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rieueeTiiiCeveaY satrarAT
Blerlpllo, eav.aee, P
Saturday. 16 1897.
iitwiiwthe annoiatinentt latety made
y the Governor, we find the names of
no. E. BurTajre end F. W. Foote, to
to Notaries Public at Shwiualak and
The Democratic State eleoton aeet at
Jackson o the sewwi Monday fa Janu
ary and cast the vote of the state for
Bryan and Sewall- D. M. Miller was
elected messeeger to cam the Tott to
Washington -
Tb HaMern money gamblers are be
finninf to grnmble now that President
elect McKinley manifests a disposition
to keep the pledge of his platform and
promote intermrfonul Muief allium. Sen
ator Wokott had tcone to Europe, pre
llmllal)fJ with the approbation of Mr.
McKinley, to urge the matter.
Miasituiiimt increased her rail road
iil:iffi' in IVM liv C 1-2 miles. Sht was
exceeded bv Texas with 77; Georgia
with 67 1-5: Florida 80 ;-Lonsiana 87 1
Arkauias 91 1-2. No other Southern
tte Mined over 87 miles. We are
Kki'ly to add several hundred miles
cur rail road milage in 1897.
The lute Joswh B. McCuUatfh, for
many years editor of the St. Louis Globs
Democrat, was born in Dublin, Ireland
tn November, 1842. At the age of 11 he
came to this country on sailing ship,
worlrinz hi passage before the ma9t.
On his arrival in New York in 1853 he
was apprenticed to learn the printer'
trade in a newspapeu office in that city
By a late decision of the U. S. supreme
court affirming the decision of Judge
Hill, the titles to millions of acres of
delta land bou;4it from the Liquidating
Levee Board lias been settled in favor
of the present holders, the Delta and
Pine Land Co., the L. N. O. & T. K.
R. Co.. and a larire number of individ
uals, who aro settled on thousands of
acres of timber and cleared lands in the
The Illinois Central employs 23,000
men and about one fourth of this num
ber are now stockholders in the road,
and their efficiency has been greatly in
creased. They buy the certificates on
the installment plan, and when they
have paid in the market value, not the
face value, tbey are permitted to make
payments on another certificate. Un
til the certificate is paid for they receive
interest on the money paid in .
The new United States notes of the
denomination of $10 instead of the por
traits of statesmen have those of C. H.
McCormick, inventor of the reaper and
of Eli Whitney, inventor of the cotton
gin. It is well to keep in mind that the
country owes something to others be
tides the citizens who draw pay as
Mr. Mafic Hanna appears to have
trodden upon the corns of some of the
Republican legislators at Washington
during his recent visit to that city as
the advance-agent of the president
Our national law -makers are very jeal
ous of their privileges, but if the Cleve
land boss is to have a large say in the
dispensation of the spoils, he will doubt
less find it easy to concilate all the
The Young Men's Christian Associa
tion has 1448 branches; 263,298 mem
bers; owns S15 buildings worth $16,759
000; possesses 479,663 volumes in its li
braries ; conducts 799 reading rooms and
495 gymnasiums. Of its brauch associ
ations 761 have lectures and other en
tertainments, 355 offer night school edu
cational advantages, and 1070 maintain
weekly religious meetings . It is a great
The record of bank failures for the
past three weeks show that thirty -one
banks went under with liabilities of
twenty-one of these concerns footing up
to $21,354,779, the debts of balance not
being stated. Averaging them in the
same ratio as the twenty -one it would
make the entire liabilities aggregate
111,528,714. Besides there are Rn un
usual number of mercantile failures
throughout the country, amounting to
probably as much more . This doesn ' t
look very much like prosperity.
Editor Kohlsaat of the Chicago Times
Herald says that President McKinley
will be a foe to trusts, combines and
monopolies. As the editor, was a con
tpicuous champion of the President
elect it is to be assumed that he has good
reasons for making the statement.
Should Major McKinley realize the
prophecy he will deserve the gratitude
of the people . But the ugly fact re
mains that the trusts, combines and
monopolies used their power, money
and influence toward the election of Mc
A ere fcr Uu lata.
"My daughter, wlteu recovering
from an attack of fever, was a great
sunerer irom nam iu me uacii ana
hilt." writes lioudcu Grover, of Snr
di. Ky. "After using quite a number
f remedies without any benefit she
trittt om bottle of Chamber Iain's Pain
aMra. and It has given entire relief."
Chamberlain's Pain Balm Is alio a cer
tain cure for rheumatism. Sold by T.
8. Murphey, Macon; O. T. Ilamiltoii,
A lateral Beantifier
Karl's Clover Root Ten purifies the
blood and gires a clear aid beaut If n
Oil Money's trip is entirely unwar
ranted and nut e wary. General bee,
a soldier of renown and a very level -hJiuhdmin.
is in Cuba in hinh offi'-ial
capacity, and is fully competent to keep
this government (as well as congress
men) posted as to all that properly con
cerns it ana tnem in inai un.-i -burg
Gen. Fitahugh Lee is Consul uenerai
Of the United States at Havana, ana
probably knows a great deal about af
fairs on that island, but Gen. Lee only
communicates this information officially
to the President and the State Depart
ment. When he was in Washington a
few weeks ago he was dumb as an oys
ter iu regard to Cuban matters so
far as the press. Congressmen and the
world generally is concerned, which
was doubtless right and proper . Capt.
Money is is a member of Congress of
high standing and great influence; he
is a member of the Committee ou For
eign Affairs, nnd that coniraittee is
called upon to consider many matters
involving our relations with Spam amt
condition prevailing in Cuba; and wo
wonld have been greatly pleased if
every member of that committee of the
House and the committee Jon Foreign
Relations of the Senate had passed
the davs of the holiday rece.-s in Hava
na. It would have been a good thing
for them to have obtained interviews
with the Americans now confined in
Cuban dungeons and heard from their
ownfelips the story of their wrongs.
We believe it would have had a splen
did effect upon the butcher Captain
General to have met these men and
understood from them that inhumanity
to Americans, whether native born
or naturalized, will sooner or later
arouse such a storm of indignation in
this confttry as will over ride all selfish
barriers and compel the government to
declare war through lack of inability to
hold its people in check while their
bretheren are being tortured and mur
dered. We are very glad that Capt. Money
visited Cuba, and feel very sure that ho
returns better equipped lifor the work
that awaits him than he wi uld other
wise have been. Aberdeen Examiner.
An outrageous, lying charge has ema
nated from some source, against Presi
dent Cleveland and Secretary Olney to
the effect that they have made a dicker
with Spain in reference to Cuba, where
by they were to be financially benefited.
Some of our State exchanges, purport
ing to be Democratic, are reproducing
this disgraceful lie in their columns, to
the detriment of their Democracy and
gentility. Every man of common sense
that knows anything of the history of
these great men, knows that the silly
charge conld Jonly .be trumped up for
partisan purposes and bears the lie on
its very face. May the pen of the
Leader corrode in a second and the
hand of its editor be palsied, ere such a
vile, scurrilous, dirty lie be written for
its columns against such great leaders
of the Democratic party. West Point
Leader .
In the latter part of December the
stockholders of the Mobile and Ohio
railroad approved the proposed issue .of
$84,000,000 worth of bonds for the pur
pose of building the proposed road from
Montgomery to Columbus, Miss. This
road is to be called the Montgomery,
Tuscaloosa and Memphis road and when
built will be nearly 200 miles in length.
The contract for the building of the road
was let to a Mr. Woolfolk, of Montgom
ery, and the outlook for the building of
the road is very favorable. It was one
of the conditions of the contract that no
work should be started until terminal
facilities had been secured at Montgom
ery. For some time it looked as if these
would not be granted, but more recent
developments have given the officials of
that road some reason to hope that there
will be no trouble about getting the de
sired terminal concessions from the city
of Montgomery. When this road is
built, the Mobile and Ohio will at once
come into much more prominence as a
strong bidder for Southern business.
N. O. Picayune.
The mother country can learn mauy
things from America, but iu the celecity
of trials and convictions America could
profitably follow England's example.
Money iu tint oountry, ninety -nine
times out of a hundred, can clear the
basest crimiuul, but over tho water,
wealth, title and influence all combine
cut no figure whatever. They all avail
nothing, once the guilt of the accused
party it? established. The latest instance
is that of the disgusting Russell-Scott
case on trial in London for the past two
weeks, resulting in the sentencing of
Lady Selina Scott tip eight mouths im
prisonment for liberating Earl Russell.
A submarine terror glided into Ches
apeake Bay waters last week off the
ways of the Columbian Iron Works of
Baltimore a torpedo boat of terrible de
structive powers, the invention of a
clever Irishman, John G.Holland. The
craft is described as having the appear
auce of an Immense cigar, but her inte
rior filled with ingenious machinery and
chambers of compressed air. . In action
she carries fire torpedoes, two of which
can be discharged simultaneously; and
these charged with two hundred pounds
each of gun cotton, will sink the largest
battle ship at a distance of a mile. The
boat was built by the government, an
appropriation of $150,000 having been
made for the purpose.
PertoM who are troubled with la
dtgetiloa will be Interested la Ibe ex
perieeee of Wot. H. Peaa, elilel clerk
M lee railway Mail service at Dee
JMelaes, Iowa, who write: ,It fives
ate eWnvr to laeUtv la the merits of
CarVi-UI'a Colie. Cholera and
DUrrboM tUaudy. For two veers 1
sieve MMrvd (rasa iauignuiue, autl
an earjeet to freqaeal severe attacks
fi pale la the aimaaeh and boweli.
I ortwedeaes of ibis rlmedr aever
( Hi rive Barfed reilet. . Price as
' )-, eeU by T.8. Murpaey,
; V. V. pMctitow, Shtiqulek.
Died In this city Jan, 9th, 1397, at
the residence of her eon, Dr . T. G. Ivy,
Mrs. Rebecca Ivy, wife of Mr. S. G.
Ivy. Mrs. Ivy has been in poor health
for a number of years and consequently
her sweet and gentle influence has been
felt only in the home circle and among
her immediate friends. The funeral
services were held at the home of Dr.
Ivy, conducted by Elder N. B. Patter-
eon of the Christian church, of which
she waa a member. The interment
took place in the Christian cemetery at
Palo Alto The Leader extends sympa
thy to the sorrowing husband and near
relatives in the lost of their d ear ones.
West Point Leader.
laeilea'i Arnica lalre.
The Best Salve lu ' the world, for
Cull,- ttrules, Sores, Ulcers, ; Salt
Rheum, Fever Snret, Teller, Chapped
Haads, Chilblains, Corns, aud all Skla
tVtijiloiM,andpoiiivlv tares Piles,
f a tMiy repaired, it le aiirsiid
- -. - a ... . -, ,
rrrellS- Bear4 8ejai.rvl.eire
Monday, Jan. 4. 1897.
A regular meeting was held, all the
members preseut.
The Sheriff 's rrport of prisoners ana
report of Supt. Poor Honse were re
ceived and filed.
The following were rejected :
S. E. Adams et el., to incorporate
certain townships.
S. M. Thomas, et al. , same. (
J. M. White, for reduction of assess-'
Petition of Hemp Petterson, ot al.,
for change of road was granted.
Bonds approved J. L. Flore, as
mayor Shuqnalak, and J.T. McClure
as marshal of Shuqnalak
The Sheriff made report of additional
assessments amounting to a total tax of
$.(. 50.
On petition of J. T. Cook for reduc
tion of his tans for 1896, a rednction of
$100 was ordered on merchandise and
the clerk was ordered to credit Sheriff
with same.
Bob McXees, Fed Bush. Walker Pitts,
and Shed Walker, all over age, were
released from poll tax.
The following parties were released
from payment of taxes on amounts
prayed for.
A. J. Moore, mill and 20 acres re
duced to S6M.
G. N. Ladd, reduction on land, $700.
B. C. Evans, not of age.
Jeff Bonner has no horse,
Bids for the public printing were con
sidered by the Board and same was
awarded to Mississippi Tribune for one
year, J. J Haynie, manager, agreeing
to make no charge therefor, and same
recognized as the official organ of the
Dr. E. M. Mnrphey was made phy
sician for the poor house aud Jail at
The contract for superintending, feed
ing and clothing the iuuiates of the
county poor house for 1897 was given to
W. H. Stewart at $3. 80 per head.
L. F Hollierg. nails and rope. ... t 00
Stutc n. Willis Watson. 2 W
C Hardin, postage and washing. . . 2 2&
C lluiiliii, Jil set-omit for Dec .. 43 WI
J It Moore, cost wlirre State lailed 2,) W)
W T White Co.. nail 1 2.'i
V M Dots. iot where state failed t' 00
W A Cheatham, same N
E Clearmaii. lumber 1 72
I! K Wootten. ualls H Wt
A Klaus, nails 20
Harlan Smith, woik on bri lire ISO
A H Cooper, nails 1 20
J W Ctariluer, 3 days work on Imlg 8 f0
D MeUod. lumber W
Chapman, Turner Co 1 21
L V llollierj. sundries 80
C Ilardin, RW additional assesi-
meuts I 9
Allis Swann, lumber 10 28
I. W Grips, sundries lor convicts 12 00
W H Stewa.t, poor house allowance 99 80
Z T Dorroh, reatsge ' "0
S M Thomas, salry and postage ... ! 12
Vi M Hunter, lumber " Ttl
J W Paillette, lumber, nalla ... 1 W
It It Wjatl, lumber 10 t
I) U Shfpherd. workjou wagon.... 1 00
T J Amt, keeping Olles ferry.... 15 60o
Democrat-Sun. blanks....... 18 2
Wm II irnrlt, framing two brldgaa 15 00
,1 fi Glover, repairing bridges ou
Coon creek and L ikrfoma ... 74 CO
Dr N ttriiliey. last year salary ..... . SO 75
Macon Mercantile Co., nails, lumb 8 80
Inquest of Virgil Murdock 15 00
Special Kleetiou commissioners... 2b 00
Same, managers. elerU Ac 15 00
State vs. Lawrence Bracy. 45
S O Tyson, nails 1 0
Haueustvln Bro. sundries 7 40
J Melton, repairing bridge 2 50
I U (iuy. bridge over Plum creek 95 00
W H llolman, corn's on Gen'l Co.
School lund
W N Taylor, convict agent, salary
feeding pilsoners
Accounts continued .
Anderson & Baker, nails.
Tuesday, Jan. 5.
Board met pursuant to adjournment,
all present but Mr. Blythu.
The clerk was ordered to advertise for
sealed bids to be considered first Mon
day in Feb. for keeper of Giles ferry.
C, Hardin and C. B. Dorroh were ap
pointed to purchase two stoves for Court
house and have same placed in court
room by Feb. term.
The names of 2."6 persons were drawn
and placed iu the jury box, from which
the juries will be drawn for uext two
terms of circuit court.
Road Overseers,
Macon and Warsaw rdC.G. Thomp
son, Joe Viclcers. W. W. Goodwin,
Will Bishop.
Macon and Cooksville road Lewis
Allen. Beu Little. Bill Neville.
Shuq. and Fairfield road D. H.Hill,
A. Greer, Tallie Bryant, Jno. Jordan .
Vienna road J. P. Long.
Worlds ferry road Burley King. '
Macon and Fairfield road J G Stilts,
Euiuiett Harlan, L Oliver.
Macon and Memphis road At Rush,
Thos. Price, A J Upton. VJ Stewart.
Macon ana nckensvuie row a u
Binion, Sam Hubbard.
Jackson Ferry road J B Hutchinson,
JnoMorehead. .
Memphis and Buggs ferry L E Zep
ernick, N N Rogers, Jas. Suiamerford,
Jack Williams.
Macon and Louisville W L Young,
C F Jackson, Morgan Adams, T G Ros
ser, J L Woods.
Macon and Arkansas Jeff Bull.
Webster road Guy Triplette, W D
Bell.., ..
Mushulaville and Philadelphia Jas
per Lipscomb.
Musulaville and Sumv.-W T Cole
man, C C Higginbotham.
Mushulaville and Shuq. E P Lips
comb, Jno, Dougherty, Will Ball.
Macon and Sutnv. S F Whitfield,
Bumv. and Winston W H Evans.
Macon and Dekalb Ben Stewart, Jr.
Shuqualak and Winston road R M
Dugan, J L Butler .
- Macon and 8huq. WP Simpson. Jr.,
J A Boswell.
8huq. and Brooklin road T M Bar
rage, J W Knight.
Shuq. and Sum v. Tom Coleman, J
Union Academy Jim Cooper.'
"Bramlett road Will Barnbill, 3 E
Sumv. and Louisv. C L Ritchey.
Shiloh church to Kemptr line BC
Cotton. '. -
Dr. Beatty'a offioe to Macon and
Btarkville Morris Washington.
AS!!s aM Trij!t I M Trn.
fwoaead Arkenaew-W A Taylor.
Webb road -WD Bell.
Cooksville and Deerbrook
Geo. Douglas.
Orr road Joe Oldner.
Macon and Louisville new road Davy
Holly. Deal Cockrell.
Thompson road Marlin Jonev
Barnett Union Bluff road W E Rire.
McCarkill road Andrew Walker.
Macon and Memphis lower road Vir
gil Boyd.
Hashuqua Factory road O B Lee.
Edmonds Bridge Willis Franklin.
Wootten road Willie Price.
Deerbrook and Cooksville road Nel
son Stevens.
Macou and Fairview Tom Freeman,
R A Featherston.
Union Bluff and Brooksville-J L
Dantsler, Jr.
Lynn Crock J C Archer.
Powers Road Geo. Lockler.
Jamagin road B F Whitehead.
Road from Jones' shop to Campbell's
mill D P Jones.
Permenter Walter Aust.
Thoin.is Mill road J F Woodfin.
Mashnlaville and Buggs ferry How
ell Walker.
Macou aud Brooklyn Tom Thornell,
Dempsey Daniel.
Dantzler road A T Henley, Jr.
Brewer road it Brewer.
Black road Jim Nance.
Souli Chappoll M R Love.
J.iniison Ro id Henry Cooper.
Sumv. and Dekalb J J Prince
Brooksville and Louisville M M Wil.- i
I don't iitide:,i;id how some! roeti cm Tlw luedlng prohibitiouist lilt-: .
T O Colo. - owe everybody round t a nnd Md a j petMUM jwop of 1- ansa -i.e. tiioroug .-
higher head than honest men. Idem t V disgusts I witn meir prum-i.un .
know what makes our blii liiwu so ! nerlence iu tuat statu, are n .Vf cousid-
a"" imi "iiHi ttdel aV ew, jwiivmvw
well altout court time, there's our , eriug the adoptionof the South Caio :. a
thing that has vexed the ages that I can
toll. There was a youngster of the
genus known as freethinkers which
all right, except the tliiukers, rbO said
to me with braggadocio jnstai Par
son, who was Cain's wife?" Said I,
"She was Mrs ; Cain when I knew her ;
I never met her before her marriage. ' '
My advice to those who are trying to
fiud a way to see through things is, to
put holes through them if they are mill
rock. If they are airy nothing that
"ain't got no place to pat a hole"
don't put it .
Cure for Nog Cholera.
There hi no longer any question but
that a remedy has been found for hog
cholera, says a recent dispatch from
Mason City, Iowa. The Farmers' In
stitute at Rockwell was favored with
the presence of Frank Baumgartner of
Peotine, 111 ., Division Freight Agent
Cleauieus of Dubuque aud District
Agent Calkins. The two latter are rep
reseutatives of the Chicags, Milwaukee
and St. Paul road. Mr. Baumgartner
addressed the convention and submitted
conclusive proof that the' disease was
neither infections nor contagions,, but
(fn-as produced by feeding, causing what
I he calls a - 'break " He does not Call
I the disease cholera, but , ' malaria, ' ty-
disnensarv plan, in the intenst or km-
perance and tne control of the liquor
Tin- pipocisiic ladies ill' Weiirlil
III.) . is-iie.l a Woman's Eiliiiou" ol
ibe Wi-iuYld Nc.rt' i. at tug Uiie of
April 3. le-Dti. The t nm-il Willi
lualler l luicreoi m ii.hiii'u, aiitl wr
milice lite lolloping frmn a corn spou-
delll, which III cdauis pi iHleil, real
izillK llial it irculs upon inallrr ol
vital import am:e lo their a x: ' ' "'
hesl remedy lor croup, colds and
brnuchitis Itml I have linn able lo
find is Chainbi rlii'n' C'nig i H"f '
For fain!! iie it l '
gladly recoi end it." 25 un 40 mil
bullies for sale by T. S. Miiipli
Macou, O T. Ilamillou, Siiuqillak.
Yellow Creek aud Snmmett-J B Pori phoid fever or appendicitis. He is
ter, Chas. Doss.
Robinson road Phil Griffin.
Shaq. and Winston B F Reed.
Macon and Sumv . W G Rosser.
Public Roads.
a hackneyed subject.
This is a hackneyed subject. That
does not invalidate the need of good j
roads, however, in the least. It is an
backed by the Chicago, Milwaukee and
St. Paul Railroad, and a commission
from the Agricultural Department will
visit him in a few days He has made
three public exhibitions so far at Dubu
que, West Union and McGregor. He
went into sick herds and absolutely
cured them. He has gone into well
herds and produced the cholera, allow
ing one hog to die and curing the others .
The farmers attending tho Institute
were so thoroughly convinced "Of his
axiom among political economists that ability to cure that had he had his med-
now on saie, nunareus oi aoiiars
191 74
M 6
88 i t
the prevailing condition of public high
ways marks the civilization of a people.
That this is true needs only to be con
sidered to be seen. Material prosperity
demands markets. To get to market
one must have roads. In countries
where there Is little transportation of
goods, there are no roads at all, or they
are iu bad condition. In countries where
great resources exist, with no means of
getting to, or producing, markets, peo
ple are either ignorant, slothful, and
suspicious of the proposal of progress,
or, if they possess the means of prosper
ity, they fed the stagnation tuat results
from a want of the facilities resulting
from the lack of nn outlet, which could
come ulonc from the construction cf
roads. When England began to emerge
from the long sleep of semi barbarism
the need of roadB was readily perceived.
One plan after another was tried. Fi
nally, one Mr. McAdam conceived tie
plan of paving roads. This marked n
era In England ' s prosperity and internal
improvement. The power of ancient
Rome was largely due to her roads.
The secret of the thrift of France today
is that there is a net-work of paved
roads, crossed aud represses, from ane
side of her domain to the other. Lands
in Middle Tennessee and the blue gra,ss
region of Kentucky are held at ertor
mons figures. This is largely due to
their McAdamized roads, which they
call pikes. True, the country is well
developed and settled by thrifty people,
who are doing well, and are content to
let well enough aloue. There are thons
ands of acres nlong the line of the MoJ
bile road just as good as that in Ken
tucky and Tennessee, the owners of
which are land poor, while the Tennes
see and Kentucky lands, much of it.
can scarcely be bonght at all. There is
another reason for this which may be
discussed another time; still there can
be no doubt that th,i state of the roads
during rainy seasons has much to do
with the difference.
Another feature is the social and in
tellectual development. Daniel said of
the last days "Many shall run to and
fro and knowledge shall be increased.'
It is a fact that knowledge is increased
as travel increases. Good roads give ,
facility for travel. Civilization in-1
creaBes as knowledge increases. With
civilization comes the necessity of more '
comforts and better facilities. So these
things have mutual interdependence
upon one another. I do not say that
good roads are the only thing necessary;
but there cvn be no doubt that this con
stitutes a very necessary line of im
provement and that it is easily in reach
of the country and the country needs it.
So much for general principles; practi
cal and local applications later..
wonld have then and there been ex
pended for the drug, as hogs are dying
in this locality by the hundreds. The
State lost $15,0000,000 in hogs during
the past year. The Milwaukee road
alone has lost in this freight over a mil
lion dollars.
fish- jf
Lost Receipts
All parties are warned not to trade or
negotiate for the following receipts, is
sued from S. L, Holt's Cotton. yard to
A. H. Bush, Jr. : Nos. 10,442, 10,445,
10,446, "'t'0, 147, as the originals have
been lost and duplicates will be applied
r . A.-H. Bush, Jr.
a.JSjlSilMWM I ilui .ill m
Tetter, Salt-Rheum and Bcaeeaa.
The Intense itching and smarting inci
dent to these diseases Is instantly allayed
by applying Chamberlain ' Eye and
Skin Ointment. Many very bad cases
have been permanently cured by it. It
is equally efficient for itching piles and
a favorite remedy for sore nipples;
chapped hands, chilblains, frost bites
and chronic sore eyes. 25 cte. per bos.
Dr. Cmlj's Condition Pewden, are
just what a horse needs when in bad
condition. Tonic, blood purifier and
vermifuge. They are not food but
medicine and the best in nse to put e
horse in prime condition. Price ti
cents per package
It Savti Lives Every Day
' Thoiisauda of cases of Consumption !
Atthina. Cough. Colda suit Croup are 1
citj-ed every day br ShiloVs Cure. (
Who Can Measure
The Influence of the mother I It
haDes the course of unborn een
rations goea sounding through
all coming ages and enters the
confine of Eternity.
With vhat care, therefore,
should the Expectant Mother be
guarded, and how great the ef
fort be to ward off danger and
make her life happy. .
"Mother's FriencP
lieves the
and Nau
sea, and
so pre
pares the
system that CIIM-llnb is made
easy and the time of recovery
shortened many say "stronger
after than before confinement."
It Insures safety to life of both
mother and child. 11 who have
used "Jlotter's FrletJ" say they
will never be without It again.
Ho other remedy robs confine
ment of Its pain.
A sutMmar wkoaa wit used 'Mother's rrlaod,
akti II ska kad to to thronrh th ordeal
asaia. ad Uars war bnl four botllM to be
okialaad.aadlk east was IIW.M per bottle, hm
wsaliaeTetaesi." Qso.L,aTTOM,Osyton,Ohlo.
LMteUiH Mnutal,tiriw.l,iPSRIOTTLE. Ins.
TU -lXPECTANT MOTHtiRV milled Ifes COSUIaiag
ad fwlustwr ttsUMoahklt.
res anaemia nceuiaTon co.. aTuercaa.
sets ev au eauveeisTe.
oessandRest.Contalns neither
Opmm.Morpbine wr Mineral.
Pot Narcotic.
- JbcJmmr
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Aperfect Remedy for toft$tipa
lion. Sour Stonu.DiAtrhoca,
Worms convulsions .revernn
TaeStnasf jirnanirc ef .
Osatarls Is tit if hi sm-sIm WMIn sUt, 1
Is art said la bilk, Drat sllee ssjeat k at
to aaytUif aha ta tbs pUa at bnsiIn taut
li "Jut as fi" sad "will auvw tnrr
jm. T 8 ftat TM 0-A-B-T-04J4
TU RELIABLE 8rBCIALIST8. Xvndar OnJualet Is) . h
8taNat"nl Banks for Finaaelal Ecferaaoe. thouaands ot Cun.a PaUenW al ov.r Ui
areij her free irom ooaarrauoa. bhi . -
Senlnxl Weakness tns sexual ue&iuti
(SnuHAToaanoA axis Inroramrr) caasrd brranUifnltulllosiiMtt
MsMS,piwliclunerYouiueBOSK,pimBlwan4 Matchu aa Uttfaa,
ranhssvf blood to Ma brad, palaa la (ha back, eonfasoil Mivu sad to
eifulnus, lioshfulinmavprtluntoaoelatr, kMof Hiaa) awrrr. tmn
SianhowUitn, carta for lift. We can slup bIeM Imsss, hfoi l
acxttal Her7rttors aerve aad brola fwr,ulrg aial aUSaiUm
weak parta ana matte yoa as iw marntiao.
Cvnhllle that terrlNo disease, la all Its forma eed atare.ee
bypnius, iot , Bl00(1 roiKmiM. sli uua, ujn s
llnsa. Soma, OonosrlKea OleeV all forms of ITlvmteJlstaiM rt
nrm,irnnllrOD rod without oaosllo OT entUna-. VomIl
"WiairKlurcoeiposttre. Patient caa use the trealtnmt Ik tooi.
-V ft we ccita tltoee delicate dtwaera peUar to irasy
, i I UiaieS,Toar owq !,0UJ, wnh.nl Inttromaiue. Maar earat saw
k. I I., a iiiilotbaraoiitori MaTefaHca. .CattfjTe Toa rrai'l
Dkanmetlam The Oreal JTench KheamattaCure. A mvtim vvmjf t araiHMeawm
fcnetimatlSm iiiSeannalsof medlclae. O-hAim elres rellefi atavdoausteiaonbTw
and nil In Joint- earo is bound to uk place. Send statanwnt of ease.
Rl, for WhVia.t pares, wlib full oHacriptlna of ahoeillseMee.n ffeett and ra.iMlal
BOOK Pls'n wrsiiur, fn e. llsadtlilalltilo bo. .k and scad fur Wuploiu Blank, 1 for Mm
Bailor womeni j.o.ior 01.10 u ...o. y'y? .. ... rr-.i j-
Room 9 Masonic Temple, -New Orleans, La.
Job Work!
We have the facilities for doing
kinds of Job Printing, from a rid
ing card to a catalogue, and wt
after all the work we can do. We not only desire to be kept bul
but would prefer to be rushed. The high grade work turned
the andlow prices charged make pleased'customcfs. Seesampi
t the
To search out the origin nnii reason of
things has always been a very pleasing
occupation to wo . Indeed, it has been
a mental characteristic. The keenest
mental pleasure I have ever experienced
has been the result ot finding ont 'the
the reason for some mysterious phenom
enon that would have been beyond cre
dence but for an occular demonstration.
As an example, I heard it asserted Jof a
shrewd dead-beat who did np the wis
dom of the country on windy sheets that
floated with a currency equal to gold
certificates, that he oould see through a
millstone. The puzzle to me was, how
could this be donet The mystery was
instantly dissipated when I asked an old
negro how he did it and he said, "W'y
chile, yon jes puts a hole fru it, and den
looks in de hole.
But there are some thing I have never
yet been able to understand. I don't
know how to tell before hand the ver
dict of the jury, how much a stick will
hold endwise or whom a woman may
marry. I am at a loss to tell whether
a preacher is drunk or crazy when he
get to the plural number and finds him
self to be ,4we," JW' and "our."
The BOSTON STORE can show a prettier, better, and cheaper line
Hats, Overcoats and Cloaks
than any house in Macon. It is a wonderful sight to see the many barga:
-..,. .a-
0.ffered at our store. We have crowds every day. in our store. Why ?
cause we sell goods so cheap, it is a show worth while seeing. You A
make money instead of spending it We do not charge anything for looki
It will be money in your pocket to visit our store. Just think of these pried
aa nui
tuim Maftuv
-vje- eofvaioHTa .
AamaMMaataal SSkelt mi eeeerlptlon au
esele trial
trjlrffiuMraUl, Urt eimi,. of
Fire-papers of pin fur . . $ 05
Three good handkerchiefs 10
A good pair of hose 05
The very best Calicoes only .... 05
Extra heavy Domestics only . . 04
A good pair of Blankets only .... 50
A good pair Towels, only .... jo
A real fine Ladies' Trimmed Sailor Hat, with best
silk ribbon in all colors, only .... 25
A nnmbrone., pair Ladies' Shoes for .
A good pair of Men's Shoes for '
A good pair of Infant's Shoes for -
In Clothing wa break the record of the" world no
one can even attempt, to compete .with us on
Clothing prices. We can sell you a man's good
suit (coat, pants and vest), good goods ;
A nice woolen pair of pants, fancy stripe, for the
small sum of . .. .
Never before in the history of Macon was goos so cheap. In Overcoats and CI
dren's Suits we can save you enough to travel a hundred miles to trade with "T
BOSTON STORE." Nothing like trying. Ask for our Ladies' Cloaks for $1.
beauty, ou can come to The Boston Store, get your supply for much less than
ther house would sell you, and then get a solid zinc trunk for $1.45 to pack the
- Awaiting your .ariy call, we are your friends for very cheap prices and good goofs.
' " r ' . e
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