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eia YEAS
nVT FEBRUARY 7. 1013.
T ',' Oar Commissioner of Agriculture last
Week made soma timelr sursrestlons in
reference to toe Corn Club work of oar
coonty. 'It is need ess for at to add
anything to his remark in the way of
'." afaeiting the importance of such club
work, 1 wish, however, that we might
! so emphasise the advisability and aeces-
tity of encouraging it, that every boy
In Noxubee county who can possibly
' Csecore an sere of groond would enter
the contest. It is not a physical con
teat; It n primarily an intellectoal con
teat And as soon as our boys and girls
realize that it ia an appeal to the brain
'to assert fts powerihey will take hold
of it with sueh enthusiasm aa will put
; ;the hap-haxard matboda of moat farm
era to shame. :
We have the laro-eat Corn Club in
the county and the only Tomato Club
so far as I know, in the county. We
have had our boys teat, seed corn, study
fertilisers, land terracing and other
things jnat as necessary to the intelll
gent cultivstion of a' successful corn
nop. Our girls have their tomato
plants already in (he hot-bed, and are
studying with enthusiasm the methods
and facts about tomato raisinsr. Believ
Jng ao strongly in the educational value
of this work, we are asking that every
boy, who will, write us for any infor
mation. If you have seeds vou want
tested send them to us: if vou want any
- Information about your-fertilizers and
cultivation, we shall be pleased to give
it This invitation is extended to farm
rs; you need not be afraid it will be
, any trouble to us.' Alsa, if there is any
teacher who wishes to organise a Toma
to Club in his school, we shall be glad
to help you
Mr. Haddon's remarks concerning
hog cholera were also very timely.
Most farmers understand the value of
vaccinution for this disease and sqme
have doubtlesi been practicing it. Chol
era is a very serious thin? and every
pirsfble preventative measure should
be applied. Our Agricultural P;incipal
will be. glad to do this vaccinating free
at rharge, where the roads, will permit
bis going, the serum of course to be
A WsrU.Ea&f Trade.
For the first time in history,
America's foreign trade in any one
year has (uossed four billion dol.
law. The value of the things we
sold abroad exceeded the value of
the things we purchased abroad by
more than t580.OOO.ooo Th
magnificent trade balance in favor
or the United states pays att thjs
interest ana dividends on Ameri.
can securities owned in
all Insurance charges, and brings
back the vast sums spent by our
tourists in the Old World. Sinr
1900 this country's foreign trade
has almost doubled. In that brief
time our exports have risen by
more man one billion dollars
Our people are the best buyers,of
luxuries in the whole world, fa
cause thev are the riehoat. Tfc ia
nigoly gratifying to know that
they are also the best seUerr to.
foreign customers, because tW
possess the very things the other
xanas mast use. The most signifl
cant tnlng. however, about nwf
whole foreign trade ia th relati
decline in foodstuffs exported and
cne enormous advance in manufac-
A. 9 t . . '
surea proaucts. iaacn vear w
consume at home a larger percent
age of all our meats and bread.
stuffs, but this difference is more
than counter balanced hv fch f.mlv
astonishing growth in the sale of
cntngs we make. America no
longer relies solely UDon her farm
exports to bring back to thl fa.
voted land a steady and stupen
dous stream of foreign gold. - In
the widest field Of maniifanfurinff
the United States now boldlv and
auccessmuy competes at every
oomcon tne globe. Philadelphia
. ... .1
.- Sr. Mses oatte n jn. l i
III ' .' i"i-'',:" ' J
) . ' I inVltC VOU tO Visit their-ttnrii. : at t I! Ml
'V ' ' yur.carilcst opiortunity,fto '.in. r Lpl,ih Iff
' "" 8PCCt and 0ri stylish nw iF'I'iii'-'lii'' "
f ' Ml ' modcl$ reccivcci'in " ,' ':154-
' MsaaaaaaapirjPIHaiP
Vt-j " v.. ""ill a i I, ,m,jmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I
I ".?;
The Weather in January,
farmers of the county,' not to superred
. the commissioner but to supplement his
work. f.'e have boys who understand
terracing and other - drainage methods
and will be glad to send them to assist
any farmer who wants such work.
There is no charge since the educational
value to the bov more than oavs for it
Just a word about board last month:
, It cost $5.30 to each pupil. .1 on can
figure that out and see what the daily
cost was. Two or three of our boys
work out all of their board and more
besides, and several mora than half of
it Why should such an opportunity
' be allowed to pass to secure an educa
tion? One prominent educator said at
Jackson a few. weeks ago in the Con
vention of Agricultural High School
Principals that these schools are in the
center of the stage in Mississippi school
- system. The addresses of Gov. Brewer,
Hon. J. N. Powers, Hon. H. . Blakes
lee and others all seemed to con6rm
that statement. When I heard reports
from counties, poor compared to Noxu
bee, certainly no richer than Noxubee.
setting forth the thoroughness of their
equipment the buildings capable of
caring for a large number of pupils,
the results gratifying in every sense,
I said, "Surely Noxubee county, anx
ious for Bio things, will see to it that
her school for the farmer boys and
gjrla.wili be.phced on such a footing
"as to be worthy ef the whole county
and free from any local restriction.
.. Jab. G. Chandler. Principal.
" In his "History of the American
Ponnl. 'TTV.'. TIT!! . 1.
4.cviua, ..niisuu cess
something to say about what he
regards, a the unusual and even
extraordinary 'inanner.' in which
president Cleveland chose the men
uw wenj wvuosiiiuie nis csoiaec
"I his first cabinet" savi Mr
S'ilson, there had been men like
r. Thomas 'Barard of Dola..
W&Tfl. M. T.nntna CI I Trmsii
oj vvisoonsin, ana Air. iJoa iM.
Dickson, of Miohie-an. who rind
been chosen in accordance with
well reoognleedrnreoedenta inaunh
matters because of their service
in party cou noils i but the rest
were men, so Jar ia 'mjght tie, of
he chose, not for 'their influence
among politicians; or in political
oanvaa out Decause be kqew
their efficiency as men of hualnma
In his. second cabinet th iAmnt
of personal choice was still mire
noticeable. , The oresidetat'a nh.
jeot Was to, surround himself, aot
" pamy council, pus witn
capable .heads of departments.".
Grover Cleveland's stoty is now
told. , Mb was a failure si a noHti.
clan. During his last two vpim
n office he was "a man withont a
party," as Mr.i Wilson himself eb-
serves. But he is todav.wirarfiwi
as on.flt-.ofc the compiaratively lew
reallv ormif nroatHhnta fkta
has'bad.'abd his -wArfh hon un
recognized bv all fitafcrnWi pn ' and
scbdlars nd!hstarjs who have
fOUnd it DOSBiblfl to frA tlKpmnol trot
from narHoati wni K .,to.
In ,,the. forthcoming I task .of
chooslbg a cabinet, it miy tie sug
gested that Mr. Wilsoni' turn to
his own interesting book, and ftkA
Ofmin 4-lr h1.. . i ii i r 1 v
wgom iud awry oi me veveianu
Ths WonuBi' R!issioaaryocfittr.i
On Januarv the thlrtMntK th
mana' Missionary Soeietv held its n
lar monAW-ciMBattfiBr .ftiJ
uwMUK.mviuniiw . ffivine - was auu
cussed and
New Year.
. Wcsther Clerk Carleton renorta that
during the month of Januarv 6.80.lnches
of rain fell aa compared to 4 88 for 1911,
13.76 for 1912. with a normal or 10 vear
average of .14. There were 15 rainy
and 10 clear days, the balance simply
to Come into.a&rtahtbe ffJrJT'Mf b-mslvkt
farnimoftfeWnfv nottosoi nledee mad. for" th.
WIT A TIT IT PAD Sltia aaam I . . - '
" V ti. " 1ewyear. .
Thf average rainfall orr MiMia. I . n t..i. I - .-l i .
MniUnHwiuH w.t-k T 1 . i . . . "n,VHW
r?fKa it 'VMr nor .: nim, jCharles Strong." It u decided
Iraal of- 5.67 inches, according t k-:t1i. ... -i? C-j . T
the aummarr if. oa " . we wooiq po.
"" '''"I u pre-1 JBSBides this soc ety.rw have, in our
I CiDttation shown beino-raa InnhM .... TT ri?' T r
heaviest for iun tn ioai 1,. ...... ?Tr .: ,uw
the avMn.ftVr"' ' 'Z?? .ety.-w.rMiMary
m. " ""'" w-"v- , a fnce, preswent: ttt'Toung PeonW's
The temperature was 84 des-reea. aciul -uu Si-v T" "
i . ... mvuim., mui nw om-fuier abui
as oomparea wittt a January nor- nresMpnt nH Mr. w w r w
t.h loof a Lrrri'" owanager.
ivuna ua.ijr IWIU o UrKCC8 UI1
the 23rd. ; .
The prevailing direction of thn
wind was from the southeast, with
a total movement of 6,525 miles,
an average velonitv of miw
O . - - J wa v luiiVQ
Summary of Vibbrt'of Trea'anrer
uuhiv xeuvtmeiujDiorxn Mtaaiaamni
Conference, united, gives the amount
of $8,485.22. :.
per hour, and a maximum velocity Pbu!nmar of ,of Treaflureri pf
of 33 miles per hour from the Prtmmt of Msionary
Donnwesc on tne 2nd. There "" " ' "ZZZ
were eight clear davs. thre narfftr
cloudy days and twenty cloudy that Ut. Toberman. of San vxJl
days during the month.,, '
From State Board of Health. '
It is most remarkable that dur
ing the month of November no
deaths were renorted to thA Min.
siesippi State Board of Health from
measles or scarlet fever. As a
rule both diseases flourish immedi-
has given $50,000 to the Mis.ionm4
Council of the li EL- Church,, South.
This il l monnnrio! tv' hi. ri
Homer Toberman,: sod will be used to
build a home for destitute children in
Ban Francisco; ,.-, . Xl-
Our glorious assuranoe-for February:
"Ye are no more strangers and foreiira.
en, bur fellow citizens with 'the saints,
Atf exchange speaks of (abue
of the ' pardoning power." It
WOttld better describe the situation
by jubstituting "the petitioning
a at'a . . it a
power," wnica is a consncutiooai
guarantee. Few people realize the
weight behind an ordinary appli
cation. There is a petition!. nu-
merouslv siened. containinsr names
of many of the best citizens and fre
quently that of district attorney,
and backed by skill and tact of
good lawyers, and often aided by
tears and prayers of women and
children. If there was leas aboSe
of "the right ef petition," there
wonia be less camDiaint as rmrarde
- .... - . m
exercise or "tne paraonlng power. "
The heart of a governor onlv con.
tains the usual proportions of ad
amant and putty. Aberdeen Ex.
aminer. j '
FRESH BUTTER-For sale every
day at Mrs. C. G. Harris at Harris Mill
villa, North Macon.
" The River Convention.
The River Improvement Conven
tion at Columbus last week was
sensible and sane. It abandoned
the chimerical projects of dams
and locks, and canal to connect
the Tombigbee and Tennessee, and
endorsed in effect the Candler
bills for a six-foot channel from
Demopolis to Aberdeen and four
to six-foot channel from here to
Walker's Bridge, projects always
approved by engineers, and need
ing but geueral acquiesence to ob
tain the best efforts of Mr. Candler
to push them through. A day
was spent in reading statistics to
theU. 8. Engineers, who of course,
. had little to say as they are not in
any way authorized to speak for
rvincrpRs or the War Denartment
, Columbus hospitably entertained
all comers. Aberdeen Examiner.
ately after the opening of the nd of the household of God." fEoh. II
sunooi year. WDlle ' durinc th -IS. MBfl. CHiRf.Bai STBnuh
same period twenty-four deaths
were produced by diphtheria,
twenty one being white children.
This disease caused only 1.5 per
cent of all the deaths. Yet amontr
.Press Reporter.
Boll Weevil Gains.
the whites it produced 3.3 per cent Despite the check in the movement
or the deaths, while oulv 0.3 nor at th vttrn fn ai
. - -wTwi, nvt uuilUaT
were i rum tue lasc year on account or the. an
nuia vuuae, mamo? ine wnito neath msnai niimaHA nnnAiHm u.
. ' , . " I wiiuiuviu V4 tlUO
rate from this cause eleven times winter of 191112 the insert: baa
wms oi me negro, ibis is unfor- made a net gain of 7,300 square
tUnatC aS diDhtheria in a riioAaaal milpa mmtpli
that responds readily to treatment, the department of agriculture bv
"v.v.i uaubibica ui anuioxin w.. u. xiunter ana W. D. Fierce,
is administered earlv in the din- in p.harw nf thAumfdn m
I Or UVUVHVAU uuu uvu
ease very few deaths result from insect investigation.-
this cause. The total OrM Infoofl 4.L.
Th Hffa t rr..ut. u.t. .L.t:7rf-. w" ""
established stations throughout square miles as compared with
the State where diDhtheria anti. 27l.fiOO in ion tw- h
. j avAKii w auu 11(
toxm can be purchased at about 050 square miles, led all other
One fourth the price u s n a 1 1 v states in th arm nf ttA .
- y i vuiviuuniKU will
I have for sate a lot of pure blood
Brown Leghorns.
19ft -'
' Roosters. SI: hens
W. V RnfllM
heate Mveatii Mittj
Laa4 for Sale.
' SDeeial offer fnr " fhirtv A.. ' toi
acres good corn land, six miles east of
atawn, ai hj an acre;, easy terms. ;
. WriteiI.a.GBMa, - "
Rsmana, Msriea Cetntft Eanai
tory gained durin? the vear. ai.
bama came second, with 9,100
square miles;. Florid. third, with
2,200 Bauare mUes: and MiaaLuinni
fourth, with 370 Bguare miles.
t .-. ' -- hi i ii i . ,
CubWa-TUa will cttrt pa.
: Sewveyiaf Deae ai Sasvi KsaaC
r am now prepared to da kH fciiirof
IQrvmnr ana Mvil awHaaahn m Wa
notice. This making of mapaf farms,
towns or town property a-spatJaity,
also Waling for til drtlnr'T4ona
S. U,
I Will ba loeafaji) mt tka ittiw' -tok...
I Will -have for aala all Irltvla Vrfunlli..
era in any quantity, from ana aaak to a
oar ion. . mn maae special prises
oar iota-credit or cash.
; ' Of aa latsx
Corn, Oats. Meal,
Bran. Chops and Shorto
We have just closed trade with our grain people for
75,000 bushels of grain to be delivered from January to
" August. We feel that we have bought right ani all
we ask is opportunity to prove to you that we can
save you money on your grain purchases. Our facili
ties for handling this commodity as well as many others
is unequaled, as our warehouses are located on our own .
private spur track. ;
- f
Farmers' Warehouse.
Suits will be instituted, so the report
from Jackson ia, against all the sub
scribers to the capital stock of the
National Warehouse Company, who
have not naid their aubscriDtion. It is
not known whether this affects any of
the farmers of Noxubee or not, but
there are several stockholders in the
The company seems to be in bad
shape. The stockholders will get noth
ing, the unsecured creditors nothing
and the preferred creditors will receive
their claims in fulL Chief among the
latter, ao it is said, is Mrs. Ssllie High-
tower, wife of the ex-president of the
company and now president of the Ag
ricultural and Mechanical College.
FOR SALE Ten shares of stock in
the Bank of Maeen. Will take book
value, Address . . J. R. Howke,
Demopolis, Ala.
Irish Cobbler,
2nd Crop Tennessee Triuniph,
Early OHib.
Early Rose.
OH AS. HARjffi
T 2S ?,-h1 sal freiai Soft 6hafi 8atlT Batrkw. -Cfl 14
1 ' -
! r'-
ii ' , -
V '
, J S a. ...
mm . i
:. i : s
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