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The Clarion: Wednesday, May 30, 1883.
The Clarion.
Official Journal of ta3 City of Jsokson
Yiokibnrg snd Ksridisn EaUroai.
oini Rant -TmMmmK, rrivo 10:0.1, p. ei
tSrctSI -'0 p Hi I Way KreiIH. on T.ie1T".
T,!,,..n,I.Sturj!lrH,.ril. V... ... kW
:i0. ; Through Kn-ijljt, arrives 1W p. m ,
lioVe-Mad. arrive J 20 a. m , Wv 3. W a.
m 'Bjpnw. leave ' nT? fr"m
Yhlnbunj .-.) . in.; Way ! retain, on iim.,,
Wednesday Kriday, arrirf 5 p. m , cave
CIV p. m; Through I reigni, i a. m.; leave
- ) a. n.
.lUflN SCOTT, 'i-n M.IIHf
K. 1. Rawobth, Seperiytondcnt
Jso. W. Ci.imuan, USN Agent.
Satchei, Jsckioa Colutnbua Hailroad.
TiMK-Tam.il No.
A run. WtH.
li A. M.
No. 1, Mail, daflr Arrlm at J km H;l)p. in
UewSe Nati ?.:Wp. m.
., : Ir.-ihi. daily eaoept Ifantay-IfSVe"
eaS.'Ala. m., a rives at .lacUson lt-.IU p. in.
ta. iioino inn,
Uo. i. Mail, daily lavi .lacUson I'.SJ a "
Arriviss III .-Mt.licz 1 1 : ... m.
Ho. 4. furiarhl. daily except Bttnaaj
Jackson at ":W a-
E. I. I ito.tr, Oeu 1 wt' t.
c. . Jouuaon, (.. 1'. Ag'i
Illinois Central Hailrsad
tkin OOlKfl SOUTH.
Arr.viu at Nate lies OIW
No. '.'
Kcnnaa, arrives vr, -l-avw :oo p. in.
I -Mail, arrive, 12: ;s. Ji'afia i-i" a. in.
" -Mis.'l Train, arrive r :!' ! .i0 p.
aotun wii rii.
No. 1 Kxprew, arrive hwvisi 10:M p. in.
; M ill, arrive. :t SKI leives ;t ::ir a. in.
' 7 Mixed Train, arrive, SiSO leave. It50 a. a
0. 1. Ili'lMi, AiJ"lit.
C, K. HkbavRi Bup't.
llono K W. -l.RKK, Aet'ng liiv. Snp'l.
J. W. CoLKMAN, A. (.. 1". Ag't.
.1 c CLAUKK, Pfeat. and Ua, Han'(r.
tor re-i-Iccum
Jth Judicial Iitrlct
for District Attorney fur Hi"
LOCAL Al OTHBR sttTt'.s.
All Subscriber to stock In the llrn.nimi
Association, ami all others Interested In III
formation, will meet for organisation In the
Beuata Chamber tlii.i Werloraiiay ivtnlng m
5 o'clock.
The United Btatea (V;irt will ad
journ this week.
Bishop Thomosoa will prciich lit
,st, AndniwH church inxt Monday niglit.
-We are indebted to lion. Wm. Handy,
of Madlion, for the pleasure of n call.
Hon. J. M. ,Jayiu of Ofeenville,
called at Thb Gabion office last week.
Ret, Wi L. 0. Hunnicut, I'rowidinu;
Elder, will hold difine seryice in this
city next Babbath.
Dr. ialloway unnotincod lint Bun
day that, serrifiei would probably be
held in the new church building on next
Sunday Week.
Change of schedule in arrival and
departure of Express No. 3. and nixed
tniin going north, I. 0. it. It., took eflbct
Sunday. See schedule.
Mr. (Jeo. Lemon and the Mi'nsen
Dobson and Watt sailed from New York
lact Saturday morning on the steamship
The Capital Light (iuards were out
for regular drill Monday night. They
make a fine appearance, anil arc con
stantly improving in military tactics.
Hon. 0. B, Mitchell, State Senator
front Pontotoc, was in the city yeter
day on professional business, and
favored uh with a call.
The Gem Company excursion to
Natchez is announced for June 12th.
Taiv for the round trip only 1.A0, with
corresponding rates from other stations.
A rail-and-river excursion is in con
templation for Friday, June --d, for the
pleasure of nil who may participate! and
for the benefit of tho new Methodist
The Lawn Party which was to have
taken place at the residepce of Col. W.
L. Nugent Friday evening has been post
poned until further nouoe, on account
of sickness.
Thanks to our friend Capt. W. T.
Holland, Scrgeant-at-Amu of the Mis-
M--ipi House of Representatives, for a
pleasant remembrance in the form of
early peaches from his fine orchard.
Kie peaches are getting quite plen
tiful in this market. Some tin:' speci
mens, grown in 1J;'V. 0. Johnson's gar
den in this city, were placed on our table
last week.
We noticed quite a large number of
Strangers in the city during the past
two weeks, from different portions of
the State, attending U. S. Court and the
Levee Convention.
We enll attention to the card of
Capt. PhiL Hammond In this issue w hich
speaks lor itselt. v ant. Hammond is
prepared to do all work in his line and
guarantees satisfaction to all who may
favor hint with their orders.
Messrs. J. W. Gardner A Co., will
open a first class hotel, saloon and res
taurant at Flora, on the Yazoo & Missis
sippi Valley Railroad in a few days.
Flora is a new station lately established
on this road.
The Masonic fraternity of this city
have in contemplation an excursion that
will include Vicksburg, a ride on a fine
Steamer to Natchex, and return by the
"Little J." route. That would he a'.pleas
ant trip indeed.
Our esteemed confreres of the press,
Capt. MoNeely of the Greenville 'limes,
lbm. J. M. Liddell of the Greenwood
Flag, and Col. Youngblood representing
the Vicksburg Post, were among the re
cent callers at The Clarion sanctum.
Apropos of the recent chicken steal
ing in our city, the following lines from
the ieorgia Major come, in well :
Pp man wlmt pend." on dc monU-r for tor cn
An' traki 'I m tip 'arly in dc monilti',
May some time fin' uat do rooster la no rao'
ilut WttS atolen ., 'a I 'onra fore the dnwuin'.
Pearl Ixidge will meet to-night for
work in the third degree, on two can
didates. Tho Lodge will bo called to
order promptly at 8 o'clock. A full at
tendance is desired. Refreshments will
be served during the evening.
Supreme Court will adjourn Monday
Wc are gratified to learn that our
young townsman, Mr. John H. Boyd,
"was awarded the second prise in the in
tercollegiate oratorical contest at Nash
ville, on the 25th inst. Five universi
ties competed two from each. A young
gentleman from the University of the
Smth (Sewanee) won the first prize.
If r. Bora't subject was, "the eclipses of
The public square in the rear of the
Kxcutive Mansion is to be enclosed
during the summer. Mayor McOill will
lie pleased to receive subscriptions in
cask or material. This square might be
transformed into a beautiful park, with
walks, shrubliery, flowern, etc. The city
fathers are well disposed in the matter,
and if the community will SSMtist in the
manner suggested, this eligible but now
unused square may be made a place of
pleasant resort.
Col. Wm. J. Berg, the Tiavellng
I'assenger Agent for the Chesapeake and
Ohio Railway, is in the city, stopping at
the Snciitilor lion1. We have fust
passed over this grand highway throagh
the niui'-ttra-s State and the Old Do
minion, and can conscientiously com
mend it to all w ho appreciate closo con
nections, great speed, safety ami com
fort, to say nothing of the grand and
ever-varying scenery which this splen
did route affords. There is nothing like
it, and "don't you forget it," when ar-
rsnging your programme for a summers
absence or a business trip northward.
-We regret to learn of the serious
illness of Mis Carrie Olenn, oi New Or
leans, niece oi JUage ra. n. nsimera
and of the late Hon. D. C. Glenn, form
erly Attorney-General of Mississippi.
Miss Glenn has been occupying a posi
tion in the New Orleans Mint for about
a vear or more. Some months since
being attacked with the disease from
which she is now suffering, she re
signed her position in the Mint and
came to Jackson on a visit; change
of climate and rest from the sedentary
life she had been leading made a mark
ed Improvement In her condition, and
she returned to New Orleans and re
sumed her position. A few weeks since
she was taken suddenly worse, and alter
securing a leave of absence, returned to
Jackson, anil stopped with her aunt,
Mrs. Chalmers. She has been sieidily
growing worse and at last accounts h r
, Tribute of Respect.
At a meeting of Middle Claaa o( the Kute
Normal College, Nashville. Tenn., held j
Thursday. May 2lth, 1HW, the Committee
on Resolutions reported the following,
which were unanimously adopted :
WnEBrAM, It has pleased God in his infi
nite wisilom to remove from our midst our
rerv worthy friend anil rlassiuate, Gkorok
H. t'oSTKR. of Jackson, Miss., who by reason
f his trueness of heart and nobleness of life
especially endeared himself to his class-fellows,
and" scarcely less to all his other Col
lege aaiates ; and,
W it bb K as, We fet-1 that by his deaih wc
have sustained a sad and irreparable loss ;
therefore be it
JbssfwsT, That while wc deeply deplore
bia death, We humbly submit to the will of
our Fattier, who doeth all thiut." well, and
who is too good 10 be unkind.
2d, That the sorrow of the family of the
deceased is shared by his chUMOUte and
friends, who knew him well, and loved him
lor his many virtues.
3d, That his des'. be draped, and that the
members of the Middle Class wear ciupa for
I he remainder of the present term.
4th. Thai a eopv of tbeSC resolutions be
sent to the family of our departed friend,
ami ftlafi to the pipers of Jack ton and Of
!l. I. in kk. S. (' ,
E. (' BaASaoK, N'. ('..
V. . G. Whmkr, Ark.,
Mist M mil A. TODO, B. '.,
Miss AuCs Bmmmso, Ma ,
Mis-. A. UPcstJOoa. Mliw..
Committee on Resolutions,
w. W. Mn.i.w, v,i.. President.
Nichols, Va., Secretary.
Tougaloo TTniversity.
This flourUhiat? institution closes iU most
prosperous school year to-morrow, when the ; R1B
liter!." exerci.es of the graduating class j We open the season to-day with a BAR-
... 1 - .1 Vw.i
will take place, there win ue i
hibition to-night, and the afternoon train
leaves in eood t me lor an wuu
tend. All are invited.
Special Rates and Special Trains.
-Mrs. J. H. Bo,d
the remains of
"- narru, W j J
about two years ao .7 M
immediate Mend, Z?
V. E
condition is tlioiiKht to be hopeless.
Miss Glenn is a voting ladv of about
23 years of age. Her bright disposition,
true womanliness of character and ear
nestness of purpose coupled with the
honest desire to gain her own livelihood
by the labor of her own hands made her
popular with all who knew her. W ith
these were combined an intelligent mind
and a sweet disposition.
P. S. As we go to press we lenrn that
Miss Glenn is in a dying condition.
Bl II POBVKB, MO of I). 1'. I'or
(I the leabody Normal 8 bool ut Moshvill
May 1Mb, lss.:. He res bora SI Jaekaon, Mi
Jsntiary 12, 1868, making him little over -i rears
ne. few yonns atea iia.l wo Krilit a prospect
usefulness before tbeiu it" li" bad. It wai his irn
fortune, to be bleatod with the (aeu)ty of tasnirlai
oonSdsnoe and making friends. He wjas in eery
souse of llie word, rellahle. There was never a
doubt a.1 to what hi opinion wi, or what he would
da, In any matter Involving a principle of riht mnl
wronx. No young man hail a higher standard of
Integrity, and with Ibis higli standard, he hail the
moral courage to do the rigin in every emergency.
Tim writer hat seen him discharging his duties
among three hundred boys, and he never failed to
command respect of faculty and students. He was
fortunate tn Its being conceded, thai he could not
ilo otherwise than what Was honorahle anil right,
ile was faithful in work, Industrious and careful.
in n.ive nnu lor a menu, was a privilege. Ile was
to his father and mother, imlh a companion anil a
comfort, few can realize the lilank left behind
blffl at the family hearth-stone. All who know
him will dr ip a tear of sympathy for the bereaved
fathSJI mother and family. May our Heavenly
Kal her, who known what is boat, console these
grief-stricken hearts. 8. l. Ll
We are requested by Gen. S. D. Lee,
President A. M. College, to state that ar
rangements have been perfected with the
M. ic i). R. R., to sell excursion tickets from
Jackson, Tenn., to Meridian, at one fare
for the round trip. Tickets will be on sale
at nil the offices of the company within the
limits suited from June Kith to 19th inclu
sive., and return coupons will be good until
Saturday, .1 tine 33d.
A special train will run betw een Stark
Ville mid the College ground . hiring the
days of 17th, lOth, 1WW ami WB.
The V. & M. B. H. will eB round trip
ticket! at all stations at 6 cents per mile to
all persons desirin,' to attend, as above.
The sale of thoroughbred aad grade stock
will take place on luesuay, ivtni aiso an
address on .same day, from Dr. McKay, I'resi
dea? State Borticsltural ciociety.
GOV. l.owry's address is on Commence
ment day Wednesday, June UOtll,
Whitworth Female Colioge.
nt exercises ol tiustoi-
"Wlxit Groods!
In the offering are White Piques, at 5
cents; Checked and Striped Nainsook
at M cents; Victoria Lawns at 10 cts.,
and 18 cent. Paris Muslin, Persian
and Linen Lawns, etc. Every piece and
price a bargain.
We received by Express to-day an en
tirely uew line of Summer Style.
Ladies' Sets to Match.
Ladies' Dres ii:
Ladies' Corset Covers etc.
Infant's ls'ig Dresses, aud lmants
For style ami workmanship the-e gar
ments are nnsurpi
tee prices as low
United States.
their interment in
iawav .
inr an mini, 1 : . 6"
streets so hi put huSSS
a few days since-
sweep of them. Tvl,!
needed and we are -ha
been well done. bo
A number of silk wo,
sent to The Cla.io, !?
bution last week, byMrTft
of Corinth ! J I'.h S
distributed. Mr.CmJ
.... t. . M
anv no may wish to
ministry. Our i: .
.lit- f n i i r 1 I ., l
... I..,.,.,., duu nesiries
it 14 fit iha anm. a!
ployment, specially goitefj
Choice slylcs rcceiv,sl to-dy
Bsfors buying you, lir o J
..-.sei'l ;
its any mat
uid we guaran-
et in the
The cornmen n
lege ure as follows :
one 1711 a. m Annual B rmon, by Rev.
FellX. Hill, New Orleans
James Smith. 4
Among the names of gentlemen par
ticipating in the proceedings of the
Southern Historical Society, at Nash
ville, last week, vre noticed! that of
"Hon. .lames Smith, of Glasgow, Scot
land." We have reason to believe that
this is our ante helium townsman, who
hopes to slip in upon his relatives and
old friends here without, notice. He had
left home for a six weeks recreati n, and
for perhaps his butt visit to Mississippi,
where he lived and labored in his early
manhood. Ho is on terms of great in
timacy with Ex-President Davis, and
doubtless expected to meet him in Nash
ville, and being disappointed thereat, we
presume Mr. Smith is now enjoying
himself at Beauvoir,
Should Mr. Smith visit Jackson, he
cannot escape some sort of a public
demonstration that will show the esteem
in which be is held here by the old citi
sens, and by a generation of young peo
pie who have heard of bis good deed'
and who have rejoiced at his success in
life. We do not know when Mr. Smith
came to Jackson, but for a score or more
of years prior to the war, bis namewaa
prominent in business, fraternity and
social circles. He was one of the charter
members of Jackson Fire Company, No
1, organized May 1st, 1S39, and of his as
suciates only a few survive Messrs. 0
H. Manship, John Sharp, II. B. Evans
James Black, and perhaps others.
Mr. Smith returned to Scotland in
1865. His younger brother, Robert A
Smith, (who was afterward the gallant
Colonel of the Tenth Mississippi regi
ment, and who was killed at Mum fords
villo), continued the business of stoves
hardware, etc., on the premises now oc
capied by Mr. Isydore Strauss. Mr
Smith sold this property after the war
and appropriated the proceeds to the
public schools of Jackson.
On the breaking out of the war, Mr
Smith invested largely in Confederate
bonds, and by his purse and jwn gave
material aid to the cause, tie sent a
six-pounder brass piece and twenty-live
Belgium ritles to Jackson. The beautiful
granite shaft that marks in our cemetery
the resting place of his gallant brother,
was shipped by him from Glasgow. At
the recent re-union of the Presbyterian
congregation in this city, be remembered
the "auld kirk" with a fifty-pound ster
ling draft. Mr. Smith ranks among the
millionaires of Glasgow, but ho is now,
as he was forty years ago, one of the
plainest and most unassuming of men.
Ile visited this country in 18.VS or 1859,
and was shipwrecked on tho Arctic, and
the basket in which he floated until
picked up by a passing stenmer, the
Cambria, occupies a place of honor in
his parlor. He is an uncle of Mrs. O. L.
Gaston, and one of her daughters bears
the name of the vessel that saved his
A Teacher s Tribnte.
Iter. Dr. Bottdebnsh being called on at the banal
MR. Uno. H. I'oitTKR, by the officiating minis
ter to make some remarks touching the life anil
hsraettt of the deceased, said: That owing to
tho intimate and Interesting association which had
isie:i between the Seer departed friend and him
self he occupied tiio place of a mourner rather than
that of one called upon to speak words ol coinlort
to others.
He said it was useless for him to speak of th
ihle traits of character of this young man to thorn,
among whom he hail been reared. His manner of
life from his early childhood up was well and favor
ably known to them all, and needed no comment
to augment bis virtues in their estimation, But
he said, ho was there to speak of what he had ol
served in the life of his young frleud and pupil as
it appeared to those who knew him at a distance
and had soon learned to regard him as a youth who
was in every every respect worthy of their ea
and confidence. If it he true that we do not know
uien until we kuow how they are accustomed to act
n iiiuows mat our estimate ol tlicir character is to
determined by their conduct at home and
abroad. If we know what their lives have been at
home, and then learn their conduct when removed
from Uiose restraints, and tender associations which
were calculated to keep them in the paths of recti
lude. wc have the. test of character.
In the llfo and OOndtti I 01 this young loan
have the most satisfactory '. idence, Isith at horn.
and abroad, of a purely unselfish disposition and
ourse oi coiintict which snowisi mat lie was aeiu
nteii ny the purest motives, there was never anv
loulit as to how he would art in any case wh
principle or a sense5 of right was involved. Ai
student he was diligent and faithful in tho di
Ohafge of his duties. As a member of It
College, his influence was always on the sdc
of good order and of truth and justice, and y
exerted in such a manner as never to give offense
hut to command the respect of his associates.
was highly esteemed by the citizens, honored
bis Instructors and beloved by his companions.
youth could have more fully met all the rciutri
mcnt.s of being a reliable and useful man. The
Doctor then spoke of seeing him for the last time
Nashville, where he hail secured for himself tin
same good name which had been so universally
awarded him in his own .Slate. Wherever ho was
known his name was tho synonym for whatever
was manly in iH-aring, chaste and prudent ill con
duct After speaking of bis fidelity to his young friends
and associates ut college and entreating them to Im
itate his example and to cherish his virtue.., he con
cluded with this appropriate exhortation of the
apostle's! " Finally, brethren, whatsoever things
arc true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever
things arc just, whatsover things arc pure, whatso
ever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good
report; if there be any virtue, and It there be any
praise, think of these things." For these things
may truly be said of him to whose memory you
have paid your last tribute of respect.
June 1810 a. m. Kssavs and Recitations,
bv Seniors.
3::J p. m. Anniversary of Alum-
n Association.
H (XI v. M. Grand Concert.
uhc 18 11 a. if. Commencement. Ad
dress, by It Gov. G. I). Shands.
S v, M. Laying the Horner Stone
of tli e "Institute," by the Grand
Lodge of Masons of Mississippi
W . U. 1'ax ton, 1. U. U., pre
Hidim;. All the Lodges within
convenient reach of Brook-
hsven have been invited,
tine 197 to 10 p. M. Sociable.
Ministers who expect to he present will
Iiiease noiity me ly postal, anil i win nave
onies provided tor them, it is now ex
pected that an excursion train will bo run
rum Uniiton tt llrooKnaveii 1 uesilav. J .'in
June; leaving Clinton at about 7 o'clock
vt, II. V. Johnson.
i . .. . .
.. yu warn a nice suit ,,f
tn:illc f-iHuts nn.l .1 .. . , . X
, .,. ,crJ,
suit t.ie times at Laz. Kaha'i.
The Bill Lading for these goods is
8 i M . Anniversary of Christian dated May 21t, and We calculate upon
upon their being here by the 1st, any
$1,250.00 is the amount of the first
bill lots of money tor paper but we
intend to keep everything in the line.
Millinery Department.
Mid-Summer styles is what will come
in next.
The "Sea Shell" is one of the latest,
and it will be here this week.
Pie-Nic Hats and Seaside Hats we
expect by Saturday.
Our Man's Shoe at $1.00; Jeans Pants
at $1.00 nil bargains. Moleskin at
"Monakch," h our One Dollar Shirt.
Men's Hats in Wool and Straw, 50 cts.
Starkville Femals Institute.
j he graduating exercises of this institu
tion will tike place Friday morning, June
15th, when Mr. C. II. Alexander will deliver
the annual address. The art levee will take
place Unit night. On the Sabbath preceding,
Rev. 8. K. Taylor, of Columbus, will preach
the Commencement sermon. On Thursday
morning, 14th, there will be recitations, niu
sic anil calisthenics, and on Thursday night
the annual concert.
Chamberlain-Hunt Academy.
The Commencement exercises of this in
stitntiou for hoys, located at Port Gibson,
will lake place on Monday and Tuesday,
June 18 and 19. On the Saturday preceding,
a medal will be awarded to the best speller
in Study Hall ; on Monday morning, a med
al to the best reader in Preparatory Depart
ment; on Monday night, at Odd Fellows'
Hall, a medal to the best declaimer, there
being eight contestants ; Tuesday morning
a medal to the readiest calculator; Tuesday
night, the final exercises at Presbyterian
church, including salutatory and valedieto
ry addresses, Sad the awarding of budges
and medals.
List ef letters remaining in the POBt-
office at Jackson, Hinds county, Miss., for
the week ending May 30, 188.
Adams, Miss Acklin Johnson, Miss Sattie
A must, Miss Maggie Johnson, Laurence
Anderson, Miss StellaJones, M. F.
Bagtell, M. I). Jones, W. C.
Hanks. Nelson Kistncr, Miss Mary
Berkley, Mrs. Hub-Kirkpatrick, Hut by
Blair, A. E
Blackman, Dan
Broemaer, Ueo. J
Brown, Burnet
Brient, Julia
Brooks, Coleman
Lee, P. J.
Leo, P. B.
Important Hews for
tin Wcilnou.lat' .1... n...
rcslmniteiit. :tri,-..,t ... l. . i SI
iim it cueering words of elc
dial shakes trom many friendi. l
occasion wus indeed chferiiitl
gratifying to our sense of patnJ
li nu.i very generally '.indent
out Noxubee and neiehhnri.,,.
on this eventful occasion u.
charming country village then ,
practical test oi iarni niachia
crowu was surprisingly lam
at least three hundred iL
grounds, a l of whom teemd.
cerneu sou interested In then
test There was unite a lam.
farm machinery on the grountbd
seemed to be in the hands of ika
tors. The contest wa btTMil
the Mcuormick and theChniiiH
the operators of which allien
victory. A committee wai stli
machines properly started. I
half an hour's cutting the Ch
in uiiil gave up the field.
lhc judges then stopped
machines, and said in reudenngl
incj were not mmiuar witn &
this nature ; that thev had noe
operating Reapers, and though
lticiinen to renuer a aecuion, I
il ned it.
Mowers in the field and a
ot Cultivators lhc iiiovnul
winch entered the test tvereus
Meadow King, the Bucket, !
mick, the Woods and Cham
one present seemed pleased
ation of each machine, thnuthiti
lly agreed to by nil duintrn
that the Meadow King wassw
respects chiefly among which i
tv of construction and lightus
Manv sales of this valuable mid
made on the grounds by Mnntl
Hanks, the agents at Uoiuminnq
T. Moore, the gntat lleetur
II. Gmur. from the hrm in
manufacturers of the raachiw
charge cf the Southern branrW
rlstown, Tennessee, wanprewtl
Mr. Gregg is a wide miei
machine business, and ii
much eood for the bouth. l
ih Anv when every farmer ill 1
supplied with machinery of toll
Miss Le.
Lea Female College.
The commencement exercises of Lea Fe
male t'ollege.at Summit, will take piece on
the night of June ISth. An interesting
programme for the occasion has beci re
Lock, Sugos
Molin, Mrs. Mary
Martin. O. W.
Brown, Miss SapemyMarshall, Mr.
Buiiton, Miss MaudicMcKav, Miss Fannie
liramlett, l. C. McCormack. W. r
Brown, Mrs. PluriS Mosele.y, Mrs.
Murray, Daniel A
Myers, Jane
Neat Mrs. Mary
O'Kouke. J. A.
l'Qrter, Ellen
Purccll, Jno.
Puckett, Emmet
Ramsey, N. W.
Runner. J. W.
Last Week's Cold Weather.
Bradford, Robt.
Buckman, Lewis
Carter, W m.
Cakry, Miss Dollary
Chrlstmoa, Fleming
Clay, Henry
Clark, Rich ird
Conlcy, Thos.
Cowan, Wm.
Domingues, Miss Ber-Bush, W. B.
tint beyport, Kate
Douglas, Miss Hen-Shatthals, Win.
run ta CMmpeon. amuel
Foley, Mrs. Smith, Dan
Gardner, Charlie Smith, C. B.
The foregoing is from tat I
Progress, published st West 1
Meadow King Mowers nd
are for sale by L. F. Chiles, I
of Crescent Warehouse ConpuM
Don't fH to visit the l'inilni Clothing Sou1 0
fJHL Knhn's.
Thermometer during the past week, "iv, Elms laylor, Geo.
. . , , ,, Geddings, Miss JancWare, Joseph T.
at fix o clock A. M., on sheltered gallery Gerneny, Daniel Williams, Cornelia
stood as follows : Green, Grant Williams, Frank
Monday 56 degrees 2 A.IisMa8ie Z)"' M1Jch
Tuesday 4t degrees
clnesday 4(i degrees
Thursday 52 degrees
N. tt. Freezing point is 32 degrees.
E. v. Seotter,
Harris, J. M. Wilds. Lucy E.
Hardy, Mrs. Eliza Withers, E. M.
Hewry, Chas. T. Williams, Hattie
Jones. Miss Toblthk Wright, llorinau
Johnson, Miss RebecaW.-ight, Chas. B.
Youngblood, Jack
Persona calling for any of the above let
ters will please say "advertised."
Geo. C. McKee, P. M.
II lHJCKI'.T-lltiOK, ciintainmi! i
,..v v..ml r:ii I ro.nl !.
pcrs of no value except t
ward will tie pain no " "v
this omcc.
CaTJt. Phil.
m uirrpT wi reieov
ms yn.lbv.f "... ----- ... U(
in ins one. a iioclw ! -v,ii
d.sin'd. Orders left st..spfP"'J
iiromotlv iitiended to. 9auw" '
BHEREAS. It aptietm
f offlw, that them wa,piywj
of May, ISM, a reward : Oiwrw j
AH ;ools sold by us lu the City, will be de
livered free of Drayagc. 6. Lkmly & Son.
Gentlemen's Fine. Shoes.
Manufactured hy ,Tas. A. llonister and L. noydeii,
A Cs)., Newark. R. I 1
niayl6,'8:i. At A. Virpkn's.
Just Received, oar Spring uiul Summer Hats.
at Let. Kahu's.
Just Received a flnc and well selected stock of
Clothing at Kir. Kahn's,
Shnqualak Female College.
The commencement exercises of this
flourishing; institution, of which Prof. L.
M. Stone is President, will take place from
June 10th to 18th. Rev. A. H. Berkley
will preach on Sunday, 10th ; Calisthenio
review Monday uight ; annual concert Tues
day night; Baccalaureate address on Wed
nesday morning, by Hon. H. L. Muldrow;
social reception on Wednesday night.
Last night a thief entered the resi
lience of Mr. F. 11. Russell, on President
ntreet, on tho corner north of Mrs.
Puck's, and stole a lot of silver, consisting
principally of spoons which arc tho more
prized because they were bridal presents
to Mrs. R. Some other articles of house- festivities of a trip which will long be
hold use were stolen. remembered with pleasure.
The West Jackson Firemen's Excur
The West Jackson Firemen had a de
lightful excursion on tho "Little J."
road to Natchez, on the 25th. The list
of officers and members who participa
n' iii iuv viijuvi mi m ie, vv . rur
lsh, foreman ; A. U. Lewis, 1st Asst
Foreman; F. S. Council, 2d Asst. Fore
man; ft. rarish, Hose Director: Geo.
I Ulliiill A uuf Illicit I ll nuitnv I ....I.. aTkasM
-v n - rn , . awv, M IVTOV, 1'IIU tui , 1 it ' U In 1 'il I i I - ( rni ,1
eron. Secretary. O. M. Fuller Kto-,,rt . 'e property oi uie iviexitan tnilt Can
r E"CJ k'vv "Mi. I e i ,
Menibers-K. Fe blemnn. J. Council V ' l,1K onipany, wnien was aestroyett by
Edward, J. P. Deterly, (,'. Parish W lre. 1,t "Wt Pascagoula, insisted of a
Param, J. Madden. J. J. Lawrence. D m'n building 140 by Sd feel, ;il5 feet of
L. Melan, H. Fitzpatrick, M. Moran, T , ,'! tramway. several large
V . Steward, 15. .1. Hawkins, H. Pradlev l)011pr!S "earn pumps, process
W. (llnnev. J. T. Hull H Tbn.n lV kettles, gas and water machines, oyster
Oarrj I). J. Swift, H. .1. Kirt, .las. Swan. Cllrs' U'- LNothi.".K. iB left to the com-
Arriving at Natchez, the Com nan v "'V Ul,.lnc ariinciany piantea oyster
was received bv a committee nf Pnfa. De(ls- valued at ?;00. There was no
turn No. ;t, of that city, and proccedod '"BUni:ei K eing retupea Decauso
to the ball where a tine "spread was en- thc Works were not in operation.
joyed. At this entertainment speeches i ir., .J ,
and toasts were the order of the day. n Zl' ", , ' BC
M. j4e,enargol with the'"
avkbv, in waniiiiiKi" "'. fin;
XT,.. Ih.rnfnri' I. UI'nr.lK
of the 'state of Mlssiasiroi. L
..n tS. 11
mi, is stiliin full force and e
In Testimony Whereof, I, "
r, band and f.TJj
lL's'l State to he affixed, JPH
lly.hei.ovor..oL .(surj
II. . PI I MV '
- -.mTreB !
McCoMn Ctrr, "'
1 holders of the '"''"VXtO
will be held at the S.
Clty.TuitsDAV, Jink ""vlitlM
I WILL SSLU ' 'ho!
Finely located, wit b gjj gj I
i Unit iMi nt'r v.n I
Coil lit V. MlMH. 'IhW
' . . 1 1 l ; iim wik"-
ruiui u to ana wnm v"--fc
town, where is one oi u
Hint This locality Is yy'..,j
prosperous, and the Pf" j
... .L.irlna to isliirats
fire to the
Mariana, Arkansas, and was1 lodged in
tieinatoflinbebnlf nf Ni,.bn, i..,t': Jau' .uoruy niter a party (Oi citizens,
bovs were represented on that ., .,.-! J armed fh shot-guns, visited the jail
bv Punt,. J. W. Frib n,l Mr tk t ucceeue(t in taking Howard out
Hull. 1 hoi. apt tin professed to be mow
a man ot iteetls than of worda. but sunt .1 , ,",.$ "V"' "f r.B' ' wul
to the point; and Mr. Hull was pW. Mcy Tmmm nis wlUt bf
iiariy tciicitous. His speech elicited Pen,.
rounds of applause. The (Company re- Indiana. Iowa, and Illinois indicate that
turned without an incident to mar the the recent frosts have Horiouhlv ini.ir,.,!
the fruit, orchards, and the) vegetable
garuens. '
This Inntituiion tKfm
has proved a raedlun. of grr1
Icons and Teachers. ,
. ,. Tn.i' llT ,
Any - . n
lueniUTe situation; 22,1
ln.lmctnr: or persons i""3SB
property or appliance.

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