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, Tukln of ".ilatanioro.
' Vcgi' tl w a comlenml ntntcincnt
0( ho taking of Matnmoro, which wo
(jtrarl from tlio corrcujioHdcuce of the
et Orlram l)i Ita :
embrace the earliest opportunity to
iVe you the particulars of the fall of
fotninoros. Glorious as were the days
'0f the 8ih and Dili on the fields of Palo
jlio and Jiavina del J'ulmas, their
JfjghtncBS is clouded by tho recollection
ihat go many bravo spirits have fled; but
now the march of tho Star of Freedom,
ag westward it takes its course, was un
checked, unclouded, amid even the loud
huzzas of the citizens of Matamoros.
Aye, still more : when the proud Hag of
the Mexicans which had so long floated
over their forts, was to give place to the
Sturs&Stripes,' the hand of the Mexican
wa9 as eager to aid in its elevation, a9 it
was a few moments bel'or proffered and
used in the lauding of our troops upon
sheir own soil.
On the morning of the 17lh, Gen.
Taylor demanded an interview with
Gen. Ampudia, which was granted.
Ampudia arrived at our Camp, and a
big talk was to be had. I question if
the vvily Mexican had any doubt in his
own mind as to the nature of the pro
posed talk; at any rate supposing that he
had, the policy pursued by our General
in taking .theutmost nonchalance, to
point out to him all the preparations he
had made, in the shape of mortars and
eigliieen-pounders, to back any sugges
tions he might make, must have told
Ampudia plainly what was to be the re
sult of their interview.
Ampudia talked of an armistice: Gen.
Taylor demanded an unconditional sur
render of the town. Ampudia wished
the armistice: Gen. Taylor told him that
the time for such things had passed; and
that it vvas no use now to talk, about it,
particularly since he had been put to the
trouble of transporting those heavy
pieces of artillery. Ampudia still hesi
tated; at length he proposed to exclude
the public buildings and public property.
"No," says the General, "I will have
every thing." Finally, Ampudia agreed
t return an answer by a certain hour
that diy and took his leave casting a
woful glance at the heavy mortars as he
passed them.
The hour at which the answer was
to be given arrived, but no answer came.
Gen. Taylor immediately ordered pre
parations to be made for crossing the ri
ver; parties were sent up and down the
river, to secure all the boats that could
be seen on either side. That night just
after dark, the army moved three miles
up the river and encamped for the night
opposite the crossing. Next morning,
everything being ready, the passage of
the river was commenced just after sun
rise, and the whole army landed on the
opposite side without the Gring of a sin
gle gun. It was understood that the
Mexican army, atier throwing a pari 01
their amunition and cannon into the river,
and concealing another portion of the
same, had commenced their retreat about
dusk on the evening before, by way of
the main road towards the interior, in
number from four to five thousand men,
Arista at their head.
After our troops had crossed, Adjutant
General Uliss advanced towards the
main fort in front of the town, and
sounded a peal. The principle Alcalde
made his appearance, and a formal de
mand was made for the surrender of
the town, with the promise that all reli
gious and civil rights should be secured
to them all private property protected.
The Alcalde wished to know if the pub
lie buildings and property would be free.
The answer was, every thing belonging
to the government must be given up.
The Alcalde then said Gen. Taylor
could take possession as soon as he
thought proper, and that he would meet
with no resistance. This was done, our
army encamping in front ot the town.
What oouldbo more happy than this?
As our troops approached the town,
they were greeted by the loud huzzas
of the citizens. The Mexican flag was
hauled down, giving place to the Star
Snangled Banner, which in a moment
gracefully spread its wings and was kis
sed by the same breeze that - a moment
before wooed ihe flag of the haughty
How their Names are Pronounced.
The names of Generals Arista, Ampu
dia, Mejia and Canales, Colonels Caras
co and Carabajal, are pronounced by
Spaniards, as nearly as possible, as fol
lows: Areese-ta, Am-oo-dia, Ma-tee-a,
Co-no-les, Ca-ras-co, Cara-r-hal
the vowel a. in each instance, having
the sound of that letter in the English
word far. The j becomes h, the b, v.
A drunken north countryman, return
ing from the fair, fell asleep by the road
side, where a pig found him and feil to
lirking his mouth. Sawney roared out,
"Wha's .kissing me noo? Ye see what
it is to be weel likct anting the lasses!"
I I fill TollllHO.
Yi.it v Lati;.- The h.ir juo Tcxidnr,
Capt. Major, from Tubm-o, bound to
Marseille, c.ime to an aut hor eff the
South-west Pais on Monday liM. Mie
sailed from that port on the 2Hdi ull.,
having a passage of only four days to
the H.ilizc.
From Capt. Major, who came up to
the city to procure provisions, &c, we
learn that great exilement existed in To
basco against tho Anierienos. An or
der of embargo on American vessels was
received from the general government as
he was about leaving. The order came
by express from the city of Mexico;
I I . H I I-
aim ani. junior, on rcccivui!! tne earn
est intimation of its arrival in the city,
succeeded, by the assistance of seveial
friends, in reaching his vessel. The
Governor having failed to prevent Capt.
Major's departure, ordered, it is said,
the Mexican steamer Ventura to go out
and capture his vessel. The comman
der of the steamer, however, knew that
the Texidnr was furnished with onk v.vs,
and therefore considered it tho bettor
part of discretion not to be in too great
a hurry firing up. The policy of this
course was further suggested to him by
Capt. M. heaving to, off the bar, and
cutting up his chain-sheets into small
lengths fur shot, loading his six-pounder,
and intending, as he expresses it, to
"smash the Velum's coiTee-mill," if she
1 . ri f , 1 I
ventured uut. 1 he Governor placed a-
..... .
bout filty soldiers in charge of the iew j
Orleans schooner. Tobaseo is represen- j
ted as entirely destitute of fortifications j
or other defence, except the presence of ,
t , . nn n..- ... i ". i
. .. . ,.
viii)i. .iidjeu was u iii.-s i:oii3iiii;i; in
the city when the order came, and was
guarded to his boat on the beach by ai
bout twenty of his friends, well armed,
so that the soldiers were afraid to attempt
making him prisoner.
The schooner , Capt. Cox, of
New Oi leans, was seized and the mas
ter detained in the capitol. The Texi
dor left several English vessels in port,
loading. No American man of war had
as yet been seen off the port.
X O. Delia.
Battles with tiiic Mexicans. Tex
Ican Victories-. The following brief
outline of the principal battles between
ihe Texian and Mexican forces during
the war of ludependance, will not be
In 18:?5, at the battles of Conception
and Hie Grass Fight, large odds, proba
bly thre to one, were driven from die
field by the Texiaus ; and at San Anto
ni t, the same year, ihrec hundred raw
Texian milita captured General Cuss,
and eleven hundred Mexican soldiers.
hi 18S6, at Alamo. ISO held out 13
days agaiiffet Santa Anna and 8000 men,
lisihting at last until every Texian fell
dead, killing 910 of the enemy; and at
Codetta, beat off 1000 men under Lr
reu; but next day were trenchcromly
deceived into a surremier; 700 of their
own spontaneous will, killed or captured
1500 Mexicans, at JSan .lacinlo,nking
prisoner the President of Mexico, Gen
eral Santa Anna; arid twenty, under
Deaf Smith, routed 120 Mexicans the
same year.
In 1839, one hundred and four bent
1000 Mexicans at Sahiilo, and retreated
into Texas with the loss of only four
III 1842. only 210 of them repulsed -
General Woll and 1300 troops at Aroy a
General Woll and 1300 troops at Amy a
Salado: 201 drove 2500 Mexicans into
Alier, fomdit nineteen hours, killed 700
of the enemv. but at last were deceived
into a surrender, and horribly butchered
' : . . .... . .
or enslaved.
In 1843, two hundred unarmed Texi
an prisoners at Salado, attacked four hun
dred armed Mexican guards, beat and
dispersed them. Same year, Commo
dore Moore, of Yucatan, silenced ten
times his naval force, and .compelled
them to lelire. Thf last victory resul
ted in a treaty, or alii Jw-e,hct ween Yu
catan and Texas, by which the former
hound herself to remain passive in any
contest which Mexico might thereafter
engage in with Texas, and most faith
fully have the gallant Yucatecos per
formed their contract.
A liotD Proposition. A project has
been set on foot in Baltimore' among a
number of gentlemen, to offer their ser
vice" to the President, to go out to Yu
catan, on certain conditions, and there
raise a body of troops with which to
march on the Capital of Mexico, for the
purpose of revolutionizing that Govern
ment. They do not ask for money, hut
for provisions and ammunitions of war,
from our Government to aid in carrying
out the enterprise, after they arrive in
Yucatan, ami raise the proposed troops.
The Baltimore Clipper remarks that
the plan is a bold and feasible one, and
might be successful. Mexico might as
well knock under, for tdie is certain of
being knocked into a "cocked hat" if she
does not. Cia. Commercial.
ii 1 1: it c i. it.
At the I sl t. (i'" if M o.s :i , i
county, Juno ll'di, Ji !-.
WHI,, V.'n 1 1 m M. C, i i m i l. t t Ni,
m.u A. X -m.
.V.ir Dal-vi!!-, M " :w'l-1 I'r. .1 HiH'M f
Barn-ey t ) Miss El ihclli Ann (,ii.
In Hulinfi county, mi I i i !.'' h M,iv, I'r
Wyatt K. t'ciiis in Miss Jc.un'M Timi.
On the fl'.h June, Jasper Cooper ti.Mi;'
Mnrv Trivnr. 1
o.i ki .
In this county, June 1'5'h, jn infant son
of darn ami Nancy Mallet.
In Moniircllu, June 2.1, John VV. Dillon,
in the 42d year of his :ic. j
In Washington City, Mav 2ih, Benjamin
M. Speighr, elilest son of
n?cl 25 years-.
mMHvmmMmmvmmwm mm mmu nu
Senator Speight,
Entifi Kill? of Hie hialr Circuit f.ivrf,?
I First day ot March Term, v. u. 18-10. .S
Edward J la mil ton
1307 vs
Uranrh of thn TJanlf of the Stale rf Alal'.-ima
at Mobile, Charles C. Ilamu.l, Jolui Ii.
Totilmiii. Piivi.'l Jowler, J ri, Abraham
Bell and Jaeoh Ilaiycy, (r theheifH
of such of ihcm as are df.i'l. (if a
ny.) and thevidtiw and h-rs cf
Thomas II. Il'erndon, dre'd.
ii i i,l roii iii'i.i kf.
UPON openiri't the hill ei' complaint in
this cause arid it appearing to the v a i -
isiiiciion oi uik coin i nwi ue. ufitMii.ains
are non-residents of the Stale of Mi-sissip-1
pi, and now reside beyond the limns thereof,
', . . ., '
ill i ' i Ki i I" I' LIM ,.1U
n, ,, . , J , w ,.., r ,i
that the ( rdinarv iiK'Cfss (d tois (-(itirt c;ir;-
,)ot lo serv(,d (;n ,,,f ni. lt is t!a.1(.f(,re or.
dorcd, that the said (lefendatits enter their
respective appearances on or brlor- the !ir-t
day of the next term of this court to he he'd
in and lor the said county of Leake on the
.....li i .i ,i:..o . ,. . . ....
fourth Monday ol September a. v. lwl(
pleri'i, answer or cu murr to the sa-.u lull ni
complaint, otherwise the same will he taken
as contfsseil .ttuiisI them, set lor neai-ic.2
expni te, ; ml the mr. iter thercot d-'creed ae-1
eordin;'!y. And. it js further ordered, that j
a copv of this order published h-r two I
inomhs (once a week successively) in the j
Kosciusko (,'hronieie, a newspaper pi.b-;
liU'd in the town of Kosciusko, ia the !
county of AMala. in the said S ate. j
A true copy from ihe minutes of the court, i
.-Vm-,; T. P. MARION, Clerk.. I
June 18, 18-10 2-1 m2 j
rpiIE Partners); in heretofore existinjrbe-
I .,. . .. j. i : i ; . o.:.. .1 i;
-L iwcen t he undersitfiieu i
is tiay (U:-
solved bv mutual consent.
(i. W. rOMSTOCK,
AMf) TIM8,
June 8, 18-15
'J'he business will be continued by the
undersigned, who will sell e all contracts
connected wilh the above linn.
He would inform his old customers and
the public thai lie has now o:i hand a sup
ply of Leather, which he titHr on accom
inodiiiijig lei ins, for cash or hides.
Tannery H miles nonli of Ivosciusko.
June S.'lS-fo 23vfi JOHN TIMS.
P. !S. A CH3EMAKER wanted.
S9viren IScdmcctf! I
INGLE Feed for Horse, 30 cents i
Nii;hl and inorflintr 00 cents '
Horse feed nb.dit and day ' cents j
Horse I'eed hv ihe week", per day .W cent--
Sinle feed of Hay or Fodder 15 cents I
Boarding Horses per month, in advance j
$10; at the end of the month ?J2; if not ;
jiaid punciually at the expiration. $1T. 1
Horses led by us always held liable for;
charges until settled. &: sold at our option.
We have also made arrangements with j
a good House, that persons stopping with i
us can be accommodated with tcood Rooms j
and Beds at reduced price's, viz: !
: ij0(j-iiijr, Supper
t ot-Dinner 30c.
; Losing, Supper and Breakfast f0c
Lodging, Supper, Breakfast fr Dinner 75c i
j By the week less rates, per day o0c
j Horso, Buggies and Baggage sent to and
in, m nnv loip or oi icr n :i( 12 11 lilt t v
"v J j '
without extra charge.
Horses, Mules, Negroes, and other prop
erty, bought and sold on Commission
property or proceeds subject only to per
sons placing the same in our possession or
their order. Instructions strictly adhered
to at the Yd zoo C,7 .y Livery Stnhln, by
Yazoo City, May 27, 1816 22tf
"VTOTJ will find your account in the hands
i- of William Roy for a (w days, when
all those who are good will he mm those
who are not, and, will not pay, will please
call on Mr. Harlow who is authorised to
. ., , i . i i ...... i
..uij.u u,..M,, . ,. ,.v j ....
for nobody to owe me Avhen I leave
need not think that I have forgot your ac
count because it is small or old, for you
are the chap I shall pop.
June 4 22w3 ALEX. ROY.
Iff in in istra tor's Yo t ice.
"VJOTICE is hereby given that the uruler-d-'
signed, Administrator of the Estate of
Benjamin B. Kirkwood, deceased, has filed
in the Probate Court of Attala county, Mis
sissippi, his petition to surrender his Let
ters, and will at ihe August Term of said
Court present an account of his adminis
tration, so far as the samn has extended, tor
allowance, wilh commissions, and apply
for a linal . hearing of said petition
June 4, 1H-I6 22wl
(coiutaivtfij' jov frafc at tfuft
JiiiiA (;. IIILUL.i.l)
Mlorrtij & onus ilor at Law,
host lt sKa, mi.
(in h i.
A I'm!
it I! il.'.ir
it ,i olhr e.
.loiirin', i.i.iii
I'd pai lit-1
IM-ill.-IlO, May
nt iithl shoe- maker.
i nniiire of
W. 1). KOY.
rrnn i;:
M)l',l!M(iriJ is now prepared
I- In uccoiniiii'datc hoarder
ind vi--itnr
, on reasi 'ii-
to 111.
e above celebrated JSjii in
le terms.
Feb. 21, mr;
A. E.
Maui (I :.'? . '
f?. W. IIAKI.OW oilers his services to'
VJ . nois-rcsiileiit, Laud lio'iU-t:., as atrent ;
for the sale of Lands lyiii" iu the coitutv of .
Attala, or lor the payment of taxes on the !
same. i
Kosciu'd.-o, Aril 10, 18-10
i'.'I Jioafo havirs; pennanently located
- " himself in the town of Kosciusko,
announces to his friends, and the public
j;enei-:tlly, that he is prepared to leceivc
and execute any work in his line of busj.
lies?, upon the shortest notice. Ho takes,
..n,i .;i
,i.,i ... i
he in receipt ol, tne latest rlnla
isli i on s ; and will guarantee jrne-
iai satisi, union to an who may lavor him 1
with their patronage, which w.ll Le most
thank fu ly received.
C 11 A K G E S .
C'mh Coat fun:
$10 00
8 00
5 50
6 00
5 00
3 (!()
3 00
2 75
t nr.
do do
Jeans coat
Merino coat line
do do plain
Cottnuade or Ljuen coat
(loth or t-auinel pants
Jeans jiant-. line
do do plain
Vest hue
do plain
! 25
f .'.ri in ii-Mpt n'ir't nf 11.0 Pi'inlir
iilg UiliCC.
Ivosciusko, Jau'y 21, 1810
Kebecca V.yi -,
Attachment for
VS. V ir33,j.
Washington Waiuripld. j
Jithiriiali't: Id Circuit Cturtjuirrh ;r(,lfll(l
KDEIilil) bv said Court, that notice he
mblisbcd, that on 'ess the Defendant in
the above stated aliachiucnt sluili ;:pear,
;'u e special bail and pie ul in said aiiach-iiu-nt.oii
or l-.fl'ure ihe lir.-t day of the term of
tin- ( 'iice.it (,'oe.rt, to he hidden in and for
said (G uilty, at the ('ourl-iroiise thereo',on
ihe 2d Monday of iSeptcnibcrnext, judgment
wiibe rciuU'i'i d apainst him, and against
ihe caruish'-e summoned in said cause.
Apri 29, IS 10 17:4 w
ON the 1.7l li Fi brii.ii v, instant, by John
Craft, (living about seen miles north
from Kosciusko,) a dark brown Mule, ahum
thirteen hands hlirh, over twelve years old,
i no marks or uamN peieeivai ic.
! The owner is requested to come forward,
j prov e property, pay charges and take him
' away, or he will be dealt with aceoi'din-:' to
I law. LE.MUl'L EOV.XKS, Kanycr
February 28, 1810 9
121 1 if W Ti'VfMl
r I "
"VTl'S. SlJKkfCP.of Canton, Mississippi
11 informs the Ladies of Kosciusko and
vicinity, that sic will clean and repair
Braid and sstraw Bonnets, in a superior
manner. She l.tcps aiwnvs on hand, a largo
assiiitmf.nl of Trimmings, Fancy and
Mourning Bonnets, &c.
Panama Hats cleaned and pressed.
Orders ci at the Store of Mr. Mosby in
Kosciusko, will be seat to her.
Canton, April 1 1th, 1S1G 15:3v.
fjitiltl for Kdh'.'
; MUnvnv, described tracts or par
1 ceis oi iu
ind lying in Atta a couniy,
the title to which is good and will be war-
ranted, are ohered
l for sale on ac.commoda-
ting terms, viz.
north-west quarter
north-west quarter . -
north half 20
east half of south-east qr 31
north-west quarter 31
south-west o nailer 33
For particulars enquire of Tsaac Wjn
ston, Co umbn. or G. Y. HARLOW",
Kosciusko, April 23, 1810 1C
T ri
Li i,
'ITERS of Administration having
been "ranted the uiideisii.'iiea ny tne
Don. l'robate'Court of Leake County, Mis-
r ( .. no. , .... .,( May. i84. on
oti i - . '.... ,i .,.!
the J. state oi wuver naipei, ueccascu,
i !!r..rm-P all nrrsuns holdinir claims asainst
said Estate will present them duly authen-
ticated within the time prescribed by Law,
or they w ill be forever barred and those who
are owing said Estate wi'd come forward
and mane immediate payment.
('ATI I A HI X E 1 1 A R BE R, Adm'x.
' Carthage, May 21, 18-1(5 20:0w
Taken Tp,
BY W. B.
2.b2f wi es nort!
f X- l;o, a gray h
BY V. 15. C'iiitor, about eight
thwest of Kosciiis-
horse, about 12 years
old, about 15 hands high, with a large
wind-gall on the left hind hock, no marks
or brands perceivable; appraised at twenty
five dollars. The owner is requested to
come forward, prove property, pay charges
and tare him away, or he will be dealt
wilh as the law directs.
May 81,1840,
Hit 1,1 i; .t re-J-Tllully MtlTTi me
t i'v-'M f Ana a and ihe manning
riiiil-tii", ll.. t l.e liiix ji-r fd'ciwd (rem
I ' i nf i n n :i i . Ohio, and wil
continue to re
,1'iesli am! t'en-
n ii c. a
lin V l:ie ei in
mi." 11 .faun: M.-du-im s, many t ompoiiiiiis
rind i.n'.itiies f purely Motiinie .Medicines
I hat have never ln-lore been offered for sale
in tins country ; and (or cash will sell to
families j-ciiuiiie Medicines cheaper than
any llulanie McdietTies prcvinusly f(ild in
I tins country, and fir a small fee wi I sivo
! out such direction.., with the medicines ft3
j tn cnahle f.trnilies to manage all ordinary
i sicliiii-ss u iihont thec.iillins of a Physician.
IJc will keep constantly oil hand cathartic
' anti-billions and quinine pills, finite tonic,
' cordial fr dian.hea, compound syrup of
saiMiparilla, hepatic liquid, No. t3 emetic
i lineturcs. female hitlers, &c. kc.
j In conlirmaiioii of the efitcacy of the
; p.) nve Medicines, when rightly and timely
administered, be would remark, that he
has administered the above Medicines to
upwards of two hundred patients within.
the last twelve months', without the loss of
but one sinule patient, where he attended
from iirst to last.
It nlVdi'tlj in c pleasure unspeakable to
con: ole myself with the idea that the suc
cess that has attended my former practice
bespeaks a gloriuus and successful future
for J. A. KASiC.
i Kosciusko, April 1G, 1S4C 15:2m.
'Hanger's (rfc.
I WILL proceed to sell, at public vendue,
to the highest bidder, befnre the Court
If(.iiso doer, in the Town of Kosciusko, on
Monday, the 0i day of July next,
the following described stray property, viz:
One Mouse Colored Horse taken up by
Wiliiam I'restriibje. 'Said Horse is about 13
hands liieh, 12 or 1 3 years old, with a small
i snip on the end of bis nose, some white on
f the left hind foot, some kind of brand on
the left hip not understood; appraised at
twenty dollars.
One clay bank colored Horse taken up
by John Jolly. Said horse' is about fifteen.
! hands high, nine years old, with black legs,
! mane ;;nd tail, left hind foot white, small
lump on the right side of the belly, blemish
I in the left eye, no brands perceivable; ap
j ptaised at twenty dollars.
One dariay'horse .taken up by Stephen
j Flowers. Said hor.e is about MA bands
I high, supposed to be five years old, has a
! black inane and tail, a, sma 1 white star iu
the forehead, branded on the right shoulder
with the letters 1) K, appraised at $27 50.
One ciicstiut sorrel horse, taken up by
Doctor II. Hughs. Sai l horse is about 12
or 13 years old. about 13 hands high, has
three, white feet, and is blind in a manner
in one eye, no marks or brands perceiva
ble : app'iaised at?.35 DO.
One black and white speckled or spotted
Bull taken up by Jacob Lott. Said Bull is
about six years "old, small size, no marks
or biands perceivable; appraised at five
One pale red Steer taken up by John
Craft. Said steer is four or five years old,
ul '-rather pinall size, marked with an over
bit in the right and a split in the left ear;'
eppraiscd at five dollars.
Jane 4,1810 22ts
.vo Ticiy
!(riceiin the wpenhis; fur private entry
if laiuti in c ! tc.in districts in the States of
Sli.s-tiiviippi and Alabama, included within
the l:iul!.i i f tie Choctaw : under the
in at y c-'tteluded at Duiicinir Kalhit creek,
in Scpcmber, eighteen hundred and thirty.
THE Lands within the limits cf the
Choctaw cession of September, 1S30,
which were withdrawn from private entry
(under the act of 22d June, 18158) pursuant
to public notice issued from this office by
order of the President on the 23d Jo y,
ls'.J;, to await definite action on the Indian
claims arising under the said treaty, will
again be made .euly ct to private entry, at
ihe undermentioned laud oliices, as fol
lows, to wit :
At Coittnibns, in Mississippi, on Monday,
the twenty-ninth day of June next.
At Augusta, in .Mississippi, oa Monday,
Ihe. eighth day cf June next.
At Jackson, in Mississippi, on Monday,
the first day of June next.
At Grenada, in Mississippi, on Monday,
the eighteenth day of May next.
At Demopolis, in Alabama, on Monday,
the first day of June next.
At Tuskaloosa, in Alabama, on Monday,
the first day cf June next.
Every person c'aiming the right of pre
emption to any of the lands withheld from
private entry, as aforesaid, who has here
tofore tiled the declaratory notice required
by law, and who has been prevented from
making payment by reason of such with
drawal of the lauds from private entry, is
hereby notified to furnish the requisite
proof of his or her right to complete pay
ment fur the same at the proper district
land otlice aluresaul, without delay, lest the
same should be disposed ni as other public
Given at the General Lund OJfcc, this fif
teenth day of April, A. 1).. 184(1.
l'.i;fiw' JAH. SHIELDS, Commissioner.
Tukcu Up
ON the 18th day of March, 1840, by Job
Massey, about 18 miles east of Kosci
usko, two steers, viz: one of a yellow color,
wilh a white face; about seven years old,
middle sized, marked with a swallow-fork
iu each'car, branded PL on the right hip
and TH5 on ihe k-l't; the other is about six
years old, middle size, cream color, marked
with a swallow-fork in the left ear and a
smooth crop oil' the right, branded amc as
the other; boili appraised to 21 dollars.
The owner is requested to cornu forward,
prove property, pay charges and take them
away, or they will be dealt wilh according
to law. LEMUEL BOWERS, Ranger
June 4, 1840 22w3

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