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. rilBONirLK OK
The Turf, rial-' -porta. 1-iU-r.taw and
the Sticr.
EnxUlhdmtfi splendid SUei Kngraiings.
rflfliS well known wceklv publication,
X which was established in 1831 by
its present editor, will commence its do
wnth volume on the GtU of March, 1841.
t is a sheet of the very largest class,
containing twelve Imperial quarto pajN,
printed on linon paper oj Ihe fa
nro, and 6 new type C"?5L
with the largeatand rnasi
Engraiogi on steel, ever issued b a
..i: i ; ih,. fin ted Stales. Ihe
line rtcan
to const i-
1 to
uiM no-
lie I iuuiw
last volumes contained sup rn
of the following distinguished
l.nnorted Horses, des'mne.
lute and A neriean Sporting Gallery, ac
companied with complete Memoirs, giv
ing the Pedigree, Characteristics and
Performances of each, with incidental
notices of thlir contemporaries, etc. 1 be
Kngravings correspond in s'ze (eighteen
inches hv thirteen) with those annually
published in -OOdon, of the Winners ol
he Derby, Oaks and St, Leger. and have
been executed in line, on .Steel Plate, ex
pressly for this paper, from Original
Pictures in oil by the most eminent Art
ists: BLACK MARIA, the property of the
Hon. Balie Peyton, of New Orleans; En
graved by Dick after Trove.
IOM RASCOMHK. the Mooertv ol
Col. John Crowell, of Fort Mitchell. Ala.
Engraved by Dick after Troy e,
LKN'I A'lil AX, the property of James
Jackson. ISstf. of Florence, Ala. Engra
ved by Dick after Trove.
SH ARK, the property of Col. Wm. R.
Johnson, of Petersburg, Va, Engraved
by Diek after Trt ye.
flEDGFORD, the property of Co. J.
M. Townes, of Lexington, Miss . Engra
ved by Hinshelwood after Trove.
BOSTON, the property of Mr. James
Long, of Washington City. Painted by
Do Lattre for Col. Johnson, of Vra.
Published on Ihe 7tk March.
ABGYLE, the property of the Hon.
Pierce M. Butler & Co. of Columbia, S.
O. Painted by Troye lor Col. Hampton,
of b. C
Published on the 23d May.
WAGNER, the property of Mr. Jo!;n
Campbell, of New Orleans. Painted by
Troye for the Owner.
Published on the 4h July.
MONARCH, the property of Col.
Hampton, of S. C. Painted by Troye
Published on the 9tt January.
In addition to the Engravings cnume-
rated above, is a superb Portrait of
.Mad lie Augusta, the celebrated DanstUMt,
in the character of "La Sylphide," en
graved by Hinshelwood on Steel, hum a
sketch and picture byChalon and Inman.
i .ii
., ivtnitruis ieu nor-
ot several oi neu.v- . of Co A-R.L. D.xon.
ses in-tbe Union, ug.
mnnriar finish and beauty
The next prominent departmrnt s
Theatrical page, constantly devott
..,;;.,..! .-riiieisnis of the Urania, ami
heesof.heNew Vork Tln at res ; Green
Room intelligence, derived Irom an
lensive theatrical correspondence main
tained with every city in the tJnton,nd
by which the paper is already lavorably
known and widely circulated m theatri
cal circles.
Again, selections will be constantly
made from the periodicals of this coun
try and England, and thus be formed a
lively and elegant Literary Department,
occupying several pages.
For all these varieu ueparinrouw, m-
Chancellor of Stale R. II. Bucknor.
Pit-mot Spring,
Roekv Mo ant,
UUrk urn tar.
The Superior Court ol Chancery hn Haltifai,
jurisdiction over all matters, pleas an 1 i,aoaeniae
eomplainls whatsoever, belonging to, or ; Mnun, (e. u.)
cognizable in a Court of Equity; it hold- 1
two sessions annua I Iv.
Chart M. Jo.-sa
Kit i
mmm k
Wau X
C kimt i .
L ta 9m
plo room is secured by the immense size
nfthe present sheet, which for beauty of
typographical execution and general
ganee of arrangement, is second to none
in the Union
No loeal agents being employed by
the proprietors, gentlemen wishing the
paper can order it through their post
masters, or remit by mail. A number of
files frofiB the commencement oT the vo
lume, will be preserved for new subscri
bes. This course is adopted, as the valu
able Statistical Tables of the paper near
ly all appear in the early part of the
circuit ooumT.
This Court has original jurisdiction
in civil cases in which the sum in contro
versy exceeds .r;0. For each of the 13
Circuits, a Judge and Attorney are eieei
edouadn nnially, from Novejabejr.
.s per Act, upvrwfed February 19, IJi40.
1st Judicurf District, composed of the
counties of Warren, Claiborne, Wash
ing'on, and Bolivar.
id Judicial District, composed of the
counties of Yalobusha, Carroll, Choctaw.
and Tallahatchie.
3d Judicial District, composed of the
counties of Adams, Wilkinson, and J' -
4th Judicial District, composed of the
counties of Smith, Copiah, Sinrpson,
cott, Newton, and Neshoba.
5th Judicial Disifict, composed of the
counties of Jackson. Jones, Gren, Perry,
Wayne, Jasper, Clark, and L iuder Iale.
Gth Judicial District, couipos I of the;
counties of Noxubee, Lowndes, Kemper,;
Winston, and Octibbeha. r
1th Judicial District, composed of the
counties of Hinds, Madison, and Rank m.
Qth Judicull District, composed f the ,
counties of Do Soto, Coahoma, Tunica,
Ponola, Lafayette, and Marshall.
9th Judicial District, composed of I
counties of Monroe, Itawamba, Tish -
Lawrrare (oiili
Lrakr ( oaatr.
Darthagc, c. h.
Oxfard, e. k Umf 11
Wyast, .;:dfw
Randlt' tihL 1 iabrni B
ittl fmr .Wrrfhrnrnt. rwH'
wits vtsi uw rm .
Lou ndv. ( i;l v
ill. nusk a titti
AimL yamiml 4 MmgUtui
yunrral Inuitatiottb.
Trrms of Subscription and Advert isim?.
For one year's subscription, SjlO in
advance. For six month's subscription,
$5 in advance.
For advertising one square of 22 line--,
first insertion, $.5. each subsequent in
sertion, Jg l. ininyo, Pontotoc, Chickasaw, and Tip
t-r IT1 ..... n ..... o i I iu I.. .-.I.. li.llfTPn. P
U.; n.VUil ii,- V pail '
vines on steel may be obtai"el at ttie
Manua Cuaaty.
loarix om
The first number of a new volume of
4 The Spirit of the Times" will be issued
on the 6th of March, 1841. In the course
of the year, a series of Magnificent Steel
Engravings, uniform with the embellish
ments of the preceding volume, will be
presented to the subscribers. A Portrait
of Monmouth Eclipse, from a painting by
Troye, will commence the series, and
be succeeded by those of other distin
guished horses during the year.
A list of American Winning Horses of
the preceding year, will be published, ar
ranged in four tables one of four mile
winners, one of three, one of two, and one
of one mile winners. These tables show
at a glance the winner of every race of
last year, his age, color pedigree and
owner, the prixe won, the weight car
ried, the time made, and the horses beat
en by him, together with ihe date and
place ot the race, and a reference to the
page of the preceding volume where the
race was originally published. These
tables are compiled with infinite care and
labor, and at great expense; they are
of constant practical use, and increase in
value every year. A list ol English
Winning Horses, for the same year, will
also be published in the volume arranged
in the English torm.
A table of the American Winning Trot
ting Horses, with the age, color, owner,
time made, weight carried, horses beat
en, &c. &a, will be published in this vo
lume. An Alphabetical list of Stallions for
1841, in the usual form, will also appear
in an early number of the volume, and
will be found convenient to breeders for
designating the age, color, pedigree,
owner, place and price of standing, of
nearly every distinguished Stallion in
In addition to the various subjects enu
merated above, the present volume will
contain a fai hful and copious record of
all Importations and Sales of Blood Stock,
Sweepstakes, Racing and Trotting Match
es, and Racing Appointments, Essays on
Breeding and Training, Pedigrees and
Performances of Distinguished Horses,
with all the Current News and On Dits
in Sporting Circles, both at home and
abroad. And to complete the Sporting
Department, full details, original and se
lected, will be given upon all manly pas
times, as Hunting, Shooting, Fishing,
Yatehing and Boating, Pedestrian and
other Athletic and Manly Sports.
Another part of the d-sign of the paper
will embrace a Brecdinir and Agricultu
ral Department, designed to promote the
interests and minister to the instruction
ot ureders of fine cattle, sheep, &c. Se
lections from the most aooroved Amei i
can and English writers on thsS import
ant Buujecis win be constantly found in
iu lis cuiumus.
-r,gviirery win a iso oe m
creased by the addition of the Portraits
Publication Office at si each. I le v
will be sent to any section of the Union
so enveloped as to secure them from in-
j"ry- '
OF Tin:
msisii'zi cieicoLi;.
Tuc undersigned propose to publish in the
ti wrj of Canton, a weekly aewpapc t"l'c cv
t il, tlu : Mississippi Cti olr. Tins projec.1 'iarl ''; ' :'
suggested by ibe evident Wanf of t i s coninei
nitv of some medium through which to make
known ihi ir agricultural and Cemmcrcial Man
dins, and to express v hah ver ten time nil Ihej
may entertain in relafton to any moral, political,
or other matters, wnich may lrive a bearing n
the interests of the people. It will hardly be
deemed necetssar. to enumerate reasons for nia
kir this effort to till a vacuum which none J abl
to exist. The people of .Madison County n an!
a newspaper, and tla ir know Heiracler for
liberality and a warm desire to uphold their rep
utation as an enlightened and generous popul -tion
will certainly induce them to furnish that
support to this undertaking winch is necessary
to its success. It is a!s ume ei ssary to sav
that no wish to add to their store ot worUH
goods has had influence with the proposers. A
desire, an honest and laudable one. it is bop
loth Judicial District, composed of the
counties of Va.ou. Holmes, Attala.
1 Ifh Judicial Distri '. composed
the countios of Lawrence, Covingl
Hancock, Mar'nui. Pik'-, Amite, an
Marshall I acuti.
Adams County.
h. V out!" ii YA r
Nat.h'-z. (
Amite Con ut
Liberty, (c.
Centn villc,
to "cumulate some grease" ha., had its wt tight,
but a small icmuneration is expctctf. It wiii
require a liberal patroiv.i..- t!.- (.:. v. :
generally to ketfp the Crle going, and it is
earnestly hoped the good people ol Madison
will not withhold that support loan underta
king wbieh their own Tntercsts enii i dctnind,
and every man must do his duty or the Cr !
will languish. Nor do we ask rrorcxpect sup
port alone from the people of Madison Ca lint jr.
A nv subscription will be thauktully received
from any quarter.
It is designed to make the Creole generally
useful and entertaining as far as our locality
ill ii
and opportunity to go so will allow. Being in
the interior of a new state, and issui ig only
once a week it cannot be expected that news
from a distance can be furnished to our citizens'
as soon as they will obtain it through other me
diums possessing the advantage f inrc eligible
localities. All may however rest assured that
every effort will be made to accomplish the task
in hand, and if the desire to do so should not be
gratified it may be attributed to a want of abil
ity and not the absence of will That i, if you
subscribe f eely. A liberal patronage in the wav
of advertising will certainly be expected and
actually necessary as an impetus to exertion.
The Creole will indulge but little in politics,
and when such luxury is enjoyed it will be but
sparingly and favorable U the present adminis
tration with all due respect for the honest opin
ions of opponents
The general news of the da? will of course
have a prominent place, as will important polit
ical and moral movements, and such literary
and miscellaneous matter as maybe deemed of
interest to the general reader. Local affairs de
manding publicity will of course have prece
dence as the paper although intended tor gen
eral benefit and patronage is more pati;ularly
designed to uphold the immediate interests of
the community among whom it ispubh. tied.
Our debut will be made as soon a's the necessa
ry labor can be performed, which will be in a ve
ry lew days; those wishing to subscribe will
hand in their names.
TERMS The Creole will be printed on a
large imperial sheet with new and beautiful
tvpe, at Five Dollars per annum, invariably in
advance. All advertising and job work CASH
John G. Kinabr
Henry llimt.
Vtt;il;i County.
Kosciusko, (c. h.) William E. Sni
V alalia, Fraacii A K
Plant) r, A taaeon Nash.
Bolirai County.
Victoria, Wm, M. David.
Carroll County.
CorrolUon, (c. h.) Urman E Kiatbr
Spicra Hille, Robert M. s,...-,
Slumg d i, Jamaa W. Eakri
SdiddTetQB, A. 8. N
Smitlt'r Mi!!?, Atiifus McMil!
Chick Ol nv. County.
Houston, (c. h.) J i..:
Clarke couniy.
Ciohnynn, (c. b.J Roland B. Croa'j
Chic!.i::.saha. J. s- Su ,r;.!!.
C h c I a w Count , .
; :..'i-nsborotigh, (c. h.) John Sn w.
'. wart's,
bcllntahXea ? ei .!,).
. i ;4 i 1: i lie
Port ( I:ts to, (c- b.)
Grand Golf,
Oakland Cbilegc,
Rocks Springs,
Willow tspnngs,
ConiaU Connty
Cullatii:. Cc.h.1 George M. Ban
7 f
tfrrriiaitt' V and itta
utuiu a. rvirmi:Tx
Bz ,.t.i! a t!i. M 9 teat atyle.
4 .MTUV.
PVtltR naftwrttkrva uwummutm mm tii
" vW,ttjMMat(l
i ii am mt m mmmm' MMkUfr. .a N
lri'i County
i on . .
II nr P. Ba
lie !i I i :. I Si
J.-hn B. !'u
Tftomaa Hog
Henry G m
II. nry Butt.
John'i. 'hamb
Ah. cs Rrfud.
Ahsaloui II.
Mount Washington,
Copiah Creek,
Pine BlaQ,
Kennedy's Store,
Reid's .Store,
Gov in gt ob
Williamsburg, (c. h.)
.vlount L arinel,
David C. Dickson
Hutson B. ft irrin
Raleigh P. Howtl
Stephen Ti m in.
Bciij uiiin Wank,
George W. Ke-id.
J dm F. Cook.
Jesse Burk halter.
A ng.it: McLaaon
Henry Strong.
.la; nesville,
lie Soto Count .
Hernando, (c. h.) Lawffence - Evan.
Sinatolfv, Geor ge E. Wii!iaui3.
E .aw, Patrick N.
Franklin Count.
Ta lor.
Ko,J. 6u, .
Kaakm 1 uaatv.
s. m t Com at .
Mifloa Couaty.
aitlb fouai i .
Cfi i
Tnnica Cuaai .
Tippah t amt.
mt lawa tsatai
Palates .-Tral
Mcadville, (c h.)
WeCalPs Creek,
I la.nburg,
John r. t-ti wart.
Ivel Parker,
fhephen L. (iuicc.
Daniel F. Mcinnis.
Martin Moody.
John Mcinnis.
Norman McLeod.
mm mm
Ta m
. a . i
Leakevilk', (c. h.)
Leaf River,
Hancock Connty.
Shieldsborough, (c. h.) John B. Ji'onlmr.
Pearlington, Elisha Benjamin.
Habolochitto, Grge A. Miskil!.
Biloxi, George Holle.
Pass Christian, Findlav B. Heiru.
Mississippi City, Collin J. McRac.
liiids County.
Raymond, (c. h.) J. B. Magce.
Baldwin, John Morrison.
Clinton, George H Grav.
Coop.ersvillc, (special,) John S. CCooper
' i'i mm itwi awlpt c la mt 1 1. i l
I 'an
Government of Mississinni.
A. G. McNutt, Governor till 1842.
Thos. B. Woodward, Secretary of State.
A. H. feAUNDKRs, Auditor of Public Ac
J. S. Curtis, State Treasurer.
i. F. Collins, Attorney General.
Judges of tfie High Court of Errors
and Appeals. Wm. L Sharkey, James
F. F rotter, and E. Turner. Clerk, F. G.
The High Court of Errors and Ap
peals has no jurisdiction except what
properly belongs to a Court of Errors
and Appeals; its sessions are holden on
the first Monday of January and July, at
Jackson; being virtually but one session
per annum.
Meridian Springs,
A ubum,
Spring Ridge, (special,)
Holmes Connty.
Lexington, (c. h.) Augustus W. Ayrea
Howell Hobbs.
Thomas K. Green.
John M. Murchison.
Theodore Jungherr.
Henry Hunter.
Ozias Osborn.
Pulaski Dudlev.
Wm. W. Floyd
Henry Hardy.
Henry J. Holmes.
Julius Jackson.
riLc:niB-o (omit.
c. h. John Ka.
itun, PafM K. ttwMt.
a State, Ht-i-k:& B. -.i
rille Joiiii C Carter
villJ. WHtr Umwkr
Eastport, spc.a . Jam E- Mattl
Runza, Cbae. W. VPHai
Tallahatchie Oaitv.
Tuicabomi, c. h. Joh H- McRar
Charlestoji, Uai ? S V:t
Black Oak, Jpm A. Yaaa.
Warren Coaaty.
Vicksbu iir, c. h. N - ulas D-C
Mouialban, John TUrkl
Warreaton, Ricaartf VjaBMU
Bovina, iKttd L. Cmmru
Milidalo, TI Mi m
Wataiaftoa Coaatr.
Princeton, c. h. Wi!;lVB T Pimp
Bolivar, Chnaawoher J. F
Wayne Connty.
Winchester, e. h. reh.h!4 Warn
I .Mntonvtlle, special, (Worx E
Wilkinooa Coaaty.
WoodTillr, e. h.
I iin.n l .
liWKaoaair aWt. 4Wt a
are propoaa afta a ami Wat m w
c ear:.-J a tcaa of B Wal
ajajnateajea to ta nalaav
William FStanaburv Co,u P"nf,
j Kurt Adams,
j Mount Pleasant,
Franklin, A. M. Mayo
Lockhart's Store, Thomas Lockhart.
Wheeling, Frederick Jones.
Itawamba Connty.
Fulton, (c. h.) J,ohn Tuomaeon.
Van Buren, W. S. C. Walker.
Jackson Connty.
Jacdson, (c. h.) Samuel Davis.
Jasper Connty.
Paulding, (c. h.) S. R. Adams.
Garlandsville, James E. Watts.
Jefferson County.
Fayette, (c. h.) William McFee.
Malcolm, Malcolm Gilchrist.
Rodney, Woodford Wood.
Church Hill, Joseph W. Tho uipson.
Jones Connty.
Elhsville, (c. h.) JohnCarawav.
Boquchoma, David N. Cariile.
Kemper Connty.
DeKalb, William W. Barker.
Wahalock, Mathias D Conckliu.
Waa 1
Si: ..
nttesviile, Saaanal
Wiatoa Connty.
Louisville, e. h. iaokes
Deposit. Jm-B-
Fjam Spring, Vanaaanl Haafjaxa
Nanewamor, lanaaaa Stnafia
Valobaha Coaaty.
CoffviUe, c. h. Hears N Eayharm.
takachickama. Was. B lihaaaa.
Grenada, Gor S. GaMaiay
Oakland, apeciaL, Jaha B. A aha.
Tasaa caat,.
Benton, c. k. Joha H
Satattia, ait'ti
CUiborniU, faaal
Y axoo yity , Ricaaru E. k ? rt
f mmt ataa to eanaajaw una am m tmm ?i tK
ivnVaani aant ftaana ; anal aaanneaaiv aa
' nr bare it i to ho hjooaot oanr mmmrt ono ho
- Jaiio mmi aatl reaJ a ana fhatw ao
fto no nail am t aaav latt a. mmt w anoanao,
al. TW sonaWos" ina ifl mmi aMaa
aCoKoalro tM aaaan Ian mi mlifaa mmi
IaaW. than ay, aaiao fjayoot mmi anaat mm
( aa oo m
ha Tmf9
H num.
m m :i
a a
mm l
am dm
- a
asty essjetBa
t mm i iileelsiiia i
- - - - . ",8waa4w"
Weel.alrr Jjssi
C Sa 4iC
.mm mm fmfmm i. m mkmm a?

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