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The Clarion: Wednesday, Jan. 3. l883-
I -S fomi'tlk. 1 1 BALES HAY.
n 1- I--V IV i W u .-,.,, .; mylng flat oars
on the -ew im-an" riinuu J
afternoon, a mule tcaui from the c.uutry
got on the track about mid-way between
Kilimw oflice. J he
1 1 ;i I New Year.
., . I. 1 1 111.. H- .'UK. 1 ...-l"'.
But lew cans amiYmi.u - - .m-.hine- it
rear 11.11 struc- o
, ' on New Year' day and night.
ion. .runt, of Terry, i among the wel
rae caller of TheO.akios this week.
Mississippi Couinisndery, KnighU
tuplar, next Monday night
badly and killing one of the mule. The
car was, at the dame time, driven turougn
the weal tide of the Express office, smash-
in- thing generally, and crushing in the
. 1
floor. Mr. John I.ncgan, messenger, auu
Spelling Match at Fair Lawn Insti- Joe Nelson, and John, Willi, porter and
on Friday, commencing at one o'clock
1 patron invited.
Tub ClAElOS'i fat friend Dr. J. W
' ybin, wa .among ita welcome caller
1 week.
Dr. Rogle, Buperiutendent of the
. inty poor-houae at Raymond, wa in the
f yesterday.
Messr J. L Halbert, Hinlsong and I.
Boooha, of Tarry, favored ua with viait
The Clarion extend greeting and
wishes te it many subscrilH-rs for
.perous new year.
OA, C K. Hooker waa in the city yes-
:. '.ar. He will return to Washington in a
. . day a.
-We note an improvement being made
o aomeof our city pavement and streets
I the good work go on.
The Telegraph Office a in it new and
11 re convenient quarter in the Kill
ii tiding, Capitol Street.
We had the pleasure yesterday of a
it froea Mr. George it. Pearn, Jr., for-
rly of thia city, and now mem I mr of the
1 alias, Texas, bar.
Thoa. B. Helm, lvq., ha wild hi resi
al ncc on Weal street to Judge J. A. r,
1 iiupbcll. The print paid waa $0,500.
Immediate potMaaiotl was given.
The officer elect of Capital Lodge No.
11, I. 0, '). F.( will be I natal led to-morrow
Thursday) night. The Grand Master will
.1 liciate.
It would be a graceful OOtirtciy in the
verul congregations of this city to place
i ie telephone in their pat tort' residences,
't. Andrews' congregation haa led off in
t ie matter.
The Sacrament of the Lord' Supper
vill be observed at the Presbyterian Church
M 'Xt Sabbath morning. Preparatory ser-
ices Friday night.
An up-town Kjres office haa become
positive necessity Tt would be u great
public conv ciiicnce, and but little, if any,
additional expense to the Company.
Renewal and new subscriptions are
eeting Tim Ci.ahion in evidence that ita
oris to keep abreast of the times are
ibatantially appreciated.
After an absence of three month
n nong her relatives and many friend in
I fferson county, Miss Mamie Cadwallader
. rrived home a few days since.
The Hoard of Supervisors, Messrs. Mc
!!ae (President), Newman, Chichester,
Middleton and Smith, held their meeting
or the lat Judiei ! Iitriet iu thia city
1 hit week.
We call attend m to the card of Mr.
If. 11. Maves, Jr., Attorney-at-Law, Jack-
A and Haslehun 1 lr. Mayes is a wor
t ly young mini, an 1 sill give prompt and
faithful attention to any business intrusted
to him.
Died, at the European House in thia
city, on Wednesday last, the 30th Decem
ber, of pneumonia, Mr. T. J. Stone, aged
about M years. Deceased had been a resi
dent of Jacks.m for about 17 years, and
leaves a family and many friends to mourn
bis loss.
The New Year's reception at the Ex
ecutive Mansion wa- unusally brilliant.
Mr, llatle was assisted iu receiving her
numerous callers by Mis Johuic Hunt of
Vickaburp, and Misa Mattic Myles of Port
The Hoard of Supervisors have re
elected Dr. George K. Harrington county
physician by a unanimous vote, which wt
may add, w as a Well merited recognition of
hi past faithful service in that office.
Mia. It. H. Meteer, of Jefferson county
and her daughter Miss Klla, have been
spending the Christmas season at the real
deuce of their relative, Mrs. Power. Miss
Klla will remain, as a pupil of Fair Lawn
Judge Campbell ha wold the Qwin
place, and within the next twelve months a
theological seminary will be in full opera
tion there. The institution at Natchez, ia
for aale, with : view of transfer to thia
Pearl Grove Baptist Church ttnd Sun
day School had an enjoyable concert "and
Christmas tree at Benevolent Hall lasl
Fridav night. The church and school has
b-rn organised leas than a year, and both
appear to have the elements of growth and
Hon. J. If. Smylie, Swamp Laud
Commissioner, will leave for Washington
next week, in the land interest of this Stat.
He will be absent several month. Mis
sissippi haa a largo unaettled claim against
the government, which Mr. Smylie will no
doubt lie able to get in shape for early
The docket for the Northern District
was taken up by the Supremo Court on
Mondav. The attendance from the bar of!
that District is numerous- among the
number present we learn, are Messrs. Rey
nolds, Davi, McFarland and K. A. Sykea,
of Aberdeen, Ptiichtitinn and Mclntonh, of
Okolnna, Cayoe. of Fulton, Whitfield, of
Corinth, and" FitzGcrald ami Whitfield, of
driver, were in the room at the time laoei
ingcans of carp for shipment to Yicks
burg. The two first named were caught by
the intituling car, and it was fesred for
while thst both were killed. They were
extricated with omc difficulty, snd both
were found to be scrioiuly though not dan
geroualy injured. Willi escaped with a
slight scratch. So far as we could learn,
the engineer wa not in fault. 1 he driver
of the team had been adm inihed by sev
eral eron not to venture on the track
just at that time, but he persisted in doing
no. Thi is the third accident young LotV
egsn ha had in hi brief railroad exper-
:, . it, Kan hecome verv noiiular as
nil '. " ' -
gx press measenger, and hi Mends con
gratulate him on hi very narrow e ap .
Circuit Court.
The Circuit Court for the first distrist of
Hinds county commenced its term at City
Hall on Monday morning- Judge ThoS. J
Wharton presiding. The following compose
(iliANi. .Jt uY- Isydore Straus, Fore
man, W. 11. Harris, Henry MatSW, Geo,
Glover, Morris Garland, W It. Sorsby, P.
M Hardy, Robert Bradley, Spinier Par
ker, J. M. King, Watson tlsray, J, t. mm-
ligan, W. D. Gordon, W. G- Haines, Ed.
Fondren, W. E. Jones, J. L. MeMaboii. P.
fi. HiUheim, W. T. Holland, L M. Wil
liam. H. V. Cltogan, Bailiff for Orsnd
Jury. ,
Pktit Jt RY No. 1FlMT Wki-k Boot
Armstrong, Jno. L. McMahon, J. H. Deal,
P, C. Smith, A. A. Koikes, Lewis llumett,
A. L. Bronaon, L. H. Milllgan, W. H.
Terrett, J. B. Smith, A. Miell, Win.
PBTTt Jt'KY, No. !. Second W erk u.
B, Batte, H. Kaltr, Jeie Kelly, Aaron
McAulis, Ji Patton, H. L. Mnller, H. (i.
Maanev, C. A. Lusk, Jno. Cain, A. B.
McGoWSO. W. D. Terry, R. O. Kdwards.
T ib othcer ol the court conaii oi o.
15. Thomas, Sherifl'; A. G, Lewis, Deputy
(sheriff; B. Livingston, Clerk; A.R.Green,
Deputy clerk. The Court Bailiffs are : W.
H. Taylor, J. M. Fuller, W. II. Dixon, ().
F. Pittman, ('. P. Echols, fit. L, IfoGowan,
U'wia Gordon, J. W. McKaven, C. T.
Brown, Ed. McCoy.
The case of MtrqaeM A Varney vs.
itichardson A Hro., waa under consideration
as wo were going to press.
ew Years Ureetlng'a Front Onr Snb
sf rlber.
The following kind words arc cxtrac-
twl from business letter-, rccnuiy r.
ceived. They arc highly valued, ana ,
will incite us to greater efforts to make
The Clabios still more acceptable to
itH many well-wiahcrs:
Pout Gibo, Mise.-Enclosed find $2.00
.l l Tint Cl.AKI'iN. WhUtl
lor reucwi v. '. .
deserve, the cheerful support of all g'ou
i , , . , i .ill. t -. En-clowl find H00
for which move up my credit. IP
pleased with your manner of
public question. 1 B-
M,M - Knelocd find $2.30 to
I..-", - T . , .
i. i.. r :tt 188S. Iong may Ihk
. . . mm in battle for the right.
' l.sniu.' n, TT
l . la.
Fayette. Mow. Find $2.t0 in pay
ment of bill Hindered. lng life sml pros
perity to The Clario ana it y-
. .. -r W AS HIS 1 --
Wm rel.i to !Ue, .d the life of religion U
to d goud 1 iiU uUjrg.
tOt hritv as Ilk the -
N.u. a,v""""t: : ,
rWrnmn Miss.--Find money
, r-tr. vi'.. ,1 Tuv ( 'i t kiiin as long as
ior.iu. - ...
1 live.
R. W.
k- . i.;-. i . lie it win--
' I ram sliiverinii in the leave-
Y..t ..er ni
'What hi ireed
The ISM may tnt."-
Hi hfl (treat faith in loave of I bread
H.r huasnr pe..pl', young Mid ..Id,
li he mpirtd; kind ordi he said
'lo thi-e he .helured from the cold,
Kur we uliimld feed,
A well SS pray- :
"What wa hi creed.
1 cannot say.
b word he did not put hi truM,
III,, faith in word be m.er writ ,
He l-.ve t, .hare hi wp and irut
With all uiauaind who need it.
In time uf need
A friend wa he.
"What w hi creed'
He told not me.
He put hi tr.it in heaven, MoThO
V. i.rke.1 well with hand and head,
And what he gave to charitjr
(Sweetened hi- sleep and daily bread.
Lei ui take heed,
For life i brief.
'What wa hi. irceilT
W'iiat his belief?"
tbrTi. im ; ej ll
,Vm knid ml '",!
' . ... w .tieea l ms i"
" . i ,i , two norii.i:-,"-"
.i! r.TRfT!ss nn HihrdnsasSi
... an., e. o e.!drr.
M 1" IWI St . Nw Tnr.
DK. T. A. BLOCVM, UI VMfl St., Sew York.
j.wtamai s. n,l for our Select Lit of Local
H; p Bnwell A Co.. 10 Kuruve
BaoiCHU 4
J Newspapers.
St., N- Y.
Jn.3, '83-lm.
To Jacob Stkacss. I
ISrWVmrTiSS, t Bl. to defend the uit in
eSIrV-n. 1 Browu. wherein you area de-
IWIU ' 'I"!' w. v-"
fendant. -.m, nerk.
Bv A. G. MOOSE, D. C.
Jackson, Dec. 27, 1882-td.
P. H. Lowsy,
lit- HY C. M l,:- -
Wm. L. Meminoway,
SYLVE8TKR ttwis, - A uditer fw2 '
T. C. t'ATC HlKOS. - . . . M I
J. A. Smith, - - Sup'toflwSl
.toiiw M. Smvlie. - sr.i. i TS
J. L. Powica, -
Wibt Adams,
Mas. Mary Mokamcy,
state 1
mi, -
J. Z. OspRoa, - Term exsoawl
L. y. t. l.AMAii, - . Term ex pin.
H. L. Muldsow,
Van. H. Manning,
H. D. Money, -
Jab. R. Chalmers,
The Saekett Plovr and Palrerlier.
that will thoroughly plow and pulverlae
J. A. P. Campbell,
h. h. chalmkrm,
Oliver Cliktok,
i. M
one that ahould be in-
EuumtUM, Miss. Continue to send me
TBB CUUsIOM. When I fail to gel it, I
am left behind thlimea. J- A.
I'Anis, Miss. -Have been rea.ling The
I lu caine a voter, anil
1.AI1IO.-. V.r- - - . .
i.it. I I, ...... ..vi. r enilorseil its hltlierto
Willie t .....v. ..v, .
extreme parUsanahip, yet it contains much
that I do approve. J'
HoHEKLtllDKK, Miss. Pon't stop THK
CbAUOH -1 can't do without it.
I have been taking
The CLABIOM so long, that
how to do without it.
Any plow
i... I ! urn. uin ratioii
vestigated, and such a one I the Sacsktt Plow
am 1'CI.VKBIZKB, aocmling to the accompanying
'sti.imial, rttohWSSS-aibttedOB the Indu.trial
1 urin at Tugal.-.. This plow will also 1 exhibited
In the fl.1.1 la thi city, on the 17th of January, at
.u. .i... ,.f Mu riinMw' Jute ('.invention:
m mw. v. - -
Ioci.ai.oi), Miss., Dec. , 1W.
sack kit Plow a Pvirawsrao com can v.
Ofsti IMKV. It gives us pleasure to be tettt"
1,1 ..... ..... I...V.. wiiiiimid themic-
S3il o our plow in weedy pond, not
,,"li.l i.raing i , , ctivatl
i uiuvaiiii uai ,.,,i,ivn-
for twenty years; ami tiiiumii '. '";
We think it should
lon t know
L. J. C.
TbTOT. Miss 1 regsr.l Th ClAWtOS
a the best of eleven papers that come to
my houae. rt-
Find r-uewal for 18X3. We always have
a warm welcome for The ( i.akion. It u
to us like a letter from home. E. T, A.
-1STHKREAS, It appear by information received
by n,e,thato..rr .boat the 11th .day of De-
cemter, 1M2, John, ell ? a " The semi-annual terms commence u3
A.Uma niiintv. was nruiaiiy ,r ..i ,t..i, ,i w, iS """1
Vn.T. s. who afterwards made his escape ana is si... p - - rn.
pi, no ouer oic - - - - ine regular tenns oi me I luted Sw.1
I Ik. idI.I A l he tUS. tO tllC . l -ZZ . Tl V. a"SI
""' f. u.iA i nai'i i eon .' I
sher llot AUams iouiii. . , -- - - aiay ana oveniuer. nooert a.
Pi.nvli tion. And I do moreover, require al offlccr McKee Clerk, '
The District Court of the United Sm,
. . I I !.. 1, I.li.U'H
t..,l (,.r tiftii-n years, In heavy iimu, f'""
and pulverizes, iu each case
btosais a H.tiular tool.
Sigm d by
Tims. Atkinson,
J. K. Battlky,
J, ('. Bitti.e,
j, p. Bastho,
J, N. Taylor,
t;. Stably Poms.
True merit is like it river the deeper
it is the less noiae it makes.
convicu.m. . :,. .,.-,.-,. . arrest
uf this State to ne amttciii m
said fugitive, Abe Keltus ,...,, -i ,hp Southern District commence at Jwu
(i veu uutier my nauu am. ''V," , , ,, ,,( Monuays june una January. Arckkll
u.i. ..rtii.,i nt In. kson. this 1st day ot TZZZu ' '
. . .-Ll.l' " ' " ' - I I li Ift-
L. K.I A I. IWKlt . I i .i .. X'. m.i.:.i .ii. .
.iauuu.3. ... .w" . -...T.-r I ror oi'.- ..uimnii .'i.-iiiu i. ai oxrun mi
" i aays iu oune auu owriuier. ceo. A.1
First District, at Jackson, on 1st Mm
ary and July 24 day. Second IHjtrisl
monu, 1st Aioimays renruary anil Aupm.
Thos. J. Wharton, Judge; S. I.ivii--. .
otlice at Itaymoiid; A. H. Green, DepatjJ
a ai iv.sui,.
Hy the Governor: ,,.
HiiNKV C Myers, Secretary of State.
i . .., fi.i hlcli: larce frame;
alsiut45 vears old; large mouth and talks loudly,
especially when excited.
Railroad Hems.
The lirRt freight receipt issueil at the
Jackson depot by the new corporation, the
Illinois Central Railway, was delivered to
The Clarion oflice yesterday.
General Superintendent C. M. Sheafe
has announced the following appointment!
for the South Division :
Horace W. Clarke, Acting Superintend
ent. John Myers, Acting Train Master ; A.
H KlliniTton. Aetinif Train Master, North
Kub. North division; 1. JN. Wiggins,
Train Muster, Smith Sub. North Division.
Capt. W. P. McKinley, Superintendent
of Hotith Division, having been granted
List of letters remaining in the Fot
office at Jackson, Hinds county, Miss., for
the week ending January 3, 1883.
Jones. Mrs. Anna
Barr, R. D.
liendernagel, E.
Brayton, C. F.
Brawn, W. J.
Braden, M. E.
Burle, Willie
Byne Bros.
Case. II. H.
Carter, Miss C.
Jones. Mrs. Anna
Kaniore, Miss Mary
Kimball, elson
Lacey, Wm,
Lutlley, Miss F.
I)gan, Frank
Manly, Miss
Martin. S. R.
First District, at Jackson, on 2l Mi,iiil
ami NMiiemtiei r uay. (9S0OB4
unmet, on M .Monuuy I -ehruary am
day. E. J. l'eyton, Judge; V. T. Ritliti
t lera untie at liayinoim a. ii. aiouriia
othee ut Jackson.
. . ii i . ui, iu i. .i,i, ii'. ,v nmnniiHiu n n-
Wbv m. thst on or alsmt the 10th day of Do
J . ' . . . ii LI. . ui ti ..m it
lalboroe county, was brutally murdered In the
f i..m.An h- one (iKo. W. Koan. and
that lie afterwards inaile his escape and is still at
. .(... r niinKUT IlWltY. Governor
. .' ... - . I
..f ., ..null On uner ine aiwoe iv.-.ti.. ....
arrest and delivery of the said Geo. W. Roan, to
the Shenn ot Jenerson eouniy. ,tii .v-... -"e- Will T. Collins,
able on conviction. And 1 do moreover, BWJ Th()8i X- UuntEh, - - - Coronet
'ffiw U',V'. 'R , - SceKRVlsoBS.-E. S. Middleton. Ut
Grv,u,,l,.nvhand and the Great Real of the H UWchester, 2d; CD. Newman, M;S,
-.. .....i i.nv-r.n this '2'lth ilnv of I 4th : 1. (!. McRae. 5th.
ta. n,? i ,.r A. T). IMS.. MAoiSTRATit8.-Wm.Bell,t.A.wrt,
I I I ,11' It - I .!,. 1 1
nonuii woia.
Bv the Governor:
Hkskv C. Myers, Secretary of State.
8. B. Thomas, -
I). H. Brown,
B, E. l'KRKl.NS,
W. T. llATHKK,
Chatmau, Mis Mol-Meaney, John
lie -2. Melton, Miss Ella
Chapman, Miss MaryMiller, Mrs. M.C.
Cook, Fred. Morrison, I. X,
('rodder. Iwi
Curry, R. H.
leave of absence, ha issued the following j ( jeaaie
Personal Mention.
We notice in attendance on Supreme
Court, Hon. R. . Reynolds and E. 0.
Syke. Qen, Reuben Davis, Muj. Baxter
MeFarland and Messrs. q. ). Ecklord and
E. II. Uristow o f Aberdeen Bar; Chancel
lor F. A.Cril., of Wast Foiut; Judge J.
W. Buohanan, Col. J. R. Mcintosh, Col.
A. Y. Harper and Mr. W. T. Houston of
Okolona; Judge U.S. Stith, den. T. W.
Harris nml Mr. Jame II. Watson of Holly
Springs; Judge B. F. Worshaiu of Ripley ;
Mr. Newnan Cayce ol Fulton lion. .I.e.
Kvle of fjardlsj Col. W. EL Kit.Oerahl,
ami Mr. J.J. Slack ol Orenada I Col. K.
II. Qolladay of Coffeevlllej Col. T. W.
White of Hernando; Mr. (1. A. McLean
of Winona: Maj. V. K. Whitfield ol Cor
inth ; Mr. Eugene Johnson ol Banatobla;
and Hon. H. C. Watson of Memphis; and
Mr. J. W. Rudolph of Nashville, lenn.
circular to the ollieers and employees ot
that Division :
McComh City, Jan. 1, 1883.
Tlirioiorb the kindness of Mr. J. C.
- ... o mm . ,
Dunn, T. J.
Dsmbell, Ueo.
Kdwards, Moses
Fannell, John
Monroe, Mrs
Morrow, C. E.
Myroity, Herman
Patterson, Ilettie
l'hilliua. Amelia 2
Vers, Miss Biddy
Clarke, the IV. sident of thi company, 1
am allowed a leave ol absence to enaoie
me to recover my health. The gentleman
who assumes my'diities I can vouch for as
iu every wuv qu-Hfied. I ask from the olli
eers and employees of thi Division, for
htm tha same cordial SUDDOrt and prompt,
lnt-tUanl nerlormanee of dutv that bss : h: Frank
I .,., oril.-.l to me bv vou all during a j Hardy, Lottie A.
a nine veur's service on this Division.
1 trust, with the aid of a kind Providence,
to be soon enabled to re-enter the service,
and take a place amid scenes and among
people I love so well.
Respectfnlly, W. P. Mt Kisi.i v.
Fishburne, MissC. L.Rhodes, N.
Fhmaehcr, Jos. Richards, J. B.
Ford, II. Robinson, B.
Foust, Miss Maggie SiaUter, airs. v,iar
(iipson, Jennie
Uotl, John
Gwin, R. M.
Hardv. Mrs. F. M.
Haflenger, Albert.
Geo W
jrottBier; faireomplexion; UKin tune or nia.v e,e.-.,i
li-t.il.. i. ...!.. niht .i,..iitiiehe: one tisith on low- Jons Met. ILL, -
... i,... l,i, ,,ii'. .iiit 14.5 or 1 "ill : compactly I . ... u. ...-. u u.w.nali.r .HI
in- , n--- - , , , .. I l IllCI ii.vii ...v-r... , .
built; alsiut 5 feet r. or (i inches niin ; uriiiK-, mm Q LoW,i F. B. Hull, Wm. H. Taylur m
gets drunk, ami when under the inrtuence of lhnior ..-..!
fs verv quarrelsome ; carries a pistol ; dances well, , y , . Assc99or . . El
n,l..e..l.itilcatiHlandliearsiiiuslcisupttoilanie. : ty ollector and Assessor jj
Itoan Is alsmt '.'6 years old, but looks
trict ; J. J. BirdsonK, C. T. Harrison, 1. 1
J. B. lolluis, Ij. u. nsncr, au; j. c. m
Hunter, S. J. Tlilgpen, 4tn; jonn w.niti
Mctiowen, oth.
andwlienintoxlcaleiiandiiear5iiiusicii.iii.i.."ini...' T: ".,,;, .lift
lft on a small Kray mare, ami it ne naa enw-ru i. . C, , .... J.CJ
Mississippi river, nas nae.y goue .o .... .. gjw tom . VM. Ryan, for i
Iiarnes lor coiorcu.
,T. S. Hamilton, W. Q. bMi
A Card ftom District Attorney Foote
tU of the m Judri d I
Pearl Rlter Navigation.
The steamer O.K. Singleton, Capt. H.
Brown, Master, arrived from upper
Pearl Saturday evening at 4 o clock, bring
ing the largest load of cotton ever brought
down the Pearl since the opening of the
river 208 bales, besides a lot of hides,
nonltTT. etc. She left at 6 o'clock Tues
day morning, the enrgo consisting of 100
aek salt, 100 bbls. flour, M) bid, lime,
3000 brick and other merchandise. The
Singleton, on this trip, will go up as high
as Edinburgh, Leake count", 140 miles
above Jackson, popping at way landings.
The Oliver Clifton, Capt. Chas Kerr, Mas
ter, is now on her upward trip to Carthage
and above, and will return in a few days,
with a load of cotton and other produce.
Pearl river navigation is booming.
Scott. Boh.
Seward. Wm. II. 2
Smith. Mrs. Mollie
Tlu in as, Barney
I Item as, J. I-.
Thorn, Sim
Bines, Mrs. Eleanor Thompson, Marta
Hogans, Andrew J .Van Hook, J. K.
Honker, Miss HellaVati Pragg, S. N.
Hiinaucker. A. M. Ward, J. A.
Hill, Mrs. Rebecca Washington, Miss J.
Jackson, Jerry Wallace, J. H.
Jackson, Aimer Wadkins, Bessie
Ryan, Rolla Watson, Mrs. M. H.
Johnson, Jim Wood, J. H.
Junes, Miss MartillerWright, R. 1L-2.
Persons calling any for the of above let
ters will please Bay 'advertised."
Ceo. C. Mc Kek, P. M
II T.i'lur
Public Jiuitdiugtl'. B. Hull.H.
v;,mcei Wot, H. Taylor, J. 8.
.-... o... i 'i.., i'.,nrt Klmt liinti'ict. of the 1 11 II, ,11
County ot Hinds, in said State, on the FlSST Mon- PropotUhm und Grievance W. E.
i)AV OK FSBBUASY, lss:l, at KuI-h, to fleiena Hie Hamilton and win. II. layior.
suit ill said Court of Adam Brook, wherein you are claims II. Sjwugler, W. IJ. I-owo
a defendant. W. T. llAtmrr, icia.
By A. i. aiooHK, v. c.
Jackson, January a, iss:i-:)d.
in SoratiA bkooks i
II. 18. VI VIM, JB.i
Jackson and Hazlehuvst, Miss.
lrsvMi"r aTTEHTION GIVEN to all bi si
I ness entrusted t.. me, Special attention paid to
tmnnfSS in nuprentfl, reuerai mm c nu
Courts, and to IsnllW in adjoiniiitf Counties. Spe
cial iittention give- to the CoUectitVn of Claims.
Addrs I either of the alsive jilaces.
Jan .8,'a-6m, .
-V. B. Hull, J- S. Hamilton isa
iovenlent to Washington Hooks; suitable for
I tn all family, heading from hotel or restaurant, or
for several young men, Apply at this Office.
To m ntqtU f the Pf liMin il JJtslrtct:
Having served yon three years as lis
trict Attorney, you know whether you
hould.Or should not re-elect inc. It is not
my purpose to pursue any electioneering
methods, nor is such the object of this
i tin II 1 . " , 1. . ass4t Al -M , 1 . , I I if
" v - j i v..IIMIIi.a-,.a ,, i i.iki, r flnv sml hfr
of 1 ' a ' "
At Plymouth, Pu., while a merry party
of skaters were enjoying themselves upon
We are pleased to state that several
teachers of note have been personally
prospecting in Jackson of late with a view
to the establishment of a tirst-class High
School for boy. It is "a long felt want"
that we hope will be supplied. There is a
positive necessity for such a school, and we
are sure the right'uian will receive a sub
stantial patronage.
mi, if 1 had not thus been an incumbent
the office, as the case Stands, I think I j
should stand or fall on my record in the
otlii'i. im in ade. Hence this curd is design
ed to effect two objects, one being to notify
gentlemen who aspire, as they have a
right to do, to the offioe I now hold, of my
precise attitude without the neoeeeity of
separate correspondence. The other is to
express my gratitude to those who hereto
fore nominated and elected me, and to say
that 1 am deeplv sensible ot the honor
done me, and, while the place is not a ne
oesity to me, that I will again serve the
people if they aro again disposed to honor
me, and that "if it is thought proper to se
lect s.mie other gentleman, I will be none
the leas grateful for the confidence accord
ed me in the past.
1 am. vour friend and fellow eitisen,
H. S. Foote.
mem . eiti m
1 - i inuffi mm r
escort, skated into a narrow open channel
made by a party of ice-cutters. The can
Del was not observed until too late to pre
vent a precipitate plunge into the water,
which at that point i very deep. The
young lady was drowned; her escort was
At Santa Fe., N. M., the County Com
missioners threw out the five precincts at
the last election, and thus created a majori
ty and issued certificates of election to the
minority candidate. They were arraigned
and brought before Chief Justice Axtell,
on affiadvits of J. II. Alard, charging them
with the violation of the Territorial elec
tion liws. Governor Sheldon has issued
com missions to the Republican county
officers, as per mandamus of the Court.
1 r ' t 1 r. -f l J l. t
MARRIED iiis josepiuuc v . mecKcr, uaugmer oi
. il... 1... . V ft M....1 ... -1 . . . ....... .,1
!!,.,.,.-, P.i cm! i v At tliercs . enceot i V
Mr. .1. N. Iloyctt, Salli, Mis., IVc. 21st, j and killed by Ut. Indians in the mnssacre
1SSJ, by Kev.'.l.H. Alexander. Mr. C M.I of 1879, died last week at Vashiugton of
Broolm and MlW Amanda M. Burnley. I pneumonia. Mis Meeker was a clerk in
the office of the Secretary of the Interior,
1 -.i.-y.
Safety Ben. Jones, K. B. Hull J H. j
pSilj. s. Hamilton, F. B. IIuBs-il
Street H. Spengler, Win. H. Ty,
1, '.1 ti ..rirl..r W. O. IHVllUlJl
' W tl r..w l..I. S. thlUilltl
tn i
lain". .... ... !..,!
I'.etoil l.i-iuni- Vidol.t o
and Hen. Jones.
ii.....n..v r'.n.nrii Iter. C. B.0li
pastor. Sahl.at.li services U a. in.,
- i : t i ni 'St :iv r rni. i -i
1 II 111. V . I.. .NUNCIO, ni.1-.. j
I.01-..VTV1M .v ( ilt lti ll Lev.
1).. pastor. Sahbath services u . -M
Prayer meeting every luesua.
School 9 a. in. .1. L. Power, supers
Biwhm f'n i-in'ii. Rev IX. B
...I.I....I. ...... o.r... ii ii in., anil 7 p. i"'
-,i,,, nn pii . v .1
lag every Thursday night, at
Su.hiw.t O A. 111.
,. I rV.-filtKHATIOS. J!
OKI It WW A 11. WM"..
r ,. , R.,V 11. 01
CATHOLIC Mom ... ,,. fc
-i.i..... ...ui....oMiis 7 a. in . U'KM
.lll.i it. . i . t-;.,.,." , n III
Vespers and Sabtoth fcbool t JJ
nioriiiUH at i oeiucA.
cm.o rncKCit.-Rev. JoseiJ
D.. Rector, sabbath service H fc sw
Friday (vening services o tw
11 V. a-'lil.
Thk Supreme Conrt met January 1, 1883 1 A bachki.oti mid :i spinster who had
Ihvu seliooltnatcs in you Ml, nuu erc
ahOttt the same ajrt". met ill after years,
nd the lady chancing to remark that
"men live a groat deal faster than wo
men," the bachelor returned: "Yes.
Marin: the hist time we met wo WOW
each twenty-four years old; now I'm
Men Year's Reception to th
docket of the Northern District.
The case of J. V. McU an et al. va
II. ltehford et al., was affirmed.
and was held in high esteem for her per
sonal qualities. She and her mother were
for some time prisoners in the hands of the
Ute Indians after the massacre of 187!).
Father Willanl of the Catholic Church,
in a long communication in the Press and
.- , . - . ... t , ... .1 . .t .1 .. n .
. , l i ... .. .. l. '. i,ii.,iin,i crn q ti. tiiii. Tin, i..tii..i.-.iiiii-
ovcr tortv. ami 1 nciir you nsven i '-., v-r...... ..... ...v t.-
lhcv never met I nor and Sisters at the convent and the
Catholic people generally did not try to
Bank Hotel.
I nder the above name an excellent
Hotel i keep in Port Gibson by Mr. and reached thirty yet.
Mm V.... Thev keen in the larce and ftPun-
, , , . . -
elegant old Hank building in! Port Gibson. Jonw WM n,lin, iw R Kmnl ',
and traveller may rest assured of a good naile.l iniot. a post In a yard of a farm- Dr" R,cc- IIe lhf 8,9ter hcr ct
,,,e1 at the Hank Hotel every ! Inmse, with a sign pointed on it, " Itiis '" excommnnicaiea ncrseu irom tue
ii r .. o 1 . ! .1 u XI - l ;r j . ,
r arm tor mm. niu icaui ioi .. ennicn. tie mm ii m mm liuerrea mat a
little pleasantry, and seeing a woman in i nun can readily obtain permhsion to marry
if she expresses a desire.
Capt. V. T. KatlifT, the efficient Chan
cery Clerk, was in the city yesterday.
We regret to learn that the gin housc'of
the Mossr. J. N. and W. IV Perryhill of
For Internal and Bxternal Vste.
Burns, Scalds, Chilblnln,
Frost llits, Chnppeil Hands,
Fleh Wounds, Sprains, Bruise,
Kxternnl PoiNius, Caked Breasts,
Sore Nipples, Toothache,
Cramps or Spasms of Stomach,
Colic, Asthma, or Intermit Pain,
Ijime Hack, Biles of Animals,
Galls or all kinds, Sitftist.
Itmit bonus. Cracked Teats,
Poll Evil, (jiirtfet In Cows, Spavins,
Sweeney. Hcratchos or (j reuse,
Foot Kot in Shop, Striimltult,
Wiudimlls, Roup in Poultry,
Foundered Feet. Fistula,
Cracked Hi-els. Mantfc in Dos.
Ak your nearest Healer or UruKRisl for
one uf our Almanac for !
From the Christian LetukrK. T., Off. 28, '71.
Meiu'hant s Oauuliso On.. We have
maac sptsiul pen-iuiul inquiry In revard to
tho merits ot this celebrated remedy, and
midttaitemitnoartleleof rare value. His
by no mean a new remedy. The (Uibltsh
meut which produce it dates its nmnufac-
turo a fur back us 1KB. since which time it
has hecn steailiiy irrowlnr in putilic lav nr.
t he patentee tire among UM toremosi nusi
nesa uicu of the city of iockport. Tliey are
every w ay reliublc.
from the ToUiln iOkU) Wade, Jul 6, W71.
Mfiu'iiakt'r Oaroi.ino On.. This Old
stanilard artlel, under the aumiratile mun-
uireineitt of John II xltfi-, hw., has rcat licu
an enormoui sale. It Is an honestly com.
pounili-l itrth ie: it bus met It, and now that
the host liin-iness bilent of toe country Is
luuidlliifr It, there Is no reason why it should
not double its present usefulness. No family
can afford to no without It. For family use.
ii- well a for animals, It Is simply indis
Hrnri.ti. notice
All we ask is a fuir trial, but be sure and
follow directions,
The Gargling Oil and Merchant's Worm
I ablets ure lor snlohy all ilrtiiririntsnnclueai
ere In mineral merchandise throuKhout the
1-irjre Size $1.00; Medium 00 c.; Bmall 25c.
Small Sire for family use 25o.
MnnufaeturtMl at Lockport, N. Y., byMcr-
cniuii a t.nrgunir uu com puny.
i . ....
cliccKcil suil-lioniiet picKimr up an iipnui
full of chins at the woodpile in front of
the house, lie stopped and asked her very
politely when the fnriii was to sail? Bh
went OH with her work, but replied to
hi ouestion instanter: "Just as soon
I'tiea, thi county, burned one day last H tm, mnn conies along who can raise
week. It was partly iasured. the.wind." Nicw Haven Kcgistor.
For Sale or ExchunKc
2V tainiuB seventy acres, well linnrovtsl, within
one anil a half Btilrsnf thti Slate Capitol, in oftrcil
for nale on lil-ral terms, or will be eirlianmxl for
cny pnipi-ny. rtipiy at t I.AUtuN UKFli 1:.
The mninrittl ofth
. . -. i -. ...r. a iterfl
Liver, affecting ,",;
In order to
necessary to reisn ,
r- utunainh action
in the Back and Loin,'
mm.m Tj.Jf fault, an
mm m J- w. mm - - ,
quire a'rtttance to
ih-n. otr luirmrlttc,
PrtcWlv AS n,:1
eympot5wfed far thi P
.,i.i i tk. l,- action
ewe orjfe,'',i
.. . . .. . ,iJ,,n
easily ejf oot en -
ken according to "' .
General nem"
Z nlaea
T. etc. -loW000
mre uperior to t
mteantina tho a. .
imparting new tiff
valid. XI is a md!T
. . . . K.-rr-V
llllOIICIIUIl ' ...
..n-aiST rod "
-iiuoair. pBIC
louts and K0

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