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PfanavA nnn nlant wmii lanri nrTAr Y"mi tati 1 1 renolra mw 11 .If ir . ''., .
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payer uwi a a vajhmoivh wui wifcvui, aim wcivijf iiiiiuuwi niai. c rc yvuT irienu striving iar me uplift of our common country
8uocujr to MAYO A WEAVER,
" w . . - I " 1 ' 7 - '
Eev. Mr. Lee went out to Lynn
Thursday to officiate at the funer
al of Mr. Joseph Heard, who died
unexpectedly Tuesday night. Mr.
Heard left a wife and two small
children. He was the youngest
brother of Mr. G. T. Heard of our
Mr. and Mrs. G. Y. Cunning
ham are the happy parents of a
pretty little girl. She arrived
Thursday! morning.
Mr. Chas. Strong, of Macon, and
the Good Eoads Expert were in
town Wednesday. They went out
to CHftonville and vicinity to in
vestigate conditions and material.
Saturday afternoon Miss Belle
Lanier entertained the Young Wo
man's Missionary Society at Mrs.
J. M. Calmes. ' '
The Maids and Matrons Club
held their March " meeting with
Mrs. J. C. Nance. The club has
made an exhaustive study of "The
Merchant of Venice" this winter.
This has been very interesting and
Mr. G, T. Heard is in Columbus (
in a sanitarum. He is suffering
from influenza. .
Dr. Kidwell, of Meridian, was
visiting his patients hQre two days
this week. : y.
Mrs. John Henly and son, of
West Point, are guests at Dr. Hen
derson's. Mrs. Corine AUst and Mrs. Jan
ie Allen, Mrs. W'ootten's daughters
have returned to; their .homes, as
their mother is rapidly recovering,
- The boll weevil man was in town
again Thursday.
Sunday Misses Hattie and Mary
htokes spent the day with Miss
Mrs. McMicheal, of Artesia, and
Mrs. Hayuie spent Saturday with
Mrs. Smith Peterson.
Rev. Mahafley of the Baptist
church went up to Starksville Sun
day afternoon to preach to Mr.
Jordan's congregation in the inter
est of Missions.
Messrs. Baskin and Griffin, of
Meridian, have been in town this
Mr. E. V. Graham was with his
parents in Meridian Tuesday,
The Petaluma Incubator
1 1 1
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Office in Telephone Exchange Building,
I i ....
ii you nave lanas to sell it will pay
you to come and see us, Horace Greely
said: '-Go West Young Man," We say:
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Genuine Simpkins'
Prolific Cotton Seed i
Direct from W. A. Simpkins' Farm,
Rawleigh. N. C.
Earliest Maturing Cotton Known.
$1.25 per bushel f. o. b. West Point. Special price on .
fifty bushels or more.
Clay County Cotton Oil Co.,
West Point, Mississippi.
Continued fntn 1st page.
County auditor made report as to in
terest paid on jail bonds.
Petition of W. M. Lamberson ct al.,
for new road was granted. A. H. Bush
and W. A. Walker were appointed com
mittee to view and lay out said road,
Thos. F. Harper was appointed road
overseer in place of Elys Gaston, Jr.
Alex Cock r ell was appointed in place of
M. R. Love.
Petition of GeoD. Russell, etal.,was
received and ordered published in the
Clerk was directed to give notice
through the Beacon' that repairs would
be made on Edmonds bridge across
Noxubee river, and bids invited.
Petition was made by W. M. Lam
berson, et aL. that the Third Supervis
ors district be' allowed to corne under
the provisions of an act of the legisla
ture allowing bonds to be issued for the
building of roads. . Said petition was
ordered published in the Beacon,
L. F. Cole' made report as county
treasurer, which was received and or
dered filed. The following funds were
shown to be on hand :
General county $34,576.56
Jail fnnd 1,646.29
Agri High School 2,277.60
Hancock Co..,'. 239.64
Court house. . 913 54
Court house repair fund. ... . 1,156.28
School house imp. fund 1.513.35
Pension fund ...:..,- 656.90
School fund,.... ,., 1,239,98
Total ; . ... .. . . ;. .. . $44,229.23
W B Rogers',! MiildihfT bridge.;. $ 45 00
8 M Thomas;, .platujraud eptio. . .. . 5 00
1) F AllcoodiircMnriifincr tl' Km on
j n nonuirm, iejung rerry.....
R F Nunn & 6,; supplies......
T CIugan, limper;. ....,
'WJC Strait, lumber
W H Ewing, iluinber.i ........
M M Hunter & Co., supplies. . . ,
Henry ClearmUnc lumber.
J J Whittle, nalla';. .-.-..,
Will Skinner, lumbtr.;
nnmon mjooM, nun
Thos Dee, nails. : '. 1 95
W m Hunter, timber 3 48
C M Scales, circuit court acct. . . 226 0
E E Dantzler, same 569 00
H G Wood, stenographer 100 00
Henry L Owens, comforts 25 50
R A Bryan, overbid 2 85
J H Williams, nails and lumber. . 11 35
Lee Calmes. timber 8 05
Brooksville Hwd. & Fur. Co.. '
supplies 1 22 23
D C Ferris, printing and pub'g 44 83
John Divine, janitor 1 00
Tick Inspectors ' 492 00
Officers of Court, St. vs Lenord
Sheppard 6 10
WH Williams, building biidge 50 00
E C Kirby, poorhouse acct 136 50
J W Eiland, wood 13 75
Ed M Murphey, medicine 7 10
A Klaus & Co., comforts 22 75
Macon Mer. Co., convict supplies 51 62
L M Adams, same 40 15
I T Smith, handling lumber. ... 1 50
C P Russell & Co.. nails 40
J A Tyson, stamped env.. etc. . . 40 94
C L Ferris, supplies 27 85 1
Gem Pharmacy, solution 10 71
C 8 Jackson, causewaying 21 10
The following petitions, etc., were
received and ordered filed: J. Bell
and Henry Graham, road redorts; E. 0.
Kirby, Supt. of poorhouse; P. .T. Nult,
as to traction engine; W. A. Duke, as
to metal culverts; J. C. Campbell, road
overseer: J. A. Tyson, auditor, as to
loans, etc.
Thy (following were rejected: J. H.
Hamby, lumber; H. J. Chancellor, lum
ber; J. W. Rogers, lumber; H. P. Thom
as, timber; S. I. Adams, for refund of
poll tax; B. D. Binion, for correction of
assessment; Cassie Boyd was refused
admittance to poor house.
Resignation of Emmett Jones as over
seer was continued.
Petition of J. W. Rogers for erection
of gates across public road was granted.
$50 Was ordered appropriated as a
prize to the Boys' Corn Club.
Accouut as to damage to court house
clock was continued.
Petition of J. L. Ormsby was rejected
there being no law to grant same.
Report of W, W. McLeod was re
ceived and ordered filed.
E E Dantzler, sundry Items 9 39
1. 1 1ole, treasurer salary 50 O0I
JNoxuDee Co. Hdw. Co., sundries 57 75
Tetition of R. L. ' Anderson, et al , to
work road by contract was rejected for
non-conformity to law.
J. A. Tyson made report as auditor.
Members on board and officers al
by the board.
Sum Adams District 3
W. A. Pate ' 2
John Morgan 5
JacK uampbell " 4
Nulson Stevens . " 1
Registered Berkshire hogs, at reason
able prices. .
Buff Orpington Chickens.
Improved Mosbv and Brfhno
Yviuue oeeu orn, at ja.uu per bu.
Buena Vista Farm,
2-23-4ts. . Macon, Miss,
Notice Road Overseers.,
You are hereby ordered to drag your
oc(jciou! itjhu nuns aiter eacn 4in.
wnere road drags can be srotten.
By order of the Board of Supervisors
J no. A TYSON. Clerk.
By W. O. Barnes, J.r, D. C,
Barred Plymouth Koch.
tegs from one of the verv best Ihv-
uig su-aiiiB ipi.au pur 10. rig neaitny rarm
raiseu amen, rens macea January 1st.
improved lriumph cotton seed, 75cts
per rmshoi. kirk Stewart.
McLeod, Miss.
To the Public:
It having come to my knowledge that
some of the voters of the county wish
to have the dog law repealed. To com
ply witn tne law a petition, signed by
20 per cent of the legal voters of the
county will have to1 be presented to the
board before action can be taken in the
matter. Kespectfuily,
W. A. Walker,
Supervisor for Dist. Five.
Offic In Telephone Exchange Building
All biMiness placed in my handi will receive
prompt attention.
Physician and Surgeon
OFFICE ' " "98
!9 TO 11 A.M.
2 To 4 P. Ml
7 TO 9 P. M
Indian Runner Duck Eggs.
Setting of 13 for $1.00.
Finis Casleton, Jr.
15 00
6 96
7 70
9 00
29 24
a ca
6 96' ,ucu H uiem ana mileage.
80 ' The following having baen appointed
6 25 ft school board for Noxubee county by
1 80 Supt, Jnckson, th sm were conflrmsd
O tW Zl o
Jfl W hnndle them In Ursr qtmnttHrs a4 tficr. '
, wi nn or ii you any eiM Or OOJOf BUM
I a prica aa low aa tha lowaat.
gt Write for our "Diamond" book for all diamond
U, Information and In it you will I tarn bow a nay
ww mnk It for you to uy a fine atone.
Meyer & Scliamber Jewelry Co.
tuakUMwl IM
To the Qualified Electors if the Third
supervisors District of Noxu
bee Counto, Mississippi.
You will take notice that it is the in
tention of the Board of Supervisors of
woxubee county, Mississippi, at the
next regular meeting to be held at the
OUn H0U3e in the Lhtv Of Macnn nn
urn nrst Monoay in ADril. the same
oemcr tne isr. dav of Ann A n. iqi?
to make an order for the issuance and
saie oi roaa tfonds of the said Super
visors District of Noxubee County,
Mississinni. as Droviderl in Sp nnrp Rill
No. 66, being an act of the Legislature
of the state of MississiDni. annrnvprl
March 3rd. 1910 and entitled "An Apr.
Autnorizing the Uoard of Supervisors
to Contract and mainta in niihli( tvnHa
in one or more Supervisors Districts of
the various counties of the state, tn i.
sue bonds and levy taxes for that pur-
H"c, mm io provide lor tne manner in
wnicn roads shou d be constructprl nnH
maintained, and how bonds shall be
issued and taxes levied for that nur.
pose, Which said bonds are proposed
to be issued and sold for the purpose of
building and maintaining such roads in
said Supervisors District.ias may either
be decided upon to be built and main
tained by the Commissioners to be here
after appointed by this Board, as in
said act provided All of ssid bonds to
oe issued ana so d and the nrnwMi
used as in said act provided, and that
in addition to using the proceeds of
said Donds tor the purpose of building
and maintaining roads in such Third
supervisor's district, and that such part
of the proceeds of the sale of. said bonds,
as such commissioners, shall, with the
approval of the Board of Supervisors,
re ui, to De usea anu expended to ex
tend said roads into other districts.
J. hat notice is given as required by
the provisions of said act so that such
qualified electors of such District as
may desire, may petition against- the
issuance Of said Bonds to this Board on
or before - the date of next regular
mccm il mis iioara.
seal j u. W, Mullens,
Peal John A. Tyson,
Clerk of the Board of Supervisors.
This March 6th, 1912.
Bv order of the Board of Rlinprviartra
of Noxubee County, Mississippi, This
March 6th, 1912. Jno. A. Tyson,
Chancery Clerk.
Cyphers Incubators
L. F. Holberg, Agt
Macon, Mississippi.
Delinquent Tax List.
The State of Mississippi,
; ' City of-Macon.
Under and bv virtue of the authnrirv
vested in me as Marshal and tax collpc-
tor in and for said citv, I will proceed
to sel1 to the highest bidder for cash in
irodt or the court house door in Macon,
Miss., on the first Monday, being the
1st day of April, A. D., 1912, the pro-
ueny jiBreiiiBn,er uescrioea, lying and
being in said citv. for the taxes due
thereon for the fiscal year 1911.
. ' Taxes afH ehon.
A C Fant. brk st house, blk 8 $19 so
Charlie Johnson, lot blk 11 "8 57
T ti witherspoou, 1 lot blk 13 7 62
Horace Hughes, cabin & lot blk 19 6 60
Alice Connor, hse and lot blk 20. . 9 50
Dan Harrison, hse and lot blk 20. 4 69
Bettie Gavin, hse & lot, blk 24. . 11 42
Itrgle children, hse and lot, f.b. 17 3 72
Wash Lrardner, hse and lot blk 27 5 65
Dicky Higgins, hse and lot blk 28 15 30
A W Lucas, hse and lot fr. b. 24. 15 HO
Jesse and Frank Graham, 2 hses
and lots. fr. blk 31 and 37. . . . 10 46
Nettie Jones, hse and lot, f. b. 31 10 46
Mrs. Lillian Madison, hse and lot
fr. blk. 32 x 5 65
Burke Brewer and Anna Robin
son, hse and lot,' fr. blk 32. . . 6 61
Jim Fant (col) jhee & lot f. blk 85 4 69
Ureen Kobinson. vat. lot, blk 86 8 72
Leah Moore, hue and lot, blK 47. . 4 69
. Mnrihal and Tax Coi'rv
Trustee's Sale.
The Stte of Mississippi, Noxubee County,
By virtue of the provisions.of a certain deed of
trust executed by J, A. Brown and Mary L Brown
on the 18th day ofl December 19(17 to H.H.Brooks Jr
as trustee, to sec A re to S. L. Paulette a certain in
debtedness therein mentioned, said trust deeii be
insr recorded in Deed Book No. 90. nam. 93 in rlian.
eery Clerk's office in paid county. I, the under
sinned as trustee, will on Saturday the 30th day
of March 1912, within leital hours, in front of the
door of the Court Housa in the City of Macon.
Miss., proceed to sell at auction to the highest bid
der for cash. East half of Northwest quarter of
Sec. 3. Township 13. Ranire 1R. Nnxiihan muintv
The property mentioned in said trust deed will
be sold to satisfy said indebtedness and the cost of
this proccodinfr.
This t ebruary loth, 1912. H. H. Brooks. Jr.
Trustee, i
The Rtntfl of Mississippi. Noxubee County.
By virtue of the nroviniontt of n certain !nI n
trust executed uy Mary l. lirown. W I.. Park.
aud Louventa Harks on the 1st day of March 190?,
to u. n, BrooKS. Jr.. as trustee, to KMir ti H T.
Paulette a certain indebtedness therein mnnt.fnnnH
saia trust ucea Deinr recorded in Deed Book No
84. pajre 46- in Chancery Clerk's office in Raid
county. I, the undcrsiRned as trustee, wiil on
Saturday the Hh day of March 1IM2 within lefral
hours, in front of the door of the Court House in
the City of Macon, Miss , proceed to seTl at auction
to the hiehest bidder for cash: SouthKanf- nunrtnr
of North-West quarter of Sec, -S, T 13, Ranjre 1C,
North-East ouarter of North-West
Sec. 3. T. 13, Range 16.
Theproberty mentioned In said trust will be
sold to satisfy said indebtedness and the cost of
this nroceeilinar. H H. RRnnKS
This Feb 3rd. 1912. Trustee.
In the Chancery
Lucius F, Colo, complainant
No. 3 7 vs I Court of Noxu-i
Unknown Heirs of Martha f boe County,
Runner, etal.. Defendants J
To Winnie Maberry, Emma Spann, Hays Maddox
Clara Maddox and Hannah Spann, non-residents
of the state oflMisaissippi and whoselpost ofHce ad
dress is unknown:-
We command you to be and appear before the
Chancellor of our said Chancery Court, at a term
thereof to be nolden at the Court House in the
City of Macon, County of Noxubee, on the Fourth
Monday of April A, D. 1912. then and there to plead
answer or demur to the allegation of this bill,
which is a bill seeklnir to quiet and confirm the
title in Lucius F, Cole, in and to the following
lands situated in the County of Noxubee, State of
Mississippi, and described as follows, towit:-
North East Quarter -and West Half of South
East Quarter of Section 33, Township 15, North
Range IK East in (which said cause vnu nr. ri.
You are further hereby riven notion Urn th
deposition of Lucius F. Cole and others will be
iaen in open court at tne hearing thereof.
w imess mv signature ann umi nr mnri af
fixed at my office in the City of Macon, Miss,, this
win uay oi reury.. iyiz.
The State of Mississippi Noxubee County.
Jim Ward 1 . In the Chancery
No, 8576 vs f Court of Noxu- .
Eliza Ward J bee County.
To Eliza Ward, a non.reflirlenr. M th ntstA nf
Mississippi and whose post office address is Dur-
nam. north Carolina.
We command vnu he anil nnnrai u.fnr tliA
Chancellor of our said Chancery Court at a term
thereof to be holden it the Court-House. in tho
City of Mocon, in said county of Noxubee, on the
f ourtn Monday in Avn . A. n.. lllli then and
there ty' plead, answer or demur to the original
Din in said cause wnereln you are defendant.
Witness my signature and the seal of said Court
aitixed at my office in the City of Macon. Miss,
this 27th dav of Feb., 1912, JOHN A. TYSON,
W. O BARNES. Jr., D. C. Clerk.
! tmamA !
C?lytW0RUAN3 1
No. 2. Daily Express......
No. 4. Daily Express....
No. 6. Daily Express
No. 1 Daily Express....
No. 3 Daily Express,. . .... .12:16 p. m."
1 u.o p. III.
S. v. Taylor. .iun m .
-e.-tMdOeu-IMgr, GeaM Passeagi Agent,
2:20 a. m.
4:05 p. m.
10:04 a. m.
.12:69 a. m.
State of Mississippi, Noxubee County
To His Excellency Earl Brewer, Governor of tho
ettale or Mississippi:
The undersigned citizens of Noxubee County,
Mississippi, most respoctly present this thur pc.
tltion for the pardon of J, E. Finklea. and would
show the following facts: That the said J. E.
Finklea, was indicted by the grund jury of Noxu
bee County on the 21st clay of July, 1908, on a
charge of burglary, and on the 27th day of Feb
ruary 19U9. was convicted in the Circuit Court of
said County and sentenced to the iState Peniten
tiary for a term of five vears at hard labor
1 Your petitioners would further show that Im
mediately upon the return of the Indictment said
Finklea was arrested, and heennse nf lila Mvort.
was unable to give bond, and was placed in the
Counf y Jail, where he remained until he was con
veyed to the penetentiary. where he now is
Said Finklea Is about 30 years of age. with th.
greater part of his life before him, and has one
child of tender years who needs his labor for her
support, , , -
W hAltaVri fhftf M nilnt.hm.nl Vtm 1 . ...
Acient lor th prima nf whlnh ha wmm
and most earnMtly itsk that yon grant him a full
pardon. Most reaiiaotfully submitted.
" J. Y. Ssnnstt, J. B. Jarvli,
B, A. Cotton, 3 C, Flora, at.al,
German Kainit
for Cotton.
Work less land
cotton by using Kainit. .
On this worn out land you can
make more cotton by using Kai
nit than on best lands. Make
stalk and fruit and prevent blight,
rust and shedding. '
Byhard pusuasiona farmer in
Noxubee bought 2 tons last year'
and was so pleased he has order
ed 15 tons this year. .
Price $12.50 per tori cash f. o. b.
Macon. Can deliver at Shuqua
lak or Brooksville in car lots.
. W. M. JCNES, Sr.
Sole Agt. m Noxubee Co. -German
Kale Works.
Notice Contractors.
.qf?aLedoMs 8r lnvLted on AP 2nd,
Lnf ' P. m for the repairing Ed
monds Bridge across Noxubee river
according to Diana nnH an0,fi...: '
Q nnlZJt -nncery Clerks office,
ouccessiui nidder to inve bond in npnnt.
ty or bid. The Board reserves the richt -to
reject any and all bids S
uy oraer of the Board of Supervisors. '
Jno. A. Tyson, Clerk. --
By W. O. Barnes, Jr., d. C. .
To all Intereater) In fh .
thThC.af(rWe0llli i Mashulaville.
lne Decitinn nfr.nn n t..
askmp; that, public road be laid out
and opened, commencing; at East Bank
V,.!!ZhU?!5a Creek, and terminatino; at
,erntn AdBm's place U mile East of
Mashulaville, wilfbo taker Tup for final
io,i et ot BS"it- this Murrh 7,

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