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PBINli-B A-D .'U.'I.WIi:P, I-a-hLY,
jy . V,'. FORHlTHE-,
TERMS. Four Dollars and Fifty cents in ad
nce. Five Dollars if paid .th.n nix months, or I ive
Dollar and Fifty cents at the expiration of the y.ar.
Hoiub'criplion will be diBcoiitinued until all arrear
ua are Paid, except at the opl.ju of the publwhcr.
Auvr.RTiBKwn.VT8 inserted at onk hollar per squaro,
'ton lines, or lew.) the fiwt inaertlon and m cents,
for each continuance. All advertisements must bo
marked with the number of insertion .required, or
' .i ni v.. onntinned until forbid, and-charirea ac-
.w p. vmpnt to b- made when the advertise-
jnont is loft for insertion, or on demand. .
' From the Vicksburg Whig.
At a meeting of the young men of the Whig
party of the city of Vicksburg and county of
Warren, noiu i mo vuun uuuu, uu
'tha 24th of August, in pursuance of acall sign
ed by J72. young Whigs of the city and county,
Pr.Tuos. M. Jackson was appointed Chairman,
and Mr. VVm. Biggs, Secretary. Aller stating
the objects of (ho meeting, Mr. Jno. F. Pierson
moved that a committee of three be appointed
to draft and report resolutions expressive of
tho sense of this meeting; whereupon the Chair
appointed Messrs. J. F. Pierson, E.G. Walker
and Robt. S. French, who retired, and in a few
minutes reported tho .following preamble and
solutions: .
Believing that it is the duty of every good
patriot, Whether old or young, to exert hi in
fluence to the most effectual way to secura and
perpetuuto the prosperity and happiness of his
country, and believing that the principles and
practices of the loco-loco party ara rapidly pro
gressing in tha destruction of. our institutions
and government, and believing that our influ
ence can be exerted more effectually by sepa
rate orcanization. thereforn,
liesolvcd, That we respectfully ask the co
operation of the young men of the Whig party
in every" county of the State, in erTecting puch
organization as will enable us to do all that can
bo done to arrest the progress ot corruption
and destruction which marks the course of the
present administration of the Federal Govern
ment, and the loco foeo party throughout the U.
fetates. v.-;.."
2d. That wo know of no other use for
government but to protect the rights and securr
the happiness and prosperity of its citizens;
and whort We look at the present condition of
- things in our State, we are forced to the con
clusion that the defeat of that party in the
State who have had tha ascendancy s'mce the
adoption of its constitution with but a recent
would rid us of a
Whi; candidates now
K-rhrntho neoole fbflwiU; I advance with olxidince to the work, rea
rtiffices and member of Congress, und we djrtti ftitlra from it wheiibVdi- you become Sen-
w ill UN all hor.tst means to secure their elec- siblo now tnucn ucuer cnoictia u iiinjour ,uw-
. - I . I. - i a m.1 vm . t nn innnila ftwtrnm
lions. er o ruuna. nu i"j .........v. vnvi-
mh. That we consider our fellow-citizen which rules the destinies of the universe, lead
and townsman,?. S. PRKNTtSSj'as a champi- our councils to what is best, and give them a
on worthy any rood and great cause at any favorable issue for your peace and prosperity.
I nin iv r i nofl u m n vuf 11 if in Mf 1111 iiiiiii, hiiii 1 1 1 1 a i ."m- i . rt. uu. u a "
l II J IV. V.. J1 t't ,VWH -'VJ ...... - -" - - I j f w
uro u uon tho universal ana spontaneous can .
Kt ik VVKiira thrniifftihnt th Slum nnnnl " From the Native American,
him tu run for United States Senator, and WC 7V iVwrAur TcrrenceO'lioHrke, BallypvMe, Jrt'd.
will Kutroort no man for the Legis- jjbw Okuuni, Louyanna.
- . i. . . . . m t . 1. C. i IT. J.I... , w
,5v. fnv tint ftflle. - Hourra! for ould Trelund. the breast-pin of Ocean
-i "M I There's not. uch a place. I've a bit or a not.on,
aaiion maue inrougu uiu h.msuuii jvora Kallymudroe to the lanes oriwiiamcy.
But Teddv. 'tie kere.
Bv mv aowl.there'a eoodrheef
Of whiskey and mate thnutrh the land, fatth, ia queer
If St. Pathrick ud banish the frog a lliesnakea
We'd live like the Samta, for therO plenty waitca.
a bull
And big four-legged enekea (rare a Iprochan in them
1 orthey'vo moutlm tuat ud awauow pig at pun;
And there lobster in noie.
Ftiith, they bile like hot cnala
i And oifr walking anuff boxee, like father O'Toole'a;
And Teddv-tia blarney. 1 think you're aftard
On my aowl! all the trei a have a thumping big beard!
A nit i lierp't cliern binm too gure they're all head ail 'wings
But the divii a harp, thoueh they ninir 'hoot, hoot.hoo;'
railU, iuvi yuu van . iium uhh m uniiui.1... -ji'-i
Sure, you'd think tvaa a uanmieo ana cry nuuoaooo.
- And sometimes mere a ocax . .
Wida bighead of hair
Like Misthur Mullooney's at Donnybrook fair
And there's birds (if I lie may I pet the Pope's curse)
Wid a bag at their chins liko a t hithe proctor's pUrse.
a convention of tho young men of The Whig
party of this State, to meet at Jackson on the
1st Monday of October next; and we recom
mend the anointment of eleven delegates to
iU , iiw Viclrariiiri. an 1 countv of
Warren, in said convention, nad that .ho dele- OchfthcreVifceautifnIbogs.thoiigh the turf ie'nt in
fill Jl nr,.;. ,h-h And there's green bastes ofcraturs that roar ike
L UK. 9 aa v "wi v - - -
may occur in their body.
Which preamble and resolutions were sepa
rately submitted to the meeting and unanimous
ly adopted. t '
, J. F. Pierson moved the appointment of a com
mittee of correspondence for the city and coun
ty toebnsistof sven members. Also, a com
mittee of vigilance for the city to consist of five
members lor each ward oi tnecuy, ana mat tne
chair appoint the members 'of said committees
and the delegates to the convention, wnivn wuis
carried unanimously. "
Mr. R. L. ;Voire moved o reconsideration of
iia 1 1. 1, roenturuin, which was not carried.
, . ... , .... ... .4L.151J.
Mr J F Pierson ofle red the lollowtni' reso- And. leddy, ma toucnai, tncre s iwigs in biu
IUMOU. -f - . lP.ith 'thovM. litra th tJiiltala O'DnHohua WielUt) '
; Resolved, That we recommend to the young Sufa then if .twM whikey we d like it tho more;
men of the Whig party oi mo county oi vvar
ren to call meetings in their several precincts
for the purpose oi more effectually organizing
themselves for tho approaching political con
and thus diiuinish.i not obliterate, a despica-
blo stain on ine torn character.
- Tlij flirt is a dornm sport to all menthe
very laughing-stock o(r80 on whom she im
agines sbo has made thtntcst impression.
1. .. .n-.tn .e m no t rt IV1 m 1 T. . 1 1 Ml.a. im 11.1.
k5IIO lailUUl I 13V 111 .livv-injv. B 11411, DlIC 13 U"
pitied, rlirtation, howevt considered se-
rinnalv nr liulltlv. is inilirioUi.T ) ftlld u n hfPOirl-
i ii ir in woman, it is broadlvlan utiblushiiiir
confession which tho individuaiVakos of her
desiro to attract tho notice of rnenXw hat wo
man of common pride, would say a loch in
words? vet no lunawico can be more v-iuivo-
.. ' - .. , ,
Cal. " -"'' ''..'' -'
I 1 V.. - ttrtL,rt Vila liiltWtt !
ii unretiiraiiii;u. uy uoiuui imo nunu,
W KITING lull Tilt: ltil- 3- (
tn ,imH fifrmr exehnritflisi we hiv . wiern .
the followinj recO'Ttmondatldin forthovwh(
write for the pres..
1. Every word, tho senso oi i.
fectlV obvious. sSiuulJ bo so i -
rv letter will show for itself. Tl.
particularly observod ill writlnj; prof r i
An observance of this rule will securu i
t . r
tn it cvt
A J 'J1V
Ami TpA murk what fullers'.
Thev nav lit? round dollars faeliolar
For the thriflingcft work if they don't we're no
And the wlntheinare summers, r. idout cowld or snow
Arrah, Teddy itle boy, wont you come over now
mere follows the names of the Delegates to Och! Ted by St Pathrick'sbig scratch of a wig,
' l . .. -fr . J I , Wa'cui. h.nlllirnl nlilrm tilth thatntlOS UV la
the Convention, uommiuoos oi uorrespunuoiivo.
Vigilance, &cl
TliOS. M. JACKSON, Chairman
William Djggs, Sec'y-
Almnt to enter, fellow citizens, on the exer
cise of duties which comprehend every thing
dfinr and valuable to you. il is proper you
should understand what t deem the essential
principles of our government, and consequently
those which ouuht to shape its administration.
I will compress them within the narrowest co-n-
and partial intermission
curse of no ordinary magnitude.
3d. That we consider the advocacy of on
exclusive metallic currency by the loco-foco
party as mere hypocritical cant, used for the
purposes of catching votes, and to the present
. rotten Ktate bank -.system anu to pruvui uic
1 establishment of a National bnnk, which would
I . -i .1 . f . L rtl .vii0r-tr
"curtail t no power oi tuoso eiij-mno v ";
und confusion, tho State banks. -;
4'li. That we consider tho present banking
system of the Uuitcd Slates as one of the cur
ses inflicted upon us by the finnnciuUtntert).
of the federal government aided by the agrarian
und nnnrchial nrincioles of loco-focoism.
5thi. That we consider the destruction; of
the United States, bank and the principal finan
cial measures of tho federal trovernment which
hrivi siiw ceded it as conclusive evidence that
the leading members of the party who produ
ced them, were grossly ignorant of the charac
ter ol our government, us interests unu
. wants, or guilty of political corruption, hypoc
risy and weakness unparalleled in the history
of the world. - .
; 6th. That wo regard the doctrine ad voca
' ted and. practised upon by, the loco-foco party
that the offices of this government are the legit
imate spoils of the successful party as a mon
flfrona doctrine, outrasu: ' every principle o
equality and freedom. That 4t has had, and
pvpt will have the inevituble tendency to divest
every officer of the government who holds his
appointment from fibo executive of that vory
independence of thought and action which it is
the ohicctof our 'government, to secure to it
f citizens; and that such officers .'knowing that
they hold their , places at the mere will of tho
executive, are compelled' to become its supple
und unscrupulous tools froan whom tho jwcplt
, an expect nothing less than the. frequent i' v
inr defalcations Which have robbed them mid
disgraced the nation for tho last few years
We eve beautiful cabins with thatchos uv fans,
An1 tha ihilflri lmtMir.fi irnt a alio UV a pie.
Like oursolft, for to sleep wid and ate iroin ins nanas
, We're snilg, fat, ani amy.
But Teddy astliore. If all that now can't p'.aBC-yc
Let your ininmry rdmimber this bit of a note
We're citizens here, wid a power of a vote.
When a eprig of ould Erin sets foot on this land, f look
Thoutrh list loose from the jail and thedV 'iitit
Och' Iht-.v make him a native and orive biM " ' and
If he 11 just put his lips on a bit uv a D
, ,. Och! Toddy asthore, -
Wou d ye wish a thing morel i
Mnvnurnnr-n. eome here to out" bead ')1 : Ore,
And Teddy, now whist! listen well whf ritin.
We'll make it our island, w Idout nor or hghtin ,
Well make it an island' a cushlama chree,
Of Erin, so Teddy now come over daily
Anrnss the bic fish mind, ma bouchal. and see
How we manage these things wid a sprig oi eniucia,
Come, Ted; by the pow'ra
It's a land full of flow'rs
And. Ted. bv the niucr of Moses, 'tis ours
By my sowl, they'd rrjtale', but we doh t tare a 'later
Hourra! lor our land and ould uan Auaior:
Tas Saturday niirht, whin owld 'atticr u tuianuy.
Widhisbit ol a cross that am mary ourtsaviuui,
interpretation, which even the weakest of ,
observers put upon flirtation, there are im
fold nrudential reasons, to restrain that silly Hi
petite for display and notoriety.' No girl ever
made a happy union oy nriauon; uecause no
mitn capable of making a woman permanently
happy was everattracteu oy tnatwnicn is ma
gustingto rational and refined minds. The
fool may be caught ana wun mo 1001, me
will bo what it ought to be between the flirt and
coxcomb. "
Flirtation in a woman is equal to libertin
ism in a man; it is 'the manifestation df the
same loose principles, only restrained by the
usncasof the world from developing itself in a
similar way. The bare idea of this ought to
nreserve thousands, who perhaps fall into the
error through mere exuberance of spirits, from
exposing themselves to a suspicion at which
i ieir natures wouia snriiiK. iuuui, m;uui,
genuine accomplishments, stand in no need of
the .'mistaken wenpons-oi niriaiton to acmuvc
their highest coniiuusts: if we resort to it we
may be assured that there is a consciousness oi
a want ol desert, or a variety wnicn musi pri
son all true eniovment.
- - j , . ,
Let the young, the lovely, and the gmeo,
therefore, adhere to that nature which has
made them what they arc, and leave tn nation
to those who fancy they cannot provoke atten
tion Without forcing themselves, cy ill-manners,
into the unfominine situation of bcin conspic
uous." The despairing maiden who has courted
mai riage for years without being once courted ;!
the sillv ordinary woman who has 'aped the
graces without success; and tha ridiculously af-
7jaA uKr. would hn neenmnlishcd. unSUSDCC-
thor ggainstthe vexation of hJ'"J 1 1 ' ''ll,
ir..nritr onnlnil and Wllllt tT 1 COP. '('lltll' 1 .
IIIVVIIVVIII V-v.. fc.., ,
II . . II.. I .1 j...... . !
man will do an cquauy iwin
...-.n il. ,,n,.0;iiii- n frrctit filial 01 tllllU
will aao uiu vuuni"iiii. (;,. . I
and trouble tho first of which is uki.7 to hmi ti
and or the second he lias plenty, wiukju. j . ,
it in decyphering hieroglyphics.. d' V
9 VVr In on V Otl OtlO SIUO Ol IUU lia : T
ritviilorl If found necessary.
k . . I. a a . z. . i V, ,x i f.Ari'Af'T fir
ha Cdvhing their productions is a iirea. (,
printer.;; If the writer cannoi ,w u .
g be done,' no tiaa ueuer icuvu n o.w
it ous,
line h. vi comDOsilor,
4. Abb ations ought to be avoided, as sorri
compositor v very apt to "follow copy," as it
is technically bedi This is more particularly
a nUsnrvtinm nf iheso rules will enable us
Jill a -
all contributors and priut'.-r to get along more
I 'l;
pass they will bear, stating tho general princi
ple, but not all its limitations. Equal and ex
act justice to all men, of whatever state or per
suasion, religious' or ,' political .--peace, com
merce, and honest friendship with ull nations,
enianling alliances with none: the support
of the state governments in all their ngius, as
thn most competent administrations iur uuruu-
njestic, concei ns,' and , the surest, bulwarks a
gainst anti-republican tendencies; tho pieser
vminn of the m?neral govtunment in its whole
constitutional vigour, as the sheet anchor of
uur peace at home, and salety abroua: a jeai
.1 I . I. -a av.w.r.l..
ous mre ol t ie riant oi eiucuouuy uo 'pu,
.- -- j , r I y iu ma ui a. i imo inai '. f
mil,! nnd siiff rfirrective of abuses which are i.irv in h,i win abotttenv brandy fhavior,
And they pok'd linn in, btacnguaras ior ouimur
And ineaelf too ocht bother
I m n mftv's brother "
Got 1m k'd in a box lor a fight with each other-
Sure, Teddy, this counthry'e a spalpeen, for raaiy
They've no taste in the world for a bit of shillela
Lnn gn Brag! Teddy . P. jMeid.
opped by tho sword of revolution where peace-
Bhln -.reined en are uoprovideu: ausoiute ac
quiescence io the decisions of tho majority, the
1. . . . . .11! J. . ...UiiV. a nnan.
vital principle oi repuuuc,ifuni wmui ui'
nnl tint tn fhrro. the vital principle and immo
ftinifi narent of despostism: a : well disciplined
m it a. our best reliance in pcauu, unu ivi.iut
fi-ar moments of war. till regulators may re-
i;.. theirif. the sunremaev of the civil over
m;ii.nr7 authority economy in the public TIR REFLECTIONS OF A BACHELOR.
expense, that labour may be lightly burdened : jn ft oaJ., uth j jove(J tha esteem of my
:i i.. a Ar ah. rii i' Ann Rnrre . . . .... - -. . . . i... ,3., .
mo nonesi paj incut v.-v iriends. i ne term incnastup was ui
nrinrvnhnri. ha UUDI1C Iftllll. wiuiumgv , n a lmnnm friend who IS now 10 PIS
ment of agriculture,' and 'of commerce as its ffra"ve souj was knit , wa9 Q sm 0f Da
handmaid: th diffusion of information, and ar- ;. to jonatha. I5ut r! I Hvc ' ivuiced
miirnment of all abuses at the bar of the public , .-, all
e ... ,. i-; r.aAJnm ..I tin I "! -i -
reason: freedom oi religion, irwui v. ...
press; and freedom of person, under the protec
lion of tho habeas corpus : and trial by juries
impartially selected. These principles form
tho bright constellation, which has gone before
us, and guided our siops vuruugu on
olution and reformation. The wisdom of our
saes, and blor.d of otir-heroes, -have been dc
v.,Vl to their attainment :lhey should l-o the
creed of our political faith, the text of civic in
struction, tho touchstone by which to try lh
.rvi-qnf those -we trust: and should wo wan-
7th. That tho t o.
of the p'"ieral goverin i
ulancv of every political
tl t t!oi of Gen. J.n'K.'oii, . .
( ,, '.3 SallMaCti I
n!hy, and we are .
..i.m as s tiled t
' 1 Ly tlio pc.de iu Z''il
let u
ntl em in moments of error or .' ul-rm
n to tctr v
I ii 1 olo'i'
our b'i'
1 ' h u
i u ... i
its con '
siil. r ii.
fihali I." i
tial to tU
0110, W'Ji
t r
A ti
t I
S the
vip' a National 1- k c
uui government an j u
ivuwue theeslablisluwiit i
um-. n J restrictions as O .
gross in us i' . i i i-Te'ry.
3th. ,Thal L. u.vu. tl.o ..ural j .hi.
which actuato mid go' rn th locoim i"""ty
t v .1
a id rt:iir
. 1 tlr;
tvi.ii h
t nd to rc.
1 i.H tti
: Iv t t I ii.i
slum v ith the
my former terms of c. ' ir it s ' J anJ
blank. Iu the school t f , r 'y, 1 I . "
traded an 'ndversio . t 'lexpr' i-.a.t l. o
not imply love. fvc.t tmws save una h-ive 1
been denied, mi ia f-vcry instance, have boon
consoled ''with the cold c0uso.at.on of respect
und pood wishes. ."1 qtieeni you Mr. Ii. very
highly, but 1 cannot say that I love." "YtJ 1
hopo Vuii will still call ana sue us, uuu . v u
iuy your friendship, although
can po-
5 ; I
,tl r yc
J ,u ' t-sr
Fcctedf who would be accomplished, unsuspec
ted ofendowments. except in her own idea.
These may try fli nation for effects they
enn hardlv suher from being a few degrees
more contemptiblo in the sight of men, who
have hitherto disregarded, anu now oni iaugn
at auddespi8o them. .
The true woman the woman of undorstan
diniTa of intelliffence and of intellect tho wo-
o - . . " .... j r.:J
man o real charms. Do lliey 01 oooy or 01 iuiu.i
thai wnmiin would bo worse than an idiot.
a.. a cliA tn ihrnwnivfl y nil the advantages ol
which feminine character fWninino sprightli
ness and intuitive perception, feminine grace
in tie won. and feminine delicacy in sdul, ren
der her the adored mistress for the sake of an
exhibition of herseK, which however sparkling
she may fancy it in the moment of folly, is a
lasting siigma upon her fame, atid a cloud up
on her prospects. ; '-. '-,'
History informs us that when Ilamilcar, the
father of Hannibal would impress upontne
heart of his boy. the future Cartha;enian Gen
eral, hatred to the Romans, he took him to the
altarof his gods, and there made hiinswearetcr-
nal hostility to Rome.- 1 he sagacity 01 me
waseounlto its denravitv. The christian fa
ther, when ho leads his son, the pride of tha
present, and the hope of his future yean, to ttie
altar of iho true God, teaches him to love man
kind, and for that reason, to hate that which is
fitted to entail -misery, instead of bestowing
happiness on the human race.- If wa can :
coed in creating so to speak a hereditary ci
tnUij in tho minds of our children to all intoxic 1
ting drinks, we shall confer it great blasting
them and on society. It is love for tlu'sa ex
hil-ratii ; ti'Mis, tl. t has already ;
tho udti'i-i ." o ir jo uh intou:i tis.timcly grnc
whil" tin; tl.'sol.M" I i -irts of bcieaved par
uJ friends h.ive b '"-.ily r -"urt
"You'll kill m with kindness,'' as the rat ?
said when they fed him with gingerbread and 1 .
arsenic- . . - , . , , . ,
"'rhaOs a rare feat," as the ax said wheil
it chopped tho man's foot open. .V; .
'Da you tmoke?" as the snuffer said to tin ,
candle.:.,,; . ;; .. . -;-'-'-"' i. " . i ; -
'-Don't rise for me," as the .customer s.-vui '
when his butcher. charged two ccnt3 i.iore a .
nnnnd for beef.
Come to my arms, loveP as tlio hunter said
when he shot tho wild turkey. . 1
' "I'm o-p-h," as the sky-rocket said ven they
touched fire to it
"It's of the first water,'1'' as the mu-mari :
said yen his customers asked him it i m.i.t
wasgood.' " ;:''.' ' ",'-" '"''' '"'.""' , '" - : 4
"I'm in for it," as the loafer said when hJ
tumbled into the brewer's vat.
: J
' 1
That's Touh usage," as the horse- r.tu'sli.
said to tho grater. . ,
Pm rising by df greet," as tnc qnn kiu-
versaid to tha thermometer ven it wa-i ,t'in;
hot. , ' ' ' .-: , ' ' ". ,"5
I cannot luve
"I like Mr. K. uut inai is as iur a 1
. M ..I kImiII ever esteem vou as a triena,
ind as such will always be glad 10 see
1. or hear from you, l-t let not this sJbjc".
iu 1 n,vam. navo a vciy 'ur
M,.. f'. and admire souv) traits of
iutr.' nt (1 -
The stzs op jl Pig. We overheard tlnfol-. ;
lowing very .lucid testimony given to a j unices
court not long sinco: ;'.",.'.'."
"How large a pig was it?" , .
"Why it was a smart litllo chump of a pig t -
any how." . - . , i ,,
i-Hno't von describe how bit U was? ,
"6, yes; it was a sizeable little sho.tt a yod (
often sea.1' . .:';.'. .''. ': ' . ','
"Well, how large was it? Can t you com--put1?
it to something?"
"It was aliout as big -is a dog,
and that's all I know about WMawnei Ls-,
Remedy for the bitb of a Rattlesnake. -A
respectable Writer in the "Monthly Genes
Farmer," Mr. Solon Robinson of Ia. give i v. !. 1 ,
he considers an infallible cure, if applieJi.it... - ,
diately, for the bite ot Rattlesnakes, Copper
heads, Mas-sa-sangers (mall Prairie rattlers,)
and Moccasins or any other venomous t:-..:...'s.
Jamestown' AdCucate. '
Recipe. "Ifa person is bitten let him s'1
!o,V half a wine glass full of sweet oil, and
noint the bite well, or soak a bunch of eolk
- lint in the oil, arid bind it on the spot, t'hi
,:i certainly Cure it in a tew hours."
cf bn ,htcsl hopes u.
Tho followinj patt
if I may o call it, v
fdh ith t'chool celtbi.il
Aloxandri.i, with upw ir '
Cuu,l Clutin-j. "My horn ara scrat-
p the garding like all wrath," said one i; -t--..,
to j.e: her", "what dti you s'poso ts g)J u
"Cut their too nails off.'
1 t' - n 1 . Tho experiment was tried, an 1 there was r j
mi. n"'o .scratching tho '-sass" until they lilcl
lplud;'t"l , when the hens went at it as bird as (
(,i rit offlhem plttuy hens toe't, ii , '.
1 it st ud 'cm from scratchin1 till t! v
lul II SUM'
it from tho
tu it, and a
.s ' i j to 11
paper, append
I. 1
throughout the 1; nited r,.tt 1 1 1
'Jn their tendency,
atiou ai
"ac!i o'r
its? me, i
f torc,!
''fprioi-ij .
; JOvh-
1 CO I tf
ah! n
'"out r
'''ino.u ,
tO tV-'.-l-As.
! r
ci .(Jl...uing
ii their opc-r-'"tions
, urjflvcs U
tiimncnco a
that party,
end never
t them or
1 r political
, .Tin
no l.
ii uliij ol t: !'
1 7 t C 1.1 1 1
' 1 i' 1! i
rcvo' 1 k 1
S-l'Vu s 1, s
his com
1 ask N 1
dcltil f ju '
n 1 cniim,n d a vi
.iik your indul r u c
will never lnJ i'1'1 ," "l
ji uiist the en " s f o."
vi h U ihey would '". if
1 The 1 "prol itni iii'p"'
I . i 11. olution to ti
) Ii,
; lu'iir,
t " il t).H to th
I 1 1 our lirot 1
, Wl'i
i,u 1 to t' 3 hi
. I deMi I '
vtltlliiU Ct l.tiui!
! co o'.' u
i tho lt; tl ml mill' :
' liolVn I'o rung ihtf 1
Lcn nc!.t,l Mi"" off
y 1! c-ii) who positions v .
1. i f iV i.'jlo gr m
!" 111,' oi 'V er"1' rT, v ' '
" It will
1 1 . ' .. 11
.Ij to m:.o you jitippy.
i,..,i K.i nften renoatcd to
: , "1 1-teem you," "I like you," "I l-'iv
. 1 for jou," have become p rh-diy
- I heurtiiy wish they v. ere . 'ricken
' '.cs! icon. .' 'Why u u tit t they
" I la . .. a I . Cl.
t,jr ana san w uik hovvn'y
i Ii you have in u:i
iinnt love
to hear of your pe hm uuJ
i h.i.ypincsfl, but i om not t.iu la-
' 1 .a 1-11 . I
i tius mm t 11 ivi
mo that the x.-r
t oil n 1-3 ctiu
Thislittlo L.. :
. ith 0 iv '
') l'.)W si
the 1
: .1 ot July
ty youth
iy p'trenl cut
ir ipe'. Into paper
1 ii'i t it.
, 'i 1.
I'a-.Jy i
1 o r
M 1
I mi-
If I
tl I,
1 II
el pk
hi I 1
ly r!iiy,youl.n'v
1' uioro I v-
1.'. ,1 i of r ,
,c (2 rot 1 1
1 1! t
1 .1
i 1
if 1
i 1
l iV i
f i
y II ' '
iy bi e;l a I
'I'M ' -ill Ii,
) I "laTHOt'
,1 ftl'e J'lil
1 ;
t. love
1 your i'i
ui Hivt
alfet tl 1., .
t of t
-it 1
.. a 1
- here w .
oouil d.vell
0 would fly;
, uld t'li't
il h-.lc
v i
. Wu
. it I
i (iu
, tai 1 1 J pi
. und look
1 (, 1 L tii '
-A F '
R''-ne i
f.ih. Tl,
t! 5 b
WCII Hglil.' - . , ...
"You didn't cut 'em short ccoj'
"Why, how .h rtd'i yu c it ,
"J,",l bihi:'l ' ' ' '
it c t end s u u"tb ; . '
1 ir
Too Bad. fcho"nnkaT
where they fehovel ii r
i 1 bj f.iit. latc'y wi
-, 1 1,0
'1 S
1 1 ly n
- int?i.
(l til .
rcl Li
if Frjttl
, 1.' J ft rt .
t' i'
. "O'a Pt.it
1 Ti
lUrr.3 pleasure
and tl"J public
'"11!' - r "1
err --7 -1
lP'-r t'
lo I u
! to
y i
1 . j pi.n ii v'l-d ' '
.dying then vn tho pairu.
I' u ht-i
y follies 0 ml
j c f r r ot d
X i'lO
, a V-
idle t;amo offlirlatiou, iu-1 c.h
4 b clings;
i.ila a p 1 h. ttice 5 3 repugnant to go
1 I y 1
1 u '
A:.d v.'. i
' J
J fjjt
1 1.',
. t U.veh J tl
,e Nortl ..rn .
low for Cdw.
November 13, 1TJ..3.
. f."
:.3 v .1 1
That wo tordm.

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