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fcC L A R I O N.
Her Own Fime and
TT1 TT Y1 : -
yllii) B. Thompson, Jr., ha at
lokfi'- Hr v-'rs'" things
Kor l,nl:inds killing Walter
. .. .. -..,..,;... .
jilitu ;l ajw HHWU U
jd by tin- uihninp lei .1.
Mr. I hiiiiiiMii was touuil 111
Davis' library with Mrs. Wal-
Vir-. l.auiain, raicr-in-iaw 01
I I r (it IV I.', iliiiin.n
tin- tair vnung wiuow. .Urs.
1 '. I.. 1A li :i
fctrti-'1 1 su'mgij mm A nil.
I'pwife. mi' former if young
ihe is a typical brunette, with
ugcktiw'iiM a weet, inno
(ion, which has become in
v ttic sorrow ami suffering ol
:v week Mrs. Thompson lut
v beautiful woman, and a few
ieronoe remarkable loveliness '
I been wrecked by the same
J. '.. . . . . - .
K1V sai 111 opposite: pans 01
Hit when they addressed each
in the irleudliest and most
c tt ri.i".
Uipson seemed to i:nderstaiul
tail t ---1 1 eiurappeil hv iier
that the time had come for
fhal she kew ot the distress-
HCS in the St. Clair hotel on
l ilUU Ulguf 01 me ilH Hi
last. Yet aha hesitated lo
tt w r
li'Mnn 01 ine :ii;a'.r. .Mrs.
sai'l that she went with her
Cincinnati, on Monday, N-
Thcv took rooms in the
, Mr. Thompson wrote a
Ilo micaner, requesting ner
e hotel, which she did. She
with iljeni. Phil ordered
ngiraire sent to tin-t. Limr
i torO he depaited for Wash:
etter kail went with Jessie
The Clarion; Wkpxhspay. jrxr rjt 1883.
a B
- "umuc marriage Ends in the
inaanuy of toe Bride.
a .Milwaukee social to the New York
5" ffi; l-l'ce patrol wapo,,
as called to the UnioD tation Thit
7'""V l" convey to the Central Poiica
.. 1. . "'""led lad v who
-.-.ruuuciiiy laaen insane while on the
i v nieago and this citv.
Her name is Mrs. Mary A. Cowan, and
he wa on her way from her former
Jpme ,n Hostun to j.un her Imsband
Corporal Cowan, of the Twentv-eightli
United States Infantry, stationed at Fort
MeUinnis, Mon. There is n art
connected witjh the young woman, with
.., mree yean ago. the papers of
the East were filled Th U.IA
R'tore marriage was Hampton, and she
livetl m suburb of Jkiston. H, O
Hampton, the ladvV father ..... .'
ot means, timing a heavv real estate Into
nes; in Itoston. In the
apecalatlOIlfl he hHrama Intu,, :..
The two women whose i . iln" I'"rehased large
u.o woi run ou -al oumhng lands i that
lerntoiy. Three years ago, .owing to
complications in business and difficulties
experienced ia securing a proper settle
ment in the West, he was called to Mon
tana, ami in the jouriiev was accom
panied by his daughter Mary. They!
were vi-itors at Fort Mc(iinnis, the
guests ol the commanding officer. Dur
ing their stay there the daughter made
the acquaintance of a young private in
t.ie ranks. They we're thrown together
constantly, ana i.naiiv became engaged
unknown to the father and officers!
Knowing that the wealthy parent would
oppose the marriage of his only daugh
ter with a common soldier, arrangements
were made for an elopement. The VOUUg
couple, evading the watchfulness of the
father and the authorities, finally ran
away to St. Paulj There thev were mar
ried and lived happily together until the
omeer sent m search ol the desert
T .ill.-'.
Jessie 1 ..,.,,,'.,.1 f,n,i;,r i ,
visit her rooms at the St. L,i nrt,lo)oj ,T.. . ' V,,, 1 s
i; un . I lie V(i inf
occurrenceB in the ltel on
lernoon are given as nearly
the unlortiinate wife stateil
lay morning Jessie and T
ig, una met v alter navis.
iit just come irom narroas-
suekner told him where we
r. and invited him to call.
sent up about bur lunch
len we emerged irom the
)e walked to the parlor with
re were there Miss Huekner
;lf to go down to the drug
it some Apollinaris water,
up to her mom. Was there
"Walter J avis ami 1 had
titer for years. His family
re on the most intimate
faded at his grocery, and
pded any money my hus
)ld me to go and get it of
When Jessie returned I
the piano playing. Pres-
nine ii) for her, and on it
of M.T. Threlkeid, ofHar-
wanted to see MissHuek
in woman looked at it and
1 v threw it asjde, with the
h every Btriped pants iga
fcrrodsburg wouldn't come
Bckner. 1 am tired of it.
him.' Walter Davis weht
at 1 1 me to telegraph to my
r that I wouldn't do home
Je didn't tell me there was
road. My husband didn't
1 should go homo, but be
i he gave me some money
Kl the St. Nicholas to get
Ind returned to the hotel
J was not drunk, and the
thamnagnc bottles is an
I I had on a dress with
poctetS, and where could
t in them? Walter Davis
ii three -tickets for the
inight for Miss Btfckrikr,
Sf but Jessie said she bad
it and emildnl tro. She
test against mv going, but
upon it, and made the
larlc th;it she was asouhel
I might be hard to awake.
returned. 1-arranged mv
kilter Davis called frtr me
Mis liiicJ;ner to go with
a ticket 'for lier, but she
(er declination, f believe
s Robinson's opera-house,
dock I was -taken ill, and
to th lioteli . We tried
issie Jiuckners room, but
fke her. Mr. Davis said:
one in there. Conic to
tit by the lire.' The day
It lufd been smtwing dur
um and night. 1 nccom-
h'is to his apartment en
pt of any wrong. He
KM and we chatted bv tlie
Hs, about an hour. As
fee, Walter Davis was not
wrong. We bad hard
(d time to get into Jessie's
ast she got u and let me
tnatf Jell he nless on the
Bhood. 1 took my jewels
i my jewel case, placed it
w and went to bed. Jes
d not disturb herself at
Jeount. Early the next
the train for Harrods
d pleasantly with a nuin
tods whom i met en route,
i story of the occurrence
hotel, and my husband
nt man."
Jik there wa any one in
' room the night of the
IN St. Clair, Mrs. Thomp-
P'lly do, and I kuow who
fe not reveal the name.
?' Kive AuodvneH and lull
let and sleep by prosirating
""i (o be treated again tin-
lure your child with Da.
'KA (Tttthing Powder.)
I'Tkethis ( TeeUUng Pow-
me place of all other
rr tniiAni ..r i ,i hiiit
by Byron Lemly.
ttore dangerous than a
uiscretion: even a pru-
preferable. La Fon-
wife was taken to her home in the East
by her father, and Cowan was returned
to Fort McGinnis: The young man was
tried for desertion before a court-martial,
but was acquitted. His young wife was
informed of the fact and letters were sent
to her to start at Once for the West.
Despite the remonstrances of her father,
she started from Boston the first of the
week, but under the long strain of
trouble and anxiety her mind gave way.
She raves and moans and at times is ut
terly uncontrollable.
The Road Two Ragged Urchins Trod
to Wealth.
Pittsburg Chronicle.
Apropos of the probable change ol
the Delaware and Hudson ( ana! into a
railroad, a story is told of several of
the prominent officials of the Delaware
and Hudson Company.
In the summer of 1836 a bare-footed
boy was on his way to Honesdale, walk
ing on the tow-path of the Delaware
and Hudson Canal. When four miles
this side of Fort Jervis, and still .forty
miles from hie destination, he was over
taken by a canal boat. He was asked to
jump 00 board and ride, which he did.
On the boat was a Scotch family, jus;
landed in America, who were on their
way to the Pennsylvaniaconl fields. One
of its members was a lad 11 years old,
the same age as the young pedestrian.
A strong friendship grew up between the
two boys by the time they reached
Honesdale. The Scotoh family went on
to Carbofidale, thfe'Cetiter of the Lack
awanna coal la id, the boy who had
been given the ride on the boat obtained
employment on the canal.
The Scotch hoy, his friend, worked in
the mines a short time as mule-driver.
Both he and the former bare-foot bny
rosc in the company's service. The
Scotch lad of forty-seven years ago is
thomas Dickson, President. ol the Dela
ware and Hudson Coal Company. Ills
friend, the other youth, is Col. F. Young,
General Manager of the company ami
President of the Albany and Sii-oue-hauua
llailroad, which is controlled by
the company. Mr. Dickson, Mr. Ypung,
Mr. Oliphant, the Treasurer of the COtn-
iiauy;Mr. van Mckien, Miperintendcnt
01 toe coal t.epari niein ; ru aianviue,
Superintendent of, the Pennsylvania Di
vision of the company's railroad, and
Mr. Weston, general real estate agent,
were all born in 124, the year in which
the ground was broken to construct the
Treatment of Snake Bites.
A West Virginia physician sends to
the Medical News a statement regarding
the treatment of snake bites that seems
to be of great value. He cites two in
stances in his own practice in which bad
cases of venom-poisoning by copperhead
bites, were ijuickly relieved by the use
of iodine, both externally and internal
ly. The method is to paint the wound
with compound tincture of iodine and
give internally fifteen drops in a third
of a glass of water, repeating the dose
with ten drops in ouo lnur, and then at
intervals of three hours, llelicf was
experienced in half an hour, and com
plete cure rapidly effected in both cases.
The writer has never had an opportuni
ty to trv the effect of this treatment in a
case of rattlesnake bite, but as the
venom of the rattlesnake ami copper
head acts similarly iu most respects,
there seems no reason to doubt that the
effect would be as efficacious in the one
case as in the other. The peculiarity in
the treatment lies in the internal uae of
iodine. Phvsicians in the We-t can eas
ily try the remedy when harvest time
comes and the usual number of rattle
snake bites are reported among the bin
ders. Aside from the horrible pain and
suffering caused by snake bites, it also
frequently leave the victim with perma
nent and unsightly swellings and en
largements of tie sticken member. 1 his
the iodine cure seems to prevent.
THK seed and feble shonld use Parker's
GingerTonie. It brings appetite, itrength
and good cheer.
Perfection is attained by slow de
grees; she requires the hand of tiroe.-Voltaire.
THK n il (.HTKR OF 11 DO 2. K.
".MM to m.-. sweet ftJgatiMale,
VMS BHMis by the l..uuuiu ;
An I hud tn iar your cnle.u e,
river of the mountain;-.
That I mar unsr my piv hrnuett .
A diamond nrlc in rural sot
U in fr a PrmcC coronet
The diiuiuer .if Meodoxi.
How bri!! ia iJ1P moruitif; Ur,
1 " i vming st ir ho tea ler.
TIk iliglM i !,tt, ; j hfr tvrH
Ttktil o!Ues mui llirir sj.leudor.
But for the hull that shade their hjcM,
I riry were too dunlin;? for the light :
Ami ,en sb huts them ull uielu
The dauihter of Mendara.
0, ever bright and beauteous one,
I ' , I i I : n iiml I mi,.,.
tue iiite is in thv nilvrrv i, . .
The rainbow i tuj saailiag.
Aad thine is, too, o'er hill and dell,
1 ! '...IMl.llli ' III tht- -..IM..r Mlla
Sw eft uji:;lit( r of Mlliliais.
wbatthourfa prehanc. mti bum.
" hat thiiOL'n too soon e i .
Thy form Rnatlilc eeier.iM lurhi
Befoie my vision ever.
F or who can iei and Dim Imwl
The vlof ; mv m hitimitt
lii'iii art tu.. brigril u star lu set,
i-i: r lOMe.oilrr o: Ui llclezi
The Inca's Daughter.
l'!:i:t'VlAX I.RIi kx r.
Bausca. the Incs of Peru, who reivnen
at the begiuniug of the sixteenth cen
tury, ami wiio was remarkable for hi
love, of arU, especially Asm connected
with the improvement of his capital, pro
claimed that whosoever would' find the
means of conveying water with facility
to his palace and Cuzco. would receive in
marriage his youngest daughter, then a
beautiful gill in the bloom of woman
hood. This otfer was no sooner made
than a young man appeared named Has
san win, declared himself capable of per
forming the preat work. He was imme
diately famished with as many men and
all the material which he thought proper
to demand and the work was commenced.
While the work, however, was in pro
gress, an incident occurred which dam
pened the ardor of the youth for the
accomplishment of what he had under
taken, and seemed to overthrow all ex
pectations of it ever being completed.
Among the numerous attendant.- upon
the workmen for the preparation
of their food and the case of the camp
in which they dwelt, there appeared a
irirl of great beauty, who, while attend
ing upon her father was observed by the
youthful engineer, who became mi' vio
lently enamored that his attention was
distracted and turned from the object
bpon which his mind bad hitherto been
bent. He saw that the accomplishment
of ti.e work would result in his marriage
with th daughter of thelnca; and thw.
though accompanied by all the sovereign
could bestow, would deprive bin) of that
which he held dearer than life, and lie
him to a bride whom be had never seen
and whom he had now ceased to deaira
to know.
Owing to this state of llas-auV mind,
neglect, languor and disorder reigned in
the encampment of tin' workmen, which
at first seemed to everyone to arise
from a conviction on the part of the en
gineer that the accomplimment af the
work was beyond his power, iteou time
passed without any change, during which
llas-i.m bad frequent opportunities of
meeting the young attendant in v horn
ho lia l become attached, This, how
ever, was bv-and-bv remarked hv the
people in such a manner as to indites
the young girl to retire and return no
more to the camp distracting still more
the mind of the engineer, who was un
able to obtain any further information
concerning her. Tin; confusion into
which everything was now thrown soon
became known to the Inca; who soon
learned also the real causo of the voting
engineer's default, and determined to take
revenge by putting to death the subject
who bad so openly and grossly Insulted
his sovereign. The character however
of the Offense was such that Hass m was
sent for before his execution, and ap
peared, guarded, in the presence, of the
Inca, who sat upon his throne surround
ed by his nobles. Huascii, happening;
to be a man of moderate passions, asked
the Culprit, in the presence of on no
bles, if lie bad anything to say in ex
tenuation of the crime he had cori!J
mitted in treating his sovereign with
Contempt. To this the young man re
plied that be had only to thank hi- sov
ereign for all the favors he had received
and more especially for that he was
about to receive, since it would place
him beyond the reach of such suffering
as he had endured since he had become
acquainted with the innocent cause of
his miffortune. At the moment the In
ca was about to commit him to the ex
ecution the girl we have mentioned ap
pealed among the crowd of nobles dress
ed as she had been in the camp of I he
workmen, and rushing into the centre of
the hall, exclaimed : 'tay, Inca, arrest
the hand of justice for a moment, while
I put one question to the UnfortunaU
It shall be such as the Inca will not
disapprove." From the moment of this
strange aspiration until the demand of
the girl not a sound was heard. The
whole of the nobles present remained
motionless and silent. Hut had no eiu
barassment overwhelmed them, the pres
ence of their sovereign would have re
strained equally their words and their
acts. Htiasca, who alone seemed un
mjved, nodded assent to the demand of
the girl, who now walked up to the youth
and laving her right hand upon his left
shoulcfcr and standing a little to one
side that his countenance might be well
seen by the Inca said; "Young man of
the hills where the Inca is ever known,
subject to Huasca, hast thou choseu the
child of the vales in preference to the
daughter?" To which the youth after
steadfastly regarding the Inca, replied:
"The will of the great source of light be
done. The sentence of the Inca is just."
Then turning to the airl he said: "I
go now with joy to dwell where I shall
await thy coming, to possess thee for
ever." "It had been done," said the youth
"had the labor been tKCtnsmsdcd with
the hope of ptisssiug thee. '
At this the Jroaag girl, suddenly thron
ing up her uppej- garments which had
hidden those which would have let rayed
her true character, aud taking the cn
iraneetl youth by the hand advHncvd up
to the foot of the throne ot the Inca.
and exclaimed : "I whom thou luvistiis
thyself, demand the remission of the
sentence against the youth now bowed
down before thee until it be known
whether the great work he has under
taken can be accomplished or not."
Inca Huasca. whose hue for his daugh
ter was beyond all other fadings, ehv
trifled by the occurence, signified his
consent to the proosa!.
A few months after this the great
aqueduct was complete, and the en
gineer and princess became man and
Railway Courting.
At a station a few miles east of this
city on the Iakc Shore Road, a lull.
gaunt, agricultural-looking man boarded
west-nound tram tor ( leveland.
Every seat i i the car was occupied with
the exception of one im Um Mile of
buxom, middle-aged woman, w ith pleas
ant features; but that peculiar snap to
her black eyes indicative of a mind of
her own, and au "I'm the boss " anri of a
poise to her well shaped head. He sat
bolt upright, and looked dignified us pos
sible for a mils or so, but bis desire to
keep his tongue moving was too great to
remain longer mute, and he aaked the
woman w here she was from, w here she
was going, how long she expected to
stay, and who die was. Whfl told him
she was from down in York Mate, and
was going to Cleveland on a visit, and
thai -h was a widow.
I'm from flown in ole GeeOC," said
the agriculturist. "1 go down to (Teve
land every week or sit to enjoy myself.
You see my wife she died and the obi
farm is lonsome like, an' I go to the city
to sor'er cheer up."
''Have yon got a big farm." inquired
the fuir traveler.
"Wall, I jes" kalkerhite as 1 have, an'
one 'er the best in Oee-Og. The e'i a
big house onto it with porches and ml
randas, jes' as grand as they . any
wheres, an' across the road waves as tine
a sugar grove a ever give au-r : a eider
mil Waves 'tother Side of the house; a
bank barn painted red, wave- en.ss the
lane, and this summer the Belds'll wave
w ith corn an' bats. She's a good 'un an'
mighty comfortable life, bttt allfired
lonesome since the o!e 'ooinan pegged
out, a' that's why I get inter the city
fur consolation, you know." and he
looked out of the window with a poeti
cal, far-away gi.o, while the buxom
widow looked at the back of the seat in
front with a speculative stare; then,
with a deep, drawn sigh, replied; "Yes,
you must be awful loneanmO)" looking
softly at his face.
"You're right it are," he said, putting
his long arm over the lwk of the seat
so that his bij bony hand retted on the
end next the window, "an' if 1 could
joe' finu er handsome 'ooman as 'nd
heve me, I think things 'ud blightefl up
a bit," mid he mad a pithetie move
with his left hand across bin eyett,
Ml think tbere'd be lot- would be glad
to have you." coolly answered she.
"lo you. though, now really, do you?"
pressing eioer to her sid".
"Indeed I do." she simpered, as sin
looked at the passing telegraph poles.
ii- i i I., t , -
tin: nanq si
seat and rfstt
ne iean cu ov
would you t
brighten ;:i
good 'un. I
daisies, sarti
"O, thi- h
i ,i,i
sue nestie. i icr ueati eiosi
der, while soft blush flushci
MI den t even know your name."
"Well. I dont see as how a
goin' to make any difference,
i easv nntiin out, anvwav.
now, let's make upour minds tor
P- , , ,
"You'll he good and always treat me
well, will you I '
" You kin ii-- be:' DO the; : I ain't a man
as treat- anything poorly. Why, tlvr
dogs, an' pigs, an' cows, an' horses, an'
even ther chickens, all on 'teitt, look more
cheerful like when I'm round. Trent
voti right! I guest yes," and be circled
her waist and her head rested lovingly
on the agricultural shoulder, while si
lonce wa- taken for convent. Tint- they
sat until the train pulled into Union
Depot, utterly oblivion- to the smiles of
other passengers. Thai is why such
BUppy -miles wreathed the counten
ances of the old farmer and the woman
who alighted from the train yesterday
and Ordered a carriage for a hotel. The
denoueeiiii iit will be a call OB the mar
riage clerk to-day and visit a minister or
justice, they won't can- much which, and
the buxom widow with the snapping
black eves w ill no doubt take up her
quarters on the farm in old "Oes og,"
where wave the sugar grove, the eider
mill, the red Imrn, and the golden grain.
There she will lie the conquering he
roine. ' 'leveland Header.
Oar Young Folks.
I5esic. three vears old, un seeing a
tine bed of paasiSU in bloom, cried out:
"See the funnv litty faces 'out anv
A thrifty father took his son to the
doctor. "If you can cure him for less
than funeral expenses,'' he said, "go
ahead; but if you can't sonny will have
to take In- chances,
With Have you written all the
invitations to my partv, mamma?"
Mamma-"Yes, hdith." Edith "But
the best part Will be when the SCCep
tions deception begin to come in, won't
it, mamma? ' Harvard lampoon.
A boy of eight years, in one of the
Massai h u setts schools, was asked by his
teacher where the zenith wan. lie re
plied: The spot in the heavens direct
ly over one's bead." To test his knowl
edge further, the teacher asked : "Can
two jK'rnn have the same zenith at
the same time?"' "They can. "How?"
"If one hotild Hand on the other -head."
Tickibnrf and Mshdiaa Kail road.
Vioing Kat - 1 .wmn, arrivr til Of-, p ai.
i. iu mi I' ' y fSaSJSi, . riMsiUe.
ThunHUi m Saturday. aifiVttS SSa.aftj leave
" JO w Tbnnujh KrVigat. irrlin . ) a, iu ,
leave S tt p. m.
(Mag jn, rriw ae . u-rs- ?
. ; Kijirw, levi-s 7 ,10 a. i.i.; aertvaa l"u
v '' Vi hi ; Wr Fnirlil. er Mi.rM.ix.
w.-lumi.. n.l I l ulu arme s p m., . .
IS ii ii.. : i Kiiuitt. s .- . u . lw
Mt ni
J(lHNXi1T.(in Manager
E. K. Kiauatn. - -. 'laieoanit.
Irir Tf' "lnSr. taral Sissit,
Natchei, Jackton a Ce'.smbsi Bailroad
Tiaa-TtavK No. S TtiM trr i Aran. Stmt,
ISM, at S a. HV
TAISS llOIlll kA-r
No. 1, Mail, dallr-Arrive al JaiIahii S W f ,m '
U N.ilohrj j li p. i
N . X treiclit. daily exvt SiiriUax -limat Katate
tt S :W a. iu . arrlren al Ja kxn .1 lb p hi.
i mis- eetstsi wkst.
No i. Mail, tialW leaven .taekson SlSS n
Arrirmat NaI.Ihia II .ISa. in.
Nu. , fn-iirlil, Haily smi,l.
WHiHl tl.
,larV.ni nl 7 lai
D. Ill .
a i Nuiih
K. D 1 SUM. llen'l Sup i
l', O. JiiMSwin, i. I". Af t.
Illinois Central Bailroad
thins SOtaa Nniirn.
upreaa, arrives 8 is kaaraa 3 rsi p. ni.
Mini arrivi I :e. lean- u ft a in.
Mixed Tr.n ii, arrivmN.Hs-li.il.-. in f
iuiim; sol 'ill.
No. I -I'Apmu, arriTee in : leuvi in e. p. in
" s Mail. areivea.:h-ka 3:iloa in.
" MiieU Tsstq, arrlvaa visa laatei - i .1
0, T. Keen, Agent.
C. x Bsuupa, iien. Bup't
Iloa.11 w. i 1 iiiki , Act'Dg iiv. Sup' I
.1. w. OSMOtaa, A. (1. v. Al.
.1 C t'l.AKKI., lYaat ami Urn. kMa'gl
Chesapeake and Ohio
Sonthem Trunk Line
It la wen known ta Mrweuaa, an t ala ' ie wall
knew u HfNnui uim lliraa-ivw, thai Ihrf
ar aulijact lo auni-rwiaUiai ar p, u:iar m Ibelr
aura aa auiHrraaiav M thr M..-. .. painfal
an J Bran IX MenfaSy'v.,cat!im. t-hsrratloa
ana laUiagolUia w win! saaaawaS with an and
lean Irani ol ) mpalliallr aiul ronuilliHial dlaor
Orra, whlrh rnbliiera Ibr abol litr, aod wblrtt
bare long bawa eonaidwil a almnit Ibcarabl.
Hut al laal u riu.sj bat bawa I . ,1 in
Dr. J. Bravtlfiald'a Female Rrgnlator.
ii .a not a aura all," but a ttmtilf tot one daw
ot Oiiwaaaa.all cl wbirb parlala W tin Womb.
AbX auBVrer froin Hie diamaaa hum, mi. ,1 eao
take ihli wawtf, aaS Ifeaa rt:iTe benell wlibout
rerraliag bar rooalilii Ui ai,v on and wlibout
ubjei lias-Iier womanly u !.. i. lo IbaawOekul
an r latuiual.i d by ft pbyairtau.
To bring baallh anu bai pinraa to the nomas of
i.ltrlug wen. Mil la a iniaaivn berurv which royal
lavor aiuka into inalciiibraiirr. Wbalaarttil ban
elai tii 11 ,-an oaBpatawtah oo. abu-Uprvaela frwo
Thai rtlr mMie tiua. rulhlraa power
V libera In-Miny Uam n iil iroHt-rT"
whiali ilin. riue lorbaia, lot lor anrrtua. (milis
hiruara, ibe rua ol bralili lur the pallor M ll
sr. 1 In light. 1 laauoali p l. CragKlnii
ingllla ol aofl no fur In in y lnvurs, ,,f t.MiJTJ
raatlaaaneaa, aonoiilng rigor tur UngniahlngiajE
llss. Hi- sivisrl 111,,, of toll giOMii lusniny lur iho
Iihii ami n ulierwl i,,iu, at rioaclalle,a loaa Ufa
ol iiuiuiii IMiralCal, aoi lni ami domrsllc . niny.
Ilii-nts 1. r an. 1 mU iiv' ut min ninl gloom, emllnc
In an ni.. grave Hucb 1- tin' iiiisalini. au. li r
111 raautai l la I Hntin ei o ' vt .1 Itmie
MWH which w lienoe imi. ai)d awropriatnly
lylMj ' Wimiuna li.nl rrftntT.1
wtiii.s - and all Mhmm irraavlaiiUaa of ilin
womb xo .li-atruetlvuio the lieajlh, I lapfdadst ami
oauiiiy ni aomFn. iiiB.p.-ur ,k- magi.; bvloma
in. I.- ImiiiKnf ih!a weinli 1 rul ecu puund
ah w... miflVi- fmui anv ol Kiaaa iIi.m an
nui 1 awraaati! Invltad ioglva vblagralraaBad7a
Mai, It ha eanwlhiaiaaialki auS will eureyuu.
Imi'l ilk'! :n tr u.
r iva,nna! iro, r. aeota Iam Stm.SLSa
(aaautaMaead 1 y "
IrUltlmore, Phlludclphla.
IVi:W YOXi !
The Only Line RnnalBf Its Kntln
Train withj
Louisville to Wasningtou,
Washington to Heir York.
Without Chugf .Without Transfer !
I.iln : lhr eli last, I ttlOF M
111. i r. an am kioi.io- i
K cm lick) .
we" PamangetS froai tin- Md'tn make lioas l oir
nrvtiea nli the will i train of thr ft. A l Irmn ui
louisville rtr U-xlg!im, ami pam tlirougli ull Iln
beattUflll s.i-nery nn tin b. A 1). hy ilayllglil
I ki u mi rale ..I i'ntieipul Tlr ket Ottiir.' in llu
s'"ille 1 JAMK.M C. KtiNsT,
w. J "i ; ui.icn, QwC wwtvu Agetii
I'. A., Kic'imon,!, V.i LtfuWltla, ky.
PaVVSM, OsX.. Aug. '.,i, ISS2.
Ck.n is- 1 caiiniit fiiul aonla with wliich
In expnua my grntilmle lo vim fertile eure
vein Swilt's Bpecific Iiuh effected in my
enm-. I was ntlliited with tl,,- horrililu
lilornl iliHoaaii lor thn yrsra, Bwf) nfter
Hiii.iii gome time lit llaVRftt 8prlbSr
soatHieead my ease s bopelsslfove. I mm
only OfM) doMat hiiimII beltrM j N. H. S. anil
tlu-re in nut aniKmif the iliaefHi fetnaininn.
My SOiitS are nil healed, my throat is eiuire-
m m sm gaa, ' ' die-
'''OawrC'ma? ' ' "
t- mLMLLMLJM v s ,lrm:
letk, I have siH-n 'an nlfiny 'hiindn-da 61
tnett iloaeil with ('ale mil, hVi,,- nf Mer
cury nml ludiile el I'vIumIi, until they wen?
tumle ciiuiileti? wreer-a, that alimkler in
think ol the nliri ty which hu heen broWht
ill the htimnil family hy the iSS ol Mer-
eurinlH fur Bloud Diseaaes, It is a crrlne
abwae, tlmt iihyaitiiins will not i.iknowl
Swfl tl.e merit of yonr ilKAND Blood
Itsurciiis, le my naws ssJten ilt.
1 w riri.t i-i H....M ii ., , . 1
., , 1 A , Kie 1 I Va l ,nvi! i' ki.
iirnnv on i;-r w.ust. us . '
I. , , ' V. -r 1 1
'111 ..I. . saiu : Wmv I ,
Irvltfi-Kur! i.' eonv am! I fT r ; , . 1 i,., .ZH '
the house versolf. I'm, I .- .:'dail I 1
. . ;,' we'd lie li ainv nsl 1 ' 'Atn , , -1 XL i
In r face. I w-l LOUKVII I f'jt fd ACUlll 1 r n ri'i I !
ilamaVl I THE nacir
un' it's j
'oiiie 1
Through Trunk Line
1 ' .
Without Cnange and with Speed Unrivaled
rreto MemrMa, Hilai, iititf HbmboMt io Ilia
Vilw. ftno but ou rh-viigf to i.ilnt iif,l
By tliie IIdp, maalog
ri .a. WITH
receive t j ccial tow rate!.
A1 re. 1 f Ihfj rmtariT for tale, ronla
r n . u. 1 1 f r. n m a
v. r. nimuiir, u. r. . 1, a.
Loulaviila. Ky.
. , W til!
itil. cnine te me iia grid re wi'l
er ehlu 1 e 1 nihil B I rita
let .i rtieiilar f ml iie(,.y nf the little tmnk,
"Maaaagc I,, the Utifi rtui.i.ii. Baferref.1
.Y. my Araggial aa to nnrttand ng,
$l,f)00 RtWAhO,wii; bd.aniit tan Oaekw
m Him H find, ni; anatraU ol MjS bat Ilea oi a 8
S. Mil liartlela ef Men i-fi I.mIIAb ml - 1
i.rmiv ::.,. :l - ..l.,li.MT. V1T M'KI t'U0D.
I u(jii ! lei.., .MUinia, (.a.
Priea of Small 8ir, $1.00
t-'Oa " I 7S
wn.lt h i .i. s.sti uutm s M.
MISt m I.AKOl.
, -4. -4- i
SEEDS scufHi
i aMT
1 i(mm,im
y Filar. w at
U1M lYI.fi F1t.lM
Nn llr ara will die of Cnur, rVm or l.rxo Fa.
raa. If Kniita'a Powfli-ra are naed m time.
y 1 lOtll I -owilrra will nirr and prarent llo 1'mn.rM.
rtMlt1 Poadera will previ-nt Garaa la Knwi
luutia fawder will Increaae Uia qaanttlr of milk
anil i-ri ani twenty per ceat., and make Uic liulti r lira
anil iwaa.
I nnu iv.wrter will ror or preTent alincxt craay
i .- tn whleti llorara and Cattle are enblect.
rotrnri Piiwrwaa wiu oira SATiaPACTiog.
Sold everywhere.
UAVID E. POUTS. Propriatcr.
ENGINE 0OffNfS, f. Pfr! frr
fVr-"''. !."'-'Af '' r pO
' r if t. C ' ' r 1
wiirn.i il f1"l'M
tlllAl. I.I, ,M. 1
V r.. Tll.Kr4.
Nff. 1. I ! ... I
L!-llal fnraiMTa. m-.A
, grn.wmiiaii.tHwl
3fc-dlkni 1. 11 ,
y- m-rr, netii n
111. 11,11. , fr
KITma-S na
jt"'1' iSwaa--'jyu-tiiry,
d... .
1 mini ir,
,1 nml... laietfM-
" -, IUN
Aim.. SaVlaawTa tZ'TT.-.l FHKR:
m liHaa aaMiya ..u H-mUmn. !.. . .
K. Y, aad CliigViii.
""'r""i' 0t K"ttJ an1 ..irr vi- I
I. "Ii ill ' M IS f. .$, f el ..rrle-nlliar LkkOgV hStof I
! y. ttt Iv Hhjtt ... na itirl.
Peter IJonuiTo & Co..
j'. Virtundl .ii Jiiew Yoilt.
79 A WKRK, 12 aiiralM.i. r..lT iin.il' Gaatf
ouiBi ft. . gddnaaTiai S Co., Aag-uta, M.
Parisian Carrousells
Fljing Horse Machines,
-T I aajaggggggggggggga
CAIMren' Carrittgr
Velutiptdr Jt Tnyt.
mm BAavricnraaB it
CViaadianwfl, OAS.
hW Mi Cawtetw A niat UM.
E AA C90 aedav at aniaa. Sanpie worth SKaaa.
Blank Books.
g"wfKVKIIV rirJf'HffTiON.MaNllFAm KET,
II to nnler, and in beat.tyle, at i'l.AKION K(K)K
11 1 Will A r A It a, H 11 A L.K.
RR a war in enwr own town T. rma and U ealgf.
IOC r, A.klrew II RaaMrtl 10., lHilaud. kwT

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