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We are making some very low prices
on Spring and Summer goods of all
kinds and it will pay you to give us a
call before making your purchases.
Walter B. Patty,
Macon, Mississippi.
For Sheriff
J. T. McI,URE.
li. 15. DANTZLKR.
For Trea.urer
For Aesor
For Lriilture
For Superintendent of Education
For Supenriior
Dis rict four
etict five
J. E Dorroh has the best flour in
Personal and Local Items
Mrs. Z. T. Dorroh has been ill this
Miss Bessie Price is visiting friends
:n Lauderdale.
Miss Bessie Lee is visiting Mrs. Will
Cheatham at Prarie Point.
Mis3 Bessie Ha-kness of Starkville "s
the guest of Miss Augusta Smith.
Mr. Jesse Ki uht has returned irom
a two-month's visit in California.
Miss Helen Wier of Starkville is the
guest of Miss Constance Gladney.
Miss Lorraine Cunningham of Mobile
is the guest of Mrs. W. F. Scales.
Miss llattie Bardwell of Meridian is
the guest of Miss Alma Dinsmore.
Mrs. O. M. Morgan of Starkville spent
the week with her home folks in Macon.
'Miss Mary Adams of Montgomery,
Ala., is the guest of Mrs. H N Scales.
Mrs. I. T. Smith and children are
visiting Mrs. A. E. Going near Bene
vola, Ala.
Mrs. Wm. Augustus was in town sev
eral days this week with her daughter,
Mrs. Leon Dent. ,
Miss Beulah Myers of Meridian has
returned home after spending a week
' with Miss Annie Grace.
Miss Bessie Lee Staggers was "At
Home" to her friends Thursday evening
in honor of her visitor.
Mrs. W. E. Stokes and children re
turned horcie thi.s week from a visit to
relatives in St. Louis.
Misses Winifred McLeod and Olga
Dotherow of Brookswille visited Miss
- Mary Dent this week.
Mr. D. D. Patty and wife will leave
for St. Louis and other points of inter-
est fa'urday evening Aug 12th.
Mrs. Wanen Stewart ent?rtaind
t l . r . . 1 , . . r A r
Waller of Crawford and Miss Waller of
Mr. and Mr?. Walter Connor, Miss
- Ada MaiZepernick and Miss Ethel -lon s
l of Memphis went to Columbus Tuesday
in their auto.
Mr. Julian Boggass of the Bank of
Macon has been quite ill for the past
: r
f much improved at this writing.
Mrs. M. A. Culpepper's friends will
! ka triad to know that sri hnt r(tnmfA
i -- - - - -
Thome after a six week's stay in Mem
lphis, Clover Hill and Clarksdale, Miss.
of Columbus, Miss Poindexter of Clif
'ton, and Miss Dell Madtsoi of Brooks-
i' Mr?. R b rt W. Staggers, formerly
of Mobile, Ala., who l as been visiting
Mr. and Mrs, W. S. StHggtTS for the
past twp weeks, Ipft fupsday for Bjr
.minam, A!a, d jeU he. hqqband.
The usual services will be held at the
church on next Sabbath. Ever mem
ber should be present at these services.
Friends and strangers visiting our citv
are cosdially invited to be with us.
Preaching will begin at II A. M. in
stead of 10.30.
Subject for Sunday's sermon. The
Need of Unity.
R. H. B. Gladney, Pastor.
The ladies of the Young Woman's
Missionary Society of the Methodist
church will give a trip around the world
Thursday, Aug., 17th, from 5 p. m. to
11 p. m. Trip to start at Japan (Mrs.
Lamberson's) passing through Holland,
(Mrs. Walter Connor's) Brazil, (Miss
McCaskill's) and landing back in the
United States (Mrs. Wyatt Jones. Re
freshments will ba served at every
place. The attendance in each place
will be in native costume Round trip
tickets to cost 35 cents."
Mrs. SteDhenson entertained the
Forty-two Club Thursday afternoon.
Miss El ma Pruit charmingly enter
tained at Forty-two Wednesday after
noon. Mrs. H. Dorroh was prize winner.
Miss Hazel Scales was the hostess of
a very pretty Alfresco party in the
honor of Miss Cunningham of Mobile on
Wednesday evening.
The reception given last Thursday by
Miss Mary Price and Mrs. W. B. Patty
in honor of Mrs. Edward Price was a
social function long to be remembered.
The geusts were met at the door by
little Miss Nancy Patty and Dora Eve
lyn Connor who united them into the
s:tting room where delightful punch was
served. From there they passed into
the parlor where they were presented
to Mrs. Price next they were ushered
into the dinning room where the mellow
lights, pretty flowers, and soft strains
of music made an attractive place to
linger and partake of the cooling ices
about ninety five guests called between
the hours 4. CO and 6,30 to meet Mrs
. . .
Doc. Ricdle, the sage, wit and philo
sopher, the local disciple of Mrs.Wiggs
of the Cabbage Patch, and a living proof
of the old adage "Laugh and the world
laughs with you"has shown that in farm
ing as well as in phi'osophy he is a whale.
Hi good nature is unquenchable and
did not suffer a setback when with the
rest of Johnson's army he was driven
fuot-sore, weary and hungry before
the victorious Sherman. He can al
ways see the silver lining to the cloud
and get as much music out of three
nickels rattling as an ordina-y man
can get out of jingling ten dollars
together. All this is exegetical
to the main matter which is that
Doc has cotton that beats the
boll weevil as bad as Vardaman beat
Percy. WitH this cotton the boll weevil
: is doomed to early and blessed extinct
ion. Doc brought an open boll to town
j Thursday, the first in Noxubee, which
j he says came from the cotton planted
tn days later than nis other cotton
I which will do well to have open bolls
ton days from now. Doc says this
cot' on matures as rapidly as a thirty
day note. Later on he will have more
to say about it.
Miss Sallie Belie Hall of Montgom
ery, Ala., is visiting the family of Mr.
S. daggers this week.
Mr. Don Zepernick went to Laurel
this week on a business trip. Mr. Mer
rte Chatman retutned home with him.
Mr. Finis Woodwad left Tuesday for
a few days stay on the coast at Biloxi.
Miss Bessie Ferris has returned from
a very pleasent visit with friends on the
It is entirely too early to buy winter
shoes. We hav re-gt&cked on the best
selling styles in bQih ladies and gentle,
mans low' quarter shoes you (Jpnt have
to take any old style or pie ap'rl bqdfs-
i 4 --4W "J.
satisnea dktii to us and get vnew
i nt sQHitHvw'A aikern ;w
Good Order in Macon.
As Marshal of Macon I had every op
portunity to observe the conduct of tne
people on Trades Day in Macon. The
invarable good order and good nature of
the crowd both local and visiting were
such as to call for highest commenda
tion. I wish personally to thank all for
making my duty as Marshal so pleasent
and easy that day.
Very Sincerely.
J. A. Lee.
Fresh cheese received every Eriday
at J. E. Dorroh's.
The Hauestein house near Public
School No. 1, now oc cupied by J. P
Swann . Apply at Beacon office.
House ard Lot for Sale.
Residence and lot opposite Mrs. T. S.
Murphey. Apply to R. P. Holt,
at M. & F. Bank.
For Sale or Rent.
The house and lot on Main'street now
ccupied by C. E. Lilly, and the house
n Wayne street now oceppied by Ed.
Short. Possession given Sept. 1st. See
me at once as I will only be in town a
few days. . H. H. Brooks, Sr.
Trade with Patty Bros.
Good For
Our Mr. D. D. Patty will
leave for St. Louis and other
morkets Saturday evening,
Aug. 12th, where he will be
working in the interest of
our firm. On accouct of the
immense growth of our busi
ness, we lind it absolutely
necessary to greatly increase
our buying facilities.
Splendid outlook the out
look for the coming season is
unusually good. Ve view it
from the optimistic side, we
are going to back up our
judgement by laying in an
exceptional larui: stock of
the choicest -merchandise.
Our successful past has
given us unlimited continence
in the future growth of our
business while we will never
be accused of being w reck
less, we shall make greater
preparations this season than
ever to meet the demands of
the buying public aud it has
been agreed that none but
dependable merchandise shall
come into our store with our
consent or knowledge.
Our promise we promise
the buying public that dur
ing the coming season we
shall make untiring efforts to
give the best values and best
service that our efforts can
produce and when we have
done this concientiously aud
well, we shall then stand
platform of our business pol
icy and not alter our methods
to meet competition or the
whims of others.
Appreciation shown we
fully appreciate the liberal
patronage bestored upon us
by the buying public, and we
shall be ever vigilant and fair
in our dealings that we may
fully merit your confidence
and your continued patronage
Patty Bros.
The Best Place to Trade
You can find
Self Rising Flour
Others may guarantee their flour
but RISING SUN guarar??
tees the Biscuits,
Brooksville Items,
We beg pardon of Master AVil
liam Athie Gay, who arrived at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Thos.
Gay about two weeks ago, for
failing to chronicle that im
portant event. Our reporter did
not notify us of his arrival.
Last Tuesday night Mr. and
Mrs. T. C. Hambrick welcomed a
fine son to their home.
Mrs. Glenn and children are
visiting Mrs. "Woodward.
Mrs . Pope Jordan was hostess
of the August W. H. M. Society
meeting. Tt was an interesting
and profitable occasion and was
very well attended in spite of the
extreme heat and the fact that so
many members are out of town.
We heard a veteran say this
week that he remembered when
Mississippi had a carpet-bagger
for Governor and a negro for
Lieut-Governor, and we lived
through it, so he thought aud
hoped we'd be enabled to endure
the present shame.
Mr. J. X. . McMorries is taking
his vacation hunting and fishing
at Shin Springs.
Mrs. Chilcoat and children are
with her home people in Lee
Mre. B. J. Xuckols is enjoying
a visit from her mother, Mrs.
Hudson, and sisters from Louisi
ana. Mrs. G. "V. Graham and chil
dren are at home from their sum
mer outing.
Mrs. Claire Ledbctter Gibson
of Crawford was in town "Wednes
day. Mr. Lowry Love of TTattiesburg
was wTith his home folks in town
the first of the week.
Capt. T. J. Stokes of Columbus
spent "Sunday at Mrs. Roger's.
Mr. Eugene Elkin of Meridian
is visiting relatives in the County.
Mrs. Leroy Batte and daughter
are in Alabama with the family
of Bev. Mr. Batte.
The Misses Jones of Winona
have returned to their home after
a visit to their aunt, Miss Annie
Miss Alice Henderson is at
home from a month's stay Avith
Mr. Bradford Henderson's family
in Laurel.
JterDimir- St. John spent the
week at Lauderdale Springs. He
is in poor health, and did not
find the Avaters bcnefic.al.
A Pleasand Reflection. -After
a friend buys Walk-Over Shoe
upon Our recommendation he's more
Our friend than ever.
Patty Bros.
Eor Sale-
One bay combination gelding; an idea
doctor's horse. One fancy driving mare.
Four Peland China gelts, not register
ed. A few single-comb Black Minor
cas. B. M. Boggess,
Brooksville, Miss.
Clerk Wanted.
A clerk, with some experience want
ed for my store at prairie Point. Must
be recommended.
W. A. Cheatham,
Prairie Point, Miss.
One Registered Jersey Cow with
Heifer Calf.
H. F. Martin.
Enlarging Pictures is all the rage
again. Call at She;ton's and examine
th3 best that ou ever saw.
For Sale or Lease.
My place in Noxubee county, Miss.,
about four miles north of west from
Summerville. 160 acres, more or less,
j of which 75 acres are open cotton, corn
etc., raised. Two sets of buildings, 5
good springs, etc. Or will exchange
for a place near the railroad.
Address W. J. Reed,
Gholson, Miss.
AT -
is her crowing glory. ina medical au
thorities say no woman need be bland, The female scalp has a
thick pad that is always fertile and can produce hair its whole
life long.- Women lose their hair because they do not take
reasonable care of it. Tliey abuse it till it falls out. Science
has produced a remedy use
Rexall 93, Hair Tonic
makes your hair glossy, plentiful and beantiful. It is nature's
own remedy for human mistake. Prices 50c and $1 per bottle.
All those articles that you love for the toilet are
also sold at this drug store. Here are some of them:
Violet Dulce Toilet Water,
Harmony Intense Perfumes.
There is an opening in this store for a good boy to learn the business.
Macon's New Drug Store.
Copyright 1909. by C.
O matter what your walk in life, or
what your station may be, you have
an opportunity to be the possessor of a bank account, and
it only remains for you to realize the importance of this
one tiling, to render you independent,
Merchants & Farmers Bank,
N. H. HARRISON. President. E. V. YATES, Cashier. (IUS McLEOD. Asst. Cashier.
J. F. AMES. Vice-President. II. A, MINOR. Jr. Asst. Cashier
GAS and
Will Install and Repair Free of Charge for
Tresspass Notice.
All parties are warned not to hunt
with dog or gun or otherwise trespass
on my .land lying east of tha Ballard
place and known as the Pollock place.
J. C. Card.
My Stallion, Selim,
purchased from Gus Minor, will make
the season of 1911 at Paulctto. Fee
$15.00. Foal guaranteed; not responsi
ble for accidents.
Notice to Holders of Court House Bonds Issued
by Noxubee County, Miss.
Docket No. 7207, in recalling in o
certain eourt honse bonds:
The County Auditor having: reported
that there are sufficient court house
funds on hand in the county treasury
with which to call in and py off court
bonds towit: Those numbered 46, 47
and 4S, each for $500; and the board
beiner of .the opinion that raid bonds
should bo called in and paid oft.
f m thereupon ordered that said bond3
ar& iiOie'by called in ar,d the holders
1hrsJ pro hereby directed to preeut
U'caaurer is crtay directed li Lay
E. Zimmerman C0.--N0. 10
One Year Every Engine Sold.
It is further ordered that all interest
on said londs shall cease on said Au
gust 1, 1U11. and none paid thereafter
on same.
It is further ordered that the clerk
issue a warrant to W. W. McLeod,
County Treasurer, for $1,500, payable
out of the court house fund, with which
he shall pay off aud take up said bonds,
viz: Nos. 4G, 47 and 48, when present
ed to him on said date, to-wit: August
1, 1911, or thereafter for payment and
he is directed to report the payment of
said bonds to this board and make pro
fers thereof for cancellation when he
shall have paid same.
It is further ordered that the clerk
give notice in the Macon Beacon, a
newspaper published at Macon, in Nox
ubee County, Miss., for 3 consecutive
weeks of this order calling in said
nonds (Nos. 46, 47 and 48) for payment
Ordered in open session, this July
5. 1911. Section 332, page 227, Code
A true copy of order made by the
Hoard, if Superyiaora of Noxubee
County, Mus., at. .thai? regular July
ldil .Meeting,-

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