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The Fifteen Beacon.
Wiay, Aifitt, 31. 1507.
Tat Nmimc.
The Democratic Executive committee
of tlM State hart declared Hon. E. F.
Meet nominee for rovernor. His elec
tion la a matter of course, Mississippi
has the promise now of one of the
cleanest, most practical and substan
tial administrations which she has had
for the past half century. No man in
the State is better equipped in ever'
respect for the high position than Mr.
Noel Familiar with the legislation for
the past quarter of a century, he knows
the wants and necessities of the people,
and his upright and firm character give
assurance that the material welfare of
our beloved State will have his undi
ided attention.
Among the first duties which will de
i , .
oive upon mm wnen ne enters upon
hie high offic will be the appointment
of a Judge or the tenth judicial dis
trict Meridian haa had this appoint
ment ever aince the district whs organ
ised Fewetl, Huddleeton, fHall, Coch
ran, en! Noxubee haidly second to Lau
aerwur in weaun ana population, is
certainly entitled to claim something at
the hands of the incoming administra
The appointment of Hon. D. F. All
good to succeed Judge Cochran would
meet the hearty approval of all classes
ef our eitiiens. He is, in every res
pect eminently qualfied to meet the du
tiee and discharge, without fear or fa
Tor, its responsibilties. He is one. at
least, who will enforce the law as it is
written and not like he wants it, and
we sincerely hope that our next gover
nor will find it consistent w'.th his du
ties to the people of this district to
bestow the appointment as the Beacon
ha suggested,
rWnbet'i First Bale.
The first bale of cotton for the season
ef 1907-08 was brought to Macon Fri
day, August 30th, by Mr. Earle Skin
ner, and was sold at public auction
Mr. Walter B. Patty and brought the
handsome sum ef 18 1-2 cents per pound
According to Mr. S. L. Holt this is
days later than the first bale was mar
keted last season, and on August 30th
M bales had been brought to his yard
Considering the late Spring it is
matter of surprise that a bale could
have been gotten ready for market at
so early a date. The weather was so
onpropitious during the planting sea
son a large part of the cotton of thi
county had to be planted from two
M l: i ....
lour . units ana iuiiy one nan was
planted between the first and middle of
June, at a time when, ordinarily cot
ten is blooming. That eotton is ready
for market now argues that Noiubee
land and farmers are all right, as noth
ing but good land and good cultivation
could mature cotton in so short a time
It being only from 10 to 14 weeks since
the crop was planted.
State Farthers' Institute.
VM Wirt TUjit Tafci Aft'iMt Cars'
Warsaw, Ind., Aug. 2S.-Mrs. A. B.
Sims of , Des Moines, winner of fhe
woman's whist championship of the
United States, stood before an audience
of 4000 at Winona Lake tonight and
told why she bprned up the forty decks
of cards that fifc had'at her home.
"It was hot , uncommon for me tc
plsy whist from 10 a. m. to 11 p. m.,"
said Mrs. Sims.' "After that I saw
what I was really doing. I burned up
all the pasteboards, and I should like
to speak in every church in the country
to the Women and tell them what card
playinf led me to, and what it will lea.!
them to. It was undermining the
church. The whist and euchre parties
were sweeping the women of the con
gregation and the church was sinking
keeauee of their neglect. The card
erase as it prevails among women is
the moat serious competitor the church
has today." ;
AH Rerani Nat Yet la.
ugh it has been nearly one week
TtlC1 unite uir
1 nt, oond primary for state and eounty of
ieere Secretary of . State Power
has not received all of the county re
turns. Some twelve or fifteen counties
are yet missing, and it is doubtfu'
whether they get in by Thursday, th
day of (the meeting of the state com
mittee to count the vote and declare
' s :
Rati Day SeetearterJI2A at Leiinjt.n.
T. AlMs. iiiiii n. :,
Tha cittsens of Holmes county, in
West meeting assembled, extend hearty
greetinga te the entire State of Mis
sippi and do now express to them
their profound thanks and appreciation
for'the great honor they have conferred
njfcnTier moat distinguished and favor
ite son, and extend' to the people of the
Stat -a mast hearty invitation to as
semble at Lexington on Thursday, Sep
tember 12th, 1907, and join hands with
us in celebrating the nomination of
Honorable E. f. Noel as Governor of
the ptate of Mississippi.
J no. L. Dyson
T. J. Jordan
Dr. F. L, Bott
P. P. Lindholm
3. S. Watson
H. W. Watson
Publicity Committee.
Kdlto- Bi-aron:
Please publish the following program
of the Farmers Institute to be held on
the 4th-6th of September at the A. &
M. College.
I hope we can have a large number
of our Noxubee farmers and their
wives (for ladies are especially invited)
present, for I am sure each and every
one will be benefitted and Profs. Gar
ner, Fietoher Jackson, Dr. Roberts and
myself will give our personal attention
to the comfort of our Noxubee friends.
It will cost but little and I am -ure all
will enjoy the trip. If you can't go up
Tuesday evening and spend the whole
time, look at the program and pick out
the day that the appointed exercises
will interest you.
Now our farmers would not come out
and ha-ar Mr. Clark of the Cotton Asso-
iation and the last Institute appointed
for Macon was not even announced and
of course not attended, so let us make
up for lost time and have a large dele
gation from our county at this Institute.
We can go up Wednesday evening on
the train that leaves Macon at 2 o'clock
m., and get to the college in time
for the evening exorcises and all can
return Saturday morning reaching Ma
con about 12 o'clock.
Good bye,
Big Bud.
WEDNESDAY, SKP1. 4 Afternoon Ses
sion 2:30 p. m.
Tillage Prof, W. L. Hutchinson.
How to Make Truck Farming a Success
Mr.J no. W.Day. C rystal springs, Miss.
Evcnine Session 8:15
Soil Improvement. .Prof. W. R. Perkins
Mississippi Needs More Good Fanners
Hon. K. F. w right, I'arthage, Misa
Farm Conditions South, as Found by a
Northern r armor Mr. I. L. Lyons.
Georgetown, Ohio.
THURSDAY, SEPT. 5 -Morning Session
9:3n a. m.
The Dairy Cow, Queen of Domestic
Animals-Mr. H. B. Gurlr y, DeKalb,
111., Pres. National Dairy Show Association.
What the College is doing for Dairying
in tne state 1'rol. J. is. Moore.
Afternoon Session 2:30 p. m.
The Necessity of Feathered Help to
Agriculture Mr. H. H. Kopman, of
the National Association of Audubon
Profit in Hogs for the Mississippi Far
mer D. A. Saunders, Starkville,
Evening Session, 8:15
A Few Matters of Importance to Mis-
issippians Hon. H. E. Blakeslee,
Commissioner of Agriculture, Jack
son, Miss.
The Uses of Trees for Purposes of
Economy and beauty, Illustrated
Prof. Geo. L. Clothier.
Friday, SEPT 6 Morning Session
9:30 a. m.
How Beef Cattle can be Made Profitable
in Our State-Prof. Archibald Smith
Discussion Mr. J. M. Aldrich, Michi
gan City, Miss.
Afternoon Session 2:30 p. m.
What Has Alfalfa Done to Increase
Land Values in Mississippi Dr. J.
C. Cathings, Prairie, Miss.
Problems in Successful Alfalfa Farm
ing-Mr. B. H. Strong, West Point,
Evening Session, 8:15.
Poultry Raising in Mississippi, Illus
trated-Prof. J. P. Kerr.
Geaeral Discussion Everybody.
Aa Enjoyable Entertiiiment.
On Tuesday evening, August 0th,
Miss Margaret Billion entertained the
young people at "The Oaks," the fam
ily homestead which is situated in a
mngnificent grove skirting the Fox
Trap prairies presents st all times a
beaut. ful view. The house lighted with
asceteline gas and adorned with rare
plants from the convervatory wns in
deed a lovely sight and harmoniied
with the beauty and giace that filled I
apartments on this happy , not be gathered ytaterdsy but we un
derstand that Mrs1 Winbourne had left
Negro Rtvishei at Large.
Mrs. Daisy Wtiboune, an estimable
lady who resides with ler husband, Mr.
Fd. Winbourne, sven niles west of Car
rollton, was attaiked by a negro brute
yesterday mornhfc aboit eight o'clock
and at the point of gun assaulted. Be
fore the deed wasllisco'ered the brute
had made his esc:be and at a late hour
yesterday attention had Slot been
Full particulars t the outrage could
its stately
A german led by Mr. Walter Wind- her hnmc to pick leas some distance
ham and Miss Margaret Binion was en-1 from the house. II win there the ne
tered into with sest and pleasure until ero assaulted her si related above. As
12 o'clock. Then a:i elegant silpper ' soon as the alarm 'was given an or
was served in the1 spacious dining room ganized search was legun and messages
of barbecuei) meats (that typical south- with the descriptions the negro were
Si Cotton Sentenced to be Hung
September 27.
The third week of circuit was opened
last Monday and an unusually large
crowd was in attendance. The grand
jury was in session until Wednesday af
ternoon, when court adjourned, and as
will be seen in their report published
elsewhere, brought in 70 true bills,
most of them being for minor offenses
among negroes. The crowd, a part of
the time, was on the tip-toe of expec
tancy looking for something sensa
tional to happen, but nothing nnusual
The juries for the week was com
posed as follows:
ern dish so dillioult to get just right,
but Mrs. Binion always has it to per
fection) salads, stuffed eggs, pickles,
olives, iced t?a, coffee, cheese straws,
salted peanuts, pine apple sherbet,
cakes etc.
After supper the german was re
sumed, Mr. W. M. Binion and Ids
Windham leading Miss Maurine Baker,
fair as Hobo, refreshed the dancers at
intervals with fruit punch.
The young ladies present were Misses
Mallie Collins of Citronelle, Ala., Bes
sie Washington of West Point, Lillian
Binion of Macon, cousins visiting our
fair hostess, Ida, Bertha and Evelyn
Windham and Mauride Baker, Lucile
Sargent of Macon, Mrs. T. A. Baker.
Tho gentlemen present were Messrs.
Edward and Ben Price, of Prairie Point,
as. Hibbler, Walter Windham, W. E.
Skinner, W. P. Chappell, Robert E.
Skinner of Columbus, Misi., T. A.
Baker, W. M, Binion and Dr. S. C.
Bring the babies to have their pho
tographs made.
Eureka lime lime is put up in the
very best barrels. Call on Williams he
has it.
Do it now! Have your pictures
made! Call at once.
Eureka lime goes further than any
other grade. Call on Williams, Ring
Mr. Jas. E. Weatherby left this week
for Mobile, and will shortly be on the
road for some wholesale establishment.
Just received a carload of best post-
land cement. WILLIAMS.
Ring 159.
You need some good photographs of
you now, tomorrow may oe too late.
In .
The Hsiaiest Maa.
The happiest man in the land today
it tha successful farmer. He sits un
der hi own vine and fig tree, undis
turbed by the maddening noise of the
grm ciiy. nanus lau, railroads go
lnti the hands of receivers, towns col
' -e, all business stagnates. But the
can snap hit fingers at
'the monarch of all
"cres. And
"e purity
1ving the
pd woman-
ied, and, if
13, lul be j
Point News, 1
Pastures will be furnished free for
tne stocK oi tnose wno may come
through the country to attend, and
meals may be had a- the Mess Hall for
15 cents each.
The College and Experiment Station
will make a fine exhibit of pure bred
Tickets for sale everywhere in the
state for the "Round up Institute " at
a rate ot one and one third tare plus
.wenty-nve cents ior round trip.
DIED After a short but mournful
ixistence, "The Brooksville Voice.'
tequiescat in pace.
Mr. rorier, the emcient, accommo.
lating assistant at the depot is away
t is rumoied he will not return. It is
hoped that this is a mistake.
Mr. J. M. Calmes and family have
reiurnea irom a visit to relatives in
louth Carolina.
Mr. E. C. Halbert is taking his vaca
tion. He will meet a party of friend:
in Denver, and after visiting othei
vestern cities, will return by way of
it. Louis, where he wi'l purchase a fall
dock for the Brooksville Mercantile
Mrs. Will McLeod has as guests hsr
nother and aunt, both Mrs. McDaniels
it Medon, Tenn.
Miss Jackson of Starkville is with
Mrs. Dr. Jamison.
Misses Sadie and Sue Hamm of Me
idian, are visiting their grandmother.
Mrs. S. J. Koger.
Mrs. J. N. McMorries left Friday for
i month s stay with friends in Mem
phis, Tenn.
Rev. E. S. Lewis and family of West
Point are makings visit to the home of
Mr. T. J. Hopkins.
Mrs. Lowery Love is in Florence,
Miss, with hi r mother, Mrs. Moore.
Mr. W. W. McLeod and Miss Lillie
McLeod were in town this week.
Mr. T. W. Tate has been away for a
few days looking after business matte rs
Rev. I. D. Borders of Holly Springs
was in town Thursday.
Mr. Ed. McLeod is absent from town
at present.
Mr. Ben F. Price of Prairie Poii
spent Saturday and Sunday with Mrs,
Thos. Price.
Mr. Coke Moorehead has moved to
the country and Mrs. J. L. Carpenter
has moved into the house he left on
bast Main street. This is the first
move. After next week we will need
a city directory to find our friends.
mi. KeNey has issued a neat cata
sent to nearby town. In making his
escape the brute lefthis grip which is
supposed he carried ad a sharp lookout
is being kept for a nero who was seen
in that neighborhood i few hours be
fore the crime was conmitted carrying
a grip similar to the o:e found.
As soon as the newsof the occurence
reached here a posse ws organized and
in company with Sherif Burgin joined
in the search. Carroton Alabamian,
Columbus. Miss.. Aug. 28 --John Gib
son, a negro, was lynched at the home
of bo. Winbourne, net larroiiton,
Ala., at noon today for citninally as
saultine Mrs. Winbourne yaterday.
A mob of 100 men from tat commu
nity took him to the woods ind strung
him up to a limb after Mrs. Vlnbourne
had identified him as her assalant. He
made no statement beyond i bare de
nial of his cuiit.
While his body was danging in the
air the members of the m6 empted
their pistols into it. fully 50ushots be
ing discharged into the corpse literally
tearing it to pieces.
The clew as to who performed the
horrible deed was given by a negro
friendly to the Winbourne fairly, who
had seen Gibson hanging anund the
Winbourne home during the nomine,
When the crime became kwwn this
negro told the white people whit he had
seen and gave such descriptionof Gib
son as resulted in his rectgnilon and
Circuit Court
Protracted Meeting.
A series of sermons will be pi-ached
at Ruhama church, by Rev. N. E Wal
lace assisted by Rev. W. H. Thtmpson
of Shuqualak, commencing Sunday
morning at 11 o'clock. The peode of
Lynn Creek and vicinity are codially
nvite d. .
W. L. Jackson L. H. Stowers
S. A. Lever M. A. Pagan
J. K. Bankhead J. O. Faser
L. L. Goodwin L. F. Cole
T. T. Patty J. L. Douglas
J. J. Stevens J. H. Flora
NO. 2.
J. L. Wood H. J. Jernagin
W. P. Farrar R. T. McDavid
W. B. Cade J. F. Hamby
M. C. Carter B. R. Stuart
J. W. Rogers C E. Lindley
J. L. Mauldin J. A. Boswell
In the suit of W. F. Pstterson vs.
C. Higginbotham, non-suit was enterred
State vs. Jno. Williams, dismissed
for want ef juridiction.
State vs. Wm Finley, colored, fined
$500 for shooting craps.
Jas. Wells, the negro who broke an
other negro's neck by hiking him with
a brick, was given two years in pen.
Jettie Little, who killed a negro girl,
but claimed he did not know the pistiol
would fire when he pulled the trigger,
was given two years in pen. on charge
of manslaughter.
Sy, Connor, who killed his wife while
by chopping off with an axe, was sen
tenced to be hung on September 27.
Wm. Beaslev. who filled ud on whis
key and dope and ran amuck nt the de
pot about two months ago, wss given
two years in pen. on charge of assault
and battery.
The jury brought in a verdict "not
uilty" in case of State vs. William
Case of State vs. Paul Chamberlin
was continued.
The grand finale of the court term
was the disposition of the case of State
vs. R. H. Lockhart, on indictment for
the illegal practice of medicine. The
defendant was the hero of a recent let
ter in the Beacon headed, "He Ain t
No Doctor Nohow. " The district at
torney being satisfied, without a trial,
that no persons had come by thoir
deaths through the ministrations of the
defendant and therefore that he had
not practiced medicine much, agreed to
let him go on payment of coses. He is
still in jail ana is a very fervent mem
ber of the praying band there.
itsouse UOl
Style and Quality,
Fall of 1907-'08
STYLE if you want it,
and you do.
Always Reliable.
Macon Mercantile Co.
Every barrel tail lick tf this (ins Flour contain t cotpn for waits Its Bills will firs
joo a prize. Write to the Millt for jjriie lit. .
la M
Mm. Kale Btideet Gibeoo.
On July 28th, 1907, there passed from
earth the pure spirit of thiB noble wo
man, beloved and honored by all who
knew her. She die 1 in hor husband's
home near Birmingham, and was hur
ried beside her parents in Oak Grove
cemetery at Atic.'ville. Slie was reared
in Macon, and thi3 brief chronicle will
recall the merry, warmhearted Kate
Bridges to many Win? friendj of her
youth in our community. Sh-; was sin
gularly amiable, cheerful ai l sympa
thetic, and as child and m iide.i she j
won the hearts of young and old, and
held then fast as friends. These lova
ble traits grew along with the years,
'till like the Master, Christ, she fol
lowed. She was in loving touch with
all her kind; rejoicing at the marriage
feast and weeping at the tomb. Self
abnegation was a striking trait in her
fine character.
For several years this bright young
girl was truly a "ministering angel"
to her paralyzed and helpless father,
giving him the untiring devotion of
hand and heart, pouring out all the
charm and beauty of her youth to cheer
the loneliness of his confinement and
soothing his sufferings by unstinted at
tentions, gentle ministries and tender
sympathy. After her father's death
she fell ii-.to ill health herself and for
some years was a disciple of pain and
bxiily weakness. These afflictions were
cheerfully accepted, nor ever dimmed
the warm love-light of her eye, nor
clouded the brightness of ready smile,
nor hushed the kindly word towards all
who came near her, but served to en
large and intensify her loving interest
in others.
In 1904 she was happily married to
Mr. C. L. Gibson, who survives her.
Their homemaking and hardiness,
though brief, was bautiful'Though
her nice sense of refmenipMt and taste
the common task and ailv round r.1
logue, in which his plans for next ses-1 home life was ideaWffl and unlifLed an
sion ana nis course oi study are set that their litthjfhorno became a little
lonn. scnool opens bept. 9' We wish haven of pe-jeful cfnf
ror Mm a line school. .
Mrs. Jannie Allenand daughter, Miss
Corinne Allen, are the guests of Miss
Annie Wootten. - T I
Jlr, Jurnti Author Thampton'
ttqneete the taoaor of your prevnie
at the marriage f hla lister
t Sarah Let :
t , ,-. '
Mr. Tbomai J. Willcius, Jr., .
oa Tweeda? morning, September the tenth,
alneteea hundred nrM ttrtt, -
at eleven o'clock,
Methorllit Episcopal i
Resolutions of Respect by the Baptist
Sunday School.
We the undersigned committee se
lected to prepare resolutions relative to
the donth of our beloved member,
Mayes Hunter, would respectfully rec
ommend the following; Resolved
1. That, while we feel the sorest per
sonal grief over the death of our be-
. loved member and brother Mayes Hun
ter, yet we submit with prayful rever
ence to the will of our Heavenly Father
in His removal so early from the scenes
of a life that seemed to promise so
much happiness and usefulness.
2. That, our Church, Sunday school
and community have lost a manly
young man, a shining example of in
dustry and energy; so devoted to his
mother and father and sisters and
3. That, we tender our sympathies
and condolence to the bereaved parents
and sisters and brother in their irre
parable loss, and pray for the Divine
consolations to abundantly sustain them.
We will all miss you Mayes.
4. That a copy of these resolutions
be given tha family of our deceased
brother, and ro our city paper, The
Mtcon Beacon, and they also.be pread
npon the minutes.
Respecttully submitted,
Mrs. C. B. Dorroh,
Mr. T W. Brake,
" E. B. Boyd.
t-j j. - i
Anolhar Good Mas Con Wraas. TTT
He neglected to take Folev's Kidney
Cure at the first signs of kidney trouble,
hoping it would wear away, and he was
soon a victim of mights rtueaes
There is danger in delay, but if Foley's
Kidney Cure is taken at once the symp
toms will disappear, the kidneys are
strengthened and you are toon sound
and well A. R. Bass of Morgantown,
lnd ,had to get up ten or twelve times in
the nicht.ana had a severe backache and
pains in the kidneys, and was cured b
l oley's Kidney Cure. J. F. Jones.
Honorable Jndsc R. P. Cochran of the Tenth
Jadkal Dtitrk-t of Miialinlppl:
w ha tirvnA T,,... im
panelled for the Special August term of
court of Noxubee county, beg to report
as follows:
We have been in session eleven days:
we have! subpoenaed two hundred and
seventy-one witnesses; we have ex
amined three hundred and nine wit
nesses! and in all we have returned in
open court seventy true bills.
the special committee appointed to
examine the court house grounds, jail,
poor house and various county offices,
report as ioiiows:
To the Honorable Grand Jury of Nombee
Gentlemen;-We, the undersigned,
your committee appointed to exam
Ine and report Upon the books of the
various county officers, beg leave to
state that we have inspected the books
of chancery clerk, circuit clerk, sheriff,
county treasurer and county superin
tendent oi Mutation, and nnd same
neatly and accurately kept to the best
of onr knowledge. We also examined
county jail, and find it safe and neatly
We find the inmates of the poor house
are well cared for in everv Darticular.
We also recommend that the bond of
3, M. Bowen, constable of the town of
Macon, .be investigated by proper au
M. A. Parls,
L. Oliver.
Nelson Stevens.
1 he practice oi miscegenation upon
which we received a special charge to
inquire into, we believe to be on the
decrease, we have received promise
from parties thought to be guilty of
said offense that their habits would be
changed for the better.
The reports as to the public through'
lares or the county, are in the main
satisfactory. We would call the at
tention of ihe Board of Supervisors of
trie county to tne ionowing, towit, mat
tlev see that the materials that are
furnished road overseer are used, and
that they check all such meterials by
the vouchers furnished with the ac
counts against the county. We think
that some of them have b en derelict
of their duty,
We hnd that parties livine in adioin
ing counties and the bordering state of
Alabama, are in the habit of making
Deriodical trios throutrh the countv of
Noxubee, peddling whiskey and other
intoxicating drinks, we suggest that
your Honor instruct the sheriff to get
these parties, even at the trouble and
expense of requisitions.
We suggest that the magistrates of
the various districts of the county be
more diligent. Not to wait for the
grand jury, net to postpone matters for
said body, but see out inquire into,
and apprehend many of the offenses
that properly come under their iuisdic
tion.Ve refer to local troubles of the
vicinity near Shuqualak and Mashula
ville to the respective magistrates and
good citizens of said localities.
A social club in the town of Macon,
known as the Noxuhee Club, is com
plained of by many of the good people
of this town. We have examined some
of the members and the secretary and
manager of aaid club, in addition to
many citizens of this own,. and we con
clude from all evide.ice produced that
the main features of the club ia to le
galize a saloon, the profits to be used
in the club only. We suggest the clos
ing and abolishing of said club, believing
saia act to De ior ine guuu ui me
Some of us, who were your Honor's
severe critics during your first adminis
tration, have seen our error and wish
to commend vou for the improvement
of the general, moral tone of the coun
ty, a fact which is due to your aplenaia
methods. Having discharged our au
ties to the best of our abilities, e ex
tend thanks to the officers, where same
is due, and ask that we be discharged.
Kespectfully submitted,
foftrntlon to make final Src ver oroof in
umnt ii,,ir..anl.t . ' tlirrt of hit rlnlm, vll: Homeatearl Kntrv
woet womanly pwsenpSr-thT NX. E'.ihii made March 8. lsiw, for the ft
laff ....r, a. A 1' i h A lit .f SI W mmrtsf Martinet O Tnwnahln
aim vueerfi auiuug ltruufjnont tne li
light of
touch M deft industrioqg ftngern andj
the cirm- or musieij-; ability. She
lived hlr brief and batff Mifa in sirnJ
confidinl trusj; shej mevW-supreme
moment lvingHei-'fiPilot' would
"carry 1ilr frr?, V - ,
. TT)i life
'Thrs N .W.v rVh ,i Mtm- u .
. y y .. . r ;
If but fhcHiiiburli of the
Qfflitued brca'h
Mie BiTvm
n ", -
' Notice for FsUkatioa.
' Department of the Intellof
Lnnd offltent Jackson, Mln. An 17. 1907 j
Ko'ke In herein siren that Carollae Harria
nu men notice r bin
nalllut n w qnnrter, necuoo v. lowaaaii
It K.. Knnrelrt K.. Choctaw Meridian am
tbaft antd Drool' vill be made before Chaaoerv
Clerk, Nnmbei .'onntjr, at Macon, Miaaiatippl
antd proof
t, Nnxnbci
nir Seutemlier ' I. 180
Mt tinmen the following- wltneaaea to nrovi
Hi conttnnona rraidrnce npon. aad Cttltiva
tion of. the land, via: Prank Lewie, Mack
Cotton, Wiley Hampton, Paachnl Cotton,
all of ftincon, Miaitftaipm.
L. U.C.LAMAR. ReeUter.
Milch Cow far Sale,
The best milch cow in Macon is for
aale, Apply o th1! Pffitet "'
YOU will get it if you come to us. Quality
and Good Tailoring and Style that stays will be
found in HIGH ART Clothes. Our clothing
possess and indescrible something which stamps
them High Class, it is che result of tailoring art
applied by tailoring brains.
It will pay you to examine our High Art
Clothing, we are now opening up our New Stock
and we will be glad to have you look. We can
fit everv one. See Us.
Tt W.
Leo L. Cole,
M. A. Parks
M. A. Barnhill
W. S. l'ermenter
P. B. Augustus
P. H. Hunter
Nelson Stevens
L. Bell
L. Grace
R. S. Curtis
A. L. Neville
J. F. Edwards
L. G. Adams
W. N. Taylor
R. B. Moore
T. M. Davis
W. E. Stinnis
L. Oliver
Tlic "CM KtliuMc is now ready to fill your
orders for the best grades of COAL. Don't
delay let me have your orders now.
Blocton, Piper, Montevallo, Jr.
Macon Mcr. Co.
and the
be beat.
Old Time
Call n mo.
Call 159
The Coal Man
Showing Condition ol the
la;. Ma. II I live will I he as blif a rnosn as your
Yen. my child, If you don't usu
Burp Mails on soiled imru, lcv.o tlifm In
waterooe hour. No boiling: no wiuhhnurtN:
no backache, it you ue MAUIC WHI1K
80A1'. Will Iron easy oa made: has no rosin
like In yellow aoap. Get your urocer to order
er send ua t .00 (or 1 boi of loo 6o. rakes,
Ws pay for freight. Save the wrappers.
High Price lor
We- will buy .;$
ton seed this
son, and will tv
glad to submit you
offers on large
You don't buy right unless you buy
' Herculess Shower Proof Suits (or
your boy. Patty Bros. Cash Store.
P.m.4 Examination Succeaafully-
Jame Donah ue, New Britain, Conn,
writes: -i uiea several kidney remedie.
and was treated bv our best physicians
(or diabetes, but did not impiove until
I took roley's Kidney Cure. Afterthe
second bottle I showed improvement,
and five bott'es cured me completely.
1 have since passed a rigid examination
(or life insurance " Foley's Kidney
Cure cures back-ache and ah forms ci(
kidney and bladder troubhs. J. F,
Brookiyillc, Mill., ii shown by the bookj at th cloio of buiimi June 30lk 1907.
On.niifd, Ocflobet 1699.
$ 94,480 67 Capital
3,645 00 Surplus
Undivided Profits, Net '97
.1,831 3fi Certificates of deposit....
20,944 97 Individual deposits
Bills Payable
Bunking House and
Cash and Sight Exchange
,10,00fl 00
15,000 00
4.29S 95
7,000 00
56,603 05
10,000 00
122,902 00 Total 122,902 00
We invite your attention to tie above and cordially tolicit your patronage
W. F. REDWOOD, Cashier.
: i w
.... fett? J
mm To the Ftrmtrs of Noxubee ,. ,' f r.
$ I I solicit you
& ' I son . I have bf v ii
t ton of the f.-r.fr' t ;
Jh, '.itot N-r ,-.! '.wtv,
( otton Yards
. wnties;
ihc coming s
than in pr v l'
No. 1 r.iprona dally, Irnvra
No. i Havana I. til ilaliy, leaver..
No' ( Elpin (Ihlly Ifavea
4:H p.m
2:10 pm
Mo. 1 Epr dally, IfHvca 2:90s. m
Ho. t Havana l.ld. ilitlly leavea.. II :f0 a. m
N,p. 6 kxiirumnlall, liavi'l l:OTp, m
a,..i m. ' . - -
e for the coming sea-rig
and caring for cot
cubec and Winston for
nd you "know whether
it and fair treatment at
t celve yotftjpa . mage for
I have Jjettcr .facilities
, 1
v)8 for caring! for, your cotton
residence of
ness part oi
brooch 1 !
l'ea-' " :
u f f.i.ic..n hetveen
T, M'u-I) Ai d tho busi.
'' I 'nd diamond
" "J ..- large whole
I fi.', ba ; id to finder,
. ollWotheri,
Be sure od rld the little b .ok thn
wtnre seningrtn by mnil telling p
Shower Punts Still
about ''Hercules
for your boy.s.
Patty Bros i
Csh StoM
. i
1 ' Crwfert, MMMippt,

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