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OCT The U. S. exploring expedition seems
to hare penetrated as far south as 70 degrees
oflatitude, during the past season when large
masses of ice appearing in every direction,
and the winter approaching, it was deemed
imprudent to prosecute the voyage further at
that time, and the expedition returned to
Valparaiso and Callao, for the purpose of re
fitting; after which it proceeded to the sand
wich Island, whence on the return of spring it
was expected to go south again, intending to
push into as high Southern latitude as the
state of ice would allow. The spring being
now far advanced in that region, it is sup
posed that the expedition has been sometime
on the voyage South, which it is intended to
prosecute with vigor, until forced by the re
turn of the fall season, which will be our
spring,) to return towards the milder latitudes.
when itis intended to visit the Columbia Kiv
er, the Oregon Territory, and the neighbor
ing coasts and islands, anil return to the Uni
ted States by the way of the Cape of Good
Hope; which it is not expected can be ac
compliahed, in less than two years from this
Kr The entire returns of the votes for
Governor in Georgia, give the majority for
McDonnald,at t917.
Cr Work on the Georgia central Rail
road, seems to be progressing rapidly. Eigh
ty miles are completed and in use, and it is
confidently asserted that not less than one
hundred miles, will be finished by the first of
January next.
icrrromthe Jeuerson citv papers we
learn that the lead mines of that (Cole,) coun
ty, and the adjoining county of Miller, are
enlisting a considerable share of attention
many discoveries have been made, and those
engaged in digging for mineral, aie said to be
prosecuting their labors with great success
and advancing their fortunes rapidly.
considerable proportion of the land in that
quarter has already been purchased, and from
the stir which is made it is thought that the
period is not distant when not a foot of Gov
' eminent land will remain, in all the mineral
region, "round about? which on account of i
the sterility of soil, has hitherto been looked
upon as worthless. The JeiTersonian Re
publican says that these mines "promise to
surpass in richness even those of Galena.
03" The late land sales at Milwaukie
which closed on the 20th ulu produced the
sum of one hundred and twenty-five thousand
dollars, all of which it is said was paid by the
settlers. The sale continued two weeks on-
Kr The Bank of the State of Missouri,
having resolved to receive nothing in pay
ment oi debts, but her own notes, or gold
and sil ver, bas produced perhaps a greater
sensation in St. Louis than was ever expe
rienced mere betore. 1 be citizens have call
ed meetings, which have been nnmeronslv
attended by the business men of that city,
and resolutions have been adopted, by them,
expressive of the opinion, "that it is a poor
rule" mat wont work both ways, and that
as the bank has been mainly instrumental in
circulating the paper of other banks in Mis
souri, she having commenced business, upon
the borrowed notes of other banks, and hav
ing loaned out upon discount, a large amount
in ine paper oi oiner state banks, she ought
in justice still to receive such paper as she
has paid out. Many of the merchants it is
said have withdrawn their deposites; while
others have suffered their notes to be protes
ted, determined not to pay them in other
kinds of money, than that which they receiv
ed from the bank; unless compelled by law.
(r At Quincy Massachusetts, was lately
celebrated the 200th anniversary of the estab
lishment of the church at that place, which
appeared to have been an occasion of great
interest; although, as it fell upon the sabbath,
few ceremonies were observed. An appro
priate discourse was delivered by the Pastor
of the church,' and among other interesting
exercises, the following hymn, (written for
the occasion by the Hon. John Quincy A
dams.) was sung.
AUi ! bow swil the moment fly !
How dash the year along!
Scare here, yet (one already by ;
The bunlea of a song. -See
childhood, youth, and manhood pan,
And age with farrowed brow;
Time war Time aball be draia the flare
t Bat where in Tine ie bow I
Time i the meatare bat of change :
No present bear if found,
The part the future, fill the range
Of Time unceasing round. ' '
Where then isaowf I realm above,
With God't atoning Lamb,
la region of eternal love.
Where tiu enthroned I AM.
Than, Pilgrim, let thy joytaad tear
On tiro no longer lean; -
But henceforth all thy bopei and fears
From earth's affection wean.
To God let votive accent rise';
With truth, with virtue lire;
So all the bliss that Time denier,
Eternity tball give.
GO" We hare ome election new from New-York
and Michigan ; but it is very limited. The present
indication! are favorable to the Whigi- In Georgia
both branches of the legislature have majorities on
the' other side.
Velocity of Lightning. It has lately been
ascertained by a series of ingenious experi
ments, that the velocity at which lightnm
or the electric fluid, moves is not less than
200,000 miles in a single cecond of lime.
MA ItRIED On the 14th iast, By Rev. W. Cham
berlin JtTr. Abnham L. Matson to Mist Pbebe Ann
Cushow, all of St. Charles County.
On Thursday the 14th. insU By the Rev J. W.
Campbell, Mr John Stark, to Mies Eolizabatb Fry all
of this county
Rev. John F. Cray will preach at the house of
Mr. J. W. Batye, in this town, oa Sunday the first
day of December next.
Gen. CLARK, of Howard County,
JOSEPH BOGY, of Ste. Genevieve.
Dr. MOSS, of Clay co.
Elector for President and Vice Presid.nt.
Wx. C. OWENS, of Jackson.
JOSEPH BROWN, of St. Louis.
PHILIP COLE, of Ste. Genevieve
Delegat s to the National Convention
Wm. RUSSELL, of Callaway
W. CAMPBELL, of St. Charles
W. HUNTON, of St. Louis
For lieutenant governor
M. M. MARMADUKE, of Saline.
JOHN MILLER, of Cooper.
To nil the vancancy of the Hon. A. G. J far
rison deceased.
JOHN JAMESON, of Callawav.
Electors for President and Vice President.
ABRAM BYRD, 1st District.
EDWARD DOBYNS, 2nd District,
fttr V e gather from various sources the
following state of votes, at the late Special
election for members of Congress-
Counties, Jameson, Grimsley,
Callaway, 621 536
Marion, 373 432
Pike, 511 43G
Clay, 22G 262
Boone, 183 340
SL Charles, 262 291
Terry, 192 9C
Jefferson, 197 107
Lewis, 212 103
Monroe, 309 582
Carroll, 126 46
Greene, 120 00
- Jackson, 3G9 107
Morgan, 219 51
Newton, 176 00
Polk, 236 25
St. Chiles, 2C0 289
Cape Girardeau, 355 1 85
Chariton, 209 82
Cole, 624 113
Coeper, . 432 344
Franklin, 309 111
Gasconade, 384 33
Howard 637 313
Jefferson, 156 106
Johnson, 117 21 '
Lincoln, 397 213
Montgomery, 201 144
Pettis, l2 71
Pulaski, 260 26
Ste. Genevieve, 129 71
St, Louis, 861 . 1127
Saline, 128 S2
Warren, 178 82
Washington, 291 224
6551 3917
Jamison's major. 2524
Howard, Darby 5. Pettis, Scott 6."
Jamison, Scott 6, '
Lewis, 243 136
Miller, 174 1
TXHEREAS reports and suspicions, inju
" rious to the christian conduct of Elder
John H. Hughes, Lave been afloat in the
church of Christ on Ramsey s creek; and
whereas some brethren were aggrieved & dis
tressed on account of such reports and sus
picions; it was unanimously agreed by Elder
Hughes and the congregation that twelve
referees, chosen from other churches, should
be called; and that the whole matter should
be laid before them for investigation and de
cision, and that by that decision each party
should abide.
The referees were called, and a quorum
met on the 15th of November 1 839 in Paynes
ville. They retired with Elder Barton W.
Stone, a short time to arrange the business of
the day. - It "was concluded by them, from
communications made, that the whole mat
ter could be more satisfactorily settled by the
parties, Hughes, and the aggrieved part of the
congregation, by mutual acknowledgments
and concessions to each other, than by the
referees as judges. It was suggested to them
that Elder Hughes would pubtickly acknowl
edge that his conduct had been improper, and
that it might be sufficient to excite suspicion,
as it in tact did in the minds of some that
he now could, and did cordially forgive those
wno had indulged those suspicions it was
also suggested to the referees that the congre
gation would acknowledge that sucb of their
members as had heard of these reports, and
had spread them to the injury of Elder
Hughes, and had kept them concealed from
him, had done wrong that the aggrieved in
the church, would also acknowledge, that on
due reflection, they considered that the
grounds of their suspicion of Elder Hughes
were insumcieni to prove mm gumy and
mat tney were wining to abandon an suspi
cions, and torgive and lorget those things for
ever; and give Elder Hughes the right hand
as full confirmation of their peace and har
mony. The referees returned into the house, and
proposed their plan of reconciliation. It was
adopted by the congregation unanimously.
tilder Hughes then rose, and said, he wished
an investigation, but submitted to the plan
proposed; then he made the acknowledg
ment above stated, but solemnlv protested
before God that he was not guilty of the
crime alleged. The congregation also made
the acknowledgments above stated, and a-
greed unanimously to meet Elder Hughes,
and join with him their right hands in token
of their reconciliation; and thai neither par
ty were ever again to name those things af
terwards. Elder Hughes stepped forward,
and every member of the congregation cor
dially advanced and gave him their hand, and
love, and thanksgiving to uod concluded the
meeting. Signed by Elder Barton, W.
Stone, and Enoch Martin Robert Burbridge,
The deposition of Louisa V. Hucheson
taken November 13th 1839, before Wm.
15 mlcs Justice of the peace within and for
the county of Tike State of Missouri. The
said Louisa being of Lawful age, depose Ui and
aith as follow, to wit:
Question 1st. Have you been much in the
company of Dr. J. II. Hughes?
Ans. I have a good deal.
Question 2nd. Have you ever seen any
conduct in liir:i to wart.' s you either ungenlle
mr.nlyor unchristian?
Answer. I never did.
Ques. 3d. Are you aware of the report in
circulation about him and yourself, is it true
or false I
Ans. Iam aware of the report and say
with a clear conscience that it u utterly false.
Ques. 4th. Have you ever given any per
son or persons ground to believe the report
was true?
Ans. No I have not, that I recollect of.
Ques. 5th. Have you ever seen any thing
in him, imprudent either in word or action?
Ans. I have not; I always believed him to
be a christian.
Ques. 6th Are you on friendly terms with
Ans. am as much so as ever, I have al
ways respected him as a preacher.
And further this deponent saith not.
The above deposition was taken subscri
bed and sworn to before me this 13th day of
November, 1839.
Signed . Wm. BOWLES J. P.
A true copy.
In the County Court of said county, of the
Term of November to wit On the Oth
day of November 1839.
T is ordered by the Court that the Clerk
give notice by publication in the Salt
River Journal, to all persons owing, or hav
ing i.i possession any monies, bonds,
notes, or securities belonging toanv Concrress-
tonal township, or any district of any town
ship in said county, to appear in the Coun
ty court ol saic cotintv, at the adjourned tenn
thereof to be holden on the first day of Janua
ry next, then and there to pay and surrender
into the hands of the court all such monies
bonds, notes and securities, and then and there
to tenew their obligations, bonds, notes,
&c. respectively, so that the same may be in
conformity with the existing law" A true
copy of Hecord.
Attest, M.J. iOYU3, Clerk.
And notice is hereby given accordingly.
AI.'J. NOYES, Clerk.
In the county Court of said county of Pike,
oi me lenn oi ixovemoer, to wu: on the
9th day of Novembet 1839.
N addition to the several allowances made
by the tariff of prices heretofore establish
ed by this court, under the act entitled,"
An act to provide for the establishing and
keeping in repair, roads in the county of
ike. It is ordered by tbe court that the
sheriff be allowed the sum of one dollar and
fiftv cants, for lummonin?. and one dollar
& fifty cents, per day, for attending each and
every Jury; and Ithat Jurors be allowed sev
enty-five cents each, for every day they may
be required to act, under said law. And it
isordered that public notice hereof be given
ftne Clerk, by the publication ol a copy
this order in the Salt River Journal.
A true copy of record.
Attest 31. J. xnu l ras, uerk.
Likely Slaves For Sale.
IN pursuance of an order granted to the undersigned
by the County Court of Pike Cooaty Mo., at the
November term, 1339. The undersigned will pro
ceed to offer at Publio Sale, on the first day of Jan.
nary next, in Bowling-ureen, Three likely yeang
Slaves, belonging to the Estate of Was. 8. If ackey
deceased, upon a credit of twelve months, to wit :
Two men and oae woman, all between 18 and 23
years of age. The purchaser will be required to give
bond with approved Security for the purchase money
henries; interest at sis per cent from to day of sale.
until paid.
JOHN M ACKEY, Administrator.
November 23, 1839 6-3 1.
Pocket Book Found.
PT1HE Subscriber living contiguous to the Town of
JL tfowling.breen, Pike county He., found in the
road, two or three mile from said Town a Packet
Book, containing some money .The owner can bave
the same on application and makiog n satisfactory
description oi rocaei book and contents, and pay
ing lor tms advertisement.
November 23, 1 839.-6
NOTICE if hereby given that letters of Adminis
tration on the estate of Wilson Cook, late of Pike
County Mo. deceased, bearing date the 20th day of
November 1839, bave been granted to the undersign
ed; all persons therefore, who have any claims a-
gninst the estate of said deceased, are required to ex
hibit tbesamo duly authenticated for allowance with'
in one year from the date of said letters, or they may
be precluded from any benefit of said estate, and if
such claims nre not presented within three years,
they Will be forever barred.
PATSrjy COOK, Admx.
Novemder 23, 1339 6-3t
State of Missouri, County of Ralls Set
In the II lis Circuit court October term, 1 839
EJmond Baley Coiunlainant, J .
THE unknown Heirs of Judith Weeks, formerly
Juifilh Haley Locinda Porter, late Luciodv Ba
ley, Harriet linden, late Harriet Baley. The un
known Heiu of Henry Baley deceased, Clifton Ba
ler, Robert Baley and Charles Baley, Heir at law
of llenrjr Baley deceased.
Now at this day comes tbe said Complainant Ed-
mond Baley, by bis solicitor Luke W. Wstkios, and
t appearing to the satisfaction of the Court, by the
affidavit of the complainant filed in this case, that
the said defendants, the onkuowa Heirs of Judith
Wetks deceased, late Jndith Baley, and the an
known Heirs of Henry Baley deceased, are non
residents of the State of Missobri. Therefore, on mo
tion of the Complainant by bis solicitor, it is ordered
by the Court, that tb. said Defendants be notified
that the complainant, on the 14th day of September
A. II. It-1'J, Bled a bill la Chancery against them and
others in this Court, tbe object of which is, to ob
tain a decree of this Court, for the conveyance of ti
ne by tbe heirs at law or Henry Baley deceased,
to him for fifty acres of land lying and being in the
county of Ralls in the State of Missouri, ia section
fourteen. Township fifty five North, and Range four
writ, to be taken off or the east snle of the west
half of tbe north east qnaiter of said sectior, and for
such other &. further relief, as to equity may appear,
and that unless yon the snid Defendants be and ap
pear in this court, on the first day of tbe next March
term thereof, which will be beguo and'bolden at the
Court-house in the town of New-London, in and for
the county of Ralls in the State of Missouri, on the
first mondity in March A. D. 1840. And answer tbl
bill of the said Complainant, the same will be taken
for confessed against you and a decree entered accor
dingly. And itis further ordered by the court, that
a copy of this order be published in some Newspaper,
printed in this State, for eight weeks successively,
the last insertion to be at least four weeks before tbe
next term of this Court.
A Copy from the Record.
Attest, JOHN RALLS Clerk R. Ct.Ct.
November 10, 1839 5-8t
State of Missouri, County of Ralls Set.
in vie naus vircuit fjourt October term, 1 839,
Ormy Miller Complainant,! Bill ia Chancery for Di
vorce from the bonds of
George Miller Defendant,) Matrimony.
NOW at this day comes tbe Complainant Griuy
Miller, by Luke W. Walkins her Solicitor and
files her bill in chancery against the said Defendant
Ueorge Miller. Staling in bubstance, that oa tbe 15th
day of July A. D. 1837. She was intermarried with
tbe said Defendant in tbe County of Ralls and State
or JTisioun, and that he Lved with her bat a fe
days until be wilfully deserted and absented himself
from bar without a reasonable cause, for the space
of two years, and that she bas resided in tbe State
for the ast five years. It appearior to the satisfac
ticn of the Court, by thaaffidav.tof the complainant,
that the said defendant, is a non-resident of this State
at this time. Therefoae, on motion of the complain
ant, by b sr Solicitor, it is ordered by the Court, that
cue said i.eorge Miner, be notified that tbe said cei
plaiuant has tiled tbe said bill against him in tliis
Court, the object of which is to obtain a decree of
this Court, granting her a Divorce from the boods of
Matrimony by ber contracted and entered into with
him, and for such other and further relief as to equity
may appear, and tbat you the said Defendant are re
quired to be and appear ia this Court on the first day
of toe next March term thereof, which will be begun
and held at the Court-house in the town of New-
London in and for the county of Ralls in the State of
.Miuourt, onJJie first monday in the month of March
A. U. 1-10. To answer the bill of tbe said comolai
nant (;niot yoo, or the same will be takon for con
fowd ac u'ti't you. And it is further ordered by the
uiiri, mai a copy oi mis oroeroe puousned In seme
Netrs-i.aper printed in this Slate for eight weeks suc
cessively the Iat inrxrtion to be at least four weeks,
before ttie next March term of thia Court, until
wnicn lime mis cause is continued .
A Copy from the Record.
Attest, JOHN RALLS, Clerk Ralls CL Ct.
Partnership Notice.
rXllIE undersigned have formed a partnarabip, for
ja. us purpose or aeapinr a wnoie-sale Uroeerv Em.
UbUshment, and for the transaction ofa General agen.
cy, and Commission euaioeaaatClarkaville, Pike Coun
ty Mo. under the firm d style or
J. M. fJ. C BELL.
Salt, Salt, Salt.
THE undersigned have on hand, and for eal. on
gooa term.
4i w sacka u. Alum Salt,
130 L. Blown Salt,
170 Turk bland.
J. if. Jr. j. c. bell,
November 9th, 1839
ALL those iodepted to tbe Estate of Edwia B.
Tinker deceased by note or book account. m
respectfully solicited to make Immediate sirnnL
Longer indulgence oannot ha given, a tbe business of
ne estate reqnire cam.
Ostober 19, 19391 3t
Raaaway from the subscriber about lis- middle of
ugust last, a light sorrel herse. about eight year
old, full sixteeo baada bigb. baa a lew nsiw '
bis face, both hind feet white, baa a small crop osT tb.
left ear and had ott aa oid bell with a patched collar
aad at tbe same time a yearling asaro colt of roa
color, with while lege aad belly, of eoeamoo) nte.
any person wno win give mm -""-- -----word
of them at tbe Salt River Journal Office, shall
be suitably rewarded.
Nov. 2d 1839. 3-tf
Final Settlement.
AU persons interested ia the estate of William
r.n;r. late of Pike county. Missouri, deeeaa-
md. mrm herebv notified that ltbe andersgaed; admin-
strator, will make application to tbe County Conrt
of said county, at tbe next reeruary icrae inereoi.
for a final settlement of my administration of taid
estate. URIEL GRIFFITH. Adm'r.
November, 16th 1839.
THE note, belonging to the Estate of John L WiL
liame deceaaad, having fallen doe, it ia expected
that all those indebted will make immediate payment to
ALSO, those indebted to the late firm, of Williams At
Brvson. are particularly requested to call and pay oft
their notes, aa further indulgence ought net to be ex
netted, and will not be riven. I. N. BRYSON.
nevemoersui, w.-
Information Wanted:
ALEXANDER H. HAYES, a Printer, left the
Slate of New Hampshire in 1328, for Near
York, aad baa not beea heard from directly, since.
The editor of the Whig and yEgis, Haverhill, New
Hampshire, a brother of Hayes, aad of coarse
anxiously interested, desire editor of newspaper
to give publicity to tbe above notice, tbat hi lost
brother, if elite, may be found.
To all whom it may concern.
THAT at the ensuing November term of the coun
ty court fur the county of Pike, 1 shall make ap
plication to resign my letter of administration on tbe
te of M. Keyuoias, uec'a.
Est. M. REYNOLDS dee d
Sept 21, 1839. 49 8w
AV1NG determined to change hi basin, tbo
Proprietor offer for sale hi entire Printing
Establishment, consisting of a good News and Job
Office, two year old, with fixture nad furniture a
complete aad ample a are usually met with ia a
country town. Tbe paper has good circulation, both
in reference to the number and the responsibility of
ts subscribers, aad its advertising and Job custom i
a liberal one. To a Whig, of respectable capacity, it
ill be sold not only on reasonable, but accommoda
ting terms tbe payment being secured. It need
scarcely be added, that tbe county and adjacent
country is the most fertile, populous, and wealthy
portion of the sUte, and tbat epidemic sickness is
scarcely knowa in the town and vicinity.
Fayette, Sept. 17th, lSiSH.
(ty The Editors with whom he has eaehaagctl
will oblige tbe undersigned by giving tbe foregoing
few insertions, and any communications or enquiie
addressed to him will receive prompt attention.
HAVING purchased the Drug Store, formerly be
longing te Messrs. Ueiren and Bell, and added
thereto, a large supply of medicine; we request the
citizens and public generally to call and examine tbe
article and puce before purchasing elsewhere. rsj
sicians will be accommodated opoa the moat reasona
ble terms. TIIOS. S. WATERS.
Wm. H. WATERS. "
Bowling G.een, Oct. ISth 1839-tf. :
(succcaaoa to tuc wbcklt whio,)
Will be published every Tuesday morning, at
162 Nassau SU Mw-York.
The publishers of the New York Daily Whig, pro
pose hereafter to issue their weekly paper uader the
title of The Empire Slate. No change will ha made
in the site or foim of the paper; it will contain the full
reading matter of six daily paper, and will be regu
larly forwarded to its aumerous patrons, in tbe same
manner a if no change in the name bad taken place.
Improvements in the mechanical execution of tbe pa- ,
per are contemplated, corresponding with tbe increase
of patronage which the publisher hope to receive an
der the new arrangement.
The paper will be under the editorial maaagement
of Horrace Greeley aad Jacob B. Moore, Esqoire, -the
forme ofwbom will attend to tbe Political Depart
ment, and the latter will devote hi attention to the
Literary and Miscellaneous portions of the paper
the desiga to make Tht Empirt State not only a
spirited aad valuable political journal,bu(, by increas
ing its attractions a a Family Newspaper, to render
t worthy of a more extended patronage. Tbe aid of
gentlemen knowa as approved and able champion of
the whig cause, haa been promised and the Editor
feel assured, tbat if ardent teal, untiring energy, and
unfaltering icsolotioa, joined to some experience aa
soldier in the army and sentinels en the ramparts of
r reeoom, caa ensure success, Tht hmptrt stale shall
fall behind none of it eotemporaries in service to the
cause of liberty and Prosperity.
Tr. KM 3. -TXco Uallan pet Annum, in advance
a price which, considering the amount of reading
matter in itscolomns, tender Ihe Empire SUte onei
of the cheapest Family Newspaper ia the coaatry
itfT Subscriptions received by i. Greer Wilson oV
Co., publishers, 163 Nassau street. New York.
03 Editors vrith whom we exchange wilt coa
ferafavor by giving the above one or more
New York, October 1839.
STRAYED from tha Subseriber hving oa the road
between Bowling-Groea aad Louisiana, four
miles from the former place, about the middle of A
pril last, a dark bay mare with black leg maaa aad)
tail, having no white aboat her as recollected, three,
jeers, old, last sprint:, about fifteen haads three inckea
high, wa well brokea to ride, aad had beea worked a
little, aad bad mark of the geenoa ber (boulder and)
thighs, large head and ear, shert thick maae aad short
neck, and had the scratches in th right hind heel bad
a peculiar walk appearing to ha somewhat bound
or confined ia bet gait. Any person taking ap said
are aad giving information at the Salt Rivet Jour.
eal office, will be liberally rewarded.
October 19,1839. l-4t
Of all descriptions neatly
executed at this

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