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H"ith this niiin-bftr of tlielUdicalA!
-my connecuon with Uie establishment
ceases. The publication of the paper
will be continued by Messrs. Murray
and Pickens
Nearly three ears have elapsed since
I took charge of the estuLli.-hniciil; and
though I have made some pecuniary sac-
rifices, I feel a pleasure in being able to'
ay tliat I have been governed at all times
t)y a sense of right, regardless of the
favour of UUy. I am aware thut in i er -
suing thi couia, I huve made enemies
of a few who think thev have the rii.ht
ivi;duiiui iiiir iviii 1,1 i ii- r if i,f ,, re
"J ii'lenus, llu.se Who have kmc-
Jy extended to me their patronape and
support, I return my sincere thanks,
Those subscribers who have psid
in advance for the P.adical, will be
furnished the paper by my successors!
to the full amount of their advance pay
ments. I. ADAMS.
M3" The Editor of the Journal has
been in a devil of a stew for several
weeks past, lie loses his equanimity
w hen any allusion is made to him or his
paper. We sincerely pity the man who
conceives it to be necessary to nrm him
self w ith pistol and dcrk in a quiet vil-
luge like Bow ling Green. The Editor
has many lessons of prudence and we
had ilmost said matihr.ess, to learn, yet,
53 Hie St. Louis Re publican, says
Governor T.dwards has done ore good
thing in vetoing tha bill authorizing the
appointment of Commissioners to settle
the Boundary between this tate and
Iow a. This is praise from an unexpect
ed quarter. We believe, however, the
press generally, sanction the course of
the Governor in this matter. He thinks
the act inverts the Commissioners w ith
too much power, and that the boundary
defined by our constitution, should he
adhered to.
The New York papers state
ry thing is now com-
the infected disi-
plation at '
'the lady or not. Much
he decision, after Komede -
sia tlic negative; Ihc IIi(ians1u,u.ih,, SU,,SC"I,U,",S g"'S '
withdrew, and thus ended what seemed
.rjv. a fl;s,r(,P:lMn ..ntnr,.
: ; i o " -
v Leavi
ing out outh LaroJma, tre
i. - - . . .
the people are nut permitted to vote for ,f sh i,.fj.s ,ltf (hM-ksol sl-.eep ol ; nevoleni umxi.nsiirf.afwavs invoyue.l yoodness often proves a prolilic getoi most luxuriant and refined atural po
President the popular vote fur Presi- ii
dent Mantis as iuilows: Clay, I, zoo,-
, 3; Polk, 1,327,322,
rolk's maioritv
oVcr -'aj' Jt,W
i The "New-Orleans Picayune of the
, 7:h SBVK The Legislature met jester-
; day and nt ha(f ast l o'clock both:
IIl)USC, we or anized Ly the election !
..-.v. ti... . : .,.... ..,!
ti . r n . .
..". urn., aecreiary oiuic
Snnl- nvii llm ll.
- , ... v. .uit. .Ainviitu .'uuuu,r
mr, Speaker.
TVs as ani the Tariff. A letter
dated Annapolis, M.I., r0.h Decern-;
I !, to il.$ rdiktis ;f the Kie.hn.ai.l
I.l.ciii; er. contains the follow it.j nar-
I'ginph: "We ioe looking to Wash- ol our lej:al leehni.- iiiiies.
iniMon with deep nnviciy for prompt j Why cannot we suup'ily the lan
aclion upi n the Tcxr-s and Taritl'; pu ige ol the laud why not banish
questions. . We ardently desi.e to! its old black letter Vandalism? 4,.wV
witness the i-nnexaiioii of the riie j I give you this omnr,"' nnd I do give
e.nd the settlement of the other upon I it shouid not that declaration and
lair fii:d ro.uitalile principles. We transfer he deenivii nn aiisolute con
eare nothing who may lead intlieselveyai.ee. cl to make itpeilictly
measurrs we want the su'j;tance.;!eg-n, it must mn thus
If any of our leading nicn are o !oJt) "I :ie you all :;tul s'n.p.hir n-y e.
to the great interests, rt the country, j late and mteiest, iyi.', tale, ami
as to mere '.'.irm in scliemes of rival- claim, and advantage, of ;.i.d m that
'V "1,1 preferment, it wonh! be veil oinnee, with tlie nial, skin, juu-e.
tliat su.'h men shou'd be known, and j pulp, and pipe, ta.d all r'ht ami nd-
snet-Jilv knmvn Th nrnt nirw of ! vanta-e therein. .i:ll till tower to
the Demociacy care little, very little
for men and disorganize rs will be
thrown overboard with verv little
ceremony, if they will not perform
their nt,nr-ir.i i;i!p ilut v in r.iviir-itini
the trood ship Constitution, which has
been committed to their charge by
the people. 2Y0 mutiny twin tig the
crrw can bn tuh ralrtl. I'a. Kevstone.
Xi:w Rt.MF.I T for Ft vr.p
A cntrespojidi nt
I rue Sun 1
for i!j
.Pr.y Hang ollus protested bills ol ex-
1 nge ol "u 'VII" over al
... r ,,..,....,.,
I "vi VIJ IIIU t--U I I U n. i-
tuts published fi in M' aveleis, pur-
4 tray tog the baromul V-uutu's l Muiuoubt the propu.iy oi cullis t!um
, ii nail 9 i' i.r 11 ,ri in'i v
I lt'K .-..... ,:-,,r. .1 I
; yl,. r t! -
; the rvunji ur t Ins Imuim. imletM,
" ft'otd !'t't'1" xv ,'l'Ml'1 "l, s
ill IM'il-ler ,st C ill .UaiMiI.eii , JIIM
ter .stjleat AhitM.l eli , jiii
,-,,,,..-,. (,vi. C!:iii 1,1 i ,n:,i
1 his tuic.s sld for ruh.Ilar in the l.iui -
d:. d. ;hMi il,e iepre?enl;.tive ol the
i'li! pve.nn,e.:t "dors in Mr.
t lsWf c"' ,,0,,:,se K s,nSton;.
1 1'fsc thiiis-s nre like the wonde.s !
Alnddins Iinip: and
we leave
. , he i.ul :c n,in to
for the
i . v..i ..... 1
. lilUlOT Ol ii I . 1 . 'M I I II I... I .t 1 1 1 .
; sj caks as well lor I is pi ivate as In'.-.
lathi v
i:P'-otia;h ns..- Washington
! n..)..
- -
I Lk.m. Am w-hik. M.ij.
' thus shows up the ali-uul'iv
Oi SOillC
! " .
bile, cut, suck, (
othei ise
eat thi
ns h.l
same, or irive the n.me away.
v and elieetually as I, said A. 1-., am
now entitled to bite, suck, i-ui, or
. pat tl.e same OlUliee. ol Hive the same
away, w ilh ci" w lU.ont i
lil.d, skill.
mice, t ulii. am! t.ii es, : n
toloie ir here:. Iti
or deei
in g. Yet til-se who write .volumes,
make btliutiiul comparisons, and
raw sne rvncuisions. leuciiate
, j i . . . ..
11 1- iU C OOilf II Ull" N Ufttl Wl ItMJU
in this u rid, insniniit-iv-4)i4t they
...I f..U.. I
i,ii:i!iin,.iit' ?f-i..Bi.. ill:
ttli ...,!.,.;.,.. nr..i
j hunr in the streets.
I 1 m".i,- . i mun. M,c
i i iioma v . i )khh. i i.e .'-iij-rpine
V. onrl o! lll l iilTPf! i:it S rMil.ert !
lurai.t ih.
n.olinn id lion's counsel
for a writ ol f:afrti.i corpus, oi the
Ui oi;nd of a want ol jurisdiction.
iYri) Yoik Failures. By a pri
Me letier received here, savs the
Chronicle, we have the
inlnrtiintinn lltnl livi. fi.tnc in ..
I - . j
! Voi I; wl.i. h w.-ie l:ir-.-e operators 1
1 'ust year in pork remained upon ilwir
it'.!i!to:i to which It is sskl !
deavoiii x M ;:e! tie
the pre
t'lKI llll'l
o!, sv lirge a. piopoi .n-nji.t
eni year's priultict as to !
to meastsrablv "ive tone t
pi ices, and thus save fnemselvcs from j
I .. ..n !
io!-s by lat year's operation--. They-
wrM heyond their depth .-mil the ii
su't is asstatrd above. hat ellecl emln.iceil under two heads, essclitial
tiiis may have upon tlie i ner.i! m,ii-jy distinct to diameter, viz: the ph
kct cannot i t I e known: but it o r- ;,, unavoidable, tl.e voluntary
tainly catitiot add anylhuij to its ' jnd voidable.
liimiiess and may ptobal.Iv Inn e a 'J'o l r sent a cataloj.'sif of sueii e
ii.l.ueiiee, at least U mini-
(Fur the Kadical.)
An 1'ssay.
"t'l.innjr'.ft iii ffei.vcn, and we aro v.n t!m
earlli. w leTB noiiiiii'; hvi's but cr,.mf, (;ruil
unJ cjre." i iiauii:iu;.
This I'.ssnv contains the i t n
ol the ;.'.ill,oi. i ii llie causes
ni'serv, and ti e
Is he less obnoxious to the disobedi-'sas
ence of his children, thegripe of pov -
erty Him -the worlds cold neglect?
An, is the response of every wan in
possession oi w.e simplest ouserva-
lion, judgment and , discrimination, j
Uu iliecoiitrarv, thii writer of these )
mrmoiis h;is lon since made the mt l-i
h.n,....! tl.:t a h,Sn'.
nm un.f iiiiiihieahle ' Ilovv minv
gmnl men squander away fortunes in Hobert Unm-) and what i the' pic
act.i f charity and beneviiltnce,1 lure presented to the contwp'-ttions
which are not only returned with the! of the wise and benevoientt. hock
hlackest inuiatiimie, but the bmeliic-' ino and melancholy in the'exlreme!
lor himself when icduced loptveily j That Immortal Uard, after laving de
and want, finds hijnself shun net, neg- j luged the literary world with a flood
lecied and even' dispistd hy those ; of wit, humour, common tense, na
inost iristriiinenial in his downhill tivp philosophy and the urst unso
Tlie seriMbilitiiii of a trood nun are ! nhisticafed nnd refined philanthropy
mote acute and ternfer than tlise of
I ... I . ....
.1 i.,tu will, .Mill --.Ullt. v lii-11 11 y . aui.II.IT IIC-ll L--:-ll PUI jJ.tSDCU .
(er nniie .oignantly the "stini and ' mined to die in penury and wretch-
arrows of otit'no'eous f nlui.e.
These ivn.ail; introduced as an p-
.ciiiiiiio f i l.i, snhiec.t. wlien nu!ied :
..y-r.nrs,: M.c wgc VOtyiLl ty. of J lUiclj. ijytZTpmt
!. - , - eil-t vid.'Lt. :ui.l to euwige in ill us 'i;bw of disease MZ pa n7lJ1', "
: tratioii. would be uli act of "suiieier.j-' "ate th an-iuish of the exttiiinir
. t
. . . . t
The evils or the calamities, to ;
i ion.
wn.cli hutiiann V is obnoxiotis, mav he
j va-4 w n.ld i.ut onlvlie unnee.i s-a" V
to the rational and rellectuig
lut would swell this chapter
ntiw an antabic si.e.
I'iivsieid iil.d unavoidable
to an .
evils. Ue-l 1
-J 1 i snnr. ca t C: T J
the js.,j,a-. wretchednes
,quicalljrj. ,y conc,milant of
s izei bj,ain, connect
a delicately w janr iini, ,
eu -
ttfll bin pei"uh is Loin fctui u wmm
tod another with a i'fA jkin
Iet us liere dwell lor a Bioment-on
ih life nn.l r.l.nr.MdriJ ne of the
author 14 .'inlicinnled in iht name of
(and all this in a poetic vein which
!...-... l. .... .....ly npr-
No friend of sen-abl ItV. atlec-
tir.n nt hand, to wine fronAiiie cheek
r- o .
. . . I
-Lar-e ira hi hounly and bin nool incere.
! Ileavun did a reenmpence largely send;
j lie cava to miser ('twas all he had) a tear,
i Ho giined from Heaven t'lwaf all he with
j eo) a friend."
i Fuch has hern the melancholy end
I of ti.e greater portion of mankind,
i who have hern remarkable for penius,
taste, sensibility and b.T.evolencp.
It Wi llid seem then, th.-il in or.'.-
i .........
he iniser.ihle. it
p) be

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