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Jackson, Mississippi, Wednesday, January 17, 188
No. 3.
rnton, a-uw -
Company commencea work at
e on the 15th. It is under con
complete the road by the 1st
grieved to announce to the
eapected, and influential citizen
COUIllV, lUab "j uvpiw:u bins
1 inIi ; nut Hfi nan rpapli frl
ivu n
ige of fteventy-nve years, and has
his grave universally lamented.
1 : tiii' tiii iriiri wl a ili i
.. 1 .... . . . . 1 ; .
iv from which he was dis-
the second Manassas. The
nn nftrt in tlio. nitmui
. .1. .... ..11 vntwl fir tho roll
The Kettle Heard from.
Philadelphia Times.
It is given out that Kelloire ha filed
an answer to Acklen in the Louisiana
contest. This is only another way of
saying that the kettle has replied to the
damaging charges made by the pot.
Death of V. B. WaddeiL
Hon. V. B. WacidclK of
ty, late Democratic candidal for Con
gress in this District, died of pneumonia
at Birmingham, Ala., last week and his
remains were Drought to Austin for in
terment. Friars Point Gazette.
The Pot and the Kettle.
'hiladelphia Time's.
It is given out that Kelloar has filed
an answer to Acklen in the Louisiana
contest. This is onlv another way of
saying that the kettle'has replied to the
mniii-iug enures nunc iv the im
interest, was held in azoo
it.. Ql, T 1 11 !ltf Olirl'llWO i'oa
An organization was formed,
Ti si l?il-a flu Prpairlont C-il
1 r ci tiT'i
noire liowmaii, auu o. o. w 11-
. ..-liii.li ii ivu; i iiu i iir nni 1 4.
To Mexican Soldiers.
Hie undersigned, a soldier of tho Aiov.
ican war anrfi member of the company
that started from Aberdeen, Miss., under
command of Capt. Stewart, is desirous
of getting the names and addresses of
the other surviving members of said
company. K. Coleman,
DeLay, Iafayctte county, Miss.
Other papers are requested to copy.
i i ; i x il
r LT?rt,r tt.i r;n. ti,
11171 l"v in v. ah iiw
Orleans, lately elected As-
S UtlUli tr IllttlWllUJ Ul WIC JLVlt-
i it'i t'H ill lilt" ill il mi 1 1 1 1 ; l I i iiiiicii iir
no Dfun it is aii Liit-; run on
There was some opposition
I s I M 1 1 SI I I I 1.1 I .1 M.S.
Fire at Summit.
! by fire since you were here.
I n jici...1 iln.ll li.r Kim Villi- I. I..
L i "-" ' vajtn J "i U1IU I'll V. Al to
s ii r.u v. 1.7 u u iii.t.ii in. i in
j ii t s in. wuh i'm ui rum.
and his family wero at once
from the cold.
fT" - . . . . i
ttaa titan t 1 t - ( 1 . l.;il . )
nil k nrn roanv ti intrnni.
Nebraska Legislature, and
rpui'i him 'it i riii nri miir tiiii.
i -
fn TTinrnirpri fcirflrw War
iK'Arlioon T
. 1 pi TirP v now it r Amy nnii
sinx: ia bm ,,1.1.-
r J
. .,, DV- 1 . tA' -L 1 1 L
' iiit'uiotivta us tu c guciu-
I ' 11V llll.lI..M...W. .,,!. ,.w..,t-
the source of much looseness
iare the government, and the offi
! f -
their duty, and not to imagine
wnouy in KeemnflT tneir niaces ana
cir pay, ier?pective of duties
.. 0
the people might be of service
cr i ii n 'o. ri nil i
niton... r ii.. i i i .j . i
4er for the six months, ending
1 fill ' M 111V XJXXJ A40
121 man .i. J-r -t POO ,1 : , . 1 i A.
'"vu n i in r n ' ru hl in
' 1L.IU I , VIU11UU Lilt III. 1
1UI lOWiiur nnmhara ruan uw u
it'H vn.i.D ii. i. r iu.
--- jvaiB. iu viuiiiy-Luiir veuru, 10 ,
jwHf eignty-seven years, o;
- -) "luciv-uuo i turn, x , nine
" uiuclv-iivh THiirM. i : ir
n years, 1.
' Women wrin fltirinrr iriA lnut hit
w,died at or beyond the age of
is a viiLiicu i. ill; n i- r: n urix nuitu.
'"Mi 40; eighty one yeari, 14;
ye.ru, 21; eighty-three' yeRrs, 30 ;
w years, 20; eighty-five years, 25;
Mears' 17 ; eighty-seven years, 14;
6 years, 21 ; eighty-nine years, 8 ;
rilG; ninety-one years, 6; ninc-
rj , ninety-three years, 4 ; nine
C!' nnety-five years, 2: nine
f". : Dlnti.uvn in 9- nino.
r?"?! 1; one hundred vears.'2; one
ww one yeatg, 2 ; one hundred
! years, 1; M(j one hundred and
f en that the women were
Rflt livaA
' 'poking Udiea at the President'
cPon werer the older ones Lhe
natrons and handsome dames
"who ere present in unusual
News and Notes.
A Timely Suggestion.
. Y. Times.
Both Houses of Concress should al
be organized and in full existence. Each
new Congress should, assemble and com
plete its organization when the preced
ing Congress expires. A law should be
passed to insure the continuous aud or
ganized existence of Congress.
A Railroad Rumor Which Should be
laKen uum Urano Sails.
Chicago, Jan. 15. The Chicaeo Tri-
bune"says: Mr. Vanderbilt, tired of pay-
: iT. tii: n a 1 n -1 ,
nig nie J.111U01B jiiiri iniiroaa com
pany a heavy rental for the use of its
tracks into the city by the Michigan
Central, and desiring also free entrance
tor bis new aquisition, the "IS lckel Plate,
is contemplating the purchase of the
Illinois Central, and in fact has been
quietly buyinir its stock, evidently ex
pecting to get the aid of the Holland
stockholders of that road.
A Nurse Fiend A Warning to Moth
Vicksbufg, Jan. 11. A negro girl, 14
years old, employed by Mrs. Maguin in
this city to-day, as nurse for her infant
4 months old, wasinstructednot to leave
the premises, but secretly disappeared,
and when discovered was near the city
cemetery, having beaten and bitten the
child in the most inhuman manner. The
child wastakenfrom her and returned to
its parents, and the fiend is now in jail.
The Mysterous Abduction at St
St. Louis, January 13. Numerous
stories have gained circulation reirardinir
the abduction of Miss Garrison, who was
returned to her mother, placing the
voting lady in a very iiiiplciixint posi
tion. These are to the general effect
that she was not abducted at all, but that
he went voluntarily to the Washington
street house with her alleged abductors,
and while here went with them twice a
day to a neighboring restaurant'for meals,
some of which she'paid for herself .and on
one occasion, went alone to the house, and
could have gone home at any time had
she wanted to do so. These stories were
most strenously denied by Miss Garri
son, who persists in saying that she was
chloroformed by her captors and retained
in the V ashmgtou street house by force,
until her disappearance was made known
and that the young lady believed she
was kept part ot the time under the par
tial influence ot drugs.
A brief statement of this alleged ab-
dnction will be found under the head of
News and Notes.
Tribute to Judge Calhoon.
Hon. S. S. Calhoon, ex-Circuit Judge
of this District, was in attendance on
the Chancery Court last bridav. I he
members of the bar were eager to grasp
the hand, with hearty congratulation
of this great, good, and purely non-political
iurist. he who presided with dig-
.. i -1 ' l : ... f .,:.,!,, , .... I
nnv alio Himiiy iui cikih vuif, .!"
finally resigned in the midst of the third
term," with a halo of honor and the un
divided admiration of the whole people,
regardless of party.
A Villian Gets his Deserts.
Special to the Globe-Democrat.
Henderson. Tex., January 8. Ihe
party hunting the villian who attempted
an outrage upon a young iaay, come
upon a negro man in tne sunuros oi
town, who had his finger tied up. The
young lady told that during the scuffle
she bit off a piece of his finger, which was
found, and fit the negro's with such
nicety that there could be no question as
to hw guilt. When it became known
that the guilty party had been found the
most intense excitement prevanea
ITiillv 500 men demanded him of the offi
The Dirtrict Court was compelled
to adjourn. A large mob broke open
the iail and took the prisoner (Andrew
J . m . r .1 uri
Jackson) to a tree in ironi oi mc uuwi
Tinn .Tnnn and swunir him up. He made
a confession to a negro in jail, and said
that he had been implicated in several
such outrages.
The farm-hand who so horribly murdered
the Cooke family near Montreal on Tuesday,
has been captured. Bis name is Mann, and
he is only 17 years of age.
Jane White (colored) sues O. L. Stafford
(white) for $5,000 damages for breach of
promise in Boston. Plantiflfs age is 40, and
the defendant's (0. White is a sentimental
philanthropist, who carried the joke too far.
The National Board of Health is advised
that during the last two months 0000 people
at Capetown, South Africa, have been at
tnked by the small-pox, and 2400 have
died. All efforts to cheek the disease have
proved unavailing, owing to the opposition
of the negroes to vaccination.
There is a triangular fight over the United
States .Senatorshio in Nebraska, with a
chiiuee for a Democrat or anti-monopolist.
Kansas, for the first time in its history,
has a Deinocratie Governor, Hon. George
W. GHck.
The widow of Chief Juatice Hardin, of
Kentucky, has been found living in a tum
bledown Louisville rookery in actual want.
H. A L. Silverman, merchants engaged in
business at Indian Hay, on White river, in
Arkansas, have been attached by their creditors.
The Democrats and Grecnbackers of the
Michigan Legislature held a caucus last
week and after adopting the three quar
ters rule, balloted for a candidate for United
States Senator. On the seventh ballot
Byron G. Stout, of Pontine, was nominated.
A young lady of 18, giving her name as
MaryMyers (assumed), and saying she re
cently ran away from her step-mother at
Beauregard, Miss., attempted to join the
Variety Theatre at Dallas, Texas, on the
11th. She was taken out of the house to a
hotel by a policeman.
Mrs. Michael Corbett, of New York, pre
sented three daughters to her husband on
Thrusday night. This evening Mrs. Cerbett
introduced a reporter to the babies. The
trio were quietely sleeping in a bed at the
left of their mother, who was looking well
and was quite conversational. "The doctor
says they are the healthiest and finest babies
he has ever seen," bestowing a side glance
of admiration and affection upon the three
"They weigh six pounds apiece."
A special from Lynchburg, Virginia, says
At a ball in Bedford county, a young lady
named laeue Keaci said to Bcott Clayton,
who was calling figures, that he was not call
ing correctly. He made some sharp re
ponse, which was resented by one of Miss
Keads' admirers, Armstead Barksdale. Hot
words passed, and Barksdale drew a knife,
sprang upon Clayton, severing the jugular
vein and causing immediate death. The
scene in the ballroom was sickening, women
in fancy ball dresses fainted, falling into
pools of blood, and a regular melee followed
among the partisans of the two men. Barks
dale escaped, and completed the tragedy
by shooting himself through the bowels, and
The negro has been making himself felt
in Colorado. J lie place was Gunnison ; the
opportunity, a baby show for the benefit of
a enure:), it was nu exhibition of white
babies. A negro baby appeared at the show
in its mother's arms. Both baby and mother
were put out of the hall by u policeman
against the protests of a number of believers
in political and social equality, and a big
row ensued.
eouiii tarouna is crowning ueorgia in
inc conou niaiiuuiciuring race. iNine new
factories have just been chartered in the
former State, with an aggregate capital of
In five years the sales of government lands
in Alabama, Arkrnsas, Florida, Louisiana,
and Mississippi have increased fourfold
The pine lands have been especially in dc
The Ohio House of Representatives,
which is two-thirds Republican adopted a
resolution yesterday highly complimentary
to Senator George H. Pendleton for his
efforts towards civil service reform. "Gen
tleman George" has scored a point.
The Brooklyn Circuit Court has awarded
Miss Mary Alice Almont Livingston a full
verdict of $75,000 against Henry Fleming
the wealthy oil merchant, who seduced her
under promise of marriage.
The Illinois House pasted a resolution
declaring any officer of the State In
egible to the United States Senate. It
was intended to choke off Gen. Cullom in
that direction, but he was nominated bvthe
Republican caucus all the same.
Owing to the small-pox epidemic in Bal
timore, Health Inspectors have been placed
at the depots at Washington, aad passen
gers are closely scrutinized, while each
turnpike leading into the city is watched by
At Wheeling, West Va., Mrs. Hettie Cnn
ningham, a widow, at noon to-day threw her
three-year-old boy from the suspension
bridge at Fairmount into the Mononghehela
river, a distance of C2 feet, and then jumped
in herself. Both were rescued after float
ing over the dam below the bridge, and with
difficulty resuscitated.
Atha Thomas, of Williamson county, was
eleeted Treasurer of Tennessee on the 22d
ballot He is a promiasnt lawyer of Frank
lin, and formerly the Represenative of his
county in the Legislature.'
Judge Jo. C. Gnild died at Nashville on
Monday in his Slat year.
Clark Mills, sculptor, died on the 12th.
The grand jury f Davidson county, Ten
nessee, presented an indictment against M.
T. Polk, former treasurer of Tennessee, on
two counts, for the embezzlement and lar
ceny of $480,000.
The new dramatic star, Alice Marqueriie
King, grand-niece of the late Wm. R. King,
of this State, who was elected Vice-President
in 1852, aj peared on the stage at Selma
in ''Mary Stuart," aud made a great success.
Ruder Moore, of Waterford, Pa., who kill
ed himself a few days ago, made a confes
sion before his death that his false testimony
convicted Charles Stafford, eight years ago,
f rape, for which Stafford is now serving a
0 years' term or imorisoinuent.
At St. Louis, on the 13th hist., Miss Zoral-
la Garrison, of godd family and a pupil of
the Convent of the Sacred Heart, left
mc to go to Iho Convent and did
lot return. OB i Thursday ijjhe lami-
ly received a letter itating that the :,'irl was
held for ransom. Jt hue and cry was raised
and last evening l lie girl came to the police
station in the outsMrts of the city near the
convent. She was UI but seems to have suf
fered no bodily harm. She says she was ac
costed by a stranger between the station
and the convent, from whom she ran, but
who caught her. She then lost conscious
ness, and when she recovered herself, she
was in a house, where she was confined un
der the charge ef a woman until yesterday.
Her captors sought to exact money from her
friends, but the vigorous seareh alarmed her
abductors and she was released unharmed.
The Georgia legislature has made an ap
propriation of $1,000 for a portrait of the
late Senator Hill, to be placed in the Cham
ber of Representatives.
at centrana, ill., uuss inula, a young
man, went to the home of his brother-in-
law, Henry Duray, and without any words
shot him three times, death being instantan
Over the State.
The ''Stonewall" Female College, at Rip
ley, a magnificent building, owned and man
aged by a widow lady, Mrs. M. J. Buchan
an, was destroyed by fire on the Sd inst.
Mrs. Buchanan's losses will not fall short of
$8,000; no insurance. AH of her furniture
and clothing were destroyed with tat build
ing, except a few articles found on the low
er floor. The loss of the "Stonewall' Col
lege is a serious calamity to the publio as
well as Mrs. Buchanan.
Kelley's saw mill, five miles south of
Broekhavcn, blew up, wounding six per-
sous, five negroes and one white man. The
white man, W. J. McAllister, and one negro
were iatnllv wounded.
The railroad shops at Water Valley are
still turning out new locomotives for their
Atlanta, Ga. Fred Tinsley and Morgan
Goff were shot and instantly killed by Jesse
Bparas an colored near Towns, tia., on
Saturday night last.
Two bills were introduced in the Arkansas
Legislature to reduce the railroad passenger
fare to three cents. One includes all the roads
and another five cents on the roads from W
to 100 miles long and ten cents on the roads
less than 50 miles. A bill was also intro
duced to prevent freight discrimination.
The Boston journal gives the details of a
crime that has put all nothern Vermont un
der arms in search of a negro who has stolen
a beautiful girl, the young daughter of a
prosperous farmer in that State, aged thir
teen. She had started for school near
her house, and that was the last seen
of her by her family. Her schoolmates say
that late in the forenoon, as they were play
ing near the schoolhouse, a fine turnout,
driven by a negro named John Kd wards,
stopped near them, and the driver asked
Kitty if she did not want a drive. The
girl eagerly assented, jumped into the
sleigh, and the span of bays went oil' at n
canter, and that was the last seen of her.
Always Beliable.
Yazoo Herald.
Tiik Clarion presents itself to its readers
this week in a new dress, typographically
speaking, and as an eight page paper. It
wears a splendid appearance, and its pro
prietors are to be congratulated upon the
fact. Tub Clarion is always able, and
always reliable, and well deserves the pat
ronage it has received in the past, and thai
which is falling to its share at present.
jd and el
ieap as
, now in
All the Reading You Desire.
Brookhaven Free Press.
We will send The Clarion, that staunch
old democratic and fireside sheet, together
with the Weekly Free Press for one year for
$2.75 in advance. The Clarion has been
enlarged and is now an eight page paper.
The Free Press is also an eight page paper,
and gives you all the reading matter that
the present number exhibits. The two will
give you all the reading you desire.
iwunnd other roads, as
BM be built iu I'atersou.
The cotton mill at Water Vail
operation over a year, has proved
Robert Stewart (colored) for years post
master of .Macon, died last week.
Wesson Herald : Mr. J. W. Persons, of
the firm of Wesson & Persons, lumber man
ufacturers at Bogue Chitto, had his leg
broken u few dnvs since bv n sill falling on
t. He was brought here, aud is now under
the care of the distiugnished surgeon, Dr.
A young man named Hurst was instant
ly killed a few days since at Klein's Land
ing, Sunflower river, whilo yoking up a
team of oxen, by being accidentally struck
on the head with the yoke.
The Copiahian regrets, as we do, to learn,
of the departure of W. P. Barnes and fami
ly, Tom Matheny and family, E. F. Harris
and family, J. F. Harris and family, Richard
Barnes and family, R. F. Barnes and family,
Hill Cook and family, Mr. Folks and family,
A. J. Covington and family, J. L. Hutchins
and family, John Lindsey, and Mrs. Harris,
from Crystal Springs, on the night of the 9th,
for the Lone Star State. They were all good
The new hotel at Bolton recently erected
by Mr. B. S. Bavis, was burned on Saturday
night of last week, together with a stock of
goods in the lower story belonging to Mr.
Wiley Jones, who also lost $2,000 in U. S.
Bonds and $500 in currency. The Ray
mond Gazette says that nothing was saved
by Mr. Davis, exoept the piano, sewing
machine and organ. The fire originated on
the outside, and is supposed to have been
the work of an incendiary.
Summit Times : Mr. Alex Hay, aged about
65 yoars, a resident of this place and vicini
ty for the past 35 years, was run over and
killed by the south-bound train No. 1, at 2
o'clock on Wednesday moraine last, within
the corporate limits of the town.
Col. F. W.White, of Hernando, as trustee
under tin' will of the late Felix tahauve,
has appointed Walter Malone, to a position
at the Oxford (Miss.) University
The Charleston Sentinel says : "Many
farmers will be picking cotton when plow
ing time comes."
The Jewelry bouse of J. B, Gotthelf, of
Vicksburg, closed to-day by attachments, as
follows: John A. Klein, $11,058 j Mrs. J.
W. ltowen, $."0iy : Geo. Just, $80 all of
that city.
The Speakership.
Washington Hpeclal.
Mr. Blackburn, of Kentucky, is in har
mony with the general sentiment of the
party on the subject of reducing taxation
and expenditure, and ho ia more than
any of the candidate a representative of
the interest of the Soutnern, Western,
and other States, which demand an im
provement of their rivers and harbors.
Besides specially favoring the improve
ment of the Mississippi river according
to the plansof the commission, he labored
most actively to secure the passage of
the river and harbor bill of August last,
over the President's veto.
All the Year Round
Where are Ahey gone, those dear dead' days.
Those sweet past days of long ago.
Whose ghosts go floating to and fro
When the evening leads as through her
mase ?
Where are they gone ? Ah ! who can toll?
Who weave once more that long passed
spell T
They did exist when we were voung,
We met our life with strength and trust.
We deemed all things were pnre and just.
Nor knew life had a double tongue.
We lightly saiiK a happy snng,
Nor dreamed our wsy could e'er be wrong".
And then all changed ; as life went by,
The friend deceived, or bitter death
Smiled ss he drank our desr one's breath
And would not let us also die.
Pay fallowed day ; ss on they went
K.uch took some gut that life had sent.
Yd it was ours, that perfect past!
We did have days that knew not pain.
We once had friends death h id not t t en
And Mowers and songs that could not last
Were ours in that most blessed time,
When earth seemed heaven's enchanted
And so I think when lights burn low
A ml all the house is fast asleep,
From out a silence vast and deep
Those dear dead days we worshipped so,
Breathe on us froir their hidden store
Their long-lost peace, their faith onco
God keep these dear old times; ah me!
Beyond our vision they may rest
Till on some perfect day and blest
Once more those dear dead days will bo.
for deatii, who took ail, may restore
The past we loved, to us ouce more.
A Curious Bridal Couple.
St. Iiuis Post-I lisroi ;ch.
As odd a looking a bride and groom
as one ever sees, and who, after the cir
ou instances surrounding; them were
known, set tongues wagging and mado
laughing contagious, were seen at the
Union depot this morning. The couple
consisted of an old man fully seventy
years of age, over six feet in height, with
flowing gray hair, and carrying on his
arm a pair of that kind of saildle-bagH
used thirty years ago, and a girl just 14
years old, who in height would reach
about the old man's vest pocket. They
are on their wedding tour. They came
in from sonic point iu Alabama, and
are bound for some jwiint in Oregon. A
passenger on the Mine train on which
they came In says, that during the entiro
day they were the center of observation,
because of their childlike lovingncssann
general grcennes. The old man is by
profession a Methodist minister, going
to a conference in Oregon, aad combines
pleasure with business by taking along
with him a veritable ana living Christ
mas present.
The Accumulation of Wealth.
Improves With Age.
Sesshore Beacon.
THB Clarion this week begins its forty
sixth volume, enlarged and in a bran new
dress of type. It presents a beautiful
appearance. Like old wine this journal
continues to improve with age.
A Handsome Appearance.
New Mississippian.
Our neighbor Tiik CLARioy, presents a
very handsome appearance in its new dress.
Its editor, Maj. Barksdale, is a fine writer,
and its business manager, Col. Power, is
a thorough-going business man.
Ablest, Freshest, Newiest and Best.
Rev. Dr. C. B. Galloway in N. O. Christian
The Clarion- has been changed to an
eight-page paper of the exact form and size
of the Advocate. We like the good taste
thus displayed and congratulate our friends
on their hansome appearance. The Clar
ion ranks among the ablest, newsiest, fresh
est and best of our secular exchanges. The
distinguished editor is not a superficial
paragraphia but a profound and well-poised
Supervisory Legislation in Kansas
Previous to the nomination of a can
didate for Speaker in the caucus of the
Republican members of the Kansas leg
islation, the following resolution was
adopted as the sense of the members, and
to which the nominee is fully pledged
We, the Republican members of the
incoming legislature, now in CAUCUS
assembled, recognizing the justice of the
demand that the relations between the
people and common carriers be distinctly
defined by statutory law.and that no feel
ing of uncertainty may be entertained
by any jierson present, and to tho end
that harmony may prevail in our midst,
therefore, resolved that recognizing the
subject of railroad legislation as one of
tho most important to be presented at
the session of the Legislature, and believ
ing that our Constitution demands at
our hands the passage of a fair and
equitable law regulating freight and fare,
we hereby affirm individually and col
lectively, that we will support no man
for speaker who does not give to this
caucus satisfactory assurance that he
will no frame the Committee on Railroads
as will give the advocates of railroad
legislation a full majority of said committee.
In the course of an address in New
Orleans on Prisons and Asylums, the
Rev. Dr. Hugh Miller Thompson, uttered
these words of truth, and we may add,
of warning:
The Duke of Wellington said there was
nothing more terrible than a great victory,
except a great defeat. Ihe path of civiliza
tion is strewn with the wounded mid Scad.
Kverysm I of a man is at the expense of
a victim. Civilisation is based on a wolf
theory of life. Business is conducted on
that principle It is on this theory that
Wall street and Carondelct street exist; that
most people arc doing their business. It is
get all yen can honestly ; grab all your
hands can lay hold of. Your neighbor has
grabbed iu bis turn and got all he could.
The man that grabs the most is the most
honorable man.
This is not altogether to be condemned.
It opens up avenues of advancement for
men in the world.
It is a very rough sort of a plan, and no
where does it come out in all its harshness
as in this country. We have no hereditary
wealth. Krery man's wealth can be counted
in terms of so many scalps which he has
taken in the strife. When one goes to the
highest rank of rich men, say a man like
old Vanderbilt, he has a hundred million
soalps. When you go to a man like that and
ask for money on the Christian idea that he
holds it in trust from God, he laughs at yon
and you can't get into bis head that wealth
is a responsibility, or that a man in the
United States should not do with his money
just as he chooses. The consequence is
that the possession of wealth in tins conn
try is demoralizing, not only to the men who
own it, but to everybody. Why the man
who steals $r00 should be sent to the peni
tentiary, and he who steals $100,000 to Con
gress, the victim can't understand. Or why
the man win steals enough to support his
family for weeks is branded as a felon, and
the man who has stolen enough to build a
house on rifth Avenue is held in great
honor, and ail tho military companies turn
out at his funeral. The unfortunate gam
bler is taken up, aud his occupation con
sidered disgraceful. If he buys or sells cot
ton or pork on a future market, he is a legit
imat merchant, and modern philosophy
condemed all efforts to reform criminals.
They are morally diseased, and have fallen
out of the tanks let them go. Tho fittest
will survive.
The Coming Man.
Cincinnati Enquirer.
As at present outlined against the po
litical sky, Hod. Joseph E. McDonald,
of Indiana, in the largest man in the
Democratic party.
Tying His Wife Up and Clubbing
Bernard A. Fitzgerald, age 33, of 48 Scam
mel street, was yesterday arrested by a po
liceman who found him beating his wife,
Several clubs covered with blood were lying
abont the Door. The woman was tied with
a rope to tho bedpost and was unconscious
and bleeding from wonnds about tho head.
She was moted to the Chambers Street Hos
pital. Her two children were turned ov. r
to the Society for the prevention of Cruelty
to Children. N. Y. Republican.
Alabama Negroes Going to the Mis
sippi Bottom.
Helm a Times.
The season for the emigration of no
groes to the Mississippi bottoms has ar
rived. A crowd of thirty-five passed!
through here yesterday from Montgomery.

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