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Salt River journal. (Bowling Green, Mo.) 1833-1841, October 30, 1841, Image 4

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"pROSPECTUS The undersigned pro
poses to publish a Democratic News
paper, under the title of the The Infex,"
o be edited ia Washington City, and printed
in Alexandria, District of Columbia, three
times a week during the session of Congress,
end tw ice a week the remainder of the year,
at five dollars per annum. The first number
to be isiued about the 1st of September next.
There is a demand for a paper of this des
cription, at the point indicated. The c:ill is
creditable tit the vigilance which dictates it.
and shows a proper appreciation of the exig
ency of ihe times. The critical condi in
in which vie find the great and permanent
interests of the country, resulting from nn
extraordinary combination of men and cir
cumstances, all antagonist to the just and
abiding principles of the Democratic partv,
and the injury likely lo en-ue from n sys:c'm
of measures which tht-ve is every reason to
believe that combination is about to esiab
lisb, will, we doubt not, insure the c opera
tion of the true fii-ndsof the Contituiion.
in all well directed efforts to resist it. So far
s the abilities of centlemeu high in public
confidence car. be employed lo effect this ob
ject, we have an ?surancc of their aid, and
rely upon the Iljpubiicuis of Ue surround
ingcountiy for a corresponding evidence ol
their approbation and support.
We look upon the present as the most im
portant juncture for the re-establishment or
final overthrow of the Republican partv.
which has occurred since the termination of
the last century. The celebrated report of
Mr. Madison of that day asserted the true
creed, and sustained it by an argument which
has never been answered, and is unanswera
ble. The external parly badges of former times
need not now be recapitulated. The intrin
sic grounds of separation at the first still ex
ist; and the principles which animated and
separated the FeJera! from the Republican
party have not remitted in their operation.
A fundamental difference of opinion in the
Constitution, end as to the powers of the
General Government, severs now, as in ear
lier times, the latituc'inarian from his oppo
nent. Parties in their ascendency have
flunctuated alternately; it is a fallacy, there
fore, to say that certain points of difference
being removed, the Federal party, as such,
is extinct. The opposing ptinciples of con
struction, above referred to, tre destined to
remain in permanent conflict as long as our
Government exists.
A crisis is at hand. The shadows that
hang over the face of the future must soon
pass away, and then we shall know 'whether
John Tixer of Virginia is politically a friend
or foe whether he will, in the hour of ex
tremity and danger, stand up for the Consti
tulion and his oft-repeated and lons-cherish
ed principles, or y ield to the influence ot
those who desire to use, but will never sus
tain him. '!! i our foe, who does his coun
try wrong." If he proe a friend, we must
defend l.itn; if a foe, condemn him ns we
go for measures, not men; and we estimate
8nd measure by the 'Democratic standard of
Thomas Jefferson.
In conclusion we would direct attention
to the facilities and advantages attending thi--l.iciti
n. O.ir contijuitr to th Capital o!
the Union, and the residence of Mr. Jsk
E. I)w. (one of the Elitois) b-in' :hfi-.
will enable u to jive the political nws aiii
proceedings ol Con'-e as earl v as ilie pa
pers printed in Washington. We are itua
;ed in lhe midst of several Con,j-es,nal dis
trictnf Virginia and M ir land-, whose com
ni""e 1 A' hithT, and he people are at
present ovevln-l ind liy papers of an oppo
site r rir:-l T
!J,J.-i!:i!riiiVi!'on fir mlilir-ati.n. or
orders !". r p-pers. will meet 1 1 prompt
attention ov be ng :iddess-d to tbe proprie
tor ar.d publisher, at A'xandm. D. C
Aug. 4 dfce.
9MtP w t I
4. a. .w WW 1 rii o.iiiijt
Y authority of an order f the Kalis
county i.iiiri, oi uic u.nu.iyoi oepu
. .1 .1. n.i I . r k'
mil. w "'-- iiiurai diuuci, hi 1 0j sell-appointed "eastern 'critics, uestow ed
the Town of New London, on the f.rst Mon-jVPrv muc, jn Xhe same manner that they
day in November next, the following deseri- j Wf,ulJ drop a shi ling into the hat of an itine
Led real estate, situated in the County of ran, mendicant, who murders Cinderella's
.M.. r :ii...Ti.i.n l...llAH . n
l'ikc Missouri, as the property of silas IL j
Field (an insane person for his support,) to j villanous handorgan! We want no such pat
wit: the West half of tl;c South West quar- . ronii-inj, encouragement. Does "western"
tcr of sefon 33, township 54 and rage 4 ', patriotism, or "western" eloquence, or "wes
West. containing eis'ity acres ol land the ..en." statesman-thin, shrink from a eomnari-
purchaser will he required to give bonds with- j
our. suuich-m'. rrcuniy me trie wot iu r v lien men spean oi ciay, or
ney, one half payable in three Months, and !lrcntice. or Marshall, do they qualify their
the remainder in twelve months from the !admiration bv the remark that uthey are pret
day of sale, the title (which is good) will be ,v we fr a new country"! and why should
made on the full payment of the purchase j distinctions so odious and so ridiculous be
MARY S. FIELD, G.iardian of
18iii 1841 4 1.
THE undersigned administrator of the es-j
. . rri r I 1 VI 1...
late oi i nomas isujiciiuavcii, ucu u. hoc
oi Lincoln county Mo., hereby gives notice
to all concerned, or in any way interested in
said estate, that the undersigned administra
tor will make a final settlement of the said
estate at the next Nov. term of the coun
ty court of said county.
Sept. 25th. 184141.
THE undersigned administrator of tha estate of
David Hudson, dee'd lota of Pike county
Mo, hereby gives notice to all ronrerneil, or in any
mty i ntf-reMed ia i"l e-tatr. th il t'ie .l.-r-i -- I
B't-Iriii'tral r svill m -Vr a final x-llU-iiifi.t of On
tti't ...n- i 1h i t N'.i-iiiln r ti'rui nf the oim
tv ci'irt of sia c...i-ii .
Jv.lN ki)V TH, I'ntcutor.
Pit. 23 ,1941. 4.
TVTOTICS is hereby given, that the unJer
' signed has obtained from the Clerk of the
County Court of Pike county, letters rf
Administration upon the instate or V. D.
Biggs, deceased.dated September 4th 1841.
AU persons indebted to said estate, are re
quested to make immediate payments, and
all persons having claim? against said estate,
are requested to exhibit them properly au
thenticated within one year from the date ol
said letters, or they may be precluded from
ha vine an v lenefit of said estate, and if such
claims are not presented within three years,
thev wtll be forever barred.
Wm. READING, Adm'rs.
Sept. 11, 1841. 3t.
VI,!. PERSONS interested, ace hereby notified
that I 'hull at the lu-xt N.neinber Iron of the
Pikr rmititt onrt. make a fi'.nl settlement of my
admiiii-tration of tlie Etate of David Tomb.,
SOnil TOMTIT, Adro'.
Sept. 25. 1Q4I 4t.
IS Herefcr eifen, thit the undersigned, hastrkea
out Letter of administration, with the will annexed.
Uinu the Estate of John Oetreech,Sr.dcceaed from
the Clerk of the Warren County Court, bearing date
the 17th day of Sept. lt41; all peroat having
claims aj;::in4a:d estnte are therefore notified to
present thrm for 'allowance, within one year from the
dnte of said letter, or they may be precluded from
any benefit of said estate, and if nut preteuted with
in three vears, will be forever baried.
riiilE Subciiber offer" for sale the tract of land
n on which be now live lontaing IIMMJ acref.
with about event-five acres ia cultivation, with a
rofortablr brick dwelling, and other necessary buil
ding. alo a saw and erisnnll ia toon repair, with
a good yonng orchard which i well watered. The
above tract would be divided to suit purchasers
The tract lief 1!) mile South of Clarlcvitle. Time
conld be had for part of the purcha'e money. Any
sn.t lrman niching to purchase a horue wnutd do
well to call on the sntxeriber Wn. WATTS.
Mr 11. B. Gray offrr another tract of land join
ing the above, iiu the fame terms with two iirpri.Te
ucnts on IhesaiJ tract. Purchasers are in'ieti-d
to call and jnde f-ir tbemelvei.
September 4. 14 1 lit.
An Independent Magazine of Literature
and Criticism.
Western Literature! Confound ihephra-e.
we hope we shall never hear another word
about "Western Literature" as long as we
live! What is "western literature"' that it
is different from eastern or fouth'rn or any
other sort of literature? Scarcely a news
paper ot periodical which we open is with
out some encouraging and condescending
ovr-pnt on ihe roor shoulder of westevn
literature."' or "western poetry,"' or some
such outrageous nonsense. N"v we hnv
ih presuniption to fieheve th.-.t literaturr
and poetry, wherever they exit. are found
i'd upon the same i'ntuut.ilile piinciple. whn-h
principle is a communicaiion of human ge
nius with the immortal beauty pervading all
nature which shapes alike the cloud, thf
rainbow, the si. try skies, the wliiperin
landscape, and clothe them all in its celes
tial esenfes and whii h de elopes with its
lieautv-creating power as well the delicate
oe-leif as the son! highest apiration
liter th infinite and the eternal. In ll'e
material ns well ns ihe intellectual win Id.
it wr-ii ii tntr iiiiini'i:iii.ti iii in.
ever thins tends constantly towards perfec- j
tion. Thecerm bursts "from the roti'ins !
eerl, in Ihe dark turrow. anil springs upward ;
towards the ilit to bring lorth its perfei-l
and beatiful forms even as the soul of man,
stniulinir with the mists of animal passion
an 1 groping in the darkest of its impeifrrl
"rtf:inizatiiir. tends upward and onward till
it aa:n initit;!e w ith tin divine source f
beauty whetice it spin p.
7Vri. U literatur; arid what iiiie'rab!e
nonsense, then, lo t.a'k of wetern" litera-
! ture, as il it wer- a ihni! ajiart --oin the
general order ol nnine some in:eretm5
i , -.u.i
i phenomenon an intelleciiial niontriiv
' lo p:(tted cnc"urainL'l v on the hack, imd
l . . . . . . i
t0 receive, the stinted ami lelm-tnnt praisr-s i
I i, ... H .
ah, and the overture to Fra Diavolo on a
8pn wjm ,ie patriotic and the eloquent of
made respecting literature? We are sick
of this affectation; and, so far as our humble
abilities go, we are determined that it shall
be done away with. We are about to com
mence the publication of an independent
magazine of literature and criticism inclu
ding within its ranre every subject of inte
terest in belles-lettres, the fine arts and gene
ral literature. We mean to show to the in
credulous world that the unnoticed Praibik
Flowf.r, which "wastes its sweetnesss on the
desert air," glows with as divine a beauty,
and breathes as pure a fragrance, as the gay
est exotic that flaunts in the parterres of me
tropolitan fashion. We ask no allowance to
be made no indelgences to be granted our
modest boquet, because it chances to be gath
ered from the pathless prairie, within the
shadow of the Indian's wig-warrior the rude
hut f the . nider pioneer. We wish our
v oik to be judged striotlv, s"vriely with-
nt prpjudire or lar.ir; and if the Pnirir.
Fi.owrti. drippii'g with fresh and odorous
dews, find welcome, we!! if t be thrown
aside, to mingle unnoticed with the rubbhh
which strews the earth, it is also well. The
only favor we ask for it i3 that no favor, be
vond it strict deserts, shall be extended to
The first number of the Prarie Flower
will be issued on the first of November next
after that, it will appear monthly. The
form chosen for the work is similar to the
other monthly magazines a large octavo,
each number containing from 48 to 64 pa
j;es. The price of the Prairie Flower is $5 a
year.. Single numbers can always be procu
red, at 50 cents each.
Letters relating to the work must be ad
dressed, post-paid, to "Publishers of the
Prairie Flower, St. I-ouis, Mo,"
Editors copying this advertisement will
confer an especial favor, and will of course
be entitled to nn exchange.
Su Louis, Sept. 8, 1841.
Trnstees alc.
Of a Valuable Tanjard Ac.
Y viitue.pi a deed of Trust executed to
ihe nndvTfi:ned on the 20th day of No
vember I839.nd recorded, in hn Recorders
ofBce of the County of Pike, by Noah Alkin.
for" the benefit of David McAlister, John
Rodgers, .James D. Tisdnle and Tho.nas S.
Waters, f shall proceed to sell to the highest
bidder for cash in hand, before the Court
House door in the town of Bowling Green,
on Satorday the 1 3th day of November
next (184 1,) all the riht, title, interest and
estate of the said-Atkins to that certain
piece of ground, containins the estimate
quantity of one acre more or less, upon which
is situate the TAN YARD adjoining the town
of Bowling Green, and the South part of
ihe West half ol the South East quarter ol
Section N.. twentv-four, in Township
53. North of ranee No. three (3) west of the
fifth principal meridian, containing, thirty
eiiiht acres, and a fraction more or less all
situated and being 'in the i ounty rl Pike
aforesaid, and being the same tan yard and
contiguous lands, purchased by said Atkin
of Augustus Oury, and the same by him pnr
oeased of P irk-V Dudley, and also all ihe
follow iiii vats of leather viz: No. 4 contain
ing fifty two pieces. No. 6 containing forty
two p eces. No. 9. containing fifty one pieces
an. I N'. 10. containing forlv two pieces.
together wi:li all the hides and leather be
longing to said Atkin now on hand, or in
process of tuning all the tools, impnmen'.s.
fixtures ifcc , belonins to said vard to
gether with the stork of bark. lime, oil and
all o!her material now on hand, as well as
(he stock of horses, rattle, hog and all th
at t mater.
nd viiliiot bmd it e I 'w it-'
Oct. 9, 1841 -5'.
A. II. pU.tJtVI?K.
HAS removed his office, to a room in the second
stnrv of the Stone Iloioe.
story of the Stone Iloue.
iknm i .mit i'kixtim;.
lilnnk Cherks
" larril, Mortpnrrn.
" Xolr, and
Billaol Kirbaac,
J'Jh'JoV 'all kind.
DII.LS. Clf-rk'. nnd t BLANkH.
Ilors, and
Will be done epelilioiily on rraMinahlr trnu at the
S.1I.T Hll VH HilIHXJll. OVFICf.
EMAIMXG in the Ios Office ai Bowline
ei-n Mo. on the 30 day of September
1C4I, which it not taken out within three
months, will be sent to the General Post of
fire as dead letters.
l imi le:indor.
James Francis,
Willi nn Few.
Elizabeth J. Hutt,
J. II. II.iL'hs.
Francis G. H.iwel,
J.,Si,li B-av.ins 2
.M:,rion Bi-"s
I loci. Chailes Behne,
Mrs. Mary Brown,
Adam Branstetter,
James Catlett,
Ambrose Clark,
J. B. Clifford,
Nathan Downing,
William Dickerson,
Thomas Johnson,
Jacob lemons,
Joseph M'Coy,
William Miilllkin,
James Mcrrett,
Miss Jane Moss,
U M. Moss,
Mrs. Rosa nah Steel,
David Staley,
M. B. Sandefer
Nat. Tandy,
John Thomas,
David I Tombs.
Jchn f-merson.
John 1'. Miilleton,
John W. Neti;
Miss Frances Orr,
J. Owsley.
Daniel D. Prosser,
Mrs. II. Patterson,
Joseph Rogers,
Oct. 2, 1841. 3t.
REMAINING in the Post Office nt Frank
foid Mo. on the 6th of Oct. 1841, which if
not taken out within three months will be
sent to the General Post Office as dead lei
ters. Flood Joseph Finnell Edwin
TaliaferoJohn F. Rrien Sam'l
Sidner Frederic Coff Geo.
Gardner James
Fransford Mo. Oct. 9, 1741.-3.
THE subscriber wi-hes to return bis sincere thanks
to the citizen Pike, for the pnhlio patronage
1'Cietnfiire reri-ired .fie nl-o tri-he In inf nu lbs to
thai I- sr'11 cany on Ihe above business in lII its a
rioui branches at tbe saws stand.
Pi aiiinrtlie Mo. Oct. 2, 1841 ,3
hoiwhold and kitrhen furniture now in ihe p:lr,'mPtl, f the new volun-e. I f..rtv-ix. Nnrih in K.nje No 5 Wnt containing i.. p
possesion of said Atkin. In conveying said o-T. ,VnF. This interrsiini.. ! handmd and ante acrea. and .t being shown to sail !
pr., ,r.y and .h 'he sale ther,,,. I Mull c n- Tf,f J ,.wne .,,:,, sl ho preserv-: ..dd 1
vey such invr-st oflly a IS C-nevrl to i.m- , . voung soor'smen. and nnr-m he r-rrn to Manr Ouesenherrv. lata Mare F I,
THE fall tad wiatar Saaaioa. of Uw A.bly Feraata
Seminary will commaae on Um trot 3Uoda
in September and continue U mootbr
Terma or tuition or loUowat
Fin needle work, -
Ortborraphy, Headinf , Writing, Geography,
ad Eng-liab O ran mar, .
Nctnrti Philoaephy, History, ancient and
modern Chemistry, ind (Uietoric,
Mental and Moral, Philosophy, Lofio Alg.
bra, Ueametry, LaUa dr. Franca language.
$3, 00
Mapping and raintinj
-rr - - --.a .... L..e
, acn.iara will d aiua k
a lenn, ana no oeaociioai wiu aw waw -
noleae oceaaioned by sickaeao. - '
The teachera pledge tkemaelve, lb at ao effort oa
their pari, aball be aparad to proaot tbe biaet
Me beoant at tntir pupil.
L. STODDARD. I t-r.. .
N. B. Boatdeaab obuiaad ia towa raaaonabl
July 14, 184141.
JULT. 1841.
THK irreat increase in the subscription
list ol tfis higfty popular Aiagume Vinc ur, . A tiUollcr, h9,imf hj M .
tion havhtg.inore tfian d-nihle in less '""OfJJ ,he )Slo j., 0f M.y A D. 18' f
six months) mduces the proprietor to com- gjj i, lhe omce ,f the fleik of the Cirroit Cec j
me lice a new volume With the Jul? number.
It will be iswed in the most attractive style,
...;.k f.r.i r . nAt ar;. .f l?irn Dm-
GiSAt Engravisos, got up in a manner thai
mill II 13 VI J w vm
shall surpass any used in any other Ameri
can Magazine. In addition to the fact that
we employ the talent of the very best Ame
rican artists' in the engraving ol the plates
for this work, it must be remembered, that
most of the subjects selected are Original
American pictures, which have never been
before engraved, and are consequently, the
newest that can be brought before Highly
Colored fashions.
It must be remembered, that the Fashion
t'lates of this Magazine, are the best in color
ing and design that can be found in any
work published iu.this ci untry or in Europe.
They are engraved and colored for this
Magazine, by the best nt lists that the coun
try can pr-'ducr. and are 'rawn alwny .from
ihe latest design from Pans nnd Ixndon,
and consriueiitlv may always I" relii-d up
on as the prevailing style in ihe United Sta
les for the month in which ihey are issued.
We pay more for coloring tharj any other
publication, nnd alway have the best.
The CiijRiBfTOBs. In addition to the un
usual finerray of contributors, which the
Magazine has thus far bo is'ed. arrangements
havit been ma ie with a number more of the
best writers of th- d.y.sotha, sp.ee and
in f'ct ?t al! von;r or ,'1. wt'O
- - . a . -
t'i so nts ol the roil ami itun
L Il-I-'S II
t'lisdi-pirtrneiit. shall he Iroili arknow ii ilge
pen, and ( the very-best ailth.ritr.
The vol.i.ne will be opened wiih a new
. . . . . ' i
ili. I tio.Mitllist type, cast expreI V lo, i
wmk. the mechanical execution slull ueiM
surpavin ne:iinss, and the printing shall
be upon the finest white'paper.
Nkw asi PoiM'Lsst Music The choicest
pieces of new nnd popular music for lhe
iiano Forte and Guitar shall be selected for
its pajes, and two or more paje shall ap
pear reVuIarlv each month. In thi way
subscribers in remote country towns, ca aU
wrays have il-e l itest music at low rates, al
most n soon a it is published.
TERMS CASH The lerm!,are$3 foi a
sing'e subscription, and .in no cae will the
price he abated, or two copies for .$5, free of
postage and discount, alwats in ADVAyrc.
nir MONisr. This rule is imperious and will
not be departed from.
Address, post paid,
S. W. corner 3d & Chesnut sts., niiPa.
I hare a Tery valuable and likely NRGtO BOY.
which I will sell nm the most reaonahle terni
fur CASH lie i between l' and Iti year" of a;e.
anl i capnble of iluine alrnnl esry kind of work
for boy of bis aee and site. Apply to
JOS. B. ARTIIL'lt, Troy Mo.
ondpf.ipned AilminiUrur of the ctate of
JL Meridith r. Shepherd, tirr'il late of Pike Count
Mo hereby r -" f "Terpr.,1 r,. ... mn.mMi
inlrrested in said e.lalr, l"iit Ihe uiHieroicued a.luiin-
islrnlnrs will apply for a finl settlement of sail?late
at the neit Not. term of the I ounty toon
said count r.
1 1 Adm'ri
Sept. 25, l?41.-4t.
THE undersigned administrator of the es
tate of Austin Almond deceased, late
of Pike County Mo. hereby gives notice to
all creditors and others interested in said es
tate, th -t ho intends to make a final settle
ment ol said estate, at the nejt November
term of the County Court of snid County.
l').J. ALMOND, AdmV.
Oct. 2, 1841 4t.
THE subscriber intending to curtail bis credit
business, and soil roa est, will oflWfreat
inducement to tboa who auv roa bokkt. His
goods are all purchased of lb manufacturers, are
rood, and will be sold low. Merchants who boy for
cash will find it to their advantage to call. Ha !
now rere sii.c his fall stock, and will bare on hand
annul -ni pn causes l loo is ana nsoes, rno-iiiinr; oi
every article in the Shoe line.
UEORGE K. BUDD, 13 Main .1,
St. frfiuis. Aug. V!7, 1S41. 3t op stairs.
"I." tx- K. I.., L.l f.,r in lhe lilei:irv ilf- .u - ..l . r ik. . a.
A. F. Tat AIM KM, ba the plewMiro to aaaV
to tbe citraeat of Bowlior Green and tbe jorroaj
coontry, that h will contmoe the above bouse!
door Eart ef tbe Post Office. He ii bow T
to receive order for work, pledging bimtol to,
enta not ! in .V. I.k. bat in tbe H
anil aiott approved fathiont, haviajt . Jnrt
: porta or tbe ipnng aad tummer railuoas w
Hateixlerfbitnncere thank. to . niaeru
.Iforth patroaare lie baa e-cefvert ,
.tt k;-irn,.i i.:. n'rrt aiteotioa t
united with a deure to plee bi coitoew wilt
for him a contioaaUo t tbe
Ma? Kad-lf.
- Ia the Clreair Coart for Jo'y T" A. D. 1841
juam wtwa, niuiaw di,u,
Baird, Gabriel Reed and Mary bit
wile, late Mary Baitd, aad Mc
Kialy Hayi aad Sarab bit wife,
lata Sarab Baird Petitioner.
loba Baird, Samuel Baird Jr.
aad farab, William, Samuel. Joba
Fraacia, Abmlem.aad Janie Hay
ehi.drea of Elizabeth Hays ta
Eliaaheth Baird defeated. D.
-- r
f the County anil Slate foreid, their aet-Tir
praying for the partiiioo of the foliowi.t deter
reaienateoi j.muei -....v....,
ceareil. (to wit.) The North Weat fourth ol KClie.
No. 17 Tewntbip No 51. Kange two 'l,flii.
inr on hundred aad tiity acres, aUo tbe wet b"
of the north eart quarter of tectioo No 17 Towatk
No 51. Ran two weal containing 75 acre, ai
alto the Norta Eaf quarter of the North Eait qua
ter of vection No. 17, in Towabip No. 81, Rang
two west, containing forty acres all ia Ike coaat
a for eta id And it appearing on affidavit filed will
aid petition, that John Baird, and Samnel Biid jr
two of tbe abore earned defroilantf are notreiideab
of thi state. It ia tberfure ordered that 'Jbjiui"--renident
defendants bo notified that said pirtioaer
have filed their petition at a foresaid by a publieatioa
of a copy of this order, in omearw"paper publithed
nearet to this coonty. nace a week for LfiT'
ucceirely before the next term of said Circuit
Court which will be berun and held at Ihe Court House
in tbe towa of Troy ia said county oa the third Jf aa
day in July next.
, t Given under my hand and seal of of ca
seal in varatino of said touit. 'his 5th ear af
JuN. A. D. 14I.
of Uncoln Circuit Coart Jta.
J..I, .'
Circuil Court Clerk, office I a vacation 1,4 18iUaai.
ST A I K K M lsl l I.
M"i te-mer Cfimti. '
Now at Ibis day comes Will.am Pariah aa lair
and legal representative of Henry Parish deeeaasd.sa4
filed a petition in the office of tha Clerk of the Car.
cuit Court ia and far aaid counts, praying that partitiaa
rl.n intermarried wilrr - Achilla jaeaaabarry,.
JkJuw-eaHn -C- Viral 4U
inn uii retmnn naa been n!ea ana siii be preaauta
(n ,,trJ Circuit Court at the Term of said Coart, to ho
held insnd for said county en the 6rat Monday ia Oa.
' . ' r"' J ublst,ti..f
epr of thia order once a steek f.r eight sreeka aae-
CWI iB omm seat paper printed in or a
aearaat ta
to Ihe I ounty or Montgoinory aloresaid.
MintJ0inery Coonty. ,
I, Jacob?- Sharp. Clerk of th Circuit Court iarW
and for the coun! aforesaid, certify tha forefniag to
be a true copy of :. ori(iaal order ef PoMicaliear I
in my Office.
, In witness he-enf I hire heftlafare as .
sesl. Jrne baml and affiled I he seal of aaid Courts
' nffire in the losrn of Dansille, lb I4lb dsf
of June in Ihe year of our lrd IM1.
July 17. I84I.-8L
ii - I -Hi in " 'i ' intermarried wait - Achillie voeaaabarry, l
Piritk U
July 17. I84I.-8U - L , V
nirjeni irrmu nr DJinTai.7 vuivaax '
JOTH'F. i hereh riven that Ihe co partaer.bip
heretofore eii-tinr between the anriersirned.
uuJer the firm of CAMI UKLU CHILTON it Co.,
wr.s di'srlved by mutual con-rot, on tbe first day of
January A. I I'M I, and the holiness of the said
firm will be settled up by Campbell and Chilton.
WOTICE is hereby girt-a that the ondertiraejj
has taken ont letters of Administratina oa tbo
rtnie of I harles B.iilrr. deceased from tbe Rall
I'ounty Couit. bearing date tne August SJSth 1841
All prrwst, therefore, who bate any xlaimsagaiast tbo-
e-t.ite of said ueceaeil, are required to ethibit tbo
same duly autbrnlicated for allowance, wilhia oao
yrar finiu the date of said letter, or they Bay bo
precludeil finu hatine any benefit of said estate, audi
ifuch claims are not presented witbio three yeaat
they will be foreser barred.
Sept. 1-th. 141 :'t.
JWOTIt'ishrrehT risen that the unilerjicnen Di
aloal taken out letters of Adroinitration oathee'
late of Sebastian Vetteo.dec'd, fioos the CleiH oftbel
ri.ont. Court, of Wonen County bearing data that
2!lh of Auriul. A. D. 1?41: all persona, therefore
who bate any claims urainst the estate of said deceased
are required to ex.ubil the same duly auinenocaiea
allowance, witbio one year from the date of said let
ters, or they may be precluded from basing any bene
fit of said estate, and if soch claima are aot p reseat
ed within three years tbey will be foreeer barred.
September 4tb 1641 'M.
ALL Persons interested are hereby ov
tified, that at ihe net Nor. term of tlja 1
Pike County Court. I shall apply to satd
Court, to be released from being any loeg-
er Guardian of John GoulHesbeiry.
Antrim 91st, 1841. 8t-
.A LL persons are hereby foreworned front
eby f
trusting mr wife jac
ncy on any account,
ns I am resolved not to par an of iWrejoeV
trnrta n- .u l,a, .r, m- an1 boarrl
without a jus t provocation. She left on Wed-
nesdav tlie 1 1th day of Aupust 1841.' I
M I h .
i A :'vi
f . . A ii

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