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From Hie N. O. Delta.
miliary Mot cuiuuf n.
jjy a letter Irom the Adjutant Gcncr -
j 0 tlic u. S, A, to Utn. Uaines, in
oUr paper today, it will be seen that (he
letter is instructed to countermand Ins
ortlc for the several regiments of Moun
ted Gunmen. This it to bo regretted;
t,fcause it dampens the patriotic ardor of
ollr citizens, to foster which, should
BOw be the aim of those in whose hands
military destinies ol the country are
in a gtcAi degree placed.
Adjutant Genkral'b Office, )
Washington, May 18, 1845. 5
General 1 am instructed by the Sec
retary of War to acknowledge your let
;er, received this evening, of the 11th
inst., and to say that he desires you
will countermand your call for the
..several Regiments of Mounted Gun
men," which you state were to rendez
vous at Fort Jesup, on the receipt of ihis
ief.er.as tins requisition win in cr.ere
with the arrangement already made by
. - I m
the War I department
War Department relative to lh
quota of Volunteers to be called into ser
'. nf die Oeneral CJovernment from
the several States under the new law.
Tim Vountecr lorce called into the
service from Louisiana Alabama on
your authority, and which you have
previously reported, I am instructed to
say, meets the approval of tffe Depart
ment. lam, General, very respectfully,
Your obedient servant,
Signed R. JONES, Adj GenM.
Tn Rvt lfni. Gen. Gaines. Comm'flf
Western Piv. New Orleans, La.
Invasion of Mexico. We are pre
mred to state, on the very best authori
ty, lhat it has been determined by the
government that General Scott is to
march to the city of Mexico. It is not
.....IkiI )m ... I I niiKhrtiniilo ...
r. tun u IIIBI ou n i L'.ii ti.. mi. lit hi
,1 . I i i I
;eprese..i SlrU.C.. u,e xvm, . mo,
he cannot recrmt in season I he !
laurels of that contest will be left to be j
reaped by the sword of the gallant Tay
LOR. When the main armv shall have
been concentrated, the hero of Lundy's
Lane will lead them the Capital of
We understand that a high military
authority in Washington has expressed
the opinion that the volunteer forces
cannot be concentrated on the Rio Grande
before the close of August of the open
ing of September. The task of collect
ing such force from our widely extended
territory, organizing and preparing them
for the field, cannot be effected, even
with the most strenuous exertions, before
:hat period. The army will consist of
twenty odd thousand men, and will be
jicvided with all that is necessary to in
sire triumph.
This measure will meet the approba
tion of the entire American public.
' i
The most vigorous counsels are now
most moderate, us they will secure an
esr v and a or ions termination oi tnis
unhappy contest. Phil, American.
" ., . j
Revenue Ca ters.-There were hir- ;
teen Be venue Cutters in serv.ee during i
the paft Win'. I hey spoke and boarded
Dt vessels; i.ey rencvcu .. OD
. -ii-,- I'nciid a' and snilcrl .in ai'ore-
8! other vessels; and sailed an aggre
gate distance of 20,354 miles. The
l ition states that on Saturday last the
loilowing Cutters were ordered to repair
forthwith to the seat of war. Steamers
Spencer, McLane. and Legare, schoon
ers Ewinr. Iloodburv, Moms
and t
Eorward with an agtrresrate force of
- - - - CJ -) Ul
two hundred and fiftv men and thirty
ave guns, ol from thirty-two to twelve ;
. .1111 Kj u utniuvi T 'o i v i i i i . v. i w 1 1
I , u ,"u'c' , , , , , I
We have no doubt that these vessels
will be of tery great service in the war
with Mexico, by reason of their light i
iralt of water. We hope that Congress
vviil speedily carry out the proposed !
measnre of nnitinir the Revenue and
Post Office Navies with the Nvy
f roper thus placing the entire naval es -
tabuthmeflt of the country under one
head. Bull. American.
Castle of San Juan d'Ulloa.
What is certainly a singular fact, says
the New York Courier Enquirer,
the stone of which this fortification is
:;ow constructed, was obtained trom one
of the quarries among the Highlands
on the Hudson. A large number of
heavy guns, some of them Paixhans, j
have been mounted ; a force of about
.t000 men is there ; competent and
skilful English and French engineers
have the duection of the works, and i
iIip ,hnln ; under the command O fnor.nn nr nPnns iv hn murdered Wm. I
n i ii . j f.
1 ' I ..... . .r 1 1, nK aal o ,n c
"Jell. IJKAVU, Ullc ui mo o""-0' "ni
bravest generals in the Mexican nervice. !
The President of the United Slates,
;;ays the United States Gazette, has
a perfect moddel of the Castle, with
U its parts, appendages, additions,
floating batteries, &c, furnished to him j
r to an American officer for him, by
the very engineer that superintended
t-w Work for Mexico."
Frinity Church, New Vork, which1
has been so mnny years in building J
' ws consecrated on die morning of the
' no Journal oj l ommerct -says:
r'l'ong before the hour appointed, the
House was ciowded with those Who ! dispatches for Commodore Connok.
were so lortunalc as to obtain tickets Mr. VV. had expected to find convey
while hundreds of spectators lined J ance at Pensacola, but there being no
Broadway, and crowded the buildings, i suitable vessels in port, Commodore
waiting the procession which was an- Latimore sent him round to Mobile,
nounced to move at half pa6t 10 o'clock, j with a request that the collector would
At a quarter past 1 1 it arrived, preceded dispatch the Revenue ("utter, as the rea
by the police. The beadle, in surplice diesl means of communicating with
and cap of office, was followed by 108 j Commodore Connkr.
boys of the Trinity school; then came mmmmmmmmmm
the bishop and clergy, 141 in all, wear
ing surplices ; the students of the The
ological Seminary, members of Trinity
church, etc., succeeded ; and a body of
police brought up the rear. Hundreds
iwiiuwvu wmi me nope oi getting
admittance, at least within the enclosure,
nihj, mIIamm .1 .....I. . I. I. r . .
crowded around the closed iron gate,
.i . .. .
nrHSNiif nrinii in tinn .... ....... .......
, Itt mMiJZ
i .PP"ed. I he sermon was deliver-
I . ,u "B"crunng services eonuueteu
by Right. Kev. Bishop McCoskry."
j TK Tariff. The New York Ex
The ad valorem principle recommen
ded by Mr. Secretary VValker, is un
popular with nearly all our importers,
many of whom, if not a majority, are
anti-tariff, free trade men. Ad valorem
they know lead to frauds, and make it
almost imnnssihlo hnnpstlr to militant
" . V
by them. besides, thev are aware
75: .7, . ,. , .
that the system will bring about all sorts
oi innumerable disputes anu trounies.
As an instance, that neither American
nor Foreign importers here, wish to do
business on this system, we are informed
that the importer of silk goods, almost
without exception, have signed a remon-
strance against the application of the
ad valorem orinciole rule to their bus-
i . .1 ii i i j
mess, and that tins will soon be laid
bff()re Cf) hjlRg been
forwarded J, Washington,
Indian Disturbance,' The Galves
ton News, of the 23d inst., states that
information from Indian Point, near Port
Lavacca, has been received, that a party
of one hundred persons, mostly Ger
mans, with a large number of baggage
wagons, on their way to the settlement
of Mew Braunfels, had been attacked
by a large body of Camanches
compelled to fly for safety, leaving their
wagons in the hands of the Indians.
Arming our Packkts. The packet
ship Saint Mary Captain Foster, run
nuig between this city and New York,
lias been armed, and a double compli
ment of men put on board, and we un
derstand it is the intention of the pro
prietors of the Union Line, to arm their
' other fine shins, so that they can protect
thcmsfilvs from the small nirnticnl .rui.
isers. f.V. 0. Bulletin.
I -
I uruers nave oecn received, as we un
1 deistand, for rations for four thousand
1 i . I
men (mostly mounted) to be provided
immecliatclv at Fulton, in Arkansas,
m he a retldezvous Tllis
f wq g (ff
f lha( remote fr()ntier(
. ....
anu to keep the Indian tribes in check.
IN. O. Bulletin.
Arrived of a Chilian Ship. The
Chilian ship Maria Helena, arrived at i
l I .t .. i-i . . vi-, i T.ica OOi' mal f.nm
I.Sipil lUll l, ,,1.1., - . 1113.. HWltl (11-
a.L ia i i... tl:. .u i
paraiso, in iecemuei iai. ino-isuie
first Chilian ship which ever visited the !
. n'a wnt ,im nnt
111' CT Wl . L ' .1 1 I I. I I I'.ll'v . ... ..I.v .11. , Ulb nwi
so late as those previously received.
vj y Sj(n
a costly Wedding Ornament. It is
slateij in pari8 papers, that there is now
to be 9een j a jeweller's shop on the
Lone to be worn by the Prlnews Olu
; of Russiai on her wedding day. The j
j (i,auVm is worth 10,000,000f. This I
diadem is to be nresenied to the bride bv I
her imperial father.
1 .J J
Increase of the Army. The passage
of the bill increasing the number of men
to 100 in each company of the United
States Army, and die organization oi a
new Rifle Regiment; will make a total
of some fifteen thousand American
troops, when fully organized,
Four Thousand Dollars Reward.
This sum is offered by J. G. Gest, of
Xenia, Ohio, for the apprehension of the
, , 1' ,,. v . .
. .. . 1 1 .. ... 1. ........ . i. .-. . . o ., i .
oict'ie aim J .i. ivniiicjr, 01 -vcmi.i, uu inc
3d day of August last. Nat. Cow.
Lord Cathcart took the oath of office
as governor-general of the British
North American provinces, at Montreal,
0n the 24th of April.
A cannon ball bearing date 1771 has
Ibeen disinterred at Hempstead, L. I.
Disi-a rein i on Ciimmoijokk I 'ivn,
TNl Mobile Jlegistrr states that Purser
Watson had arrived in that city, and
would sail on the 87th for Vera Cruz,
in the Revenue Cutter li'olcatt, whh
At the residence of Paul Cngle, Esq.,
near this place, on the 9th June, by Judge
B, M. Wells, Mr. H. .1. Flanxaoas to Miss
Emzaiiiltii Cable.
i ii. f... otiV. tfi i ir
I J I 9 ' J
( rjpshtw to Miss Mary I.. Bradford,
In Monticello, May 28th, Eb-tiezer Ford,
I nf Marion county, to Miss Juliet A. Swift,
..r . t. i
. 1 ' .in nuiin i m.u .
I" Natchez, Mav 26.h, Joshaa W. Kellv
tn Miss Susail T uichardson, both if Wit-
Kinson county.
At Rural Grove, near Natchez, May 14th,
r ... i : ' ifclll i.'ii i! tar i
In Warren cou-, May l4lh.(Jabriel M.
Flower, of Adams coun.y, to Miss Martha
A. Mackey, of Warren.
, I.I. . ' 1 II 1 1 ' I Hit l.ll.fi .1. (MM.
V 1 ft. It.
in mis county, June otn, Mrs. neither, and will be in receipt of, the latest Phila
consort of James Fletcher. delphia fashions; and will guarantee gene-
In Marshall county, May 12th, Dr. S. S. ral satisfaction to all who may favor him
Tulloss, in the 31st year of his age. 24th, with their patronage, which w,!l be most
jtirs. jviary jane, consort oi nr. Arthur ft.
'i',,.!,,. i. .u- ok, v. r l .
V V V v w, V , f
I In Grenada, May 28th, Lhappel Gee, son
pf Jjamel Kusser, in the Uih year of his
, age.
ID Yazoo Citv. Mav 16th. Dr. James
Wright, aged about 35 years.
At Beatty's B!ull,-in Madison county,
May 31st Mrs. K. B. Latham, aged about
70 years.
At Monmouth, Mav 19th. Sarah Eliza-
1 beth, daughter of John A. Quitman, aged
about 12 years.
THE Partnership heretofore existing be
tween the undersigned is this day dis
solved by mutual consent.
June 8,1846 JOHN TIMS.
The business will be continued by the
undersigned, who will sctt!c all contracts
connected with the above firm.
He would inform his old customers and
the public that he has now on hand a sup
ply ol Leather, which he oilers on accom
modating terms, for cash or hides.
Tannery 1$ miles nonh oi' Kosciusko.
June 8,1846 23w6 JOHN TIMS.
P. S. A SHOEMAKER waited.
THE subscribers to form a new
Volunteer Corps in this county, and
all others who wish Jo join, are re
quested to meet at the Court House
ID KosciusKo, on Saturdav next, at
! H o'clock A. M., for the purpose of adopt
Iftg measures to carry out the object in
June 11
"YTOU will find your account in the hands j
of William Roy for a fw days, when
all those who are good it ill be tuerf those
who are not, and will not pay, will please
call on Mr. Harlow, who is authorised to
receipt them; as 1 wish to owe nobody and
for nobody to owe me when I leave. You
need not think that I have forgot your ac
count because it is small or old, for you
are the chap I shall pup.
June 4 22w3 ALEX. ROY.
tdmin istra tor s Notice.
"VTOTICE is hereby given that the under
FtI signed, Administrator of the Estate of
Benjamin B. Kirkwood, deceased, has filed
in the Probate Court of Attala fionntv. Mis-
- - --- - j
MMippi, his petition to surrender his Let-
iters, and will at the August Term of said
- - , .
Court present an account of his adminis
tration, so fUras the same has extended, for
allowance, with commissions, and apply
for a final hearing of said petition
June 4, 1846 22wl
f rabcIIrrs.Iantrrs.Cralirvsamj otfjers.
Prices Reduced:
CJINGLE Feed for Horse, 30 cents
, , "igm aim morning bo cents
Horse feed night and day 75 cents
I Horse feed by the week, per day 50 cen
Single feed of Hay or Fodder 16 cents
Boarding Horses per month, in advance
I $10; at the end of the month $12; if nol
' paid punctually at the expiration, $15.
Horses fed by us always held liable for
j charges until settled, & sold at our option,
j We have also made arrangements with
! a good House, that persons stopping with
us can be accommodated with good Rooms
and Beds at reduced prices, viz:
Supper, Breakfast or Dinner 30c
Lodging, Supper and Breakfast 60c
i'0K'"S. "Pr, urcaKiasi uuiner ,oc
By the week les
ss rates, per dav 00c
Horses, Buggies and Baggage sent to and
from any Hotel or other place in the city
without extra charge.
Horses, Mules, Negroes, and other prop
erty, bought and sold on Commission
property or proceeds subject only to per
sons placing the same in our possession or
their order. Instructions strictly adhered
to at the Yaxoo City Livery Stable, by
Yazoo City, May 27, 184G Mtf
iffoi m y ounM llor at Law ,
Orrirr. at Huntington's office.
April It, 184(1 Him:)
A Journeyman Boot anil Shoe maker.
For particulars enquire of
W. D. ROY.
Kosciusko, May 7, 1846.
Wultona Springs,
THE UNDERSIGNED is now prepared
to accommodate boarders ami visitors
to the above celebrated Springs, on reason-
! able terms.
Feb. 21, 1846
JLand Agency,
W. HARLOW offers his services to
non-resident, Land holders, as agent
for the sale of Lands lying in the county of
Attala, or (or the payment of taxes on the
Kosciusko, April 16, 1846 15
j H ""aie naviog permanently located
h,me1 " .in ln of. SOiU!1f0'
! ann"'' u h f'nds, and the public
f;cnciauy, uiai ne is piepareo. to receive
and execute any work in his line of busi
ness, upon the shortest notice. He takes
thankful v rece ved.
C II A Ii G E S .
Cloth Coat fine $10 00
do do plain 8 00
Jeans coat 5 50
Merino coat fine 6 00
do do plain 5 00
Cottonade. or Linen coat 3 00
Cloth or Sattinct pants 3 00
Jeans pants fine 2 75
do do plain a 25
Vest fine 3 00
do plain 2 25
Shop in front part of the Printing Office.
Kosciusko, Jan'y 24, 1846 4:6m
Rebecca Myres, Attachment for
vs. C $385.
Washington Wainright. j
lteturnable to Circuit Court, March term, 1846
ORDERED by said Court, that notice be
published, that unless the Defendant in
the above stated attachment shall appear,
give special bail and plead in said attach
ment, on or before the first day of the term of
the Circuit Court, to be hoiden in and for
said County, at the Court-House thereof, on
the 2d Monday of September next, judgment
wilbe rendered against him, and against
the garnishee summoned in said cause.
Apri 29, 1846 17:4w
Taken Upf
ON the 15th February, instant, by John
Craft, (living about seven miles north
from Kosciusko,) a dark brown Mule, about
thirteen hands high, over twelve years old,
no marks or brands perceivable.
The owner is requested to come forward,
prove property, pa charges and take him
away, or he will be dealt with according to
law. LEMUEL BOWERS, Ranger
February 28, 1846 U
Mrs. IUNkcep, of Canton, Mississippi,
informs the Ladies of Kosciusko and
vicinity, that she will clean and repair
Braid and Straw Bonnets, in a superior
manner. She keeps always on band, a large
assortment of Trimmings, Fancy and
Mourning Bonnets, &c.
Panama Hats cleaned and pressed.
Orders lett at the Store of Mr. Mosby in
Kosciusko, will be sent to her.
Canton, April 1 1th, 1846 15:3w.
Land for Salef
fpiIE following described tracts or par-
eels ol Land lying in Atta'a county,
the title to which is good and will be war
ranted, are offered for sale on accommoda
ting terms, viz. S T R
north-west quarter 11 14 6
north-west quarter 25 14 6
north half 26 14 6
east half of south-east qr 31 15 6
north-west quarter 31 15 6
south-west quarter 33 15 6
For particulars enquire of Isaac Win
ston, Co umbus, or G. W. HARLOW,
Kosciusko, April 23, 1846 16
LETTERS of Administration having
been granted the undersigned by the
Hon. Probate Court of Leake County, Mis
sissippi, on the 11th day of May, 1846, on
the Estate of Oliver Harper, deceased,
therefore all persons holding claims against
said Estate will present them duly authen
ticated within the time prescribed by Law,
or they will be forever barred and those who
are owing said Estate will come forward
and maae immediate payment.
Carthage, May 21, 1846 20:6w
Taken f .
BY W. B. Claitor, about eight
mi es northwest of Koscius
ko, a gray horse, about 12 years
old, about 15 hands high, with a large
wind-gall on the left hind hock, no marks
or brands perceivable; appraised at twenty
five dollars. The owner is requested to
come forward, prove property, pay charges
and tane him away, or he will be dealt
with as the law directs.
May 21, 1846, 20w3
DR. .1. A. NASH
WOULD most respectfully inform the
citizens of Attala and the adjoining
eoimiies, that he has just received from
Cincinnati, Ohio, and will continue to re
ceive, as they are demanded, fresh and gen
uine Botanic Medicines, many Compounds
and mixtures of purely Botanic Medicines
that have never before been offered for sale
in this country ; and for cash will sell to
families genuine Medicines cheaper than
any Botanic Medicines, previously sold in
this country, and for a small fee will give
out such directions with the medicines as
to enable families to manage all ordinary
sickness without the calling of a Physician.
He will keep constantly on hand cathartic
anti-bill ions and quinine pills, atjue tonic,
cordial for diarrhea, compound syrup of
sarsaparilla, hepatic, liqu'd, No. 6 emetic
linctures, female bitters, &c. &,c.
In confirmation of the efficacy of the
above Medicines when rightly and timely
' administered, he would remark, that he
has administered the above Medicines to
upwards nf two hundred patients within
the last twelve months, without the loss of
hut one single patient, where he attended
from first to last.
It alfords me pleasure unspeakable to
console myself with the idea that the suc
cess that has attended my fonacr practice
bespeaks a glorious and successful future
for J. A. NASH.
Kosciusko, April 16, 1846 15.m
Ranger's Sale.
I WILL proceed to sell, at public vendue,
to the highest bidder, before the Court
House doer, in the Town of Kosciusko, on
Monday, the 6t day of July next,
the following described stray property, viz:
One Mouse Colored Horse taken up by
William Prestridge. Saul Horse is about 13
hands high, 12 or 13 years old, with a small
snip on the end of Ins nose, some white on
the left hind fopt, some kind of brand en
the left hip not understood; appraised at
twenty dollars.
One clay bank co'ced Horse taken up
by Jclfrf Jolly. Said horse is about fifteen,
hands high, nine years old. with black legs,
mane and tail, left hind foot white, small
lump on the right side of the belly, blemish
in the left eye, no brands perceivable; ap
praised at twenty dollars.
One dark bay horse taken up by Stephen
Flowtjrs. Said horse is about 13J hands
high, supposed to be five years old, has a
black mane and tail, a small white star in
the forehead, branded on the right shoulder
with the letters E K, appraised at $27 50.
One chesnut sorrel horse, taken up by
Doctor H. Hughs. Said horse is about 12
or 13 years old, about 13$ hands high, has
i three white feet, and is blind in a manner
in one eye, no marks or brands perceiva
ble ; appraised at $35 00.
One black and white speckled or spotted
j Bull taken up by Jacob Lott. Said Bull is
! about six years old, small size, no marks
j or brands perceivable; appraised at five
One pale red Steer taken up by John
Craft. Said steer is four or five years old,
of rather small size, marked with an over
bit in the right and a split in the left ear;
appraised at five dollars.
June 4, 1846 22ts
Respecting the rc-upening firr private entry
of lands in certain districts in the States of
Mississippi and Alabama, included within
the limits of the Choctaw cession under the
treat) concluded at Dancing Rabbit creek,
in September, eighteen hundred and thirty.
THE Lands within the limits of the
Choctaw cession of September, 1830,
which were withdrawn from private entry
(under the act of 22dJune, 1838) pursuant
to public notice issued from this office by
order of the President on the 23d July,
1838, to await definite action on the Indian
claims arising under the said treaty, will
again be made subject, to private entry, at
the undermentioned land offices, as fol
lows, to wit :
At Columbus, in Mississippi, on Monday,
the twenty-ninth day of June next.
At Augusta, in Mississippi, on Monday,
the eighth day of June next.
At Jackson, in Mississippi, on Monday,
the first day of June next.
At Grenada, in Mississippi, on Monday,
the eighteenth day of May next.
At Demopolis, in Alabama, on Monday,
the first day of June next.
At Tuskaloosa, in Alabama, on Monday,
the first day of June next.
To Pre-Emptors.
Every person c'aiming the right of pre
emption to any of the lands withheld from
private entry, as aforesaid, who has here
tofore filed the declaratory notice required
by law, and who has been prevented from
making payment by reason of such with
drawal of the lands from private entry, is
hereby notified to furnish the requisite
proof of his or her right to complete pay
ment for the same at the proper district
land otlice aforesaid, without delay, lest the
same should be disposed tf as other public
Given at the General Land Office, this fif
teenth day of April, A. H. 1846.
19;6w JAS. SHIELDS, Commissioner.
Taken Mp,
ON the 18th day of March, 1846, by Job
Massey, about 18 miles east of Kosci
usko, two steers, viz: one of a yellow color,
with a white face; about seven years old,
middle sized, marked with a swallow-fork
in each ear, branded PL on the right hip
and TH5 on ihe left; the other is about six
years old, middle size, cream color, marked
with a swallow-fork in the left ear and a
smooth crop oil' the rip ht. branded same as
the other; both appraised to 24 dollars.
The owner is requested to com forward,
prove property, pay charges and take them
away, or they will be dealt with according
to law. LEMUEL BOWERS, Ranker.
June 4, 1846 22 3

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