustees of
I, the Coffeeville Male andFemale Academy
in the coarrtyof AfnTabushar:
An act to revive and extend certain pro.
) visions of an act entitled an "an act to
authorise the stckholders of the Bank of
the State of Mississippi to close their af
fairs with as much advantage to ihe public
and as little inconvenience to the individ
ual stockholders as possible"; approved
December 19, 1831.
An act to empower the Circuit Court
Judges to appoint a clerk pro tern.
An act to divide the Fifteenth Regiment
of the Mississippi Militia, in Marshall
An act to amend the several acts now
in force relating to schools and school lands.
An act to authorise the Board of Police
of. Wayne county to levy a special tax,
and for other purposes.
An act to amend an act entitled "an act
- to extend the time of holding the Circuit
Court of Hinds county."
An act to authorise and require the
presidents of the. Boards of Police of the
several counties in this State to report the
condition of ihe Three per Cent. Fund,
distributed by act of the Legislature to
the same. . . -
An act to define the limits of the First
and Second Brigades of the Fourth divi
sion of this State. : '
An act to incorporate the offices and
members of the Eastern Star Lodge, No.
twentyseven, in the town of Monticello,
Lawrence county.
An act for the benefitjejCjCayuga Male
and Female Academ)', in tho""Cnnty oi
An act to authorise the discontinuance
or dismission of suits before the clerk out
of term time.
An act to incorporate the FejxileAcqd
emy of Holly Springs, in Marshall county.
An act declaring the Octibbeha and
Yockanookany rivers navigable streams,
and for other purposes.
An act to chmige ihe name of Margaret
Cagle to that of Margaret Cagle Moore.
An act to amend the fourth section of
an act entitled "an act to incorporate ihe
town of Jacinto, in the county of Tishe-'
mingo," and tor other purposes.
An act to provide for the registration of
certain deeds of conveyance. .
An act to extend the powers of the Po
lice Court in certain counties therein
An act for the relief of Garland Ander
son and William L.' Pavne.
An act to incorporate the Chulahoma
College and Chulahoma Female Academy
in Marshall county; "
An net to incorporate the Trustees of
thr. Farmington Academy in the county
of Tishemingo. and for other purposes.
( An act to amend an act entitled "an act
to incorporate the first Baptist church in
the city of Natchez"; passed June 11, 1822
An act to amend an act entitled "an
act to reduce into one the several nets con
cerning last Wills and Testaments, the
duties. of. Executors, Administrators nnd
Guardians, and the Rights of Orphans,
and other, representatives of deceased per
sons," passed November 2G, 182 1 .
An act to authorise the Bonrd of Police
of Carroll county to levy a special tax for
the purpose of building a court house in
the town of Carrollton, in Carroll county.
An art to authorise the county police of
Tunica county to levy a special tax. ;
An act to incorporate the Maleand
Female, Academies of the tovnjbf"vyyatt,
in the county of Lafayette. J "
An act to declare Strong river, in the
State of Mississippi to be a navigable
stream, and to prevent obstructions there
in. .:, : r. tr '.. '''.;.'. 'v"
Resolution memorializing Congress to
establish a mail route, by stages, from
Mississippi Chy to Jackson, and to procure
the distribution of the Mississippi mail at
Mobile instead of i?Ieans.
"An act to aufhorise the board of county
police of Monroe county to establish jus-
" tices districts for said county. , .
., An act to create and organize a new
; !- district within Carroll county, for the clec
'" I " tion of a justice of the peace and consta
1 ble within said district. v
' - An act declaring the Tallahatchie river
t; a navigable stream. : J;
A memorial for the establishment of cer
tain postoffices;-'---
" An act to organize the county of Jasper.
An act to - make an appropriation for
printing 'the Statutes of Mississippi, and
for other purposes. i ;
An act for the suppression of tippling
houses, and to discourage and prevent the
odious vice of drunkenness.
An act to increase the compensation of
the Adjutant General of this State.
An act to prescribe the mode in which
the county police of Jones county shall
- dispose of the tttree per cent, fund belong-
ins to said bounty. -
An act to mcoqorate tlx) v a UiaKr c
male Academy im the count v of KeSaer,
and OaklaHH Acadtmy in tho county of
An act to authorise the Governor to
employ a suitable person or persons to ro
pair the State Arms, una for other purpo
ses.''' : . ',y; '"
An acjelntivo to the estate of the minor
heiroflihe late Geo. W. Vernon.
iS&n act to amend n act to incorporate
the Hernando Fcademy.
An acOotncorlTOTate Lodge No. 37, in
Smith county. ;
An act to change the boundary line be
tween ihe counties of Warrenand Wash
ington, in this State.
An act supplementary to no net entitled
j"Hn act to define the boundaries of certain
. . .i , ii .
counties inerein nameu, ana ror oinerpur
poss1 passed February 9th, 1830. .
'An act to incorporate the Chulahoma
College nnd Commercial InstituteT'Tll'the
towTirCliulahoroTrrd for other purpose?.
An at to authorise the turnpike road
thcein named.
An to regulate the commissions of Coun
ty Treasurers for collecting and disbursing
the J per cent. fund.
An act for the benefit of the estate of
James It Blount, deceased.
An act to incorporate the Carrollton
Lodge, No. 20, in the town of Carrollton,
county of Carroll, and State of Mississippi.
An act to provide for Widows, and for
other purposes. -
An concerning the School Lands
An act to incorporate the Amite Library
and Debating Society.
An act to amend an ret entitled "an act
for the benefit of the heirs of E Magee,
dee'd of Warren county."
An act further to discourage and sup
press gaming. " v
An act relating to the estate of the
minor hei rs of David E Diy, decl.
An act to amend an act entitled "an act
to incorporate the town of Holly Springs,
in the countv of Marshall," passed thcl3
of May, 1837.
An act to authorise Hubert L. Wilkinson
and James Morton to establish and keep a
Ferry at a point on the river Big Black,
knownlas Walker's Old Ferry.
VCn act to incorporate the subscribers to
the De Kalb Male and Female Academy,
in the county "of Kemper.
An act to authorise the county Police of
Ciaiborne county to levy and col'.ect a
tax. ,. ' ;
An act to permanently define boundaries
of Neshoba county.
An act to authorise Alexander M Smy
lie to make titles to certain lands and slaves
therein named.
. Resolution relative to the Old State
House, and Pearl Lodge No 23, of Ancient
York Masons.
An act to incorporate the University of
Holly Springs, and for other purposes.
Resolution relative to a mail route from
Mississippi City to the city of Natchez.
Resolution relating to the establishment
of a mail route from Ellisville to Paulding.
Resolution relating to ihe establishment
of a mail route from Macon, the seat of
justice in Noxubee county, to Gainesville,
in Sumpiercoiintvt Ahbajna.
A Memorial to the Honorable ihe Sen
ate aud House of Representatives of the
United States of America in Congress
assembled, to establish a mail route from
Jackson to Columbus.
An act for ihe benefit of Education.
An act to provide for the Internal im
provement of this State.
An act to increase the compensation of
the Auditor of Public Acc unts.
An act to define the jurisdiction and
powers of the Board of County Polic? in
and for the county of Bolivar, and for other
purposes therein expressed. -
An act to incorporate the Trustees of the
Woodville Classical School, in Wilkinson
county. , .
An act for the benefit of Win. T Wilson,
of Gal vestonV Texas, for his services in
arresting and bringing into mis Sta'e
Johnson Cook, charged with the murder
of Silas D. Hives.
An act to cha ge the name of the town
of Manchester, and for other purposes.
An act to amend an act concerning the
laying out of roads, and for other purpo
ses."-. , . .
An act to amend nn act authrising the
Reporter of the High Court of Errors and
Appeals to publish the decisions thereof. '
nn,aci to connrm me location oi the
seaLOt justice lor lallahatchie county.
Ari act to incorporate the Macon M ale
andFemale Academy, in the town oTKla-
con, and the3iount Pleasant and Shu
qualak Acalemies7ln-the county of Nox
ubee. :; v,yi-.' : r' '
An net to establish the salary of the
State Li bra rim.
And act to amend an act entitled "on
act to incorporate' the town of Liberty, in
Amite county. .
"At act to establish a common school in
the county of Bolivar. .
An act repealing all laws now in force
taxing fees to attorneys and counsellors at
law. -
An act to declare the Yocknapatafa ri
ver navigable. , -
An act to incorporate the Western In
surance and Trust Company.
An act concerning the mode of procee
ding in the High Court of Errors and Ap
peals. ; -
An act to provide for a survey of the
Mississippfcoast ' "
An act to incorporate the town of Pano
la, in the county of Panola. -
An act to incorporate tho town of QuiU
man,' in the county of Clarke, and for
other purposes. - '
An act to amend an act entitled "an act
to incorporate ihe town of Houston, in the
county of Chickasaw," approved May 9,
1837. - -. -
An act to amend a act to incorporate
the town of Pontotoc, and for other pur
poses, approved May 3, 1837.
An act to alter and amend the act entitled
"an act to incorporate the Northern. Bank
of Mississippi and the Northern Bank of the
State of Mississippi, and to reduce tlieca"
pita! stock of the nme. .
An act Jor tle reltet ot I . u. j. liadlcy,
and Samuel M '. Puckett, hi security;
An act to authorize Beverly G. Mitchell
and: William Goodwin to erect a bridge a
cross the Yocknapatafa river, and nv:ke a
turnpike road through the swamp.
An act for the relief of John Perkins.
An act to increase the salary of the At
torney-General of this State..
An act to authorize the Governor of this
State to commute the punishmeut of death
n certain cases. . "1
An oc to incorporate tho Tchula Navi
gation Company. .
Resolution relative to changing the mail
route from Natchez to Jackson.
An act to incorporate the town of East
port, in the county of Tishomingo,
An act to authorize the Quartermaster
General to loan a quantity of the public
arms to Jefferson College.
Ao act lo authorize ihe Secretary of
State to insert the Constitution of this State
into the pamphlet act3 printed after the pas
sage of this act.
An act to authorize the Board of Trus
tees of certain townships herein mentioned
to establish j int schools, and for other pur
poses. An act to amend an act entiled "an act
to incorporate the town of Jackson.??
An act to change the name of the Natch
ez Hospital, and for iis relief and benefit.
Resolution relative to conjpensuion to
be allowed to T. B. J. Hadley, W. P. Mel
len, H. C. Stewart, and S M. Puckett.
Resolution concerning the duties of Au
ditor and Treasurer. ;
An act confirming the lease of the six
teenth section in iownsh"p 70, range 7 east,
in the county of Lawrence. , :
An act to incorporate the Pontotoc Turn
pike Company. ;V'
An act to declare and establish certain
oads in the county of Noxubee public
An act to extend theiime for the West
Felciana Rail Road Company to complete
said load.
An act to confirm the lease of t!ie six
teenth section oftownship 8, range I east.
' An act lo amend an act entitled "aa act
chartering the Holly Springs and Missis
sippi Itivcr Turnpive Company "
- An act incorporating the city of Vicks
kiirg. An act to incorporate the. Columbus
Fire and Insurance Company, in Columbus
An act to incorporate the Columbus and
Tomb gly Transportation Company
An act to transfer the stock now held by
the state in the P.anters"' B;ink, and invet't
ihesnne in stock of the Mississippi Rail
Road Company.
An act extending ihe time of holding the
Circuit Couri in Jefferson coun'y.
An net regulating tavern-rates within
this State.
An act Jo incorporate the Tuuica Turn
pike Company.
An act to amend an act entitled "an act
in relation to the Sheriff of ihe comiiy ol
Madison, and for other purposes," passed
February I6.li, 1838.
An act to abolish imprisnnmen for debt.
An act to authorize John Pliilbrick,
guardian, io pledge certain real estate there
in named.
An act concerning th Lexington Bank.
An act to confer cprtain powers on the
Commissioners of Public Buildings of
Rankirf county.
iflCv act to incorporate the Board of True
tecs oflhe Plymouth Male and Female
Academy. " '
Ursoluiion relative to levees in thecoun
ty of Washington. .
An act authorizing ihe Board of Pilice
of the county nf Kemper to levy a special
tax. and for other purposes.
An act to authorize the Roard of Police
of Hinds county"to loan the 3 per cent fund
appropriated to said county. -
An ad to revive the incorporation of the
Amite Academy.
An act to authorize the Board of Police
of Tishemingo county to divide the Police
beats into Justices1 districts. v
' An ac1 forHhe protection and preerva
lion of ihe rights and property of married
women . '
An act to aid the Commercial Rail Road
Company of Vicksburg to prosecute more
effectually their work of internal improve
mcnt. "
Resolution to Congress, relative to an
appropriation from the 2 per cent fund.
An act supplementary lo an act entitled
"an act to incorpora'e the Hail Road and
Turnpike Company in the counties of New
ton aud Lauderdale," approved February
lCth, 1833 . - '".
An act to incorporate the Mill-Haven
Manufactuting Company.
An acUo incorporate4j.iown of Cooks
ville, in the county of Noxubee.
An act to incorporate the Grenada Col-'
lese. v. - '''" "- ;
An act to free frorr? taxation the soldiers
of the Revolutionary V. r.
Resolution relative to the duty of the
Commissioner of Public Buildings.
An act for ihe relief of James Roundtee,
Thompson Roundtree,and Adalioe Ronnd
tree,f minor, heiis of Joseph Roundtree,
deceased. :
An act to amend an act entitled M an act
to provide for a contingent fund for the use
of the Executive Department."
An act to make appropriations to the
State Capitol and Penitentiary.
An act in relation to ihe Judge of.'he
Probate Court in the several counties in
ihis State, and for other purposes.
; ".An act supplementary to an act entitled
"an act lo change the time of holding ihe
Circi'it Court ot the several counties com
posing the Second Judicial District of this
State, and for other purpese!i.,,t
An act to extend tho corporate limits of
the town of F.irmington, in tho county of
Tisheininir'N nnd forother purn.C3. '
An act for the punishment of public de
faul'eis of this Fta'e.
. A n act todes'grii'e and imrk outn puh
I c road fiom Jackson tho Seat of Gov. rn
me ht in the State of M issisiippi , to t he S'a'e
line, on the nearest and best route to Tus
caloosa, in Ihe State of Alabama, and for
other purposes.
ykn act to incorporate tho Board of Trus
tees of ihe Emery Academy, inthecounty
of Holmes. . ,( - , .;" "
act to incorporate the Glenav'a Male
and I'emalo Academies. ,
An act to incorporate the town Vt Emer
in Holmes county. p . "
An act to nmend the acts of fhi
State concerning crimes and punish
ments, and the Penitentiary. V
An act to incorporate the Koscius
ko RaU Road Company.
; An act to divide this State into three
distiicts for the election of Judges of
! lie Hi'h Court of Errors and Appeals
1 fb. t'ic Superior Court of Chancery.
An actio inturporate ihe City of
Pearl, on the Gulf of Mexico, and for
other purposes. 1 v
An act to amend an net enlilJed
"an act to incorporate the Commer
cial Bank of Columbus, Mississippi.
An act to incorporate the town of
Au act to incorporate the Jasper
Manufacturing Company.
.n act lo incorporate the subscri
bers to the Grand Gulf and Port Gib
son Shipping Company, and forothe.
purposes, ' V ' ' Y:' '
An act to amend nh net entitled
"an act to organize and establish Cir
ruit Courts, and lo define their powers
and jurisdiction in law and equity.",.
An act for the relief of James Bry
an, J.E. Robins, F. AVashingtcn,and
J. J. Gooch. i
An act making certain appropria
tions therein named.
An act lo amen i the 48th section
of an act entitled "an act to reduce
into one the. several acts concerning
slave;, free negroes. r.nd rnulattoe.
An act proposing aw kinendment to
the Constitution of Mississippi.
An act defining, the duties of Ihe
Sheritrs of the different counties of this
Statry in relation to runaway slaves.
Memorial of the Legislature of the
State of Mississippi, to th'e Congress
of the United States.
An act supplementary to an act en
titled "an act to incorpora'e the town
of Louisville, in Winston counUyuid
repeal the act heretofore passed, ina
corporating said town."
An act tochange tho several names
of Diller Ann Ilocklimer, Clarissu
IIocklimer,and Hopewell Hocklinvr,
hildren of Olive Ilocklimer, of Smith
county, in this Slate, unlawfully be
gotten by Jabez Hull, and to make
them legitimate.
An act to leg lize the lense of the
school lands in the county of Neshoba,
and for other purposes.
An act concern ng the Probate
Court of Hinds county.
An act to extend the time of hold
ing the Circuit Court for the cointy
of Lafayette.
An act to prevent Ihe exhibition of
hilli.ird tables in the ccunly f Mar
An act to rpen! an act entitled
"an act t define tc pow ers of the
County Board of Police, in relation to
the 3 percent fund, and forother pur
poses," approved February 1838.
An act to dispense with the lime
prescribed by law for Henry Hampton
Davi, of Wilkinson county attaining
the age of majority; and also Thomas
J. Henderson, of Noxubee county ,and
Peter Gos, of Carroll county. 4
An act to amend the chortercf i v
corpoiatron of the town of Columbus.
An act further to amend an act en
titled 'an act to incorporate the
Northern Bank of ihe Stateof Missis
sippi," approved April 28th, 1838.
AN ACT for the suppression of tippling
houses, and to discourage and prevent
the odious v ce of drunkenness
i Section" 1. Be it enacted by the Lc
gisiature of the Stateof Mississippi, That
all li us heretofore enacted in relation to
iiopting houses, and au horiMr.g the keep
ers of inns, taverns, or osd'-aries, to sell
vinous or spirituous liquors; in less quanti
ties than a quart, on ohiaining lirense
therefor, be, and the same are hereby re
pealed. ' ;- " 4' ;
Sec. 2. Be ii further evaded, That it
sliail not be lawful lor any person io sell or
retail any vinous or spirituous liquors in
less quantities than one gallon, "rior suffer
the same or any pan 4 thereof to be drank,
or used, in or about his or her house.
Sec. 3. Be 'A. further en acted, That it
shall not be lawful for any tavirn-keepef or
innkeeper to offer any vinous'or spirituous
liquors to his guestd, either gratuitously or
without special charge therefor, in less than
the quentity of one gallon above mention
ed, or in any way violate the plain intent
and meaning of this act by evasion, euS.
tcfuge, chicane of any sort, and that such
acts of evasion, subterfuge, or chicane,
shall le held and deemed assen?us an of
fence against this aet, as a violation -of its
letter, and be equally punishable under the
provisions of the earn
?tc. 4. De it further enacted, That it iTTi1 jHM
shall not LelavVfulVor any candidate for any lQ(f,u 1 , i!i
'.. ' ' - ' - . . a S. M -- - . -
public station whatsoever, during the time . 'p r TNT'TOiy"
ofhia bcinakivnvn asWh, id treat oi he- J 1 v1
stow spirituous liqiioh in any quantity
whatsoever upon any o'cr or voters at
elections, whether such, reating or gratui
tous bestowal of hquo4e"her vinotii or
spirituous, beavowedly fnaid of his preten
sions as a candidate or no; and every audi
offence shall be held and loemed bribery,
and punishable ns such. ,
Src. 5. Beit further enacted. That if
any person shall violateanjof the foregoing
sections of this act, 8uch?jers-)n shall be
held and deemed guilty of misdemeanor,
and may for such offences bo prosecuted I We are authorised to announce GREEtf
by indictment, or pre.entmmt.and on con- h BEAUCHAMPas a candidal for Clerk
vpctton thereol, for the first wence shall oer, . .
fined in the sum of two h.odred and fifty K ,be Circuit Court or Hinds County, u
dollars, and be imprisoned jura termof not Jthe next general election.
less , than one week, nor more than one! We are authorised to announce JAME3
month,nt the discretion of the court; andD. GOFF, of Hinds county. &s a candi-
for every ot her offence shall be fined in th( f p b c
sum of five hundred dollars, and be i-npri? '
sonedlor a period not less than one ino ith,
nor more than three monins, at me c'is:rr .
ie cis:r
, Thill1
n to sej
tion of the court.
Sec. S. Be it furth'r enacted,
shall not be lawf'il for any person
any vinous or spirituous liquors to any Ii
dian,or negro, either slave t re, in a
quantity wliatsoever, and eWrysuchoffenJ
shall besubiect to rirosccuiiim ard punwi
ment, according to the provisions of the 6j
section of ibis act. ) f.
Sec 7 ' Be ilfuriZer cnicted, ThalL
shall not be nees-wry that ie name oC
prosecutor be mnrkert on iheindictmentt)
presentment, fr any of the uorefping of
fences, nor shall any indictmtitipreseni .
men' hequashed or abated forjwanioffiirrr j
bui; this act shall be in all r.acs construe
and enforced as a remedial ict. I . j.
OEc. o. ue u tunne etactea, i nat
ha!l be the duty ofeath jusnc-vij:aDa
jati'I constable to give uifrmaiion
! term of the court, lo ihe grand jurv, o
et i viola'ion of this act which may lj
cne to his knowledge, within their res
tve beats; and that it shall be the auti
the c! rk of the circuit or crirriina! at
(ak'th' cae may be) at least t-
- ii ' r
brtoie :!;c commencement
1 . 1 I
evc.: ;;.?uistrHte in the coun'
where k
In 1 i I
court is ic oe no'tien, surnmouin ineift
appeal personally before said grand jur
five information on oath of all offpj
apainst the provisions of this act, Rjjg
other violations of the criminal law o'
knowledge, and every mngi?!rtejyj 1
attend in such summons shall be pt'Jjj
able as f.tr contempt of court, as in o j
ry cases, and thai it shall further be tl vj0ja
ty of justices of the peace, when anyf
tion of ihis act shall be made ktiownr '
forthwith "o isue his .varrant for ihflt0"
: hns'on of the person charged "i'Lr an(j
; I " I Jf ;f
satisfactory shewing, toappe.tr at 'f litl
vi'iinnwti emu itiiu mill U("il il JJiiJ'
term ol tlie ciflrriTtrxttrmTraimf y '
c ase may be, to answer for such "flJe"
Sec 9. Be it Jurtlier rnactcXTl.X
very tavern-keeper or inn-keeHr, f 1
s ite, shall give bond, with approve1?ecJr'
itr, to the Iniard of police of each Pun,y
respectively, in the sum of oi.e nf',,?'i".
dtillars, not to violate ihe provision!
ac:, and shall at the same time take, ,ta",
not to sell, or permit to bes ildat h9Jl ),,se'
or on his plantation, any vinms lr P111"
untis li-juois in any qnaniity smal'f r ,an
one ga'l-n, and that when sold in ,,:e1ai
ti'v nf one callon. Im. h r
j r- 7 f w .
nrrm!t thn nrnf In h rlranl in tfiQ IIOUSC,
or at Ihe place where sold. -Sec
10. Be it further cn
I -. . - w w uiuii It p
cd, That
the grand jury shall make clifig.
concerning violation of this
t inquiry
t. and it
hall be tiieir dutv, whn ihy I
ve reason
io stispect or believe that a viola
act has taken itnrf to risk vr a ct
ion of this
poco; is
sued for such neruon or rTrr!nn?il 'hey may
believe can give inf .nnnii.m uPJ,n ,,MJ sub."
ject, and such witnrt when lsumrnoned
shall give evidence ffiveryoffei'ce "S1081
the provis oes of ihis ac, ihatl e
come under liL J;nowlPd,rp Jv"out any
special inquiry being directed
Sec. 11. Be it further en.
acted, That
toreveiy "onviction under ihi
act, the dis
inct attorney shall be entitled
of twenty dollars, to be taxed
costs. ' j
o a tax fee
tho bill of
Sec. 12. Be it further r
acted, That
rrto give this
it snail be the duty of ihe con
act lfi charge to the grand ju
the clerk, upon application !
y, tnd direct
iof t
e grand
"jury u iss ie s ibpeerias for el
justice of the peace JTiiaton!
moned shall fail or xe?a
1 m
appear and
-hall stiff r a
penalty of one hurdrecy
for each offence, to lie aj
tin, unless ;.pon a scire?
shall be able to give a sff
such non-appearance, o)'!
the county, to give' iri evif Wbelo tlftrrnart from hich w e ma directly
grand jury; which t export the rich productions of our
execuie,or have execo ' p" 8 deputy or r -i .. , to
deouties. and in caseaM ' lness so sum. fertile soil, without being tributary to
: lfi fly dollars
d by execu.
iKTsuch witness
feeni excuse for
fuch refusal to
appear and. test fy. : I
Sec. 13. Be it furtA r enacted, That
when any person shall vio' Jate anv oath re
quired tohelaken by thn?
visions of this act, he, y!u!
guilty of perjury, and pif
lion, as in other cx-sc3 I
that crime.- n ' J
Ji under the
or they shall
i;he'd upon convic-"
I. , ... ..
J I-"-'- '
furthir enacted,
ioicaiu sixty days
Sec. 14. And he u
That this act slull be in
after t he pi serje thereof,
' 'N W..
Speaker of the Home o
Approved, Janu&rW
e Rcprestnializet,
'nt of the Senate ,
Cr VVe are auth irisel to tnnouoce E.
CRAWFORD, of ihu pia CC ag ft caa
jjate for the ofiico of Probne Clerk a
j.inds County.
i AM03 R. JOHNSON U a cindtdtto
jLr the office of clerk of the circuit court
j Hinds county, at lhenext regular
Cion. .
c are authorised lo announce Dan
icl I nomas of Ravmond as a candidata
for Sheriff at the November election.
We are authorised to announce Howell
Hobbs of Jackson, as a candidate for
Sheriff at the regular election in Novem
ber. The Legislature closed its session
on Saturday, 15th inst. Among tho
many important laws that were pass
ed, we are gratified to have it iu our
power to number the act for suppres
sing tippling houses; the act to pro.
vide for the internal improvement of
the State; nn act to designate and
mark out a public road from the cily-
"oTJackson to the Alabama Stale line;
nn act for a survey of the coast of
Mississippi, and an act for the bene
fit of Education.
Serious and painful have been the
reflections on the habits of intemper
ance, to which too free scope has
been given by the leniency of the
laws, and while mingled feelings of
sorrow, pity, and horror, have posses
sed our breast at the frequent occur
rence of deeds of rashness, acts of
violence, of crime, and of murder,
which have resulted from the indul.
gencc of this pernicious habit, we
have often wished that there could be
devised a sure, speedy, and effectual'
remedy for the evil. We therefore
hail the passage of this act as a har'
bingcrof good.
As the n'oarthrW' rJqnof the
human system depends upon the free
circulation of the blood through the
arteries, diffusing sustenance lo the
whole system, so docs the prosperity
and welfare of a nation depend upon,
the free intercourse with its several5
portions, and the facility with which
it may be effected. "We are pleased
io see that the Legislature is disposed
to give aid and facility to the accom
plishment of the projectof our dis
tinguished Senator, the Hon. R. J.
Walker, of connecting the waters of
the Mississippi and Ihe Atlantic, on
our eastern coast, by a continuous line
of Rail Roads from which will re
sult, no doubt, ultimately, a direct
communication, and intimate connex
ion, between the Northern and South
ern extremities of the Union.
It is a matter of very great impor
tance to the State of Mississippi, that
should be made of
W a w w - - - J
the coast on its Southern border, to
ascertain bcyoud a doubtw5-er c
not the sanguine expectations of our
enterprising citizens can be fully re
alized, and satisfy the most scrupulous
as to the practicability of establish
ing withinourownlimits,and upon our
'n ' jYn Terra Firmngreat commercial
a foreign interest
Thc suhiect of Education is one
which has long loudly called for aid
from the- fostering hand of the Legis
lature. 81 Tt is a subject on which the
,- ' wwt reflort. th more deeniv our
checks are tinged with shame, that it
has been so long neglected, that
pro - ; 0ther States have been suffered so
t?e , . t , t. ascenJancv over Ul
VF. v "
Ia i (inn nf nil r rvll lb. TftC
111 mc uvmiu.i j
very creat importance of diffusing'
i learning on a very liberal and exten
sive scale among our community, wm
not be questioned by any one.
The God of nature has impianu
in the mind of every one, the seedj
and principles of virtue, vrhich need
only due culture to make them taj
deep root, to spring up and floa6
, j

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