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The radical. [volume] (Bowling Green [Mo.]) 1841-1845, June 22, 1844, Image 2

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r :
THE R A 5 C A L.
n .. nL;-(;rt i'M,.. .,lii!e tst
ron f.ovriion.
JOHN C. i:i)YAI! US,
or com: cni'M V,
rna in ; t. rnvirnNnii.
.T A M F. S V o 1" N (;,
cr ur.ivETTt covxiv.
ron rovoiuss.
STIRLING P1UCM. of Chariton,
1. C. M. PARSONS, ol ) ike,
JOHN S. ITIF.LFS, of (Jrrono,
.TA S U. I!()VI.1X, of St. Louis,
JAS II. IiKLFi:, cfWasliip.-ton.
rndciiriiiU'iit Candidates.
ron mi'.-t. f.ovri.Nni;.
l or o;l;l s.
TllO'S 15. IR IISCX. cf St. Louis,
KATLIFF F.OON.rf pil.o.
AUG. JOXF.S, of Wfeshiu-tcn.
X.JQ AL.-fhe . r;ici. Orrcr,
is removed to tlic frst doer Xerlh of the
old Tisdalc Tavern, on Louiiara street.
...crmaits-;.a(C!t Sews.
A gcv.'.lemm direct f.om the river this
laon.inpr, brings late news from the mor
mons, which we j-.reiime is authentic.
It is .tatcd thnt the (Joven.cr of lllhiois.
has called out the ir.iliti i. and crderrd i!,::f
the city r.f Nsuvo.i slionld l;e eoi!pfIle;l
to Mibiiii: to the laws of the State, and
the Prophet Joe consequently broual.t r.evieve. bv Low. has returned to her ' A'"' wt , hereby . ccommeiui , t .i, resoin
1, i , , ., " . ' r . . . . ,. lion to the coiisideralion 1 the several
'" i.l.i iiu.i.i.ii ii lii.uois, lo rn-
swer to s-tndry ndicia-.en'.s recently
fonJ arainst him bv the Grand Jury of
lTar.ecelc cour.'x .
I..ucli cseitemc:.! i; ?;.i.l cxKt, a:nl
lrocps arc fast rciu'czvouilnj in the vi
t "r.i'y cf the city.
V'e presume that this deluded set of
f.nv.tirs w ill now be taught that lhr-are
rot tot ptirc Jo sabmi! to the laws of hu-1
man Society. I
rrMAJ. Sims, cf (Jrecie, ot.e of the'
Independent candidates for Concress t. '
'resse ; a few of car chi.vi.s. at the
Court House L-. hijiif. His ajipear-1
ar.ee sinorcst us wss rather imrxj eclcd.
an.! he had co:isc;'ier.!ly a r.di.cr small
audience. He addressed the j.eopla at :
I'rai'ieville, day bcf.ire yi.sterd.iy on
yesterday, r.l Taytisv il'e hist ni.dit i:i 1
this viihiq-e to-day he speaks :.t Frank
fort. The Major speaks with a rron ! :
iL-al of energy, but w ith little method.
An 1 one thing is certain, if he is not cl
ec'c.I to Congress, it w ill not be because
he has failed to use tlic necessary ocr-
Tiie Senate of t!.e United States re
oicol (-.vfiT, Tn..i.- I .:.ii-
,-i iui..,,.t l.il, .11,1,1,1,1 U HI- '11.,
- . .,.
Ot to JO. ;
. !
Wc learn from li e Hi-porter, that
Truesten Polk, Esq. of St. Leiiis. de-
, ,. , , ... , .
e.mes Iipui'T a candidate for Litrtor, in
, , . . , '
toe p.aee of A. I. ..Iafreui, who for
1 r '
romc cause, has been stricken from the ,
roll. .vlr. Polk is wara.ly in favor of
the nominees of the Democratic National (
Conypu'.hm. bait 1. is private nfairs w ill
not admit of his serving as an Elector.
2jD.iviJ McD iniel and Towson,
who were under sentence cf death, in
c r r .- - .i
St. Jjiiiis, for part icmnt i:m in the m.r-
,,.,' , ,
dor of Chavis, and were to have been
I - ,,, , i .
Juin on (iie ilih inst, have been par-
tloticd by the rreMder.t.
Navic atiox cr ti:e Gsact. This
........... .. . ..... ...... .i,.
beautiful stream was recently ascended
... . ,. ,r ' .,
nor.y ..Iissioa, a usance of Cj miles a-
hove tho town cf Osceola, hitherto
thought U,c the highest navyallc point. '
A cDrrcspoadent oi' the (Jsage Yeoman.
. . j i .i . f
wii7 cives an ccount id the trip, is o'
. . . .
oMi.ion that by chettir:- sli-ht improve-
recnU, the river could he rendered navi-
palle for steamers to Harmony, during
tlirce cr four months of the year, thus
,i . . ,i i. i
r.;:.',li'.iMfr nn iilltlct f.l l:p .KriClll Ural
and other products or tuat line region
which at present is denied them. The
river h Raid to have but few obstruc- j
, ., ,i
tuns, and these easily removable. ,
' J
The St. Louis iiajiers represcnr the
r'.cr n bein-r about 8 inches l.L'hcr than
iL has been before this season, and is
still rising. All (he cellars on the Levee
are said to he full.
: , .
, isto.l I ost s-t.t'.i s tin: ..iirinj
ii twelv. months-. 1 etwern oi.p
iii il- ' l nrd o!! hundred and liltv
li liori- of yards of ormidiiPtured
'.:-.i,! ch'th :.' I'. r.n v is . .; .' fi
.' j.-. ri""' !;' j,. -I;!:, s "iv-' i.
u'po ! to t!. ' lii lit a:.'l Chi.:
Onit.os r.Mi. RAMs. The Oregon I
s I
F.mi-raUs st ilted from their j dace el
general rendezvous, nil 'die I -41 h id!., f.r
the beautiful valley of ihe Oregon. Maj.
Harris acts as pilot and Cal. Ford as
tant.iiil of the company. Ill the coinpa
I V there fiO ivajoai, fi()! head of cattle,
(iO horses nd 2S mules. Tlic aggre-
':ir. nil
gate strength of the company is set down .
as f.dhiw:
Fifty-five married iuc:i ith their
' wive,
Their children. (S3 boys and S,l
j -iris.)
t Single men,
1,0 j
Ti.is company is expecting to reach
; (Jen. (Jilli ini's in about two weeks, the
' litter bavin-crossed the river near Fort
. . , , , . ,
i I. raver, wort h. and luiiifr eneamre.l on
, 'he Xamahaw river, waiting for Colonel
. Ford's eoirpavy.
i In Cen. Cilli irn's cmnpviy lurre r.re
' -JS f jmilics. ICS ,:,en. (-0 of whom r.re
. .,.,.,
yourc men. Uu c hildren, m all
persons. There ro e also in his compa-
ny iU wa-r-'as. 71.'? cattle, 51 hor?r. and
; II mules. The two companies when
united wul ii.tml.cr as fd.ows: !
IO.') married men and their wives, 20(i . y.,,. uurvv,.8t0 render all the as
Thi ir cl.ililicn, .'?"( t-istauct they mav retjuire.
! Siu-le men 110'
'.. r .. . . !
l..t wajrons, 1 1 liorses, 'II mule. ai;d
J..o- cattle. ln emvrrnts are wcli;e surrmiM,v settlcnents, into X.im
siip:lied wi h rovi-ioi:s, rt.d if r.o tin- Vno. Tlal the Prophet and his miM-rc-looL'cd
far areiden hai.prns them, will ant adherents, should then be demanded
rh ,!u ir V"
of destination about
the -I'll of Octet. i r.
?J;rv I'erd. who was left in St. (Je -
i.uocr 1:1 . i. j.i r.i. i .on w as si n a lve
' at the h.A .-.t eo-u.ts.
J..i::nii.-!t will be seen by the
arconii'whi.h wc five to-day. of the
destruction of tl
j.rcss !;' tl
F.;io-.;t, r, t
t the c nrpura'c authorities
of Nanvoo, widi tiie Trovhcl at the
hc:i l. ; ra ta'.iiiir venwance, in a summa-1
vho d ire nnnne the
ry manner, on
arbitrary aed dcpi-tin will of Smith.
The seenes tint have been enacted dnr
thc few last v.rcl s, 1 v Joe rial his sat el -i!e.
f irnish s Idiii-e .'d evidene? f ti e
hfili-h spirit f tlic Chief, an! of the
darinj and lawless character of a L.rjrt
portion cf Ms followers. I
The whole cnmniiir.ity in the vicinity
of Xauvici. is ia a hili vt.de r.f ecite-
meat. Mci
ha e hi en held at dif-
ferent places. A I.ir;-e meeting was held
1 '
at arsiiw. at w l.icli ti
I .i.mvit.a rcso-
Ir.tions wi re iia-scd. which evinces a
s'.itc i,f c-.i itci-ct-.!. v. l.icli w ill lc.i 1 In
nd bloody
At a massi meeting of the ciiizrns cf
Hancock ciointv. omened at 1 1.tneeek
cniinly r.n the :;;h i f .line. 1M I. !lr.
Ivnox was n'Oi iin'o'l Presi lent. John
I)j!v and Lewis F. Fvans. ice Pi oi
. ' -
tin.1 m. V Head S.-rrrd irv ,
' . ......... ...
1 leiiry Stepliens, 1 .(., presented the
folleu in res..liitinii, passed at a meet-
in? ol' ihe citizen-, of Warsaw, and iir-ed
the adoption of them as the sense of this
.. 1
m,P , -v- r t-w- t i -n. .-
IKE A :u i.Ll. AX i) rLLL HO..
... . P .. , . ,
iirr.r.n. iiif.inr.aliiin has reached us,
.,j,oul whiiii there ran be no question,
that the authorities of Naiivon. did re-
eentlv jias? an Ordinance, (ieclarins-a
''"b'tii Press and NVwspapcr puhli.h-
rd by the opponents ol the Prophet, a
iiuisai.ee, and in pursuance thereof, did
direct the Marshal of the ci:y, and his
adherents to enter bv force, the budding
, , - , .
from w hciici: tiie paper was issued, ami
, i.,lotll,v, (if n Jss rv.) t take p., ses-
. , ' v , - Y . 1 . ,
fn.n nf the press an 1 printing materia s,
, . , ' . . ,
anil therefore to bum and destroy the
sane. .au ii ii i. k i. s, in iiurMoiiit'c oi
said ordinance, the Marshall and his ail
tiiu uiiiinaiii i T uu ..laioiKii. oiiii i,i, ti'i-
l.erci.U together with a mob of Mormons, ;
did afler ret on the evening of the
fOth int.. vi.derillv enter said building
j . lt.mah,loU, manner, burn and ,1c-!
stroy the press and other materials found
on the premises.
And wiihreas, llyrum SmitA did in
presence',of the City Council, and the
' - ,r ' . -
citizens of IS iuvoo. oiler a reward lor
lhc It,!r..clion f,!ie j rintin- press and
materials of the Warsaw Signal a news -
paper also opposed folds interest.
Al1,1 "in.ar.AS, the liberty of the
press is one of the cardinal principles
1 '
of our frovernment, Iirnily suaranleeil ,
,y the several Constitutions cfthc Slates,
as well as the United Stales.
And wi.i;i;i:as, llyrum Smith has
w ithin the last week publicly threatened
, ' .r . . - -r,
the life of one of our citizens Ilios. C.
Sharp, the editor of the Signal.
1 herefore, be it solemnly .rv viT,,, i,y
the citizens of Warsaw in Public Meet-
in?, assembled, 1
That, we view the recent ordi
nance of the city of Nailvoo, and the
proceediuijs thereunder, as an outrage,
f r,i:,rm:,, ,.1,-,,-acter. revolutionary
and tyranieal in its tendency, and being
under color of law, as calculated lo sub-
ci. and destroy in tlic minds ol the
,.0iMunity. all reliance on the Law.
P.. I Tl..,l 1 r...niiill...l' V. f.pl
' il'llHI .'J. HI," ' ,'.,,,.,,; l - -
anxious, when possible, to redres, our
'grievance by legal remedies; but the
lime lias now arrived when the law has
.1 4 . 1... ............ w.r ...... ll. CO
and property, a luoL) iit INauvoo, under a
eily ordinance, lias violated the higliet-t
pr ix iloge in our (Jovirninent and to seek
rcdiess in the ordinary mode, would be
utterly iiicll'eciual,
JitsohrJ, That the p'.i! lie threat made
in the Council of the City, not only to
destroy our irintinir press, but to take
the lite of its F.di'.or, is suiiicient, in con
nection Willi tiie recent outrage, to coni
n and the i Hol ts and the services of ev
ery food citizen, to Pal an immediate
stop to the career of the mud l'rojihet
and his demoniac coadjutors. e must
not only tic fend ourselves from danger,
hut we mtist resolutely carry t he W ar
into the enemies camp. U e ilo llicrc-
, i lore declare, mat wc win siiMaiu our
press and the editor at all hazards.
That we will take full vengeance tcr-
... l ... l l .1 i: . t
nine vengeance, suouai mo uc m any
!"' '" l iliz,'lis ,l M in Ihc lftrt.-
1 n;. I u e lid ! ourselves ai all limes in
,. (.,.;i, ,,, r.n ....
I reauu.t ss to co-oper.ile w i.U our icllow
I ,.iliZl.,ls j this Sl.de, Missouri and Iowa,
j to clerminate, utterly exterminate, the
j i' ked and :d tainahle Mormon leaders,
j ,:""1'"r,s I'!, , , ,
A'.Wiv, lhat a cemii'iltee of live l.e
, a.,lloi!lleil ,; ,!, wil!l to notify all persons
j,', ur w nshi; siisj ectcd of bt inpj the
tools ol'tlit; l'rophet. to leave iniiiiCwi.itely
!'!' pain of instant v eiceanee. Ami we
, tIll. ,:imi. ller,.i,v
I'usJcJ, 1 1. :.t the time, in our opin-
: i,:.c nrrlt.-d whei; the adhen-iits ,f
, . ' , ... , . ,.
.IIilUI, i.s .1 I'.'-i , sum HI t'C ..111.11 11 .'1.1
,!' ir bands, and if i.ot surrendered, a
- I., ii..,. tl ..i.t I t.i. tl -irr...l
jtu the entire dc-trui-iiim, il necessary
ifor our protection, of his adherents.
; tow iishii s. tii the M.
, ,- ,. .r ....;...
tuu us!. ii s. to the iM.is v Hi. vi nli.'n. to
lie held at Cai:hai:i: hereby jlcih-int;
i oursclv es to ;.i !, to tlic Utiii:is', tiie ciini-
! ,J,.;,. fonsniaalinn .t' the object in view,
; ll.a! w e may li.i 1 1 1 e n'.iii Iv n !ic td
ji.f the ah.ini. aiiMilv and trouble, to
which we are now sid jfi-tt 1.
.V .: .v,, That c. cry iiiii a arm hiui
sell'. to be iiveiiared to sut..i:i the rcto-
hit inns hcu in coiit..ined.
! Mr. T.i.felt ro-e, and ma 1c a brief,
but t !.;i,ue!,t si cei and called njnin
the ( iii.ens tliriiuchout the cuiu.tiy to
render i iiicii nf ;.i I ia i .ii ri; tr out ihe
sj.ii ii of the rcsidut i.o.s. M r. it.i.ii . h
l.icu n.i. e 1 a ( lonmdii c i I scc:. !
j ui.tr.l ii v i..c li. ur ! i.::dl res. n.o.
cxt.rcvivo of our u li.-n i:i la'crc
Mr. Cat liu :m; e.I ! i amen 1 the u i.lion
if .Mr. U.ioee.:, so lh..t the ai::.itti:e
dn u Id e ji.-i-.t i folic f. ii ai t .a !i rrriii.it. '
w . o Ii :ao::.:i, as amended, w.is ..do; :!.
l. e !
: . i i ... : w.'!. ! . ; .
! , .." , ! V: ,. I
lri ci!ii l. I. cl ( .dim, Auu-ta: Samuel
i'!i.ii,i-.C.,ilh.c.e: F.ii-ha Worrell. ( hi
ii: ('.in!. .M.. Miv.ia. ?.l :rv: d.ihn M
I rri-.
I'oilu'idu lirecl:: . I. ones l'ice.
l'i!..t Crov. : J..h:i Cam-. Pear Creek:
C. L. I lichee. NitiiVPid Jco. loi!.i:iiii,
I. i I birpt : an ! I Ji i loickue'd. Warsaw;
were pointed - i -1 cm'i.ittee.
! t :;i i, o'l ii ..; M . . S :i i j ;i . V .il
'i ll.::u. 1 '.- . v.ns -.--i. .! t.ad
dr.-s f:-',. ,-.:.:.; :;,.:'!i- :.!.!,
- ; - I f
"I ill-! C I . ; ; I , , . : C . Ii
o e
o d c !. ij :euu , u; "ii In-i .d-e o. . o.
Ji i -v .iiices. mi- , --- I i is ! !a-t
tiia! ti." t!., w as :...w : t hat:.!, wl c::
v. e wen i.nlividn .i'v and o:.-ctr. e-
, ,, , , ,
,:v cn.e 1 upon t" up I i ,,- ii.to ii
. . .. :i ., . i ,, . .
. ii -ik up i.i otir n!.--: ti-s; ui.-l m.. 'est
; ,-l I'.-it u i (.. .Vs- ri .1 i.' i-i s
' 1 1 ' ll i' 1 1 "' s - ' ' ' " " I" ' "
"f ctl-a i:i-t..T.?. : t ' m !.!. ;:
' om our !o-cos ;.:;! u in ' v be l ca-
!y when called upon lor t hi :i nt ac
i',:i .
j :. '.. n u- i ;,c of t e prso is who
went w i:!i i!-e oiii.-.-i s in .:,tivi o. I ' ir
jiljik; ot ai in.' the i inters.
i.-ii-m r ini ni- .-d . one iniu tii"
''.uiri-I .1"! ' "''' ..uu nun nit
.,,,1 I ii,,. r,..i ! d
" .'' t ' " , , " ' " ; . ' .'t . '
lllo'll llOCCi'.ilds AliK.il V. as. In. II
. 1 . . ,i , .;. ,. ...
t :e nei sons en iil'i'iI ui ll. e w u,;:. w eie
; fc ers hands on a writ ol iu!.::s
( . . , , , ,.
'"" "" M'u.idipai Court, and .lis
;'" 'l;.
' "-(Me i i,,i. u J..e i it,
IlOXt MiAllLY I !(' I i A II' ' i 1 1 .
Oft motion of O C. Skinner, . a
, vote of thinks w as tendon d to Dr.
! I'. u us lor vo'untei ring his services in
eX'-ciiUo s':,nl wti's.
., . .
raneis M. 1 1 1 bee. was no a loud
,, ,:..lit.1 ,,-. He stated his personal
; kn.i-A lede of the Mm minis, fioiu their
'eiiiln-st hi-toiy. throughout tin ir beiU
(.:l..er in Missouri and this State
,,.;,. I, i,. c i-li-i.--o-i..;-i-.-,l I v
Wl'llll II. IS OCIII 4.(1,1 1 ,11 11 lIM '1 IV
the darkest ai:d most diabolical deeds
which has ever disgraced human it v.
The eonitiiit'f e appointed to dialt
le-o'ution-, brou:;iii in the bi!owin
icport. which alter some r oiisidcrab'e
ilisi-ussi.m was niianiir.ous'y adopted:
Wi.erea--, t!ie ollicer charged with
tl t xecution of a writ, aoainst Jo-
seph Sn.itli and others, lor i iot in the
c.ooniv o! ll uico d;. vvhiph said writ
said oiiii-erbiis served upon said Smlili
and others and wh"ieas, said Smith
and others refuse to obey the mandate
of said writ and whereas, in the o
pinioii of this meeting, it is in, possi
ble lor said olH.'er to raise a posse of
sidiicicnt stu-r.th to execute said
. . - . . .
, nt-and whereas. .1 is the op. n
"f tins meeting that the not is still
; progressing, am' thru violence is mrd-;
; Hated, and determined :i. It is the J
.opinion ! ibis meeting that the cir
cumstanres of the case require the!
interposition id' llxecutive power:'
j Therefore,
j .'..,', That :i dep'.tation i.f twr!
! discreet men. ho rent l Springfield ,
; tii solicit such mtorpositioi..
i h-firnished u ith a cei tdi.-d r.-py f: A"v' on,-v -',v's Bn ilMll:i'nuI e.ial ii.easui es.rath.-r I!10. e than one-
this r.Miiti..i anil be at;!!ioi-;;:e!l to' iippu'se t.l ardour to hei at'ai lint nt: thir.I per cent.: thin!, weight of equal
1 obtain cvij('i: by alii davit, and otli-1 it seems to inspire her wiih a spiiit (d tri-nlier of grains-, Letter than thir
'erwiso ii regard to the violence. I ,t,vot(.dne?;s to the object v( her love, ' ,p?n nd one-teiitli j er cent.; fourth,
which has already heen .-omaiiited, ,. , s g icli)r ,e . j .pul.tv a n,l value, rather mora than
'and is still further meditated. j 1 . . lour tilths per cent. 1 hs advanta"e.
j Dr. livans here rose :.,! cxpre- iorinpe. .o di tnee or cliaa- t:ie,t cnUin t!,e crp a forl nfg!l
' rd bis widi that it-a'.ovc ies,,!uti..ns' i:.-s can estran-e l!ie eonstmcr, r , r so before it is fill y iie, may be
: would riot re'aid our opciations ;
jut tn.it h p v. oi.ld i tu-n one ai in and
j eqtiip ourselves fulhwitli.
j The resolutions pass( d at W.usavv
was a-ain lead by Dr. lian.s, t:d
... i i ... l : ...
p ;s-'ed bv i:C! lam;;-
- , , i'
t).i i:,oti I A. Svir-tison, Lsq.,
lh s,.-.s'io:,,fMr. i:,--bv,apMoin - iTc;tK'- I'"!'"" 01 "r J0",,,-. that In!! seventy Ceo per Vent;
; iiiir places ( e:;caii p:i.ei:i,"w.-t ado; -! men, who arc blessed with all the inlets ,,f t',f. uhole w l.e at 'crop was damng
i ted. t i w it: Warsa.w . C iil'i i'.'--. C:ei n to the understanding, have so iaijToved c J. The savin. s of securiii l,',e crop
nain.--. r piimaii s l .aiiuinir, t :.i;i nun j
a u.otion. O. ('. S'r.i:aieran:l Wa!-1
..... !...! .. I'. .... ,,...w. , mi I,.. I
Ill iii;i., l.'i f.. hoi.
I.m-i ...i.ijtre to te.rthc r.s ,'utioi,;-cd-
.'ptuilV !i;is l:ieeti:i:r. to i,i I ,c.cl
iencv. ti e ( erio::', ve pi:: ir.vr his ex-
' eciitwo iutet p isit'o '.
! (hi n.o'i mi of .1. II Sherman, a
oentiai co: re f i i! co uinittei' was
j j .1 I rillill.l II : . Il ii. i r..il.v3 . 1..1 ..nj'i
!pp-.:ntc... t ,, ... ,r ists had. previ uis to the last at i n a.s
V.,,..n.(nu.n.-y .;u..v ,.r ,,,1, .!V ;'..r .,.,., v.
.N. I- - If'-- V-.rr.,-.r.l-.i..L .. .j,.;,,,.,. , wa ;
il:..c.l.yr.,-iu 1 ..n!!-s:!-..-.:tp:,n.,ii; W!iiil . ;,, uc ter.
1 1. I I. i". oc s no :...ii...I :ee.
1 l,i is:, r.ioii oi I o'.'. II rk w. i.
.'.- lr . That 'i n-t !'! in t!ie
di.h-rcnt pn c:i!'-!s i i 1 : 1 1--1 -ii:
i e ii;!.-'- '" o!"1 v ;!.? :.: iv oi ;
m-.sn.:, of ii.e w ' i . ... w i: io '.'-r ..;. e.I
::po'i. I!) i.'int'ii;. li.c pose.
I h; iiio'iiri. lb- i-ii-di i :,ili- limed.
.'i!i. K' iVe";.
J.diN I) IV
Li -is r. i
v. . v. i;..!.:
i ;e .i is.
Wc :
e.I t,i isc.i.!,!.
o! U !l.il'.'VlM,
:.t t1 . v:-.no:is
. i.
i ll Wc.! DC-.!:- V !,i Xt.
In ill Nauvoo. who ar-
r co .
:h. II'
'. ... ! I .
i I-.--,,
S 1
, fl
1 1
' fi .. i: l o
! i ' ir I
t o n bvrs.
aie in- k.i. ' i'
lor li.c cel.. '.: :
, i
t the r
l:!.t V
..lllll.lll.lMil.VMM 1,1,1 . Wlil. ild
P.oyd, a planter, living in .1 1 li'i lsidi
county. .Mis'., was muidcrc 1 in the
.'list u!t.. by his own lieu-roes, in a most
alriii.uis manner, lie un dertonk to
chatl-e a n- cro man fir some of.'eiici ;
the i.ei-ro turiiid upon his ma-'o-r and
.'..: -v rpow ci in;; him, when Mr. Pioyd
c. died to his ;jNtjtue tw o :;cro v. o
imn who w it e at w el k ( lo ve by . 1 hi y
came firward, but. instead if assis'.ii.,'
their master, they beat him to death w ith !
their hoes, whilst the iieyro man held 1
him down. The body they then secret-1
, . . . i . , ,. -,1 i ,. . '
ril in a brush pile, covered it witlilo''S
. . .... ,, , .
'and burnt it to ashes. I lie I.hiefcs then
: reported that their master bad been -one
some days, and I. is horse having come
home saddled and bridled, the su-pect-'
e.I foil play. Search was immediately
! instituted by the neighbors, who came
after a time, to the spot in the field
, w here Mr. ISoyd was killed. ( ):ie thing
, leading lo another the nccroes were all
arrested, -and confessed the murder.
! After some consultation among those
! present, it was decided to han the ne-
groc The man and one of flic w omen
: were hung on the spot the other wo
j man, being pegnaiit, was spared.
Foil 1 11 C It W,It A I..
I The mosl inestimable h'essid'j which
tlic leliign bi-iititv ot the Creator has
I be? low ed upon man, is the possession
of a virtuous, ami.ibje, and tildcatcd
' woman her love is the lii::he.-t ile-
!i-;bt which gladdens I i n in the ai! of
sulb.-i ing it is a green oseas that
spreads for l.ini its grassy verdure on
the desert ol despair. In the posses
sion of a lovely, sympathetic woman,
even in the solitude of life, only illu
minated by her smiles, the soul is
more gratified than upon the throne
of Xapoleon, when the world honor
ed him with its homage, and was da
yled by the luster of Lis glory.
Th'uicli Kosseaii threw enchantments
over the tender passion though Ilv
roii and t.)simi transferred the most
sublime and profound sensibility into
love, yet they wier t xpei ii need il.
I- .1 - .. 1 .. C I - .
in uu: iiiiusi oi uistress and an-
oiiisli that the finest ipulities of the
fcunli.', and the noblest traits of the
female character are displayed in a!j
tieir c!nl actei islie gr in lure. Wlien
the husband is suilenng under the
nipsn-.rn of una ernhe i u-mns o
!.o-c, and the cruel (Insertion of
t'rieinls. it is tiien t'snt onida-
ti.uisi f p wife p.e.ir the Inlm f svm-
;,. ,!.. ....rr.!e.I ! f r,'rid.
subdue the i:. tensity ot her dev. itioil.
The above article was written Lv a
practical .neehanio. who
- 1 '
I' , it ii , i .!
, ca:. not and never has been able ti hear or
cannoi aim ne 1 1 iusitciihiiicoiimi vi
tl.etr lane as to ( iiaole i:n in to vi lie
i .i .
,..,o.l :oi nrii.de. rod acoulie in the!
mean time, u cuirect knowledge of a
. .
n.cehanical a.t
j jV" Yoi I; Mmi : mirh-l. Ttie.N.l
j Yolk D.iiv lixpiess ot tup 1st lust..
! s-avs: Smco the (! p:;i !t:;e ot tiie
1 1 i-t steaiii.-r. m-.iifv In s I cen n. in
.bni.daiit. ii o!i banl.s : i:d t::ipi'::l-
v. ti.eri- b.'.s I i i 'i a
ii.: ii i-i i.o .v v.-i v ei s v in
o'.'i p n or a', lac per ct i:t
, .S.u e i four t-anlis partn-uhuly t!n-e
t!:it 1 1, ) v the .it pi s.: s o! ij,i ci !:u. t.t.
: :. . vc a very I. :! ;? niu.nu.t o! i.iii u.-;
;i!.id i.i iii.'v o:i liar,. I that they are'
j 1 id to i i.t i lit. i n sii'U't ti i.e. ; I a j
o'.v nv. .i.'ciits :: .ii c i.-',;c i s a : c
! :i!.- i.ei ' I: o:ii :!. ::t iv tan'..-', pa k- j
i i. up a!l the I pa: er t!.-y fat.
i ii. .!. at live p-f ' i nt. : i. t Id. m i. ;
I i"..c lire- of li-,l.!!lt'0. ill hi;! k I d'. P ,
; .ti.i op !o a:i itieifi-"if a icui t : I !.:
is ov.in : ii) a .; it ; i .:-f to i. j
j t.i! ii of capital, wi.a:1,!. i!ii: i::j :!. i
i '.!:i! t i-i'n''n w:.s invented iuti.- j
i .N 11' I. Mir lOCIl'liilli.-'. 1-Cor.-, Ii!,
i .ii .- w ho fi.iv ; ieiii u:i Ii r i ; :
I a
I.il- UdV.iI.rcS .na. c ..
:u c row 1 em
- i
V !.
e ot piodii
w.'.i i.'i so.di
Let :ti': i.im.rr :;.
l.e iii.s the ioasl k'.i:
follow ini; I.i.iii
:t wi.l r':ou t' : r.u
ii two to ti.ii e v. ( !.s
o! n.v
. 'i'i if
ill S I i pi
.: ol cd'ii
that! ll-1
Viili! :i
1C 1
ii.e t . c; .:
c.. . ;,ii
. l ii.: i : iu lie : L
t:. a- in.; v be
i i.i
I :C
',, I '
in', i u.ciii ;c
in i.i ' the er
to i,ii ,; ;i i.e
!. I'V the
j u; I... I i f the ll
r.i"l ll.ll;' S l
l ie i'. I
i !,:-
I.i.,.: t el i;e it is i
pe. pr. ..!;. ccd an lo-
I ' 1 C i I ,'ll l.d.li
v ;;ud w t il.t in li.uii
iilid sii',.w, Willi a I tL'ici ipiimvid
, o;ii. M .'. John Haiti:;-
rt' I'.d'.h
ill l-'tej-I
i 'ci-hton, near 1 1 tin ! '..y.
' i. cut a she..l ill Ins be d. An list
.i ...........
-i. 1 1, iu: i ne w i.eai w as no u j.'i ( ei.
... . r
. c, ti dii the straw ;.!:d cais we:e la
, ,,
li:,l ujcr ai.il s.ip; the p.;!:! w as per -
; ' ,.,4U.,,. t;Ul i:i;ilr g,, str,(,.jj.
ly ;. id. oil's lo r.. that it was sciiice'v
posNible to yep, rate them by triuti
lit the hands; it was the:) plump. ! i,t
so juicy, that on the sligircst pi cs-oiv
it yielocd ps imik. ile iet it stai d in
liic licid a f d iiiil,:. and t.'.cn l,,.n-cd.
I 'n the saijie ilav this w as ii lie.
(August IS.) he fut another. Tlu,
too, w as vet green, or
it lea I not
r.pe, or w hat is usually termed raw ;
ll.estr though iookinjigieen. when
close. y e xamiiied was last appioacii-
iog to jebow, and a loot lioui th .
ground wasiputo yellow. i he ears.
ulvi, were mure open; t;io h:.;l of
vai ions siiades ol xeilow and c ecu;
1 . . , , , - .
ii. d tiie cram, th. t:j!i soil ::n,iiulrv.
. . . 1 :
. i i. "i .i,,t i'i uu.u i iicioie. in i , i ... i i rr -
,. . , .. , , is lut li;;i:e fted unsown. Lcxmg
a lorn. luht alter, the whole mid was , to
. .j - .. ... .... iniu. .-i,ih,ii ,
(Sejitniiber 1.) The si. me day be
hoi.sed bis fet'olol slieaf. This tiiird
I'm .n. vi I... n In. .'ol I u fl,.i,l l., ..,..!..
m. ,u. . o.. me sir.iw Constantinople, dated March 27th,
w. u!d bieiik, and Ihe ears curl, and ,., , . , , ,
the grain shake out; but il was ia its 1 ,;1 w,,u:h H f.el.-weJ a trans! a-
usual state when leajiiug comiiienees, ,'"n "' :l 'p'ter from the bisb.ep of
ubt n the straw is entirely yellow. Scopia to tiie Creek patriarch nt Con-
This third sheaf was le'.t (as in the stat'iitiople, giving an areount of the
ease ol the lornier one) a fortni 'lit ... , ' . .i
..... ... ' . ' outrages oi a ehvisttim sect, on tho
on the lield. and Hieu careliillv h.uis- , .r , ., . . . , ... .
cl. From each sheaf one hundred ! , ,''i?!,r,:' l!lC Albanians,
ears were si lected and put away in a I '"Iter says
bag, preserving also the straw of, ''Tiie mi n ti.ey have t ed to col
eaeh. j umns, r.nd l-.ave eommitU'd upon the
The miller valued tliem r.t t!i. s-;me women and their daughters aets the
rate, with the exception of i'o. 2 at; must atrocious; after this they hav
C3 shillings, and ,o. 3at 0 shillings. I hunt; the men up by their feet, and
Mr. Il.uinams deductions are: that I forced their wives to stifle them by
the wheal reaped a fortnight before it I means of smoke from straw burned
was. ripe hostile advantage of '.lie
ripe in every point ot view : fust, in
weight of gioss produce, thirteen and
one-lilth per rent., second, in weight
of e.pial measures, nearly one hall
per cent.; third, in weight of equal
number o! grains, nea'ilv two and
one-fifth per cent.; fourth, in quality
nml value, above tlirce and one fourtli
ppr i-eiit.: fifth, in weight rf straw.
! Iter ron. Thnt rminpil n r-.f.nl.
.. i . . .i' .
iiciiin? u was iij.'r. nas me ucvantano
f tj!C twetiiy two per cent, in
point of sirnv; hit in other points
j di:!i-nrt:ii;e, t!;us: fircj. veiht
! Z' protlur.., ,-Ieven and fwe-thir-
thus suoitii'-d up: 1 ust. straw of Let-
t-T quality; second, a better chance
'oi sec innjf t'.o rrop; third, s savins'
' in S' curing it. It is stited that, with
; t:' V'e n.V' 1 "9 in Errand,
il. l. i .
the le.inriiii.'i ( ii,e reaping ras late.
... . f, ., ' ?
, . . .
and the result in the n'oth of Lii'dand
iii.i - i
i i i " m o: iiom c u ies waste in
!'ir "' Invn strong wmiN;niid the
pi-i.se of it said to be less Mr.
Marr.am trod anot! er e.Tperiinent;
which shown! a rei.!. in 100 lbs. of
L'fi'in grmin. as f, !',.vs:
1'1'i.r. F ccr.its. Trail.
.Vo. 1 wn. rut I mm. Hi
1 1 f ire f.olv ti; p. oj'I i "Ihj, 17;bi.
No. V ii ;te rut Inn c
'- " '''-
; !.;:!' '
) ' .U "'
j ;;.,;.. ,,,., , K,..l
r. f ... r.ii'v ,i, c
a- rut i.i n
j hrs .,
,i pave mote a
h.n N". 5. bv six ar.d a half.
ml a
.'.::i of ; ::!, ut 15 jerrrr.t. i n the flour
f ii. i.i! u.ras-! i ; i f jr-'in. In prinrf-'.i-:.
it v.,,s '. i,.-.i! that ?"o. 5 pound
:! e v.oiM of a!!: ti i re ut re a peater
; iar.'i'v i i:ir:y i.atta bs which
'.."!.! t.. ! p:s :: ' ! ? t! an in any
d' ti e . t: c: -. T! ,- !.: r. in in No. 5
wiis arse .-:.! heavy, while that
::, !ii Xo. " v.i s as in : s a i ce's
.!:." lit i'.i ii si!:-- up tiie a.lvan
e! i i. ".ir 1 ci vchs before it
i- '!'!;. r:j e : J i;". V r re U a sain f
I '., ii ji-ritr-i. (I :h r.r. nr.! rrjual
: ( .r 1, : ;; so cola1, a i;:.i,l in the Weight
" sTiiwo! f.,1- Im ii per cei. t.; third,
in i ! C y, iii ij.o vai'de of eiht
:; --!i' 's. ; i,d a ,::! it ain.u! 5G3 en
v. TV ; i re of - i . j r I'ucrr ;j wen-vi-i;
'.t i i:. ;. !- !-..!e:.!..;i. n be
f i: ;';.' .i t!..- p'i.-e of .u'seaf at
L'l I
a: !'.!.:
t:d. I I.
r in Mi-
... ... pr.iin
::! v.r.s also
. I -: i : r '". on six-
i,c- -:''; : ;i I in
.' wr 'ha' it.
.1 '.. s hr n t! an
i : t a.'v
.-.. d n.rl.i.r.ly.
. :. A I .: I. o r
m expori'i!' nt en
: c of i U i'elds
v t peed si.rc,
l'i t ;;-.:. be di ter-
. 1 v
: '' ' '
!:. .
! '! v.: i
:t ii. ;. vety t a
,hv struck w
! A i! " b
at i i,'-p to ( :o i': n:d did so.
; on
d :' I iliji. ..I ill- ' ''li'i'd s. w ho
' 1 o !:' v. T:.-:' fclds ad-.1-.'
i; 1 :;!. Ito i n,s. : nJ
d ii'.i !:! v : i- .T v"1. : f rr threh-
i ..
v '
. e. '
, t::,
-., v. as I: st on. t the
end the bps- -i'd.
; t v.
N' ' is J . ;.v ) 'rof'i.'i tx
''.'.'t' ii. -owi l' i ! i ; t r i j ? ed in
lies secti-.'ti ot M;ss(.,ri. tiie weather
1 .;, !. t: cc, I i i !y v.. t. Vv'e have
( Xi iidiici! le v. I.ciiip !"e'ds (jiirse! vps.
c.fi. 1 Ii,: ;! si i -1 - - ii .;;;; les of the larili
eis as to the e'e'ets of the 'afp rains.
I l.e il. i..
i. -i.e to t' e glow .n.J
s;..r to! de. S,-n:e field
Oi d 1 v ihe water stan
i .
't.sO I."
1 1 . i . t i .
ding oil the pi rt d f.nd drownirir eut
the lienio. atid in othf rs the hemp is)
rur.iiitv to seed, when not more t!:an
two leet hi:.'!'. Several hpirn grow-
cis p:. t ;!:-! they will t ot 1
a ve
mi a ha
id:! P?s
,1,1 l'i O.l'l ..1,11. II M'.l 'I I I. llOlll.li.
t. ..' ... , . .t ....
, t.., I .1.
iiis i. : c: eiai er. :es.--;en inai ineie
:.I.s! IL n! !. The Iliiltimorc Ar
is eoi.t.uiis a private letter from
. under their heads. The v have vio-
lated o'J women of eighty rears, and
young girls of ten. They have pierc
ed the boys with their lanees, and
roasted them like sheep." Th letter
records other particulars of their tlia
bolical acts.

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