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Subscription, in advance, per annnra fl.M.
Saturday, Dec. 22, 1900.
Boss Hanna is beginning to fear that
the (n"!tion to subsidize or not to snb
eMize is going to be dcciileJ in the Beg
Sccretarv 1I.it i inclined to be afraid
of that canal troatv since the Senate
substituted American for the British
clothing it wore when it left Mr. Hay
The Quay fi;,'ht among t' e republicans
in the Pennsylyania legislature will
doubtless? carry 'rros nerity to some
Humph !
blocking i
Now it is England that is
settlement of the Chinese
Mr. SicKinley lias been notified that
a number of Congressmen are expecting
Santa Clans to rut a few army cotumis
sions in their stocking? .
It will be siting a bad precedent for
Congress to make the retired list of the
navy a haven for Congressmen who
have drunk themselves crazy.
The Senate seems to realize, in deal
ing with the Hav Pauncefote treaty,
that statesmanship has no higher duty
thur to protect the interests of its own
Here's luck to The Commoner, Hon.
William Jennings Bryan's new paper,
may it bring him what every good edi
tor deserves prosperity ami happiness
and what so few of them get.
Stealing from a m:in for his own good
may sound somewhat ironical, but we
have the word of Minister Conger that
the looting in China by the foreign
troops, which Gen. Chaff66 had the
nerve and honor to protest against, has
had a beneficial effect upon the Chinese.
Pessilily the Boers were only trying
to spoil the English enjoyment of
Represent a'ive Stark, oflNebraska,
made good u?e of the following lines
from Goldsmith, in a little speech ridi
culing the adulation of Boss Hanna by
Representative Grosvenor, at a recent
jubilee meeting of Nebraska republi
cans in Washington:
'Of praise a mere glutton, he swal
lowed what came,
And the puff of a dunce he mistook it
for fame;
Till his r lish grown callous almost to
Who peppered the highest was surest
to please.
Hurrah for Caadlerl
Georgia's loyal Governor says
"In my humble opinion, Mr Cleve
land should hold hit tongue. He It the
last man who should offer advice for
the rehabilitation of the Democratic
party. It seems a little odd that Mr.
Cleveland should offer such advice as
he has given. He was one of the lead
ers of the minority which bronfht
about the disruption of the party, and
he blindly followed his own imperial j
will against the will of the majority
and its oldest and most loyal adherents.
I respect Mr. Cleveland's ability, for
he is undoubtedly a man of strong in
tellect and wenderfnl talent, though I
do not think as able a man as Mr. Car
lisle. But he is self-willed and more
eiuuuorn man a ueorfin mule. I re
peat that it is strange that he should be
offering advice to the party and denoun
cingthe platform adopted at the laet
Democratic convention when it was
practically the same as the one npon
which he was elected for the last term.
If Mr. Cleveland wanted to give the
rarty advice, why did be not do so be
fore the election, when he might have
rendered a good service indeed?"
mere is much talk in this State at
present about railroad building and it is
to be hoped some of it will materialize,
xne (tun ana snip island managers
ave extended their line from Hattiet'
urg in a northwesterly directio to
Jackson, and Superintendent Bnllis
says it is contemplated to extend the
road due north from Hattiesbur to
Philadelphia in Neshoba. Some of the
unoccupied territory in Mississippi will
be likely to hear the whistle of the loco'
motive in the near future. A Vicks
burg paper says: Surveys are about to
uegiu xor ma uirnnngnam and vicks-
burg road, which is to rnn from Vicks
i if .I , , . .
uurg, .uiss., 10 mriuinguam, Ala,, a
distanc of 273 miles.
Chime from Fox Trap.
Far away la tbe dlttasce it pealing
Th chimes of the oaths gene by,
And eut from the threshold Is steallsg
The last of the year with a sigh.
Now eme thoufht of bsanty and bright
ass, Llks tbe rosy dawn thro' the mist,
And I see them In joy and lightness,
While to the merry ehlmes I Nit.
The beauty and chivalry of Hebron
and vicinage have assembled recently
in mirth and glee on two happy occa
sions. The tealons workers of the
Some Minion Society, wishing to
brighten the parsonage with new furn
ishing, deyised the plan of baring an
oyster snpper, followed two weeks later
by a Book party. Mrs. Eliza Wind
bam threw open her hospitable doors
and the hours flew by on winged feet,
while the crowd partook of the tempt
ing biyalres. The onrces of amuse
ment for the yonng people were giab
bag and sale of lovely chrysanthemums .
Much merriment was created by both.
Bntfor inclemency of tbe weather a
few days previous, colonial dame and
white honse celebrities would hare en
livened the scene. However Martha
Washington, (Miss Sallie Earle Wind
ham) and Mrs. Lincoln, (Mist Nannia
Clark) overcame all obstacles and ap
peared In dress conversant to tbe
times and characters which they repre
sented. The elegant home of Mr.T.C.
Clark was the place generously offered
for the second festive occasion. A
spread of fruits, cakes and coffee was
served, a curio hall and a fortune cake
were sources of revenue . Twenty-five
books were represented by ladies, gen
tlemen and some of tbe juveniles. Tbe
means of representation were mostly by
pictures, some of them being highly de
scriptive, others n&iqne and some evi
dencing considerable ingenuity. The
guessing was productive of mirth aad
lent enjoyment and zest to the evening.
The prize for greatest nnmber of correct
gnesses was tied by two of onr sweetest
and most intelligent yonng ladies Mis
ses Bertha and Ida Windham. A cut
for the prize was won by Miss Bertha,
acopy of Tennyson's poems. Mr. Pres-
a yonng gentleman of
one at Mr. John Guy's and brought
her to onr tillage, where she meets
with a warm welcome.
mie on ibis subject I will sy
that onr school room h is been the
stepping stone in two instances to
Hymen's altar, and as history often
repeats itself the present incumbent
may well be on her guard.
In conclusion, let us notice some of
the wise injunction given bv Him. who
spoke as neyer man spoke, by which we
we to be measured on that day for
which all other days were made. God
says. Thou sbalt love the Lord thy God
with all thy soul, mind and strength
and thy neighbor as thyself. Question
Do we do it? God says if yon leve me,
keep my commandments. Do we keep
them! God says, he that saveth. I
know Him and keepeth not his com
mandmen s, is a liar and tbe troth is
not in him. Dj we tneasnre np to
tnist God says, lore not the world.
neither the things or the world; if a
man lore the world, then the love of
the Father is not in him. Do we love
the world too much! In asking this
question I do not wish to be regarded
as a misanthrope, bnt let ns love such
only as tends to the glory of God. Fin
ally, let ns present onr bodies a living
sacrifice, holy, acceptable nnto God,
which is onr reasonable service Paul.
Two large fine wagon mules, in fine
condition and reliable every way. Ap
ply to W.J.HvBBARD.Shuqualak.
oct27 4t or J.H.HfBBARD. Hashnqua.
Money to Loan.
On Improved properly at a reasonable
rate, time to nut borrower. i
3m. II, L. J. BARNES, (
ot wsiimscrv. unSsnm. to
iM-Award. at 1 CTMlMt World'! IlW
fhloai aad cfcautandf of grftdottef In Bltiofis.
IMltndl ShImh rarM, loclodiuf
Mob. Bk aad Board in familr. ebosl em.
uhtuii. nn-nimia t Tiucurii, iraciuna.
Ik loatnckr I'elwsltr Dillon. lor Ml,
erdd irtdaftlM. Llttrarr CoarM trm, if dMlrad.
mtim tm km Utors ra m. uAdnm amig
WILBUR R. SMITH, Lexington, Ky.
Wife. lakab f'tMMrwh nam, (MO. OA awl
The One) Day Cold Cure.
Cold In head and sore throat cured bv Ker
moll's Chocolates Laiollve gulnine Aa east
HUkguriDOy. "CDliarencrj lor weoi.
ltt Tear Luvcr.
Live: j quickly result ia serious
eoaaplk .. . . and cht man who neglect his
livtr lias l.uie regard for health. A bottle
ef Browni' Iron Bitters taken now and thee
will keep tht liver in perftst order. If the
diaeaae haa developed, Browns' Iron Bitters
will cure it permanently. Slrnrurth and
vitality will always follow its use.
Browns' Iron Bitters is sold by all dealers.
071.niSIJlHt'S SALE,
Senato; Proctor a marble trust, not
satisfied with controlling the American
output has reached over to Italy and
gobbled up the famous Carrara qnar
Maik Hanna is so quiet and unosten
tatious in his tastes that he has hired i
hall in Cleveland, Ohio., to introduce
his daughter to society.
If Mr. Beu Harrison had thrown those
stones at Mr. McKinley's Philippine
policy before election they might have
dene some good, but now they only in
dicate a state of grumpiness on the part
of Mr. H.
Recent Boer successes show how lit-t'i.-
outaide assistance it would require
to enable them to save their country
ar.d their liberty. But, alas I there is
no hope for oven a little outside assistance.
L,fi wees me .deacon stated that a
rain robbery occurred on Carrollton
avenue in New Orleans. The leader of
the gang proved to be Jack Nelson of St
i.oum, a noiea train roDbsr, He was
pressed so hard that he attempted to ton ChaDDell
conceal himself in a swamp, bnt finding sterling worth. was accorded the booby to think of
ui" 'uipossiuie oe cm nis mroai witti prire. The most laughable event of
the evening was the old fashioned play
of "whistle," in which the young
people persuaded some of the elderly
razor ana nis Dcay was round by a
unter. The registered packages were
found on him. also the wounded con
ductor's watch. He left a note for his
wife, who lives in St. Louis.
in connection witb
The Meridian Star offered a horse and
buggy to the most popular Mississippi
la'iy. It was awarded to Miss Neita.
uaugiiier 01 noti. a. J. Knssell, a
chnrming yonng lady, now at school in
Virginia. One hnndred and fifty-six
thousand votes were cast and it is evi
dent the Meridian people don't mind
paying for the privilege of voting, when
the candidates are lovely women.
We have seen the population of Miss
issippi towns published in a number of
papers but in no two papers have we
Been the same figures given for Macon.
They range anywhere from 2,057 to
2,765. Census-Taker Chas. Hardin
says the correct figures are 2052.
ones to participate. The guests linrer- Jel tnere 18 a number of articles
ed till a late hour, aa evidence of their here whlen wil1 Bng greater pleas.
enjoyment of the occasion. The eTae- nre to the recipient than a whole
ions young hostess. Miss Nannie ClarV wagon load of gewgaws.
and her assistant, Mrs. J. T. Clark Here are goods which will serve
weVe bestowers of conrtisies and hospi. tne owncr well not alone this, but
talitv to each iruest. eivin rn.wri many other vears. Frices will sur-
charm every hour to the pleasurable Prise by their lowness, but this is a
time. The intelligence to onr cotnmun- scasan 01 Peasant surprises.
The State of MlteUsippi, Noxubee County.
H. L. Feote et al. compl'ts )
No. 2220 vs. . IIb Chancery.
Sirs. Emms F. rally et al., J
In pursuance of a final decree rendered
in tbe above-stated cttuite at the October
Term. A I)., of the Court aforeaald
dated October 25th, A. 1)., IDtW. the under
11:111 d Commissioner in said cause appoint
ed, will, on
Monday, the 3rd. day of December. A 0.. 1900
in front of the door of I lie Court House In
the town of Maeon. in said countv, within
legal hours, proceed to sell at piih'lie outirv
to the highest and best bidder, the follow'
inir described leal estate. Ivinir uud iieinir
situated in said county and'state. to-wit :
The hauae and lots known m the II W
Foote (deceased) residence anil lorn, rrti-.
rence bed g hereby made to Hook K. nuire
47, Chancery Clerk's office of tald countv
and state, and more particularly described
as the lot in fractional bloot fa. in the town
of Macon, lu aald county and state ; said
lot is bounded on tbe north by lands now
owned and occupied by Mrs. A. K. Kant,
on the eatt by Jefferson street, on the south
by lands owned bv Mrs. M. A. Ilolmnn. .1
O. Kascr, Will Hodges and Prairie street,
and on the west by lasds owned by tbe Ro
gers Locomotive Co.. and said lots are now
occupied by George Hidnrdson and con
tains 8 acies, more er less.
Terms of sale, cash unon confirmation nf
sale. .
The title to the above.dem'rihpd nrnnprtv
ii belicT?d to be Dertect. hut I stmll I'ntivpf
only such title as vests In me bv virtue of
said nnal decree. V. N. HA'YNKS.
Sneci&l Commiskinnui.
Macon. Miss., Nov. 8, 1800.
TH discom
forts and
dancers of
child-birth can
be almost en
tirelv avoided.
relieves ex
pectant moth
era. It give
ital organs, and
t.trt lit
condition to do thebr work
perfectly. That tnakei preg.
nancy lest painful, shorten
laborand hastens recovery after
child-birth. It helps a i woman
bear strong healthy children.
baa also brought happineee to
thousands of homes barren lor
EA few doses often bring
loving heart that long
larlingbaby. Nowoma.
ahonld neglect to try It for thia
trouble. It cures nine cases ont
of ten. All druggists sell Win
of Cardni. f i .oo per bottle.
' aw aifetea In eases raeutrlnr i
directions, addreia. elvinr tymptoma,
the "UdlM' Advisory Department,"
Tha ClutMMora Medietas Co.. Cutta
l. 10OTU 8AIE,
or Jefferson, Oa.,ssyei
When 1 lint took Wins or Cardial
WS hid been married three years, but
ould nol have any children. Kins
DonUu law I had a One girl baby." .
i rand.im.id.iHn
The Newest Furniture
T. J. H()lKLg h
Comer Next to Murphey'a Drug 8tora. '
Mv whole stock of Furniture is new iiKt
' J"' received
the lactones, and is equal in style and finish to
brought to ulacon. It you wish to see how
trade works, call and get my prices."
In the Undertaking Department
v l i e -i
i am amy jiicpareu xo iurnisn any sty
coffin, and a splendid Funeral Car just receive,
xxx 10 years old Red Rock, $3.
" 3.45 rrfwyyv'??
XX 3
x 6
to live
"..-lulu, our ,M.Lii.
1 german Sartonat-Bail
f Banking Co.. olP,H.r?
ity of the return of oaresteeaaed pastor,
Rey. S. L. Pope, was gratefully re
ceived. I trust while the belli riot; ont
the old year and ring; in tbe new year
that many joys and pleasures mar come
with crowning: blessings.
J. S. S.
Macedonia Item.
As the year is fast coming- to a close,
which will also close the present centu
ry, I will offer yoor readers a few items
from onr village. 1 also send yon a
piece of rock taken recently from the
The Racket Store has a new price list
this week and that is not all that ia new
in the bonse.as it looks like a new store
since all the new goods received have
been assorted and shelved. Yon will
find very many articles there von will K1' l.'"' L""'??'0: '.'"L""1 .r.' .''.
- - - ........ upv no imp uiimcny ui sain nt'lenil.
ant.and which will he sold to siitlsfv the
need for the holidays.
State of Mississippi, Noxubee Countv
Novelty Iron Works I
, s: vend K.ip.
B. I. Yates. v
Bv Vlrtuenf thfl nhnvA.araroH trrtt Jl.uinj
to me from rhA nftioa nt i t u.ni.i.
of the peace In and fur said couuty,'l will on
MONDAY, DUC. 8d, A. D., 19(10,
proceed to sell for cash to the highest bid
der, In front ot ti e Court House jard in
lYincuii, .Miss., DClween tuenours nreanriheil
lowlne described real eatutj.
pon ns the property of said defend.
Beast? la tJieaa Deep.
Claaa blood means a elsaa skia. No
beaaty without it. ( ascerets, Candy Gather
lit clean yonr blood and keep it clean, by
stirring ap the lex liver and driving all im
parities from tbe body. Begin to-day te
aniaa pimpiee. doiis. dii
iotchea, blackheads,
and Meridian, Miss.
be to Macon T
Doe9 an era of good stealing.
Make an era of gol feeling.
There should te no trouble in Con-grr-ss
over reapportionment undei the
ri'-w census, and there will not be, un
less the republicans are short-sighted
enough to try to gain partisan advant
age through the bill.'
Our congratulations are due and art
hereby eitended to the Senators who
voted to througl.lv Americanize the
Hay-Pauncefote trea'y. TVy are
line with the people, regardless of poli
At an election held in Nashville, Tenn .
tu .;i. ..1.1 ... : 1 1 : , , , .
YU' "u" LT,8r' 10 H,a historic rock that, tradition says was "d ' biliu -pl.on by t.k..g
a railroad to be built to Florence. Ala. Lv . 7 .. " "y,, W" Caa.res.-beantT for ten e.nta. all drM.
in M! IT m .. on wnlcB -tOCtaw Chief giata, satiafactioa guaranteed. 10c. 25.. 60c.
" at at the Dancing Rabbit treaty, some
70 years ago. Keep it and carry it as a
December 13th. a monument to th- M"c o the new century
Confederate dead was nnveiled by the We ar th"kfn be able te tay the
U. D. C. 's in Aberdeen. A striking benb ol onr i sTOod. Mrs.
feature of the exercises was the proces- Vvoodfin, one of our citizens, is not
sion of decorated carriages. well DUt 11 a&'e to be up,
Mrs. Kocrers. relict of the late
The Crumpacker bill was before the . Rogers, who has txn spend
census committee last Satnrday. It re
above-stated writ and all costs, to-wit:
ITne south-half of southeast nuatter. sec
a, and lols 5, 7 and 8, Sec. , T 15, B ID, situ-
w m Bm county ana si ace,.
vr. n. n.Anir
OCt2T-3t Sheriff.
The On Day Cold Cure.
For eolds and aare tkroat os Ker&v T
laoeeiaiM uiaiive yuinlne. tasilj Mk af
mu uicai7 cure.
ceived only one vote, that of its anthor.
The I. I.& C. girls will have only one
day for the celebration of Christmas.
May be they didn't know their lessons.
Taken up by W. N. Havnes. Nev. 6. 1900.
straying en bis place. 3 miles east of .Ma.
con, a black horse, with lour while feet, 16 I
bands bieli. then in order, anm on haft ft I
ing me year witn ner children in the "V ;
The 5 Minute Breakfast food.
Purina Health Flour
T Make J
PURINA MILLS. Sr. Louis. Mo.
am earn sjpm aa A m ga. sa
IIHllll Miia w
A. A. IFKVKRN, Conccstleni, Inftamma.
GUBxa i Hem, Luna Ke.er. Milk Fever.
B. II.(HI'RAIH. I.amenMi, Injuries,
cuaia i Kheuinslliin.
C. i:. jKOKB THHOAT, Quinsy, Epltootlc.
cutis j UUirinper,
cubju WOHMS. Bote, drubs.
K. K. (('01 (ills, ( old., InDiirnia, lnflam4
ccaai Lungs, I'leuro-Pneunionla.
F. K. I COLIC, Bellyache. Hlnd-Ulown.
cinua I Diarrhea, ly.en(crv.
1. I IBKl DIKRAKK8. Manae, Eruptions,
cvaaa i I leers, (irease, l-'arey.
J. K.iRAII COMIITIOV. Kiarlna Coat.
cuaia j Indigestion, htouiaeli Massers.
Oc. each; HlableCase, Ten SnylnrH. IKvk. Ac, 7.
At druggists or sent prepaid on rceelpt nf prlre.
Humphreys' Milelne Co., Cor. William A John
Bta.. New York. VrrKaiNAitr i. kkst FKRa.
and Prostration from Over
work or other causes.
Humphreyrj' Homeopathic Spcifio
ro. in use over -u years, uie oni
uccesiuj remeay.
$1 per Tial,or ipudal packagt with powdtr,ior $6
Bold bf Vi uHllia, or ttol jioat paid on re rt-ljt of prlca.
IMFHKITI' IED. CO.. Ur. Willi.. jha Su.,RwTrk
No marks or brands to indicate contents
All Inquiries promptly replied to,
$100.00 in Oold,
for tbe fust case of tliills and fe
ver that Rogers' Uhie Cliill Cure
will not cure. The first die breaks
the chills and three clones will cure
25c. Guaranteed.
.1.4 )V,I ..
iJ.u.iq po .ii'.iin j in ,
I J" l;lllujri jijj joj iui kU
";iJ l) O.lll SJ1I34 JAn-illla.m
j .:jim i m jo atnu,
li(l si :"' wuilusi nip ininis'qd yia
nuio y jji0( o-i sii8(()iiijis ivp i3
1I PIO n
One Minute Cough Cure, cures
That Is what It was made for.
The Ilcat Prescription for Malaria
Chills anj Fever Is n bottle of (iitov
iantki.kss ( 'him. Tonic. It is simply
irod ami quinine In u tasteless form, 'o
i ure no pay, rrloe jc
n-1. - , . . . . .1
a . . I i ue vwuer in renuesiea to e.oma rnrwaril I
cstiu part oi me county, is now prove property, pay charges and Like it B. H, STRONQ
in our vinage, a guest ot ner trrand- wa or 11 wl" (1it with as the law di-
SOD. J W n.ris.rtv Kh I. in K.. wct,v. - ' T. FEKHIS.
v. ' iu mi I DOV'J43t
oaa. year.
A . .1 i . . .
. tJ ' 1BB1, PasslB CHKBIFE'S BALK,
Coroner and Kuoger.
Wednesday a new record was made way Cupid is on the path f con-
It i said that Mr. McKinley has re-
qaested the republican leaders not toal
low any colonial k-idslation to get to
th; front at thi? 6es:on ofConjress.be
cause he fears that the decision of the
Supreme Court, sooa to be handed
down, insy make it necessary for him
to abandon his prevent colonial policy.
According to such technical pnblica
tions as the Engineering Magazine,
about everybody engaged in American
shipbuilding tinder existing laws has
become rich. Why then should the
Ship subsidy bill give a few of the rich
est of them nearly MOO, 000, 000 of the
people's money to make them richer?
James 11. Simmons.
Horn In rulunm county, Ga., Feb, 14th
ISoO, and died in New Orleans, Nov. 13th,
"A man resolved and steady to bis trust
Is Indexible to ill and ouslinately ust."s
He ciune to Mucou iu 188 quite a young
man, when political Incllons were violent
nnd the most flagrant moral corruption pre
vailed; yet he escaped contamination and
had the singular merit ol supporting an un
blemished character under trying and most
seductive influences. Ills genuine In teg'
rity was impressed upon all tuooe around
111 in and attracted general admiration. He
was engaged lu trading, In the prosecution
of which ho showed a liberal spirit and
honest representation j satisfied to give ani
receive legitimate profits, and do unto otb.
en as he would they should do unto him.
It was his rule
To catch dame nature's golden Bmlle,
Assiduous w ilt upon her,
And gather celt by every wile
That's lustilied by honor
Not lor to hide it In a hedge
Nar lor a train attendant,
But for the glorious privilege
Ol being independent."
As be grew older this assemblage ol ex
cellent qualities became expanded and ma
tured, and all were ready to bestow upon
hlin a tribute of praiiie, among whom were
thoe of indisputable judgment of mankind
in all the relations of life.
He aid Miss Kittle Banders were mar
ried In Pickens county, Ala., Dec. 41b, 1855,
wnlch proved a happy union. At bis bur
ial were beau'iful floral offerings and every
evidence of respect and esteem were shown
by surrounding and filling bis coffin with
exquisite flowers. A lady standing by his
bier remarked with tears in her eyes, he
always tried to make everybody happy,"
Another said ' be was the largest hearted
inau I have ever known." Children with
whom be came in contact will miss bis
ready smile and warmth of expression. i
II. '
on New York stock exchange, when
seat was sold for $51,000.
CHARACTER to deliver and eolltct in
Mississippi for old established manufactu
ring wholesale house. 900 a year, sure
pay. Ilonety more than experieace rt
quired. Oi r reference, any bank in aay
city, hnclose salt-addressed stamped en
velope. Manufacturers, Third Floor, 334,
Dearbori Bt Cblcsgo.
8. U.
jonTABI.K'8 SAL;.
Slats of Mississippi, Nsxubse Couaty.
Atex. mite 1
. Execution.
J. E. Cavett. I
ItT vi'tue of the ahnvn il.t.rf .! ,n..
mu nun, iiib umrf, nr wn,,t. -
""""""i idb reace tor nexubee Countv
and stats ol Mississippi, I will, en the
7th day of Jaauary, a. D., 190.,
oeiween ins nours prescribed by law,
. ,,., c uureij W toe mgntsi niader,
for cash, in front of the west ilonr r ih.
tu, i uune iii me iowu oi Macon, tbe lot
lowing described preperty. to-wit:
i he west hall lot 9, see 0, T 14. R 17 J
and defendant's undivided
the most beautiful thing in gSfl W t Ctl
thn n.n,-U ;, U.K.. -It mT..?.'?' l",r 'J"" 01 on, state ef
...v. i.uim mv. uaijy, ut j"1' "ifi". 01 aaia prepertv beini' In
4 I Noxilhee rAiintv lUU.(..int j .
dimples and joy. The mOSt up.?n, tll PrPrty et said defendant to
., , ' satisly the above-stated writ and all costs.
pituui thing is that same baby,
thin and in pain. And the
mother does not know that a
little fat makes all the differ
Dimp es and joy have gone,
and left hollows and fear; the
fat, - that was comfort and
i ...
color ana curve-all but pity
and love-is gone.
The little one gets no fat
from her food. There is some
thing wrong; itis either her food
or food-mill. She has had no
fat for weeks; is living on what
she had stored in that plump
little body of hers; and that is
gone, bhe is starving for fat:
it is death, be quick 1
Scott s Emulsion of Cod
Liver Oil is the fat she can
take; it will save her.
. The genuine has this picture oa
it, take no other.
It you hare not tried It, tend
lor free sample iu agreeable
lute will surprise joa.
. - Chemlete,
408 Pearl St., N. Y,
60c. and tl.co j
II drugglate.
quest. Several oblations have al- """"'PP'. Noxubee county,
ready been laid on Hymen's altar, Ne.27' "7v" Co' I Execotlon.
while other off eringa are in a forma- Dunn. 1
mative process. Onr Yillace can . virtueefthe above-stated writ, dtrec-
claim only one ot the perfected oh- $ ,
I Q 1 1 f Tl 1 ..,. At fill I ... ' I
. ivivl IU illt, XDUinaS JJU-I W . an W.nH.v j,.... ion. v.
v . . ... 7 ' . - iu, ov , un-
gau, wuo uecame urea OI living a tween the hours prescribed by law, sell at
life of celebacy and on the 13th inst Pub,!c,out,:I'J t e highest bidder for cash
wont i .-i: - v. . i . , ,be. following described real estate. Ivinir
.u OCalv.u B i:ei,rl anu Ionna and being situate In tbe town of Muron. ia
aid couaty and state, and levied npon as
the property of said defendant to satisfy
-u..-.,.inJ miiaiiu an eosts :
House and lot in fractional block 2J.
dM'' Sherlir.
Prairie Belt Land Co.,
maeon, Mississippi.
Money Loaned on Improved Land at 7 1-2 Per Cent
I250.0UO Worth of Property Sold Vear Miding Jc In 11100.
Bring Your Cotton
Seed to the
. i. . . ... - .
r or me lasi time i hereby warn all par
ties, under the penalty of tbe law, not to
trespass by hunting or otherwise en my
land, lying on both isidea et Ms con aad
Fairffeld road, one mile east ol Macon.
Fair notice. Keep off and save fine aad
"""" , . J48. BBY80N
Department of the Interior,
Land Office at Jackson, alas.,
December 5, 1900.
Notice is hereby given that the followlnt
named settler has Died notice of his inten
tion to make nnal proof It support of his
claim, and that aald proof will be made be.
fore the Chanoery Clerk of Noxubee conntj
J0,0? Mississippi, on January 19th, 1901
via: Millie Huberts. Home'd Entry. No 296t!s
for the northwest quarter of southeast ouar
section 4, T 11 N. K 15 east.
ne names me lounwlng witnesses to
China Oyster Plates
" Fish Sets
" Game Sets
1 Berry Set
' ' Chocolate Sets
' Cracker Jars
' 1 Cuspidor
' ' Dinner Sets
" Tea Sets
" Cake Plates
Also a great variety of Semi Porce-
tain utooas ana iron Stone China In im
ported ana American are at Hein-
ncn s ijiiver ana crystal Pallace.
50.000 to Loan.
I will lose sny amount desired en good
-i-ti. A C. BOOLE.
Pay Your Taxes.
Tha assessment. Rnlla ti i
nvuauiestuciuiinwing Witnesses to prove ui JVCcai uu
fWffl.di.l"" DpoQ and cuftlv- Per80nal Property of the year 1900
uliSSJJiSr- have P,aced in my hands for
collection of taxes on same. All
person are hereby notified that the
taxes are now due and payable.
W. D. Clark,
Sheriff and Tax Collector.
Tbs State oi Mississippi
v J,' E!tat 1 In the "ancery
No. 1798 ol - 1 Court of Noxubee
W, D. Coleman. I Couaty.
To Hiss Fannie Colemsi, an inmate of the
Aiauama insane Asylum, TUcalOOa, Ala.
We command veu to he and nn..r k.r..
the Ckaaeellor of our said Chaamrv
i. Kim tucrcui to uoiaeB si toeuourle.
Hon e in tbt town of Muron it istd county
4th at i day ef April, A. D . 1901.
then and there to shot esuae why the final
accoULt of Jno. A. Tvaon. ,lmlnl.,r.i. . i
said estate, sbnula net be allowed and ap
proved and be disrbarged as such admlnls
trator. Witness mv slirnatiire and the ! f i a
Court affixed, thia 1st. dsy ef Sovember,
A S 1900
Z. T. DORBOH. Clerk.
ovl7-3t b) I. L. Dorroh, D. C
Bears tat
Tin Ui tin Miii .iwirt Burt
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
It arti flclally dlgesU the food and aid!
Nature in Btrenethenintr anil meaab
itructiDg the eibauited digestive or-
ue. a iiiavne latest aiseovereddl(TMV
ant and tonic. No other nrnnaratlon
can approach it In efficiency; It
tantly relieves and permanently euro
Dyipepsla, Indlgeatlon, Heartburn,
Flatulence. Sour Hfsmaji, w.,.
Sick , Headacht,Gutrtlgla,Crampa and
all ether results of lmt rctanjswon.
Frlce SOc aed SI. Luhiium.i.i .
awll ata Book all about irspap.WfrS
rater; y E. C. DeWITT b cc Chlct -
Office and Scales at the Mill.
We will pay you the .highest market
price for Seed and sell ycu Meal and
Hulls at the Lowest.
Has been rolling into my house until now yo
FURXITURE in the greatest profusion.
To the purchaser wishing to he really economical 1,
opportunity not prescntd elsewhere. The widest ran
quality and prices,. with tne complete assurance of satis!
in every purchase.
Chill I
U Tatlalata anal Quaranlaad U Cure Chills J
' Favar and all Malarial Troubles.
Tinea Kot TontAln Onlnlna Xnii r,m PI
Uoe Injur the Stomach Hor Meet tbs lurJ
tiff LT. ptfii t f aiWi' T "0B PrMcrilx Itio his practic, aa sinu
tneonly Chill Tonic which a c-hihl o.n i... k. .. ; .L. .. w i
PrtoeUfc. HRI1W11 SI'll 1.11":" ' ';""'
Prop'ra, Uneneville, Tean.
Merchants and Farmers
rulih.lu-il liy .tiioi lioii ol' rliapter UAnuotiited Coile f 1MW." '
"HI pernn:i
e.vlati- (irenl-
Ijoiuis nmi iliscounis
eiHlor.si'iiH'iiis, rvnl
Overdrafts st'ruri'.l nml iinswiircil
Ktiirks hhiI ISiiiiiI
Furniture anil Fixtures mid K, nl
CI..I.. 1
nruxim K.M1I 4S
ivevenue stamps on linnd
Cash on hand
l").. ',T'.l 30
5-i.ns; iw
in,tW7 :
3.K1 8,1
Capital paid 111
t'ndivideil protlts
Individual ilrnoslls Kl!lifl-t
Tinio Certificates of li'.it,..
Bunks deposits
-'7ll,lil2 f2
Total .
I.J. F.
A1UN r..l,i...Ar,i..u ........ . l!ltl
hr.. i.V : , , '. ' "ie iMereuants and r armers haim, oi maeuu.
ahllii i..V .;, ii, I'lieiiuini! h a true, mi and exnet stuten eut o "
ainiitiesof said Hank on the duv i.n.l ,ii., n,nu.r.i.u...,i i,u n n itrnoo
u .......... .1. r .w"-'- -
""-ii i,i-i i ire no. a circuit c erlt In and lor I lie cum".' r.
. i nis im i i nvofOi-i . im.i . . miv.iii i ' i rcuii
.ri ,V . . ""inn correct,
lhis 2iitli day of (let, lyun.
W. Q. COLE, Auditor,
' Showing Condition of the
Blocton . Coal.
Good Coal and Full Weights
Telephone F. W. BRAN SB Y at depot or annlv t
aug25-3m. t tt uttt t
Drugs, Chemils
Patent Medicines, Oils,
lamps & Fixtures, Toilet Articles,
Prescriptions Carefully Prepared
at all Hours.
f Alop, Ii55 09 Jcpt. 29,. 1900'
Pulillshed l)y direction ol Chapter 14 of Annotated Code of
Capital Htock
Undivided profits ' ""'
Individual depo's suhjert tocbM'
Time Certlllcales of Deposit
Bill payable
Due other banks
Loars and discounts on iiersoi.al
endorsements, real estate or col-
lateral securieiles ; m72 57
Overdrafts seeured ai'm'lS II
Furniture and dxtures o'
I. R. Stamps
HlKht exchange 2"
Cft9hon"""- ji&j.
Iin.sai n
I, N. RCAIjKS, of Bank of Macon. Ml.. h ,.., theforefalM
named ZT"1 f l"e As8eU a1 l-bllltl of said Bank on lb. M
named therein, as shown by the tooks of same. N. C(
Swnm InanH ...i i. .... - ..-ti-flll
bee Miss thi. 11.7, V DCr" me' 8 Ch"cry Clork In nnd Mr the cou j
--'"'u louiia correct.
TblsMh dayofQe,,,,, W. Q. COLB, Auditor.
First Six Month's Business
At Close of Business April 9th. 18U
Loans and discount,
Banklnr n,,.. . ta.fsli 01
Expense aocount ts
Capital Htock paid In
8,)0 00 Fronts
Cashintmnka . 8 Deposits
Cash on hand W.M7 M
8,176 8H
, Ifil.ilOSM Total
ID above Rffitpmnnf i . , '
w. .nu ... . ARTHUR DUGAN, Cn
cla88M of Kood banking bnuinoss.

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