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In a spirit of candor, we would ask the
honest portion of the Whig party, in what
way,mannerorshape, have we reaped advan
taee from the change which has recently taken
place in the politics of the country. Has
our currency or our credit been bettered.
Has it enabled the tt tenant of the Log Cab
in." to obtain a more just equivalent for the
hard labor he endured in preparing his
produce for market.
Some will, and have replied that Gen.
Harrison has not been in office long enough
to effect any material change.
This might seem reasonable if we could for
an instant forget what was told us during the
last Presidential canvass, by the " no office
party." It was thundered in our ears by
the stump Orators of the day, that so sure as
the election of Gen. Harrison was rendered
certain so sure should public as well as private,
credit revive and flourish anew. The long
expected perio.l has arrived, but has not
fulfilled the prophecies of those good men
honest and true," who in their insatiate itch
ing after office, sought to pull and entrap tin
"honest and unsuspecting part of the com
munity. '
Harrison Rbform: The Legislature of
Louisiana, having a considerable Federal
majority, have passed a resolution for the
alteration of the naturalization Law
that it willl require a residence f twenty
one years before a foreigner ran heroine a na
turalized citizen of the United Slates.
"Strange passing strange,"thatauy so unlucky
as to have been born without the United
States should belong to that friction, whose
boast as a party ever lias brrn to keep at
1wv the How bred Dutch and drunken
In :f iast n-e-o lv'ei' said tothe I onur
if In) na i . uie if s-e I hem le::ued with
the Wnij pi::y in war f extern. in:ili r
agatns" the paity, whe pwer alone have
sustained t!. in.
Banx Director. Thomas B. Hudson, Esq.
it is understood, has been appointed a Di
rector of the Bank, in place of O. D. Fillet.
Col. Benton ici7be in St. Louis within
few days, says the last information from
Congressional Election- The Governor
of Tennessee has issued his Proclamation,
fixing Thursday, the 6th day of May, for the
election of members of Congress in that
The Governor of Mariano ha appoint
ed the 17'h day of May for the election in
that State.
Tobacco Salks. At the St. Louis Inspec
tion Ware House, second quality of tobac
co brought ,$G.50 per hundred pounds. Pre
vious sales 5 to 7.
0 We make the following quotations
from the New Orleans Price Current of
March 27.
Tobacco is in good healthy demand at 51
71 94.
Flour 4,30 to $4,371.
Tork Mess $12al3. M. O. Mali
Prime $9.
Beef Mess $12al3, Prime $6!a7.
Bacon Hams 7iaSc. Sides CI c. Shoul
der 41c.
Bagging and Rope 20 to 25 c. and 9 to
From the Savannah Republican March 17
The steamer Isi-s. Captain Pitcher, arrived
last evening from Black Creek. To the at
tenlion of one of our correspondents we are
enabled to lav before our readers the follow
nz gratifying news of the capture and sur
render of a large number of Indians:
"Pilate a, March 14.
"Capt. Ker, 2d Dragoons, a day or two
since took twenty-one Indians with their
chief. Kox Tustentignee.
"Twenty old Indians came in a few days
ago at Fort Fanning, and gave themselves
WiM Ca h is been in at Tampa, anil gone
tit in In-ill-" in li Ve. and letters to-ni:'lit
av tli. t nin"ty nirri were sent oi.t on llie
llili to is-iiii niiii-tv mIi viriiis on their
! vvav in.
.h 'lit f-iir li:r:dri il Indian-- are aheady
, " , .v: . . at Tatnp i wailing tube slipped in f. ct
Gov. G.l.ner of "V irg.n.a, rr-,..,.ed ; , ,
the ofB'-e of Governor in consequence of fcj-isv the steamer Gen. Taylor, Caj.l. Peck.
the resolution which passed the legislature , the above intelligence is confirmed.
condemning his conduct in refusing to de- , 7
,. T . . , , ' ANOTfirn IIotai. I'lcge. It was currcnt-
hver up a fugitive from just.ee upon the re- ,y rcpnrte,, i London at the last dates, that
qmsi'ion of the Gov. of A. . Gov. (,il- t,c iittic princess will have a brother or a sis-
mei was for retaliating upon the Gov. ofN. ter to play w ith before the expiration of
York who refused to deliver up at the requi- "'e present year.
sition of Va. persons charged wi-h stealing) "(vTInTauthorized to announce SIM
slaves. i EON P. ROBIXSON, Esq. as a candidate
TW Th Rirhmnnd Whi,r c.n v of liar-! fr the office of Clerk of the Circuit Court of
. . . , , . . . I Pike Countv, at t!ie election in August next.
iiauu a j nil uu i til J t uim iors, .11 ccij
jump, the footsteps of Old Tip himself.
Pleaaed to tbe list they crnp the flowery fond.
And lick tbe band jua raited to shed their bl-od.
frtr We are authorized to announce JOHN
S. HUSTON as a candidate for the offices of
Circuit and County Court Clerk, of Lincoln
U. S. Mint. During the last year the
amount of Gold and silver coined, was 3,-
m AA n rTM I C " 1 J
kiji. i nc numoer oi pe.ces, manning, , A , f rrK x KR? js a candid.itc lor
copper, was 10,558.626. the office of Conn! v Curt Clerk for Tike
Latest from England The Queen, "the County, at the clectj. n n August next.
habv," and the "Parrot," were all in good frWe are authorized to announee AU
health. IGUSTUS OUR Y, Esq. as a candidate for
the Clerkship of the County Court of Pike
It must be rememhered that nrevinn to C-nntV. at ill" elertion in August net.
to her reward. Ashort time brforeherdeath.
she expressed to a friend, her confidence in
God. On Tuesday the 30th her remains
were consigned to the grave quietly to sle i
unlil the Lord decends from heaven with
a shout, with a voice of the archangel, then
in a moment, in the twinklingof an eye shall
this clay nwnke into life and this mortal put
on immortality, then will our beloved sister
bloom in immortal youth. She is where sick
ness and sorrow pan and death are felt and
feared no more.
Our loss is her infinite gain.
E. W.
A LI. pernios indebted to the ruhteriber by note
. or account, ate earnestly reqneted to come
forward unci make payment without delay, n, I
must have money. If t hi, it tint attended to. thnre
owinr me will 6nd their no tea and account, in the
handa of the Constable.
April 10th, 141 4.
ALT. person i indebted to the estnte of Benj. Hur
brije deceased, are earne.tly requested to
come forward nnd ray their debts, for no further
indulgence will be given.
Apr 1 3d, 1S41 4t.
nE.MAINIXGinthePost Office at Iuis
ianaonlst April 1841, which if not taken
otit within three months will be sent to the
General Post Office as dead letters.
A B Hale B.
Adams Hcbre W. J K
REMAINING in the Post Office in New
Indon Mo., whice if not taken out
within three months will be sent to the Gen
eral Post Office aa Dead Letters.
Allison Robert
Allison Joseph
Adams Lcavin
Brown John
Boice Josiah
Bartlett Nelson
Block P.
Chrisman Hugh
Cutler William
Dixlds Thomas
Emerson E. D.
Early Henry 3
Greer J mis
Griffith Joel
Gilmer Rebecca
Hall Win. E.
Ilnuchitis Charles
Hemphill Robert
Johnson Thos. T. 3
Kinnev James
IWulIins Winston
Mandlebaum Samuel
Aloor Thomas
Patton T. S.
Tetty A. G.
Pickett James
Ruland John
Reading Jas. G.
Sheldon U'm.
Salyards Jonathan
Smith Robert
Tompkins Richard
Ti iuih'e James
Waddcll Win. W.
rpiil 10 h. 1841. 3t.
3 E.MAINIXC in the P. st Office at
Fi.u.kfoid Mo , on 1st Apri', which it
not taken out wi:hiu thtce incnths will be
cnt to ;l.c General Post office as Dead Let
ters. Geo. L. Arthur John Mansell
Cliarles E'lion John Steel
Loyd Foid Mrs. Henrietta Tu'.ia-
John G. B. Gecry fcro
Mitchell Jamison Mrs. Sally Williams
John M illroy
April 10th, 1 C4 1. St.
Ashurst Jacob,
Beauford Abra,
Byers Jno.
Boannnn Jesse,
Brown H.
BarnetJ. C.
Bacon Charles
Coons Jno.
Caverly Jno.
Carothers Jno. II.
Culberson Saml.
Denis N.
Dryden J. D. S.
Dimmett P.
Dickerson Wm.
Ellis Sarah
Epperson Joel II.
Fortney Danl.
Freedly Hen.
Flood Isabel
Fugett Josiah
G!acock George
GlasciKrk Ebz i
Gardner J- C.
Green Ahner
Gilbert John 3
GrilhVn Win.
Gray Alex.
2 Garrett Jas.
Hayden Jno.
Hawkins Elijah
Hutcherson M.
Hitch N.
Hudson Pleasant
Keltey R. P.
Little" Ben.
Leake Jos.
Limner R.
AlcPherson Stephen
McCoy Maryann
McCartv Alei.
Nortn'Thos. P.
Pea Ice W. H.
Rennard Stuart
Sheetts M.
Snn.m-ns John.
Snedegar Robt.
Tes. n A. P.
Watkins L. W.
March 3d, 1841. 3t
f i
tant. )
relition in debt, bj
O EMAIMG in the Post Office at Bow-ling-Green
Mo., on the the 3lst dav of
March 1841, which if not taken out within
three months will be sent to the Genera!
Post office as Dead Letter?.
County f Pike,
In the Circuit Court, of the Term of March, to
wit, on the l-'h day of Mairh, 1'41.
Ttfoxa P I'atton, riaintitT
ttcuacx fun ir. Dernid
AND now at tliii dny comes the tniil Dnintin bj
hi atto:nejr, nnd it appealing; to the atifnction
of the court, that the n.iid IrlVnlaiit i, not a resident
of or reii!in within the mid Mate, (a ml thnt he
cannot be tummuned.) Tbercfure hq motion of "aid
Plaintiff hjr hi, ai.I attorney. It i ordered by the
court that the nid Defendnnt be notified that an
action of debt hath been commenced against liim
by the laid Plaiutiir, and that an attachment hath
tH'i-u i,ued against li estate, for the uni of three
hiiiidred dollari) (lie-ide intrrct anil co,t.J direc
ted to the Pheiiff of raid rnunty of Tike, who hatb
altnrhed the f.illowini: real estate, to wit; lot Xo.
.ixtren (10) in Clock No. ten (1(1) in the Town of
Pnyne-riile in raid county, and nl-o a certain lot or
panal of u-round adjoining raid Town, bounded as
follow,, tn wit: iM'ciuiniic at a tone, on the baeeline
of the Town plot at the North we.'t corner of lot
ixtcen nf.irrjaid. Thrnce runnine foutb COo. W.
twenty two pole to a .tone. Thence 40o. V.
eileen pi le" Thrnce N. 45o. E. twenty pole and
twelve link, to the Suntb corner of lot aforc-aul
'I 'hence Si.ntli (JOo. twelve polei to the bcyinninp, a
appear, by hi, irturn endnr'erl on raid writ; and
ti lt ilulr-. yntl the aid defendant .hall enter your
aipeaiance herein, at the next Term of our court,
which will he liesun nnl held, at the Couit Houre
in ltoilin.-"ri'ff'n, wtttiin anil for our raid county of
iiie, n u.e fiiinth Atointay ff June next, and on
or liet'oie the .Innl day of the ,airi Term, plead to
the id l'!,iiiliiTa action. Judgment will be render
ed acaiii"! you by "tel-ul', ami the property attached
a, afore aid. .old to citi-ly the aame. And it ia far
ther eidered hy the Couit, that a copy of thil order
he paMi.bed for four week, ueee"ively, in (ome
ncw.pnper printeil in thi. State, the lat iri'ertion to
be at lca-t thirty dny, before the commencement of
the next Term of the court, until whith raid Term,
thi, cause it continued. A true copy of the record.
, , In withe whereof I, M. J.Noyei,
real. Cleik, have hereunto ret ny hand and affiled
, the real of raid Comt, at office thil 17th
of March, 14I.
March i7 -t. M. J. XOYES. Clerk.
the election, he whigs charged Mr. Van Bu- 05" We arc authorised toannouicc Dr. ('.
ren with having furn:shed the President's H. BAILEY as a candidate for the offices .f
ii . , . . Circuit and County Court Clerk of Lincoln
House extravagantly, that it was too costly i '
C . n n 1
tor an astcrn prince, azc. ice. out as soon
as Gen. Harrison entered it, they added six
thousand dollars worth of new furniture,
to make it fit for a log-cabin president. Keep
it before the people.
Governor of Virginia. The resignation
of Governor Gilmer, devolves the duty of
the Governor on the senior members of the
Executive Council. J. M. Patton (W.) is
now the senior member, and will act till the
friT We are authorized to announee FRAN
CIS PARKER i:sq.,asacandidatefo: thcoffi-
ccs of Circuit and Countv Court Clerk, of
Lincoln County, at the next August Elec
(ErThe Baptists will commence a four
days meeting in BowlinoGreen on Friday
the 1 Gill insi. Ellcr, Hn-ley. Vardaman,
Landram have promised, and other Ministers
who may find it convenient are invited tn
attend the meeting.
31st instant, when his previous term expires. ,(fer We are requested to say that a meeting
Col. John Rutherford (D.) then becomes the of the farmets and others interested, will be
senior Councillor, and will be the acting Gov. ; Ash,e.v on 8 lI! day of M-v "cst:
IOr IRC JIUiOWSC Ul lUlllllllj, "'."'
, Virginia. James Garland is a candidate
to represent the Albemarle district in the next
(fcCol. John Chambers of Kentucky, has
"been appointed Governor of Iowa, and Mr.
JStuhill of Maryland, Secretary.
CSrMr- Nathaniel F. Williams of BaltU
more has meen appointed Collector of that
Amotiikr great iMVKitTio.n. We Warn fr -m
the New Yrk Sun, that there is exhibiting
at the American Institute in the Park, a mod
el of a ship, to be propelled by means of the
. air pump. In a small scale it works admira
bly, nnd it is not improbable that it may yet
be carried to such perfection among the m i
By experiments and inventions of the day,
to become greatly nseful.
The ailken chord that bindi two willing hearta.
On the first inst, by the Rev. Mr. Wilbar,
Mr. Alfreo Pitsf.r, to Miss. Nancy Janf.
Griffith, all of Pike County Mo.
DIED in Pike county Mo., March 29th
1841 after a protracted illness Mm Lucy
Luck, daughter of Alexander C. Fitzhugh.
consort of Acy Luck, in the twenty se
venth year of her age. Mrs. Luck was horn
in Kentucky, and removed with her father
to Mo. Pike county here she united
in maniuiie with her then joyful but now
sorrowful and bereaved husband, and has left
five children to mourn the loss of a beloved
mother. In the year 1840 she experienced
religion, and united with the Methodist Epis
copul church, vrhere she lived ntl calhd
James Alexander,
Am is Beck,
JmIiii C. Bivse,
Charles Bacon
Joseph Beai ius 2
Joseph Carr,
Lewis A. C'llins,
Wm. C. Cobb,
Charles Dance,
Andrew Develboss.
John S. Davidson,
Mclcher Duncan,
Joseph Evans,
Andrew Foguy,
John M. Fullerton;
Henry Kiner,
Thomas Kin?.
Margaret I. Keer,
Lai kin Law rence,
R. T. Lindav
M "
Z. Merre'.l,
R. T. Manin,
Tillman Marsh,
Andrew Mahme,
James McPike,
N' O fc P
Mrs. Sarah Newton
Jobn Oliver,
Alexander Petty
Owen C. Robinson,
D. II. Sperry,
Ambrose Sparrow,
Peter Smelscr
Frederick Goodman, Nancy Stuart,
Benjamin Gray, T
Matthew Givens, Amos Thomas, 2
II Jonatl.an Todd,
Thomas Hazlewood, A. Todd,
Jesse llinton, W
I & J Karen Whitaker,
Miss Susan E Ingram,Allcn Woodson,
Jarrott Ingram, Wm. II. Wright,
RobcrJavis, William Wilson.
Nelson Johnsone,
April 3d, 1841. 3t.
rjEMAl.MXG in the Post Office at Au
burn Mo. which if not taken out within
three months, will bf sent to the General
Post Office as Dead Letters.
John K Parker 2
Henrv Pllard
William K Roberts
William Ros-on
John R Russell
James Branson
Henry C. Clare
Littleton Dryden
Hiram Duncan
Joseph M. Garner
William B Holemam Luallen Stono
Thomas F. Kins John F Turner
Rev. FBMcKllroy
Benoni McAtee
Augustus McAtee
Thos. Munn
George S Turner
John Willson
Wm. W. Wells,
Squire Northcut
April 3d, mi. V.
XTOTirr. is hereby given, that the under
1 ' sighed has obtained from the County Court
of I i';e county Missouri, letters of admin
istration on the estate of James Bradlord.late
ol said county deceased, bearing date the
1 st day ol February 1841. All persons, there
fore, having claims against said esta-e, are
requested to exhibit them for allowance,
within one year after th date of said letters,
or they may be precluded from any benefit
of said estate, and if not exhibited within
three years from said date they will be forev
er barred.
Said James Bradford deceased, was about
NOTICE ia hereby givrn, that the ocder5isca'
haa obtained fiom the Clerk of the County
Conrt of St. Charles couoty, letter of Administration
opon tbe Eatate of Alexia Mudd deceaxu, Deannrr
datethe2t)day nf February. 1841. All penoathn
inr claimi aeainrt laid eatate.are renuetel to exhib
it them to one year from tbe date of raid Iwtlera for
allowance, or tbey may be precluded from aayrroeflt
of raid eatate; and If such claim are not peente1
within three years from tbe date of said letttrt, ttj
will be forerer barred.
March 72,Ct.
THE undersigned, lately trading in LOUISIANA,
under the name of Mate amd Kimo. disroUed
partaertbip oD the 27 of March latt. AH rnoD
hain claims against the 6rm will call on Wm.
Kline, at the old stand for settlement, and taore ia
debteri to the firm wilt please pay their notes and ac
counts, without delay. GEO. MASE.
April 3d, 1541 2w.
April 6, 1841.
Bacon Hams, 7a 8; Shouldis, 4; Sides
51; hog round, 41 dull.
Beans Market well supplied, and prices
have declined. We quote at 75c dull a'e.
Butler In kegs 7tf9 good upply and
Brandy American 50z?5; plenty; Cog
ni:.c 1 50a 3; Champaigne $2o$3.
Bcesu:ax 22a24 scarce.
Candles Wc quote sperm 43a50; mould
14; dipped 12 scarce.
Cotton Yarn 24 to 25, sales. GcoJ
CojeeUdv. green, 12Ja 13; Rio 1314;
Java lGial8; St. Domingo 12a!3c in de
mand. Scz;rs Melee 5JaC; per m. Ilav. M.
15a20; jer Principe 20a 25. Good stock
on hand.
Coi daix -Hemp bed cords $2 50: Grass
S3 00; Manilla plough lines $1 25; Manilhi
rope 15n16 Hemp plough lines $1 25.
Domestics We quote for I a Ca91c;
4-4 at 10sal21.; plentiful supply.
Flour, City mills 4 a 4 25; country do 3
50a3 75 large supply.
FiA-No. I, $19;20No.2. 17;No.3,$13
scarce Cod fish, .$2 00 Herring, 11 to 13
Fruit Raisins M R 3 25;a3 50 scarce
SS Almonds 1Gz18; h. s. do lCfll21
Furs & Peltries Raccoon prime, 40 a
62; Mink, I2125;0tter 2a5 00; Fox,Grey
5; Wild cit 25c; Moskrat prime Ci; Deer,
shaved No. 1, 25; do red do 24; do short blu
24; do fall greys 15; do winter grey 8H2
Gin We quote American 62 a 75c
good supply Holland $1 50a I 75.
Grain 'Corn in sacks 25a30c; Wheat
50; oats 22a 25.
Hides, dry 8ia9; in demand.
Hemp, 6 nnd scarce.
ron Bar 6c; band 6; hoop I0i; round
and square C a 10; sheet 10a 12, castings 4.
Lard Cia7; in demand and very scarce.
Ijtad. .$4 no sales.
Molasses The supply is large, on levee
we quote it Kt30 by the quantity; 33a
in stores.
Nails The supply limited we quote,
assorted sizes 7a71; and No 3. 9 cents.
Oil Sperm Winter Strained 1 35al 50;
Summer strained 1 20il 30; Tanner's $20a
2 1 per barrel ; Linseed 62la 75.
Pork Fresh no sales in bbl. mess $l0a;
prime 8a CI, no sales of any consequence.
Ilice 5laCic for new rice, and scarce.
Hum X. O. 62J75c; Jam. $ SOal 75.
Salt O.i the landing from boats, G A $2,
L B $2 25 in store; G. A.$2 50.i$2 75; I
B S'2 75 demand fair.
Sugar Sugar is now held at7x?l; by
quantity; from stores, 8iC prime; loaf sugar
1 6a 1 81.
Soap Etstern No. 1, 7a3; Cincinnati
6 f 7; good supply.
Tobacco Manufactured Missouri an I
tilexion. snare t.erson-. is si.nnose.l to bave ! Iventucky. 10a25; irginia 25a50 goo.1
vs... 'u i... .' i . -. i 'suppIv. In hhds none tn maiket.
and bre.l in York District! South Carolina,! i'i-oung Ilvson 85affi; C. P. ard
had resided in this connty about fifteen years, i 'inlicn2, '.'r, , , . . . t i
and died on Salt River, about the first of1 Tar Per bbl 56; keg lal 2-good I supply.
November Inst at the house of James I ye, ! IWn.Ary-Sales made of raw hisk on
and his estate has been appraised at the jlMf-Uaw 153 ond bundant-rocttfied
sum of one hundred and twenty five dollars, Xlt, . ,,. ,rim
' m . sa ar
weeks quotations we quote oweet aiaiaga
75; Teneriffe, $a 50; Madeit a, common
73c. best quality St 75a2 50; Sherry
Champagne 8a 15.
and twenty five cents.
Pike Countv .Missouri,
March 20 1841. 6t.
IVTOTIfl-: i- hereby rivi-o thrit the uri'ier.i-ned
1 1 ha, t iken nut letter, of Adniini-trntinn no the
estate of Tilman We.-ivrr, ili n nfil, from the Countv
Court, of Kail, Co. heating date Dec 1 1th. 1 - 0 : ail
persona, Iherefure, who hare any claims ncain-t the
estate of raid derenwd, are required to exhibit the
ante duly authenticated fur allowance, within one
year from the date ofwiil letters, or they may be
precluded from having any benefit of Mid estat-, and
if mcb claim are not preentcil within three years
they will be forever barred.
Jan. 0,1 II 3t.
The following are the rates at which m
ney is purchased by the Brokers inSu Louts
Bank of Cairo, 2 dis.
Miner's bank of Dubuque, 2 dis.
Wisconsin Marine Insurance Co. 5 dis.
Bank Mineral Point, 50 dis.
Bank of Illinois, par.
State l!ank of Illinois, pu.r.
Ohio country, 5 to 10 dis.
Cincinnati, par to 1 prem-
State Bank of Indianna, par to 1 prenr.
Kentucky Banks, par to 1 prem.
United State Bank Notes, 10 di.
Pennsylvania & Mi batiks, t to 3 prem.
N Y & New England hanks, 3 to 4 prem.
N O banks, large bills, par to lpretr.
Arkansas Bank, 50 to 60 dis.
Michigan banks genrally, 10 to 12 dis.
Proposed Iupeachhcnt. The Legiilatu'e
ol Mississippi have passed resolutions re
questing their representatives in Congress
to prepare articles of impeachment against
Justice McKinlev. of the U. S. Supremo
TVrOTIC'i is hereby civen, that the under
signed has obtained from the Clerk of the
County tourt ol Audrain county, letters of
Administration upon the Estate of William
Still, deceased, dated Fehurary the 2d. 1841.
All persons indebted t said estate, are re
quested to make immediate payments, and
all persons having claims against said estate,
are requested to exhibit them properly au
thenticated within one year from the date ol
said letters, or they may be precluded Irom
li ivinu any benefit ..I said estate, and if such ' Court. The Governor has approved tho
claims are not presented within three years, j resolutions. These resolutions have their
thev will be for, ver barred. origin in tho refusal of Judtie McKinley
ANDREW STILL, Adm'r. 'hold the Circuit Court in Mississippi , fa,
April . 1811. Vjrtr nmiiirrd.

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