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Mississippi palladium. [volume] (Holly Springs, Miss.) 1851-1852, April 25, 1851, Image 4

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! - tr- & s .-:
E. -.rv Kjm--c u.-irs' Iiu,
. la-:
... i. ,jr' s-t--7a :. !:u.
Tie .-;.! S.i-:L--5r Ka'Jrti ;i
A r ?-r- f ": ;
A iri '"t J-;-"" ;
Ai l -wr k !".
T lH " r""1" xr TO-ir: To li v,
A iV- wr l --.L-T,
Tim- .
'as stif- i 4 f are.
T .Lir truss. tL", in r-
JP&sscl el fie Sttiivn Tkirtv-nnt
.Tv.:irfrt:it.-4.K31-. lT-lMi.iS of all '
-r.-T r-iaJwi i(rer-eriw t vaij bound- j
--. mf
I ii.sK vt ra lire l:t-d Sa:-s i
trt w. v ..f' U'j i S'-jfct i-f A-
1 . htu ti- j
Ltt t " Jtrc n-1 !? the "a:e of ieia
..-!.. e arrf-J -x iLe s-u 1 StaV. in
-1 i-v ll:-
t-Tf-r&I As-ml!y,
": mV'TT pii tle
;'. siii State of
U ! S- V.-s c-;SB Xi.t
xiT'i m nt bv
fe given
-a -r
cf liecc-Eaber,
a I s'slr.-i :.r. 1 ff t:
Ti Na:c .f Tt XI
tii rl.--zirji 3 lie r. !
r - s,-re it d. t -t 4t wLk-h
:h s-l all euni
tliC meridian
l frc-m Green-
. - - - ,
six -i- ct-s xirtr tiicavs nor.h latitude,
"J n.. r " J, Pnt d,ae, fcsl.to
- , , . '
K'iiiirr sLU rta da sm L k the thirty
-" c. !
- - -i. . i . . i . i - -
' '.j
s OI ,
ti-r IL.i r..-n ! 1 Norte,
wl h :e ..f &iJ river
i . .x i
TL- S::e
' Ti xs
ses ime
i: i
fc r cl!?a to territory ex-
t!--r I"ssh ni WunlsrH s wh'ch
si? ,t- ! tlab. by tie Lrt aracle
f ,, r rr- :.t
Ti-c. TNr f T xa- re!lnqu!hes
t". jrflia ".f K-jl
:ri-L -u-- r. vt riU.srms
. I r:i--s . -a t w ;
iL ir -4 1 i
r. ari l i vl-lic buildings I
ethe pr.peny
t V
. el -ires at tLc ume of the an- j
' .r j
.tll Pi
- f -r.- ' 1 1 ,ho governor shall appoint and direct; and
tttir u irxa. J r'in-She shall, at the same time, declare the
;:!'Vr,:- s,,r.V-Tna,l'rtoVC! number of members of the council and
- I hio r.i
att-s. :a cor.
. , . - " - " i- - , ed to the council; and the person or per
rmc. c-UUern:orr,anJ tx-unqtush-jns aathorized to elected, having the
c... ... v.ie e ot , , t number 0f votes for the house
;l r- I-r.fUrj which each county or district shall be enti-I-rtr,X.'e
at tbe J of fane-en , . ,, . -,. , , iX, .
-r-r .-jvab!- half-rearly at
Uiu:--d SiAe
after the
been fur-
mvh xa atitl r.t5c cr.py of ti e act of
tL-c Grsxril As-tnb!y ! Texas, accepting
t&r-ae r Tv-t'-r.s 1 caa- the stock
ta be J ia f tTor 'f tbe State f Texas, j
u f ci!-l i ia the f unh article of ihis j
ft rr- rr-. a: frrrJff,cIfo, That no more i
ti.ik3 Ex eai.-Ksof stx t shall be is-
. , f , , , ,-
s-af-i lire xxL:-rs -f tne iate hol-im
I in I "i r r rilc:es of stk of Tex-
f r L a datir on irrports were sj-ci-aT!y
j i J. s-hil first k- at the Treasury
ef tlrf U.TI States tZ ase of all claims a-j-i-X
.- Usltol Stts f -r or on account
c4 I t;oi cr t r:5xt s in such form
a 1 mil l f roscriWJ by the St-rretary of
tLTr-iry asd appro vl by the Presi
dest Sf it Ua:v-Jtos: I'rrt h I, That
hTc-:a Mntiia d hall be construed
t iTcxoiror j-ii!ify asy tliing contained in
tie thri artk-Vof the eeor.d secuon of the
.it rt--xatia f -r annexing Texas to the
UeII Sj" approved March first,
a tsTjirei aad forty-Sve, cither as
r; ,rrl t-? r.TiriH r -I lr.a-.es tnat mayi
It rv if; r W f m:-d out of the State of Tex-
v r o;ri".
S.-T. 2. AJ s k jartlf rtnt-fci. That
all tb.sl prti a of tbe Urn:ory of the Unit
tJ iri:-s Ic2iic-J as fUjws: beginning at
La tb Colorado rivtr, where the
bcitt iiry Lae with the Republic of Mexico
CTCss5 tie inse; thence castwardly with
th? Mil KvacJsrr line, to the Rio Grande;
thf Tsoe f-".-:r. ; the cilia chtiTsel of said
rivtr w iLe pvra!! of the thirty-second
gnv of r r-h Uu:a !o; thence cast with
tb !--croe S its inu-rocuon wi.h the
eae F in l.-v J aal third decree ef IH5imde
v of Grtr-aih: thmce nrth wi.h s:id
ccrroe of Vrgitade totV.e parallel of thirty -ciS-h
drec of r.rih latitude; thence
west with sail mra'.k-l to the summit of the
Sen- Miire; thence south with the crest
of saII r '-jTS'-ilr.s to t!je th:rty-s ven'h par
allxlof i r.h lthale; tLvnce west w ith
i 1 parallel to its iit rseenon with the
fc. aaiiry Use of the S;ae of California;
ti see i.h set: 1 bun 1 iry line to the place
of K'crr.g be and the same is hereby
crt-ctcJ in:o a tt ntporary government, by
tbo r,e of the Territory of New Mexico:
.-.vi.fof, Tr.t rothing in tUs act con
be cor.?raed to inhibit the
G-yvernn nt of the United States from di
ri !;ag said Tcrritorr into two or more Ter
ritories in such manner and at soch times
as iVr. s shall deem convenient and
proper."" or fcora attaching any perion
thereof u arsy other Territory or State:
A I prwiiitit fmrtX fr, That, w hen admitted
as a Sca. the ail Territory, or any por
o of tle sars shall be rec ived into the
Ucioa with or without tlavt-ry, as' their
eoRsatation may prescribe at the time of
tbr-ir aduais&iocLr
Sec 3. Ad If il yVn'.Vr tnn fd. That
tbe execalive power and aathority in and
over said Territory of New Mexico shall
be rested ia a Governor, who shall hold
his oce for fosr Tears, ud until his suc-
rewc shTi be tppctnied and qualified, un
Vrs s-'er rsaTeibr the Tre silrctof the
, United State. The governor shall reside
within ?aid Territory, ihall be commander
: in-chief of the militia thereof, shall per
j form lite duties and receive the emoluments
j of suferintendt-nt of Indian affairs, and
sli ail approve all laws pased by the legis
'. lati e aembly befure they shall take tf-
i; he may grant pardons for offences a
; jr-tirii-t the laws of said Territory, and re
pritves for offences against the laws of the
L'r.ire i States until the decision of the Pre
M'Jent can be made known thereon; he
! shV.l commission all officers who shall be
j appointed to office under the laws of the
bkl Territory, and tdialltake care that the
1 laws be fai.hfully executed.
S 4. And I it further enacted, That
i there shall be a Secretary of said Terrilory,
; who shall reside therein and hold his office
ir t-.mr years, unless sooner removed Dy
the I'reiient of the United States; he shall
reconi and preserve all the laws and pro
cet!in;js of the legislative assembly here
inafter constituted, and all the acts and pro
ceedings of the Governor in his executive
dt-partment; be shall transmit one copy of
the laws, and one copy of the executive
proceedings, on or before the first day of
December in each year, to the President of
the United States, and at the same time
two copies of the laws to the Speaker of the
j House oi lu'presentauves ana ine i resi
! dent of the Senate for the use of Congress.
nation, or other necessary abscence of the
Governor from the Territory, the Secretary
tVii'l bave nrA he is hereby authorized
. the powers and duties of the Governor
during such vacancy or necessary abscence,
:ntt.d to fiU such vacanCT.
, the legislative power and authority oi said
Territory shall be vested in the Governor
and a Lenslative Assembly. The leirisla
live assembly shall consist of a council and
houe of representatives. The council shall
consist of thirteen members, having the
quantisations of voters as hereinafter pre
scriljed, whose term of service shall con
tinue twe years. The house of representa-
ties s,ha!l consist of twenty-six members,
i possessing the same qualitications as pre
; scribed for members of the council, and
of service shall continue one
n appointment shall be made as
- aJ
nearly equal a; practicable among the sev-
cral Jounties or districts for the election of
the council and house of
u;e couacu any. iiousc ji lei'icscuuiai ea
giving to each section of the Territory re-
: presentation in the ratio of its population,
( Indians excepted,) as nearly as may be.
, , . V ' e .i J-i i V .
.vn i uie memoers oi me council anu oi uie
I house of representatives, shall reside in,
j au l be inhabitants of, the district for which
they mny be elected respectively. Previ
. - i-t A.
as to the first election, the governor shall
, cause a census cr enumeration of the in-
j habitants of the several counties and dis
tric: of the Territory to be taken, and the
first election shall be held at such time and
places and be conducted in such manner as
distncts snail be entitled
- , , ..l.i-rl t,a, ;n. tK hurlcf
EUmU.r of voU?g m each of saTdCOUnci? dis-
I tricts for members of the council, shall be
declared by the governor to be duly elect-
i lieu, Miau uc uciiarcu uv mc gwn-iuui ij
te duly elected members of the house of
representatives: Provided, That in cases of
a tie between two or more persons voted
for, the governor shall order a new election
to supply the vacancy made by such tie.
And the persons thus elected to the legisla
tive assembly shall meet at such place and
on such day as the governor shall appoint;
but thereafter the time, place, and manner
. f j ?- - i
the people, and the apportioning the repre-
- f - 1 . i. ,
ia ; Mt kis in it t wvira i I'll in itt r nisi riris
to the council and house of representatives,
according to population, shall be prescribed
bv law, as well as the day of the com
mencement of the regular sessions of the
legislative assembly: Provided, That no
! one session shall exceed the term of forty
Sec. 6. Ami he it further enacted, That
every free white male inhabitant, above the
ae of twenty-one years, who shall have
leen a resident of said Territory at the
time of the passage of this act, shall be en
tilled to vote at the first election, and shall
be eligible to any office within the said Ter
ritory; but the qualifications of. voters and
of holding office, at all subsequent elections,
shall be such as shall be prescribed by the
legislative assembly: Provided, That the
right of suffrage and of holding office shall
be exercised only by citizens of the United
Spates, including those recognised as citi
zens by the treaty with the Republic of
.Mexico, concluded r ebruary second, eigh
teen hundred and forty-eight-
Sec 7. And he it further enacted, That
the legislative power of the Territory shall
extead to all rightful subjects of legislation,
consistent with the Constitution of the U-
nited States and the provisions of this act;
but no law shall be passed interfering with
Uie primary disposal of the soil; no tax shall
be imposed upon the property of the United
States; nor shall the lands or other proper
ty of non-residents be taxed higher than
the lands or other property of residents.
All the laws passed by the legislative as-
. sembly and governor shall be submitted to
the Congress of the United States, and if
disapproved shall be hull and of no effect.
Sec. 8. And he it furtier enacted, That
all township, district, and county officers,
not herein otherwise provided for, shall be
appointed or elected, as the case may be, in
such manner as shall be provided by the
governor and legislative 'assembly of the
Territory of New Mexico. The governor
shall nominate, and, by and with the advice
and consent of the legislative council, ap
point all officers not herein otherwise pro
vided for; and in the first instance the gov
ernor alone may appoint all said officers,
who shall hold their offices until the end of
the first session of the legislative assembly,
and shall lay off the necessary districts for
members of the council and house of repre
sentatives, and all other officers.
Sec. 9. And he ii further enacted, That
no member of the legislative assembly shall
hold or be appointed to any office which
shall have been created, or the salary or e-
moluments of which shall have been in
creased, while he was a member, during the
term for which he was elected, and for one
year after the expiration of such term; and
no person holding a commission or appoint- per day during their attendance at the ses
ment under the United States, except post- sions thereof, and three dollars each for
masters, shall be a member of the legisla- every twenty miles travel in going to and
tive assembly, or shall hold any office under returning from the said sessions, estimated
the government of said Territory. according to the nearest usually travelled
Sec. 10. And be it furtLermacted, That route. There shall be appropriated annu
the judicial power of said Territory shall ally the sum of one thousand dollars to be
be vested in a supreme court, district courts, expended by the governor, to defray the
and probate courts, and in justices of the contingent expenses of the Territory; there
peace. The supreme court shall consist of shall also be appropriated annually a suffi
a chief justice and two associate justices, cient sum to be expended by the secretary
any two of whom shall constitute a quorum, of the Territory, and upon an estimate to be
and who shall hold a term at the seat of
government oi saia lerntory annuany, ana
they shall hold their offices during the pe-
riod of four years. The said Territory shall
be divided into three judicial districts, and
a district court shall be held in each of said
districts by one of the justices of the su-
preme court, at such time and place as may
be prescribed by law; and the said judges
shall after their appointments, respectively,
rtside in the districts which shall be assign-
ed theni. The jurisdiction of the several place in said Territory as the governor there
courts herein provided for, both appellate of shall appoint and direct; and at said first
and original, and that ot tne probate courts
and of justices of the peace, shall be as lim-
ted by law: Provided, That justices of the j
111 it f I
peace snau not nave jurisdiction oi any
matter in controversy when the title or
boundaries of land may be in dispute, or
w here the debt or sum claimed shall exceed
one hundred dollars; and the said supreme
and district courts, respectively, shall pos- fee. 14. Jiid he it further enacted, lhat
sess chancery as well as common law juris- a delegate to the House of Representatives
diction. Each district court, or the judge of the United States, to serve during each
thereof, shall appoint its clerk, who shall al- Congress of the United States, may be e
so be the register in chancery, and shall lected by the voters qualified to elect mem
keep his office at the place where the court bers of the legislative assembly, who shall
may be held. Writs of error, bills of ex-
ception, and appeals, shall be allowed in all
cases from the final decisions of said district
courts to the supreme court, under such the United States to the said House of Re
regulations as may be prescribed by law; presentatives. The first election shall be
but in no case removed to the supreme court held at such time and places, and be con-
shall trial by jury be allowed m said court,
The supreme court, or the justices thereof,
shall appoint its own clerk, and every clerk
shall hold his office at the pleasure of the ner of holding the elections shall be pre
court for which he shall have been appoint- scribed by law. The person having the
ed. Writs of error and appeals from the greatest number of votes shall be declared
final decisions of said supreme court shall by the governor to be duly elected, and a
be allowed, and maybe taken to the su- certificate thereof shall be given according
preme Court of the United States, in the ly: Provided, That such delegate shall re
same manner and under the same regula- ceive no higher sum for mileage than is al
tions as from the circuit courts of the United lowed by law to the delegate from Oregon.
States, where the value of the. property or
the amount in controversy, to be ascertained
by the oath or affirmation of either party,
or other competent .witness, shall exceed
one thousand dollars'; except only that in
all cases involving title to slaves, the said
writs of error or appeals shall be allowed
and decried by the said Supreme Court
without regard to the value of the matter, of being applied to schools in said Territo
broperty. or title in controversy: and ex- rv, and in the States and Territories here-
cept, also, that a writ of error or appeal
shall also be allowed to the Supreme Court
of the United States from the decision of
the said supreme court created by this act,
or of any judge thereof, or of the district
courts created by this act, or of any judge
thereof, upon any writ of habes corpus in-
volving the question of personal freedom;
and each of the said district courts shall
have and exercise the same jurisdiction in
all cases arising under the constitution and
laws of the United States as is vested in the
circuit and district courts of the United
States; and the said supreme and district
courts of the said Territory, and the respec-
tive judges thereof, shall and may grant
writs of habes corpus in all cases in which
the same are jrrantable bv the iudsres of the
United States in the District of Columbia;
and the first six days of every term of said
courts, or so much thereof as shall be neces-
sary, shall be appropriated to the trial of the said Territory of New Mexico as else
causes arising under the said constitution where within the United States.
and laws; and writs of error and appeals in
all such cases shall be made to the supreme
court of said Territory, the same as in other
cases. The said clerk shall receive in all
such cases the same fees which the clerks of
the district courts of Oregon Territory now
receive for similar services. '
Sec. 11. And he it furtlter enacted, That
there shall be appointed an attorney for said
Territory, who shall continue in office for
four years, unless sooner removed by. the
President, and who shall receive the same
fees and salary as the attorney of the Unit-
ed States for the present Territory of Ore-
gon. there shall also be a marshal tor the
Territory appointed, who shall hold his of-
fice for four years, unless sooner removed
by the President, and who shall execute all
processes issuing from the said courts when
exercising their jurisdiction as circuit and
district courts of the United States; he shall
perform the duties, be subject to the same
regulation and penalties, and be entitled to
the same fees as the marshal of the district
court of the United States for the present
lerntory of Oregon; and shall, in addition,
be paid two hundred dollars annually as a
compensation for extra services.
Sec. 12. Ana be it further enacted, lhat
the governor, secretary, chief iustice and
associate justices, attorney and marshal,
shall be nominated, and, by and with the
dvice and consent of the Senate, appointed
by the President of the United States.
s - Ti" -V ojjpjmicu
.. , '
respectively take an oath or affirmation, be-
fore the district judge or some justice of
vr, .v..v- v, -
.-i i v "r c i rr j
M u. . uxll? ul 8. u-
.j ' i .""I"" .
manrni! riv trip laws nnw in tttva thprwn
or before the chief justice or som associate
justice of the Supreme Court of the United
States, to support the Constitution of the 8,11:111 ue apporuouea accoiumg w an act
TTnJtfd Shafts nnrl fair nfnll - trt ,Wnr, 1 ual enumeration of ' the inhabitants of the
the duties of their respective offices: which
said oaths, when so taken, shaU be certified
by the person by whom the same shall have
been taken, an,d such certificates shall be
received and recorded by the said secretary
among the executive proceedings: and the
chief justice and associate justices, and all
other civil officers in said Territory, before
uiey act as sucn, snail ia.e a use oain or
affirmation, before the said governor or sec-
retary, or some judge or justice of the peace
of the Territory, who may be duly commis-
sioned and qualified, which said oath or af -
hrmation shall be certified and transmitted,
by the person taking the same, to the sec -
retary, to be by him recorded as aforesaid;
and afterwards, the like oath or affirmation!
shall be taken, certified, and recorded, in
such manner and form as may be prescribed
bylaw. The governor shall receive an an-
nual salary of fifteen hundred dollars as
governor, and one thousand dollars as su-
permtendent of Indian affairs. The chief
justice and associate justices shall each re -
ceive an annual salary of eighteen hundred
dollars. The secretary shall receive an an -
nual salary ot eighteen hundred dollars.
The said salaries shall be paid quarter-
yearly, at the treasury of the United States,
l he members ot tne legislative assembly
1 shall be entitled to receive three dollars each
made by the Secretary of the Treasury of
me United States, to detray tne expenses oi
the legislative assembly, the printing ef the
laws, and other incidental expenses; and
the secretary of the Territory shall annual-
ly account to the Secretary of the Treasury
of the United States for the manner in which
the aforesaid sum shall have been expended,
Sec. 13. And he it further enacted. That
the legislative assembly ol ISew Aiexico
shall hold its first session at such time and
session, or as soon thereatter as tney snan
deem expedient, the frovernor and legisla
tive assembly shall proceed to locate and
i 1 1 1 i . .i ! J
estaDiisn the seat oi government ior saia
.territory at such place as they may deem
eligible; which place, however, shall there-
after be subject to be changed by the said
governor and legislative assembly.
be entitled to the same rights and privileges
as are exercised and enjoyed by the dele-
cates from the several other Territories of
ducted in such manner, as the governor
shall appoint and direct; and at all subse
quent elections, the times, places, and man
Sec. 15. And he it further enacted, That
when the lands m the said Territory shall
be surveyed under the direction of the dov-
eminent of the United States, preparatory
to bringing the same into market, sections
numbered sixteen and thirty-six in each
township in said Territory, shall be and the
same are hereby reserved lor the purpose
after to be erected out of the same.
Sec. 16. And he it further enacted, That,
temporarily, and until otherwise provided
by law, the governor of said Territory may
define the judicial districts of said Territo-
ry, and assign the judges w ho may be ap
pointed for the said Territory to the sever
al districts, and also appoint the times and
places for holding courts in the several
counties or subdivisions in each of said ju
dicial districts by proclamation to be issued
by him; but the legislative assembly, at
their first or any subsequent session, may
organize, alter, or modify such judicial dis-
tricts, and assign the judges, and alter the
times and places of holding the courts, as to
them shall seem proper and convenient.
Sec. 1 7. And he it further enacted, That
the constitution and all laws of the United
States which are not locally inapplicable,
shall have the same force and effect within
Sec. 18. And he it further enacted, That
the provisions of this act be and they are
hereby suspended until the boundary be-
tween the United States and the State of
Texas shall be adjusted; and when such
adjustment shall have been effected, the
President of the United States shall issue
his proclamation, declaring this act to be in
full force and operation, and shall proceed
to appoint the officers herein provided to be
appointed in and for said Territory.
Sec. 19.' And he it further enacted. That
no citizen of the United States shall be de
prived of his life, liberty, or property, in
saia erniory, except, Dy me judgment oi
bis peers and the laws of the land,
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
President of the Senate pro tempore.
Approved, September 9, 1850.
An act for the admission of the State of California
into the Union.
Whereas the people of California have
presented a constitution and asked admis
sion into the Union, which constitution was
submitted to Congress by the President of
the united States by message, dated reb
thirteenth, eighteen hundred and fifty, and
j which; on due examination, is found to be
republican in its form of government
Be. it enacted hn the Sentnte and House.
of Representatives of the United Stales
of America in (jOT,rress assembled,
lhat the State of California sh
and b hereb dedared
United States of America, and a
That the. State of Cal for-ia shall hA nnP
one of the
! itt-c . juaa xiucj it--, auu auuiiLicu iu
to the Union on an equal footing with the
original States in all respects whatever.
I 0 1
Sec. 2. And be it further enacted,
until the representatives in Congress
United States, the State of California shal
be entitled to two representatives m Con
o1""58' '
Sec. 3. And be it further enacted
That the said State of California is admit
ted into the Union upon the express condi
tion that the people,of said State, through
their Legislature or otherwise, shall never
mienere wiui me primary uisposaj oi uie
public lands within its limits, and shall pass
no law and do "no act whereby the title of
the United States to and right to dispose of
I the same shall be impaired or questioned
j and that they shall never lay any tax or as
1 sessment of any description whatsoever up
on the public domain of the United States
and in no rasa shall non-resident rwonrie
1 tors, who are citizens of the United States.
be taxed higher, than residents; and that
all the navigable waters within the said
State shall be common highways and for-
ever free, as well to the inhabitants of said
State as to the citizens of the United States,
1 without any tax, impost, or duty therefor
Provided, That nothing herein, contained
1 shall be construed as recognising or reject
I ing the propositions tendered by the peopl
of California as articles of compact in the
ordinance adopted by the convention which
formed the constitution of that State.
j Approved, September 9, 1 850.
AN ACT lo amend and supplementary to the act!
entitled "An act respecuug f ugiiiyei from jus- i
ticeand persons escaping from the service of
their mirs," approved Tebraarv 12. 1793.
lie it enacted bu the Senate and House nf -
Bejtresentatives of the United States of
America in Congress' assembled, That the
persons who have been or may hereafter
be appointed commissioners in virtue of any
act of Congress by the circuit courts of the
United States, and who, in consequence of
such appointment, are authorized to exer
cise the powers that any justice of the peace
or other maristrate of any of the United
States may exercise in respect to offenders !
for any crime or offence against the United i
States, by arresting, imprisoning, or bail-)
inr the same under and by virtue of the '
Uurty-jhird section of the act of the twenty- i
f, .rfK of Rentember. seventeen hundred !
and eighty-nine, entitled "An act to estab-
h the judicial courts of the United States,"
shall be and are hereby authorized and re
quired to exercise and discharge all the
powers and duties conferred bv this act.
Sec. 2. And he it further enacted, That
the superior court of each organized Terri
tory of the United States shall have the
same power to appoint commissioners to
take acknowledgments of bail and aflida-
its, and to take depositions of witnesses
in civil causes which is now possessed by
the circuit court of the United States; and
all commissioners who shall hereafter be
appointed for such purposes by the supe
rior court of any organized Territory of the
United States shall possess all the powers
and exercise all the duties conferred by
aw upon the commissioners appointed by
the circuit courts of the United States for
similar purposes, and shall moreover exer
cise and discharge all the powers and du
ties conferred by this act. 1
Sec. 3. And he it further enacted, lhat
the circuit courts of the United States and
the superior courts of each organized Ter
ritory of the LTnited States shall from time
to time enlarge the number of commission
ers with a view to afford reasonable facili
ties to reclaim fugitives from labor, and to
the prompt discharge of the duties impos
ed by this act.
Sec. 4. And he it further enacted, lhat
the commissioners above named shall have
concurrent jurisdiction with the judges of
the circuit and district courts ot the L nited
States, in their respective circuits and dis
tricts within the several States, and the
judges of the superior courts of the Terri
tories, severally and collectively, in term
time and vacation; and shall grant certih-
cates to such claimants, upon satisfactory
proof being made, with authonty to take
and remove such fugitives from service or
abor, under the restrictions herein con
tained, to the State or Territory from
which such persons may have escaped or
Sec. 5. And he it further enact:d, That
it shall be the duty of all marshals and
deputy marshals to obey and execute all
warrants and precepts issued under the
provisions of this act, when to them direc
ted; and should any marshal or deputy
marshal refuse to receive such warrant or
other process, when tendered, or to use all
proper means diligently to execute the
same, he shall, on conviction thereof, be
fined in the sum of one thousand dollars to j
the use of such claimant, on the motion of
such claimant, by the circuit or district
court for the district of such marshal; and
after arrest of such fugitive by such mar
shal or his deputy, or whilst at any time in
his custody tinder the provisions of this act,
should sueh fugitive escape, whether with
or without the assent of such marshal or
his deputy, such marshal shall be liable on
his official bond to be prosecuted for the
benefit of such claimant, for the full value
of the service or labor of said furtive in the
State, Territory, or District whence he es
caped; and the better to enable the said
commissioners, when thus appointed, to
execute their duties faithfully and efficient
ly, in conformity with the requirements of
the Constitution of the United States and of
this act, they are hereby authorized and
empowered, within their counties respec
tively to appoint, in writing under their
hands, any one or more suitable persons,
from time to time, to execute all such war
rants and other process as may be issued
by them in the lawful performance of their
respective duties, with authority to such
commissioners, or the persons to be appoint
ed by them, to execute process as aforesaid,
to summon and call to their aid the bystan
ders or posse comitatus of the proper, county,
when necessary to ensure a faithful obser
vance of the clause of the constitution re
ferred to, in conformity with the provisions
of this act; and all good citizens are hereby
commanded to aid and assist in the prompt
and efficient execution of this law, whenev
er their services may be required, as afore
said, for that purpose, and said warrants
shall run and be executed by said officers
any where in the State within which they
are issued.
Sec. 6. And he it further enacted, That
when a person held to service or labor in
any State or Territory of the United States
has heretofore or shall hereafter escape in
to another State or Territory of the United
States, the person or persons to whom
such service or labor may be due, or his,
her, or their agent or attorney, "duly au
thorized, by power of attorney, in writing,
acknowledged and certified under the seal
of some legal officer or court of the State or
Territory in which the same may be execu
ted, may pursue and reclaim such fugitive
person, either by procuring a warrant from
some one of the courts, judges, or commis
sioners aforesaid, of the proper circuit, dis
trict, or county, for the - apprehension of
such furtive 'from serv ice or labor, or by
. . 0 .
seizing and arresting such fugitive, where
the same can be done without process, and
by taking, or causing such person to be" ta
ken, forthwith before such court, judge, or
commissioner, whose duty it shall be to
hear and determine the case of such claim
ant in a summary manner; and upon satis
factory proof being- made, by deposition or
affidavit, in writing, to be taken and certifi
ed by such court, judge, or commissioner,
or "by other satisfactory testimony, duly
taken and certified by some court, magis
trate justice of the peace, or other legal offi
cer authorized to administer an oath and
take depositions under the laws of the State
or Territory from which such person owing
service or labor may have escaped, with a
certificate of such magistracy or other au
thority, as aforesaid, with the seal of the
proper court or officer thereto attached,
which seal shall be sufficient to establish
the competency of the proof, and with proof,
also by affidavit, of the identity of the per
son whose service or labor is claimed to be
due as aforesaid, Jiat the person so arrest
ed does in fact owe service or labor to the
person or persons claiming him or her, in
the State or Territory from which such fu-
gitive may have escaped as aforesaid, and
lhat ga:d reTSOn escaped, to make out and
, ,. . vt- v
aeuver io sucn Claimant ms or iier ageui ur
attorney, a certificate setting forth the sub-
stantial facts as to the service or labor due
from such fugitive to the claimant, and of i
his or her escape from the State or Territo
ry m which such service or labor was due,
to the State or Territory in which he or she
was arrested, with authority to such claim
ant, or his or her atrent or attorney, to use I
such reasonable force and restraint as may j
he necessary, under the circumstances of j
me case, io lane ana remove sucn iugiuve
Person back to the State or Territory whence
he or she may have escaped as aforesaid.
In no trial or hearing under this act shall
the testimony of such alleged fugitive be
admitted in evidence; and the certificates in
mis ana me nrst section menuoneu Mian ue
J ! ! : J .1.-11 L.
conclusive of the right of the person or per
sons in whose favor granted to remove such
fugitive to the State or Territory from which
he escaped, and shall prevent all molesta
tion of such person or persons by any pro
cess issued by any court, judge, magistrate,
or other person whomsoever.
Sec. 7. And he it further enacted, That
any person who shall knowingly and will
ingly obstruct, hinder, or prevent such
claimant, his agent or attorney, or any per
son or persons lawfully assisting him, her,
or them, from arresting such a fugitive from
service or labor, either with or without pro
cess as aforesaid; or shall rescue, or attempt
to rescue, such fugitive from service or la
bor from the custody of such claimant, his
or her agent or attorney, or other person
or persons lawfully assisting as aforesaid.
when so arrested, pursuant to the authority
herein given and declared, or shall aid,
abet, or assist such person so owing service
or labor as aforesaid, directly or indirectly,
to escape from such claimant, his agent or
attorney, or other person or persons legally
authorized as aforesaid; or shall harbor or
conceal such fugitive, so as to prevent the
disco-ery and arrest Of such person, after
notice or knowledge of the fact that such
person was a fugitive from serv ice or labor,
as aforesaid, shall, for either of said offences,
be subject to a fine not exceeding one thou
sand dollars, and imprisonment not exceed
ing six months, by indictment and convic
tion before the district court of the United
States for the district in which such offence
may have been committed, or before the
district court of the United States for the
district in which such offence may have
been committed, or before the proper court
of criminal jurisdiction, if committed w ith
in an)- one of the organized Territories of
the United States; and shall moreover for
feit and pay, by way of civil damages, to
the party injured by such illegal conduct,
the sum of one thousand dollars for each
fugitive so lostas aforesaid, to be recovered
by action of debt, in any of the district or
territorial courts aforesaid, w ithin whose
jurisdiction the said offence may have been
Sec. 8. And he it further enacted, That
the marshals, their deputies, and the ck iks
of the said district and territorial courts,
shall be paid for their services the like fees
as may be allowed to them for similar ser
vices h other cases; and where such servi-
s are rendered exclusively in the arrest,
custody, and delivery of the fugitive to the
claimant, his or her agent or attorney, or
where such supposed fugitive may be dis
charged out of custody for the want of suffi
cient proof as aforesaid, then such fees are
to be paid in the whole by such claimant,
his agent or attorney; and in all cases where
the proceedings are be fore a commissioner,
he shall be entitled to a fee of ten dollars in
full for his services in each case, upon the
delivery of the said certificate to the claim
ant, his or her agent or attorney; or a fee of
five dollars in cases where the proof shal!
not in the opinion of such commissioner,
warrant such certificate and delivery, in
clusive of all services incident to such ar
rest and examination, to be paid, in either
case, by the claimant, his or her agent or
attorney. The person or persons author
ized to execute the process to be issued by
such commissioners for the arrest and de
tention of fujritives from services of labor
as aforesaid, shall also be entitled to a fee of
five dollars each for each person, he or they
may arrest and take before any such com
missioner as aforesaid, at the instance and
request of such claimant, with such other
fees as may be deemed reasonable by such
commissioner for such other additional ser
vices as may be necessarily performed by
him or them; such as attending at the ex
amination, keeping the fugitive in custody,
and providing him with food and lodging
during his detention, and until the final de
termination of such commissioner; and in
general for performing such other duties as
may be required by such claimant, his or
her attorney or agent, or commissioner in
the premises; such fees to be made up in
conformity with the fees usually charged by
the officers of the courts of justice within
the proper district or county, as near as
may be practicable, and paid by such claim
ants, their agents or attorneys, whether
such supposed fugitives from service or la
bor be ordered to be delivered to such
claimants by the final determination of such
commissioners or not.
Sec. 9. And he it further enacted, That
upon affidavit made by the claimant of such
fugitive, his agent or attorney, after such
certificate has been issued, that he has rea
son to apprehend that such fugitive will be
rescued by force from his or their posses
sion before he can be taken beyond the lim
its of the State in which the arrest is made,
it hall be the duty of the officer making
the arrest to retain such fugitive in his cus-
tody. and to remove him to the State whence
i ' n i iii i ii" , . ,
i Xls VA j ailU HAV. J. V W Ut.il VI JLllJLU w oam
Tt fl .! Y-sl 4r 1 1 m- i Vt --s1.
claimant, his agent or attorney. And to
this end, the officer aforesaid is hereby au
thorized and required to employ so many
persons as he may deem necessary to over
come such force, and to retain them in his
service so long as circumstances may re
quire. The said officer and his assistants,
while so employed, to receive the same com
pensation, and to be allowed the same ex
penses, as - are now allowed by law for the
transportation of criminals, to be certified
by the judge of the district within which the
arrest is made, and paid out of the treasury
of the United States.
Sec. 10. And he it further enacted, That
when any person held to service or labor in
any State or Territory, or in the District of
Columbia, shall escape therefrom, the party
to whom such service or labor shall be due,
his.her, or their agent or attorney, may ap
ply to any court of record therein, or judge
thereof in vacation, and make satisfactory
proof to such court, or judge in vacation, of
the escape aforesaid, and that the person
escaping owed service or labor to such party.
Whereupon the court shall cause a record
i to be made of the matters so proved, and
also a general description of the person so
escaping, with such convenient certainty m
may be; and a transcript of such record, au
thenticated by the attestation of the clerk
and of the seal of the said court, being pro-
duced in any other State, Territory, or Dis-
tnct in which the person so escaping may
be found, and being exhibited to any judge,
commissioner, or other officer authorized by
the law of the United States to cause per-
sons escaping from service or labor to be
delivered up, shall be held and taken to be
full and conclusive evidence of the fact of
escape, and that the service, or labor of the
person escaping is due to the party in such
record mentioned. And upon the produc
tion by the said party of other and further
evidence, if necessary, either oral or by affi
davit, in addition to what is contained in
the said record of the identity of the person
escaping, he or she shall be delivered up to
the claimant. And the said court, comruis
sioner, judge, or other person authorized
by this act to grant certificates to claimants
of fugitives, shall, upon the production of
the record and other evidences aforesaid,
grant to such claimant a certificate bf his
right to take any such person identified, and
proved to be owing service or labor as afore
said, which certificate shall authorize such
claimant to seize or arrest and transport
such person to the State or Territory frenr
which he escaped: Provided, That nothing
herein contained shall be construed as re
quiring the production of a transcript of
such record as evidence as aforesaid. But
in its absence the cla;m shall be heard and
determined upon other satisfactory proofa
competent in law.
Approved, September 18,1 850.
AN ACT to feuppirs the Slave trade in the Dis
trict of Columbia.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House
of Representatives of the United States
of America in Congress assembled. That
from and after the first day of January,
eighteen hundred and fifty-one, it shall not
be lawful to bring into the l)istrict of Colum
bia any slave whatever for the purpose of
being sold, or for the purpose of beingplae
ed in depot, to be subsequently transferred
to any other State or place, to be sold as
merchandise. And if any slave shall be
brought into the said District by its owner,
or by the authority or consent of its owner,
contrary to the provisions of this act, such
slave shall thereupon become liberated and
Sec. 2. And be it further enacted '.That
it shall and may be lawful for each oftL.
Corporations of the cities of Washington and
Georgetown, from time to time, and as oft
en as may be necessary, to abate, break up,
and abolish any depot or place of confine
ment of slaves brought into the said District
as merchandise, contrary to the provisions
of this act, by such appropriate means a
may appear to either of the said Corpora
tions expedient and proper. And the same
power is hereby vested in the levy court of
Washington county, if any attempt shall be
made whhin its jurisdictional limits to estab
lish a depot or place of confinement for
slaves brought into the said District as mer
chandise for sale contrary t this act.
Ajproved, September 20, 105').
Mode of Cultivating Cotton
The follo'wing mode ol
cotton, is that which is pursued by Mr.
Glen, a "successful cotton planter, of
Pendleton, South Carolina:
"As soon as the cotton U up, so they
can see generally along the row, he
runs around it with a plow, with a
board so fixed as to throw the dirt a-
way from tlio young cotton, and let
the sun into the roots. Then, so soon
as the third leaf can be seen in places,
he begins to hoe to a stand, and lets
all other farm business wait till lie get
his whole crop to a stand.
This third leaf is tonally seen be
tween the tenth and fifteenth of May,
and by the last of May he has it all
brought to a stand. If this be done by
the last of May he tliinks hi crop
pretty well made.
Thinning to a stand he means to
bring it to one stalk in a place, ten in
ches apart on poor land, fifteen inches
on better, and twenty inches on rich
or manured land. He is very particu
lar to leave no more than one stalk in
a place.
The first hoeing commences with the
appearance of the tltird leaf, which gen
erally will be about two Weeks after
the running round. This hoeing should
leave no grass. In about a week after
the hoes start, the plows should follow,
and, with a mold board, throw about
as much earth to the cotton as the hoes
has taken away. Then the buzzard
follows and bursts out the middle. He
continues working in the same way
throughout the crop, that is, the hoes
going before and the plows following,
and lays by the middle or 20th of July,
lie plants the white seed. - '
SiiADrso the Eyes. Some people
cover their eyes with" green' or other
shades when anything is "the matter
with them. This is wrong. It is now
ascertained by the best occulists that
shades injures the sight instead of
strengthening it, from their creating
heat and inflamation in the parts affec
ted. If the eye be injured, and light
insupportable, it is best to tie a cool
linen handkerchief over it. We heard
it stated as a curious fact, when the
English army returned from Egypt
those soldiers were least affected withj
ophthalmia who had worn no fronts to
their hats.
Dhy Fket. We will give our read
ers a receipt for making boots water
proof; which is worth more than our
subscription price to any person who
will try it. Moisture generally pene
trates the soles of boots the upper
leather is not easily wet, and is sily
dried. To render the sole impervious
to water, order your bootmaker to cut
pieces of canvass in the proper shape,
dip them in melted pitch or tar, and
lay them upon the inner soles before
putting on the outer soles of the boots.
This simple process will insure dry feet
without making the boot clumsy. We
have tried the experiment, and would
advise all whose soles are afflicted with
cold or dampness, to do the same. -'

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