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He Loavoa the Throne of BrassC
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Lvivu's autumn Arbor Day
the planting of 24,100 tree.
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L -nil irranovine grows"'
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Lwnln Louisiana has rcsmu-u
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Lwdon autliontioa
will not al
Lima, Nov. 18. Via Galveston. Ad
yicos from Klo Janeiro, dated November
10, 9:55 p. in., are to tlio effect that the
Province of Itahia is opposed to the rev
olution. Viscount Ourol'roto.ex-Minister
of the Interior, and Soulier Mavunck, a
banker, have been arrested. Tho Em-
peror is looked on with suspicion.
Tho Provisional l.ovornment has
abolished tho Monarchy. Tho Revolu
tionary Commission addressed a message
to tho Emperor telling; him to leave the
country in twenty-four hours. The Em
peror acknowledges this, and leaves by
the packet Alagoas, accompanied by the
ironclad Kiaohuelo. Tlio iirazilian lic-
publio will give tho Emperor a certain
amount to live on in Europe. Tho Revolu
tionary Commission has been sworn ;n
before the Chamberof tho Municipality.
Tho Republic is a certainty, and great
enthusiasm prevails.
London, Nov. 18. A dispatch from
Rio Janeiro says: Doiu Pedro has do.
parted from Brazil. He sailed direct for
Lisbon, lieforo his departure ho was
formally notified of his deposition. At
the same time ho was informed that tho
civil Hat would ho continued. The
Province of Ilahia opposus tho Republic,
but most of tho other provinces have sig
niliedthoiradhoronco totho new regime.
Doctor Hnrboza, now Ministorof Finance,
announces that all contracts ent.W
into by the Imperial Government will
be maintained. The city is quiet. Tin.
overthrow of the Monarcy has temporar
ily paralyzed business.
London, Nov. 18. Tho British Min
ister to Brazil has confirmed tho rv
ported revolution. His dispatch to th
Foreign Ollico merely stated that Horn
Podro had been deposed and a Republic
Thn Itcvnlii'hoil.u do the Handnnma
TIiIuk thn Old Man.
Ni:v Yoiik, Nov. It). A correspondent
of tho Times in Rio do Janeiro cabled
that paper as follows: The United
States if ltrazil, constituting a federated
republic of the different provinces of thn
mipiro over which. Horn Pedro had ruled
so Ions, is an established government,
Tho new republic Is to-day acknowledg
ed by every province except Ilahia, in
tho North. Hem Pedro is on his way to
Portugal, having accepted the situation
with no attempt at forcible resistance.
A Hag of tho new republic has been
adopted and ltrazil is as peaceful to-day
as though no thought of revolution had
ever aroused tho feelings of her people.
Tho overthrow of the empire has been
accomplished without the sacrifice of a
single life, and the new provisional gov
ernment is proceeding with its work as
methodically and peacefully as though
it had been in existence for
years instead of hours. Horn Pedro
submitted to tho terms . imposed
on him by tho now government and
agreed to leave thn country within
twenty-four hours after ho received tho
notice at his summer palaco at Petrop
olis. lie was olfered 52,500,000 in cash
and provision for tho rest of his lifo in
tho form of an annual pension of S-loO,-000,
which is to ho provided for in tho
rivil list of the new republic. Ho
promptly accepted the offer. Pom Pedro
and his family go into perpetual exile,
their absence from the country being
regarded by the leaders of the republic
oh essential ' to the peace and
welfare of the new government. Tho
new flag of the United States of Brazil,
which lakes the place of the imperial
emblem, with its crown and coffee leaf,
is composed of green and gold stripes,
with a blue Held, on which are emblaz
oned nineteen stars. To-day it is hoist
ed everywhere. The Province of Kama
has now also signiiied its adherence to
the Republic. News from tho other
provinces shows that they are in favor
of a republican form of government.
Watches, Diamonds and OUior Val
uables Taken From Trains.
An Klpn-M Messenger Tama Stnli-'n Kvl
dviii ml Telln the Court hw
the ltnsrullty wan Car.
rie.l on.
Th Labor Connected with Tlioli
Collection Last Yoar.
IQHL RECEIPTS WERE $130,894,434.
hum to parade ins m. .........
:he streets of that city.
two tons of frogs' legs navo
Uwl from the nay msim-v.
York during mo pai
tost interesting exhibition in
bxtyear will be the Loan l'.x-
of Tapestry at tho Austrian
Lst family in Wetzel County,
.consists of eighteen persons
I author, eight sons anil eigov
. the fresh women entered this
N'cwiiliam College, lamliringo,
iliamkiiain, a niece of Josepb
i trii Church. Brooklyn, has con-
ipohaek into Congregational
in which it declared Its inde-
some years ago.
with the great undefeated El
anil the new wonder, Smiol,
. . .... i
::i seems to nave Iliiny earneii
-of ruler of the turf.
Imnsro, with a population or
M.0O0, has only Vitt churches,
-ating capacity of in,ouo and an
attendance of -J.i,000.
i ll.iTzrrun' is a blonde of mo-
lit, ofsdiiai-e and symmetrical
His hair parts in the center and
k in the (ierman way
-,M collection of postage stamps
-ountry is said to be owned by
jotikl. Mis father's collection
s is also a notable one.
".man professor has discover!
Gladstone is a direct descend-
ilnanl III. Lord Tennyson Is
plnni; to the samo family.
loon resolved to erect a monu-
:nU native place of Eisleben to
hory of l'lii drich Konig, the
trot the quick printing-press.
! tho chief industries of Sicily
aiinm" of sulpliur. There aro
sin the eountrv, and brimstone
' the most important exports.
Maiiv Ci.vmk.ii, recently wedded
ISwretary l'.ayard, is thirty-nino
111. Her distinguished husband
py-one years of age last month.
MM. linsKcRANs. Register' of
fnury, lias decided to introduco
of electricity in his ollico as a
power to run the punching ma-
lor caiii-cllmg tho redeemed
ft notes.
jonng Emperor of Germany, al-
me has done considerable travel-
Naving an immenso steam vacht
Mfonteniplat.es a cruise around
M hefore his crave for sight-see-
I IMS 43,000 acres, 4,000 only are
P'tI- It has no mM nr silver cur-
Mm. Pron Still leaving for I.llicrtj
ThrouKh Anarcliy, Mlilih Hlooil will
Make Kupremr.
CmcAOO, Nov. 18. Mrs. Lucy Par
sons entertained the members of the
Arbeiter Bund, who gathered at Turnei
Hall yesterday afternoon, with a very
lurid address. Sho abused the police in
terms that have become familiar from
frequent repetition, referred to the red
flag as tho only banner that would lead
to freedom, and ventured into tlio realm
of theology as she spoke of her dead
husband and child. "Do you suppose they
kissed each other In the beautifully de
scribed hereafter?" she said. "Hah!
Don't be deceived. So-called Christians
will toll you such things. What we want
aro homes in this world. Let God, Chris!
and all religious functionaries take care
of themselves. This is the teaching ol
Anarchy, and as such it will live. 1 he
principles of Anarchy will prevail, even
though it takes blood to make them supremo!"
Children Burned to Death.
AnciiiR, Mo., Nov. IS. Last night
Joseph Hodges and his wife, living
about two miles north of here, went tc
spend the evening with a neighbor a
quarter of a milo away, leaving then
two children, a boy and a girl, aged
nillit and six respectively, alone in the
house. During tho evening they hap
e,4 tn look out toward their home
and saw a blaze. They alarmed the
neighbors and ran to the house, bu'
reached there only in time to see the
roof fall In. Both children perished in
tho Are. It is supposed that tho little
onen wero asleep when tho fire broke
"I its own. depending upon 540,
in notes issued by the Spanish
h is not prosperous and its nonir
mines of heads ono ol an
in lady in pencil, the other of a
girl in wnlcr-onlorhnvn been
wtt'd by the princess Louise (of
the Royal Scottish water-col
"itlonatlllasgow..' . :
fW'ing a spruce' log at the Bru
I'll, Victoria, II. C, tho saw 1
"1 iron bullet, nnn nnil thre
'inches in diameter. ' It was shot
Mlverin used by the Spaniards
,r api, ami it wag fuliy eighteen
""in me surface.
Harvard hrtiW whtoh unarm
"los river, hntwnon ltnu
Is nearly comnleted and has
'r about .r00,000. It Is an iron
2,.'l7 feet lr..m ?(! fonf tt'ldn
"wt above hiKh water, with a
'""ret long, operated by an elec-
'- 1.400.011.1.1100 rwinnln on
lnd all these, as some one com
tould bo gathered in a Held ten
or in luo square miles of
' the eastern papers aro urging
'"ability of hnldinw Sahbath
H services at 0:30 in order that
men vnnv snnnd at least one
ln ...... . " i
-swock with their famllioa.
'wkss has been invented by
01 which photographs can bo
's almost IIS fast nn a nou'Siiannr.
''tliout dependence on iun or
' "hey orn nl.l m i, nr ,n Ami
f'rot tho school-houses of Dakota
"V'lll? m.l.l,! .i.i. v. i n
Potatoes. bnoMa .fTA rtA nrwvlf.
'Wis, and In case thirty or forty
" fe penned up by a bllziurd for
"three days this winter there will
"""gor of starvation. ' .
SSt. Cll.V-r ..... ,.ll..l
k. na ii. i nuiuiio "
r Of tiuMi,. , t.- u-j -
& f"...ivi uiun as oB' uiu own
r ' the United RtatA. Tin nnca
When h thnncrM. of dntth.
f? fead pictures conjured flp
ki nlmeir in bronne, monnleil
rotl0f those lorr atoed. of which
Walter Kills a Coolt.
Kansas Cn-y, Nov. IS.-Edward Gregg
-is ahot and killed last evening by
ii Prl.lnaon. Robinson was a
l.u... J
waiter nt the Centropons
iw,,..,,,,n nnirairod in a nuartei
David Davenport, a fellow waiter, and
chased him into tho kitchen with a re
volver. The fugitive, arriving m the
kitchen, ran behind Edward i.regg.
second cook. Just then Robinson dis
charged his revolver. The shot took ef
fect in Gregg s nreasr,, anu
wound from which ho soon died.
Woman Frozen to Death,
w. ,,,, mo.- Pa.. Nov. 18.
I. ii.nr..-,'.", , - " '
Thursday night Margaret, the wito oi
Patrick Cannon, of this city, wm..
spree, procured a bottlo of whisky and
wandered into the mountains hack of
tho town. This morning nor , y . -found
in tho woods. She had disrobed
thinking she was at nome, .......
a,i i. rtirKnns nuui: "
distance from where the body was found
had beard her moans, ma were -
to locate them.
OottimTnd Comln Alabama.
MontgomkkY,. Ala., Nov. W--
State Department of Agriculture l a
completed Its November report. The re
ton crop oa. - :.-. ,.
A St. Louis lloiii sM l iiri llily Si l.cd anil
Thrust Into a Hack, anil Driven
A va y.
St. Louis, Nov. 19. Tho sensational
abduction of a young heiress occurred
yesterday, the attempt being of themost
daring and flagrant character. Alice
Jackman, a sixteen-year-old miss, was
playing in front of the residence of W.
H. Brouthers, in whoso charge she tem
porarily was, when six men jumped from
a hack, seized her and forcibly carried
her awav in the very presence of Miss
ii,.,,il,..ru nml her niece, Miss
Alvrtle Hunt, a vonng lady of eighteen,
Tim runinns first seized Miss Hunt and
il rawed her along the pavement to their
rig, when one of them looked at her face
ii ml lid she was not tho one they want
ed. Miss Jackman was then pounced
ii nnn nml shoved bead forward into tho
carria"o, her abductors driving rapidly
nwnv. The erirl screamed and fought,
but to no purpose, nnd though a dozen
people witnessed the struggle, none
ventured to interfere. The girl's father
0i.,,. f K'.IUIOO. Tho child was then
placed in charge of her uncle, Mr. John
G. Taylor, of the Richardson-Taylor Drug
Com nan v. who was appointed nor gu.mc
I... i. .if... ..I, ii awav
an. -j nree iiioimin i.i. .
account of alleged criu'ltreau.ieiiv,
,1 a terrible gash in her nean.
was badly bruisea
s.u-ietv nlaced hi
of Mr. llroutners.
the society, who re
fused to deliver the child to her guard
ian when he demanded her. H is sup
posed that the abduction was made at
the instance of her guardian, but this is
strenuously denied by Mr. laylor. In
the court proceedings which followed
the abduction to-day Mr. Taylor s ated
to Jud.'o Woorner that ho knew nothing
.i w.vilmnts of the child,
VI Ui" " , ,
lato hour sho had not oeen .ov......
Mi mriAN. Miss.." Nov. 20. The trial
of Garrett, Lowry, Byrnes and llroach,
charged with the robbery of baggage on
the New Orleans and North-eastern rail
road, began here yesterday. The first
case put on was that of Garrett, baggage-master.
The trial opened with H.
P. llaird, express messenger -who turned
State's evidence on the stand. Mis
confession was made with coolness and
effrontery, and he detailed his partici
pation in the thieving as if ho exulted
in his shrewdness. It was as follows:
My name is 11. P. Baird. 1 live at Chat
tanooga. Have been employed the pat
six or seven months as express messen
ger on the Alabama Great Southern awl
Northern roads.- My duties took me
from I'loit.taiioocra to New Orleans. I
was at work for tho United States Ex
nress Comnany. The express messenger
and baifL'airo-mastor ran together in tho
same cur. Have lieen running over uei
N. O. & N. E. with Ashley Garrett, the
defendant, and Reynolds, Murray, Tul
lus and lately a man whom I do
not know. I have repeatedly seen
Garrett open trunks. We left
New Orleans on train No. 2, tlio
cannon-ball. I had a fair lot of express.
Garrett had a good run of baggage. This
side of Pearl river Garrett opened a
trunk in which wo found a jewelry box.
H was a lady's trunk, and was through
baggage, transferred from tho Southern
Pacific. On this occasion we went
through seven or eight trunks. Wo
took a tray out, and Garrett and myself
examined it. We found nothing in it
worth taking. In the bottom we lound a
plush jewelry case in which was found
a gold watch with diamond setting in
back, and a monogram "M. A. L."on in
side case. We also got a bracelet set
with diamonds and a bracelet set with
sapphires, und some other articles.
This occurred before we got to Ells
nin ,-,m,inir 1( Meridian. It was a
.'.irt 1 i mollis habit mutually under
stood between us. We found out,
how much through stuff there was. and
we examined it. If we found any tiling
wo wanted we took it. This was going
on during May, June and part or duly.
About that time people were going
North to summer resorts. Garrett
and 1 went through a good
. . , 1. ll'n
many trips lugru..-..
left off going in trunks in August. "
quit because we. wore scared. On cross-
nil iin Silird BillU lie inane- in
statement voluntarily, lie was arrest,-
d in New Orleans, but he did not Know
by whom. The trunk rolilieu was open
ed with a button-hook. Baird said:
"The way we usually divided was, every
fellow took what he got his hands on."
Be said he made the confession on ac
count of his wife and baby, and to get a
lighter sentence.
Tnafimnnv Given Dy mo
A '
nesses in the Cronin Case.
She showei
and her body
The Humane
in the care
mom nor oi
Uo to
Dom Pedro's Reply.
II,-..,,- I. -.-....,. Knv .mT.W---Dom
Pedro made the following reply to
the communication of the new Govern
ment informing him of bis deposition:
"In view of the address handed me on
the 17th Inst., at a o'clock, I resolve to
submit to the command of circumstances
-to leave with all my family for Europe
to-morrow, leaving this beloved country,
which 1 have tried to give firm testi
mony of my affectionate love anu ..,,
dedication during nearly ... m.. .......
as Chief of the State. I will always
have kindly remembrances of Urazil
and hopes for its prosperity u. r.....w
1K Al.f'ASTAllA.
Murderous Mormons
c . , i i i. i- Cn v. Nov. 20.
ism is still on trial here. Dr. Richards
wis the first witness for the Mormons
vesterdav. lie said he belonged to tho
i..i..i,iJn'.i .v.lerof the oriesthood. lie
Pan-American Congress.
Wasiunoton, Nov. 19-Tl.e Inter
national American Congress me a
. . , ....i.... Secretary lilainf
Lnce, the Iirazilian d,;H.gaUng.o
n.dnhln aDSonu-cn,
com." j. --- , , .i,,,l ,,,,
..! in the Business wis"'"".
,t of the condition of affairs in that
mtrv The entire session was dis
more diillcult
,. i.u ..-n.1 .inliirallv a
Zmt to' arrange than Is usually the
ease, owing
fact that two
Tho Conference
. . l..r thn almost
averago Doing rouuu -j. -total
failure of the crop In Rome of t o
cotton-producing ,
bama. The corn orop i -
the reports showing an averago of 10...
Tb Pope's Messenger Presleies.
Xnv. 18. Twenty
l.hn lavinff oi -
to the
, .t, ..'..I'll use 1.
iangui.K.: - . , . . ..xt
adjourned to mec .. - v..-.-Wednesday,
when tho organization is
likely to bo perfected.
Gray Eagle Killed.
rAiiKKKsm-K.., W- Va., Nov. VX-
few davs ago a largo gray eagle was
I e perched in a tree overlooking the
L4nrd of James Eih, at loniines
Mills, Garrison vuuinj, -
v o v-e-year-old son of Mr. Eih, succeed
ed . getting a shot at the bird with a.
i, ;.re!i gun5r.,e shot killed the eagle
..... r.it.n to be seven feet six
fnmi Up to tip of its wings Tliis
Is the largest gray eagle ever killed or
Been in thatpjfhJp'
Van Baker Pinally Settled.
C-.AU..F.STON, W. Va., Nov. m-Tho
S, nreme Court has affirmed tho decision
" 'To circuit courts of
...i.,.i.i,i that, his arm was
the endowment house to avenge tho
blood of the prophet Joseph Smith.
Witness made the startling admission
that he understood it to bo a doctrine of
i i, n,..i if a man anosiaciseu
should yield himself up voluntarily to
bokille'dtortbe atonement of that sin.
It was thought such a killing would bo
perfectly lawful.
t!itH states of Australia.
i,.v,iv. Nov. 20.-One of themost
i,,,orlent issues of the day is the pro
posal for the ledorauoii ...
lian colonies set forth in the dispatch
which Sir Henry Parkos. the premier of
South Wales, adiiresseu v.. v...-
of the other colonies in
Australia. It is really an .... ;
,.il consider the formation of
mi ludenendent combination
....loiiies. a sort of United
Portugal About Ready.
LoNlioN. Nov. SO. -The Portuguese
Republicans are fy
cess of the liepuoiii au - -
Brazil, and there are inn-. ...
taut thunder which are beginning to
confirm the belief already expressed
that something of tlio same mu ... ...,
be attempted in that country. 1 ortugal
is about ready for a revenue.,..
Over' 6,1100,000 Mora Than the Year
FfUon All l'ommodllle Sav
! Oleomargarine Khow ( o..ld-
cral.le Increase.
ioMMISSIONElt Mll.I.I-.Ii'S UKl'OI'.T.
Wasuinoton, Nov. 18. Commissioner
Miller reports that the aggregate re
ceipts of the Internal Revenue llureau I
for tie last fiscal year were JMoU,wn ,
or Sft,5iA,t)58 more than tho receipts for
the previous year. The total eostofeollee-
tionwas84,iO'),"'A a traction less man
8.2 per cent, of the amount collected.
The only object of taxation showing a
docrease during the first quarter of the
present year Is oleomargarine, which
dtojptt ,rora S148,B'J3 in 18tW to S124.7S0
in 188!). The commissioner regards tho
general condition of the service through
out tho country as very satisiactory.
Tho violations of internal revenue
laws reported by revenue agents were
1,253; 01)9 persons have been arrested on
their information; property -to the value
of 81117,404 has been reported by them
for seizure, and $!M,(iui) for assessments
for unpaid taxes and penalties. Tho
number of stills seized was VA, resulting
in the arrest of 2:.'.0 persons and the death
of ono and the wounding of two officers
of the service. Tho report recommends
that tho forco he increased from twenty
to thirty and that their allowances for
traveling expenses be increased. Tho
total expense of the service for the next
fiscal year is estimated at $4,:JiKi,M0.
Tho increase in the quantity of
tohocco and snuff and in the number of
cigars and cigarettes for tho hist fiscal
year over tnose taxeu uui-ing "
f.i,o fl-cnl vear was: Manufactured to-
baceo,""-ll,5:i",(i:SlS pounds; snulf, 020.IW1
pounds; cigars, 22,058.090; cigar
etka, 288,780,200. Tho export
account shows an Increase in
manufactured tobacco of 118,183
pounds, an increase in tho number of
ciraes exnorted of 200.700, and an in
crease in the number of cigarettes ex
novterl of n.1.00!) .Or.O. The number of
cigars imported was 00,087,407. Tho
value of tho manufactured tobacco im
oorted was 70,3,-.3. Tho total number
of special tax-payers is given as 830.l:tt,
of whom 500.013 aro dealers in manu
factured tobacco.
Tho whole number of grain distiller
ies registered during the year was 1.440,
of which number l,2i,i were operated,
an increase of 140 in tho number regis
tered and 238 in tho number opera
ted as compared with the previous year.
In the class of larger distilleries
there was an increase of 2 In the
number registered and of 08 in
the number operated. There were 3,120
f,.it ilistillei'ies registered and 3.072
operated, an increase of 442 in the num
ber registered and of 405 In tho number
operated The total number of grain.
and fruit distilleries registered
and operated during the year is 4,570 and
During the year there were produced
07,8X7,4311 gallons of spirits and 1.471. 054
gallons of rum distilled" molasses.
The increase in thn production of
Bourbon whisky is t4.W7.lT5 gallons;
. . , ,. o-,i n-u. .,! VMS (ITS'
ryo wiiisiiy, :..-."'"' k
high wines, 13,050; pure, neutral or
cologne spirits. 00:1.441; miscellaneous,
1,135.0.10;. total increase. i'.i..i,,o,-mmi. i in
quantity of alcohol annually used in the
arts and manufactures is estimated at
8,000.000 gallons.
The quantity of brandy of all kinds
withdrawn from distilleries during the
year to he deposited in special iioimeu
i,.. whs !H)1. 832 trillions. The
III. UVV..." ' .
quantity of distilled spirits m the
United States, except what may be in
customs bonded warehouses, on October
1, isst), was 102.0.-.u,0v; gallons. The
average monthly production of oleomar
garine during the fiscal year was 2,'.ii2,
002 pounds.
lnti ri HtlnK I act. llro..B).t Out IT
the I'riHHi'illlon lef-nMi Al
templli.e ' l'rovei an
h-u-li ami
in the rofk nj oniur, ami nn -
I...- -,, mil. :irl. 1 went to lil a.iut lutlf
an hour after U Sullivan."
h.. wu then 5lll"'i,',-l to
al er wine ..." vw.,...'.
a loni;
I ho
CnirAOO, Nov. W.-At the open.n of the
Cr.mli. trial this morning. JuJfie McConnell an
nounced his decision oa the question of rn
into tho past history of the Clan na-Gael. Ho
dccWeU ana'nsi it. A rccc.s was then taken
until aflenioon.
At the openlns of the. trial in t lie afternoon.
State's Attorney I.i,liJcnecuer sam
of the court's riilli.fr, tho Stn'o would only pot
one room witness .mine sUirul-a man named
Clancy, from New York, who, he s.ai.1, was not
now til the cily . ,
11 was suwcste.1. In view of tills announce
ment, that the. rnort adjniir.i until Monday, in
order to Rive the defense lime to prepare its
case; hut it was linally rt.cl.led to adjourn until
c.,.,..i ,v ,nrnlnir. whllU was aairuuuj -
In the course ol l.U slatenienl to tho cour
the State'. Allorncx said that all he "ted
to prove ly Clancy was a conversation which
he had had wiih O'Sulllvan. Clancy is a Now
I McNamara, a man arrested on suspicion of
li'-ns: ' J. I). S.inonils," was released this even-
Inn, noihing Ociii,,' round to vvarruni m ..v..-
'The monotony of the Cronin trial for the pity
was pleasantly diverted this evcnmir. the
jurors bcina taken to the Orand Opera house
to see Sol Smith HusseJl.
The liilerO-ean says: " Another important
Cronin suspect has come tolhrht in the person
of a former resident of l,akenew-aa Irishman
,.,i M,.lir,tilil. He is now sa.u io . "
r,me. und Hie police are niakini.' strenuous
forts' to locate him. lleforc
n,.ii,,l,l was eniptoycil
.,. ,,i,h,.....,-l.-s ileparluio.it in
l.a'keview. Alter me disappearance of Dr.
Cronin McDonald suddenly appeared to be in
affluent circui.isiances, and talked to his neijth
iiors about a trip to Europe nnd cxh, lied
sican.sliip liekets. May 19 .he family Us ap
..,red The neishbors assert that prior to May
i McDonald was frequently vMtc'l by susp.cl-
OUTh(SIaU'-s!,Miorncy refused to talk about
Cml-Mio', Nov. 1ft -There was a (treat crowd
et the onciiliiirol the court for .he resumption
of the (-ronlil trial tin mornm;; " --
".''im.,.?'ii.i ..i.ns called was James Clancy
rorresponrtent of iho New York Herald, who
tcstiliedoll heliairol Hie pro-,. . --
that he was sent le-ro by Hie Herald In M..J
to investisate the Omnia ease. He called at
0-Siillivan's house on the morning of the .1 ..
that Cronin-s body was discovered, but before
.i,n.i.n..Krt- w-.is made known.
He then went on to repeat the conversation
that took place between lion anno num......
rcL-ardlni! the disappearance of Cronin, ilurinlt
winch the latter declared his belief that Cr-.nl..
was not murdered, und would turn up all nulit.
Clancy called on O'Sulllvan again in the
evcnici'' of the same dav. after the body l ad
been Found. He Informed O Sullivan that
,, ,.,..i,. I,.,,! lu-i'ii found, whereupon Iho
latter turned pale. Witness then Mated that
tho body was lying at the po.ice station, and
asked O Sullivan to iicriimpan) nun nnu num.
''7' Sullivan shook, ar-il sU into a chair, and
sa "d -No; I could not go. 1 could not iden ify
him. II would ho ns. l '-s for mo to go. II
him on the street I rotM know h""i. I,ut 1
could not identify his body."
In the cross-examination H was b omrh out
that Ihc witness was in prison in Kniland or
Iicnl;m ('(111-
ten years, lor couiicc.iui. ...... -
spin.cv, thonsh be was directly tried and s i
teneed for sh.iotinf! nt the two policemen who
u,T.Ht.71.1,l"'.,...1 r Mr. nancy's cxmnina-
. .....u ,..t,,.,i n.ul the defense moved,
on behalf of ll.llkc, entlghlin, O Sullivan and
o ..vi,leiic- rcsncciin i..'-o
l-i'.e i-'ourlo'verruieh
A number of other witnesses were examined
whose testimony tended to prove an a l.U
for O'Sulllvan. The fact wan brought out
however, that the lawyers for "ie def-nse a
lot of their witnesses together at O Sullivan 6
house last Sunday and went over ineir .esu
monj the pre.m of tho mmr eom-
I"Mr, Conklln this afternlKin saw th witness
Mulcahy.hul failed to Identify him as the man
who drove the white horse.
to select as a
latest arrival out
K.U.7.C Ihat a1
slricken from the record.
the motion. ... ,., ,,,, t.M!
Mr e'oires ben inovco u,.i,
... ,i,.r. lo Camn so be excluded, but all
his motions were promptly overruled
o.vt the ib fens i moved lo
lis, and then,
of Mrs. C mill. I'.
..n il,e wilnesses. asKt.i
. motions were overruled.
The first witness
t.-... I...;....- 1 Snulbb.
f .'.. ,i. testimony before the Coroner.
t.i.tiiicdasto certain illfterences bcivv.
Apiirnprlata Pre.e.iH f-r the Latest Ar
rivals from i-aran.se
U'i.n il, n wise man wrote that there
v.-s nothlnir new under the sun lie for-
..... ..,, t.i.bins. Babies are always
new. True, they have been in stock
more or less for the last two thousand
years, but that does not prevent each in
:ii,.i,i,.i imliv that has coino into tho
world in this year of our f.ord from lie-
In" just as new to Its admiring parent
and relatives ns was tho little Cain to
Mother Eve and her consort Adam.
Hence has arisen the custom of bring
ing gifts to the altar-gifts of gold ana
frankincense and niyrrh-of purple and
fine linen. True, the frankincense and
fine linen take on a somewhat modern
r i,t lost, what form they should
i.i.i... j - .
take is what puzzles many an unsophis
ticated worshiper, who would, no doubt,
be trulv rrrateful for a timely hint as lo
iust what is most suitabl.
love offering to tho
from paradise.
First and foremost mere is uo- ..:.,.. ...
. , . .. it..!., n t ..il.li.it ..'i.'l.'iM'ienrlf
an elaborate auiur oi rhu- -
upon a stand just conveniently lugu in
daily use. This is lined with silk or
satin, pure wliilo or paie.st, pma
-pink for boys and blue for gins, tue
gossips say; but that's a matter of taste.
The od"e is trimmed with lace, and
bows of ribbon are tied wherever there
is space, and the whole scented with
the daintiest, sachets. This basket can
be stocked, if you wish lobe munificent,
...lib silver nowder-hox and tiny silver-
backed brush and velvet sponges, and
the finest soaps and gold saietj p...
But every body can not give baskets,
since one is an abundance, so, for the
aunt who knits there are tiny silk shirts
and socks just too dainty for anything
.i.m.. in vmlost tints or cream or
pearl white. Then there lire .sacks
crocheted in silk or made of finest, cash
mere and sprigged with silk embroidery.
And tho matinees-for baby has his
matinees, as well as mamma-dainty,
long, loose robes, tube thrown on in the
,.J.,in- made of India silk of fineeash-
,,11,11111.1 and nil herring-honed
HI. -1 1, , ii
with silk iloss and tied witl. narrow no
tions. A pretty gut is a sw.uc,-.,,,.. .
pillow, just big enough for baby s liea.i.
made of whit" silk and hand-painted
Willi some delicate flower in one comer
,i suitable insi-i-nition, suoli as .n-
irels lluard Uis Slumber.'' 1
This pillow must, of course, l,e etigeu
with lace. Then there is the earna-re
robe, in numberless designs, but the
simplest is apt to be the pretties!. A
square of white flannel, edged with lace,
a handsome bow of ribbon ill one corner.
..ml a snrny pf embroidered or painted
flowers is as pri-i... .- -
;,.l,-v is limited, but there are always
traditional ui inning
(JOlll SUlOS
-tiovcrnor leaver, of Pennsylvania,
U a lover of base-ball. Whenever he
has an opportunity he attends a profes
ional game.
-Mrs. Groundwater, the new po
Itidge of Cottonwood Falls, ham, began
lr... .tn,loi.tratlon bv fining a plain
drunk five dollars and costs. Tho
sanio day she set a hen, mauo tw
ham apt.ns.nd returned five calK
"Aunt llannan, 'J.."'r
livinif at Springfield, Mo., is reputed to
b, one hundred and twenty years old.
Sho has living great-grandchildren who
have attained middle age. bhe uses
both whisky and tobacco to excess.
-The author of the well-known uy.m.,
i.tw Ts a IlannV Land,
o Artrti-Mv-Ynunrr.
In vigorous health at the age of eighty.
7 Lo.e the hymn In 1838, and it
Ear, Far
still livinn
has been translated into nineteen lan
guages. , .
-The oldest Morse telegrapher in
tho world is J. D. Heed, the statistician
of the Western Union v,ompa..j.
York Mr. Reed is seventy-one years of
age, a Scotchman by birth, and is as
vigorous and oheerful as a man of
John I. Blair, of Blalrstown, N.
is reputed to be worth SSO.000.000 yet
such is his strong sense of merely hold
int, his wealth in trust for the benefit ol
his fellow men that he spends upon hrm
self less, almost, than is paid to his
humblest workman.
A vocabulary of physical terms,
styled "Butsiirigaku Jutsugo Jlsho, has
been issued In Japan. It gives tho
authoritative Japanese equivalents of
an important jronp of Western scien
tific terms. In an tnicy-"' ""C .,:
gentlemen have been engaged in its
preparation for the past six years.
A Brooklyn woman named Mollle
Fancher, who has been an invalid nearly
all her life, Is vice-president of a manu
facturing company which makes and
deals in goods designed for tho comfort
of sick people. She has not been out of
her room for twenty-three years, and al
meetings of the company an--
darkened room. .
-King Kalakaua, of tho Sandwich
Islands, has become a prey to the c gar
ette habit. He awakens in the night to
puff his paper-covered weed, he smokes
between courses at meals, and Is, In
,....4. .!,.; 1,1s waking hours always
surrounded by a cloud of 111-smell.ng
smoke. The influence of his example
has affected Queen Kapiolanl, and she
rolls a cigarette with tho skill of a
Spanish senorita.
-Horace (ireeley once wrote a note to
. v..,u, oditor in New York, whose
writing was equally illegible with his
own The recipient of the note not be
in able to read it sent It back by the
same messenger to Mr tlreeley for
i....j..ls ynwintr it to be an an-
to his own note, Mr. (ireeley looked
take it
l fiitm w -
u i,t. u-:w 1 kowise unuuiw w
IT, ilim nam " -" 1 Ol' t'VpH
What (toes iovi un-an. - -
... i ... i.ii..."u niLir. ivn u. uo
sir," said tue boy; iuj. -says."
lude ceil., n
. ... L... o, i s lestltnony. nnu --
rsitiion u. -u" " - ,
r,.o,l,-nre lielvvecn him and He:
liikiie' mi the tcsliinony
V Ulll.OII l.nn - ,nc,i,n,,v III-
...... , lllllS ( I lit 1" '
ror no- -the
stene-rrapher who
ported espei
the Coroner
n Ihc
- Mormon-
anoited in
rn'Trj: , , , old man C Con and
Frank Seanlan as eomparcl
,leMceiluriii;lhe trial proper.
with their evil-curt
then ad-
l'ostinaster-fleneral and ex-
Stevenson has returned
of the
States in
new inuu.. "- i - , ., .
Church at l-;ign'.-, ...
" .. xia worn
Morris streets. The r"
conducted by Archhisnop -
papal delegate to the America
Congress. .
K.U-0H4 Desperado Dead.
Ala., nov. '
P" HH'C? .rrow8. The
presumca to ue " ' A Scott.
Bbooting was no ,bV V' , ' d.
When the outlaw fell, mortauy
r" ...... ovni, think 1 am Keub Bur-
wnitim mistaken. My name
ta Smith." The dead desperado wore a
shirt of mail;
intoxicated Man Drowned n
Knoxvii.i.k, Tenn., I-ov. "
Woods, a farmer whose homo Is sou riu
miles from this place, f el In . creeK
Est night while intoxicated and ..s
drowned. . .-
r,i.,r for Dressed Beef.
r - ;....n.mt. Kas.. November 18.-
l UW cltylimlU before
the hoot within the J' utu.
the animal U Biaugnw",
n nmwnea.
rtf Vnn
i is..tino 1 n I.IIM ttt-'vi
?lc . . Baker was sentenced
to tho penitentiary forjiro
.... .i..nii nn . Train.
. ."nr T 19.-l!ev. Frank
-"ivr.r.'Arnif.j.. died on the
ii0.aK' ?' " "bMween this place and
Ilo ' was accompanied by his
S , returning from Colorado wh.
oovernor Moore Inaugurated.
. .. w..h.. Nov. 19.-Governor
inaugurated yester ay
ceremonies. ".,. ,,,,. nml
the town was gay ." "'"; '; . ,
thousands of visitors wer. brought in
from all parts oi vuo
i. Italian Vendetta.
., Nov. 19.-TheblocKllcss bodies
KOMKiov. j their threo
of a mannna "7 " no.r
80n9 wen, .u th0"members of a
rPflv re JdlnK In the vicinity have
family i!nJ '".,.- o( beinir con-
been arrestea o. - ; bad
ccmett in too --...
existed betwoefojamilles.
. . nnar at Last
. revolution wa. pend 3.
days before mo repuu... r
Ban not to be Raised.
.! Nov. 20,-Monsignor Sa-
'.i... "fanal deleirate, arrived here
v'esterday and confirms the statement
'I........' a r..),1,ishon Fabre that Rome
" id not raise the ban against the
Freemasons, and other secret societies.
Wasblngton s Senator.
BtiUTl.AN... Ore., Nov. -''J1'" "'
Allen received a majority in both houses
. .... vui.l.,,rton .eirisiaiure
Ill ItIO l.r,u..-h r' , ...ill
dav for United States enator, ...... . ...
no doubt be electeii in u.e j...... e -
to-duv. .
.--,..1. wont, rinr Watches.
(I. 1 no mu..
admits that
-,i,ada Nerds Our Itiinkini; System.
O-n vwA. Ont., Nov. is. -There will
be an early session of Parliament next
year, probably about the middle of
January. Parliament will be asked to
pass a new banking law. the charters of
the Canadian banks expiring in January,
1HD1. Business men, with few excep
tions, favor the adoption oi tue .mo.-..-..
Vi.iional hanking system on the
ground of its simplicity and the ad
ditional security it affords stockholders
and depositors.
The South Nearly solid for OIiIcuro.
u ...vkti.n. 111.. Nov- is. - Ex-First
from a tour of eight weeks in the States
of Alabama, Georgia, the laroiinas,
Kentucky and Virginia, whither he
went in the interest of Chicago s candi
dacy for the location of the Worlds
Fair lie found the South nearly unani
mous for that city.
ArcbldsboirSaMU l-ajs toruer-Slont.
p1,.l.M.i:l..'HIV, Nov. .IS. -.-Twenty
thousand people wero present Sunday at
tho laying of the corn i-s,. ...
new St,Thomas Aquinas Roman I atholic
Church at Eighteenth and Morris streets.
...a -..re conducted OV
Tue cere. i. uiii. -
Archbishop Satolll, tne i npai ...
the American Catholic congress.
.rle,i ( at holies nml th Vatican.
Bomk, Nov. lS.-Mgr. Satolll reports
to the Vatican that Catholics in America
are opposed to Government represent,.
. l ... ....tl,.,.., nreferring to treat
t ton al. vi. -. r-
Nov.' is -m ihecrotnn tria, today
Vet r Km-li. with whom Kunzo boarded u IK
e- ,lv , nr . Mav, ..tulcl that Km"- t'"l ."
n t ' l le'arontld his house, and tin., .no
,. "rot a llllte dry foods shop,
have him arresled. l-'er lies r-asou Km,' HI.
h,s house and changed his name
r.f, s w o'hlin. Kini.e and O Sullivan a.
his place tho night nl May-
.Icrnniuli corroborated
T lie tesUnionv was for the purpose of shnvv
,i ,a I was 0-s.dl.van and the two Hy amis
who re in the saloon on the night of May ...
mstcof O SilUivan. Cousin and Kunreon
the night ol .nay i.
l-'.v lieicciive jucii-.ici i
,.;, ,,r two for the linger
1 ' . . .i.i .,1-
linked by tiny chains, a iir.-M.i, ,
beads to ward oil disease ami . v "
There aro boxes ol iiiusi,
most, delicately scented, im-
ially for baby, and per-
i .... i w i e ii l;i ii"
tuilieo spi ..! ., ,
latest touch to the infant toih-t and
make him. if possible, sweeter than Ins
w sweet self. These are only a few
()f t)t. dainty and expensive tiling
which everv properly appreciated baby
gathers unto itself ere it has seen Us
lirst moon upon earth, for it has grown
to be an un.lersto.Kl thing that no em
I shall come empty-banded u. pay Ins r-
to the "royal tiio-si ... ...-re.'
-It is never tocTbl VbrShaexcpt
rtov.Ysn?w-'u:K-;i . ' ,
ildish miss resents a
but when ai ia
. ... J : Tr..nf-
years have passed its ui ..".
franklin l.ra.)
vou tinnn-
The ch
runs the other way.
they say.
......... iv:fe"What are
1 oev ""s -.., i,,,
Algernon.- -
head for this
yy. "Let the
le.-N. V. World.
the testimony
family ciivb
Woinlerlul Things That Mav be
Willi Ol'1 Hags.
There is a church actually existing
,. i:,.,ren vvhich can con.ain on i
thousand persons. It. is circular within,
M1 U.-.vv: .til I -,1,1(1
nl.t:irlii;l W1UHHU. 1 m n i"-
tho statues within
, who was l;m
roi cl irs p .Hi.or when ihcy were both on e
,,o ce force, tcstilled that he arrived at lb
1 -,' (' oca 'o Avenue l'olice Slal.ou at alo,.t
! V : iiielittliatDr. Cr'"
, nrdered. Oo,.,h!i was ...ere, and he saw
''rt'ir-o., that the witness
nml O'Siillivali are lirsi cousins ...
Irother, Tom Whalca. and his wife, keep bouse
''TSs'rlean. John Stl.t. of .he Kas. hlca
Bo ",ue IMIiee S.aiion, .es.illed tha he met
Officer Whatcn and Oou-hlin outs do tl
door of .Ho station at twenty-live minutes to 10
on Ihe night of May 4. .
The cross exauiinaiion brought out that still
w , rtUIli'li Whalen many year ,
nn a l e, (Slif.l had not mentioned 1ns meet-
Tng h Co. Ull" " W"" ' "nV T ,' o
"1, , r .ntaiu Sehaack. to whom he reported It
" . , i. .... I-.,., mhlin'a arrest.
Borne na .- e,,., ev'dcnee
All imiiortant point regi.rd.ng St If I s e ,. cme
was his siale.ne.it that the morning after su mi,
Cou ' i, and Whalen together was Hie morn.ng
n widen he bad read an order from I... r W. o
police ri'gardlrg inquiry s Uc
Girding Hie nivsterlous "white hor-c u t ie
paining i m .,,,, nroseciiilon to-
case, inn, .v.. -in.i The
i yet r.
set up a I
torv at
i. i.-ii Wii.eh Conmany
; ,,l...iv. uvndlente has asked for an
an i.,ij,.i "j , , v.,
., .. i, er,..,niinv s business. .M)
option on i..- ."i .' -
. .. . iiil,.nH have, however,
have, however, ec-
wonhl not sell
actual negotiations
j 'I'l.n eoiimallV
currvu. : ....i...),lo
for less than 8l2,0.)0,uou, ami .n j
not for that amount.
Bite for the Onlf Mavy-Yard.
iv.u,,,vTx. Nov. 30. The Comniis
annointed by Secretary Mliltm'.v
, - ..l... r.. n low.
Inst. January to select u mo '
yard on the gulf made its report ye
n-v, (-..mmluslnn renorts in 1
AiUr. onnosiw the lower end of
New Orleans.
., ,
nr vaturi Mav be Baf
i v. ao. The Hanover Cour
ier publishes a letter dated Aden, No-
L...1 m the effect that members of
be Wagalia tribe .er that Dr Peters
reached Kenla In safety after tho skir-
mlsh on the Tana river.
directly with the Holy See, but he be
lieves that the dillleulty is surmount
able. Fans Trottli.lt In California.
Nai'a,CbI., :iy. ""," ",, X;
to break the stallion recivva o.
unlay afternoon, imi uiu
His time was 2:12'i. nun . -
exhibition mile in 2:15. 'V
rred his record, trotting a mile In -.1..
Mine miUdlng Hurel.
At'BORA, S. D., Nov. -.It
side of Main street was "" ' ' ;'
Sunday morning, nine i.ir. "
buildings being destroyed.
unknown, but the Insurance was over
S7.000, -
iimna to a calculation made at
.i tt-li.J Ul..eni IniT'ltioli at Vans it
Is estimated that 50,000 AmMlcans he
visited the , exhibition. i ;.
reckoning the expenses at i ans .
of these Visitors at 5,000 francs, oatou
lates that the total sum thej -must have
spent there can not be less than .550,000,
000 francs, ' ' -r.
AfULL-l-ESOTii oil portrait of Wash
lngton, which was purchased for 10 at
. B . i. v. linmnm Hotel ef-
tne recent saie vl w." , .
-l'ollceman Ke.linond Mr-
ti witness enlleu in ue
His testimony was ns to
bed at the same
In the same urn.
men nnu
nigm, .,.., u.,i sun
enters order, it Is nsseri.-u, ....
div rnnruln-. nnd SUft, it is artucd. must li.iic
rZhHn.ot the night of My. hut
the nieht following.
cuiesiiO, Nov. 1.
Donald was the llrst
Cronin inn. . -
elK ". sert.ivot ihc murder O Sul
' r a the .go tocher;
.. ' ...... toie.her. llo.h read
tut v r..,-.--
ltictlio evening, going i
i.., ,iu,i sleenin:
1 ' ... ... . ..r iTSnlllvan s
l' "'r " ' . ' ,.. .l,reenuiclo 'he
rcair.n-onie'-room to get a cobbe,,, and
i... iVKulllvan The witness further ten
;! 'ie na he hd heard the rcnversa.lon b
Inn old man Carlson end O Sullivan . about
ii.e len-mts of the Carlson cottage. .
man e i HI ed hattrsulllvan .aid he knew them
and that thev were all right. This witness le
Sd that O'Sulllvan said he knew none o.
llvnn was tho next witness. 11'
n hi. wife kept a boarding house at win 1
iiia tiin noar t;u. i"
" f n Irish society. He
e lined that on Sunday. May
bad su . vetl,er. He remained at home
1 UfBulllJan and the two men wen o.
' .. there when O Sullivan returned si out
nia w .. th"e n,e,bcred the nigin
na i an "u " r , ' , . , n. c o 1 1 v u n sat next to him al
oetore. ... . '"" - ,, ,. ,, nd slsler
menwero ...ting in nu - - -
hn ivnmpn went ouvi
, .l,.bwl to " " . he.l
irlT pro- uMyW.. 0,,en"
Do woriu i,vvv, v r- -- .- . . . ihnu' asked tne awyur.
nounoed It an original by Gilbert C. j ,!hJ''i;ilal'eKg lrl toltootd (wr them. She was
the roof, th I
- . . . -, .1 ., i
ceilings the Corinthian capn......
nanier-maeiie, reu.iei.-u i...,..r--.
I 1 . , i l;...., ,,-..i, i
a saturation oi viuoi. ...o-
aiidwhiU' of egg. wo nave .
ached this audacity inouru-o of
. but it should hardly surprise us.
asmncli lis we employ tue sane-
rial in private boiises.in steaniboai-. anu
in some public inn bungs. ...si.
carved decorations and plaster cornices.
When Frederick the limit of Prussia
limited papier-mache iiianui.i. -
Berlin lTii.'.. he nine
ihat naper caitiein.ii
within a century, spring
out of his snuff-boxes by tne sngm-o,-hand
of advancing art. At present we
who haunt cathedrals and build churches
like stone better. But there is un say
ing what we mav come to. It is not long
since it would have seemed as impossi
ble to cover eighteen acres of ground
with glass as to erect a pag.ma oi s...ir
bubbles, vet the thing is done. Winn
we think' of a psalm sung by one lliou
m,nd voices pealing through an edifice
made of old rags, and the universal e
mont bound down to carry our mossntres
with the speed of light, it would be
m-esuinptuous to say what can and what
.. l.n achieved bv science and art
under the training of steady old
N. Y. Ledger.
i l..,,i-
"I am trying to jyot
...! ,if mini' " V
mtie poi-oiv , ,
editor put a head on u
its feet."-Boston Courier.
0'Riordau-"lloware yen, Boloney.
M-iloiiey-"Doii't be after callin mo
ISI Doyeztakemeforalhiob
sausulgeV" O'Uiordan -Bike.
It's tliedivil s own cold have.
Terre Haute Express.
S-ldle-"I think bitliar.ts musv o.- .
ver.; nice game, Bobert.'' Robert -"W
hv. what do you know of it.' sad e
(demurely)-"! hear there are kisses n
Then they had some mm...... t-j
billiards. W oolt s .uo..u.,j.
"Over in that
IYeiHUCvv v....-.-
small house lives the most remarkable
man in Kentucky.' Tourist - Y oi
don"tsayso. Who in the dickens is he
detsolomnly.-'-He'sthe only man
in the whole State that isn t called
Colonel.'-Phlladelphia Inquirer.
-"Talk about cheap postal rates. 1 ve
hundred and twenty-me p m--
remarked -m.
seen one
. t l.....e.it fttumtl,
go tor a v.w . .. - r- . ,
Keeplent. "wwns""""" ...r-hi.
K., laying dow n her paper Th '
dear, wue. t
store tor a stamp.
A Buffalo carpenter commit ted sui
cide lately and left a letter alleging us
his reason for the act that, having been
eng:i"ed in the carpenter trade formally
vcarS, he had decided upon doing some
,i.i,T 1,1-her and better. The liihlc. be
.,ii....ii savs mat in in.i i ,i 1 1"
v...... ., ..iiiiiv mansions, ami some
limiv ..... - . .
them must need repairing. .-o n.u no.
been a good carpenter on i."'
guessed ho could get along in Heaven.
lie then snot iiunseu.
A coriespondent asks a Georgia
: i....ititn ulliance?"
paper: - "i- " : ,
The editor tiugnt in.""1""" "
philosophical disquisition on the sub
r . . . . i. .u..-.,i-...1- "It. is a
mu nn ... i.-o.y
lU-ried couple with their bist
morning, my
tho corner drug
Chicago Herald. . .
-Teacher (to class la anthmetic)
"John goes marketing. He buys two
and a quarter pounds of sugar a eleven
cents a pound, two do.cn eggs at sixteen
cents a Len, and a gallon and a ha
milk at twenty cents a Ka ;
does it all make.-
ging himself ecstatlcally)-"Custa.d. -
Chicago Tribune.
-Kirby Stoue-"I don't see you at
the cafe "where you used fo take lunch
with the boys, Younglove. l onnglo .
"Xo. I am eating very liRht ltinvlies
now. 1 sit on a high stool and chew
a sandwich." Mrby Mone- - "
mUing, eh?" Yonnglove-"es, I urn
having up enough to pay for the presen
ttat mvwife is going to give me nexi
Christmas. "-America.
..I don't think Jones has been in
. , l, ' said his kindly-be-
OUIgins "... - 1,,iri,t it
lieving spouse; "imi, ,
at her odd of him that ho should wrench
knocker off the front door ai.d bring
it up to me as lsat in bed, saying tha
hV l gatheriHl another rose for me ont o
Z garden. pvK,r, dear, simple hoy: ties
Just a loving and sentimental as ever
he was "-London Punch.
young m
A conveyance of real estate sign
on Sunday is not legal, and yet we weie
always taught to believe inai -
ter the day, the better tne ue.-... -Yonkers
. '
A Herman who intended embarking
at Liverpool (or America missed the
steamer and swam out after it. lie camo
near being drowned, bat was rescued.
Tho Forger ami His Ten.
I was talking with a Treasury official
on the subject of forgery. V""
occur to you," said the official, that
... . i...if i,u work done when no
which the owner oi mo -n - -
nullv wrltm" A great many men, baiiK
the names only for a year or two with
oSnge. A pen that has been used
by a man in writing hls-nanie hnn-lred.
t.mes. and never used for any th Iny
lse. will almost write the name Itsel
1 gits Imbued with the spirit ., be sig-iluu-e.
in the hands of a fairly-giical
forger It will preserve thocharaets-rls ics
that the point -r-' .,, .
, i i.. a necu lar way.
grounauo v, - . . and
being tisevi aiwaj "J , , .. u
m 1 i.iniit.i.in of letters. It
Cerwhen he attempts to write th.
Dame."-! Mall a-"""-
l; 1
v :
reo, i
C " 100 many In th Washliigiop

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