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Aids station
t - r- TWAINS T
M A"'N
lis V TliMS
12:01 .
. 1:12 p,
12:11 a. m.
u. in
!i :ii." a. in
2:2,'i p. m.
c s. CLARKE,
. jmo.M.BEALU,
,tl,, lWrAs"t.
... TVTnV 17. 1902
, 111!
Udf !!
I .
mini ,
I,,,,-!,,,.,! !.i announce
.vivr I.. i.t'CAS
M ,ri. Ill HI Itie lowu ui
el I" l!
i,m-i'il 1"
',, Mal-lnd ll
action of Hie Dene
the town of
.Hum of the Deni-
.l,,,,.!,,,, Id allllOIIIICe
i; ; i.i.ivi.h
il':l .. ..V ,i, li. inoi'riitic Party
id of Mucin, uh
,lwr,r,l in ii 1 1 no 1 1 n ce
,, ni,.i of Marshal of
, .Mi.itM'i lo the action of
in ruiiiiUHire
r, ,-uri'i' of Mucon, suli
ihc lieniocriitlc party.
I i,i announce
I .. . V A Tr
in, Treasurer nt
'I'linci.lay, St-jit. 4, pml.
Tbc following Ilium-Lil Mnn-n,,.,,, r
eiulitii: Annual 111, liini, Wlt ordered to ,e
tiled, preml on the inlnulei and 1,111,11,1
Cknkiui. Kmi.
To bl. on bund hint Ktutrnie 1 t
To amt hall taxoii collci'tnl
To amt of privilege collected
To amt of liiirMnllci ted
To amt of trcet cninniulatiun
To amt of numldm (
;!ns;i a 1
.T.I2 Sri
fin ::.
liy officer salaries
Hyper (Horn
lly Bpeciul police
liy attorney Iccn
lly hoard af mule
Ily rent of Mayor's office
ISy jail account
Hy street cerlilicatcn
Ily electric lights
lly cost in various cases
Hy Hundrloit
By printing
lly tooli, n 11 it m Ac
liy diayae
lly lumber
lly tiling
By Insurance premium
lly amt paid to K. U. Fulton A Co.
Uy bal. as shown hy Treasurer . . .
OiilHtandltg warrants
Uncollected tuxes for 1001 & I!K)'i.
School Fund.
To bal on hand hist statement . .
To amt half taxes collected
To county school fund
To county pupils' tuition
To state distributive school fund
To polls
Hy olticer's salary
Ily Insurance premium
lly janitor school No, 1
Hy coal
Hy sundries sell 10I No, 1
Hy sundries school No. 2
Hy miscellaneous 1M
2V.! INI
il m
N.'l (Ht
111 ir,
llll IK)
81 .'si
f7 ir
11:11 75
i: mi
2"H 'J(
'ill !I7
SI Ifi
175 7f
1117 18
;i4 (III
lsoi 1 no
. 11 m 41;
SI Hi 87
, .'mi 7n
inn en
;ar n
1170 00
80 00
llli'.l 80
;i4.'i ;i2
$7014 74
217 01
lllil 80
7 ro
37 TV
is s:;
;i 10
Hy teachers' salaries
lly bal as shown by treasurer
78.i 72
7IM 74
r,:i iio
II 0:1
M aeon,
the Democratic
km '
10W1 "I "
M "1.1
: 3 '
Ullfl 1 1'
ji,i,.. ! i .iniiomice
W. I. i'lll'.l.l'S
,, r. t nllice of Treasurer
.iiliicct to the aclinn
' 1,, atinoui'ce
. I A.-KK
Miivoi of tlic
!!., iiction "I
town ol
the lcm-
10 announce
Mavor ol the town of
,. aclinn ol the democ-
11. ('., Mar. 27, 102.
, 1 in" First Coni;ri;Bsioual
,.,,,,,1111,1- that 1 uni a can
.. i. , to ihc r,8lh Congress,
n of the llemocriitic
1: 1 i, -cni representative in
.. 1 ,, 1 1 h fu II v endeavored to
I i , i'c, resent your interests
Hi, w llare. ' I have (tlven
i, in every request made to
, 1 .ii'ppi. I have iiven
,, iv cnnstitueniH the same
in, I li ne to 1 he best ol my
. .1 in 1 heir every request
ml it h'is been riiy earnest
i,,,, Hi:' interests of all the
' v 1 v : c I alike,- 1 will In Hie
., ijipiceiile vour suppoit
1 1. ,i,i,l 11 elected will (live
t i mi ;re, the same failh
., i vici . I have attempted to
cut one. I am vc y
Outstanding warrants
Uncollected taxes mill and 1H02
School Fiinu Sckcial.
To bal on hand last statenient. .. 171,210 02
To amt from sale of lii,ixjn bonds 10.1:10 on
To ami from snlo brick and lumber 127 s,'i
t..tliH 47
Outstanding wat rants 1020 2
Examined nnd loniid correct by
W. F. A 1. 1. FN,
F. F. t'AKI.KTllN.
riunlcipal Affairs.
Tiirsdny, .M,w 0, l!i2.
A regular sesiinn of Dili Town Council
was held, all present except the Major aud
Alii, Carletou.
The Treasurer's report was received, ap
proved and ordered spread on minutes.
(iKNKHAl, Fiimii;
llalance last report 22
Amt laxes ree Irnni Marshal, taxes i:il 1T1
iVtnt tines rec d from Marshal, lines 20 f.o
Amt from K, Y. Hell, privileges. . . 07 in
j:i27 88
lly warrants paid Ill "2
llalance on hand
School Fcnh Special
last report
lie nni.le at m,,.
r nniier, t!,,n ,
1 "Id liiiihlii,..
' nmc'l up until ,
the windows in school Nn
'"-I'd llli snli.llv u.l .1..,.
Hill- juu he rem, , veil i
" " s''iio.,l ll.llls,, (,
" "11 II llll V I
sihool Nr
'V I t
The ei
"s and II
lool 111 tin
A. T. llFNT,
t'n'n It. of T.
ildin wer maile a
niatler referred to
a 1
w.i- iii-ti ueled In make a ;,i e
in writing to the chairman of the lUard of
"'""" Ml.it before m.ikiiu anv arrange-
'"""a"1"'1"' " H"l salaries t,, he paid
'" !"'is for cnMiinc year, that they make
l!ioi(,n,.h t xaniinaiinii with the view of
"seertauuu the aniuii.il of mntiey i the
"'hool fu.,,, i ,,!,.,. t u h(. (.uil)nr
"-"lent of said fund riinuim; short before
'lie end .,r the scholastic ye,,,-.
- 1 he clerk was instructed to collect
(mounts due from Insurance Companies.
I he lolliiwim; accounts were allowed-
Mac..,, I I. I','., s:MC,
I- K Unlherif, repairs ' " J,'.
Stiikes-Fvans lldw. c, pump. , . . . . . ' .;:, n
1 r.ell, pri.i eges
Ino. Cook, repairin;; pump
KC Scale, A- c, luinher .
I' ascr A Hell
1-1 iioiner, repairs
H. F. IIKI.I,,
, liisiiranco premium.
I :
7 Ml
3 ri.'i
I, .
F ASF'.i,
nil ;
'dient servant,
K. S. fANM.KIt,
, I'.i'tv Pry ti loils
Is fur iIm rush
taxes Irnni Marshal
Ami on hand .
School I'fnd
Hal lat report;
Amt taxes from Maislnil . . .
Amt from sheriff polls ....
. $2808 :
. fi'.sn 00
.. Hi I ,'is
$2.o 00
f '.'82 .".I
. 148 II
.. 277 42
i 707 84
000 27
j'.l-nry N'Or-iner anil liiiliy are
jih'.M' Minor.
i'.:!a Mi'rbv of ColtimbnK, and
I , are ai !!'. ('leineiit'B,
:' i, Harry wna in Macon
', iys, thi. Sliest of Dr. Clement.
''alter T.ivlur is np from LeFlore
mil will i.e in town 11 week or so.
I). W. Williaim mid two
trj'i, of .lack-nii, Ohio, are lit Mrs.
fhw Mi
in day
. C
1!. Amos,
:;i"cti;d to
of Oklii
arrive in
1 1. Krociiinn of Cooks-
fit .mi ,11,',' the many visitors in
K.M, I'.vatis (,f Wall ltill.Miss.
truest at tiic Simpson Ilou.ee 11 few
is week.
luctors have lieeti nttendinir Mr.
f lesatid litlle Val this week, They
if at well tio.v,
ft. D Cavctt is lnvin;; two roomn,
fry aii'l other improvements made
r an.i .Mrs. Samuel Spann are
A Mrs. .Slmmuker in West Point
:11 so from there to Columbus
"'I Mr". ,1, Mi Murphey and
il1lre.11, of Meridinn, came up to
and Mrs. Victor Murphey.
I George Hii'liarilson has been con
1 w his ln-,1 this week, suffering
;liesainn trouble he was afllicted
''ist summer,
a .
1 td Owens M3 over worked lint
I. whiln J,.. Oweua nnd his son
f were 11, the markets, adding to
mmiiier nock,
f -ni'i Mrs. John W. raulette were
C'tiTues,l'iy and they continued
tr P to Ittabeno to visit Mrs. Pan
"rother, Mr. John Long.
f "HI Potty of West Point, son of
T' J. l'atty, is -isiting relatives in
I"1' He finds Krent chntiKes in the
J'wn since he left here in 1877.
I L' Heinrich and J. L. Klaus rep
f'ed the Mucon Loik'B jt the Grand
Oeeting of the Kniirhts of
' nt Yickshnrg this week.
88 Lillie JleLeod. nfter a most
P'lt stay nmou.tr relatives in North
returned to her nost at the
'I'e Vesterdnv mnvniiin-.
r- and Mia. Matt Mahorner, Jr. of
"learo vi8iti.K Mr. ,i Mrs. Ma
1Pr in Macon. Young Matt has
1 working imrj for 8everai raonti,B
needs u rent,
''' Wnrpliey ,,lyi eleven ponna
l"'nv,"'i'f Hie home of Mr. R. T.
'otiMa, n-.h. Tliecropisnol
""'J' thiim that, u-iii b,.,, rinii nt
Hv warrants paid .
Hal on land 41 n7
Marshal's report, win received approved
and ordered i-prcail on minuto. He report
cd nine an est and 2,1,7)11 eolleeted.
Clerk Hell reported amount collected for
privileges, f07.n0.
The following report from Mr, T, W
Hrniiie was received:
Macon, Miss., May 5, t!K.
To the Hon. Hoard Ac.
I hereby submit lor your auproval the
following statenient of nisluii sellouts nl
liiO placed In my hand lo liquidate expense
incidental to the trial of Ihc Harrett-Jnhn-son
vs. Town of Macon ease, ill the I' S.
court at Meridian. I rej;ret I could no,
uliniit this report at the April meetitiK,
but 1 was away from ihe city ami waiei
bounil. I trust that you have not been
much inconvenienced in not gettinj; this
balance sooner :
To your warrant
Hv amt paid t'. S. Maishal for su lip.
A. .1. Hryati : .'
Hy unit paid V. S. Marshal lur simp
I'i ckell and 1 111 i"ioinei
Hv anil paid llryiin, witness
Hy amt paid (or teleirraphiuir .
lly unit due ...J in i' "
Mariiieii -At the residence of Dr. L.
C. ll.irvoy May 11, 5 o'clock p.m., Mr-F-
Jackson and Miss Lorn Hearon of
Columbus, Miss., Kev. li.M S. Evans,
oIllciatiiiK. Mr. Jackson was reared in
Macon and is a younp; man of sterling
worth. Miss Hearon is a lady of charm
ingund lovely character and Seizor's,
many friends congratulate him 011 his
good fortune in winning such a life
companion. May that success which ho
so richlv deserves at lend him, and may
contentment and happiness over reign
in their home,
Who Will be the Aldermen.
As we came down to the office yester
day morning a prominent citizen and
voter banned us the following ticket
with the reijuest to publish the same.
We cheerfully do so.
For Ai,)i:km!,x
K. V. Yates
J H. Williams
W. V. Rogers
E. M. M.irphey
J. V. Shelton
Mr. Editor: I respectfully submit
for the consideration of the voters of
Macon the following for A Mermen .
They have the respect and confideucu of
the entire community and will always
have in yiew the best interest of the
town :
J.L . (irace,
K. M. Murphey,
W. B. l'atty,
J. 11. Williams,
E. Y. Yates.
Armed vvilh the pi nper papers Deputy
Sheriff (iilmme went over the line into
Winston list Tuesday and arrested llobt
Moreheail,for ohuining goods in Brooks-
! villo under false pretenses. He gave
bond to appear lu tore Esip Wiuiiuld.
At the ilanci) at the Magnolia Club
rooms Thursday night the visitors were
Miss llcssie Hull of Missouri, a guest of
Mrs. llorton at the Hotel Macon, aud
Miss Saminie Day, a visitor of Mrs.
The Mercantile Company has quite a
handsome at traction now in the form of
a line, tall young man, Mr. Tom Mc
Caskill. Young ladies, he has come to
s - t-a y, so do your best, Drooksville
There was a marriage at Maslmlayille
last Sunday. Mr, Walter Pounds and
Miss Edna, daughter of Mr. J . A. Woods
wen.' united in the lio'y bonds.
While at the reunion we met Mr.
Will Sidleck, traveling in Texas fjr a
hard ware house. He told us lie was
sent down on the coast to a section
where, until lately, no rain had fal!n
for two years. An old gentleman down
there told him be had a two-year old
fitly lie prized very highly, and when
the rain fell on it, it was so frightened
it run its.-lf tn death. Mr. S declared
the old gentleman was in dead earnest.
('ou-iileralile excitement was created
at the Macon station last Sunday even
ing when the colored excursion train
arrived. It was found that Ji.hn Kil
patrick had been badly cut by Pob Har
ris. Hanis was j tiled by the mar
shal and on Tuesday had a hearing be
fore Esqnire Smith. He pleaded guilty
to the cuttidg but claimed he did it in
self-defense, and as no one appeared a
gainst him the case was dismissed with a
The friends of Mr. Tyson will be glad
to know that he is slowly impiovi ig.
He suffers some inconveniencejfroin his
fall, but itjwas not o serious as it might
have been. All the people in Shuiua
lak are interested in his welfare and he
is receiving every attend m from hisde.
voted family and host of friends. Shu:
qtialak S'ew Era.
Thursday fine rains fell in portions of
the county east of Macon. The Fair
field mail rider went out in a cart, but
was compelled to leave it ami return on
his horse. Around Macon there has
been no rain, only heavy clouds that
roll by ns.
Messrs. Z. T Dorroh and X. Scales
of Macon were down here Wednesday
and carried back about fifty large trout
from the Chamberlin lake New Era.
Next Tic-day is election day and the
Euime t Cavctt has returned from a
pleasant trip to Na-hville. Phillip
Cheap Joe. who went with him, will
stay a week longer.
Attorney Gully was in Perkinsville
yesterday on legal business.
J. F. AlcMullen Arrested in Atlanta
Meridian Press.
A warrant was sworn out yesterday
morning before J 'istice of the Peace Abe
Klein charging J. F. McMullen with
forgery and with obtaining money under
false pretenses . The affidavit was signed
by K. G. Webb, a negro mail carrier on
the route between Meridian and Increase
and was placed in the hands of Consta
ble H. K. Foster, who wired to the po
lice of Atlanta asking them to arrest
McMullen, who went to that city from
Private detective Henderson of Kosci
usko, stated last night ;to a reporter for
The Press that J. F. McMullen had
been arrested in Atlanta on a charge of
forgery and of obtaining money under
false pretenses. McMnl en is alleged to
have stolen about .?:!il"0 from the United
States government and from sub con
tractors on the mail route.
Mr. Henderson said last night that
in l'.lOO he was instructed to find McMnl
len at any cost, and he proceeded to fol
low out hisiiistriietione. lie followed
McMullen tnrough the everglades of
Florida for several months and then lost
his track. It was not until last Janu
ary that he again foand McMullen, The
fugitive was then in Macon, Miss, car.
rying two star routes for 11. L. ll!ns
berger of Sedalia, Mo. Mr. Henderson
said that McMullen obtained $.1,S from
llansberger under false pretenses. It :s
said that the mail c irrler aho defrauded
J. M. Boring, a mail eonlricior of Lon
don, Ky. . out of (i51.
Mr. Henderson claim-'that in Mac' n
he took everything belonging to McMu -len
and thus put him out of business for
a time. The alleged swindler was
i:,0 on
;i 00
11 in
1 2,"
20 tin
on election day . ' '
The fishing party at Carpenter's lake
have had a fine week for sport. They
will all be back this Friday evening,
loaded with fish stories. j
We me glad to know that lambs are :
getting ripe. There is considerable!
demand for sheep and kid meat
Mrs, Nmvsonie
week visiting her
is at Peerbrook this
sister, Mrs.Snnwilcn.
07 20
Ami. doc yell tclieck to coven 112 80
i:,o 00
Mr. I'uckeit is one of our must valuable
.,1 ..... ,K..I !,a ,.1'iilils
witnesses and von win nom-i-
10,50 lot tils time, I submitted this to the
Mavor and he told me to use my on jndg.
11,' lit, hut In ph"l that I referred to sub
mit the matter to the Hoard before paying
In my judgment I think It nem i I"
it; lieisanexpertwiiucssam, -able
to us. If the Hoard so orders will
send him the full amount claimed, regret
I cannot present this matter in person.
I am compelled to be absent. " H'e.o "s
anything further needed 1 would Imglad t"
meet you In person.
r, ,..,rnllv Slllllll'tlcd.
'""I " ... ., llll IMP.
Tin re was ;1 dance Thursday night at
the Magnolia club I
It pays to bnv a well known Mowing ,
Machine, because the repairs are easier j
to get. Stokes Ivans Hardw ire Coin
,,am- are agents for the Peering, the
best and lightest runnin,
machine on
mavl7 tf
T. W.
.1 r.iwrtofW.C, Sams wan
- i.i,-.
Ol A. I I'F"1' "
and both rrpons
an exhibit lo report
man Board" ol Trusters
on minutes, as
f et Stor,
nnd spread
UW9: Mucon. Miss., March 28. '02.
Hy order Board of Trustees the following
eo nmunlcationwasreterred to tlie Uyor
d Board of Aldermen with the view to
protect the school property 1
I unbuilt the follow, 1 I would worn.
Jndtha. a good carpenter be secure
examine the doors of the school b
d repair wherever ' e(
llie door. Will not open and slu . -
tcuing uoniK .,..,,,.-nnieh
doors of th.h.llare bccen.lug .r
damaged became of the need "PP
. " ...... . ...nnnrt the. weight. le-
they do not fasten
cause 01 nil- " - - - . , , VPrv
readily. The bolts to the doors hem,, v .
rC ' ..., i,rnkn. because ot the
1 c icaio iinvi " c - . ..i,f tnhear
Increased strain necessarily b, ought to
on them In fastening the door". u
Schools I desire to call yon at tei
dclapidatcd comm on of " !U ,f
to urge that you '"'' f lh0 h-
If vnn want the best sewin,
I,, the world, address a postal card
... J 1. ..
Doss, Macon, Miss., aim ne
one to your House i"r lu
ll. W.
will bring
picture moulding
all sizes at J. F.
Ml parties indebted to the Scott (irocery
... . , ,..,.,iu in llie hands ol
Co. will linn men ' """"
H Flkin lor collection ami a pnnni'i
,',',en. i reiioested. Kilhcr Mr Flkin
or Mr. ! S. Sl'ou :ll c :mu"" '
the accounts. ( .I K1Xi
Have vour furniture repaired at .1. F.
SheltoiCs. He will . toil promptly.
., -Ihe Kind Vau HawAlways Bought
'mit&0ti. t "Hi" mi ininjwmwifcwi i ' nn L
Once more we come before you with a solemn declaration that
we are prepared betler than ever to sell you your DRY GOODS,
CLOTHING and SHOES, Our stock is complete and prices to
please you.
3oo Pairs of Mens' Pants
Tho l.icst I'urgain of the season on hainl is .'HO
I 'airs of Mens' l'.-nts, hought recently at a sacriticc.
You can pick your choice at 65C A PAIR. "If'.v
are worth all the way from $1.L'" to fi p"'1'
I in vs
-oo.l Jeans rants at 35c A PAIR.
Knee Tants at lSe a pair, or L' pair for
Mens' Shirts , . .
Extra -01.1I Si. 00 and Sl.-" wrens' Shirts; wc arc now
selling at s: cents or 2 for SI. -A
goo.l pair of Suspenders for men for 7 cents.
Millinery ....
We will emit handling Millinery alter this
and vou can buy anything you see that
our .MUIinerv -hock tor nair price.
want in
It will pay you to investigate our prices before buying.
Yours for very low prices,
frmmmMmwmmm tmiin iiinw. iiwm la
if tin .. 8 vmSiBVignk
VI IV I'i I) Ut
W 'llll,"!"!1 II
""''l""" """'Ii "I1'"'1 "V-iir 1-iM'H
FRANK iV- ZAOOR, Proprietor
The intii jihi Attxorlatp.'l 1'reHi war (nrreei)ornt'-nt, who 1
was (il((iiiil tlm t". ti. S. liruuklyn iliiriiiK H't.- t'tire flio
inulittm of tin- cninjiaiKii- lllntratnl with iliotorat!i
tatt-ii tiio Auuior auniig the iijjnt.
The Most Sensational
Book of the Day.
The- true s-tiny of the ftiinoiiH cpum' of tlie FIylnj I
Hiiiitttlron under t onimuUnn.' u intu-ltl S'"!t (M'ltivy, inoiuu
ititf Hip blockade and df.tniiMirm tif llie Spanish fleet,
Mexican Mustang Liniment
s-ure reinudy fur Caked aud Inflamed Udder in Cows.
Contains an autntrraidi enrtoif-i
M-count ot the bal tit by ar-A.iu.ii'al J
and pemonal 1
"The ftifts uf t tin story of llie movements
mid operation f the Hyini: SUinlrnn us the
iiuthoi' telm tnem 111 huh oouk ur dtrreri.
An int( rest in sf narrativp of fot
palled "Hcti't.irnuif1 MoveiiH-nt;" tlm "I
rnibleni," ami nettlfs folli'l'iv iy vn
of the I'oui'luf Ili-iiiiiy-
plains tht.'
ip' the "Coaiiug I
y ativei'H rutins
ot New York, said: -"Mr. Oraham's stwrv i
the best account I have heard or read of the
naval fighting during tha war. It needed just
a mucn cuuruse to go awmi taking pnuio
graiiiiH as it did to work the gun.
THE NI:W VOPK liliKAl 0 saw-" Mr.
Grnhnm. in fje tclli'n; if fn:t. leaves (he
rciiJer Irtt 10 utukt the ijcujuiou iliat
several naval cf(i:erp mcd a nn.ri In
quiry lo retstnb;h!i t!i-ir repute ."ns, :f
can he re fhUMinsiiLU,
No subleol has ever iitrn before tho public n,;it ha..
IIk. iii-iiiiilirln wl.l.'li Afitnirill S.-blcV llSIS 1m1II I 1" ' H-ll. !! !
(ii iniunl tlie full recognition ot tho lltiro ot
ovorytliinsx )bi us it occurred atid as lin- e ' ;i
li!; wildfire. Liln rul cotiiinlssions. V1"1!'. ,!i;,".!'' 1 : "r
-cenl stumps for canvassing out tit. ACT (JfJICt.. Now i;i i
Price $1.50, $1.75, $2.25, $2.75, accosdioft to st.l
AGENTS I Hf.O. G9H5ti.Yi-
m "war r I . r - jr r')
mm fill I (UU I StOSO FUUH'VtWX.i ;..'.. jgr
i!i ! -"- :. i 'niy ;iS f.W
i i in- ,'- "Vita t.foole SS
twisty i
To Cure Sore Throat.
Into a glass half fdl of water put
an evsn teasjpoorEf'jl of
Mexican Hustang Liniment,
mix tlhorsugMy, and with tlhis gar.
glettns throat frequemtly. In severe
cases mors limtzent can be added,
In addition to this bathe the o-jtside
with the liniment several times a
day, rubbing it veil in, and the
soreness wMl surely disappear.
Important Notice.
v, xj.-an Mi'iuvt T.iMMrs'T le r ut npln thrw sl2,'. PrllV., SW.
a'',-' t it l'"tll", mi l li,f.,rsai'-i'V lirucidtwiuitl lien-rnl Hli.rliiwir.
' It tlr-y ntn "in r it, ink ihfin t" unli-r il tur yu tnim lh,-lr m.'arent
' Whuk-suls Drugsiit. 11 CIMXwT UK 3L.NT lii MAIL Oli iXl'llisi.
Mexican Mustang Liniment
readi'.y cures Kheumatism and Leg "Weakness in Poultry.
iwmjj of imuiy candidal es will lie "pn'l j arrested, however. hecane ottheJeath
oil' your i'oat iiml I'li't your vote for me : 0f a ,rinoipa', witness nnd of the ulnence
of another. It is said that in Macon
McMullen also stole three horses.
The Commencement exercises of
public school No 2, under the man.
ailment of L. L. Ivey, as Principal,
be(?an May llth-l"th, 11102. The Com
niencement f-ermon was preached Sun
day at U p. m. at the Methodist church,
hy Kev. 11. M Thompson, of West
Monday was consiiineil in examining
flip mimarv and intermediate jn-ades
and a concert hy same prudes Monday
iiiuht. Tuesday was was devoled to
i ' . . ,. i i
exaimmiif,' tne i;ramuiar grant's, ,uiu u
concert at nisjlit. On Wednesday ex
aminations were held for the junior and
senior -grades, which were larRely'at
teuded hy patrons and friends of the
school. The same nifjlit an eutertaio
nient -"Siiow White and the Seven
Dwarfs" was played to a crowded
f hnrsday nifjht the graduating exor
cises were witnessed by a large and ap
preciative audience. The exercise
bewail by Rev. C. W. Thomas offerinR
prayer. Miss Pearl McMorris, saluta-
torian, anil .ir. a. u. iiuven, vhib
jdictorian, respectively of the class,
made excellent speeches Hon. A. T.
Dent, president of the Board of Trustees,
S made some brief remarks in commend
ation of the exercises. Rev. F. 1.
Henry presented the Diplomas to the
nWfin members of the class. This has
been the nust prosperous session in the
hisioryof t iis school, there beintr lot
imiiiln enrolled duiiiiK the osaiun.
i i
No Loss of Time.
I hav !,! Chamherlaiii's Colic, Chol
era and liianlioea Remedy for years and
would Mlhi'r be out of coffee and suj.'ar
than ii 1 sold fivo bottles of it ye.-ti.r-dav
1" iiui'-li"is that could Kn 110 farth
er and i hey ale at work again this morn
ing.-ll. Ii, Phelps, Plymouth, Okla
homa. A-- will he seen by the above the j
thi esli' i s wore able to keep on with their
work without losing a single day's time.
Yon (.h-iiM lo'ep a bottle of this Reme
dy in niir hoiiu'. Fur sale by T. S.
Miirp'i' V it Son, Macon, Hamilton
M""k, Pr.'oksville.
In a co mi
lit ion to '1
nossllile, to n'ei't "fW
naneeiormoi. - iil.llng
so. lnvl olllnUrt lh ''' ,.,,,.,
onleml l"d. ,.r.lirtl,folioolNn.
1rn,,l,,r.i,n,,.r.ii". p ;;;;; t. HlIllf(
i i.) iv.'ninniPinl','i 1 '
Lost Ha ir
Myhnircame out by t ie hand
and the gray ha.rs U-r n to
creep in. tried Ayer 'b
nd i. stopped the hair from coin
ina out and restored the color.
AUs.M. D.Gray, No. Salem.Mnss.
tl 9 ) i.
There's a pleasure in
offering such a prepara
tion as Aycr's Hair Vigor.
It gives to all who use it
such satisfaction. The
hair becomes thicker,
longer, softer, and more
glossy. And you feel so
secure in using such an
old and reliable prepara
tion. $1.00 boltlt. AlUmnl"'!-
- . Hnnrcist cannot supply you,
If your "rW'7and ve will exprem
send un one ,l''lr nd Ri,e tho name
Jf your nearf t ols Mt
K r the purpose ol regisleriiij; all who
limy lie eligible nnd who have not hereto
fore registoicil, 1 will visit Hie tlillomit
I'rfciiH'ts in the county in the order named
below. to-wH :
Peerlirook, .May si.
Clirtonvillb, May Stl.
rriilne Point, May 'it.
renter Point, May is.
Cooksville. May 2!l,
l'uulette, May l!0.
Mnshuhiviile, June 2.
Ilusliuiun, June a,
Suiiiniei'Ville, June 4.
Sliuiiialnk, June ft.
Hrooksville. June 10.
Kairyiew, June 11.
Lynn U-ecK, June la.
Sciatic Rheumatism Cured alter M ,
Years of Suffering.
"1 hive been afflicted with sciatic
rlieiimati.-m for fourteen years," says j
Jiwh Ivlgar, of (.'rermantowu, Cnl. "I j
was able to be around but constantly
suffered. I tried everything 1 cornel
hear of and at last was to.ld to tiy Cham
berlain's Pain Palm, whidi I did, nnd
was immediately relieved and m a short
time cured, and I am happy to say it has
not since returned. ' ' Why not use this
liniment and get well ? '.'or ale by T
S Mmphey & Son, Macon, Hamilton &
Meek, Pii'ooltsyillo.
Piles are not only most painful but
also very dangerous, as. the inllamed nod
ules are very apt to take on malignant
action and cancer of the rectum is pro
duced. Thev should be cured. Tablkus
most obstinate cases. Price .'.nets, in
bottles, lubes Tiicls. at .1. F. Jones'.
Memorial Services.
The annual memorial services at
Soule Chapel church will take place on
Thursday, May 221. The public are
cordially i.ivited to attend.
W. X. I'AYI.'lK,
ls..r' D. lliilihi:!:-,
X A. Walker,
Cotton Seed for Sale
Forty-one bushels in Macon, luipi ir
at Beacon olfice.
From my pasture (.ear Center Point a
.large brown mare, full) Hi hands high,
with star in face. Had a bay mare colt
with her. Hay before Christmas she
was seen on II. ft. Harlan' t! place.
She rai ged in Woodward's creek cane
brake on the Christian place, Will
give fin to recover ner.
TI iZ i Vs
tn rn LS ZQ w
()3 in
t lira ft. a m
3 ran
Emm M fll
v UUKb
A New Discovery for the Certain Cure of INTERNAL and
Tubes, by mail, 75 Cents; bottles, 50 Cent.
i&MES F. fiALLARD, Sole Proprietor.
3!0 North Main Street, ST. LOUIS, MO.
Showing Condition of the
T. JlcLKon.
T.ike n up by Teter Mosrley about April
2d, 1IKI2. straying ouUhe Marlon place in
district II. a black and spotted nw, right
ear cropped, one lonsr teat, about !1 years
old, weighs about li.'i pnuiuls,
.The owner is nolitieii to conic forward,
prove property, pay charges at the liaiiL-ors
olli co iiml take It away or It will be dealt
I with at Ihe law directs,
j mayU-.il Coroner and Hunger.
of Tor?, TVI55-- or) flou. 15,
V, MINllU,
Hie house known as the Rives resi;
deuce north of Capt. Griggs' residence,
is for reut. Possession given when
rented. Apply to Chas Strono.
I have opened up a dress making bus
iness and would appreciate yonr patron
age. My prices are reasonable and sat
isfaction guaranteed, I have had eight
yetirs experience. Mits.H. W. Dons,
3-S3-3m Wbitten House, Mucon, Miss .
hooping Cough.
A woman wno has had experience with
this disease, tells how to proven' any
dangerous oopseiinenees from it. She
says: Our three children took whooping
cough last summer, our baby boy being
only three months old, end owing to our
giving them Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy, they lo-t noun of their pimnpnesJ
and came out in much better health than
other children whose parents did not m-e
this remedy. Our oldest little girl wend
call lustily for cough syrup between
wlmops.-Jee.ie rinkey Hall, Spring
villw, Ala. This Remedy is for sale by
V. S. Murphey & Sou, Macon, Hamil
ton & Meek, lirooksvillo.
Stokes Evans Hardware Co.,
sells one Straight Grade of Ve
hicles They guarantee them in
every reepect and keep them in
repair for ONE YEAR FROM
Eavo 25c ry Buying
McGoo's 2fe. Chill Cure is a purga
tive; you need no other. Largest bot
tle for tho money and is guaranteed
to cure or money refunded. Ask your
druirgist for MoGee's 26o Chill Cure,
t. on is and
enihirf nit't't. ''
lateral securie1 n-s .
Overdrafts secured
Bunking House
I'uiniuire ami nxtur
Sirlit osi'hiunjc
Cash on luinil
Puhllslii'd by ilir
Kseounts on persni.nl
thin nl Chapter II
stateur C'il-
'.).", 1 V
mil in
7 it "vl
-.11 .is
'JT:t le
:'.'T s-J
ij-.s,'.il!i ti;l
if Annotated Code ' ' IW.
Cacttaisii.-'k W M
L'nillvideil prolits . 40
IiHlivkluul ilcpo's subject toclieck f2,XW m
Time Certitlcates of Uepustt it.aH fill
Bill payable 7U.K-0 Wl
Dm: otiicr bunks -.-VS 0
tlW,01 W
unlng Is a tru
I, N sCAI.H.-i, ,.f Bank "i Macon. Miss., .Id hereby ce
full and exact statement "fthe Assets and Liabilities of
il,,..,i us sbow il bv the books of same.
., a Chancery Clerk in and for tne i oumy or mmu.
.. T. HOI. 110 li. cuau. Liem.
rtil'v that tlie foi''-
said Hunk on the day and dl"
N. SCALKW. Cashlei.
sunrn lound sul'Scribl'il before me,
this, i he 22.1 ilav of J uly, lmil
K.viiiilned and imind eoneel.
l'hisiithday i.rilct.,'!'l. W.lj. OH, K Auditor.
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you cat
OncRlinutcCoughCurs This adiSkinds
, . . . . , .1 ...... ,1 .... fv.,1 no val
100(1. It gives 1 llM.au u itiiri ou "--'y
For Coughs, Colds and Croup,
Bears the
Ihe Kind Vou Have Alwavs Bought
Attorney at Law,
Jvlaccp, Miss,
. .. . ... n
fails to cure, it allows you to eau u
thnfnnil vnuwant. liieiiKisi.scusii-nD
stomachs can take it. By its uso many
thousands of dyspeptics nave, oeeti
.,A ofiornvorvthintf ftlso TalleM. 18
nnorinnllcii for the stouutch. Child-
ron with weak stomachs thrive on It.
fiures all stomach troubles
Prepared onl v by E. O. HrWrn & Co. Chicago
Thetl. bottle coutalusSH tlmestlwSOc. tlio,
Merchants and Farmers Bank
Published hy direction ol o".
.tpter 14 Amiotiiled Code ol t81)2,
Loans i
7! I 21!
Cupitul paid in I
Undivided profit
Individual depos'.t, subject to
ch ccU
Time Certitlcates of Deposit
Duo other bun ksrcciproeiil aects)
Dividends Unpaid
7S.0U0 (10
12,nii0 00
10,M7 01
174,814 '
3I,H) 9
5.IW4 78
120 00
and iliseiiunls on personal
... i , ii unri'i)
lateral securities 97':l" 51,
Overdrulls secured and unsecured 1111.20'.) Wi
stocks and Bonds l'
Kiirnllnve and 1' ixturcs ami ueio
SlKhl exchiuurc 0S;'4,I
Cash on hand J"''1" ""
;!ln,2in SU
, , i' 4 Mrs. Casliinr uf the Merelunui and I
aid it esol smu MKimuu mo " ' i
.. . , ...,..,.., i ,,,,. ..n'cuitolerk Inlaml for the'oounty of NoxubM
swnri it, . i sin,-, i ... ...... ..... -- . ,
Miss tills .lull dayoi Maich, IIM'.'
Kxiimincd and roiinil eoii'cct, Andltoi
Ti,,f 2Mu dav nl March, 3 M-0"" AUdltO).
Total .
.;lW,'il S
id Karmors bank, of Mucon, Mississippi, do
nml exact suten nut o; tho Assfts andl i-
her.'by cert ay t oat i o u . s ' a9 8h0,v by (ho nonk of
j, if. AMKS Caslilsr.
1". MINOU, Circuit ClorV.
J's fur some lime

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