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You can rest Assured
that every pair of
gives greatest foot comfort, longest wear and utmost
style ; linings are moulded to the last. No tired, ach
ing feet. They truly "Make Life's Walk Easy."
For sale by
W. M. Lamberson.
The Macon Beacon
Local and Personal.
Mi8 Mary Amci is at home from the
1 . I. &U.
Mrs Clarence llearon it vWtinjr rU
lives in Ntwton.
Mr. CM. Dorroh was in Coliimbtis
on linsinfsa Tbmday.
Mr Will Oliver, of .Sherman, Ala.,
wm in the city Friday.
Miss Jennie Featherston it visiting
Mi-s Shearer in Starkvil e,
Mr- and Mrs. .I. V. Dnpree, of Dicr
lu ruk. were In the city Friday.
Mi" Mary Dinmoro ha returned
from liluiont Collnjo, Naidii il!
Mii Jaanita Scales ii in Houston,
jjnen of Miss Lonlle V. Cavett.
Mis Heusio Kerrij will visit Mid. C,
I.. Tuhb in Aberdeen this week.
Mrs, W. B. Patty and Nancy left
.Saturday for a visit to Abeidien.
Miies Sallie and l.ovedie Mav Ch ini
lielin art guests of Miss Maiy T,siai.
I'r. liarrUon, of (ial-slmi. In 1. . is
visiting hustler, ilri. C II. mi.
Mrs. Brady and little fOa of Mobile
are spending aoinc time with Mr?. W.
F Scale..
MissIVarl White d ialer pave a party
ti Saturday to a large number of her
yonn.n fi binds.
Mr. J. H. McDonald was in the. city
Friday and reported th crops in hit
section as being very promising.
I'r. Clement win In ,lackon several
dayi this week atendin a meeting of
the, Dental Hoard of Examiner.
Mmim. F. E. Carlton and H.H Brooks
Ir., attended the nu-eling of the (Irani
Ij'i'lx of Odd Fellows in Jackson this
Mr. Geo Pagan returned yesterday
ff'tn St. Louis with a car load of well
hn ke mares and horses- Notice ad in
another column.
Mn. Kydie Minor Stephenson and
sin! sons arrived this wee' from Mont
i'omery, Ala., and they will again make
Macon their home,
Mr. Taylor Smith has been sick this
weak, his condition at one time was
cnidered very dangerons. being
threatened with congestion.
Mr. Chas. Hardin, we are glad to re
port has improved so much from his rc
cent attack of pneumonia that he was
to lie down town a short on Thursday
nd Friday.
Mr. Charlet Miller, tecretarv of t lie
Macon Lumber Company is in Mneon
n l will take aotive charge of that plant
nd will begin the manufacture the inv
nentej quantity of hardwood lumber
'"ieh the company owns In this vl In-ity.
Kev. Mr. Dnren retnrned on Fr.day
from Itirtningham, where he hat boen
'or the past week attending the Method
ist conference, and incidentally visiting
"brother who lives In that City. He
ill occupy the pulpit at the Frcsbyte
fiim church tomorrow as will be stcn lu
notice elsewhere.
Mi s Lillie Dorroh arrived home
Thursday from Gavinesvllle, Ga., wqere
she hat been, for the past year, a itud
"H atBrenanCollogn. She has, as a
visitor, a fellow-student, Miss. Loone
Kauch.a niece of Senator A. J. McLaa-rin.
Mls Annie Angnstns will teach Latin
18 the High School at iVest Point noxt
seion. Miss Augustus is a teachor of
unnsnal ability, who is very innch be
'""ed by her scholars and follow teach-
and bet loss from thefaonltv of the
Mucon High sohool Is very much re
An entertainment will b6 given on
""V night. AlayaSih, at the public
ooiTuHdliiiLy Waller Barter Chap
U, D. 0 Miss. Hosnlie Baptist
f West Toint, will participate, as
Pianist, Mr norbert Grace and other
""i talent Msist In the musical pro
Mr. J. II. Wheeler, who has been
; manager of the Cumberland Telephone
Company in Macon for the past year,
and who has made many friends both in
business and socially, has resigned and
will go to Somerville, Tenn., in tho
employ of the same company. A Mr.
Walker, of Nashville, will take Mr.
Wheeler's place as manager of the Ma-
The Macon Post Office.
Among the nominations sent by the
President to the Senate last Tuesday
was that of Mr Joshua Stevens as Post
Master at Macon It is not doubted
that the nomination will be confirmed,
and Mr Stevens will then enter upon his
fourth term in the office. It is sun
I posed that Mr. Emmett Cavett, who h;
,.r,n H!,. ,! trill .nnv.M. f,.mil., !... ' " ' "" """u idvcu, will) lias
' , , i had the practical running of the office
as soon as he can secure a home. ... , v . mulei
I will be continued as asislant postmaster.
Messrs. Pinion t Douglas- have sold , Mr. Cavett is a young man well known
several ton ofAlfalfalriy in Macon this andwen Uked by all and hag s)own
week from their UO-acrn field nar Clif ' ,arked efficiency in his office.
Mr. Stevens is too well known in the
tonville. Hay, according to the gov
eminent re nrt, is the most valuable
crop grown in America, and Alfalfa ha
been called tl'ie -'Mortgage lifer of the
West" and it hofel that this industry
will preach con'idernble proportions in
this comity. ' Mr. liininn snvs they will
shortly ciuiiinence the shipment of this
lisy in car-lots,
Macon Represented.
At lh recent, meeting of the Mississippi
State Hankers' Association, Macon wis
given representation by the election of
Mr. K. V. 'Yates, Ca.hicr of the Mer
chants and Farmers Hank as a member
(f the executive committee. Mr.
Yates has bem prominent in the bank
ing business in Macon for a number of
years, and is recogni.ed by his asso
ciates throughout Mississippi as one
of the ablest and most successful bank
ers in the State.
county to need any sketch - in the these
columns. Though a repu lican in poli
tics he is popular in an overwhelmingly
democratic community. With a char
acteristic firmness he adhered to bis
party when to a republican down here
was anything but pleasant and safe, and
now that happier times have come no
one begrudges him the honors and
profit of his fidelity. Still there are
those who say that had conditions been
reversed and his home in a hotbed of
republicanism, Mr. Stevens would have
been a rabid democrat.
Masters Calvin Satgent and John
Trson have retnrned home, from the
CUi kson school in Clay comity .1
Mrssrs. Minor Dent, and Longstreet
Dent, two of the crack players of the
baseball nine of the -A.&.M. College
are at home for a dav nr two.
Phone No. 138.
The iihone at the bookstore is the
abivennmher. They keep Ice creamsof
everal flavors, which will be delivered
in town. When hut and thirsty ring
phone 1S8.
Social Doings.
The following program will be ren
dered by ihe pupils of Miss Jcanie Fer
ris the coming week.
Miss Mabel Scales anil Mrs. W. V.
Scales wers hostesses of a pretty lawn
party on Wednesday afternoon at the
homet.f Mr. N. Scales. Half a hun
dred gnosis enjoyed the game of cards.
Mrs. J. H.Williams wat winner of the
first prize, sn picnisite cnt glass celery
tray, and Mrs. W.'E. Stokes cnt the con
.olation, a cut-glass nappy. Misses
Hazel Scales and Rnby Cockrell served
the delicious punch and refreshments.
Mrs. C. H. Spess.ird entertained the
Mation's Knchreclnb cn Tuesday af
ternoon. Mrs. Tindall of Itrooksville,
who is Mrs. Spessards guest for the
week, was tho bonoree for the occasion.
The Whist Cnlb was entertained on
last Friday bv Miss Alice lluch. Mrs.
Val Ames was prize winner. Delicious
refreshments were served.
Mrs. A. Klaus and Miis Augusta
Klans gave an "al fresco" euchre party
at which a large number of guests were
present, on Thursday afternoon.
Religious Notes.
The commencement sermon of Macon
High School No. 1 will preached in the
Presbyterian Church next Sunday at 11
a in May 20th by Rev. W. L. Duren.
The graduating exercjses oi m. ...
nii, Srhonl No. 1. will be held in the
Chapel Hall of the school building, Mon
day evening Way aist. l'CK.'S
tj U. A. Codv, of Meridian will
t, in the Cumberland Presbyterian
church at Mashuloville Sunday May 20,
at 11 o'clock and nignt.
Rev. Mr. Thames, will return today
from Stafford hpnng,u"u
Liar service at the Baptist church Sun
day night. .
Htr Good Adi.
.i often asked by friends what to
rlr,7onWn trouble, such a. hiuemu.
lirngworm nn I similar ...... - ...
recommend hunt's Cure. I oon-
.u. ...... mmonv ror ucmnv
Rubles of iny character there Is made." Wrlte: or
-Mn. Hightower, Palinstto, La. mitUi BrsMlia. Mi"
Ice and Coal Company.
The charter of the Arctio Ire and
Coal Company, having been approved
by the governor and returned, on Mon
clay last, at the .office of Hramc and
Barnes, attorneys fcr the company, a
meeting of the stockholders was held
and the organization potfected. The
followingoffihers were elcctid: Presi
dent and secretary, T. B. Robertson
fiulfport, Miss.; Vice-President, Ike A
Adair, l'ordsville, Ky. ; Treasury and
superintendent, H. 1). Jenkins. Macon,
Miss Directors: T. B. Robertson,
Oulfport, Miss., John J. McIIenrv
Louisville, Ky , II L.. J. Barnes, Ma
con, Miss.
The installing of the machinery is
progressing rapidly, and the manufac
ture of ice will be commenced about
the first of tho month. In addition to
handling ice, the Company will have a
lull stock ot the best grades ol steam
and domestic coal.
Theme wltliVartatlons fduet).
Little Haymaker (duet)
Callle Field
OH Folks at Hume
Daisy Parker.
(ternian Sonu Tschalkowsky
Andnntuno In poeo Allegretto Ilnydn
Tvrullenne Hummel
Harcarolln Ilsehlt
Nellie Smith.
Two Flowers Ko'-lllng
(.'hwrfulnms Low
Star Spangl.'d Banner
Mury Clyde Holt
Hungarian Danes Relnhold
Rondo Mozart
Alpine Hose Gnnsehols
Augusta Smith
Last DoRoof Summer law
ViiIsp r.leante Va"l.l
Farewell (.irectlnif . Gansrliala
I. lib. Miller.
Sonatina Kuhlau
A Pearl Hehr
Hevtrle A. Kennedy
Nettle Hurn
Flower Sonu Lanife
Sonatina. Op 3d, No' 2 Om.'Ml
1 Think of Thee Goederler
Aline Clement
lllstant Sounds neatimont
Sonatina ' Clementl
Llllle Clemens
rano of the Elres .Tsnsen
faprlne .Wilson
rtondo DiiHBck
Etta Elchelberger
Allegretto Maynn
Minuet-Sonata, Op. , No. i Beethoven
Butterfly Chase llimeh
Llllle Elohelberger
Melody... Read
Ina Calne
Trvmolo Rosdlen
Dream and Awakening Henilel
Nina Kuah
Springtime (Song Cycle) E. L. Ashford
. C lass.
Decoration Day at Soulc Chapel.
One day in the Spring of each year is
set apart by ti.e people of Soulc Chapel
for the purpose of decorating tbegrave
in Senile Chapel Cemetery. Religions
services are held, a basket dinner is
provided and the day is occasion of
a reunion of those who h;,ve relatives
and friends buried in this historic sK.t
So far as we know the people of that
neighborhood are pioneers in this
movement, and their example might
well be followed in every community
where there is a common burying
ground The dreariest and saddest
spot on earth is a neglect ed grave yard
This year the tenth of this month
was appointed memorial day, and the
writer was present according tj his us
ual custom. Religious services were
conducted by Rev. Mr, Zwingle, of
Rmoksvillc. Mr. Zwingle's sermon
was altogether worthy of the day, and
I am sure nil who beard it must have
been fired with the desire to reach out
and strive after the high ideal so force
fully held up before them.
The committee appointed to attend
to the chief business of the day had
discharged their duties in a manner
which left nothing to be desired. The
grounds had been beautifully cleaned,
all the shrubbery tastefully trimmed, j
and every grave was decorated. It was
a goodly sight, and we like to think up
on these evidences of loving remem
brance of the dead. All of our citi
zens should feel grateful to the people
of Soule Chapel for their care of this
cemetery. All of us mint needs feel
an interest in this spot where so many
men and women prominent in the his
tory of our county have been laid to
rest. Any attempt to call names would
be invidious, and time and space forbid
my offering a complete list.
But I must not neglect to mention
the dinner. If not the leading feature
of the day.it proved quite an important
one. The undersigned has been eating
dinners at Sonic Chapel for more years
than he cares to count, and he has nev
er partaken of one which was not of the
very best. So when he tells you that
both as to quality and quantity this
dinner was altogether what one might
expect of Soulc Chapel, you will under
standlthat he pays a high compliment
to the dinner. I believe several such
crowds as were present could have been
fed, without exhausting the bountiful re
past provided by these generous peo
ple. A day among such hospitable
people is certainly a day to be enjoyed,
and I am sure every visitor present will
agree with me in saying that this day
was one long to be remembered with
After a short intermission the asso
ciation was called together and the
committee made its report showing that
all expenses had been met and a nice
cash balance remained on band. The
que'tion of having a well bored has
been agitated'and the committee was in
structed to look further into the matter,
and report upon its feasibility at the
next annual meeting. This matter is a
very important one, and every one con
nected with the association, Should be
willing to contribute liberally to it.
Manv who have loved ones buried there
live at a distance and do not have the
trouble connected with repairs, e'eaning
up and all the things necessary to keep
this place in the manner it is, would
doubt'ess be glad of the opportunity of
showing to the people of the neighbor
hood their appreciation of tbeis work of
love, by contributing to this worthy
object, if the opportunity were given
I am loth to quit mvjsubject, as I am
always loth to bid adieu to my friends
there on these occasions. To me this is
a sacred and hallowed spot. Manv of
the dearest friends of, my life repose
within its silent precincts, and the pco-
pie are my people, for among them my
life from youth to manhood was spent
They have ever honored me above my
deserts, and I can only hope that I have
to some extent met their expectations
From the earliest settlement, of th
neighborhood, this church wfls a part of
the BrooVcsvillc circuit, but now belongs
to the Crawford circuit. This chance
was thought 'necessary by the authori
ties of the M. P.. Church South, in the
readjustment of the churches, so as to
elevate Brooksville toa station. Thi
writer as well as the people there de
plores the severing of ties that reach so
far in the past, not because the minis
ters sent there are not nmong the very
best men in the conference, but be
cause of the hallowed ties that bound us
together, and 'vie feel that some other
arrangement might have been made.
This article would be incomplete if I
failed to mention the efforts of my long
time friend Rev. Mr. Babb, to make
every one have a good time. The meet
ing again of this man. of God and his
good wife was one of the most 'pleasant
episodes of the occasion. Such gen
erosity and hospitalitycannot be sur
passed, and the writer expects as long
as he is in the flesh and able to attend.
never to miss one of these reunions.
Walter Phicb,
The Fishermen
The luck tho of fishermen this week
has not been very good. Several par
ties have been to the Carpenter Lake.
Dr. Maughs Brown and J. I.en Mnrph-
ev. commercial tiroker, went up on
Tuesday and reportod very poor luck.
Marshal Sargent and Sam Haaenslcin
wore there on Wedneday and caught a
good string and Mayor Kaser and W. II.
Stokes were also there. Mr. Thomas
had the usual luck with his title Thurs
day at Thursday at Howard's Lake, and
got n string of twenty trout and bream.
Mr. W. P. Allen got eight fine trout be
tween trains from Mr. Cbambcrlin s
pond at Shiiqiislak Thursday mid Mr.
Jones canght four fine trout tho same
day at the Thompson pond.
A ten ponnd girl arriyed last Sunday
morning at. tho home ot Mr R T. Me
A fine boy arrived this week at the
homeot Mr. and Mrs George Goussett,
near Brooksville.
Herd of Durkami for Sals.
I havejor sale 25 head of red Dur
ham cattle, 3 bulls and 23 cows and
heifers. Write: or apply to W. H.
Old Market, New Proprietor.
I have bought from Mr. L. C Clinc
his market in this city and will keep on
hand at all times fresh nieats, and lish
in season. Mr. Tyre Bracev will con
tinue as manager. A share of the pub
lic's datronage is solicited.
Wanted, Cotton Seed.
I am row connected with the Missis
sippi Cotton Oil Co. Me'ridian, and will
pay at all times the highest market
price for seed, See me before selling.
Btisaiional Summer
ale at
-H ''' :'2(- 1 I M H -
J:j p mJm mi ll
i ssk Nk JiHiijPB
until hkkj, ke
ftflO worth of exceptionally high-grade Clothing, Shoes
J.JJJ HatS) Dry Goods, Trunks, Etc., to be sold, begin
ning WEDNESDAY morning, MAY 23, at 8 o'clock sharp for less
than cost of material, the entire stock of Clothing, Dry Goods, Shoes,
Hats, Notions, Trunks, Suits Cases, etc., of D. OWENS.
Grand Offering of Men's Suits.
$1.9. A lot of Men's Suits, of superior imality, fnlly worth $10
for only $ 4.98
$(1.15. This entitles you to a Suit of clothes from among si lot of
2S nits, highly tailored and finely finished, positively
worth not less than $12.30 or your money refunded 6.15
$7.75, Rep: cxuits one lot cf 200 Miits of the latest styles well
made, only handled by dealers in high grade clolhing.
Suits in this lot Fold for $ 15 and in this sale you can pick
them for : 7 75
Men's Pants.
150 Men's pants worth $:t.50, 'only
At SI. IS we will place on sale 200 pairs
$ 2.10
of Men's 1.48
Boys' Clothing.
The largest lot of Hoys' Clothing ever placed beforo the public
will he found in this sensational sale and parents -hoiild not
miss this opportunity to pick bargains,
Boys' Knee I'anta worth 50 cents only l'Jc
Boys' Knee l'ants worth 75 cents only 2!1c
Boys' Knee l'ants worth SI only 'J'.lc
Bov'smits worth ?5 00 only :;,"()
Men's Shoes.
This slock or men's shoes to be placed on sale comptisc a 111
cent line, in fact we can say that .this stock of shoe- cannot I
parsed. You can fiiid -li es In tlii- senatioiril sale ma le of tin
leather.-, an 1 by the bi-t workmen in the slice line.
Men's shoes worth ?-i " at only
.Men '? 'hoes all styles, well made, baud sowed. worthL.V), ar-
yours fur
1'or 2.'A'.i we will place before yon, .Men's shoes 1 1 1 -1; compart
with nn v $-1.50 anil 00 m: guaranteed sa'c priie
Men's Hats and Cans.
Caps fr.i h 00 cents, only
Caps worth 75 cents, only .
Men's fine Kelt Hats w.irth $1..)0, only
100 Men's Extra Good Hals, worth 52 50, only.
50 Men's Extra Cood Hats worth 5S .58 only
(ienuinc John It St'Uon's Hats ,vorth 55, only.
ie sur-
li !'.!
is 1 05
2. ofl
Ladies' Hosiery and Underwear.
Iidies' Fatt Mack Hose worth 10c. only
Ladies' Fast Mack Hose, douhk' heel and toe worth 15c, only..
Ladies' Extra Oualilv Hose...
Bargains! Bargains!
Here we quote a a few ot the many bargains that stare yoo in the face
Umbrellas worth 75c. only 39c
Umbrellas worth SI. 50. only fifjc
I'mbrellaj worth $2.00, o.ily 8!)c
Mohairs worth $1.00. only 480
A iood Assortment of Dress Goods worth 25c will go for 22 1-2
Curtain Scrim only 0C
Lace Curtains worth SI. 00, only 59C
1ice Curtains worth ."52.00, only 1.19
Bed Spreads worth SI 00, only 7
lied Spreads worth $1.50, only gc
Bed Spreads worth $2.25. only 1.39
Bed Spreads worth 00, only 1,98
I 'Si
r .
Cheviot Shirting
Mack Sateen worth 15c, only
Typhoon Silk (new) worth 15c. onlv..
Lace collars, turnovers, only
Oar stock of Ladies Slippers is complete, consisting of Ladies Slip
pers, the like not to be found elsewhere for the money we ask
for them. Latest Style", Leathers, eto.
Ladies' Slippers ne' er sold for less than $2.50 1.50
500 pairs of Ladies' Slippers worth $3,50 to be sold for 1 48
For $2,;ifl we have selected over 500 pain of ladies' slippers,
latest styles, made of the finest leathers, if not better than
any $5.00 slipper in the market. This Is a broad assertion
but it is true. Here is the cbance 0! your lifetime, only 2.39
Children? slippers will be on sale for less than cost of manuf actarer.
Fur want of space we cannot specify.
lelenopc" that are worth oOe going now at.
Telescopes worth 79c. going now at
Telescopes worth $1 .00 to be had now for. . .
Wash Goods
I l!
26,0C0Yards of Lace, 31-2c.
We have cut the price in this Department exactly in half
We carry the largest stock of Millinery in Macon.
Here Are Some Specials.
Calico. 10 yards for
Good Bleached Domestic, 10 yards for
Extra tonality Towels
Towels, per pair, worth 25c, only
Bath Towels bleached worth 50 cents per pair, only
Silk Elastic, worth 15c, only
Dressing Combs worth 10c only
Side Comb, worth 10c. only
Table Cloth, wo:tu25c, only
Table Cloth, worth 50c. only
Table Cloth worth 75c, only
Pm e Damask worth 50c, only
Extra. Qnality Table Linen worth 75c, only
Pillow Shams woith 50c, only
Braid, for f
White Pearl Buttons per dozen
1 2c
Muslin Underwear
Pants worth D5c, only 1!)c
(orsets Covers worth 50c, only 29c
lown and Underskirts worth 75c, only 4(Jc
Ladies' Vests worth 10c only
Apron checks worth 7c only
Dres9,i'mali:ims worth 12c only
Cross. buried muslin onlv
Brown dress linens worth 20c per yard only. .
Brown dress linens worth 25c per yard only. .
India linen worth '7c per yard only
India. linen worth 10c per yard, only
India linen vorth 16c per yard only
India linen worth 25c per yard only
Lawns nnred worth 8c only
Lawns llgured worth 10c. per yard only
Lawns worth 15c per yard only
4 1
11c 19c
Laces and Embroidery.
Laces worth doable the money will go from 4 to 8c
Embroidery specir.1 4 to 12 l-2c
Insertion extra , 4 to 10c
All over Lace as low as 18c
All-over Embroidery down to 45c
Worth $3.50, are to be had at this sale at $ 1.2s
Trunks worth $5.00, at this sale poiiiK 2,43
Tiunks worth jdO.OO to be had at this salefor ,.. fl.98
Ladies' Skirts.
Skirti worth $2. Onto be had dining this sale at.. .
Skins worth $3.50 (roisig during this sate fa
Skirts worth $1.50 to be had while this sale is sn
Skirts that are worth $5.00 going now at only...
Skirts that are worth $6.00 sold at this sale for. . . .
1 48
2 49
Ladies' Corsets.
Worth 50c, only
Worth 75 cents sold at this sale at.
Woith $1.00 going now at only
Ladies' Handkerchiefs.
Handkerchiefs worth 10c going now at only -c
Handkerchiefs worth 15c to be had during sale at. 3o
Handkerchiefs worth 20c to be had now at only. , .c
Our Guarantee:
We assuro ouch and every purchaser absolute satisfaction. We guarantee every garment, every price ftml every
statemont here made- ami we will exchange, any purchase unsatisfactory for any reason whatsoever. Every article,
every garment in the house will be on sale at such low prices you certainly will be amazed, all marked in plain
fisurcs. One price to all. Sale positively opens Wednesday, May 23, at 8 o'clock sharp,
Mark the Date and Mark it Well, Wednesday, May 23.
Miles and miles of Dress Prints in Silver dray, P.lacks, Light Indigo, Blues and Keds, In this stupendous
Kiilo at 4 1-2 Cunts. Lot nothing keep you away. The hour is set, the date you know. The greatest and most
sensational sale ot the age ever held in this section opens at
Macon on WEDNESDAY MAY. 23, 1906. For Ten Days Only.
li. O WfcrNS, Macon, Miss.

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