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The Clarion: Wednesday, Jan. io, 1883.
The Clarion.
BY POWRU HA It h sirtLI..
Official Journal of the Fu;e of Mississippi
1 7m: yeak, i .
BKVKN MONTH-, - - - - - 1 SO
J.i.i" I al tkr I'otlnflct 'il Jickxm at Setrm-l-i last
taU M.ttttr.
Six or morr cnplt when or.leml at one lime, to M
(iTflnt addrMMMi, fez year, : 81 2.1
Tflor main- oopie, nnlenit t one time, la
dilttrt nt adilrwtu, prr year, 1 00
(Anil til SStSSStyy to Tin Mattel t tie Clubnl 1
or inorr.t
Till QUUPKM) ami eilhrr of Ihr ymrmilt naimul Ixt
lov, will I friil ono year for Um MM I
It tl IHVILI.K fOl'lilKU-JOl UN A I., : 2 J8
NEW rORX HERALD, : t : i 2 i
NEW YORK SEN. ::::::: 2 0
AMERICAN AMRIt I I II 1:1-1, : : : : 2
IIAKI'ER'H WEEKLY, ::::::: 4 70
IIAHI'EHS HA7.AK, :::::::: 4 70
Senator (Ikoroe'h very able upeh
on civil nervier reform, is' published in
full on another page. Bead It.
Mit. .(. W. Vockoblood'i connection
with the Vicksburg Commercial has
closed, after a brilliant career on that
paper. We learn that he la now on the!
stall of the Herald. j
A t'ALL is made by a number of lead
ing citizens of Yazoo for it meeting on
Monday next, the 18th, to form a Hun
ter Association.
Jedue I'hiits withdraws from the
Oxford Eagle which be has ably con
ducted for sometime, and ('apt. s. M.
Thompson is at home again on that
staunch paper.
Mr. W, W. Stone is associated with
('apt. J. II. Miller in t he publication of
the Tupelo Journal! The Journal is a
progressive paper, and in Democracy
Tall Hrookhaven Ledger Is printed on
an eight page, and is lull of new - and
other interesting matter. l?rookhavcn
lins now two eight page papers both up
to the best standard the Ledger mid the
The Comet.
The brilliant and caustic pen of Dr.
A. Hunter has been a marked feature of
oar esteemed contemporary, the Comet,
for the several months in which lie has
been associated with our distinguished
friend, I'rof.J.lavne. In consequence of
ill health Dr. Banter has advertised his
interest in the paper for sale, thereby
nflbrding un opportunity for a good
newspaper investment. The Comet has
n line circulation, and is deservedly
The Planters' Convention.
Planters sh I bear in mind the con
vention callc his city on the 17th of
January by I Wall, Commissioner, of
Agriculture, i ' i e into consideration
the cultivate iule in the Siate of
Mississippi. Mr. T. Albee Smith will be
present and explain Lis jute machine.
The Convention is called at the instance
of numerous planters in Mississippi and
mi. t important I
XAQO City is I
point in the Yazoo Delta, It isthe cen
tre of a large trade and the metropolis of
one of the wealthiest and most public
spirited counties in the State. It is titling
that its interests should be represented
by an able press. We regret to note
that Maj. Wslpole, late President of the
Mi.- issippi Press Association and one of
tho best and most favorably known of
the fraternityin the State, has closed his
connection with the Herald ; and owing I
to feeble health, contemplates removing
to Florida. Mr. A. M. Pouch has pur
chased the paper and conduct it jointly
with Col. McCullom, whose fame as a
successful journalist cannot be enhanced
bv commendation from us.
No man has ever been more persistently
and unscrupulously lied upon than Hon.
Jefferson Davis; ami no man has ever
passed more successfully through the
furnace of calumny. Some extracts of a
recent letter of his referring to some of
these slanders, and which are valua
ble because they recite some of the inci
dents of his earlier life, are printed in
another column.
The Democratic and Qreenbsck mem
ben of the Michigan Legislature held a
caucus this forenoon and agreed to act
together on all questions of party policy.
On financial questions the two parties
practically agree, and we do BOt see why
they should not act together.
A report has been widely circulated,
to which we ourselves had given cre
dence, thatthe grand aud petit juries of the
Federal Court in session at Oxford, were
by accident or design, partisan, and ap
parently organized to indict and to con
vict. For the honor of the judiciary,
we are gratified to see the report cor
rected by both the Oxford papers, w ith
such particularity of statement in ono of
them as to show that it is entirely erroneous.
The civil service bill which had prcvi
iously passed the Senate, passed the
Houme with lightning speed on trie 4th
iiifU, witliotit amendment, by a vote of
TOtS, tBo, nays, 47 (all Democrats). As
we liuve before said, the bill i not what
it professes to Ik-. It is not "civil sor-
11 flM - 1
vice florin. J ne imp is coniprciicn
sihle enough ; hut its provisions are ex
ceedingly small. To borrow from Dick
ens it is an inn sifrn-jtost without any
inn an invitation to wayfarers to rest
ami be thankful, where there is no place
to put up at ; nothing to be thankful for.
The patriot who is thirsting for the
nourishing bread of civil service reform
gets but a dry stone. The flaunting
title holds the word of promise to the
ear but breaks it to the. hojK!. There
are 110,000 federal ofid&tohtefS, more
or less. The provisions of the bill apply
after a fashion to from five thousand to
ten thousand, and they the occupants of
the minor ofliccs, not .yen the. big clerk- j
ships, only the little ones in the depart-
. w ,. ., . I
menu hi .imiiiiilti'iii. kui ii iii.uvi .-i
even them secure in their places, and
operates only where a vacancy occurs
improbable event, for what JeH'er-j
son si: id of oflice-holders is true:
die and none resign."
The bill applies the testol competitive
examination to the outs and exempts
the ins. What the country wants is a
civil service, which is a fair deal all
around, and gives a chance for the OUtsI
as well as the ins. The observation of Sen
atOf Jonas was well made: "I believe," i
said he, "the civil service of the coun
try is corrupt ami Incom
patent to a
larire degree,aiid I wl
favor any measure
which proposes an examination into the
competency ami character of the persons
WbO AH the positions Onaer it. au "j
the iiriijilr who rc in oMce air to rimnin.
They ii'i' l ruimiltiit" a privileged t&cui
if they are not to be subjected to the
same competition w hich is proposed tor
candidates for appointment." The re
jection of the Pugh amendment reiuir-
U)g that persons who are in position pounds. If the tariff on sugar was re
shall be examined in classes 1, 2 and 8, at i moved, the retail price could he reduced
intervals, one Immediately, the other in jttofee cetttt per pound on an average,
six months, and the Other in twelve JJ wou1,1 1' 11 "nviB the people
, , pf Un' every man woman and child
months, bv a solid Republican vote in ...r ., rtt
' 1 in the I nion. J he sugar tax alone paid
the Senate, shows that the Republlcsns h,y kborlng oum With a wife and
were determined to take care of their j three children, amounts to not less than
own, come what would. 11 Yr-
Senator (Joke, of Texas, a stalwart p... , , , , .. .J,-, , . ..
, , , , , M.in ( ili.n ol the tanll and civil ser-
lntellecl bv the wav, said : "Taken as a ,
vice relorin must go hand in hand. Let
response to the great public demand for , b()lh ln, n,al i tll.jr hm with t,K
civil service' reform, the bill is utterly principle of miscalled "protection" in it,
worthless and ineffectual," etc. "A j meaning tho robbery of Peter to pay
! number of amendments which
have given it force and vitality, notably,
! those of the
enators from (ieorgia andlii,., :,w i .. . .
, me ins azain.s. tin1 outs h evemn im.
Alabama, mtn the one proposed by my-
a,- sUb;,.(tintr the present Incumbents
f the offices to the conditions prescribed
in the hill, were all
voted down." The
amendment of the (ieorgia Senator re
quired that both parties should be
recognized in the appointments, but the
Republicans held the fort, and would
not surrender it.
What is Want
form that will
eform that will
well as the slen-
scend high and
Operate impartially; a
strike the giant oaks :
der saolings that will
reach low. The government has be
come a money making machine. Super
numeraries are quartered upon it by the
thousand. Congressmen holding the
purse strings of the government, vote
subsidies to wealthy corporations
and get rich. Peculation is the order
of the day. Peculation in the War de
partment. Peculation in the Navy de
partment. Peculation in the Post-Otliee
department. In the Indian bureau. In
the Internal Uevenne business. Pecula
tion everywhere. With government
money, electioneering partisans .ire em
ployed under pretence of rendering offi
cial service. Thousands have been paid
salaries for no work or for unnecessary
work. Supernumeraries without num
ber have been foisted upon the Depart
ments, so that political striken could be
provided for and the machine kept in
order Offices have been created in the
shaie of Commisioners with big salaries.
These abuses arc not touched by the
bill. It reaches the least of all the
We have no quarrel with those who
voted for the bill; and certainly, we can
have none with those who voted against
it. Let us hope for the best and keep
up thc agitation until something is
Ballots of the Wrong Color.
t..wreMu , I
me color auu dimensions oi oauui.t .'
forbiddiiig wliat can be con-trueil as di-i
tinguishing remarks, which we arc sorry
to nay wan copied by Mississippi from
a Northern statute book in framing her
new Code, but for the magnanimity of
the Republican candidate for Governor
would have worked serious damage to
the Democratic party in Connecticut.
The Democrats of that State at the late
election succeeded in jxdliug a decided
majority of the ballots, but unfortunate
ly about seven thousand of them did
not conform to the regulation standard ;
they were printed on dark pajier instead
of white paer, and the decision of the
Supreme Court has been pronounced
that they are all illegal and cannot be
counted. The decision gives to the Re
publican State ticket a majority of the
legal ballots, though the legal voters of
the State actually decided otherwise.
We in Mississippi have conic to under
stand how to print tickets on while pa
per without distingu idling marks of any
sort, even so much as a comma, a semi
colon ora period, but we have ever mairi-
gained that whatever interposes an ol-
stacle to the free exercise of sudrage
hazards on I mere technicality the
right of the people to have their votes
, . , . .
counted, is rank injustice,
The Connecticut 1
rulature has cu t the
(iordian knot, by passing a resolution
validating the illegal ballots. In other
words, declaring that the black ballots
were white as the law direct-, and there
fore legal !
The Way It Works.
It Isestimated that the sugar, cotton
and woolen goods, drugs, medicines,
iron and crockery tax, amounts to
;i."ii per capita, each year. These every
family is obliged to use, hence the aver
age household consisting of a family of
wife and three children pays an annual
j tltx $17.80 in support of the federal
government. )ule this tax is enforced
against the mass of the toiling people,
Vanderhilt does not nav a cent of tax
Mlil-IH bonded wealth of lift y millions
which yields him an annual income of
four millions.
The Tariff on Sugar.
The total annual consumption of
sugar, including molasses, in the United
States avcrarcs about
' 1 um" reionn in the sense
lU- 1 V!.l 1 ...
un- jienjue Hunt, meaner is a civil ser
vice bill which discriminates in favnvnl
j the former from the same test which is
I applied to the latter, the civil service re-
j fo,W thc peplc expect.
THERE are two systems, observes a con
temporary, ever clashing w ith each oth
erthe democratic, which seeks to lead
the people up to a level of capacity and
experience w hich will fit them for taking
good Care of their affairs; and the des
potic, which distrusts the people and
denies their fitness for freedom, and
seeks upon every occasion to get power
waj from them, the further the better.
They would vest all power in a single
head, and remove that us far as possible
from responsibility to the people. They
would have the F.xecutive appoint every
thing. Their doctrine, when travailed,
means that power comes from above;
that Kings rule by a divine right, which
every man, in this land at least, knows
to be a fiction ; that wealth and domin
ion belong to few, and poverty and ser
vitude and ignorance and misery to the
many. There are unfortunately too
many lands whence liberty has fled and
where the miserable inhabitants are ruled
by appointment.
National Keuister: The point in
the San Mateo (California) county case,
exciting so much interest, and to be pro
nounced upon at once by tho United
States Supreme Court, is discovered in
the fact that the county sued the rail
road company for taxes levied, without
reference to mortgages, upon the value
of t he railroad's property. The company
refused to pay, because, as it alleges, this
tax is violative of the 14th amendment
to tho Federal Constitution. Individ
als when taxed deduct mortgages from
their assessment. The Constitution of
California gives railroad companies no
such privilege. The company claims that
this is an unjust discrimination against
it, and that it is a denial of the "equal
protection of the laws" guaranteed by
this 14th amendment.
Oh Mmsuav the mandamus case of;
James R. Chalmers v. Heury C. Myers, ;
Secretary ot Mate came on lor nearuig
j;, circuit Court of Hinds county on tne
j(,fen(janti). jemurrer to the original
and amended x'tifions for mandamus ;
and after elaborate argument by L.
lirame Esq., for, and Col. W. L. Nugent
against the demurrer was submitted to
the Court, which took the case under
advisement. The point jurisdiction
of the Court is the point involved,
and if the demurrer is overruled, the
case, we presume, will be tried on iU
The Tennessee Defalcation.
The sensation of the day is the defal
cation of Marsh T. Polk, the State Treas
urer of Tennessee, for $402,000, probably
more, but not less. The Memphis Ap
peal says the defalcation commenced five
years ago, but owing to the failure of
the Legislature to investigate the office,
it has grown from bad to worse until the
final culmination. The money was
spent in buying property, silver mines,
speculating in bonds, splurging and
high living. The defaulter is a member
of an honored family, distinguished es
pecially by the names of ex-President
James K. Polk and (Jen. (Bishop.)
Leondias Poll;. lie is a Democrat, but
belonged to the High Credit faction
who thought it would disgrace the State
if she did not jay the last dollar of the
bonds which have been issued in her
name. He is a fugitive. The money is
gone. The legislature has been left to
hold the bag; and the taxpayers arc the
sufferers, us usual.
It is only since the late elections, the
Washington Star observes, that the road
to reform has been made easy for states
At its present rate of moral progress a
defeat in the Presidential election two
years hence, the New York Sun alleges,
will transform the Republican party
into a virtuous and industrious minority
Perhaps hereafter, the St. Louis
( i lobe-Democrat suggests, Representa
tives w ill deem it worth while to inform
themselves as to what the country wants
and what it is thinking about.
There is some satisfaction, at least, in
knowing that the information has been
earned to the individuals who seem to
have needed it most.
It is statd! that thirty miles of thc
New Orleans and Memphis Road be
tween Baton Rouge and Port Gibson
have been let out for construction. It
is said that the road will strike Centre
VlUe, Amite county, and if so, it will
probably intersect the Natchez & Jack
son Road about eight miles east of
Indictments in the II. S. Court Against
Citizens oi Marshall County.
Holly Smmnqs Rbpo&teb: The ft
1 : i .i . .. . ...
ioing naiiHu gentlemen, citizens ol
Holly Springs, having heard it whisper
ed around that they had been indicted
1... VA 1 n 1 T r .
uj iiierriiennvii.ini .lurvior eieetuin
irregularities of some sort or other, went
to Oxford Monday evening last and sur
rendered themselves! Win. M. Strick
land, Ed. M. Watson, Jno. B. Howard,
Jos. Boxley, J. A. Huggins, J. H. Ben
nett, II. E. Williamson, A. F. Brown.
No attempt had been made to arrest
them, and we learn the authorities were
surprised to learn that they had heard
of the indictments. The intention was.
we presume, to never bring them to
trial, as none of them can be convicted
on the charges preferred. It was per
haps, important for Gen, Chalmers to
have the record show that these indict
ments had been found, and the parties
indicted would in all probability never
been brought to trial, had they not gone
to brford and given themselves ti p. and at
the same time demanded a trial. It is
safe to assert that none of them will be
tried, if ever, until after the contested elec
tion easeof den. Chalmers shall have been
settled by Congress. Gen. Chalmers
may be sure he is not helping his ease
liefore Congress or the people of his dis
trict by the procurement of indictments
upon such flimsy pretexts. The cast's
cannot be of very grave character or the
court would not have been satisfied with
the personal recognizance of these gen
tlemen. Our opinion is Gen. Chal
mers has accomplished his object, and
has no intention of ever bringing any of
these gentlemen to trial. This may all
be fair enough from the General's stand
point but it strikes us as being unwor
thy of him, and will turn out at last
"Like that strange missile the Australian
throws, '
A Boomerang to slap liim on the nose."
Another Mexican War Veteran Gone.
Cntsi IlAVABdied at Ins residence nenr
Atwoods Fnetory, in Attala county, oa the
morning of the 15ih December Mr II
was priv,e in Cant. McWiUie's Company',
2d Mississippi UeKlment in the Mexican
War. He wae a good and true soldier, ever
at Ins post, n worthy citizen, a kind father
M su affectionate hustmnd. The commu
nity in which he lived, has lost a good and
useful man ; the Methodist church a useful
member, and last, but not least, the Demo
eratic party one of iu most efficient sup
porters Truly s good man has been taken
to the home of the blessed. 8.
Koscivsno Miss., Deo. 20, 1RS2.
News and Notes.
a M d. c r : i -L. 1 I
Bloom's hotel and restaurant, Hick's wagon
and blacksmith shop and several adjoining
small buildings.
At Syracuse, N. Y., Joshua Gifford. nged
70, residing near Oranby, Oswego county.
killed his wife, aged 60. Gifford surrender
ed. The will of Norfleet R. Sledge, of Como,
Miss., was admitted to probate on a trans
cript from Panola county. The estate is es
timated at $200,000.
Gen. Joseph Wheeler, has been elected
to Congress to fill the unexpired term of
Mr. Lowe, deceased, by a majority of over
2000 in the Huntarille, Ala., District.
The Louisville Commercial, for thirteen
years the leading Republican newespaper
of the South, has chaaged to a strictly iu
depedent of all political parties.
As thirty penitentiary convicts, mostly
negroes, and two white guards, engaged at
Caraee Tunnel, on the Western North Car
olina railroad, were crossing the Tuskasee-
gee river on a flat Saturday morning, one of
the convicts discovered that the flat was
leaking, and gave the alarm, which sansed
a panic. The men all rushed to one end of
the flat, and it immediately sank. The
Tuskascegee, at the point they were cross
ing, was swift and deep with rapids just
below. Tho men clung together in knots,
those who could not swim holdiug on to
those who could. Some were carried into
the rapids and drowned. Only twelve of
the convicts were saved.
The Inhabitants of Cape Town, South
Africa, are being decimated ,by a scourge
of small pox. Out of 9000 eases during the
past two months, 2 400 proved fatal.
Samuel Colley, whose ferm its Mayor of
the city of Salem, Massachusetts, expired,
committed suicide in the afternoon of the
same day, by hanging himself from the
bannisters of his back stairs. He had served
two terms as Mayor and was about 50 years
of age.
So great was the indignation among the
whites at Lynchburg, at the arrival of the
Uncle Tom's Cabin Company and the five
bloodhounds which were paraded about the
streets, that it was believed it was imprac
ticable to have any performances there. The
company was generally frowned down in
Southern cities, and at Richmond bad only
twelve auditors Their play was broken up
at Norfolk by the public clamor.
A husband in Massachusetts whipped his
wife, who employed a lawyer to prosecute
him. Then he took proceedings against her
on the charge of common drunkenness, and
she engaged (he same counsel to defend
her. This lawyer sued the husband for the
value of his services, relying upon the rule
ol' law that a hjisbaud is liable for "neces
saries" supplied to his wife. The Supreme
Court accepted this view so far as pay for
her defence was concerned, but ruled that
the charge for prosecuting the husband
eould not be allowed.
Pensacola, Fla , celebrated Christmas by
holding an election. George 3. Wells, Re
publican, was elected .Mayor by over 400
The school fund of Virginia has been in
creased by 1600,000, one-fifth of which sum
is to be devoted to the maintainaiice of a
colored normal si hool
at Piano 111., the wife of Charles C. Slo
cum recently applied for a divorce on the
ground of infidelity. Last uight her hus
band called her out, confessed his guilt,
promised to reform and begged her return.
She refused, when he drew a revolver, shot
himself in the head and died in ten minutes.
E. .1. Baldwin, a well -known capitalist at
San Francisco, was shot iii the arm by a
woman in the Baldwin Hotel. The woman's
name Is 1'iinnie Ruldwin, and she claims to
to he a couisin of Baldwin. Publ
lie sym-
pathv is with the woman.
Governor Plaisted, of Maine, upon grad
uat'ng at the State House, will become edi
tor of the Lewistou Gazette. The editor of
the Lew iston Journal is an ex-Governor.
A Henderson Texas special says: "The
negro Andrew Jackson, who attempted nu
outrageous asuattlt on a young lady, was
taken from jail by a large mob and hunged
to a tree in front of hotel Don Juan."
The Columbus Dispatch pays the fol
lowing handsome tribute to a respected
citizen of Hinds county the gallant
Capt. J. E. Eggleaton:
We w ere pleased to meet on yesterday
( apt J.H. Eggleston, now, and for a
number of years past, a resident of
Hinds county, Mississippi. He is here
with his Wife on a brief visit, ( apt
Kggleston was a Confederate naval offi
cer, and rendered distinguished services.
He commanded a battery on the Merri
mac in the celebrated fight that vessel
had with the Monitor in Hampton
IWds. Just after the war he became
editor of the Mobile Tribune, andbv
his bright, Origin and vigorous articles
The Board of Trustees of the A. and
. j C;,nc' at thpir recent meeting, de
emed to continue the professors at present
temporarily employed, in their respective
positions; and postponed filling the va
cancies untUanmmeetingln June.
Tar. colored people are acting unwise
ly in raising the race issue as to public
schools At Springfield, Ohio, a year
ago, Um J. Whitman officer of the
Springfield, ()., pnWic whoo, refuged
admission to a colored child into a public
Son" Whit ChUdren- Suit f
United States CoUrt. The jury, on In
struction fromJndge Baxter, brought
in a decison sustaining the action of the
school officials.
Supreme Court
e win regunjg
Shotwell'g adm'iii
oi ttiebupremeCoim
the M..ro. -
- vuui case.
l mum tho n . ,
' Aoan t
On Monday mornia,
. r wiU ai the ttne.
nan-past thrp.
l WIU-S-
rv WI) Wn
Summit is a livp t
sustain fw 1; 1
work, Capt. Geo. T GrZ
usual, at the depot
issue freight reeeint. '
vuc ui nil oest recon,....
...u...cu n oacason girt,
have n
could persuade the ruiij
tear down the old sh...
and put up a resneei.ki.
"c " Dtace, he!
io me many good thing, 1,,
ihwn nf Wum.:i
It Utlfl nlut! .1
vuuiicumen and J'n &
ioyu nau no opposition W
nl the, , . '
such a walk-over, stni s,,
package of tooth picks,
-ft". HT
iiiviii ilium m Hinnnir h:.
the ordinarv tri,iH.,
-- "...it; uul,n
ui euirviiiL' elections 4.J..
who agree with him.
At night, we attonito,) a.. .
omcers ot Summit Lodge ft
F. The b.Mintlf,.! l.-ii
members of the flr.l.
Who were llresent f. ii.
w, lur
tomb. The Kemi.nnn...!
. 1. 1 1 ft
l.oiltre to be in fin
Ship of 81, nnd assets nearh
dollars, and several widowi
being regularly cared for l
lation cerpmrttitno u .
...v...vra, ,,uc ue
the brethren to sit down to
per. Of course the invitatici
v"" 6u inings on
lirnmntlu nimvnnstii it
llll t IU IfAO.l il '
X I J fftx-'f, mi, VI 111
In the afternoon, we rode
Mi MeliT.-ilti,o f.i. t i,, .
.... . - - .... iv a Kuuiuran
visit to McOomb CAtv n. ,i
un oiu-uine inenu, Or, 1).
renewed his subscription to
.11 . : - . ,
and who said some very kimi
run on or. ,eaiv ami tiuin
aiways giact to sec anybody
.i.iti.-iiij', war puiiiieu out,
him the right hand man in
big store. We noticed that
nln.fA. Tk A 1 1 i
uuuiiug nie icguruen now,
stop near the railroad sho.is.
is quite a handsome ands
t 4 i V. 'I' . i
rf.1 .. . .. .
me ieojue are auve i.) tne
.i . i i , ,
uoou entireties nun scnoou,
been encouraged thereto J
corporiuions io wnom niostoi
1 irranw litfi Kwl-.r
4097 Memnhis it Vieksbani
U. W Owen.
11 OS B. K. Williams vs. R.
I it- rullnwinr' fvinrs WiTfi
V 1J 1 I . , I I l 111 I 1U1I I I. j(ii"f.'
CLemore et si.
, t . , n A 1 .
et al.
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C lopton et al.
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bell, Judge And Col. A.
District Attorney, .fudge
entitled to emit credit for
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offences chargetl in the
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liiiman treatment or p
assault and battery fy
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overseer x, carrying w
Assistant Bishop of
Special Dispatch to the
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consent to the conseerahoi;
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schools aro taking right
institution and it will y
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of Tennessee waft arrestee
on the 7th, and released.

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