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T H E WHIG Uli l' U B L i O A N
Death of-an Editor.
Wc received per last raail,lhe ;'. Jefferson
Whig clothed in mourning for the . suddjenj
death of Thomas Brows, editor of that pa
pers' Mr. B., was a native of Indiana, and
came to .u'esisatppi in under tlie pa
tronage cf a Board of oreign Missions, hp
f r-t to Smyrna to tnfce charge of the Socie
ty s Press, but finding the climate injurious to
h: Vifjlth, returned to this State, and in
br:me th editor of the Rodney Telegraph.
He was erectly respected and esteemed by the
community in which lie lived, and remarkabh
for hfrt fpeu ant! frank liberality, which he
"generous-ly bestowed upon all. Asa politician,
he was a ftrotig at d ardent supporter of the
B&me cause we advocate, and a person well
versed in a" krowledjje-of the political affairs
of his country. As one who enjoyed his friend
r) ip, we offer our humble meed to his praise.
Iteguiescat in pare.
More "Private Business."
Dfdr.itiWirt? (; lias, through- the
ro'urnn of the Mi:sit?s?ippiaii, - declined the
nomination for Governor by the used-vp party
this -State Is it not strange that t'private
: Jsiness" will always interfere to prevent
U mocratic candidates from continuing in the
field. Query. Will Dr. Wm. M. G win, con
sent to become a candidate? It is immaterial
) u who we have to beat; we merely ask for
information. ' " '
Tennesse Election.
We have been requested to publish the vote
pfeaclv,cotiiity in Tennessee, by many of our
friends, in order that natives of that State, re
siding in Mississippi, may sec with pride how
the "home of the thundering lion" has rebu
ked Mr. Van Buren and his army of office
holders. We never had any fears for Tennes
see, conlidcnt that the "unpurchased
und unpurch;i8able freeman of that State wore
not to be swerved from their duty to thir
country by the ravings of the "Lion of the
Hermitage," or the preachings of that great
est of Demagogues, James K. Polk.
Hakkisox. Van Buren,
fj-The population of New York City, is
ascertained to be 313,629, whicn is' equal to
ih" whole State of Mississippi. Tiiis shows
an increase of. many thousands. There were
43,602 names placed upon the registry lists of
that cit v at the late election, being 2,762 more
than were last s;rinr.
Rhode Island. .
The majority for Harrison and Tyler in
Rhode Island is 1,92. The number of votes
polled in that State is 6,5H, She has gone
for the Whigs, (to u.e the language of a strong
!dco in , there parts.) with a perfect rush!
This is one of the States claimed some moths
fince by the friends of Mr. Van Buren. "It
i the lot of humanity to err."
(& correspondent of the Southern Jour
nal, writing from M)i roe, Perry county. Mi.,
speaking of the result of the election, says;
"They (the Whigs,) may n w hang up their
hruiped arms for monuments.' Whiggery is
going down, down." We know not how fur
tunitft this gentleman may have been in for
mer prophecies, but we opine the result in this
Stat r it'irr varies from his calculations. Do
tiip returns vone warrant you in the assertion
Ihit "VVh'grry is '-ln down!" We reckon
not we guru not.
There may be some State more deserving
"the iltg." but for her base subserviency in
t'rn binding to Federalism, Mississippi cer
tiinl? richly merits "the stripes."
Free Trader.
Citizens of Mississippi! this sentiment is
from the pen of an office holder under the ad
rnin'stration of Martin Van Buren. Can you
read it without feeling that if you had this
pnmpered minion within your reach, yru could
administer the "stripes"' upon his back with
t.ie bet?t graoe imaginable
State Treasurer.
The vote for State Treasurer, which is com
plete, (Clarke County rxcepted) is as follows:
J S. Curtis, (Whi ',) 14,823
William Need, (V. B.,) 13,397
Wilson, 100
White, 807
Jackson, 801
Rutherford, 213
Davidson,. 0S4
vVjlliarnsoii, . . 1837
Lawrence,. 150
Robertson, 517
Montgomery, .312
Car-roll, - 1009
(;ibson, - 800
Henderson,: . - 1013
MeNairv, ' 375
W.ayne," ' 494
Coc'e, 532
JetTersf-.n, . 1670 :
Grainger, 645
Anderson, . 425
Knox,. 1809
Sevier, b50
Blount, ' 500
Roane, 502
Morgan, - 10G
.Marion, 135
McMinn, 131
Bledsoe, ... 450
Madison, 775
Over, 240
if-iywood, 247
Favette, 238
Shelby, : '. .269
erry, . 433
Lauderdale, 130
Hamilton, 135
Carter, .-." 739
,'ohnson, - 340.
Obion, .
Giles', , -
Rhea', '
Bradley and Polk,
Meiis. .
while the vessel was on fire. .Thejiilled
are reported to l.e : .
Daniel llowlet, passenger. I ' ;
Washington Smith, master. -
John shton, engineer.
Prersly Hicks, fireman.
John Waller, do.
Henry Carter, a free miiUntto Stewart.
T.ie names of the wounded we have
not learned.
Fortunately there were not many pas
sengers on hoard, otherwise the disaster
would have heen still more melancholly.
The Leroy was owned by the mail con
tractors on the great southern route, Mes
srs. Hopkins and Stockton.
The Leroy left Chatahooeheon Sunday
at half past 10, A. M. conveying the mail
to lola. The accident occurred two miles
above Blount's town, at the hour above
The names of the wounded arc.
Hoi Ionian, pilot.
Sam Smothers, a free mullatto cook,
: tO?-. Our 'attention was called, to. the ri
ver ou Monday evening -by the new,-and
magnificent steamer Louisiana. The L; is
a new boat built for the cotton trade, and
is. we believe, the largest steamboat that
ever floated on the Mississippi. - We have
beon favored with her dimensions as
follows: . . V ' . -
200 feet Keel, . . v . v
235 on deck, ; -
13 u between Decks, .
GO " in width,
.2S foot. wheel. '
Piston 10 foot stroke; 8 double tlue'd
boilers, and carries 4,500 bales cotton.
The Louisiana is commanded by Capt
J. Powel, long very favorably known in
the lower trade. We wish him success.
; Vickthurg Wkig.
k N additional supply of seasonable
GOODS, consisting of variousirticles
1 I I'lll .'1 1 I t Vitlltll in r Trr rinnil'o itnrm
black woman belongmg to the hnt, wilicmy. neccssitibs require the to sell for
and a negro boy belonging to Judge 1 qr ot 1 . .
HOODS, 'till you can't rest.
Mississippi money taken at the dis-
There were tfiree persons who escaped
unhurt, making m all -thirteen persons''.!
who were on board at trie time ot the ac
cident. - . .
Nothing was saved but the mail which
was blown on to the forecastle. The riv
er, Capt. Smith says, is literally strewed
with fragments, and since'thc accident the
boat has entirely uisappeareu, leaving no
Nov. 20 tf
94 1
14 MO
Valobisha Cot'STV. (
Probate Court , jYuvtmbcr Terin, 1640. -To
a I persons interested in the l-ind. tcne
nu;iis :irul hereditaments of VJLLIA1T.
WILLIS. docensecJ. :ind mart' ufr'ixv . ih
thing but the stern pole to indicate where ; t' Iiowing Uml tb wit: Nortii-eat qutrterof
it lies. j s 'itioti iwonty-fivc, towiii'iiptwenty.to range
After the explosion, and before the fire, I sevc" e:isl; SVebt il1i',t tj, Xorth-wet qu r-
a Mr. Tapper went on hoard th wreck i l'r iiufthe w.efct hxlt ?uf,!lweslt ufw
-, . i . .i , t tion tlurtv, tlie wen h't nortu-weht quarter,
alone, to render assistance to the wound-! and t!je ,lalf of lhe eMt haln ot th2 nort,;:
ed andiccover the bodies. While thus j west quarter of section tf.irty-ouc, towMlup
engaged the wounded were taken away in j twenty-two, range Viht eat; tho north half of
the vawl boat, leaving him without a Hv- I tlr east !i!fand the south half of t! men h't It'
ing companion, in its absense the llames i ,r tle pouth-ocst quart.-r offcecti,n thirty-ix
spread with fearful rapidity, but with tin
daunted and true bravery, he still pcrse
township twenty-to, ranjfe tvn Mat; the
wept li it ot the north-wet quarter of ection
nu jii 1 three,, township twenty one, ranjjc p-
vered to the imminent danger of his life, venit: the s uth half of the east hlfof the
and had the return of the yawl been de- j north-east quarter of section number 8ven,
layed a few minutes, he would undoubt- j township number twenty-two, range seven
edlv have fallen a sacrifice to his heroic ! , , . ,
benevolence. We are happv to state that I Y lZ T?y n p Personal'y
, , i . , ii i , ,1; appear before the Probate Court to be
he escaped, but SUch noble Conduct should ; holden at CofleevilU. ValoLha countv. on th
, , , . ' V "
not go entirely unnoticed.
Harrison's majority,
Curtis Mijoritv,
Military Election.
The majority for Capt. Win. Lewis over
N". F. Jones, for Mujor General is 1,999
Tint of l J. Hurrus, over M; j. A. G. Hen-!-eJt
tor Brigadier General, is 555. . ...
"Stick a pin there," exclaimed a political
edit or, when he saw a lady's dress 'gaping'
bf:i:nd. ivTchane.
Steam Ship "of War. .
The Government of the United Sinter is
having built at the Brooklyn Navy-Yard, a
Ete-im ship of War, which, according to the
t icayiine, is to be quite n magnificent affair.
The fjllowti g are the dimensions: .
Her length from figure head to taffrail is 243f.
"4 upperor main deck, ,223t
between the perpendiculars, 220
of keel at the bottom, .207
!)reidth of the beam over the wales, , ' 4t
cutside of wheel house, 66i
The erginea are about 600 horse power, and
lce is provided in iron bunkers to carry 800
tons of anthracite coal which it is . intended
to consume.
Inclination of the engine,
Diameter of paddle wheels,
Immersion f wheels,
Length ot the paddle.
Kvery modern improvement in naval war
fare has been observed in her construction,
and she will be finished upon a scale of tnag
nificenco worthy the nation she is to defend.
A Lock or Hair. Fe-.r things in this wea
ry world are more delijjhful. - . '
Philadelphia Ledger.
We know a better a pad--ct. Clipper.
To a hungry man a bul lack would bc-mort
witet. Phil. Spirit of the Time a-
"Li eke on the Understanding", would be
rjch mor serviceable than either. . ; i
Sunday Jtiorniiig News.
That't pretty good, but not, better than a
leek jaw for a common sco.'dT m ;
Louisville City Ccizetle.
Go it ye 'soap-locks!' To us tho sumrnum
ionu of every thing dellglful would be wed-
25 degrees.
2?i feet.
10 "
A Screamer.
A gentle piece of female humanity
yclept Green by courtesy Ahss Green
delivered, an oration, or "more, properly
speakinir, a stump speech, at Auijusfa, Mc.
on the 4th ot uly last. The concluding
remarks furnish a sample of;real grit:'
'if I shall have been so happy as to have
gained the approbation of those for whose
sake 1 have so far departed from the strict
limit which ancient prejudices -have so
long prescribed to our sex, I shall be am
ply paid for all the sneers of whit lings &
fools. (Cheers) I have been only desir
ous of winning the approving smiles of
the nobler sex for my sentiments, not lor
myself, and I say unto you, lords of crea
tion, as" you call yourselves, if you doubt
rny sincerity-1 proclaim it here in the
lace o fail Augusta, now assembled around
me, and you may believe me or not, as you
please that there is not one among you,
Tom, Dick or Harry, that I would '"give a
brass thimble to call 'husband1 to-morrow"
Front the .? patni chin, la Cam. Adv. of -20th ult
Loss of the Steamboat , Leroy, six .
- Lives Lost.
.The steam-boat Syren, Capt. Field,
brings intelligence of tlie loss of the Le
roy, Vashiugton Smith, master, and re
ports tlie melancholy news that six per
sons were killed, and several dangerously
scalded, burnt or otherwise wounded.
The accident occurred on Sunday last,
about two o'clock, P. M., opposite Blount's
town, on this river.
. TiieLeroy was employed on the Bruns
wick line, in the conveyance of the mail
and passengers, between Chatahoochie &
lola, and in her last trip was coming from
the. first namsd place. She is represented
to have been an old boat but was not con
sidered unsafe. It appears that. first, her
boilersexplodedand afterwards she caught
fire and burned to the water's edge. 'The
wreck low lies opposite Blount's Town,
to which place the wounded were, con
veyed. r?' . ... . ' .:'; . . . '
Among the passengers was -"Mr. Willis
.Alston, and we believe he was the. only
one who escaped unhurt. He is reported
to have stated, that before leaving Chata
hoochie, he observed something about the
boat which created a feeling of insecurity.
Thus impel ledj he kept as near - the stern
as possiblejtliat ' being . the. safest place.
On hearing the explosion, he jumped into
the yawl b,oat, and thus made his escape
Mississippi Elect ion. Official".
Couuties Harr.on. Van Huren.
Adam?, 2 .
Amite "t0 29 A
Attalla, 272 3f
Bolivar, t2 44
Copiah, 571 ; o4"
Cnrroll. 711 1 527
Claiborne, 53 f MO
Clarke 124 2:
CtiMftaw,' 09 " 4HO
Coahoma, If? 1 1)
Cuvirigtun, 116 - . 2M3
Chickasaw, 142 2U4
I)oto, 371
Franklin, ISO 2M3
("Jrcen 91 12.i
lbdir.es, 556 ,M18
Hind.-, " 1207 549
Hancock, 2SI 107
Itttwamba, 170 ;',94
JrtlVrson, 412 229
Jones, 50 1(1.3
Jasper, 2-39 2nS
Jiickmn, 25 1.2
Kemper. 326 400
Lowndes, O.'O ' Q2'
Lafiyotte, 3S2 :"66
Liwrncc, 123 4.r:
L;iud-rdale, 239 444
L:ike, 145 y.2
Madison, 691 312
Marsha'il, H(6 bl4
Mojirue. 452 4-7
. 'M;i rim), 13 H5
Noxubee, 514 372
-:wt.n, 109 194
Neshoba, 113 164
Oetibbcha, "!95 2:9
Panola, 332 2l 6 '
Pontotoc, 237 329
Pike, 314 376
IVrry, ' ' 110 94
Kankin, 331 ' 202
Smith, 89 179
Scott, . 41 103
Simpson, ; 201 " 219
Tunic i, . 76 53
Tippah, 6S1 5S4 ,
' Tisheniinrro, 321 ' 593
Tallahatchie, 16 124
Warren, lf!(M 422
Winston.' 232 , 28S "
'Wilkinson,' 063 IAS
Washiigton, ' "'" 162 '" 04
Wayn s , 94 87 '
Y izoo, ' ' " " 561 TO")
Yalubusha " 739 " 643 .
- The Presidency. V
The followir jr -States hav already voted for
President. TI)ouh the retrrrw .in mil are
not complete, vet epourjli is known to render
certain their electoral votes:- .- ,
Hariusw.' Van Hiken.
. v - Y o r k .......42 New-Hapshire. . . . : . . .7
lirnt Monday in January next, then and there,
to shew cause, if any you can why an order
tihall not be made, to .ell th above described
land, in pur.-uance of tha ietition of Wm.
Conly and Frmces K. Willie, administrator
atid udtninistratrix of the estate of William T.
Willie, deceafeed; tujesting that it would be
of 'advaiitne to tht etate and heir of said
William T. Willis deceasv.
Kitkm tl.e Ho.iorabli J ACOB J. DOTY.
Judge oltli Probate Cour for the coun
ty of Yalobusha, the tirst Monday of
(L. 8.) Noremfcer, A. II. l4t. and seal oreaid
-'ourt, the 4th day of Xovember A. D.
I). M.RAYHURX'. Clerk.
Nov 251 ?406w Prs fee $20
((irensda Reporter.)
'yiifcj subscribers take pleasure in an
ijoiiiicxnir to tlie public 'that thev have
I started a tri-weekly line of four horse
' post coaches, from Henton to Canton, to
: connect at .Canton with their line from
! Colfeevill, via Lexington, Canton, .lack
json, Galatin and Natchez, and at Benton
i with t heir line from I exington to
! Yazoo City. Days ot leavinjr'Benton,'
: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satirdays,
and from Canton, Wednesdays, Fridays
: and Sundays, after the arrival of the stage
; from Jackson.
j Lexington, Nov. 9, 1310. . 4-tf
! JS hereby iven. thai I shall apply to the
j Probate Court of Holmes County, at
the January Term, 1841 thereof, for an
'allowance of my final account as admin;
I istrator of the estate of J ohn McEachern,
deceased. - -
Nov. 12, lS40.-6w--$3 50.
Suniiay night l6t,; from my residence
9 miles from Lexington, on the road lead
ir to Hcnton, a bay hor scar on the out
side of botli fore feet swab-tail a rear around
his nose. as it'made by a rope about 15 hands
hijjh lO orll vears ofd pices well. -
Nov. 9; 1340. - 4-3.
T"l7AX TEn to purchase a'nejjro woman wjio
can cool; and w.auh well.' , Apply at'.. this
office. """.',.,','...-. . ..- '.
Lexirinrton, Noii. 12, 1840. , ; 4 -tf. -
JOH N' F. Wl LliIA MS Snr. '
Attorney at law fc Jisricr jfthe Peace,
M insou r i . . .. .4 1
Pennsylvania. .....30
Kentucky ..15
t'ennessee, .......... .15
.Mass lehusetts, .... 14
(ieoria, ......... ,...H
Mary land,.... 10
Indiana...... ....9
Co n n ec ti c u t ......... .
New-Jersey, ..9
Louisiana, ,. 5
Rh(,de Island, 4
Mississippi, ...........4 '
Delaware, ............. .3
: ' loo " ; n
(ftr .143. votes- elect th President. . t
: The locos are "drinking themselv-es to
death since the election. McNutt's. Gallon
law suits well the timesV Old Mc himself
we u ndersland, swears that no decent man
would thirik-of taking- less than .the leo;al
quantity. t Perhaps he's right. - We'll see.-
'VJWAj practice in any of the courts ofthe
. . state. Ilid .otiice is. at Richland, Holmes
county, Mississippi.' ; v. . ; ; - . ;
Address. Franklin, Holmes county Miss. ;
. Octbbe-,29 tf .
II. II. Fl'LT., r VA!KKIt BKOOK. -
, t t r j I S t -S i A TLA w ', : . i;
.; - . - S ' . " Lexington Jlist.
- Lexington, October -21;; 1840. l-"tf.?-..t
. for Ale. . r .. .
4 y A LU ABLE plantation, -in the .valley, of
- Aazoo. county, 1520,'acres -G sections of
Texas land in . funded. script) unlocated.-
. Apply to , FRANCIS ILSLEY, Jr.-
. V tckebu rjj , October 2 1 ; 1840. f -l-3t,
flHE undersigned lias ; appointed .H."" .W;
Brown his attorney in fact, for the'transac.
tion '!" any; business" pertaining' Jo ' his proper
ty i n t h e cou nty. He offer.V for' if ale a tract
of land near " Georgevillev for particulars of
which, and terms, apply to Mr. Brown."
Lexington, October 21, 1840,
New Orleans 31pney Market.
U. 8. Bank notes
1J S Treasury notes -Sovereigns.
Spanish doubloons
Mexican do
American gold
Mississippi Money.
Uriion Bank-ron demand
Do 12 m poet notes
Grand 'fiulf . .
Lake WaRhinffton ' .
Com. ard R R Bank Vjckibj 50 o 55
ijo pan notes
Bank of Vicksburrr
Vricksburg . at'er Works
1 ombigby
Citizens Bank Madison co.
Commercial bk Columbus
Rodney, post notes
Port (ijbsan do
West Feliciana do
Manchester do -Xafhcz
Rail Road co -
Mississippi Shipp:rig co
Real Estate bk Hinds
Aberdeen and Pontotoc
Alabama Specie paying b&nk9 1 a 0
"State bank "" - 2J a 3i
Tennesse - . - 5a 6
Arknnsnt State bank ' - 15a 17
Real Estate 17 a 20
Texas Treasury notes ' 84
Clinton and Port Hudson . 30 a 40
Do do j.ayablc at Cit bk X O not redeem!
Bank of Pennsacola - 75 dis uncertain
Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Keutucky, -
and Missouri . par a 4 d is do
Union Banlc Life 6c Trust, Flor. uncertain
New Orleans wholesale Prices Current.
Corrected eekly from theTranscript.
U a 2 pr ct prtra
par a
2 a 3
$4 94 a 5 00
- $10 75 a 17 00
$15 75 a 16 00
2 o 3 pr ct prem
50 a 52 pr ct flii
53 a 60
30 a 35
40 a 50
55 a 65
65 a 70
60 a 70
SO a 85
Xo sal
50 a 00
10 a 12
15 a 20
5 a 7
5 a 10
10 a 15
Xo ral
70 a 75
Xo e ale
Scoich hemp
Male Rope
Coffee. ' . . " ' "
Havana prime preen
Inferior to middling
t Jage d Cuba-
Ht Domingj
Sperm, Xantuckct
!few Bedford
Cod, dry
Salmon, pickeled
Mackerel, No 1
Flour and .Veal .
-ljourrucrniio "
20 a '23
25 a 26
14 a
' a 10
9 a 10
lb Ilia II
. IDa lOi
. . 10 a 114
Ilia 11
15 a 17
lb 43 a 44
45 "a
15 J a 16
box $1 25 .
. 70 a
keg 67 a 1 00
lb . a
17 00 .
15 00a
8 50 a
Gunny Hags Calcutta
On plantation .
In the city
French, buket
Olive, cks,
J5rm, winter
Whale, retined
common .
Beef, mess, northern
100 lbs
471 a 4 5Q
3 874 a 4 00
2 00 a 2 25
10 a 14
95 a 1 00
a 19
a 24
12 bottles
Bacon !ims
m kid lings
, Butter, Goshen
. Cheeee, Americon
. - pine apple
Potatoes . ' ..
Rice Cargo -Shit
Liverpool, blown
' ground V
"Turks lilmd
Se-ars '
- "Spahieh . : f
American 1
Sop ;
Northern,1 Xo 1
Castile ' -
Sugar v ,v - ' - -"
La. on plantation
; ' in the cjty :
.ifivana, 'white -
4 50 a 5 25
1 20 a
90 a 95
1 20 a 1 25
1 10 a I 15
1 05 d 1 10
50 a 60
-4 374 a
bbl 13 00 a 15 00
bbl a .
15 00 a 15 50
4 bbl 8 00 a 9 50
16 00 a 16 00
lb 11 a 124
dozen 7 50 a 8 00
bbt 19 00 a
17 50 a IS 00
16 50 a 17 00
15 50 a 16 50
13 00 a 14 50
lb a .
11 a 12r
12 a 124
9 a
74 a
10 a II
19 a 21
. 8 a 124
.. . 11 a 12
15 a 16
bbl 1 50 a ;
100 lbs 4 25 a 4 50
f H.C
1 50 a 1 75
1 40 a 1 62
- 45 a
12 00 a 36 00
3 00 a 4 CO
124 a
Loaf, N O refinery
' Lump . "'. -' 'f '
Tobacco i - , " -
Firt quality
i Second quality -;
Grossed y,
;Bale. :
Cuba v ; .
Wool Mexican
- a'
. 5aG
10 a 104
7 a 7
104 a 174
10 a 154
74 a94
54 a74 r-
24 a 5
100 lbs 4 00 a 7 50
.lb . 24 a 30 -100
lbs 124 a - '
A couple of Irishmen in a neign-V ;
boring village Avere walking' out one eve
ning and happened to pass by: where a
man was teaching-school in ahouse which -,
had been occupied as a grocery, ana jusi
tinder the window was written in large
letters "powder and shot for sale .": 'Och' ,
says Billy, atidwhat does that mane' Pad. T
. "Och! man, ain't he taching the yoJing
idea how xo shoetl"
- W"

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