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Pae. 2. 1800.
iil """ "LT
f"M" Hir.nr tiwi.
. 1 :8S p. a.
. 117 p. a.
13 M a.,
la w..
..111S p.
j:oo a. i
WrZ.A maiUloa t...
mail tcnevcLB.
,.1:S0 p. m
r"B.lliclt. - 1pm.
V . ,,M olllcf opens . cloee. 4 p..
f , It tl office oim:0 a a close 1pm
i Clinton and nri , n
Mr. Her Pnnl. J w .
"r. Tho. A. Bakr of Diner All '
Mi Id Ellii Of flan. J ... .
- i. wilk ni. ViMi
MndS.UIThonipfoB. MiM rZ
nis) Wier. Messrs. J mn,.. .
Anumb.Toffrlena.of C.pt.
to Columbus. All cltiien fare
Urtlyrsqnested to be present.
j.U.r aseb, aayor.
.. senator C.pt. W. H
8CU and! familv ha. .i. , .
ocaiei to M. t
jotoD- Patty' to boy aoods for 'tcthe"- wnlcl tak plac at the Meth-'
T charch in Macon. .(
v.! .t' "0,
,.,dtl-1uTW,lcu ,u" "'- conimpiti moving to Mi
oirlittl.ci.y. d .. yonr:n,.yor I e. H. wa. looking for . hous.
,( the Lyceum oi W.1edy, i to be hoped Mcon will h, th,
. th. 8 o'clork p a.,for the par- valuabl accession to its nonni.fi ..
Lof discussing the proposition oflwcUty.
r.oluaba. and N.rth..rtem r-il- torned to .1 . ,1h05 ,?ToIw-
C Pn, f-.-. inetitntion;;; T
i. ot ,neir Tction in the fleldi ad
wood, with do .nd rnn, a recreati.n
they Breny ejoyi. They miiae
fpfaitiilu i:i
Mr. Johi C. t'Tett. formerly or
1IlbMii.jAckon, Mlii. Alderman. oeacon nad a very pleasant cull
from Mr. A. v. o,n n
A,r. .dCred to Santa KI.o. Orove. A,.. l..t rne.da'y. Etl "
K.coi .nou.u ... s.-uu- ID woxobee. where he has land n,.u.
A K,"a'' arrangement for another tear. r., th!
ff( heard strer.l girls say. and they intfl't'en h "d hit
the brt jndges. that Lowney'e "uye ioony corn to make
West Noxubee Item
J hTt wiij for tomt time to tee o
Ue.r sometlilog to write lout. Now I lee
tbe good p,pe 0, our communtJ rooTlnr
uClr wor. just tbey .Iw.yj hive
none. . .ood nfi0I)e i ... ,,
e DPve trranrfoH f, j . . . . . ""v ,0,n r't their er.w. wh.. if
, ..u.vuvuoc luuui aim 111 ' u luck Hint their pines and
"7 it tf.-in. The delur. w h.H I. ..
spiing which Inundated our best lauds, all
seem to be forrotun. .nil nn. i.
looking forward lo a p-enperous new year.
The farmers have uon. in work .hi,
doubled enerry. Tbe streams and illtcbfs
which wtre ailed with muck and ssod by
tbe heavy rains in June, ar nn h.i
cleaued out. tad the grass which took the
i...ie oi corn tnd cotton, Is now being
the future will handle
in CAR LOTS and will make it to your interest to get
fnuci Deiore Duying.
We also wish to call attention to our
Complete line of FANCY GROCERIES
consisting of an unequaJed assortment or Canned Goods, a hxg
ioi ot JNewjVuts, Fresh and Evaporated Fruits, Etc. We
only ask a chance to give prices and show you our stock
tome and see us.
is like a oajCAre
In good condition she is sweet and lovable,
tnd sings life's song on a Joyful harmonious
string. Out of order or unstrung, there Is
discordance and unhappiness. Just as there
is one key note to all music so there is one key
note to health. A woman might as well try
to fly without wings as to feel well and look
well while the organs that make her a woman
are weak or diseased. She must be healthy
Inside or she can't be healthy outside. There
are thousands of women suffering silently all
over the country. Mistaken modesty urges
their silence. While there is noihing more
admirable than a modest woman, health is
of the first imrjortance. Everv other rnn.
burned off or n.owed under. Tbe volnm.. I . n should ive WJ before Erad-
it from .he field, i. an .u- f.T01 U 4 medicin6 fo'
Locolatp were the best they Tr ate,
Id Ed. Bell sells them.
i turnip weighing three ponoda and
tartan ounces is at :he Boston Store.
wuniitd by Dr. Broilea at Green-
bod Spring".
another crop.
Weet Point Leader Items:
Col. Abbot ia having a aiz room cot
tage bailt on the lot opposite the holi
ness aonses. it will be a handsome
audition to tbe appearance of onr village
nuwm oe eccopied when completed
oy u. a. Miller and family.
Mrs. L. H. Miller will leave to mor
iniua irom ine neius is an iku
ance that the people intend to have bre.l
another rear without serdinir ta th. ..t
for It. Our fale is to eat bresd bv tbe sweat
01lr "rows snd whst bas happened may
happen ajfiim. but we are always slrivlur
uo uie uem.
Christmas is slmost here snd the chief a
musement It fox chasing. David Trip.ett
and Clint Coekrell. ol Perkinvlllc. were
with tbe boys in a chase on the morning of
The negroes are having their fun thit
winter In fairs and dances.
Corn crops are sorry in this section hnt
the mint n a splendid substitute and w.
are blemed with a good crop of that. Hogs
that reeled as tbey walked during the sum
mer are now in fine, hog-kliling order.
A merry Xmas and a hannv New Vmr
for the lieacon and all its readers.
Any one Iwantini? millinery will find
it to their advantage to call at Mis
Mies L. B. Shelton ig tellinir her mil-
linery strictly at cost.
It is the general impression now that
the Cudahy kidnapping case is :t fake-
a trick to get cheap advertising. He
hno t..U - 1 l - . . ..
u iu several mies aooui tne ransom
Masonic Lodge Election.
At the election held December 14th of
. 1 VT. 1A , I. - 1 1 I
stketed officers for the ensning bom' Zrv, ' PM m
. " noiidaye in Chftonvi He. with h.r n.f.
i. n . uoierooKs. w . si. . w ... .
., . a.u iun. li. u. uenly
Inner, S.W .A.F. Rnsh.Sr, , J. W.,
, Bfsneby, Treas. , W. J. Phelps,
4T., J. 0. Kaser, Secretary.
ibi Ttltphont Snliacrlbtrs of Macon .-
The central office will be closed Christ-
day eictpt from 8 to 10 a. m. and
Bot:SO p. a,
W. A. LoVETT.Sni.t.
Ittwi rr ached Mobile last night from
Louis that there was a report In rlr
Uition there that Colonel E. L. Rue-
li, president of the Mobile and Ohio
llrotdjwsi gjlig to reeign. There il
the slightest shadow of troth in the
Church Services.
Rev. H. R. Raymond will Breach at
me rretDytenan church on the fifth
Sunday, Dec, 30, morning and evening.
a no puouc are luvited to attend.
beginning in January Rev. J.D.Wil
ion or union Uty, Tenn., will preach
three Snudaye in the month at thel
Presbyterian church.
At the municipal election held Dec.
uin, me Hollowing received all the
votes cast;
For mayor, J. O, Kaser,
I or aldermen, W. T. Allen. C.Har
pi, wnicti is s:rennously denied by aw, r, X. Uarleton, T. P. Crymes, J.
wiaentitBueii. Uor. Pieaynne. i Urace.
For Treasurer-R P.. V. V.t..
Five Dollars R.ward. for Marshal-J. T. Sarrent.
fire dollars is offered for lnfnrm.tl.n Tbev will be iworu In th. fir.t 11 nnrlnv
utwatctiostby Hiss Edwarda last " Jnuary and after that the bova will
hi ob the Macon and Cooksville road. singing "Oh, Mr. Sargent, I'll be
To all ZMIercliaritD :
Swift & co's,-
Packing House
It will save you time and money to call on the under
signed for vour Tin riAn and Tirv fi. If f int. .1 v j
" ""v iaru ill uerces money and the kidnflnnd w. ,t.i-
ana uns. Unlv the fre urht will h .,1 rt e;t t cannot be relied on
O ----- w v. v w waiui, XJUUia I -
All parties are warned, under nen.itrnr
.ueiaw, noc tresspass by huntlnn or nthnr.
wise on our lands lying along Dry Creek be
iweou upper and lower Sbuqualak road
"fol-lm J. R. Eva h, i
Strayed or Stolen
Two black mtre mules, one 2 and the
other 3 years old, and one is larger than
tbe other, both in good condition. The
largest mule has a yellowish colored nose
ti- t .. . . .
..rioi.oi. ureu ln norse iiuiiter swamp
near me Harbor place. Will liberally re
wa.-d any one for information el them
They have been misxiuir since about Nov,
25th. GOUSSET Hltns.
Dec8.3t. Brooktvllle, Miss.
We are reprcsiatives of the
CootecHle Silk Co., and will keep
on hand a complete assortment of
nil shades of Filo and sewing silk,
also a glorious line of stamped Lin
iens. Come and see them.
Patty Ditv Goons Co.
women sills, it is
est way to cure leu
corrhea, falling of
(he womb, nervous
ness, headache,
backache and gen
eral weakness. You
will be astonished
at the result, es
pecially If you have
been experiment
ing with other so
called remedies.
We are not asking
you to try an uncer
tainty. Bradfield'i
happy thousands of
women. What it
has done for others
It can do for you.
Sold in drug stores
for$l a bottle.
A frw ll!utnted
book will be MMit
to aU who write to
Atlanta, Co.
Avery's Kainiimv l'lovv
Best Black Land Flow Hade
Avery's Steel IJeam Uusters
Avery's Sample Sulky Flows
Avery's Disc Cultivators
Avery's Shovel Cultivators
Avery's Harrows
Avery's Xcw Ground Plow
Avery's Modern
Corn Plan.
Ave-y's McCIure's E u
Cotton Planter
Avery's Plow Stoslo
Avery's Steel Peam Pony AO,
DO and CO Plows
Avery's Di'' Dolt Plows
:.Ceral v Terelapdise..
prices. When you see some thing good for yourselves help
to better it by calling on
J. O. FASER, Agent.
To the Public:
We are selling agents for
of Chicago, III.,
The largest Pork and
Beef Packers in the World,
We carry a line of their Meats, Hams, Lard and Can-
ned Meats. Always in stock and the nrines n rio-ht
w X ... . .Q.-V.
Pleask call and be Convinced.
0. M. SCALES, Mgr.
pST-One;iiatteaberg piece between
r. r tttnt' residence and tow..
iiSoJir (till please return to W-. M.
M store.
(big assortment of Fnr Collarettes
Mtc -th. biggest drive of tbe sea-
-roily li3 pv Mnt cheaper than can
taint tlstwhere. Be tnreftn call .t
Pattt Drt Qood8 Co.
8i not be very long before yon
N a good assortment of tn.
". the little one.. The place to
'J" them Cryetal and Sil-
Holiday for County Schools.
.Notice U hereby given, to all of the
pnblic echoels of Noxubee coonty, that
they will be euepended for the Christ
mae holidaye, from the afternoon of
Friday. Dec. ?lt nntil Monday morn
tng, Dec. Slat. 1800.
3. M. Thomas,
Coanty Supeiintendent Edncation,
Fob Sale Good second hand upright
piano ia prime order. Apply at
Beacon ofhee.
. . ... I
very rneaT) this v.tr- th. T. ......,.,.nt hnl,. - .1.. . .
a,,-.,, . ' . --v " . n n vi li o iunN VI
II,. ' "' "M t C. L Hein I Macon have been tarned over to m for S:indav afternoon for his hom. in u.m,
Mr. Walter Shearer, of West Point.
visited Macon this week.
Mr. Walter Weaver of Colnmbua.was
in Macon this week on business,
Mr. Oeo. Richardson is in Mobile.
Ala., Inn week on legal business
H. D. Skinner, Jr., is at his post
again after a yery severe attack of fe
MiesRydie Minor returned Taesdav
after a week'e vitit to relatives in
Starkville. Mist.
Mr, Wyatt Jones and Mr. Howard
Scales, students at Bell Buckle, will be
at home during the holidays.
Misses Sallie and Rydie Minor leaves
Monday for a few weeks visit to friendi
and relatives ia Jackson, Miss.
Mr. Jno. R. Slippen, Jr., leaves
i. Bis
trick is complete in all the collection of .tax, and all concerned lhi, Tenn., to spend the holidays.
"o to Silver and Crvatal P.i...
kpGU, V.re. where, .n.i
lo find a nice assortmnnt.
Gfos-atCut glass priceg.
E, Heinrich, Prop.
are requited to call promptly and set
tle. R. R. EniN,
declS-lm Tax Collector.
All parties are warned not to trade or
negotiate for receipt No. 7123 for (one
bale cotton, weight .issued
to R. Dare,
Miss Celeste Harrison, who is a stu
dent at Ward "a Seminary In Nashville,
will be at borne to-morrow and daring
the holidays.
ft Warehouse Co.
be applied for.
E. P. Connell and Miss Grace Shearer
were joined In matrimony Wednesday
Jr., by Macon Compress evening December 12, at tbe Methodist
Towa Lot lor Sale Chea.-Jl75 will bny if
taken by Jauuary 1st, the lot lyin?
between Presbyterian Manse and
Miss Mary Sugg's lot. For pirtie
, nlars write W.F.Ferris.Jr..
Collins, Miss.
A commodious two-story dwelling
containing six rooms and two halls, with
kitchen joined to house. Excellent wa
ter, beautiful grove, about three acres
in cultivation and a Urge garden. Good
barne and out -bouses. Hot house and
flower garden. Entire lot contains
about 6 acres. Now occupied by A. T,
Dent at residence. Immediate posses
tton given. Terms reasonable. Apply
w A. T. Dent
Call at L. F. Holbenr's hard war.
store and he can show you I be Rain Bow
Hats, feathers, etc
Miss L. B. Shelton.
Attorney at Law,
Macon, Mies,
Money to loan a 7J per cent, on larmlng
ands. 8-9-Ora.
Meridian, Mill.
Micon, Mm.
u$ritt, DotyO Barpes,
Attorneys at Law,
A good supply, plain and ornamental,
just received by L. F. Hoi.hero.
Clothing, Dry Goods,
Hats, Full Line of Shirts,
Cuffs. Crockery,
Wooden ware, Wagons,
Saddles, Bridles,
11 ZETincL
Meat, Flour.
Molasses, ISiue,
Tea, Pickles,
Candy, Tobacco,
Notions. Boots and Shoes,
Drawers, Collars,
Tinware, Hardware,
Buggies, Harness,
Blankets Whips, Pads
of Q-rocsrios,
Sugar, Coffee,
Hams, Breakfast Bacon,
Grits, Crackers,
Lard and Soda.
Corn, Oats, Meal, Bran, Purina Feed, Cotton Seed Meal and Hulls.
JOHN M. CIIAPPELL. Call on us for Prices. ERNEST LUCAS
When yon are in town call at Hoi
berg's Hardware store and see the Rain
My line of Jackets, Copes and
Furs n ceived this week CMinot be
surpassed Prices low. Come and
see them, Remember ihey are new
good3. Just received to-day, Friday.
Dl'KAST Owkxs.
Just Keceived.
40 Xkw Stylus.
Most complete line ever shone
Macon. All nriccs at
DritAXT Owkn's
On the night of Nov. 4th, 1W0O, my hori-e
and mule strayed or were tnkcn from my
place 2 miles southwest of Macon. The
horse is a light cream, black mane nnd tail,
a small knot on inside left foreleg. Wlwcen
knee and ankle. Good Sadler and in good
order, about 6 years o.d.
The mars mule is dark-brown, medium
size, 3 or 4 years old, in good order, while
spot in one eye and is known as a cross.
eyed mule. Has large feet.
Information of tin m will be thankfully
received and liberally rewarded.
.JEFF JlcS K A f.,
novl" Macon Miss.
Knocks all Competitors Silly.
" A 7IIICH means what it
V V has ahvavs mpnnr.
going cheap at
s duplicate will
T. J. Horams.
P Mobile ft Ohi d D
... - win aeii
r' rate of 1 ,nd 1 M-.i ... i.
CWitnaaaMv I-.:. "r "TO t0-1,u-
tu, . uoiiaaye;
Had. ...I. ... TflSTiTnsTH
tit, zotn. sutbl '
r-"', mm ..i T . . i t
1)1 jj ".nnary 1st and 2nd I 11 "" P'veu ciaw nammer wim
. reiura n.a.a.. t ... i v . J. si' sumnM on nnrn in... will
ft 'th' 151- Sneci.l nri.ii nav reasonable reward tn n nn. who ainK Mreh in 100,4 charming manner,
Far ii,-.. mm... I Liu . i. ... .... The groom entered the side W with
church. The church was beautifully
decorated with evergreens and chrysan
themums and many wax tapers lent
light and brilliancy to the scene.
At the appointed honr Mr. D. A.
Saunders rendered Mendelsshon's Wed-
will lead to its recovery.
W, J. Mallard,
12 15-3t Macon, Miss.
Mr. G. 3. Tnrner as best man and
simultaneously the ushers. Messrs. A
W Lampkin, J. L. Caldwell, Joe
Rand and W. V. Connell, Jr., followed
U At. A- tt -t t r
Straytd or Stolen. "J "ouu"nM; tlrn-
fMm nt...u. i ta rv.i. 1 ww TC v"
A I - a, T aval. I '
...... ,.,., -uouec. om.one SmTthe d j. H, Woodward. Mi
Ua V I aUlan uiun a uui Bt3 III U1R. BUI I ML I ft Ml I A T n m a .
er and h... ... n . . 'P ""a j . o. oore. rne
BIRDS T V 1WK CANA- r 1 ... . S bride oi bM of DOor. Mi" Annie
r Also i. , K lt0"e, ' .' . . V "" w Shearer, were most tastefully atti'ed in
mi HirsiBBS v i if if r a ui iuiuiuitiuii iinu a.u
-.w wi UVLU I "
wywany M. 0. R. R.
C. M. Shepard,
G"rl Passenger Agent.
Mobile. Ala.
price list.
, . Hy- Dillard.
1314 So. 10th8t.,Loni..Mo.
H Hi.l .
rath.,. "
B. I. Yates.
Sherman, Ala.
or W. B. Peebles,
Columbus, Miss.
CALEB ritrf JtLt.
r 'run
Mildred Minor
"Hie Holt
Clythe Bogle
wrd Clemens
Alma Dlmmore
Jessie Norwood
"Purgeon Jackson
Kthel Dorroh
"Ann Woodward.
William Carter
Willi, M Ronm,,,,,
''"ells 8, oner
L"e Klefcelberger
John H. Dlnsmore
Walter Ludie
oxle Klrby
Wm. Loeai
The ceremony was performed by Rey.
R. A. Meek.
From the church the bridal party at
tended a reception given by Dr. J. W
Th bride waa the recipient of many
handsome present from, her host of
friends. Mr. and Mr. Connell are
Notice Is hereby given that sealed Hds
will ke received at the office of tbe Chance.
ry Clerk en er before the first Monday ia domiciled at the residence of the groom'
January 1901, lor medical attention te the mother, -(starkville Times
inmate of th Jail and poor keuse lor oss
year from Jan, 1st., 1901.
Tee Wee, the little pet and favorite
dog of Nena Rnth, departed this life en
the 80th lost. He wat ever faithful,
gentle and kind, much brloved by his
little Mistress, and hence this little tri
lute to it memory Pater Familia.
tr ACuaatMvn
Also, at the earn time aad place seated
b'lla will be received to keep tbe Giles fer
ry fer eae year frem January 1st. . 1M1.
Also st the same time and place bids will
be received to wark th convict el the
eounlr oa the road and bridges lor 1901.
Said bids t b made by th mentb with th
understanding that whea th eeiinty has
n convicts aurneient to demand tbe aervi.
eea ef aa agent, the Board reserves th
right to pay said agent for the time he I
actually engaged In working tbe eenvlcts.
Also, at the same time and plaee sealed
bids will be received t build a bridge over
Bogus Cbltto creek on the Ualon Academy
MB J .IMMMlln. . .k- Mil--- m..A -K IS - I ' ll t- 1.1., 1 1 . - .
- y.m. .-v. . nieu Bj aer ,uwe aangnier.iyuia re-
iion. on me ir. ion omce. . . . . . . ,
The Board rsrv. th right to r.lect w uo uwu 7.
nj and all bids. nr a visit or n vfri dyj to her
Berdsref the Beard ef Supervisor f I father. Mr. H. B. Foster.
Noxube County, Miss.
Z. T. DOBRo.fi. i Oa MlBUt Couch Car, csimsl
Meridian Star Items:
Mrs. W. A. Lyerly is entertain
log Miss Sarah Allen, of Macon.
Mrs R. J. Garten went up to
Macon today where she will be the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Williams.
Mrs. J. II. Williams accompa-
Remaining Inpostolice in Macon. Mn
week ending Dec. 17. 1900:
Blewett, Smith Carpenter. Mrs E
Chambliss, T. A. Geodson, W .
Humphr. y, H. A. Moore, Henry
Moore, Irliely Paramore, T, W. (!)
nucuerson, r.mi.ll. ,, strait. J, L. If.
Tatim. K. L, Tdomas, Chollle
Wbea ealled for say advertfaed,
All parties indebted to the estate of H
W. Foete will please come forward and
settle at once, as we are authorized to sue
parties indebted and wind up tbe estate a
10-18 WOO.
Th Smith place 18 miles west ef Macon
a , . .... M- L- MARX.
decl-2m JM Adams St., Memphis, Tenn
No better candies than Lowgey'i are
found anywhere. Go to Ed. Bell's for
Lowney'e chocolates.
If you want the purest and be?t can
die, tryLewney' chocolate at Ed
Jacket. Capsj
nd Collarettes
TTi ml. , .
iro woum make a very
handsome holiday piesentfora ladv and
nownere else can they be had so cheaD.
we are selling them below the manu
facturer s firrt cost. Before buying be
ure to eaii and examine this) full and
elegant line.
dec. 15 Pattt Dry Goons c.n.
Ir. fxasaaphrers' naaaal-Sew
New edition of Dr. Hnmnhr.vs'
Manual Ui pages-on car and treat
ment of the aick-malled free.
Cor. William and John Sts.,
New York
Stokee-Eyan ar reoeivinv mrn and
torlng It in the Fair Ground buildings
a Ht.eTlightHUI"er H"lM pUc' N,T-8tb-
with black stripe across the wath.r. .nd
split In left esr. When last heard frem ike
waa at th Beykln pl., ,,ir th AMtm
line, and I prebably aeutbsast er sru'h of
Maeen. I will llbsrallv reward any one f or
intormatlon ot the mule.
nv!7 8AMPT Mel,EOI),
MoLeed, Mlss-
Brown's MuleTobacco
For sale hy R, R. ELKIN.
Tic-dolonreax-Swelled Face
A swollen fuce is the gharactpristic
epidemic sympton this year of u Cold
or the Grin Humphrey's Specific "77"
cures it 25c.
Agents wanted fir the "Life ot
Booker T. Washington," written by
himself. Everybody buys; agents now
making over $100.00 per month: best
book to sell to colored people ever pub
lished. Write for terms, or send 21 cts
for outfit and begin at once. Address,
Dept. B. J, L. Nichols 4 Co. ,
Atlanta, Ga.
Mr C, L Ileiunch will be found
with a fine line of Jewelry, sotid gold
baby ring, Sterling silver Novelties,
and quadruble plated Ware of the
best Manufactors.
Indestructible Chairs
is, cost no more than "The Other
get tnem for you, have no others.
have fnnrul if " T 41,;.,
u""'- -aw. All Llil-"5
case it means that we have
found out how to make a
common 3 slat cane bottom
chair that can't come to
pcices, How? This cut
tells it. A green post and
a dry round with a "knot''
cnt on end of it. Its pat-
' ented, don't fonret. Result?
j Inevitable. Must stay
. there forever. Your great.
. rrro.nt o-rnnf rrrnnd nln'lrlon
i will Wnndfr rimv nld tliia
chair is. Cheap, useful, heir
loom, ain't it. Pretty part
Kind". Your dealer kwiU
For sale byT- J. HOPKINS-
Come to the Sale
We will save you money.
Remember thit we are not
satisfied until you are.
To th Good People of Macon i Wo ofler now frosli rrnnd
and Victnttv: I
I have oiu'iied u Fainilv Oioim vI S
m,n,.ii ilio f cl.l.. ,.r T..rr ... I ""' 1 iMiioriei oi uoiis, we can
. . v. .... in, v -l ..I'll. ,l ,H III 1 fll'Ll
Special Jtoliday $ak
at the
W'e wish to announce to the people of Macon and vicinity
that we inaugurate to-day our
Special Animal Holiday Sale
Come whether you buy or not.
Sonetlpii Jtyat Utrac.ts
the wise house -keeper must be
something more than "cheapness."
We could sell you
at lower prices thnn our present fig
ure but they would be "cheap"
goods nnd the chances are that you
would not like them.
Better to buy these goods because
they are of sterling quality, have
finer flavor and contain double the
nourishment of the lower priced ar
H. C. Rush & Co.
Ed. Bell
will have everything fresh and
nice for
Fancy Shelf Goods
The Finest Fruits
Nuts, Caudies. &c.
He can fill your bid in anything in
the eating lirje. When you come to
buy remember the
next to Murphey's drug store.
Street at .1. L. Ford's old stand.
where 1 will ke, p ulw.iys on band a
fresh supply of
Family Groceries Canned Poods
of every description, Vege.
tables, Fruits in Season,
With the guarantee to sell the
best quality of goods at the LOW
EST CASH PRICES, I respectful
ly ask a share of public patronage.
Sept 22- 3m. .1. 0. IRION.
.. 10o
,. 10c
. 2.0
. Mo
12 W
. 7.io
. 4.-.0
. 10c
. 2.io
. 2.io
. . Tic
. (loo
. . 5o
ver know w n vr yocark ta k.
When you lake Grove' Tasteless Chill
Tonic, beeaune the formula Is plainly
printed on every bottle showing tbut it Is
Iron and Quinine in a tasteless form. No
cure, No Pay. 60c
WSead your orders tor all kin,ls ol
K ntucty and Tennessee whiskies to
wholesale Liuuoi Dealer, Alienlecn, Miss
Scs price list In this paper,
408 is the winner.
them for sale.
L. F.Holberg has
WaNTKD An experienced salesman for
Mississippi. Line Plug nnd Smoking
Tobacco. Address.
Lilpfert, Scales & Co.,
Winston, N. C. I,'. S. A
Department of the Interior.
Land Office nt Jackson. Miss.,
December 13th, 1!HK.
Notice Is hereby frlv.n tlmt ii, iniinin.
nidi settler has rii,l .mi.. r hi. i.......
tlon to make filial proof in support of his
Claim, ami that said proof will be made be
lort the Cham-nrr ri.rb r M-...I... ...
ty, at. Macon, MIm., on January 24ltl, 1901,
vis : Uiirno Dunn lr n-:....i ;
NO. SOU41. lor the east half of aoiithwesl nr
seellOB , t 14 N, RISK.
"J.""" ,he following witneBe to
Crete hit mmini,.,,. -i.v.-..
cultivation of ssid land, vis :
Thomas. Levi Jones, Csry Jones.
a,altiD, aii oi jnarnn. Miss.
Tbe thouse next to Griggs' Furniture
Store on Main street. Apply to T. T,
Patty at Telegraph oftbe.
All parties Indebted to the Inte Adam O.
ureer win tane notice Hint Letters Teste
meniary nve neen lirsnf U t he umter
Kucil, and they are ren nested to come,
orward and pay same, and s ivo cosib, as
ne misiness oi ine esiute must be settled
without delay. KorkktGhkkr.
octlll'JOO. Kxecutor.
ourn Tlti;PAssnts.
All parties are warned, under the penal
ty of the law not to trespass on the lands
ot the undersigned, situated aloujr, tho Sili
con and Fairliold road.
Stops the Cough
and works of the Cold.
Laxative, Bromo-Quia'ne Tablets cure a
eold in one day. No Cure, No Pay Pries
j j cents.
offer you better values tban others can
even think of. We have a beautiful line ol
dressed and undressed dolls in kid liodv;
bisque jointed and chit a limb dolls, which
we ufi'er you for very little money.
Jackets, Jackets
We have a line of Ladies' Jackets that
must be cluscc out- " hey go for less than
actual cot:
Jackets woith fd.OO, now $3,(10
' " 8.00 ". 4.00
" 0.O1 ' 5.7.'
" 3.S0 " 1, 75
Ladies' Muvhintoshes lO.oOuovv 4.00
3.M ' 2.110
AVe have some ladies' shoes in .mall
numbers that we will sell at most any price
The unusual demand for toys last year
causes us to buy heavier and we now have:
games, toys, picture books, etc. to please
and instruct the little ones and at prices
to please you.
Glass and Chinaware
While thinking ol the children, we have
not forgotten tho older ones and we have
some of the prcttist and daintiest thinps
in glass and china dishes, china cups and
saucers and the prices are SO MODEST.
Hutcher knives, 2."e kii.d 10c
W e have mentioned only a few items for luck of space, We will not
be undersold. When others advertise bargains you can find the same
thing at our store formless money. Everything as represented or your
money refunded. This is our best guarantee.
Itest steel Cirrv combs-2."o kind
Putty kniv. s. 2."ie kind
tl Lever brass 1 ad look 50c kind .
8 in. Strap hinges
S Day locks
SO Hour alarm clock
Knives and forks doz
Good nail hammers
Hell faced eurrcuters hammers .,
fiojd tel hatchets
Tack hammers
20 in, saws
2 pape.s tacks
We have a beiter line of school supplies
than ever before -
Pencil tablets, 8 x 12
1 doz lead pencil .'
i " " " with rubbers
2.'i slate pencils
2.'i heavy envelopes
1 doz. penholders
1 do?, pen points
Good llox paper
Fine ' "
liest linen box paper
Good'ink tablets
Best Linen tablets,
Chenpest line of notions in town
3 papeis needles
4 papers pfns
2 spools thread
Good Ilorii'Combs
'Machine Oil. 10c size
Hoy's suspenders
JHiiir Brushes .' ,
Towels, lSx.!6 inch
4-quart covered buckets
10 qt tin milk buckets
4 qt milk pan
10 qt, '
2 dippers
i pint cups
.. no
. fc
. 5c
. fe
H. 0. RUSH & CO.,
Fancy Grocers:
We carry a full and complete line of
Staple and Fancy Groceies
ofeveiy description, AND DEFY COMPETITION. We pay the
highest uarket prices for Chickens, Eggs and Country Produce. We
make a specialty of
California Frnits and Currants. Prunes. Dates.
Cranberriesi Etc.. Eto.
Every article sold under a strict guarantee and must be as represent! d .
Come to see us atj. C. II. Jones' old stand.

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