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The Clarion: Wednesday, March 21, 1883.
The Clarion.
Official Journal of tbe City of Jackson
Next Hunday i KaU?r.
Jacktmn ltoyal Arcli Chapter No. 0
next Momky night.
Stedmaii A. (Jo., have a very reada
ble announcement in thin iwue.
Yc Old ran of Vickhur, will
give a loneert in Jacuaon 011 2'Jth.
Fnwt Monday night, hut not enough
tn injure fruit and (lower it in thought.
The Penitentiary leasee are extending
tlieir walla ;iiid incre:ming tlw-ir tower.
Quarterly Conference at the Meth
odist church next Haturday and Hun
The Mite Boefoty
residence of Mr. Van
meet at tin
k on Friiiav
Dr. J. A. 1'c.ice, of CVi.'ioma, gave
01 a puling ( ill y'ntenlay. He reports
tin- overflow situation Improving.
- The Natclier,Telcg'aiii line reached
Barmond Haiurd.iy, and is expected to
he at .laekhton next .Saturday.
Haturday taxi wan St. Patrl ik'a day.
It wasn't "celebrated" here. What iuu
lifetime of the liilaTiiian AjHOGfHtioo T
Mr. Horn, of the Meridian Mercury,
VII In town liKt week, ihippinga print
ing press and engine recently purchased
Rev. Dr. Hunter will preach a 'Un
ion next Babbth. There will be no
morning or night acrviee in bin church
Ihe grao I oiieiiiiie at BtedtU&n it
Co a., in announced for Tu . wtl.iy am
nenne.ui.iy next in: weather Deing
The carpenter and painteptof .lack
"'11 apxar to have their hand full jut
now -can't keep up with the demandl
upon them.
The Union Prayer meeting will he
held at tbe Presbyterian church next
Sabbath afternoon, commencing at half"
peat 4 o'clock.
A young and experienced printer,
Tor whose capacity and industry we 1 an
vouch, wanta a pertnanent situation.
Sec advertiMCiucnt.
If you can't SOS it, get a pair of
Be utter i spectacles. He has ten differ
ent kinds in stock. Alao, a large ai-wort-men
t of eyP-gla.iaeH.
Capt. .1. P. Steven and family hare
removed from tlicir eoy OOttagC on
Amite street to the more spacious resi
dence of Mr. Thoa. Green.
The remains of little llalaey Boyd,
wlio died in Port Worth, Tex as,' in May
last, were interred in the family lot
in our city cemetery, on Monday evening
-The committee to oiinva for sub
scriptions to Btale Pair have met with
some encooragement, but they need a
good deal more, and hope they will
get it.
Jo-morrow will be Holy Thursday,
and the day following Good Friday.
The usual solemn services will be ob
served on both daya at St. Andrews and
St. Peter's churches.
Mr. Chan. K. Mart, lias now a busi
ness intercut in the candy factory of ,1.
Marts & Hon. Dealers who want t. fur
nish pure candies to their customers,
should order from this factory.
Mr. Seutter's store has thoroughly
recovered from the effects of the' late
tire, and his largo stock of jewelry, sil
verware, and photographic, gallery, can
now ne seen to good advantage.
Among (he recent loc.il improve
ments, wo note a new resideneo on ..,.
oi uu
of the High school lots, being erected by
Mr. Chas. Winkler. Mr. IT n n,,,,,'
bell hu also made an addition to his
Monday morning our city was vis
ited bya rain and wind storm, the like
of which has not been experienced here
ior sometime past As yet v hav
learned i no damage
property by the same.
-Our young friend, Claude Wlnalow,
dropped in upon us from Meridian this
week We were pleased to learn from
mm that hu father-in-law, Ool, Wm. 11.
Taylor, is successfully established hi
business in the great city of the East.
On Friday evening last, one of our
citizens, Mr. A. L. Rrunson. became In
volved in a difficulty with one of his
liauilri-u colored man, in which he re
ceived a severe blow on the head, and a
cut on the lee: from n hatnturi Ti
negro wan arreted by Mr. Albert Lewta.
a I. .1111 I - .l.ai.V . 1 , i . . .
-.yi.vj ouvku, mm longed in jail.
1 ,'
n unit- town in North Carolina
with a population not exceeding four
thousand, luw recently subscribe? sixty
tnnussnd rl.JI m frtr ... - '
vui' enviion or a
Cotton factory. That's what we need
in Jackson. A public meeting, ami a
eubsenntion committee in that behalf
should be the next tliiug in order.
A wcll-cpiipped printing office is
now in operation at the Deaf and Dumb
Institute. Mute make very fair com
Mritom. They follow printed copy very
closely. t ueiiu? disturbed by convex
nation in the composing room. A news
paper w ,11 8oon l iaaued from the insti
sunon. -By a chaK 0f schedule which took
effect on the Nato.be, and Jackso, r,NuT
on Sunday la0inssenger train leaves
jMkmi at 7.00 a. m.; arrives at Nats-he--atl2.40jP.
m.; loaves Natcher. at
m., andrrives at Jackson at K.40 p nY
I he freight loavos Jackson daily at
a-m., and arrives at C.10 p. in.
Bomo of the young people of Ja. k
Kon are indebted to Miss Ada Green for
a moat deiiHitful evening spent at the
r.sidenco of her father, Mr. Joshua
Green, on 1-riday last. Miss Ada is a
charming young hostess, doinK in an
easy, graceful maimer "the proper
thing by evory guest One of tte sweet
Hingers of Jackson, Miss Myra Bah v
nnl Mr. I. H. Charles, of New bSS
favored the ootnpanj witli sworal spend id
pieces of vocal muaic.
Opium, or morphine, is uwd to an
extent only known to the drug stores.
We have known srivins who would make
almost any sacrifice to obtain it. Its
hahitual use is considered a great mis
fortune. It will he seen by a certificate
in this i.ssue that Cortivalis is a positive
antidote. It is manufactured oy Kr
win, fiavden ft Yoange, Winona, Miss.
Itev. 0. M. Calloway deli vend a
very impressive lecture at' the Methodist
church .Sunday night, on the life and
I t r . i . . ,. . i .
laoois oi mm nev. r.nj.-iii rteeie, a young
preaencr who is ri inemliered bv manv
inhabitants of our State and Louisiana,
for devotion to his Calling, his marvelous
preaching, and his sad but heroic death
at the pott of duty.
Three "visitors" entered the store of
Mr. Chas. Fransioli last night about 12
O'clock, by forcing a shutter in the rear.
They ware surprised in their operations
by a party of young men who were pass
ing, and by policeman Williams, who
fired on them, wounding one on the
bead and capturing him; the others
nude their escape. They had entered
Mr. Manship's paint shop, and evidently
had designs on Mr, Watkin's hardware
store, in tie' r(..ir f which some of their
tools wen- found.
in our uure issue we t u let i to state
that Several graduates were examined
by the medical board here last week,
pass .) satisfactory examination and
were granted license t practice medi
cine. 1 Heir names are oaf oilnura: Rnht.
I. wry, Jr., Robt. I.. Buck. Jackson;
W. c. Weatheraby, Montieello; Benj. F.
Hendon, Moss Point; J. B. V. Girardin,
Biloxi, ami Ceo. W. Luster. Oavum.
The three first named are onlv 80 vm
of aire.
We are Indebted to the courtesy of
the Jackson Poetofflos for the annual
number of the United StatesofficialPostal
Guide an iudipensable volume of 838
pages. Ten pages are devoted to an al
phabetical list of "Frauds," which in
clude nearly al! the Matrimonial Asso
ciations that figured in Mississippi List
fall. Tin- managers ought to sue the
PostofBce Department tor libel, inas
much as said Associations were duly
Chartered by the State, ami were incor
porated for purely benevolent purposes.
We have never heard of anv profits to
the managers except from the "aunimal
The frame building on the north
east corner of State and PasCAgOula
streets, owned by Mr. Philip liar., and
Occupied OS a dry-goods store by S.
Kaufman, was partly destroyed by lire
at an early hour fast Sunday night.
The firemen were, as usual, promptly on
hand, and soon arrested what would
otherwise have I n a general conflagra
tion. The fire was the work of an in
cendiary, Coal oil appear- to have been
used on the weather-boarding in the
rear. Mr. Chas. Daley, whose tin-shop
was in the same building, sustained
some damage, There wus no insurance
on the building, buL an insurance of
11000.00 on Mr. Kadfiniin's stock.
musical and charade nntAvtatn.
mont at the hall of West Jackson Fire
Company last Friday night, for the hen
ofit of the new Methodist church, was a
most gratifying success. Considering
t he great length of the program me, and
the large number of Htt In i k f..n...
who participated, everybody and every
thing moved along with praiseworthy
harmony and promptness. Ihe nafj
was crowded and the sale of tickets
netted the handsome sum of $.mUh).
There are so many who deserve praise
for originating and bringing the enter
tainment to a successful issue, that we
abstain from personal reference. It
will Ik- repealed to-night, with a partial
change of programme. Admission ten
cents. ly at the door.
Another meeting of the citizens of
Jaetcson was hcldjn the Senate Chamber
on Monday evening last. Col. W. I,'
neminjtwav "resided. fw n
BusUmante acted as Secretary. Tl.
noscription committee reported what
tney had done, which showed that thev
had secured but one-third of the amount
necessary to organise the Fair Associa
tion I hereupon, l,-. Byron Lemly. in
bebaU Of himself and associates, made a
proposition to furnish five thousand dol
lars In cash, and form a company to
hold Fairs here annually, if the citizens
01 Jackson would subscribe and secure
them a bonus of three thousand dollars
It was decided to hold a meeting next
its K raise cne amount and
ratity the proposition, which is alluded
JO in detail, by Cast. (i. D. Ihistamante,
... u . ommunic.uion in anotiic
column. I lie matter now is reduced to
" "Woic proposition from thoroughly
reliable gentlemen, and should be con.
ourrea m by our citizens. Let the suli
scription to the $3,000 be commenced at
-eue. ami ici the mcetiug next Monday
"ight be a full meeting and the proposi
tion ratilied. 1
If you wmI a nice soil of i lathing of theben
Mtl, ! the very lat,t cut andpriceato
MU4 MM limes at Lea, Kahu's.
of lottors . ii ii in i . !t 1 1... l.v .
Mo at J MlTJOO, 1 1 indl i-untv, Mis, for
UM iL emluiK Mtrcfa '2, 18$$,
UMCer, .In Murv E. tie
W ,V- Jfc " liiolmnl, Mat.
l.rurntn-U, Miss BM-BodM! Mrs. Mary
lWn. MlN Matiii. Tlobinsun, Arthur
. olinson, Ki.-hard .Slmrp H. K
JoliiiHtun, W. A. Wr5 M. 8. '
Moncmo MraD. Walker. Thomu
Mosely, UiM Katie Wright, ev. U. W.
lVmms oaldng j,r at)v of tho above let
Uth will pleaMiup 'nilvertisod."
QR. C. McKek, l M.
Before buying
i eettag m ju
your Dry Hood.., It will pay you
Q "Meert natKllTerweroln elogent rarlely
- y large Beeurtmenljn.t rtwlrod. Aleo now
andta.,tyaldUloiMt.fmieKold jowelry and ladlen
2W noraorubcr all Rl,r.l end aterllnft
enrer ware la fornyer warren UM, at
rJr.1 "o J e-ioclod itok of
Oothlnnel lx. Kahn'.,
On WWonrere, fine Oold iewolr. an.i w..i..
Ote., 'rc'vi rfl ,,;.,, u , u. .. ...
Now la yoer Umo for eleirant nnn.1. t .,i,.. -
wtKl ling. blxthdny. eto,
Notes From West End of Jackson.
svassnrav nr ik s sraa
Enterprising West.
The Mighty West.
Little J. and Big J.
School children and Taffy Tolu.
Many railroad tracks, take care.
Look out for the locomotive.
Bprittg, lazy days have come.
Boon have to hunt shady places.
Gigantic Railroad centre.
Whistle and ringing all day long.
Iarge and small lutcls take
Railroad men all flourishing sleek
and fat.
A man got shot to-day-from
F If, Scott.
-bought titan
West Jackson Fire company are wide
iwake boys. ,
John McDonnell is the meat iron man
of the West.
Men of huge brains and much capital
Iweli hen! in unity.
If you want a small crumb of comfort
call on O. C. ( 'rum.
t io to George Lemon for yonr lemons.
Tbe iron horse snorts and cavorts
through West Jackson, about every fif
teen minutes during the eternal 2! hours.
The W.-st Bad is m ide up of a mixed
population good, bud and indifferent.
The boys from up-town have lots of
fun in the West.
Drummers are plentiful and full of
fun tell funny stories to our merchants,
and sell them goods on credit.
new summer beverage Pine A
Lemonade lor sale at Riettia W
Jackson confectionery.
A new way of expressing the fact of
being llat-broke-iiickelcss.
W. If. Potter is still pottering awav
in the drug business. The Potter boys
are solid.
The colored railroad hands are work
ing to the best of their ability, and pay
their wages promptly to the merchants
in the West.
Simmons & Bros, are first-class butch
ers, and will furnish the best of meats
to all classes of people, for American
money or small change.
The street ear traffic is lively a car
leaving West Jackson every half-hour.
Southern Express business is lively
and kicking.
iv ). Byan carries the Ian
of groceries and drv-owiU
Ho Is an Irishman.
A good bakery
Harry Risher. He
iceus t in- poor.
A look at the Lawrenci
wm, low will produce an excellent
lite. Call soon.
Fragiacomo has a King at. his hotel
Sullivan, (not the pugilist) presides in
the office.
Mrs. Matilda O'Leary does the princi
pal grocery business in the West.
Dameron A- Swan have a tip-top lum
ber yard and are doing a lumberihjr
business. n
Candidates for office congregate in
West Jackson, and will talk vou to
death on a worn-out subject politics.
The citizens of the North and South
Wards do congregate largely at the de
pot in the evening, to gate at passengers
and buy New Orleans papers.
Look out for gas next winter. The
citizens of West Jackson are vary well
satisfied on the gas question. Let the
other wards squeal until they get a like
pianury, ami they will be enabled
led to
Keep out ol gutters and sink holes
i tbe
It. Sin v III'
I the iiriiif- mother, tin H
1.1V llitllt. M.ir.l, 1.1 IM I.'
ths Ror. '
Soma, oi
Sat run, i
I'.. Uallaway. b. i.. M i 1u i.',...'
HI n II'. Ark . ..i ,l li.- .',.''-
llii.i city.
An obtorrlng friend who pwsmfnJhi
Tiikci-muon slsniUi; MxxraBt oi das tatoraiUag
ovi'iit, from whJSh wc SXtntel n. follows:
oio lir.-i. ii ii Hi" e.-iiivr Hhfcintor '
Hill '-.cue. tha hMrlM aullua m u ...
nnxi, Hlitl Minni
i- mi nr.; in iim inn n nr aiin Ma t . ti. . .
. ei . iicxi. .ills., Mettle Alexander, in charge
Mr V Mi'Ms,l,,"; ",,c Alexand.-;
Ml EiUirM. Strauea uttendiiiK, and last of all
a.v.nlly l-anin.n the . llliB arm oHta taSfc
some arooin, ante Ihe beantilul bride. It ,
feast lor Ihe nma i Inn I, ,... . ... n
ii i ... - .. ..ir, it. ii.
."Ml IK 1... .... 1. ..
Umt i . . " j. !." .-. hoc a .s.uiiie, iru
bi dn ,,i cowmandlnyhehrht, corr.ionded t tvorablv
, , oi ior was tieeo!o nir i nttii-eil
in a neat it, ingress of heliotm,.e silk, brnca X
tSSLSl "''.".". JWU-V, en,l nstur.1
y- ...v.. mflwHin in Jae
aekson thn follow iii((
my, in nappy eeunie to..k ;be
hi He lllurr. Ark., where
niT ior ineir niton
oii-, nappy anil uselul lif,..'
we wmn tiu iu a
Pled -In St. IxiuU, Mo.
at 7 o'clock e. m., Wii.kv
Atli year of his. aae.
Fridnv, March K,th
Hakius, Jr., In the
On Monday. March l'.Uh, loving hands coulKnol
to Ihelr last ratta place, all that mu mortal of
Wmn r. HAM, Jr While yet In the early blush
of ruauh.Kxl, the summons eeata, and when notified,
that death w.vs iuevitablc. and near at hand, he re
ceived tho Information calmly, and q nb tly nraaar
l to rueot it "like one who wra-m the drapery of his
couch about him and lies down to k-aaaut dreams."
1 would that an abler pen than mine should In.
dite his obituary, but on me it is especially lucuin
beht, for except his own Immediate family, uo one
anew Him better and certainly no one latedMm
more. lullinately associated with him lor years, u,.
In on terms of perfect confidence. I knew kiwi kW.
omrhly. He was by birth, instinct and education a
Rentloman; thesoulof ho ioraud the emlKHlimcnt of
truth and Integrity, l-ossessed of mental mmSIi.
of an high order, yet to modost, d I indent and noo-elf-approelative
was he, that hn went through life
ignorant oi me powers within bim as the shell ..f
ocean is of Ihe jewel which it sometimes house
He lived for others, and Ihelr welfare cunslltin.i
his happiness. Charltajrte to the ftuiu of n, hm
had reptoaches for nono. Rn M ,..'..
dentlal cjuvcrsttions he :,l,s.,:...i f.... ..
Rua?eo. censure, and pallia! l a, far a. he eould.tlie LfH k'" hlm "I'orlnHorming , e ItV
faults ol others, lli, reaenUoa and respect fw','wutoaMlJLrl''e3.
. ...... ,;,.
MM was the beautiful feature of his character
In speaklry of thorn, It was always with a delicacy
similar to that of the naturalist who fears that
mere touch may brnsh away aome hue or charm of
the specimens he handles so tenderly Ills life was
beautiful; his death serene and Iranrjull ; may hl
resurrection b? glorious.
"Oreen lie Ihe turf alior thee,
friend of tnr early daya.
None know thee but tb lovo thee
Nor named thee but U praise."
D M. M.
Millinery Department!
Is now in working order. Madame
BUM, who is in charge, is a native of
Franoe, and learned Millinery in Paris.
She brings with her here the highest
testimonials from leading houses of Eu
rope, as also of Ne.v York.
Our opening, which we intend shall
surpass anything of the kind that has
ever occurred in Mississippi, will, if the
weather permits, be on Tuesday and Wed -nesday,
the 27th and 28th.
The unanimous verdict of our manv
visitors is:
"That our stor
in appear-
anee and in its
like; and our piie
Maiikkt Ijf fltE
is very citv-
es just as low as asy
United States.
Our Dfew Features !
Young Lady Clerks; Goods marked
in plain figures; Laces and Embroideries
on a counter all to themselves and open
to inspection; Millinery Department;
strictly one price and Cash only.
Dress Goods Department!
We are showing all the late shades
in Nuns' Veiling and Buntings, Qing-
hams, Chambrays, etc. Single width
Nuns' Veiling, at 25 and 27 cents; Dou
ble width, all wool, imported, 55 cents.
Our celebrated "Linon De'Inde," will
not thicken in washing, 8 cts.
Cheek nainsook, beautiful quality
only 10 cents.
Ladies' tfnderwaar Department!
V T .l: . --ii .i
xuuug uquiea sen incae gooas am
tney go with a rush. We had to tele
graph an order to keep in stock; but we
got em.
Tkll ,!... i i ... .
uiiiuiivu 9 lioug aim .Miort ureases in
this Department; also, cheaper than
you can make them and better style.
"Dexter," "Industrial," or "Hope
Knitting Cotton, till numbers, only 5c
Union Lawns and Calico at 5 cents.
A Cotton Claim Case Decided.
vv ASHmoTON, Man-!. liQititeaiiim
porwui aooiion was rendered bv the
vimrt ir minims today, m tin- ca.se of 8te
iiiioii uuncan, executor of his brother
enrywuneatt, against the United States
ine mnn was or cotton seized by the
government during the war. At the time
w wc Boizure itenry Duncan was in
Europe, and whatever may have been
m Hi-iiTinieiUH, ne took no part in the
WJir Afynlnal 1. T. . 1 ... . I 1
t uo AMMtc-i.il Kovernnient
eo wiwu wnen taken was on the Mis
flMippi river, in the State of Mississippi
me jtuigment was tor 119,538.79. It U
w.wugui, nun, uic uiscision
will oiien the way to like
mmilar eases.
flw..,n..f !.... .1. . 1
in this ease
decisions in
Don'ir.ii lorwtthe Uadtni Clothlnc store ol
az. Kahn's
Jul Reeelvad, our Spring
al Kahu's.
and .Summer lints
y.w.uave any Shoes t.. purchase, it will nay
Too ton-ill .... rW
If 1 . .
n Kahn's stock.
Vnlon school Agency.
run Institution possessing oatqaalfcrj fueilltl
pwp www newan of great good to Schools
leges and Teachers.
..... -Fm teener wishing a dcsirahle aM
...uauon; oeaooN In need of thorough
Instructor; or persons wishing to bur orll L,
pnrty orappllancesean aoeonpUah their desire
2 "W-aprempM, u the Union Schotd Agency
TVacAer, and Smh apply nrr, raU g
doraemenu given and rt,iirod. For circulars, ad
tttom aaater cards at Ky rich's are the
wwww 'tWIW iii the city.
-Vlnes, KrauUIesj andoid Ken
(ueky Dew Whisky, at I.kmi.y's Sw tZJEZl
Drug Store.
second door abota the old stand.
Beautiful Japanese wall paper at Eyrioh
Eor the newest and latest styles of wall
paper, cull early on Eyrich A Co. 3t.
The Faster card at Evrich's nr mklu
very rauidlr-caU erlr " Ch 1 arc ',cl '"8
.. V.Tv .in,;t,e, Heed
and On ton c...
Store, seooud door almve
U paper tbuhle rn
'JM silt. WEI, S Pi.sru
nlrht Ibe isth. o,;i "."'.': ' ".- s' "DAY
uind In the lelt eye and brand 1 ii & "!',u1''
""J"; uH'.neiiv,.niu e rc.,nil. .k.,
.. . V Oil
Aoon-se. Tti ...
jfacluon, Miss.
Dr. Goo. K. Harringloa. Ii
Ir. Joo. r. Hueter.
Dre. Harrington & Hunter
CamL BwAiHt E 8aarr, oero-
Uoom la, Kell. BuildinaT Vk Ml'" t
New Orleans Prices.
Cotton, V- II) :
Low ordinary to middling fair
Sugar, V :
l uir to white clarified
Wolasses, in kbit, gallon:
Common to choice
Rice, V a. :
Common to rhoico
Bacon, V. tt.:
Side, clear rib
Hams, mtSt cured...
25 50
5 C
Mess Pork, V
Choice, in t
Coffee, 'f n. :
Ordinary to good.,
Salt, V sack :
la SO
8 Q12
1 10
3 25
Corn, in nacks, l bushel
Corn meal lbl
Oats, V l.ushcl :
Uimt priof red 75
Jack.vin prices are about 12' jier cent higher
the foregoing rates.
Why You Should Insure Your Life.
Because you are liable to die at any moment, and
ii you are not thoughtful enough to make provision
for your family while living, how can you expect
others, who hav.: less interest in them, to provide
for than After yon are dead?
Call on Barrows & Hays for rate and estimates,
and get solid insurance In the leading company of
tho world the EquitaU Lite Assurance Society of
the United I States. -' J
March 11, 'S.i-4t.
Ho not Delay.
Then- are thousands ol EBQtUUt in want to-Jay he-
caue their natural protector persisted In waiting
tor a "convenient season" for taking out a policy.
Insure now with BABB0W8 A IIAV.-S,
Agents Ivpiitablc Life Assurance .Society.
March 1 1, '83-41,
New Advertisements.
FOR NALE-Ilusine.ss II. .use on State street,
with dwelling ttbore and g.irdan lot in reir.
mar21,'s:-tf. Apply to it. K. .Tavnk.
Tj'OR HAIU Two nice DwaUtaaa and Lots
I one on President Street, the other on North
Apply to R, K. Jaynk.
By a young and experienced
l permanent situation with n
good Newspaper.
Has held responsible positions.
iioott relerence.
Address, immediately, " K
' this
STOXlls From the undersigned, 1
ton, on Tuesday Nitfht. nth ihiiT.. one
lear Hol-
Si III) Ct)LT, three ill) years old; short mane and
tail; well grown for age; broke to saddle. Anv in
formation leading to his recovery will be liberally
rewarded. y ; yjj ipfi '
niaral,'S-lt " Bolton, Mi'ss.
I'ropo-nls for Stone and Brick
lit Jackson, Hisslss'ppl.
Drmcu ok hw't of -ciutiT
l'osr Okp
, March 1 1,
J.tCKSOK, Ml.s
Sealed proposals will 1
until 1-' in. on the 2d day
.1 this othce
. far turntah-
lng Ibe .a'.sir and material
, , .......v. uiiynn, luonar,
I biiildin.; complete tttc basement a id area
the ourthouse and Cost Oliic- buiidiu at
one. I.
! mortar.
etc., an. I
V k 'la.' ;!ui.tli"use and Tost OfBoe l.iiiiding
o . .-.
, ' t" coni.-ince witli urawlnn
poeincstioas, coploaot which and any addi-
lion a i
this ofl
.ooouion. may oe nan on application at
or theoffloeoi so lierrlsli.tr nniii.ll
tuartM.. W-'MirtlKS.S,U.crmu-..cnt.
MffATi atniia. PEBW SPECTACI.KS: '
E3"2"E3 aiiASSBS!
Jewelry Store, Senlter'w Corner,
nur,-s.i-;;m. .IACKSOX, Miss.
Winona, March ft, SA3.
Pp.. W. T
Y'Ol'NOH Dt:AH SlH: Vlw.nt Ummi
years ago I commenced tho us nf mornhlno tor
sick-headache to which I was greatly "ubject The
mbi grew upon ,e until it took an enorn o 1 ,,.
years ago I
fv?l . n , ? hcarJ';' yonr medicine, ( or-
I eoiniueiiced
imrmily ,w wVfr V?" fft-f?'" '"'. "' tak
Ztl tW.l7kheaj!
y cured, not onlv
araahmt is Wn,.r . ,J X, . . 'JT? " mil"- My
I am now e.iiiV.Ti,. ..,. ... l " . years., and
.luvoi ever win again. In fuel
amiin in r..... t. . .. .
woman of me, and I feel that 1 ' .77.
a new
iation nf ,i,; ZZTZ """'""J
hli?1 1 wlshthi
...ur woiHter
this could meet
... v.vi.. woman on earth
.ours, ItosjHvtfully, Sni:. K KNT.
Iwishloail.li.,. . . .
J v'iui rairj,,
Mareh 21, 18K3-3w.
o OoliEWABD.
LuSMii "S5& oelved
convict., ,,, V."'':fi1.1.?.l" nI If,.ito,,tiarv
places llow incntloncs '.n are MIU,'' 'n,m
W, therolure, 1, Koilj.; kt I " w?tv T:
of Miss ssippi, do oBi r in. .L.. R V Governor
rest and J I y ,1 re"nl ' 'b
each foroneor ,oie of them dsV7',,vK,' "r
able by UtonTgSfJ "ward tspay
iary. And I d iuore.?yer t' ""w?' Feiiften
this State to he SSlZSTS' .""lulio all oflicen. of
fugitive convicts. ou,,rl to aaid
By the ( lorenior : KOBKBT LOW U V.
"nYC.MrnasecreUryy.f state.
luexion iirigtu wnl'atio i h. , Z .' ;. "-
"TaL'l .'Ww. tSentenced mm' ... .' "."' '
Lewis fa
ris uler-
Eml January l T '
SiiTO'j i5!2
K. IL Am
lot) nmlatl
1 . . ,,.. ii nf. l...... . .
"ir ana eyes
neHO ovei li lt eve- lf. ...7.." ..' " lolT-
tence 1 from N.xuhee county
heeeoonl. ' SCO-
on left hana dVfoVwed. fcnti. 7V
county. "ormeo. oentenccd from lUukln
'i Inches: isvmpiVxhin Imiw- i, t ; ,.''ih' B
ry .uialf ear. Si I mouth h.' Irnn'1 Waek;
r of breast; J " ' -
iwo scars on joint of first n,. .. rlhthaiid;
5T 7"wmiuilT.
esley i:. . . . '' ...
: R i " .'".ETV1 1. im. from M.
mplcxion. mulatto ha Z ' 5 feet Inches;
two scars ' ton-hl - Si,22 ; fflftfl"
sear at corner rt.t. , V..' l ";lr n right law : sma I
noleon left breast ; one SLTlSK "'
car on Ie(t h d "JJ "lolem point Mx shoulder:
"fit leg. Sentenced frmn 2lM.burn " SS
nar.2l,'a33w uuayette county.
Competitive Exa
A compeUtie examlT7?
I Point Academy, frou, T 2
in Jackson on Thurada
The n.ti.m - :.' Nd
the appointment to the h'? tl
by the examining committee -1
(ieti. J. A. Smith. .sti b. ".
catiod, Prof. It K J,yne V!,
Canton. Col. W T v.. ."" H
CLAio..,ornyoraof u.e,u L
M rintenilent will i '
and report to me at orest0,MistU, "
Papers of the 4th rv .
the public and myself a tTZT
March 10th, 1883. rW'-
Eamtahle T.ifn a
" Broadway,
Every Policv issnna k ,. .
DISPUTABLE after '.i
years, and also KOX.Fnnpi.-i-. . -7 ."'
SURPLUS, . . "
Call on or address,
II Ann nuru .-
. 77" " w "AYS, Abw. i
Iicl I
-.a, ,
'For Circuit Clerk.
M ii. n'l ' i.i: as a ean li,.,i, H
at the Unction in Noven ' if fur.(:1'ltS
m Hinds Ct, BoaocTaui
date for the office of lM.trf.. i.J"Rllll
.luditlal District. eom.J.V,, T , ' .e'' ui,lSl
Minds, Madison and YSaMi
vcuiber, 18S3.
liraw authorized to aim........
vi. iiinci, coniposei of the muntu. 7
Hinds, Madhson an'd Yaaoo.EeUcUotg
(No. ao7.)
Mail Letting
Post Office Departmest,
Washington, D. ., March 1, 1881
i hkoi-osai.s win no received at tbe
Oihce of this Department until 3 p. it. of
Jl, icm, .or carrying the mails of the
Statea upon the routes, and according to the t
uic of arrival and departure specified by tkl
luent, in the State of Mississippi, from July
1SS3, to June 3011), 1884. Lists of routes, witiii
ulcsof arrivato and departures, tnstructioiwtoS
dors, with forma for contracts and Imnds.Mli
other necessary infonaation v. ill lie iuiniskeil
application to the Second Assistant Pasta
ltutmnxttr GflUnit
certain Deed in Trust executed by T. T.aadj
ton. on the first dav of March, 1881, to sten
Thoa. K. Helm, the payment of a certain Indeh
uess therein tlescribcd,' which deed is on reoailt
the office of the Chancery Clerk of Ihe Kirn
trict of Hinds county, at .lacksou, Miasiaiwtk
Deed Honk No. 12, page 61. the inidcrsIpiislTlw
tecs, or one of them, will proceed to sell, tu ('
the City Hall, in the City ol Jackson, st publico
cry, to the highest bidder, for cash, on Ti ksiut.
10-rii dav ok Armi., isn", the follnwinsritaogj
pi-opcrty, situated in the First District of am
county, Mississippi, and more particularly dnw
as follows, to-wit : All that part of Ihe K!f"J
and W'-S of Ne"-,'. Ivlni? south of the NatchM. J
son A Columbus Ilnitroad, and the KV, of tl8)t
(exeint twenty norex In tho southwest enrmU
li'i of NeW of Sect loo a. t ft. it. l. East: mt
of NwW. and W V. of e :. and II acres In S!iB
Section 9, T. n, II. 1, East. ICxccntlng, ksJ
Ihose lota off of the lands sold bv Ware to theM
lowing named persons, lo-wlt: 25 acrcitow.
Porter; : ncrcs U Robinsnn; t acres to
Lynch; and 2 acres to Ijiwrence Adams. .W
acres In tho south end of the V'; of lli !S
Sec. t). T. 5. II. I. Kaal. The tillc to tfcealwvH
scribed pmoertv la Isdievcd to be good, but tl"
derslgned will onlv eonvcv such ss asls'W"1
lucm By tho dei;d in trust aforesaid.
, b. w. OBiFFrru,
march7,'8.VSy. TroMe-
V. P
Eliza J. McRaven.
IH. )
wt cause by the Chancery fourt ol ' iTi
of Hinds Count v, State of Mississippi, at the Hin
Term, 178, the uridcrsltmed CoiuuilM"i"f- J
noinle.1 I,.- ........ i.. .i.i ,. will. ..n tli
day nf Anrll iua i i.i.i., i imiirs. in froata
the City Hall, In Jackson, Mississippi, "rj
lmbllcsale to the highest hlddcr, f-ir n,."!
lowing deecrlbed lands, lying and bohi? 1 am
county, Miaaimlppl, to-wit: Tlie HS, SmR
and the WJ. Nw'i, Section 12, in To'",?
Range one, West; and the W1, SwS. sc (L7
. Range I, East, coutalulng 4W acres, m1""
The lands will be sold subject to the dower m
Ellia .1. McRaven, and will bo sold hi nanj
not excluding 100 acres each. 8. II. TH0SM
i .i'M- i, l' 1 l Mi ,-lr. U" "' ,, ( hp.
Raton Rouge, Vicksl.ni-R & MeiuphU Kallrii w
I ween Fayette, Mlna., and Louisiana State no
WW k . .1.1.. II a.. t .... ilw. Nflf VrT
a iilgli country with good water. -Apply
at oampanoar Kahuvlllc, A mile "Hism.
MUw., or to U. i. Foreacre, Atlanta, a
March 7,'fW-lm tkinw
Half Interest for Sale.
In my Milling and Lumber ltusinoss. nt i
tad Station, Vickshiirg A Meridian R R..
east of Jackson. Oyer .100,000 feet of wy "Rrm
aaw 2,5i)o acres of the finest Ixmg Ixiaf 11ns. g
and machinery all new. For further parnsw
lumrow mo, Arniistead, Miss ..vi
Withdrawal of Rewax
CiitjTEn. Mtss.. March 1st, 1
Ri"ar Is nf I .... Tl.oo.no. 1 Dollar, lol lli"
of I. B. Archer are withdrawn. .vn
T. D- " tB
PherllT CAocUw Cotiuty, "
March U, 1 , ; . u .
For Sale. M
i i rnninii i '..t u.nn. re -J rear T)
broke to harness and saddle; good MnSV
workers. Apply at HANSBEKBY'S STADLa.
ssTtTp try,

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