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The Macon Beacon
Friday, August 4. 1911.
There is much talk indulged in
right now alout Macon combining
against the candidates from the
other parts of the county in the
second primary and the county
people combining against the can
didates from Macon. There i
nothing in this except that it is
being used by politicians for poli
cal purposes. The great body of
the people of Xoxubee. whether liv
ing in Macon or out of it, will piy
no attention to so fictitious an issue.
Macon is so much a part of the
countv, its citizens so made up of
boys and men from various sec
tions of the county, that no geo
graphical issue can consolidate
them against their boyhood friend
ami neighbors. Kvery town in
Noxubee has the mnjoiity of its
business men from the country.
Our state ncnator is from Prai
rie Point, where all his interests
lie, although he in person has re
sided in Mu-on for the last few
years. Our chancery clerk is from
Shuqiialnk and our circuit clerk
from the P.rooksville neighborhood.
Our present sheriff was from the
northeast part of the county, our
treasruer from lirooksville. Mr.
Dorroh, sheriff and then chancery
clerk for years, came from Mashu
laville. ,Mr, Clark, sheriff was
from Shuqualak, Harden Iirooks,
district attorney, was a Brooks
ville boy, and Mr. Allgood, coun
ty attorney, was from Lynn ('reek
and so on down or up the line.
Xothing herein is meant in any
way to detach residents of Macon
from Macon, but their former res
idencey are mentioned to show
that politically they are to be as
much accredited to that part ol
the county whence they cameras
to Macon.
The fact is, a good man is al
ways sure of a strong support from
his home box and from other boxes
where he is best known. That
which makes Shuqualak or Prooks
ville or Hashuqua or Paulette
stand by its home men operates to
make Macon stand by its home
men, no more and no less. How
much of polities and how little of
merit the attempt to array the
county people against the town
people possesses is shown by tin
fact and let every man recall how
the matter was presented to him
and he will see the truth of this
statement that the merit or fit
ness of the candidates is never
mentioned by those appealing to
anti urban sentiment.
Speaking for Macon, the candi
dates from other parts of Noxubee
can rely on receiving as fair con
sideration and support as they will
obtain from any other portion ol
the county, anil speaking for the
county, it is believed that it will
not be to the disadvantage of a
candidate that he lives in Macon.
We are all from Noxubee and all
for Noxubee. Let no 'false politi
cal issue divert our people from
the real question, a question they
are fully capable of deciding wise
ly ami well that is for the county
to elect the best and most e licet Tve
Negro Schoolhouse and Lodge Burned.
The negro school house, the upper
story of which is the lodge-room of the
Negro Woodmen, situated about 3 1-2
miles southwest of Macon near the
Evans place was burned Wednesday
night. The (ire started in the upper
story and was discovered about 8 o'clock.
Nothing was saved.
The fire is thought to have been of
incendiary orgin. There had been a bit
ter and protracted fight oyer the selec
tion of school, trustees and teacher, and
at the close one of the leaders of the
loosing fraction remarked that the
teacher would never teach all the same.
A recount of the ballots was offered to
satisfy him but he said that voting was
not anything, but that the teacher
wouldn't teach. The fire following- a
few days after this epistle is considered
something more than a co-incidence.
No arrests have yet been made.
Electric Pan alway running at Boqk
storq. Cpolest place jn town. You Will
forget Ihsf fheuraaOipr 2c.t jf yfcit
III l 'Jvi-:V ''
The Mashulaville School.
The Noxubee County Agricultu
ral nigh School at Mashulaville
will open on September 12th, and
will begin its second session under
the happiest and most favorable
auspices. The school room is a
large and commodious building of
architectural beauty and with a
domitory capable of housing from
thirty to forty boarders afford all
physical requirements for a fine in
institution of learning. The
ground?, comprising forty acres,
will le worked by the pupils and
will be made a demonstration farm
where the students will see a prac
tical application of the modern
and scientific principles of agricul
ture. '
The school has been fortunate in
securing a good faculty. The
principal, Prof. .Tas. O. Chandler,
has been principal and teaclier in
the Macon High School for two
years, Avhere he made a record that
commended him highly to Trustees
of the Mashulaville school. He is
well versed in academic learning
and is acquainted with local needs
and conditions. A trained expert
from the Mississippi A. & M. Col
lege will be in charge of the agri
cultural feature of the school.
Mrs. T. H. Hurst, whose worth
and excellence are such as to com
mend her to all who know her, will
have charge of the domitory. Her
presence and authority there will
go far to remove that lack of home
and woman's influence that at
taches to boarding schools. The
friends of the school may well look
forward with confident hope of a
long, prosperous and useful career
for the school.
Tin-: JJeacox on several former
occasions, has mentioned the Nox
ubee County Agricultural Pligh
School. It can and doubtless will
be made one of the most conspicu
ous as well as one of the most use
ful factors in this county's up
growth. The combination of aca
demic training and agricultural in
struction is a wise one. Poth are
useful and both necessary to make
the most intelligent and useful cit
izens. The trustees and others in
terested in the school are to be
congratulated on what they have
so far accomplished and the people
of the county may feel proud and
confident of their county institu
tion. No Single Shotting.
By a cast iron agreemet signed
by all of the candidates for the
Legislature, no single or double
shotting' in voting will count.
Each ballot must be n arked
three or it counts for none. This
is a wise arrangement and for the
good of the county. Single or
double shotting would have given
wide range to sharp politics and
trades. The action of the can
didates will be approved by the
An interesting development in
Washington has been the rise of
Senator John Sharp Williams, of
Mississippi, to the unquestioned
lloor leadership of the Demo
crats in "the Senate. He for
merly occupied the position in
the House of Represenatives. A
short-jab debate with- Senator
Bailey, of Texas, soon demonstra
ted that in him the brilliant
Texan had found a fighter who
called for no odds. Splendidly
educated, picturesque both in
appearance and expression and
thoroughly unique in his methods
of debate, Senator William has
become a favorate on both sides
of the Senate floor. It is . sug
gestive of the parlimentary poise
of the House of Commons, He
is one of the best students of the
tariff on the Democratic side.
By a curious coincidence, Senator
Williams occupies the same seat
that was used by Jefferson Davis
in the United States Senate.
Senator Williams is destined to
play a conspicuous part in the
coming session ancj a long and
valuable term of service is predic
ted for him. Leslie Weekly.
liOggcrs Wanted, lam paying fll.QQ
w-' A. ' 4 J . " ? ft i J t
Senator Percy's Statement.
Greenville, Miss., Aug. 3-"The
returns from the senatorial elec
tion are decisive. In no uncer
tain manner the voters have in
dorsed Vardsmanism and all that
it stands for in Mississippi. The
result calls for no comment or
criticism, certainly no compkVnt
from me-
"That the people of Mississippi
deserve the consequences which
will flow from this election I am
unwilling to say. Any indictment
so severe I would draw against no
people, but believing in a govern
ment of majorities I have no de
sire to thwart their expresssed
"Honorably elected to the sen
ate by the legislature, I have
served with such ability as I pos
sessed and with an eye single to
the welfare of the state. I
went before the last legislature,
and later before the state execu
tive committee and urged that
the primary be ordered for No
vember 1910, in order to avoid
the bitter and protracted fight
which would result from the post
ponment of it until August, 1911
"I then stated that the commis
sion of senator was of no value
to me unless it received the in
dorsement of the people of the
state at the polls, and that I was
willing to lay it at their feet,
and if they should say by the pri
mary of that year that they pre
ferred to have another serve
them, I would resign at the first
session of the legislature held
thereafter, so that the place
might be filled by the man of
their choice. While the propo
sition when made applied to a
primary to be held in 1910, and
was coupled with a provision re
quiring joint debates, and while
the proposition is in no sense ob
ligatory upon me now, yet
reasons given then still seem suf
ficient. "I entered the senatorial race
through no personal ambition,
seeking only the most effective
method of preventing 2&e
triumpnoi varaamamsm. amc
held the office at a sacrifice of
personal fortune and inclination.
The result of this election en
tirely absolves me from the duty
of acting as temporarylbuffer be
tween the people of the state and
that which they have chosen for
themselves. I purpose upon the
convening of the next legislature
to hand in my resignation, there
by empowering it to name my
successor for the unexpired as
well as the full term.
"Despite any temporary disap
pointment, I feel that this course
will meet with the ultimate ap
proval of my friends. As much
as I respect their opinions and
wishes, I cannot be moved by
their wishes and appeals, though
from this course I might be swer
ved by the calamity and abuse of
my foes.
"In conclusion I wish to say
that words cannot express my
appreciation of the loyal and pa
triotic support that I have had in
this contest. I can only voice my
sincere and grateful thanks for
those who held up my hand while
contending for the honor and true
interest of the state. Together
ive have fought a clean fight for
the right, as God has given us to
see the right, and we are better
for having made the fight. This
should rob defeat of its sting.
"Leroy Percy."
The senator read the above
statement at a reception held at
his home to night, which was at
tended by several hundred of his
friends. After giving out the
statement he appeared in a fine
humor and seemed greatly re
lieved that the campaign was all
Holeproof Hosiery.
We are the sole and exclusive agents
of the Holeproof Hosiery Co. in Macon.
None other in genuine Holeproof.
Patty Bros.
M. &j F. Bank
The Merchants
has taken
up temporary quarters in
the office of
ljr. Sam Har&ins, three
I am carrying a full line of Rough and Dressed
Lumber, Mouldings, Doors, Etc, Am prepared
to give yon estimates on any size honse.
Our Dressed Flooring, Ceiling, Weatherboarding, Etc., are purchased
in the Long-leaf Pine District, and the g re exceptionally good and
prices are right, too.
We haye a million Shingles booght and in transit
and we are going to sell every one of them at rock-bottom prices.
Also a carload of best Fire Brick and Clay.
All parties repairing or installing new boilers will do well to get my prices
before making purchases elsewhere. The right prices will prevail.
Ring No. 159 J. H. Williams Macon, Miss.
August Tcr Circuit Court Noxubee Co.
G W. Douglass
W A Cheatham
Jno M Robertson
H L Patty
W S Mullins
Ash Locke
T M Chambers
W W Daniel
Will Hill
D A Williams
S W Adams
W M Jones
F E Woodward
G B Clement
E L Aycock
D H Steele
M C Carter
W I Campbell
J W Ropers
W A Cade
Leroy Williams
John T Morgan
R M Barnhill
L L Cole
J Q i'oindexter
J F I ai r
J S Cavett
A L Neville
J B Binion
Jim Watt
J B Hiil
T E Witherspoon
W E Skinner
V L Ei and
R C Patty
R M Trimble
H R Dare
Joe Eiland
T E liaynes
G B Reynolds
W T Conn
C 8 Amnions
J L Reed
W G Stiles
B T Taylor
J B Bell
W B Butler
J F Edwards
O H Dotherow
Willie Stowers
J L Bell
J H Butler
J C Jackson
E L CarDenter
J B Mfcxjy
T S Botgessv
T .) WilKins
O M Dorroh
R M Cnmpbell
B A Boy kin
Emmett Jones
Gus McLcod
O L Perkins
B E Hunter
J J Sanders
E A Brown
F M Eaves
T E Coleman
G B Baskervill
theTF M Guy
R M Fruitt
Walter Morgan
L U Cline
H V Clark
J R Stallings
T E Stewart
P D Ferris
C E Dorroh
G M Kobertson
S B Connor
D Daniel
B A Little
W T Britton
W M Taylor
P G Augustus
G W Taylor
Simon Smith
C Smith
R A Bryan
W P Farrsr
Jim H Smith
W H Harlan
r T Patty
Geo Goussett
Leon Dent
C C Clark
J J Cotton
J L Soarkman
T C J2ug2;n
W B ft elm
L H Porter
H BEwing
B Lagrone
S T Clark
R C Eaves
W B Cade
B C Tripplett
W A Dotherow
Let me be true enough ta meet each
honest eye.
Yet if a friend whose sorrowed heart
has been undone
Ask me for comfort where in truth
there can be none,
Then let me grasp his groping hand
and kindly lie.
And if my neighbor does those things
I think are ill,
Let me not judge! Who knows what
tangle taunting skein
Fate may have woven to have mesh
ed his heart in pain
Would I have smoothed the evil knot
with half his skill?
Since I must play the game of life,
this is my prayer,
Though I may lose, let me preserve
a smiling face;
Let me not scorn the weak who fal
ter in the race,
Let me be merciful let me play fair.
Los Anfeles Graphic.
Notice Tax Payers of Noxubee County
You will take notice that the Assess
ment Rolls of Realty & of Polls and
Persohalty are now on file in the Chan
cery CJerk's office of said County.
The Board of Supervisors will meet
to consider said rolls at their next regu
lar term to be held at the Court house
in Macon' Miss., on the
First Monday f September 1911
All tax payers objecting to said rolls,
have, under tho law, until said regular
meeting of the Board to file in writing
with the undersigned Clerk their objec
tions thereto.
This notice is given, under Seceions
4303 of the Code of 1906 by order of the
Board entered in Minute Book 15 at
page 130.
This Aug. IOtk, I9II.
A. C. Fant, Assessor.
nq. A. Ttson,
Clerk of the Board,
Yfe ggnt imitate otheV Etpre3 knowt
ingfc. '-we tiHttevp Hi m fm eW
Let us Kepair your old
Buggy, Surrey, Pheaton
Relining and Painting
d ne in City Style
We Make Them Look Like
Horseshoeing in all Styles
Macon Wood and Machine Shops.
Will Take Orders - si
I am now prepared to take your orders for
enlarged Pictures. I have on display
samples of the best work that has ever
been shown in Macon and you are wel
come to come and examine same. We
can furnish in Sephia, Crayon, Water
Colors and Pastel. The prices are much
lower than what you would pay an agent
and we guarantee all work and your
picture back
Notice to the Public.
By order of Judge T. B Carrol. I arn
directed to give notice to all Jurors
drawn for the First Weak of the Au
gust Term of Circuit Court, that they
will not be needed till Thursdry August
24th, 1911.
They are required to be preset at
Court House at 8.30 A. M. th it day.
All witness and all other parties in
terested are excused from attending
Court till August 24th, which is Thurs
day. This order is made to give every one
an opportunity to stay at homo and
take part in the Second Primary Elec- j
tion on Tuesday Aug. 22nd.
C. M. Scales,
Circuit Clerk
Macon, Miss. Aug. 3rd, I9II.
A Learned Student.
In talking over with bis mother hip
fin-t day at the kindergarten. Bobby
philosophized. "If what I don't know
vet is as much as what I do know,
there'! a heap to learn yet. isn't there
nother?" The T foiifekeejicr.
Startling Encouragerrent.
"Was Amelia's father encouraging
w rven yoi. went to ask him for her
put the
"Not very. He asked me to
proposal iu writing fo I
back out. as all the others
Really' Serious.
The Doctor "Nonsense 1 You haven't
got a cancer. Booze is what 'ails ou
You ' oiust ' stop drinking at ' q ice ! f
The Spus "Geef Is It that adrlous j
.- V v v x - 'z-V.--
rr is
IT W ttenrlle ihwn In aiiantlHr f ni ther
L, lore wr t un yon any ! o- emlot tn
I price a low a. lh luttol,
fl Write lot our "Diamond
hook for nil i1 amond
will Irarn how wt
-L, information and in tl you
we make II for you to huv
fine Btonf.
Meyer & Sclismber Jewelry Co.
EataMlshru IM9
The Combs' Millinery Company vv II
sell (he remainder of its iSpm u and
Sum ner Good;, Ribbons, etc. at very
reduced prices.
Stray, d or Stolen.
From the McLeod place. 0 mi left c t
of Macon, a light hrendled cow w h
short horns, unmarked, auout 8 y ; rs
old; has high shoulders and low h;p.
Reward will be paid for row or anv i.i
formation. John Macon,
Mcleod, Miss.
1 Yea ling Taken Up.
On the J. B. Watkins place, two
miles north of I'rairij Point, a black
heifer yearling, about one yeaJ ol
Owner must prove property and take
her away, or she will be estrayed ac
cording to law.
I Srali-H !!! urn inviii-H nn thp firaif
Monday of September, 1911, for 30 tons
of the best coal at the court house and
j-iil of Noxubee County, Misa , deliv-
lery to be made by September 1, 1911.
ISond in amount of bid Tor faithful per
formance of contract.
The board reserves the right to re
ject any or all hids
By order of the Board of Supervisors
on October 1st, 1911.
JNO. A. TYSON, Clerk.
By W. O. BARNES, JR., p. C.
Macaulav Improved.
"Let one man stand atTmjr right hand.'
Horatlus quoth, quoth he. "Let one
abide at my left side and keep the
bridge with me. Three men. 1 wot.
can make It hot for caitiff foes like
these; and when we write about the
fight, we ll share the royalties." Pitts
burg Post
Precious Stones In the Orient.
Sapphire used to be mined In
Kashmir, but the mines are now said
V -e i?l!f!li"H yow. white,
Wtl? u- :r "a.'IoUe'j
fif EaDDhlres
W4 mm
i Ai l I
; v, . -.ww. Civ. v..i. J

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