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From Sears' Family Magazine.
Hallowed be Thy Jiame.
List to tlie dreamy tongue that dwells
In rippling wave or sighing troe ;
Go, hearken to tlie old church bells.
The whistling bird, the whizzing bee ;
Interpret right, and ye will find
Tis "power and glory" they proclaim:
The chimes, the creatures, waters, wind.
All publish "Hallowed bo Thy name !"
The pilgrim journeys till he bleeds,
To gain the altar of his sires ;
The hermit pores above his beads,
With ical that never wanes or tes;
Gut holiest rite or longest prayer
That soul can yield or wisdom frame,
"What better import een it bear,
Than, "Father! Hallowed be Thy name!'.
The savage kneeling to the sun.
To give his thanks or ask a boon ;
The raptures of the idiot one
Who laughs to see the clear round moon;
The saint well taught in Christian lore.
The Moslem prostrate at his flame
All worship, wonder, and adore;
All end in "Hallowed by Thy name!"
Wbale'er may be man's fakh or creed.
Those precious words comprise it still ;
We trace them on the blooming mead.
We hear them in the flowing rill ;
One chorus hails the Great Supreme;
Each varied breathing is the same.
The strains may diner; but the them
Is, "Father ! Hallowed be Thy name !"
Xitrate or Potash in Acute Rhcnmatisni.
The nitrate of potassh was employ
ed for the cure of rheumatism, in
England, towards the close of the
last century, by Drs. Brocklesby and
White, and its efficiency was strong
ly lauded by thern. They pave it in
veried doses (from ten drachms to'two
ounces in the twenty-four hours.)
Very recently this practice has been
revived in the Parisian hospitals, and
M. Arret: relates in the Journal . des
Connaissances Med. Chirurg. (April,
1841,) twelve cases, three of which
were complicated by rheumatic endo
carditis or pericarditis, and in ail, a
cure was effected by the nitrate of
potash alone. Two of these cases
suffered a relapse, but the same
-means sufficed to produce a cure.
The mode of administration consist
ed in dissolving from two to five
drachms of the nitrate of potash in a
bout a pint and a half of some pilsane,
sweetened to suit the taste of the in
dividual, and this quantity was taken
in the course of the day. The quan
tity was daily increased. Tho aver
age quantity of nitrate taken daily by
ach patient was a little more than
- L. J 1 1 . .
eijim aracurrs in anoiu lour and a
half pints of fluid. Ti e cures weie
effected within eight days, on an av
erage of the twelve cases related.
The administration of this remedv
t - .
caused copious perspirations, some
times also free alvine evacuations,
less frequently increased flow of u
rine. The pulse diminished in fre
quency and hardness, and the impulse
oi me neari was lessened. 1 ie ni-
irate was given wun saiety in everv
period of the disease, but was found
to be most successful when ndminis
tered shortly after its invasion. The
only contradiction to the use of the
remedy was the existence of inflam
matory affections of the stomach or
intestines. If gastric symptoms
should arise during the administration
of the nitrate, it ought to be stopped,
and depletive measures used till these
Yankee Enterprise. There was
a little steamer called the Uangor, ad
vertised last summer to sail from Bos
ton for the Azores, Gibialter, Malta
and Constantinople. She was a lit-
tl thins:, built strong, with a power-
lul engine, to run between Boston
and Bangor.
This bold push for Europe amazed
people very much, particularly as :
iney advertised tor passengers. SheiP""'
sailed, and the first that was heard of
tier she rvjt into Halifax; which possi-
oiy may oe accounted lor by the tact
tht coal was cheaper there than in
Next we hear of her she is in Gi
Lralter, towing vessels detained in
the Gut. Then at Constantinople,
towing vessels through the Dardan
elles, and lastly, carrying passengers
and pilgriuiB from Constantinople to
Trebizonde, on the Asiatic side of the
Black Sea. And we read in a French
paper the other day, that one trip she
had ouj passengers pilgrims Turks,
Jews and inhdcls!
This is a fair specimen of Yankee
Warehousing System in Russia.
The Emperor of Russia has issued a
decree, d3ted January 8th, ordering
that for three years from the 1st of
May, 1843, goods not prohibited,
w'lich shall have entered the ports
of St. Petersburg and Cronstadt, of
Risa u.nd Archangel, had been receiv
ed into the warehouse of the Crown,
shall be allowed to be re-exported at
the will of the owners within the pe
riod fixed for their (entreport) remain
ing in warehouse, and on payment of
the duties to whiiii they are subject,
unless such goods be submitted to a
leg;il sequestration.
No custom house duties to be paid
on re-exportation, but only naviga
tion duties and storage. Goods on
re-exportation not to be examined in
detail, unless particular circumstan
ces render it necessary. "When im
port duties have heen paid on goods,
those duties will not ha returned on
the re-esportati'in of the goods."
A (flood Wife
Is to mnn, wisdom and courage and
strength. No condition is hopeless-,
when the wife possesses firmness, de
cision, energy and economy. Man
is strong, but his heart is not ada
mant, lie delights in enterprise and
action, but to sustain him, he need a
tranquil mind and a whole heart. He
expends his whole moral force in the
conflicts of the world. His feelings
are daily lacerated to the utmost point
of endurance, by perpetual collision,
irrit.ilinn oti;I -rlisaDaointtn. tit. To
recover his equanimity ana compo
sure, home must he to him, a place if
repose, ol peace, cheerfulness, ol com
forts: and his soul renewsils strength,
and again goes forth with fresh viuor,
to encounter the labors and troubles
of the world. Let woman know then.
that she ministers at the very foun
tain of life and happiness. Her ar
dent spirit breaihes the breath of life
into nil her enterprises. Her pa
tience and constancy are mamlv in
strumental in carrying out to comple
tion the best human designs. Her
more delicate moral sensibility is
ever at work, to purify and refine so
ciety and the nearest cltmrsc ol
heaven that mortals ever can get en
earth, is that domestic circle, which
her hand have trained to intellicence,
virtue and love: which her gentle in
fluence pervades, and of which her
radiant presence is the centre and
the sun.
The Cheapestami Best Yet!
"Education is the guardian of lib
erty, and the bul wnik of morality.
K:owlei cf. and Viktuk are general
ly inseparable companions, and are
in the moral what light and heat are
in the natural world, the illuminating
and vivifying principle. Circulate
good and c!ieap bonks by the thousand
and tens of thousands! Every effort
ought to be made to encourage and
patronize them. By so doing, we
fortify our own free institutions; for
all mut admit that the great bul
watk of our security is to he found in
education the culture of the heart
and the head, the diffusion of kn-owl-
HUGE, P1ETV, and M.IKAl.irV."'
Embellished with.
To be issued on the Is, of every month
containing from 40 to 50 Inrgrim
perial Octavo Pages, double col
umns, Price 1 8 I cts. per
number, or 2, 00 a
Year invariably in
Copies of the first number will be is
sued about the middle of January,
1 843; and as the demand for this ne w
and popular work will be unprece
dented. Agents of Periodicals. Postmasters,
and ail persons who wish to act as a
gents, would do well to engage a sup
ply for their respective places.
will he given to each and every per
son who will undertake to procure
nnd pay for 1000 subscriber?, during
the year 1843. fjrSecuriv will be
giv-n and required
The above Magazine will be sold
to Acents as follows: 10 per 1C0
b lor 50 and 8 copies lor One Dol
lar, (current funds.) Friends! please
sena" 'n your orders at once,
PROSPECTUSES, giving full par
ticulars, sent to all who desire to sub
scribe, or who wish to engage as
Agents in procuring .Subscribers
throughout the United Mates.
(& Persons in the country would
do well to procure a subscription
book, and obtain at once the names
of their friends and acquaintances.
at least to subscribers to this invalua
ble Literary Gem.' Will each agent
or friend who complies with this re
quest, have the kindness to inform the
publisher how many copies will be
wanted for his neighborhood, bv mail,
(post-paid) as soon ns possible? It is
his intention to spare neither pains
nor expense to introduce this entire
ly new and original Magazine into
every family throughout the Union.
The above will be found one of the
most useful and popular Periodicals
ever published, for enterprising men
to undertake the sale of in all our
principal cities and towns.
0Noletteis will be taken from
the post-office unless the postage is
paid. Persons remitting money
through the post-office will be care
ful to pay the whole postage.
Editor and Publisher, 122 Nassau
Street N. York.
And a Attr Discovery in tlie Jfctctpiper
A most important an iovaluablediscovery
has hoen made by a gentleman of this city,
by which newspapers may be printed in their
present form, and at the tamo time, capable
of bring converted at pleasure into a Magu
ziue form, for preservation.
This grand improvement, which is ilcslin
ed to form n new era in the business, effect-
in an entire revolution
in the art of prin-
timr mammoth newspapers, will he introdu-
cert, by permis-inn of the patentee, into the
Philadelphia Saturday .Museum, noiumenc
ing in May next.
In announcing to the fiiciids of the news
paper piess throughout the country, a dis
covery which will add so immensely to the
value of newspapers, the p-ibli.shcrs of the
Saturday Museum, have, also, the proud
satisfaction of announcing the complete and
triumphant success of their new family
Newspaper. The liberal patronage already
secuied for this new and populap anterprise,
has not only surpassed tlie most sanguine
expectation, but is entirely unprecedented,
mraovEMrNT in "the mkbeum."
4 k t ' 1 , ,, ' C I .1
k or museum is now mi miiiy anu urui-
i .. I i .1 it r I .. . . .li
ly e'laoiisueu , mai we leci warrameu in
making some very extensive and impoitant
improvements. Ily the first of May, we shall
have completed nil our arrangements. We
shall have, in the fiist place, a beautiful, clear
and hold type in the second, n superb
smooth and white paper in the third place,
we shall make an ingenious i. novel chance
in the arrangement ol" the matter in the
fourth place, we shall increase 0111 corps of
contributors in all the various departments
of n Family Newspaper in the fifth place,
we have secured, at a high salary, the ser
vices of Eikiar A. Poi:, Esip, n gentleman
whose hish nnd versatile uhilitics have al
ways spoken promptly for themselves, nnd
who, after the first of May, will aid us in
the editorial conduct of the Journal.
The "Narrative of Towiisenil'a Journey
over the Rocky Mountains," ore of the most
interesting and valuable ever published, is
sent to all new subscribers. At its cnnclu
tion, our readers will find themselves in pos
session of a work which alc.nc will he worth
double the tiitifcriptikn to the paper. We
shall continue, also, of course, the Hiopraphi
cal Sketches and Poitiaits," wliith arc now
exciting so un 'Xawpli'il an interest. With
these anil other ft-atmcs contained, and with
the imprnvcnic tits in contemplation, it re
mains to be seen whither we do not amply
fulfil our determination of making the vcrv
best Newspaper in America.
Persons willing to secure six thousand
lariro octal o pages of useful, interceliii;,nnd
unexceptionable reading for the select fami
sy circle, for the small sum of two Dollars
per year being at the astonishingly low rate
of thirty pages for one cent, or equivalent
to one hundred and twenty paces for four
cents shnulri h.ind their names in now.
TKlt MS Two Dollar" per annum. Three
copies for Five Dollars, or sixteen copies for
Twenlv Dollars, in the exti- iii.lu.ctnci.!
offered at present for clubbing.
Olliee ef the Saturday uii'i um, rnldish
ers' Hall, No. 101 Chetmit St. Philadelphia
County of Pike.
In the County Court, Feb. Term, 11:J.
JESSE C. RdlXJERS Administrator dr.
bnnit non of the F.stnto of Lewis I t
tcibark deca'cd, comes and files his peti
tion for the sale of thereat Citlite of said
deceased, aud said petition is accompanied
by a true account of his Administration, a
list of the debts due to and by the decoascd-
and an inventory of the real etate, und of
all other Bsets m bis hanris, the whole veil
fled by the affidavit of said administrator.
It is therefore ordered that all persons in
tercsted in said estate, be notified that un
less the contrary be shown on or before the
first Hay of the next term of this Court, nn
order will be made for the sale of the fol
lowing desciibed real estate to wit : lots 3.'!,
34,3'J, 40, 110, and 93, with the improve
ments thereon, in the town of Howling
Green, or so much thereof ns will be siiili
cient to pay the debts of said deceased, a:nl
that this notice bo published for six weeks
in some newspaper in this State.
A true copy of the record.
Teste: A. II BL'CKXEK, Clerk.
February 25lh. 113. C17.
1 OOO bushels of Flax Seed,
ftllO " of Castor Beans, )
5'I0 "ef White fleans,
well cleaned
20(M pounds of Ik-ei Wax,
10,000 pounds of Rood Lard;
For which Hie highest market prices in
cash will be given.
Claiksville, Pike County, Missouri.
March lllh, 143. 9 (f.
WILL be taken in pay ment of subscrip
tion to the Radical, ifdelivered soon.
Jnnuary 21st, 143.
OHO nOO lbs Tobacco to
6UU1UUU be delivered in the
hand at Prairieville.
February lllh 1843. 15 l".
mum am) jozj piti.vn.vu.
Hooks, Blank Checks),
Pamphlets, " lerd. Mnn ..
Circulars, " Xoles. ami '
Cards, Billss ol Kichamre.
I.HUiu?,. fehc.rifl'K.'s. '
Corso&t. BILLS. Cleik's.Jt BLANKS.
Land Justice' )
Will be done promptly, and on reasonable
terms, at the
Final Settlement.
ALL persons concerned or in any way inte.
rested in the Estate of J V n..n
deceased, late of Pike county mo., are herebv
nntifiuri tl.-it U i : i .... "
will make a final settlement of the estate .,
thenext Aummt inrm r h. - . .
hji ma uiiuorBitTfiea Aiiminii,i.in.
the next August term of the County Court
.... V?io ALLISON, Adm'r.
. Aniil(h, 1843. 4-J.7
New and CSieap
FTHE subscriber has just received a large
j assortment or
New and Fashionable Goods,
and Groceries of every description, which
having been purchased for CASH at very low
prices, will be sold unusually low for cash or
good produce. Also a large lot of best Juniat.
is Nails on commission, which will be sold at
j the extremely low price ol 5b,UU per keg,
Purchasers will find it to their interest to
' call and examine my stock before purchasing.
Louisiana, Pike county. Mo.
April 12lh, 1843. Im24.
via Pittsburg cr Orleans.
II E subscriber will advance in cash 4 Sths
the market value on Flour shipped direct
to theeast via Pittsburg or New Oilcans, or
will advance 9. 3cs, Kiln tlie firitilege of tale
in Orlrun, if the market will justify. I will
also advance, on Wheat, Lard and Pork. My
eastern correspondents, are Flour and Grain
j houses, of long standing, and well acquainted
Willi me marse. lur nicw "''"
From my Pittsburg correspondents, I have
received a tariff of rates on Flour, Lard, it.,
to New York via the Pennsylvania canals,
which, as the warm season approaches, will
juslily shipments to Now York of F'lour and
Lard via tins quicK route. .My INe v i orK cor
respondent (at Flour house) writes it is not
tnft boine liablo to sour, to ship Flour from
your place via Orleans, after the first of May,
UFO. K. lil'DD.
Flourand Grain Factor.
N. B, Having no interest in groceries, or
grocery houses. I will purchase and ship these
articles at the very low prices, for thote who
send me orders.
April 19, 1843. 2B
T-1IL Stand
' the ensuing
season at my sta-
- ble, in Pike coun
ty, Alo., eight miles lNorlli ol bow
ling Green, ton miles West of Louis
iana, and six miles east of Frankford.
For further particulars see bills, in
due time. WM. PEN IX.
March 4th, 1 843. 18 tf.
A I iia i ii i t rn t or IN o 1 i cc.
TVT OTIt'F. is hereby piven,t!iat the iinder
XI signed has ohtaine-1 of the Clcik of the
County Court of Tike County. letters ol
Adiiiini-tiation on the estate of John M.
Trimble deceued, dated Marc h 17th, 14:1,
all persons indebted to said eftate uic re
qu-ted to make immediate payment. All
per-ous having claims against said estate,
aie requested to exhibit them properly au
thenticated, within one year from the date
of said h tteis or tin y may be precluded
from hntini; any henfit of said estate, and il
not exhibited withiu three years, they will
be forever barred .
April aoth, ll't. :wen.
County of 1'ike. "'
In the County Court, February Term 143.
-T? I' is orderi-d by the Court that the follow
mm ini; be observed as the order of transact
ing business in this Court at every term, via:
.Mondays and Tiesoavs, of ench teim to
be devoted to County business, including
Konds, Revenue, Road it Canal Fund, conty
and township school funds, claims against
the county, paupers, county offices .'ic.
Wrni:50AVS to allowance of demands a-cain-t
e-tati-s liot having had an annual set
tlement. Tin'Mimi and Fsiuavs, to an
nual settlements of Administrator?, Execu
tors anil Cuaidinns, in the onler ef the dock
et kept by the Clerk; to ullowitij,' di mands
aeainst estates, settled on the same d.iy by
Administrators and Executor, and any oth
er business in relation to the e-tates of de
cerned persons and Illinois ; and Satisdavs
to find settlements und bu-iness rrlatin -tbereto.
A true copy from the record .
. Teste. A. II. Bl'CKNEli. Clerk.
TerS. W. Ruc-KNKR, I. C.
March lllh. l-l:t. 1!J if
School LilBSdS.
IN virtue and by authority of two
orders of the Pihe county Court,
made at the AtiLMist term 1842, and
tome Directed, I shall on Monday the
19th day of June next, at tiie
lourt House door in the town of
UtjivlinGreen. and during the term
of the C'ucnit Court for siid county
of Pike, proceed to sell to the highest
bidder at auction, the following school
land to wit: Section 1G in township
52N.Il. 4 west of the fifth principal
meridian, and section 16 in township
55 north of range 2 west of ihe filth
principal meridian also that portion
of the 1 Gih section, T. 52, N. R. 2
V. remaining unsold. Said sections
will be sold in lols of forty acres
A credit of twelve months will be giv
en, bond with approved personal se
curity will be required ol the purchas
ers, bearing interest at ten per cent
Irom date.
WM. l'ENIX, Sheriff.
March 25, 1843. 9w21.
Will Ic tnf.cn,
In payment of subscription, Corn,
Oats, Flour, Butter, Dried Fruit, Tallow
Candles, and Wood.
Radical Office, Dec. 24, 1842.
JM"OTICE is hereby given iint ,,e
sKsMl dersiRncd has token out letters of Tes
tamentary on the estate of James K. Frier
.. .vo, ts uaie lne j,IJl0 j of
marcn 1C1.J. All persons, lhrr... J-
debted to the estate of said deceased, are re
quested to muke immediate payment; nnd
all persons having claims against said estate
are requested to exhibit them properly
thenticated, within one vs fr. ih.
of said let ters, or they may bo precluded
from having y benefit of said elate n,!d
:r... - .t : . iu i.uie, nu
if .aid claim, are not presented wilhio three
years, they will be forever harred
a r , a ,JS- Ml FRIER, Exe'r.
ApnMit ,1843. 9mtX
Miss Leslie's Magazine,
The Home Book of Literature, i'athion and
Domestic Economy.
Author of "Mrs. Washington Potts," ic,
and T. S. AaTiiuit, Author of "Si Nights
With the Washingtonians," &c. Embel
lished with the uio-t exquisite Mezzotint
mid steel plates and plei.did cuiorcd plute
of the fathions.
The trreat demand which has existed for
the past year, for Uodey's Lady's Book.
G( union's Majiaiine, and other kirdrrd pub
Mentions, has induced the subscriber to pie
sent to the public n Monthly .Mapniine,
similar, in its gener-il features, to the popu
lar works referred to, but with some Claims
to Attention which they do not ptie's
For this piirpo' he has secured the nid of
M ISS E LESLIE, universiilly known as one
of the first female wiiters e.f the a;e, and
pailicii'.nily eistingutrhed by her graphic
'ketches of manne.-s, nnd hi r success in il
I inflating and cuneitiii fahii.i.uble follies.
As thp writer ol vari'iiH books, and a con
tributor to Goly's Lady's IWk, t;raham'
Magnxiup, and other periodicals of high re
putution. Miss Leslie has done moeh to en
liehten and euteitaiu the public, so.d in the
.Miig.isiiie now presented, v.hi.-.h binrs her
name, she will make her eminent talrnls
still more available for the genenil food.
l?esides a Series of Xouvellelles, in her nsn
iuimitatle style, in whirh, under cover of
amusement, some beneficial design will be
promoted; she will furnish from l.crobscivo
tiun, reading and cxj.critr.ee, a succession
of Essays on
embracing general suggestion, fur the regu
lation iif domestic establi'hn.eitt-. hints and
reflections useful to hon-ekeeperc. prnclica I
advice, numerous receipt never bt foie pub-li-lird,
nml all other things that may be
made subservient to the purpose. Tin" do
paitment of the MHazii.e, though no tin
ilue space will be allotted to it, int lobe
found in any other perindirnl. nnd tiie Pub
lisher is sali-licd that it will not be less in
teresting nnd valuable than it is novel. As
it is the purpose of the l'uiii-!.er to luuke
the .Magazine tributary to useful design, be
ha made an arrangement with the justly
celebrated T S AkTHtTi, Fq. by which
that gentleman will be diieetlv enraged in
a j'-int eiiierintendenre, and will I estotv hi.
best endeavor. .Mr. Arthur will furnish
fur cntb number one 01 uvue of bi.
and siifh other matter. n may te adopted
to the aiuiiemeht and improvemcM of all
age and cla-e, especially Youn; Ladie,
to whose intercuts the utuiost care will be
Ilelieving that a proper ta-tp in dre.s i
essential to the true development of fi n ale
cracefulnes. a portion of tlie work will be
devoted !o an esp-isitior and illnstriition ol
ri.EVAii.ixu fashion-;.
This will bes'.iictls and exclusively under
the care of Mi-s Leslie, whne 'even: ta-te
mid ample opportunities of oh'eivation, will
confer upon whatever receives the stamp ol
her apprnbrlion, a high authority. To ena
ble her to select the newest, lairs', am!
most rieherrl.e fashion", the pnbli-ber has
unite arrangements to receive, by the SUa
mors, the latift i-fues of Paris nml Loiidmi.
anil to give tiie Ugliest fo ihle efTeet to C.e
modes .elected, lie has made an airance-
ment with a celebrated Aitist, to compn-e
and modify the group, so as to render then,
highly ett'ective. lie thenfure does :i..l
hesitate to announce th it his
will be not only more correctly , but will be
executed in a sty le of gu ater brilliancy am!
elegance than uny whicc cm le found in
any o'her publication.
Miss Leslie's .Magazine will, as will be
perceived from what has been steltd, be em
phatically, A IIOUF, BOOK,
and it will c rntaiu matt) r especially cah u
latid lor Oiriumeiit In the t.'i nlie Table, in
teresting reading mid cij ti-d'ion in the
Drawing Iioctu,aiid for the Family Fireside;
valuable suggestions in the Housekeeper'
Depaitment, and uueirlii; iiiu,trutiutii in
the sty le of Dieani.
The cud eiU-hmciit. will be in the first
style of the pictorial urt. Earh niimher
will contain Two Pl.ite; nnd in the rom-e
of the volume the-e ttiil be pii sentl d sever
al Superb .Mezzotints, of the bi-he.-t .ossi
ble elegauee nml lini-b.
The conti i.ts of Miss Leslie's Magnzlni
will he such a. to give it, in this respect, r.
decided superiority. No n.eie nveni.ee
for names, will induce the editor to aJu.it
any article of questionable merit, butexery
thing admitted will be judged of by its in
trinsic worth, and nothing can pos-ibly find
a place which will not be calculated to pin
mule the entertainment and edilicatiou of
its readers.
It will scarcely be credited that a Maga
zine, such as has been desciibed, can be af
forded at the low rate of one dollar ami fifty
cent per annum, when but a single copy is
subscribed for, but, at the risk of considera
ble los, the publisher has determined to
furnish it for that sum, being jut one half
the piiceuf the other principal Magazines.
Indeed, as will he seen by the tub-lined li-t
of offers and piemiums, the publisher has edi
tion to repay the large outlay, iicccssary to
be made.
Address, post paid,
101 Chestnut Street, Publishers' 1111.
The First Number will be issued in Jauun
ry, 1-M:t.
Four Copies of this beautiful woik will be
furnished for Fivo Dollars, in current funds,
Ten Copies for Ten Dollar., "
22 copies for Twenty Dollars,
To every person forwarding $5, four copies
will be sent, and in addition a copy of Pit
erims of the Rhine. Dcvcreux, Eugene Aram,
Last Day. of Pompeii, Frnnei-ca Carrara,
I raits mid Trials of Eng. Lire, The Van of
the Peacock, Romance and I.Vality, The
Repealers, Conversations will, Lord Dyron,
Ihe Honey-Moon and Gems of Ileanty,Tl,e
Disowned, Paul Clifford, Rienzi, (By Uiil
wer ) Ethel Churcbhill, The Iiuprnvisatricc,
Book or Beauty. (Ily Mis. Landon. with a
lortrnit) Confessions of an Elderly Gentle
man. The two Friends, Victims of Society,
i. y ,Ln1y "l,'"ine,0" Portrait.)
Manfield Park. by Mis. Austin. Whiihev
cr may bo preferred .
To every person forwarding $10, Un
copies will be furnished, and anv four
wrenamed works. "
ISHING to close my career in
Eowlinjr Green, 1 offer for sale
The Old Brick Tavern and lots be
longing to it, together with a variety
of household furniture, suit t'ole for
tavern use, also vacant lots situated
in different parts (if the town, and a
tract of land, 160 acres Prairie and 80
timber, within 14 mile of town. In
case 1 should not sell, I w ill, if desired,
rent the tavern with the privilige of
sellinutind giving possession at some
suitable thue to he agreed upon.
Terms shall be accomnuidatiniT.
February Uth 1843. 15 tf.
WILL attend, promptly, to nil application,
for the benefit of the Bankrupt Law, en-t-uted
to him, and can remit to persons,
per mail, all neee-siiry forms nnd instruc
tion", so that their business can be attended
to by addressing him through the medium of
the mail, po t paid.
May. 1-43 TO
I.ssEsd for ale!
LTSIIE subscriber, as agent and owner,
has the following Lands for sale, in
the State of Missouri, viz:
l9f acres land 2 2-1 miles north of
fowling Green, half mile west of the
Louisiana road: 35 acres imDrovcd. 2
j houses, Tobacco houses, 2 stables. The
above will be sold together or divided
into two parcel, of fcO, and 116 acres,
will be sold one fourth cash, and the re
mainder iu liberal instalments,
Green. This villnse nrcsents
at this time a favorable opening fur a pub
lic house, and this property is well adapt
ed to that ue. Any person wishing to
engage in that or other business, iu this
place will find an opportunity of pur
chasing on terms strictly accommodating.
The place can be sold for one fourth cash
down, the residue ia easy instalments, or
would exchange for good farming land
on lair terms, in this or adjoining coun
ties. Also 120 acres land adjoining town,
forty acres ef which is in cultivation
also SO acres wood land one and a half Si
two miles from town. A purchaser of
the house would have the refusal of either
or bcith of the above tracts; neither would
he sold before selling the house.
April lsf,lS43.
EffSIIE subscriber has 200 vards Broad
Cloths, that he is willing to ex
change for Lands unimproved, or not
much improved, on fair terms; may be
willing to make a Mnull part in cash if
wtll suited with the lands.
January 2th 1843. 13.
TIIOM the subscriber, rn the head
of Kuffild Creek, two sm ill three
year old c lis; one a s.irn-1 filiv. u-r-11
made, with a small white dace" in the
"-!- 1 l- i ..f
miciieau. ana a utile white on the end
'f her nose; t!.e other a sender mado
Iron jji-ay horse c,,j. a stallion, with
a larrre whi'espnt on the ri-ht arm.
Any pei sun knowing such oolts will
please corjvev word to Mr. A. PiJmr
on nufl..h, or to i!,e Radical office.
inrl they snail he suitably rewarded,
and con!'er a great f-v"r"on
jVd 02.!. 1S13 3v,25
v n nnm scfwoj"""
rflllE nnder-ipnect. a graduate of the Dan
M. villc- Deafunri limn A. !.. o
, . -7 -"I,ut V , , Will
opn a seh. ol for the infraction of deaf and
numb children, at the residence of JudCe .Mc
rarl.ind, in Lincoln county Vo.
Terms: fifty dollars per sehidar for-twelve
.....,.,. nu wno may teel disposed to pat.
ron;ir tins school, will please be assured that
no attention shall be wanlintr, which will con.
duce to the advancement of their children in
the path of improvement. Those who may
wrs.1 to send from a distance can obtain board
ing cheap in tho family of Mr. MeFnrland
Jas. W. Camp! ell, V. Hendrick, S. P. Rob
inson, Hiram (I. Edward.-, G. B. Crane, Thoe
S. Wsters, A. H. Bnekner, Win. Penix, Bow',
line Green. Banel I!ifgs, Caleb .McFarland,
Ashler, lln.
Aptit lClli, 1843. 24 tf.
rIIOF. indebted to Fol well &. Jenninps,
X for LEATHER, or otherwise, for the
past year, will please corr.t fnrwaid and
make settlement with the undersigned, eith
er by payment of the money or giving: their
notes, as all Ihe accounts are in hi. hands,
and he is authorised to fettle them.
Bowline Green. March Uth. J.-Jt-I. :tt.
Apta TIIE Stone House fronting to
ff;;' j-lfthe public square, on Ihe south
I' ; side, in the town of
VOTICE is hereby given, that tho
undersigned has obtained from
the Clerk of the County Court of
Lincoln county, letters of Administra
tion upon tho Estate of lV.er Copen
haver deceased, bearing date the 14th
Feb. A. I). 1843. All persons hav
ing claims against said estate, aro re
quested to exhibit them in one year
from the date of said letters for al
lowance, or they may be precluded
from uny benefit of said estate; and
if such claims are not presented with
in three years fiom the date of said
letlers, they will be forever barred.
April 8lh, 1843. 3w23.

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