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,1 OH
11, t901.
"... n. sciikdvlk
12:OS p. m.
. :ilN p. in.
:OS p. m.
10;37 a. m.
13 37 a. m.
.1:17 a. m.
. 9:fIS a. ni.
11:. '15 a. in.
(.IK .M. ' "
.-a rtnr ft
M il HDl'l-K.
12:80 a m
W p. m
.. ..,! lit
I" .1 .mriii 9 a. m. closes 4 p.m
ir"cr .. ..oQ-qnn mrlonr R nm
JUrfNim copl8 of BEACON
''I"'1" '.'!. ' '.. m nresB Krldnv oven-
Ctoto Patty Dry Goods Company
,00-lsmrn'" .
,cai Vuckb s and little Bon are
.... va iiiin'iils ill Macon.
g A. Hummer, or Drazelia,
topping 1" tnwiiMuuuaj.
,.j r9. frank rooteot names-
L visiting houmfolks.
Beisie Clreer;of Meridian ia vidt.
m4Mrs. J. H. Huok.
Ljlice May and Mrs. nnd Miss
U were in town liiiirsiiay.
Ll Mrs. Warren are in New Or
dtenling the Baptist convention,
itRush is in Sc.ranton, Miss,,
. 1 I,te Mca Wirulf
jlnggie Mansnn of Rockwall,
iithe giif"t of her aunt, Mrs.
L. L. Minor, chief of intornes at
iipital at Vii'kslmrg is at horns for
k period.
Kiltie Simpson left Tuesday
1;r to visit her sister, Mrs. Hon-
, In Columbus.
Martha limine left Thursday to
:enJh Meridian. She will ex
rtrip to New Orleans.
H, A. .Minor, president of the
Weal Association, is in atten
on that body now in session Ht
ri, ,1. 0 Fa-or. J. Klaus and
Hi'inrich returned Ttiuisday
Vickslnirg. Mr, racer was
t Grand Junior Waiden of the I.
T, Heard came down from
brille yesterday. 11 gave us the
ll information that Mr. Dayis M.
il stroke of apoplexy about an
dore lie left .
ml Mr. Sen net t. a yery aged
left for New Orleans Thursday.
wre accompanied by a Uangutcr,
rerjuson, and a grand son, Mr.
Connor, of Hattiosburg. Mr. J,
itett was al i Imre.
reported in Macon on good au
that cuds will shortly be out
king the marriage of Mr. R. C.
lein, assistant cashier of Nntion-
kof Comm. rce, ilattiesbursr. to
Mtim ille voir g lady of Ellis-
SHIED -Tuesday, May 7th. Mr.
psood and M iss Am mla Stnman
if train at Macon, stopped off at
rd ami securing the sei vises of
Erwin, iveie united in marriage.
pint of pnrnlal objection they
mpelled to to Gretna Green
I)'i6tli, at li .ptist Church.
Milate.Miss Annie Armstrong
ore will v;-it Macon and hones
ft at the CaptM church all ladies
" interested in Missionary work,
irawrotifr's fame piecedes her as
Kin this, cans," and no lonbt she
"ke the nice. ing a very iuteiest-
"On't forget the date.
Sir. Grace ,
;i "cted to go to the
New Orleans, but
m well Icav
lie will preach
N Sunday.
f"y pi ices ,'. not talk? The
J style nf ;ooda beinir ofTered
ed by th - .vi.lt -awake firm of
UrJ Goods C,,. at such reasonable
'"-pot cash, i,;1V0 W all the
rnthe run and the cash car-
N'ldsiniil,.r fl',,,11 ,..lv ,nnr
'skatuin. g H2t
' Smith will nastnro a fBw
co his
'pasture in town.
""' your trade. Trv n.
Mtin!Iaco,,,a smftll Brown
; m bell on when last seen.
W in center r,f fni....i ..
,1"" "Ml be thankful yr.ceived
f'slllntSniii IM i
J'';'"itli. sermon by Rev. W.
f " 11 d',1,,, L- 111 ... ....
' con i. i, ....... . . .
r'Mreto !!, .,
e"' s u; uiu exer-
Ivn Knnnoon,
JI- V. Kriday,
Tam wi?l U8e " con-
L,v?uea Treatment
Proceedings Board Supervisors.
A regular meeting was held, all the
members present,
Reports of S.M. Thomns.lW II Stew
art and F U Dantzler were received and
ordered filed.
The account of Andrew J. Bryan
came op for hearing and the board be
ing of the opinion that they areagentsof
the connty, were not Jnstiy indebted to
the Bryan company the acconut was
Resignation of T IT Otis as constable
of Beat 4 was accepted and the office
declared vac int.
The Sheriff reported additional as
sessments to amount of $15o5;and $17 89
tax collected.
On petition of sheriff the clerk was
ordered to giye him credit on twojdouble
On petition of W T Coleman, J A
Boswell was empowered to visit and
have such repairs made as in his judg
ment he may deem necessary.
The sheriff was ordered (o resell four
piecns.'of land bid off and sot paid f ir at
the March sales.
Iu relation to Noxubee's lands in
Hancock county a representative of .1 A
and S A Cnrr made a proposition to
leate the same for l1) yeais for a sum
not agreed upon, und the same was
lakeu under advisement for a later deci
J 1' Jones, Umber $ jo 50
J L Barton, stenographer 1'20 00
II Vf Klrby, lumber (j jig
E O Kirby, lumber k 00
A Klaus, sundries for Jail 13 8f
J II Kinklea, concejing prisoner to
J"f 3 CO
K P Nunn & Co, nail)! 2 00
L V Holberg, sundries foi roads and
convict" 19 so
O I) Iiurnurd & Co. Hindi' for Cir
cuit Clerk and slierrifl' 34 80
Stokes-Kvan Co.window shades for
court lioilso, paper case, minds, for
roads and convieU 73 s;
W I) Clark, services ut Chan, court 30 00
Z T Dnrroli, services at Chan. Court 30 00
8am Robinson, burying pauper 0 0(1
Cluke & Courts, record book 14 IS
1 II Hunter. !)0 bitching posts 22 TpO
lien Little, fi lies ferry for April ... 10 00
T J Ilwkin, cotton matress ,') 7r
E it Cavett, ruuber slump lor Chan,
Clerk 3 15
W P Ml not, postago for 4 months. .. 4 00
W S Staggers, hauling furniture.... 4 00
E Cleiirman, lumber 30 00
W D Clark, expeuse 3 weeks circuit
court 037 00
S M Thomas, salary and pontugo ... Gl 08
W V KciTis, Blinds, for Co. ofllcers.. 8 80
J W Knight, luniliei 90
W 11 Stewart, allowance for poor
house 105 00
W II Jackson, building two bridges
and lumber 103 115
J K Jones, paints, oil etc 9 00
D C Ktrrls, blanks lor Co. officers. . 4 W
V L Keatherston, wood for jail 3 CO
Hal ft Ike Ike, training bridge 5 00
T CC'oekrcll, lumber 5 05
State v Mat Wedlock 14 85
State vs John Hiown 20 70
State is Jim Jones Ill 00
Slate vs John Scott 10 00
Slate vs Hob Jones lft 95
State vs Hill Holbrooks 11 20
Slate vs JcfTKoger 6 00
Lunacy I'nlloy Strong 18 "5
Lunacy Frank Triplctt 16 80
W 1) Clark, postage ond washing... 3 00
W O Clark. conveying prisoner from
Amory to Macon 10 10
W I) Clark, board of prisoners for
April 41 70
It O Halfacre. lengthening clock
weight boxes 2 25
Z T Dorroh postage and express on
book 7 8
V II Dantzler, salary anil feeding
convicts for April 71 10
J R Dugan's account for I11111I er was
Tuesday, Mny 7,
Board met pursuant to adjournment.
The resignation of J B Stewart, J L
Dantzler. I) A Kinehart, road overseers
was accepted and V A Cheatham for
17. Bob Clark for 22 and .1 R Moore for
122, were appointed in their places, J
Sparkman for No. 10.
Advertisement was ordered for sealed
bids to erect a bridge across Owl Creek
on Bre.ver road.
K S Skinner and J H Porter reported
that the road petitioned for by E U
Cavett ft a1 . is for the best interests of
tlio pttlio, and recommended samelo
be granted. -It begins at fout-inile
post on Macon and Warsaw road, run
ning in a northerly directi ti, inteisect
ing the Macon and Memphis road near
New Hope church, W M Cavett to be
The committee appointed to examine
Giles ferry boat .eported that the one
now in use will do until fall, when a
new one wilb.be ordered.
J W Deupree was ordered and em
powered by the board to have the M. &
O, R.R. Co. issue dnplicat? Btock in
compliance with the decree of the etian
eery court and that he negotiate ft sale
for said stock.
J B I'orter and W M Dowdle were ap
pointed to secure the numbers of land
in Hancock county belonging to Noxn
bee county, and to go upon said lauds
and inspect the same and inform them
selves as to the value of the timber, and
do anything they may deem necessary
to the interest of the comity, and make
11 complete report to this board .
The election commissioners were in
structed to order an election in J. P.
Beat No. 8, Summerville and Haslm
qua, for a oonslable in place of T. H.
Ots resigued; and also in J. P. Beat No
5 Fairview and Lynn Creek, for elec
tion of a justice of the peace in plac sif
B F Harper ds'ceased.
Wsdnesday, May 8.
W T Freeman and T S Bracey were
bonded by I G Guy and W H Williams
and nill pay their fine and costs at the
rate ot six dollars per month.
J A Biswell will pay the fine of Bill
Gillespie the first Monday of December.
fro k fahx&$AW$
m We will keep a good stock of .M MAT .mikI g
liAHI) as well as other staples, such as pi
Flour Sujjar Meal
Corn oata
in the building jnst vacated by J. (). Fascr.
Rogers & Co
CiKNEltALCO 1'i:nii.
Hal. April report f;i,8()S i
Keceipt warrants '. i
Ily warrants.wilness and jurv cer
tificates Ualanee
School Fund,
Balance April report
lteceipt warrants ',,
2 072
1 ',173
$0,0:10 52
lly nmt paid tcacheis
l 2,;!30
uiuanee . .
Institute Fund.
Balance May report 1!K)
I'knsion Fund.
Hal. April repnit ;',
Total balance, all funds fl,"2(l
Mrs. Mamie Owens.
For several weeks a painful suspense
filled the hearts of all the relatives and
friends of the stricken wife of Mr.
Henry Owens, and the sad watchers at
her bedside were hopeful that a change
for the belter would take place, but on
Monday the announcement of her phy
sicians that the end was near cast a
gloom over the whole community . She
was a woman of lovely character and a
universal favorite. Her amiable quali
ties won her friends among all classes,
and they are deeply raddened by the
dispensation that lias fallen upon the
family. One and all sorrow with those
who are the deepest afflicted.
Rev. Mr. Raymond, of Starkville,
conducted the funeral services at the
Presbyterian church on Tuesday, and
the remains; were interred in the Odd
Fellows' Cemetery, a large concourse
of friends attesting their sympathy
with the family.
Wm. McDavid Connor.
Another of the oldest citizens has
passed away, and he too, was suddenly
stricken by the fell aicher. We learn
that on Monday, for the first time in
years he rode itnont on the farm. On
Tuesday he rode again, but shortly re
turned to the bonse, was taken sudden
ly ill and died, lie was a man of strict
integrity, and left many friends to re
vere lis memory, The burial tosk
place at the family burying grounds on
tlie Rjsa Connor place.
firs. Jno. W. Chandler,
Last Wednesday a St Louis dispatch
was received by Mr.. W alter Stokes in
forming him tlm his wife's mother had
died suddenly at the residence of her
son in St. Louis, Mr. and Mrs. Stokes
went to Columbus, Miss, , Thursday,
the remains having been brought there
for interment. She was a daughter of
the late Judge Clayton and was highly
educated and accomplished,
For Sale Good second hand upright
piano ia prime order. Apply at
HEACON office.
An liilcenioiiR Trenlmriil li u liicli
II Ml ilk il riU lire Iteiuir ll rid
tail)' in Spile of I lie m-
fto nxioiiK IKm'i. Io Wciiliening of j
tlie KvrvvH. A IMrnoniil mill
Positive 'iire tor llic
I . i l il ir liuuit.
It is now eenerallv known anil under-1
stood that. Drunki nness Is a disease and
not wcakuess. A body tilled Willi poison
and i erves completely shattered ny pe
rodical or constant use or intoxicating
li ii'irs. requires mi anledote capable ol
neutralizing and eradicating this poo-ou,
and dcsl-oying tt.e craving for Intoxicant.
Sull'erers inav now cure themselves ill
home without publicity or loss of time
from business bv this wondcrtiil- HOMh
("iOLIMTISK" which has been pcrlecled
altei manv veals of close study and treat
ment of inebriates. Thd f:otl fnl use ac-
i:.... I.. .ll,o,.liniie if Oils WOlldcrllll
discovery is positively guaranteed to cure
I lie most onsiinaie case, n ""'"
hard drinker. Our records show I he
marvelous transformation of thonsiiiiiis ol
Priinkiirds into sober, Industrious mid
""vVrcrKE YOt.lt IWSHANPS ! j
This remedy is in no sense a nostrum out
is a specilic for this disease only, anil Is so
ikilfilllv devised and prepared that it is
thoroughly soluble and pleasant to the
taste, so that it can be given 111 a cup of
ten or toffee without the knowledge ol tlu
person taking it. Thousands of Hrunk.
arils have ciind themselves with tins
priceless remedy, and as many more have
been cured and made temperate men hy
having the -CliKE" administered by
loving friends and relatives without their
knowledge in coffee or tea. and believe to
il iv that thev discontinued drinking ot
& own free. will. DO NOT W AIT.
Do not bt deluded by apparent and m s
lead ng "improvement." Drive out
,11. "ase ut once and tor all time T he
lOMK GOLLCllUK"i6 sol i at tin ex
t, meiv low p. Ice of One D.dlar, tl.t..
placing In the reach of everybody a ti e. t
, lit more effectual than others costing
t"; to 50. KiHI dircclions uccompa.iy
Jn" h nncknge. Special advice by sk.lled
(AN Y.'iatl und 2332 Market Street, l'bilu
'''Ad'correspondence suictly conlidential.
In Memory of Mamie Griggs Owens.
One In ukcti heart or cose one pain,
Or help one bird in to his nest,
1 shall nol live in vain?"
l Mir d.-tvs (,'lide on
In shade and sun,
Towards an nuhroken seo;
And scarce we know
Their even fluw
Krc they have ceased to be.
Life's longest yenrs,
Their juvs ami tears,
Arc but "a little while,"
And at the Kate
We shall bm wait
Our Father's wcleoine smile
Tha t untc ajnr.
So near, .vet f:ir,
lias opened once aKain;
And angels fair
Have welcomed there
line of (loci's precious uncs.
A benrt more kind.
One could not find
Though earth were journeyed o'er;
A life more true.
- I never knew
On Time's fast darkening shore.
As one who lays
With tearful nzc,
A llowerupon a tomb,
This simple line.
On memory's shrine
I place; lonyniay it bloom.
L. I). B.
Confederate Meeting
Head (,irs. Noxubee t'o. Camp, 132IS,
Macon. Miss., May 0, 1901.
Camp met at Court House 1 p. in.
The roll was called and the following
names were added ;
J. K, Adams, Co. K, 1st. Miss. Cav.
L, M Adams, Co. V, 1st. Miss. Cnv.
J. C. Brown, I). 2d. Ala. Cav.
S. M. Howen, F, lltli Miss. lnT.
Dr. Malt Clay, Major (ith Miss, Cav.
J. It. Cavett, A, (II li Miss. Cav.
Michael Callahan. G. 1st. Miss. Cav.
,. T, Dorroh, F. Is! . Miss. State Cay.
J. F. Gibson, C, 81 h Tcnn. Inf.
Larkin Higginbothiiin, C'halmer's Hng'de
J. W, Harper, D, 35tb Miss. InL
Jesse Knight, (J, 7th Ark. Inf.
Alex V. McCuskill, F. 11th Miss. Inf.
John Morgan, K, lllli Miss. Inf.
V. S. fermcntcr, C. Jeff Davis Legion.
J. It. Hrincc. Capt. I) 11th Miss. Inf.
Chas. It. Hussrll, A, 0th Miss. Cav.
W, II. Snillh, K, lltli Miss. Inf.
T. M. 'rhompson, II. nth Miss, Inf.
(i. W. Wilson, ,Si!th Ala. Inf.
Making a total of 85 members.
The billowing committees were appoint
cd, viz ;
Moinliccsliip -K 11. Cavett, J. YaroUsky
J. II. '.lodges.
Benevolent I! . A. Minor, T. 11. P.n.lcttc
W, J. Hubbard, .lolin Morgi-.n, Iv. S. Skin
ner. .1. It.;i'rince, C. B. Hussrll.
Necrology H. D. Cavett, E. II. Sniythe,
W. C. Grace, K, S. skinner. This com. to
report re.-n'ulioes on death of comrades
II. F, Harper and M. Callahan at next nieet
i ng.
Delegates fi Memphis l!e-iinion Dr. II.
A. Minor, ,1 It Wii.diiam, W 1' Minor, Dr.
I! I. Stanley. Alternates IC II Smyth, W
II Smith T M Tlionipson. Dr. Matt Ciay.
Dr T It I'aulelle.
Delegate to Meridian. Miss, Div. W II
Sponsor Miss Annette Sinythe of Brook
vibe, wilh authoi'ily to select two Maids of
Adjutant ordered to provide lilly badges
lor Memphis ic-iiimoii, Also to provide a
suitable book 1 1 1 w 1 1 i b lo copy reports ol
committee on ncciijlov.
Adjourned to un i t al 2 p. in, Friday. May
21, 1001. W II. Sc.m.ks. Adj't.
Card of Thanks
I ik'fire to e.xp-ess my thanks to those
who rendered me aid Wednesday night
during the lire. Very gratefully,
F. M. Chapman.
Try C. 11. Speuyard s Tip-Top Flour.
HI nk Mare Stayed.
From tny place one mile west of Ma
con, one Black Mare, Mind in left eye,
about 2 years old, small saddle mark on
back. When seen 'ast was going in di
rection of Maslmlaville. Any informa
tion will be thankfully received.
Roiieut Ivy,
care of A. Klaus.
Best Hams mid Breakfast Bacon at
C. H. Spessard's
We receive fresh strawberries daily.
lilecllnn of Teachers.
The Board of Trustees of the Macon
Public Schools will meet May 18th
prox. , for the purpose of electing teach -er.-.
All applications ftr positions
should be addressed to the undersigned.
A. T. Dknt, Ch'n.
Produce of all kind at C. H. Spes
sard's. To fly Customers :
I wish to inform my customers and
friends that I nm now ready t do all
work in my line of business, being in
my new iron clad building, located at
the lower citv well. I am prepared to
make close prices and do satisfactory
work. 1 will be glad to see my custom
ers 'it my snop or talk with them over
the phone, which I will soon have in for
the benefit of my business.
1272m W. J. Mallard & Co.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Beara the
Slgnutwa of
The BIG LAKE is posted. Po
ely no trespassing. R. R. WVATT.
30 1
Mr. Pete Minor has been laid np for
two weeks past with a Bevero attick sf
Last Tuesday, Biiney Shepard,
prominent colored citizen, dird. it ia
uppocl a" painter's colic. He had a
large funeial.
Mr. G. O, Morton, of Columbus,
who painted the Court Honse, is in
town trying to gr-t contract to paint the
new school building.
Mrs. Mat Mahorner is once more a
resident of Macon. After a visit of
several months to The Boys in Mobile,
she returned home Wednesday.
An election for waterworks In Macon
was held on the 8th. It wa necessary
to have a majority of H!0 votes, but
only 76vvotes were cast, 82 for and 41
The Burnside Lake party caught 690
fish, which is the bet sport any party
from Macon has ever enjoyed there.
"Everything was lovely and the goose
honked high. '
The Walter Darker Chapter, U. D C.
will have a meeting atresidenctof Mrs.
T. P. Crymes on Thursday, May Kith,
at i p. m. L. J. Grioos.
Mr. J, R. Horton, father of express
man Ilorton, attended the meeting of
the f. O. O. F. Grand Lodge, and on
his return hone stopped over at Macon
to see his son .
Miss Annette Sinythe, Sponsor of the
Noxubee Camp, has appointed Miss
Sallie Minor and Miss Eliza Boggess as
her Maids of Honor. They will go to
the Re-union.
Capt Scales has applied to General
Passencer Agent C- M . Shepar 1, for a
car for the Noxubee Camp. It will
leave Macon early Monday morning,
May 27th, and reach Memphis 5, p.m..
same day.
We are indebted to Mrs. M. B. Tate
for the program and papers with ac
counts of Teachers' Convention at Jack
son. She was glad to see two of Imr
former pupils tuning an active part in
the proceedings.
The emancipated celebrated the 8th in
Sliuqiialak . There was a large crowd
present. As a general thing good order
was preserved but two Meridian bncks
wouldn't be good and tried to run the
colored hotel to suit themselves and
landed in the calaboose.
The two stores of Towels being
thown together by the consolidation of
the two stores, giye us entirely too many,
tberefore, in order to rednce stock,
great inducement will be given Cash
Buyers in the way of cut prices for the
next ten days.
Patty Dry Goods Co.
Co. Q, ist. Miss. Cavalry.
Boys, are yon coming to the Re'inion
in Memphis ? I hopes1; yes, I know
yon are. I don't know who, nor how
many, are still on this side the ' 'great
river, " bnt I want to meet yon once
more. So, call at the store of Day &
Bailey Gro Co., 1100 Fronf st., at 9 a.
m. on Tuesday or Wednesday. Should
yon come later call for me, make your
self known and leave time when yon
can come back. My address is Senato
bia, Miss. Your comrade and friend,
Dallas B. Pack.
If you need towels at the best valne
and at a great bargain, he sure to go to
Patty Dry Goods Co.
Strayed from my place five miles
northeast of Crawford, one Gray Mare,
branded oti hip; one Sorrel Mule Colt,
flax mane and tail. Will pay $3,00 for
return ol above described stock.
H. M. Hairston,
Crawford, Miss.
Enameled curtain poles, all lengths,
nst received by J, F. Shelton.
Mrs. Dantzler's trimmers are ijnite
busy gelling out future bridal hats
Miss Shelton has just received a new
supply of sailors, straw, braids, flow
ers, etc.
Get your face powders and perfumes
from Mrs. Dantzler.
Children w.io are weak, fretful or
troublesome should be given a few doses
of WmTK's Cream Vermifuge They
will then become strong healthy and
active, have rosy cheeks, bright eyes,
will be happy ami laughing all the day
long. Price 25 cents. Sold by J.F.Jones.
Miss Florence Newman, who has been
a great sufferer from muscn'ar rheuma
tism, says Chamberlain's Pain Balm is
the oi'ly remedy thnt affords hr relief.
Miss Newman is a much respected resi
dent of the village of Gray, N. Y. . and
manes this statement for the benefit of
others similarly afflicted. This liniment
is for tale by T. S. Mnrphev. Macon.
O. F. Hamilton, Slmqnalak
r.einalniiig inpostotice In Mucon, Miss,
week ending May C, 1901 :
nardlcy, May K Berry, Henrietta
Coekrcll, Mm. Ida Connie, Bus
Oavis, Myrtle Forced, Janies
Fed, Mary Knller, FrnceU
Green, Hmma 15 Harris, Tattle
Mcl.eod, Margaret Mahnn, Snrah
Smith, Sallie
VVheu culled for say advertised.
Strayed or Stolen.
From Mrs. Oliver Coleman's place near
M miphK Ala,, about the tirst of April,
tlfrr colts: one a bay marc mule, age two
years, nicely formed; one a dark iron-grey
mare, thret years old and broke; one a boy
stallion, lore foot cut with wire, and larger
than the other ankle, two years old, will be
a saddler. Suitable reward lor informa
tion. Address the undersigned.
J. M. AlU'HEIt,
apl27-lm Memphis, Ala.
Sate of Land for Taxes.
The State of Mississippi, I
County ol Noxubee.
I, W. D. Clark. Tax Collector of the
county of JNoxubee. In said Stale. In ac
cordance Jwith See. 8S50, Code 1891, will
sell on tha First Monday of June, A. I),
1001. at the west door ol' the coiirmouse ol
said county, m the town of Mucon, Miss.,
to the highest bidder or bidders, lor cash,
If any there be, all the following described
lands situated in said county, on which
the luxes remain unpaid at tint date, to
wit: .Mrs E B Jones, e ej. Sec H, T 13. R 15,
80 acres, total tax $1,38.
I'liknoMii, uv4 and vv 1, Sec. 2o T)ll,
U 15. 231) acres, total tax f 2 70.
,lobn Nicholson, wj nw nej, See 10.T13,
It HI. 20 acres, total tax Ollc.
l uknown, nw nej, Seo 80, T 13, H 10, 40
acres, total tax 40c.
W. I). Clauk.
Sheriff and Tx Collector.
Masonic Notes.
The Masons have: been active again
this Wtnk. Oil Monday a working
team with the pooesviry paraphernalia
oamt-down from 1 vanillic (.'oinrnandi ry,
Knights Templar, at Okolona, and in
stituted the Cumrnandery here, confer,
ing the degrees npon the following: K.
Parker. .1. II Wright. W. E. Stokes.
G. T. Heard, (i.W CuniiitiL'harn.Rov.
W, C. O ace, M. W. Ervin, W. F.
Allen and L. C. Cline. The officers of
the commandery are .i" follows: W. F.
Scales, E. C. ; T. J. Evans, G; E. II.
Noff-inger, C. G.. with subordinate
officers to be appointed.
After the work in the Lodge room a
mot-t enjoyable Informal banquet was
spread at the Hotel Macon . j
Among the Visitors present Was Grand j
Commander Howard of Biloxl. i
On the north bound train Tuesday a
number of Sir Knights left for Colum
bus, to be piloted across the hot sands
of the desert and be made nobles of the
Mystic Shrine. Herinaa Temple of
Meridian held a special meeting in Co
lumbus on that day. The following
were well taken care of by their friends
in the organization and each and all say
that if there is anv more coming to
them, any oneis welcome to the change
M W Ervin, .1 II Wright, W E Stokes
M M Warren, G W Cunningham. G T
Heard. E H Noffsinger and W B Patty.
The regular communication of Macon
Lodge No, 40, A. F and A. M. for May
was last night, when (here was work in
Entered Apprentice and Master's De
grees .
The Chapter Council and Comman
dery have purchased sniiiptno,i regalia
and at the next regular election will
hold pnblic installations of officers.
Best molasses at C. H. Spessard's.
Salem Items.
The 27th uf April was a day to be remembered--beautiful
sunny skies and
the mockingbird giving forth its Bweet
est corals, and all nature seemed so
gay. We started forth with fishing
tackle, etc., foi a day's pleasure on
the lake. The jolly ami courteous Mr.
C. J. Byrd, with a wagon load of
ladies and children, led the crowd.
Mr. Rob Farrar, who is so fond of the
lovely maidens, had bis wagon well
After reaching the lake we were
glad to see Mr, J. Dngan drive up with
several ladies and children. On his
way he -killed birds and squirrels.
Messrs. Byrd and Stnart caught a
flue 15 pound cat fish; with that and
other good things the ladies brought,
our dinner was fine, and most especial
ly the excellent coffee Mr. Byrd made.
After catching fish and gathering all
the wild flowers we wanted, we heard
a great lumbering at a distance, which
told the happy crowd to ' Lets go".
If any one wishes to join our "Fishing
Party" next time just notify Byrd and
Wishing all the hunters and fisher
men success, I am
Yours truly.
"Old Fisherman'."
The Peterson pasture will soon be
good for grazing. If you wish to pas
tnre cattle see Mr. Hunter Williams
He has the place rented.
Mrs. Dantzler has the oldest and
most popular millinery establishment
in the city.
Brick store on corner south of Hotel
Macon. Also brick store next to Mi;
nor & Featherston's office. Possession
given Sept. 1st, 1W1. Address
o 2o lit p. O. Box g:i.
It will be to the advantage of the
ladies to inspect the millinery at Miss
Shelton 's before bnvieg elsewhere.
When the liver fails to secrete bile,
the blood becomes loaded with bilious
properties, the digestion becomes im
paired and tie- bowels constipated. Her
BINE bin v direct action on the liver and
excretory organs, ami a few doses will
cure any case of biliousness. Price 50
cts. Sold by J. F. Jones.
Get your best hat from Mrs. Dantz
ler. Get your money's worth from Mrs.
lean the 1 11,8 H.lffl Um iitlgk
Money to Loan,
On improved property at a reaonalile
rate, lime to suit borrower,
m. H. I.. J. BARNES,
Taken up liy .1. A. Vmiulin ahont January
1st. UNll, strayini: on Ills plncein district 1 a
brown hull nliont IN moot lis old unmarked,
one white spot in Hank.
The owner is untitled to cotiie to the llall
IEer'8 pay charges and take it away or it will
bo dealt wilh according to law.
1. T. KEliftlS,
l4J27-4t. Coroner mid Uanrer,
So hunting 01 trespassing will be allow
ed on any laud owned or controlled l,y the
undersigned. O. II. Al Gl'S'lTS,
W, It, Al'til'STL'S.
SiOO.OO In Gold.
Fur the fust case of chills ami fe
ver that Rogers' IHue Chill One
will not cure. The first iloe breaks
the chills anil three doses will cure.
25c. Guaranteed.
All parties indebted to the lale Adam ).
Oreer will take notice that Letters Teste
nicntnry have been grunt' d the miner
gned. and they are requested to coine
orward and pay same, and save costs, as
lie business of the estate nmt lie settled
without delay. KoIikktUkkkk.
Oct 11 1W. Kxecutor.
Stops the Cough
and works of the Cold.
Laxative Hromo-Quinlno Tablets cure a
cole In one day. No Cure. Xo Hay Hrice
25 cents.
iAy m -GLEET j
Wf ffl SAFE SURE ill
Iff I f cure yourself t
ri vrll tMM wrM-w -s- "too
V; ? 40IN amice-i C. k' l!
f'lr-.-Tcs-r t -sfcj
Notice to the
I wish to notify my friends and the pnldic in
M;icon and Noxubee county that I have purchased
It. Pi. Elkin'i entire stock of trroceries. The stock
cannot Vie surpassed in appearance, quality or
prices. C'oinc and sec this stock it do you good,
The jovial and affable salesman, Jeff Clement,
assisted by Quitman Nicholson, will de pleased to
show you these excellent goods and to give you
every attention.
The store will be conducted at the old stand.
apl-l2 C. H. SPESSARD.
la Tasteless and Guaranteed to Cure Chills and j.
Fever and alt Malarial Trouble. J
Does Not Contain nomine nor Utlier ronton.
Hoe Nut Injure the Stomach Nor Effect the Hearing.
W. A. McLarty 8on, Dime Box, Ter., ay: "Bamon'n Pepsin Chill Tonic i the
best we h ive ever handled. My son prescribes it in his practice, and says it ia
the only Chill Tonic which a child can take without injury to the stomach."
Price bOc. HKOW.N M'ti. CO., Prop'rs. (imeneville, Tenn.
wntrtTWi.a a.k.....um.v smw i mia mil ommsammm
H 5
.-)a tj) v
A New Discovery for the Certain Cure of INTERNAL and
Tubes, by Mail, 75 Cents; bottles, 50 Cents.
UtHES F. BALLARD. Sole Proprietor, 310 North Main Street, ST. LOUIS,
Avery's Rainbow Plow
Best Black Land Flow Made
Avery's Steel Beam Busters
Avery's Sample Sulky Plows
Avery's Disc Cultivators
Avery's Shovel Cultivators
Avery's Harrows
Avery's Xew Ground Plow
..(ieral v Iere)ar)dse..
Clotliiuo. I )ry Goods.
Mats. Full Line of Shirts,
Cuffs. Crockery,
Wuodeiiwat'e, Wagons,
Saddles, Bridles.
.11 ZECind.
Meat, Flour.
Molasses, liice,
Tea, Pickles,
Candv, Tol aceo,
Corn, l:tls. Meal, llran, Purina
The BACKET STORE is now lueateJ at 1). Patty's
old stand, where it has more goods and better goods
than ever before, and we are offering them at prices
that defy competition. We print the following for
vonr benefit:
Laces and Embroideri-dS.
We have a beautiful line of Hamburg
and Swiss embroideries and insertions, nil
over laces and embroideries, that we are
ollc riiiv at less than you can buy the same
elsewhere. Mr. Rus' buyer spent several
weeks in the Knglish, French, Herman and
Swiss markels looking for the bargains we
now offer you.
CV.4a O-rwl V.:t ttt n i Q I Q
uuia-s "ni v nov3,
Oood work shirts ... ...
Nice tlre.s shirts 2..e to laK
La.hes shirtwaists. .,.e
Ladies shirt waists, better, jOe
... .
ll e uuve some real narains in shops,
and especially so In small sizes forboth men
and women.
Men's work shoe $1.01)
Ladles' dress, shoe Son
Ladies' tine oxfo.als .. .S-'ie
Ladies' tine oxlords, better 1,00
All ol the above worth imicli more.
Dry Goods.
AV'e have a betterline of Lawns, Muslins,
Piques, Organdies than belore and our
price are at rock bottom.
Wc have a benutiliil line of Ladles' and
Children's reedy-to-wear hats, baby caps,
sailor huts, artificial flowers and ribbon.
If vou will call and see us von will soon bo
convinced that our prliesarethe lowest
Oood Hox paper Bo
8 bottles best ink lOo
We guarantee everything to be as represented or
money refunded. Remember tho place J). Patty's
old stand.
2 2 Oh
Avery's Modern Cotton and
Corn Planters
Avery's McClure's Eureka
Cotton Planter
Avery's Plow Stocks
Avery's Steel Beam Pony AO,
BO and CO Plows
Avery's Bi' Bolt Plows
Notions, lliiots tui' i Slmes,
Drawers, Collars,
Tinware, Hardware,
Envies, Harness,
Blankets Whips. Tails
cf .G-rccsrios,
Sugar, Coffee,
Hams, Breakfast llauon.
(irifs, Crackers.
Lant anil Soda.
Cll Tonic
Feed, Cotton Seed Meal ami Hulls,
ou us for Prices. ERXEST LUCAS
IS slicels leiral cap paper.
IS lead pencil
li pencils with rubber,..
2a slate pencils
"Jo heavy enrelopes
Beat Linen tablets,
liood ink tablets
Our prices ou these joos speak for them
Ss'lves Knives and forks doz 4.'io
Ki ,,.,, ,,ra
i.,d scales. 2.'.c kind .
,0!t ,tw, c ,.,,.
,,,, .,-,., ',.. .,;
Hut,dier knives
in and 2.'io
10. 15.2.') ami IJ'Jo
2,j, 8.-i. 40, 13 and Coo
4-quart covered buckets
10 qt tin milk buckets
4 qt milk pun
Mot " '
.. loo
... ri
. , fsio
.. "00
.. lno
. CiOo
;i piece tin water set.
Hest galvanized wash tub, size no. 1
' ' a
Stove pans, 8x12 inches
ill qt giay euanieled dish pau
2 spools thread Bo
S panels needles Be
4 papers plus ,, . Bo
Hesl Unrn'Cotnbs.T in..
. Bo
. Be
, Be
Towels, 1Sx:I6 inch
Hay's suspenders
Men' suspenders
Gedulua I'resldent suspenders...
.Machine Oil, lOo si I
Glass and Cbinawaro
Don't fail to see this line.

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